19, 2013

NR # 3292B

CSFI successfully launches “Kabuhayan 2013”
The President and Chairperson of the Congressional Spouses Foundation, Inc. (CSFI) has lauded the success of its project dubbed “Kabuhayan 2013” National Livelihood Trade Fair held last ove!ber "#$%, &%$' at the S( (egatrade in (andalu)ong Cit). *ue+on Cit) ,ice (a)or -o) .el!onte said this )ear/s three#da) trade fair did better than last )ear 0ith total sales of P1,%'&,"2$.%%. 34e are reall) ver) happ) about it, 0e reall) are all in good spirits because of this. 5s of no0, I understand, all of the participating e6hibitors earned and that/s ver) good ne0s for us,7 .el!onte said. .el!onte said the) !ade an e6tra effort to invite people to purchase fro! the !erchants fro! Le)te and Sa!ar 0ho feared the) !ight have lost their ho!es or fa!il) !e!bers 0hen T)phoon 8olanda struc9 their areas. 34e 0ant the! at least to earn so!ething here so that the) can start a ne0 life 0hen the) go bac9 to their provinces,7 .el!onte said. In her closing re!ar9s, .el!onte infor!ed ever)one that the trade fair is one of the !ain progra!s of the CSFI that the) have inherited fro! their predecessors. The) continued it because the) believe in the i!portance of supporting Filipino producers, Filipino !icro entrepreneurs, or Filipino entrepreneurs in general. 3.ut in addition to our entrepreneurs, 0e have also started supporting through this trade fair all the s!all co!!unities and !arginali+ed sectors li9e those serving ti!e in jail, persons 0ith disabilities, 0o!en co!!unities, our )outh group as 0ell as those 0ho have been producing crafts. So all of these groups have been given a venue to be able to sell their products and to e6pose the!selves to a 0ider !ar9et,7 .el!onte said. The trade fair 0as highlighted b) the a0arding of the !ost outstanding booths 0hich 0ere chosen b) the judges na!el), :aniel dela Cru+, ;and) <rti+, 5rch. ;a!on <rlina, =ngr. -ose (artin 3Tito7 5liling and I!elda 3I!p)7 Pilapil. The booth of the 'rd :istrict, *ue+on Province represented b) ;ep. 5leta Suare+ 0as declared $st pri+e 0inner (21>), follo0ed b) the ueva ,i+ca)a booth represented b) ?ov. ;uth Padilla in second place (2@>) and the ?reat, ?reen and ?ro0ing booth of *ue+on Cit) in 'rd place (11>) represented b) CSFI President and Chairperson, (s. -o) .el!onte. Cash pri+es 0ere P'%,%%% for the $st place, P&%,%%% for the &nd place and P$%,%%% for the 'rd place.

Consolation pri+es 0orth PA,%%% each 0ere a0arded to the booths of ,illar Foundation, Caga)an Province, .ahandi C5;5?5. 5senso Si6to fro! Cebu, S<CS5;?= Cotabato, $st :istrict of ;i+al, Sure Ilocos Sur and $st :istrict Surigao del Sur. Spea9er Feliciano .el!onte, -r. gave his 0elco!e !essage and led the cere!onial ribbon#cutting 0hile Senator C)nthia 5. ,illar, 0ho has been a !e!ber fro! $22& to &%%$ and beca!e its President fro! $221#&%%$, delivered the 9e)note speech 0hich centered on the essence of inclusive gro0th and b) giving job opportunities to less fortunate !e!bers of baranga)s through livelihood projects. (ean0hile, Trade and Industr) Sec. ?regor) :o!ingo, represented b) Bsec Cenaida (agla)a, said the Dabuha)an &%$' ational Livelihood Trade Fair is a venue to help !icro, s!all and !ediu! enterprises ((S(=s) boost their confidence and pro!ote their products. (ore than that, it is about creating and sustaining livelihood, building co!!unities, fulfilling the drea!s of entrepreneurs, :o!ingo said. :o!ingo said this 0as a big step for all in reaching their shared vision of a brighter future for Filipino (S(=s. Ee called on each one to 0or9 0ith the! in preparing (S(=s to ta9e a giant leap and ta9e that rightful place in the global !ar9et place 0here opportunities abound. 5!ong the $$% e6hibitors 0ho participated in the livelihood trade fair 0ere (argarita (onte!a)or# ograles ($st :istrict, :avao Cit)) 0ho sho0cased :avao eco# crafts featuring Kaayo 0ristlets, hand!ade b) trained artisans of their district as part of a livelihood progra! that ai!s to e!po0er individuals through productive diligence and ;osalinda 5charon ($st :istrict, South Cotabato and ?eneral Santos Cit)) 0hose booth 0as co!posed of ;egion FII, orth Cotabato, South Cotabato, ?enSan and Sultan Dudarat and sho0cased Tinalak products fro! South Cotabato, tuna ?enSan, then the certified organic rice, red and blac9 rice fro! orth Cotabato and the fresh crabs fro! Sultan Dudarat. =lvira :uavit/s ($ST :istrict, ;i+al) booth sho0cased products !ostl) paintings of artists fro! the various !unicipalities of ;i+al, such as .inangonan, Tali! Island, Ta)ta) and a fe0 fro! 5ngono li9e those !ade b) Totong Francisco, the grandson of .otong Francisco. Paula .ondoc, CSFI =6ecutive :irector, said their ai! 0as to !a9e 9no0n in the ational Capital ;egion ( C;) the products of different provinces especiall) those as far as the ,isa)as and (indanao, help the s!all to !ediu! entrepreneurs so that their products 0ill be !ade 9no0n in (etro (anila. She hoped the) 0ould be able to get clientele in (etro (anila and e6pand their businesses. ('%) lvc

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