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Bartenders of the 21st Century...

Being a bartender at the beginning of the 21st century is actually quite a confusing affaire.

Andrew Nicholls/ Editor Finding information is one thing, but trying to figure out whats right or wrong, or whats actually reliable can be a tad time consuming to say the least. Most of us have turned to networks such as Facebook, where we have befriended upholders of our craft from numerous walks of life in multiple countries in an effort to learn and share. In the process however, we have quite successfully managed to bore our non bartending friends with random chat of drinks and spirits, sometimes teetering on the edge of obsessiveness. The Barchaeology network is not an attempt to rival the global dominance of Facebook, but rather a network of like minded, passionate individuals looking to further the development of the beautiful craft. Finally, there is one spot on the internet, with information on products, literature, equipment, service, the opportunity to share information and learn from one another, information on which bars and bartenders to visit in respective cities around the world and by uploading your CV, the opportunity to share your professional experiences with the global industry. Barchaeology Magazine will provide highlighted information from bartender interaction on the network, keeping us all up to date with global trends and assisting us all in taking the industry to "the next level". The online Open Site will grant members of the general public the opportunity to learn more about our industry and provide them with a solid platform from which they can truly explore the best bars, drinks and experience the hospitality of the best bartenders in any city around the world. Barchaeology is a platform on which we can all share, learn, explore and ultimately use to develop the industry as whole. Your Barchaeology journey starts here...

Publisher & Editor Andrew Nicholls Art Direction Federico Fusco. Contributing Writers Federico Fusco, Misja Vorstermans, Remco Babay, Fjalar Goud. Photography Some of the images on this issue where provided by Mari Mayans and Ming Chao from Sensez. Special Thanks Bastian Heuser, Helmut Adam, The entire crew of Mixology magazine and 2011 BCB. Also, thank you Heineken for keeping us sane when it looked like everything was falling appart... Oh, and thank you Tequila, and Rum, and.... Advertising & Media Inquiries Remco Babay Cel Phone: +31 (0)6 5494 2 825 Mail: Editorial Inquiries Misja Vorstermans Cel Phone: +31 (0)6 3440 4344 Mail: On the web: Open Site: Members Network: Barchaeology Magazine Amsterdam, The Netherlands Keizersgracht 125-127 2011 All Rigths Reserved.


The Content
01. The Barchaeology Crew
Meet the guys behind Barchaeology. Read why they chose to create Barchaeology plus, how and where they see it benefiting the International drinks industry. (Page 6)

02. Getting Started

The basic steps to setting up your Barchaeology account and unlocking a world of information and fun. Your days of having to scour the internet for recipes and information are over! (Page 10)

03. Mixologist or Bartender?

A hot topic among bartenders around the world. Or perhaps a hot topic among Mixologists? Read what the Barchaeology take on the matter is and see if you agree. (Page 12)

07. The Learning Lab

Read what will be featured here, how its designed to assist bartenders around the world and how you can benefit from it. (Page 19)

04. Whats with the name?

Barchaeology...quite the mouthful! Read why the crew decided on the name and perhaps youll start to see the method to their madness. (Page 14)

08. You said what?

A network is a playground for the odd trouble causer. This article explains how to report offensive behavior and perhaps tolerate the occasional silly question. (Page 20)

05. What to expect from the Magazine

It all kicks off with edition 0. Edition 1 however will be a totally different page binder! Read what to expect from this point on and how often youll be able to do so. (Page 16)

09. The Dashboard

A collection of little "Amigos" there to assist you with some of lifes smaller tasks. Learn how the Dashboard could become your personal assistant. (Page 21)

06. Opportunities
Interacting on the Barchaeology network can actually be rewarding. Think of it as "Participation Air miles" without the hassle of frustrated security officers... (Page 18)

10. On Tour
Learn how the On Tour feature can help you organize your travel schedule and assist in developing your network. The guessing game in foreign cities is over! (Page 22)

The Barchaeology Crew

The Barchaeology Crew

How can I keep up to date with all the bar events? These questions triggered my mind to realize that something was missing...Barchaeology was missing! I am affectionately known among the Barchaeology crew as the little Gaucho. Hours spent in front of the computer as a child has left me with the eyesight of mole, but it has also given me the tools I needed to become the Software and Design Cowboy required for a project as big as this. Think of me as the Argentinean John Wayne of Barchaeology design. Literally after 1425 emails, 200 long and tough days of work (thats just my total) and 89 hours of skype conferences with our developing team in Argentina we have our first (Beta) Version of the network...The good news is that the list we have to make the site better and give more value to the users is quite Im sure we will have fun for many years to come. My vision with Barchaeology is creating the ultimate Bartender Platform: the place that youll visit online for anything bar related. My ambition: taking Barchaeology offline. Presentations, events and tastings are only a part of it, but the real ambition is to help all the fantastic cocktail crafters get their name out, by publishing their own books and making Bartending a total joy not only when at the bar, but also when traveling. This might sound a little cheesy, but I would like to take this opportunity to thank my girlfriend and partner in crime Belen, who not only irons my shirts but has also supported me and gave me strength throughout this year helping to make Barchaeology a reality. Cheers to her! Going back to Barchaeology, if you have any ideas or critics about the site, do not hesitate to drop me a line...the network was crafted for you, and without your help, it will be hard to make it better...Salud!

Federico Fusco.
My experience and dedication to the hospitality industry is rather short but intense...I found myself managing a night club in Washington DC at the age of 21 and slowly (but surely) I got trapped in a fantastic and tasty cocktail fever. In 2010 I moved to Holland to study business, and in the meantime I took a job at the acclaimed speakeasy Door 74. Together with Timo Janse, Remco Babay and Andrew Nicholls (among others) my cocktail knowledge started to grow and is now big enough for me to stay away from frozen blue drinks... It wasnt without the help of many (maybe too many) rum shots while working at Door 74 that I came up with the Barchaeology idea... Questions can I get a guest bartender shift on my next trip to Buenos Aires?

many hours behind the computer we have Barchaeology. Although the website is up, we are still developing as you read. New sections, more topics but also the apps for your phone or tablet are on the way. Everybody within the team is responsible for the content of the website but we also have specific roles. One of my tasks is the financial side. Contracts, budgets, book keeping etc etc. A challenge I must say, especially if you are a bartender at heart. Luckily my experience as (bar)manager and entrepreneur helps. So what will be my contribution to the website beside making deals with spirit brands and advertisers? Well a few things. I will write columns for the open website. Also Ill be the contact-person for all Barchaeology agents and ambassadors. Furthermore Im on the tasting notes committee. A group of industry professionals that write the Barchaeology tasting notes and reviews. I am constantly amazed by the number of possibilities on Barchaeology. There are numerous cool features and the development of the apps for phones and tablets is very, very cool. Barchaeology has been built for you, so if theres anything missing or you think it should be different, please give us your feedback and we will try to fix it. If you want to know more, send me an email or drop me a message on my profile.

Misja Vorstermans.
My name is Misja Vorstermans and I am one of the founders of Barchaeology. I realize that for you reading this, everything is all new, but for the Barchaeology team its far from new. Weve been working on the website and the platform for almost a year now. Already, it has been an interesting journey. We started this out of passion. How cool would it be to have a platform for bartenders, by bartenders that has relevant honest content. A place where you can find friends, colleagues, bars, drinks and jobs at the same time. One year later and

Remco Babay.
Hi, Remco Babay is the name. Son of a typical Dutch woman and a somewhat gangster looking Indonesian man. Growing up on the streets of Amsterdams fiercest neighborhood far away from the picturesque canals and monumental buildings, life didnt plan out as my parents would have wanted it. My mother always saw me ending up as an accountant and my father didnt really care what I wanted to do, as long I was going to be the best at it. So imagine my mothers face when I told her, nearly 5 years ago, I dropped out of college to grab a full-time job as a bartender at the popular bar Herrie. If looks could kill I would have been 6 feet under. From that moment on I was sucked into the tornado that is the drinks industry and tried to leave my mark on Amsterdams bar scene. All that time, I worked at The Fabulous Shaker Boys 7

The Barchaeology Crew

with guys like Andrew and Misja guiding me. After a stint of three years I quit at Herrie to join Door 74, home to many multiple award winning bartenders. In the meantime, my mother used her smile and my father his rug beater to persuade me to go back to studying again, but this time not spirits or bar etiquette but Advertising & Design at a Amsterdam University. My specialties? I would say copywriting, online strategy development, brand management and PR/Guerilla-marketing. That entails the majority of my contribution to Barchaeology, the other part of my job is mumbling Thats what she said as much as possible. I firmly believe that with your help and contributions Barchaeology can grow to a level that it becomes synonymous to the bar industry, online as well as offline. Feel free to hit me up with any questions regarding my pinpointed responsibilities within Barchaeology or if you simply want to grab a few drinks in Amsterdam. Best, Remco P.S. Mocking the name Barchaeology will not be appreciated. Im pretty fond of the fact that I was able to come up with that after just two beers. Usually my creativity comes lurking around after a few more.

my job! During my study I always tended the bar to earn some extra money. I always enjoyed working behind the bar, serving drinks, interacting with people, making people laugh so here I was with my master of science degree in my pocketMom Dad.I am going to be a bartender they were not amused. That was a tipping point in my life, the beginning of a whole new career. The first thing I needed to do is gather as much knowledge and skill as possible. I became so passionate about bartending that I decided this is what I wanted to do with my life. Making beautiful drinks for guests. Over the years, I worked in numerous bars and even had my own bar in Amsterdam. In 2007 I became one of the trainers and consultants at The Fabulous Shakerboys and because of that I became more and more interested in the business side of the industry. As a result Ive started ISAAC Company and Collins Bar Systems . ISAAC is a creative & consultancy company, while Collins Bar Systems is about designing and producing bar systems from a bartenders point of view! ISAAC was responsible for the consultancy of Vesper Bar Amsterdam, a cocktail bar which claimed many prizes over the past year. So now a new adventure; Barchaeology. A place where once again, I can share all my passion and knowledge with the bartender community. I hope you will enjoy Barchaeology and it gives you the opportunity to learn more about the great world of spirits and bartending. Cheers, Fjalar Goud

Fjalar Goud.
Engineer by day, bartender by night. An odd combination indeed. After 7 long years of blood sweat and tears at University I finely became a race-engine engineer. After an internship at Porsche in Germany I was offered a job at the Research and development department handling the engine management systems. I thought to myself.this is what I always wanted! Happy as a kid in a candy store I went to work every day and felt as good as gin in a dry martini. But then suddenly, the candy store changed little by little. After about a year the passion was gone and I was in this place I didnt want to be. So I had to do something: I needed to change

tending and the people who came with it. Over the years I have had the great honour of serving all walks of life, from the homeless guy who had saved enough money for a good whisky, to old War Veterans with their stories of bravery and horror, Politicians, Celebrities, and Royalty. I delight in hearing and sharing the stories of every day people from different walks of life and through these people and their stories, I have come to the conclusion that simply by showing the courage to stand out and daring enough to be different, any one person can inspire and lead. "Who dares, wins...". I am privileged to have phenomenal support from all my Family and Friends and I am well aware that if it was not for their care and generosity, many of the events that have lead to me writing this for Barchaeology would not have taken place. Thank you to you all! I am very proud of what the Barchaeology team has put together and firmly believe this to be a wonderful platform from which bartenders can learn, develop, share and teach. In my opinion the bar industries greatest assets are the people who care for it and one another. Through my travels, I am constantly amazed by the generosity of bartenders towards one another and their willingness to help a complete stranger, individuals who up until that moment were bound simply by a common love for an industry. To my way of thinking, that makes this more than an industry. Bartending is a lifestyle and encompasses everything that comes with a lifestyle; conduct, culture, habits and morals to name a few. I am just as passionate about Barchaeology as I am about bartending itself and look forward to pouring my time and effort into what could very possibly become the bartenders best online friend.

Andrew Nicholls.
I guess you could draw many parallels between myself and a cocktail. My base spirit is strong and complex, Im sweet to the point where most people can get on with me, Im pretty chilled, I like to join people in celebrating their good days and help conceal them on their bad days. I have just enough bitterness to keep me on my toes and I always like mixing things up a little. I was born in Zimbabwe, raised in South Africa, lived for a short while in Greece and started bartending at age 18 on the Isle of Man. I stepped into a small, family run hotel called The Falcons Nest and asked for a job. The hotel owner, Mrs Potts gave me a job on the bar and a spot serving Sunday lunch. I didnt realise it then, but that step behind a hotel bar, would very quickly turn into a leap of passion. I was quick to fall in love with bar- 9

Getting Started

Getting Started
Your online world
If youre reading this then we, the Barchaeology crew would like to congratulate you on your choice to embark on a brand new, liquid adventure. If you were lucky enough to attend Bar Convent Berlin this year, you may very well have attended our official launch and seen first hand, some of the many features available on the network. If you were not so lucky, do not despair! In this little article, we will guide you through some of the many features available on Barchaeology and show you how this little network could possibly become the bartenders next best friend. First off, it is important to point out that Barchaeology is not sponsored by any brands, corporate folk, money grabbing leprechauns or anyone that would try to turn this into a brainwashing tool in an attempt to drive sales for one or more particular product(s). Barchaeology was started by folk with a burning passion for the global drinks industry and a desire to create a platform from which

all members of the industry can contribute, interact, share, learn and drive one another forward. We want nothing more than for bartenders to speak openly about the products they love or hate, mix with or wouldnt scrub the bar with. Information found on the internet is scrambled in every direction and when you do eventually find what youre looking for, determining its reliability can be somewhat of a challenge. We say NO MORE! As you log in, youll be faced with what the estimable Wayne Collins would possibly describe as a plethora of information. On the opening page youll be able to see New Members to Barchaeology, Events posted by bartenders and bars, your Activity, Recipes, Forum Updates, and youll be able to see which bartenders are traveling to your city. In the recipes section of the network you will be able to view Classic Cocktails and have the opportunity to upload your Own Recipes, which will then be available to everyone

on Barchaeology. Sharing your creations and viewing the creations of other bartenders will grant you access to an ever growing list of drinks to share with the guests on your own bar. Under your Profile, you will come across some of the obvious information, but there will also be features to aid you in your development as a professional. You will have the opportunity to bookmark information throughout the network which will then appear under the bookmark section in your profile and, you will be able to view the bookmarks your friends have recorded. Once you have stated your location, it will be shown through Google Maps, providing a visual for your friends to see where in the world your location is. You will be able to upload your Work Experience and Education to show off your professional achievements and abilities. You will also have the opportunity to complete a on-line examination, testing you on what the Barchaeology crew believes to be the bare essentials of bartending knowledge. Perhaps one of the most fun

features on Barchaeology is our version of a Coolwall. The Coolwall works by you evaluating your perception of a product and rating its quality. For example, you might think the perception of Product A is Super Cool, but it could be slightly better in quality. What you would then do is place the product on the Super Cool shelf of your Coolwall and then in the rating section, give it a score in relation to its quality. Levels of coolness go down until level 5, which you might describe as the stuff you wouldnt even serve your local tax collector. You will also be able to view your friends Coolwalls and by clicking on their bottles, learn all about the products they find cool, or indeed not so cool. All the way through, you will also be able to see how they perceive the quality of each product in their Coolwall. In the Profile section you will also have the option to feed your friends your latest tweets. Barchaeology is also very proud of its tools. Before you jump the gun, Im not referring the team behind the network, I mean Network Tools. With the click of a mouse you will have access to all features mentioned in your profile, plus extensive information on city guides, competitions, jobs, news, polls & quizzes, product descriptions, recipes and books. Barchaeology is an opportunity. Its a chance to connect with industry specific, like minded people around the world, flex your creative ideas and most importantly learn through interaction. Through this platform you will be informed, entertained, inspired and you will be granted your time to inspire others.

Interesting Barchaeology Facts*:

*Averages until October 10, 2011 and counting... 11

Mixologists vs Bartender

Mixologist or Bartender?
The fun discussion...
Whether youre surfing blogs or flicking through the pages of drinks related magazines, you will no doubt have come across our industries latest debate. Are we Bartenders, Mixologists or both? I hear those in favor of being called a Mixologist saying things like "In a kitchen you have cooks and chefs and behind the bar, you have bartenders and mixologists". Fair enough, but does that really fit the word mixologist? I also hear those in favor of being called bartenders saying things like "Being a mixologist is only part of being a bartender" and "Any bartender can become a mixologist but not every mixologist can be a bartender". Lets break the word down into its two basic parts mix and ologist. Mix is a late Middle English word meaning to combine and put together to form one substance or mass. Ologist however derives from Ancient Greek and can be defined as the subject of a study or

a branch of knowledge. Place the two words together and simply put, you have the study of mixing, or in this case the study of mixing drinks. The dictionary on my Mac however defines a Mixologist as "a person who is skilled at mixing cocktails and other drinks". The same dictionary defines a bartender as "a person who mixes and serves drinks at a bar". Does that mean a mixologist is a bartender with superior drink making skills or that a mixologist doesnt necessarily work behind a bar? If we look at the breakdown of the word (mix and ologist), it implies that you do not necessarily need to be a bartender to be a mixologist. If mixology is the study of mixing drinks, then surely a home enthusiast, standing in his or her kitchen at home, armed with copious amounts of booze and some form of shaker could pass as a mixologist. Most modern bartenders, actively engaged in the quest to turn their "stick" into the next imbibition mecca will be actively involved in some sort of mixology or another. This could

be researching old recipes, tasting new products, making your own products or simply using what you have to make a new drink. So according to the breakdown of the word, the difference between a mixologist and a bartender is the exchange of tipple and service for good, hard earned cash. Simple hey! Or is it? Maybe were all missing a much bigger point... By now most of us know the story of Dale DeGroff resurfacing the word Mixologist in 1988, creating plenty of media chirp and with that, countless followers. Dales intention was to generate media hype and it worked. Once other bartenders noticed this, they too wanted a piece of the pie and before you knew what was happening, we were all back to being mixologists. I say back because Dale did not invent the word, he simply brought it back. In the late 1800s, bartenders gave themselves all sorts of prefixes to draw on the same kind of media attention Dale was after and as with Dale, it worked. Jerry Thomas was

"the Professor", Harry Johnson was the Dean others were Doctors and Masters. To all of them and Dale DeGroff, I would like to say a very sincere Thank You! You see, they got it. They understood the use of the word and because Dale understood the power of media, he literally got people talking about the craft we love so much today. Had he not called himself a Master Mixologist, we might not be where we are today, facing what some call the second golden era of bartending. We no longer live in a world where bartenders are dependent on media power houses to bring us the attention we need to get people talking. Nowadays, you simply need a Facebook account, Twitter account, Barchaeology account or a Blog and if used correctly, you can capture all the attention you need. We can post photographs and videos for the world to see, write comments and have ave-

rage Joe ask the questions hes always wanted to ask. Although I dont think mixologist is an apt term to describe the modern bartender, I do acknowledge that it was mixologists who created the modern industry I love so much. Without the publics lure to the word and without the bartenders who were willing to take that step and risk being scrutinized by their peers, I am sure members of the public would still look at us as the lad or lass who "couldnt get a real job". So if bartenders turned mixologists gave birth to the modern hype around our craft, then where does that leave us today? To be honest, it leaves us confused. We are the bartending equivalent to a deer stunned by the glare of a cars headlights. Not sure whether to move forwards or backwards, we stand still and watch. We continue to walk the path of those before us and in doing so, simply move with the herd. When Dale

took that step in calling himself a Master Mixologist he stepped away from the heard and into a forest of uncertainty. How many of us are prepared to do the same thing? Im referring to creative thinking. Whats the next big step for our industry? Who will take that step? Perhaps the real difference between a bartender and mixologist is that a bartender created the mixologist. When the next big step in our craft is taken, there is a chance the term mixologist will be laid to temporary rest while a new term, created by another bartender steals the show. Printing companies will delight in business card mayhem as every bartender changes his or her title to what makes them sound best today.

Through all of this, I hope that somewhere, therell be a little bar, filled with laughter and a humble character behind the mahogany doing what he or she loves. Thats where youll find me, sitting with my drink in hand and a content grin on my face, in awe of the bartender...

Forest Whitaker and Carlos Mencia delight in the absurdity of the modern mixologist and turntablist in the 2010 romantic comedy, Our Family Wedding. Sometimes a couple guys just want a drink in a room full of music. Now whered that bartender go?...

Barchaeology magazine 13

The Name

Whats with the name?

If youve spent any time on the internet recently, youve probably seen bartenders around the world calling themselves an "ologist" of some sort. The obvious one is mixologist, but youll be happy to know it doesnt end there. Creative souls speckeled around our lovely planet have coined words like drinkologist, intoxicologist, sipologist, drunkologist, boozeologist, vodkaologist, ginologist and my favorite, the cocktologist. Do yourself a favor and look that last one up in the urban dictionary. Barchaeology is a basic play on the the word archaeology, meaning we hope for this to be a spot on the internet where bartenders can unearth knowledge, friendship and be inspired by what others are doing in lands foreign to their own. Think of it as your one stop spot where all things bar will be gathered under one URL. The name Barchaeology is by no means meant to be taken as seriously as your Old Fashioned stirring technique, but as a bit of tongue and cheek. We do not want to coin the next "ologist" phrase, in fact were pretty content with good old, simple "hey bartender". Barchaeology is the kind of name that came about (brain child of Remco Babay) over a few beers (perhaps a few too many) and when we still liked it the next morning and could chuckle at ourselves over a base drum headache we decided it should stay...and so it has! Think of it as gentle reminder. Every time you are on our little network and find yourself getting a little too absorbed into the lush world of spirits and mixed drinks, consider the name, perhaps crack open your own cold beer and remember the fun times.

Dictionary of Fun:
- noun
1- Barchaeology is a discipline born in the spirit of upholding the art known as bartending. 2- The scientific study of historic, prehistoric and contemporary people and their cultures by analysis of their publications, books, recipes, and other such remains, especially those that have been shared in our community or drank with special people. 3- The joy of discovering drinking pleasure. 4- Unearthing your love for the mixed drink.


The Magazine

What to expect from the Barchaeology Magazine.

and divulging usable information to all interested in a "by bartenders, for bartenders" kind of manner. We will try to keep it clean and if the inevitable bout of bad behavior should rear its ugly head, well make sure theres a shot of something strong (recommendations welcome) on standby to knock us back into place.

In Edition One:
In the first edition of the Barchaeology Magazine we aim to bring you handy articles on how to create ingredients for your bar and use them in the development of divine drinks. We will give you a review of BCB 2011 along with all the juicy seminars and parties that took place, the personalities we spoke to and the drinks they served. The first thing you may have noticed is that this edition of Barchaeology magazine is called Edition 0. Doesnt really make sense does it? Weve decided to make this edition more of a introduction to the Barchaeology network, highlighting some of the key features. Basically, were giving you the chance to buy her a drink and get to know her so as to avoid meaningless pillow talk. The next edition will of course be labeled Edition 1 and will carry more of the gritty bartender text we all love to read, debate and criticize. We plan to bring you detailed How tos, with information on creating many of the home made ingredients we long to use on the bar but may not necessarily know how to make. Well be covering methods of providing better service, far flung bars (bars in different parts of the world), bits of interesting and new equipment, food and cocktail pairing and hopefully the odd interview with the people who contribute that little bit extra to creating a rather unique industry. Of course, we would love to hear what bartenders in different parts of the world are up to so please feel free to contact us with anything you think will interest the international community. Its important to clarify that we have no intention of becoming the next great scribes of the industry, but are set in gathering

We will be scouring the industry for interesting new products and tips on how to best use them in mixed drinks. As all grown ups know December is not just about Santa coming to town, it is also the perfect excuse to clean up your punch bowl and fill it with the best of what the festive season has to offer. Edition one will tickle your creativity and offer ideas to wow your guests, family and friends. Our next edition will also feature interviews with some of the Barchaeology Members from around the world, so keep your phone next to your booze stash cause you never know when well dial your digits. We will keep you up to date with new developments on the network and the open site.

Opportunities & Learning Lab

The Opportunities tab on the network is basically your chance to have your say in various industry topics, be rewarded for you contribution and as an added bonus, find jobs and apply for them with the greatest of ease. Heres how... Click on the Opportunities tab at the top of the page and a drop down menu will appear with three options. The first being "Your Voice". This section is a list of Polls and Quizzes, asking the opinion of network users regarding anything from brands to perceptions of drinks and much more. Filling out polls and quizzes isnt something the average Joe looks forward to doing, so to help you along, weve allocated points to the completion of each poll or quiz. Once enough points have been earned, you will be able to redeem your points for items which will give you the opportunity to keep learning and developing as a professional. All items available for purchase with Barchaeology points can

be found in the rewards section of the Opportunities dropdown menu. Opportunities do not simply involve redeeming points for goods. Perhaps the greatest opportunity is the ability to scan for jobs on one platform and apply for them with ease. Find a job you would like to apply for and simply click on the tab "Apply". Provided you have fully completed your profile by uploading you CV, the bar or brand advertising the position will automatically receive your details along with your CV for quick analysis. In a nutshell, this little tab will allow to have your say, be rewarded for contributing, develop your knowledge base and find the ideal job for you. Not bad for one little tab...

The Learning Lab

Lets face it, the modern bartender is expected to know his or her products. Our guests either expect, are starting to expect or are amazed by the bartenders ability to retain vast amount of information regarding the drinks they make and the products which go into them. The "Learning Lab" tab is a great tool for researching everything from tasting notes to product information, industry news to great literature. By clicking on the tab, as with the other tabs, a drop down menu will appear with six options. The first of these options is "Tasting Notes". As you may have guessed, this is a section containing vast amounts of tasting notes for all products we can get our hands on. Given the number of products available today, it is very possible that we do not yet have a note for something youre looking for. We will be uploading more tasting notes on a regular basis, but feel free to make contact with us and let us know what you think is missing. The Learning Labs next tab is the "Competition" section. This is where youll be able to see which industry related competitions are taking place around the world, have the opportunity to register for competitions and of course, receive results. I think weve just made the Brand Managers life a little easier... The "Tests" tab give you the opportunity to show that you have what Barchaeology consideres to be benchmark knowledge of spirits, products, ingredients, drinks and basic technique. Complete and pass the test and you will receive a tag in the professional section of your profile which will assist you in applying for any jobs over the network. Once you have applied for a job, the potential employers will receive your CV and they will be able to see that you do have the basic knowledge covered in the test.

The learning labs "DIscussions" tab is the Barchaeology forum. This is where you can start a discussion or seek the advise of fellow bartenders on any industry related topic. In an effort to help you find the topics you are most interested in, we have created numerous categories for discussion initiators to place their topic under. This makes navigation of the forum much easier. In typical Barchaeology fashion, you will be able to view all discussions or narrow them down to simply those you are active in as well as those your friends are active in. A key bartenders feature of the Learning Lab is "The Library" . Whenever a Barchaeology member uploads a document to the network, you will be able to view it here. Additionally, if you have any documents you feel are worth sharing with the network, you too will be able to upload and share. If you happen to be moderating a seminar and have prepared a presentation, you will be able to create a group, upload your presentation and share that presentation with the members of that group only. Emailing large presentation files around the world is no longer a issue. Simply upload and share. The Library is all about sharing information with one another and giving fellow bartenders the opportunity to learn while you learn as well. As we said in the introduction to the Learning Lab, it does what it says on the tin...the content of this tin however is pretty damed tasty! 19

You said what? & Dashboard

You said What?

If youve spent any time on You Tube recently, you will have noticed a bombardment of comments one can only describe as "by muppets, for muppets". Well be doing our best to avoid muppet behavior on Barchaeology, but as you can imagine, keeping track of a whole network will be somewhat demanding. To make things easier on all of us, weve created a "Report" option, where you can choose to report any offensive or abusive comments on the network. Once your report has been registered, we will check it out and take necessary action.

Action will generally involve removing the offensive comment, or if things get really bad, we might have to point the muppet in question toward the general You Tube direction where he or she can thrive with their own kind. The intention behind Barchaeology is to provide a platform from which all members of the industry can learn, share and benefit. Please keep in mind that there will be members of varying knowledge and ability contributing. What may seem like a silly comment off the fly, could simply be someone divulging info he or

she has been fed by someone claiming to be the next bar genius and has not had the resources to validate the info. Not necessarily a muppet, but rather a temporarily confused soul. Every report sent through will be taken seriously and will be checked up on. Nobody but the Barchaeology crew will have access to who sent the report so you need not worry about being pin pointed for trying to keep the network clean.

The dashboard
Information at your fingertips
Information at your finger tips is what its all about. The idea of not having to navigate from one site to another or having to walk the extra three meters to the end of the room where your now dusty calculator (remember those things?) patiently waits for your mobile phone, iPad or lap top to break down. The Barchaeology dashboard is there to help with the little frustrations in life. We all love delving into recipes from days gone past, but the average modern bartender is more likely to understand hieroglyphics than the measurements of volume used by great bartenders of days gone bye. Bushels, drams, a gill? Actually, bring things to 2011. With the internet being as awesome as it is, accessing recipes from all corners of the Earth is pretty easy. The problem is that we all use different units of measurement, whether it be temperature, volume or mass, we tend to find ourselves scrambling for a converter of sorts in a desperate attempt to make sense of the jibber jabber in front of us. Knowing that bartenders from all over the world would be uploading recipes, the Barchaeology crew decided to make things easier for us all by including a Unit Converter on your dashboard. Of course, you probably wont have one quantity or unit to convert, so once again, in an effort to make things easier weve included a note pad, where you can record items such as your next conversion or, simply to store important reminders. The note pad is your virtual pen and paper for when you come up with a great idea or even a recommendation for something you would like to see added to Barchaeology. Lets go with the idea of creating a reminder on our notepad and say were going to book a flight to Berlin for BCB. 21

chaeology can actually help you organize your trip. First off, by updating your profile, bars in Berlin who are members of Barchaeology will receive a notification that Bartender X is on the way to their city, making it easier to arrange possible guest bartending shifts. Bartenders connected to you will also receive your status update. So informing people is taken care of. Where the dashboard can come in handy again is telling you what the weather will be like for the duration of your stay, youll be able to make a to-do-list and for any bits of adding or subtracting you might need to do, therell a calculator poised for the rescue. The dashboard will also contain other wikis allowing you to check your Twitter feeds, your Cocktail Recipe Book and if you have trouble understanding something in a foreign language, a nifty translator will be right there too. The features on the dashboard are all available on other parts of the web, but having spent a fair amount of time on the web ourselves, we decided to include most of the things you might need, simply in a effort to save time and window hopping. Having everything in one place will help save you time and allow you to spend more time on the items you originally went onto the web for in the first place. Chances are, we havent got everything you would like, in which case let us know and well do our damnedest to sort it out.

On Tour

PDT New York

Victoria Room Sydney

Laibelle Buenos Aires

Door 74 Amsterdam

On Tour
The On Tour tab of the Barchaeology Network is your bartending travel buddy for all those trips abroad. Click on the On Tour tab and and a drop down menu will appear with four options, namely Events, City Guide, Bartenders Traveling and Guest Bartending Venues. By clicking on the Events tab youll be directed to the Listing Events page where you can view all events posted on Barchaeology, the "Mine" tab will show you all the events you have posted and you can view all the events your friends have posted under the "Friends" tab. The Follow-Up tab is where event organizers will have the opportunity to post any images or videos they may have taken during the event, or indeed, upload a report to remind everyone of all the good times they just shared. It could also act as a

subtle reminder to those you didnt attended your event as to why they simply cannot miss your next one! The next tab on the main "On Tour" menu is the City Guide. By clicking on City Guide, you will have access to information on bars in cities around the world along with the ratings other members have bestowed on them. There will also be a comment section so you can read what other Barchaeology members consider to be great or not so great. Bars will therefore receive constant feedback from bartenders and hopefully this will become a reference point for bars as well as a guide for visitors to respective cities. In the City Guide you will have the opportunity to select cities and their bars under the "Mine" tab, allowing you keep track

1806 Melbourne

Tiki-Ti Los Angeles

The Connaught London

Le Cabrera Madrid

of the places you plan to visit or have visited. You will be able to view your friends city guides as well. Members of the bartending community who seem to reside at 37 000 feet will be happy to know that there is also an option to upload points of interest in the city guide. On the left hand side of the city guide page you will see a link entitled "Add City Guides". Click on it and feel free to share your little gems with other bartenders. Back at our main "On Tour" menu, you can click on the Bartenders Traveling tab, where you will be able to view a complete list of who on the network is traveling where, your own travel agenda and the travel agendas of your friends. This is a quick and easy way to make contact with bartenders in the cities you travel to but also gives you the opportunity to see who is traveling to your city. A feature coming soon will be the geolocator. Not only will you get a satellite view of the bars in a respective city, but you will be able to plot a route from bar to bar, eliminating the "How do I get there" issue in a country

where you might not speak the local language. The ability to see who is traveling where leads us to the final option listed under the "On Tour" tab. Click on "Guest Bartending Venues" and youll receive a list of bars who are "Guest Bartending Friendly". If you would like to do a shift as a guest bartender in one of these bars, you will be able to apply through the network, eliminating the frustration of trying to track down contact details for a respective bar. Bars will also be able to see who is traveling where through the "Bartenders Traveling" tab and make contact with bartenders if they choose. The On Tour feature of the network allows you to organize your travel events through a few clicks of a mouse. I guess this means bartenders will actually have no further excuse to be unorganized travelers... 23