Accelerate your LTE-IMS Development
S-CORE User Applications
- Levelop, lnlegrale u Cerlily new L1L·lMS designs lasler wilh
an aulomaled lesl solulion
- lmprove ellciency, perlormance and inleroperabilily lrom
baseband lhrough lo apps layer
- ldenlily inleroperabilily issues early wilh a markel leading suile
ol validaled GCl u l1Ch8 Conlormance lesl packages
- heduce lravel u lab cosls by pre·lesling key operalor lO1 lesl
plans in your lab
- A lasler palh lo Operalor Acceplance wilh lhe induslry´s
broadesl porllolio ol lMS based Services, Mulli·Media u
Applicalion Lnablers
S-CORE, multiple Base Stations, Packet & IMS Core and Application Servers, all in a single hardware unit!
Apps Server
IMS Core
Packet Core
Develop chipset and UE designs faster
The S-CORE is a powerful LTE-IMS network emulator designed from the
ground up to accelerate the development and acceptance of your wireless
devices, reference designs, chipsets, protocol stacks, IMS based services
and mobile multi-media.
Configure and emulate complex wireless network scenarios through an
easy-to-use intuitive interface and tool set, featuring LTE and legacy Multi-
RAT support, an Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and IP Multi-Media Subsystem
(IMS) framework, including the industry’s leading portfolio of network
services, multi-media and application enabler test plans.
setcom is active within the wireless standards committees, certification
forums and tier 1 operator acceptance programs. Participating at 3GPP-
RAN5 & OMA where user equipment (UE) conformance and performance
tests for LTE & IMS based services are defined and verified.
With over 10 years of contribution at both the GCF & PTCRB
certification forums, developing industry validated test software and
platforms to further improve device interoperability with a ‘test once,
use anywhere’ philosophy.
Providing our customers a faster path to Operator Acceptance, with
the industry’s leading portfolio of carrier test plans developed and
verified through a close working relationship with the key tier 1 global
wireless operators.
AT&T Verizon Wireless
S-CORE for Research and Development
E-UTRA & EPC Protocol Stack Development
R&D teams designing and testing complex protocols such as E-UTRA and
the Evolved Packet Core (EPC) require a test system with a high degree
of flexibility with the ability to get down to the bit level control of the
network signalling.
The S-CORE delivers on this requirement with an easy-to-use GUI
environment and comprehensive selection of productivity tools with an
extensive API, enabling protocol stack developers the option to script
complex Multi-RAT and InterBand network scenarios within a repetitive
lab based environment, rich in diagnostic logs and traces.
Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access
The S-CORE test platform supports and tracks 3GPP standards evolution
closely to enable engineering teams to test against the latest feature sets.
- Support|ng a|| L·0¹R/ bands and a|| Modu|at|on Schemes up to 64O/M
- SlSO E 2x2 M|MO conígurat|ons
- Contro| oí a|| RRC messages (to b|t |eve|) w|th an easy·to·use message
editor tool
- Conígure lLCl C|pher|ng, dec|pher|ng and Ro¬C íunct|ons
- Concatenat|on, segmentat|on and reassemb|y oí RLC SL0s |nc|ud|ng
duplicate frames and negative testing
- ¬/RO//RO Lrror correct|on and M/C Schedu||ng contro|
- Mapp|ng between a|| lhys|ca| and ¹ransport (broadcast, Contro| and
Shared) Channels
Multiple Radio Access Technologies
/|ready support|ng L¹L, v·CLM/ / ¬Sl/ and GSM/LLGL, w|th íurther
RATs to be supported soon.
Evolved Packet Core
A fully configurable Evolved Packet Core (EPC) implementation of all Non-
Access Stratum (NAS) layer control signalling and user data:
- Mu|t|p|e lac|et Lata Networ| Gateways
- Sess|on Management procedures to estab||sh and ma|nta|n llv4 E
llv6 connect|v|ty
- 0L Mob|||ty Management |nc|ud|ng lnterband E lnterR/¹ support
- N/S Secur|ty protoco|s íor lntegr|ty protect|on and c|pher|ng (/LS12S,
SNOW3G etc)
- Conígurab|e OoS contro| oí rad|o bearers |nc|ud|ng Guaranteed b|ts
Rates (GBRs) & Latency
S-CORE emulates the complete protocol stack of a
Multi-RAT LTE/IMS based network
IMS Internet Services
User Data Conlrol llane
hhC lLU´s
Layer 3
Layer 2
lLCl Clrl
lLCl lLU´s
RLC Ctrl
hLC lLU´s
(including Scheduler)
Logical channels
MAC Ctrl
MAC lLU´s 1ransporl channels
Layer 1
Layer 1 Ctrl
S-CORE Connect
A Faster Path to Operator Acceptance
The S-CORE Connect revolutionises the testing of IMS based Services
and Multi-Media by accurately emulating the entire network from the
RF & Modem layers through to the Packet & IMS Core and Application
Servers, all located in a standalone test solution with an easy-to-use
test environment, rich in diagnostic traces and logs.
S-CORE Connect diagnostic information
Protocol development demands accuracy, clear and intuitive logging
and decoding at every layer through the devices signalling stack.
The S-CORE Connect saves your engineers time and effort by providing
signalling logs and traces for every layer, from the baseband to the
app||cat|on |ayer. ¬|gh||ght|ng unexpected messag|ng and prov|d|ng
bit level decoding of all signalling sent and received. This enables a
faster turnaround of interoperability issues.
S-CORE decodes of an RRC message using ASN1 notation, IMS
registration showing decoded SIP messaging, XML trace of a
Device Management session.
Unparalleled diagnostic capabilities at all layers
- 8aseband lrimilives
- Modem layers (L2 u 3) prolocols
- Non Access Slralum (NAS) signalling
- llv4v6 (1Cl u ULl)
- Sll, h1l u h1Cl signalling
- XML and H11l lraces
The S-CORE Connect emulates a complete network
- Mulliple hadio Access 1echnologies
· 2 x cells per unil ol L1L, GSM/LLGL, W·CLMA/HSlA
- Over 4 lLN·GWs all individually conlgurable
- Conlgurable OoS, Guaranleed 8il hales u Lalency
- A 3Gll complianl ll Mulli·Media Subsyslem (lMS) lramework
· Supporling dual layer llv4/v6 slack
- A buill·in suile ol Applicalion Servers supporling
· SMS u MMS galeways
· Levice Managemenl
· Localion based services (SUlL 2.0)
· 8rowsing, Lmail and Slreaming video
· lresence Server
· hCS wilh voL1L u L1L video Calling
A Faster Path to Operator Acceptance
Global tier 1 wireless operators have rigorous device acceptance test
plans, designed to provide them with clear indication and confidence on
how a given device will perform in its customers’ hands.
The S-CORE Connect meets these challenges with an easy-to-use test
environment, using the powerful S-CORE hardware unit. Providing
Operators, OEMs and Test Labs the ability to reduce their test times and
prov|de c|ear and conc|se pass/ía|| cr|ter|a íor a broad range oí operator
defined test plans.
Key Tier 1 Operator Test Plans
Leveraging its test leadership in wireless access technologies, Multi-
Media, Device Management & IMS based Services, setcom has created
an impressive portfolio of test plans designed to accelerate OEMs through
these tier 1 operator acceptance programs.
Operator Acceptance Test Plans
Each test plan is developed in close partnership with global Tier 1 operators
and their acceptance test program criteria. So you can be assured that
your team identifies and resolves issues early and moves faster down the
path to acceptance and your customers.
verizon Lisled llallorm
lor L1L·lMS Acceplance
S-CORE Connect test plan packages include
- voL1L · lMS voll u L1L video Call (LvC)
- hich Communicalion Services (hCS/hCSe)
- Shorl Message Service (SMS) and Mulli·Media Messaging
Service (MMS) over SG or an lMS·llv6 L1L bearer
- lMS Lmergency Call
- Levice Wipe
- lMS and llv6 signalling
- Levice Managemenl suile including lO1A, lUMO, SCOMO
- A1 Commands
- Nelwork lroleclion
- 8rowsing and Slreaming
- Secure User lLane (SUlL 2.0)
RCS Test Box for UE Certification
VoLTE Infrastructure IOT & Lab Acceptance
The S-CORE Connect has been selected by Verizon Wireless to provide
an RCS device certification environment able to test devices against both
simulated IMS Framework and VzW Commercial IMS Core and Presence
RCS Test Box package covers
- lMS Voll (VoL¹L)
- L¹L V|deo Ca|| (LVC)
- Lnhanced /ddress boo| (L/b)
As part of the vendor Infrastructure lab IOT test requirements, the RCS
Test Box complete with a package of use cases covering IMS VoIP, LTE
Video Call flows and Enhanced Address Book tests enables OEMs to gain
UE Acceptance and coveted access to the retail channel of VzW stores,
coast-to-coast across the USA.
Standalone System for RCS Testing
Execute RCS Test Plans in your Test Labs
The S-CORE Connect has built-in support for SIP, RTP and RTCP signalling
through an |nterna| lMS Core over llv4v6 and a bu||t·|n lresence server.
This powerful combination of radio layer, core network and application
servers in a single hardware unit, enables OEMs to test IMS VoIP, LVC,
EAB and other RCS test plans anywhere in the world without complex
VPN connections.
Key Features
- lMS voll (voL1L) u L1L video Call llows
- lresence server lesling ol Lnhanced Address 8ook
- Mulliple emulaled lMS voll, LvC capable clienls
- AMh W8, N8 and H.264 codec supporl
- Manipulalion ol Sll, h1l, h1Cl lrames lor slress and negalive
lesl scenarios
S-CORE Benefits
- ldenlily and resolve issues lasler by pre·lesling in your lacilily,
anywhere in lhe world!
- Lebug real lime wilh delailed diagnoslic lraces al all layers,
Modem, NAS, Sll and Applicalion layers
- Lxecule Lab based lesl plans lor lMS voll and hCS on
same plallorm
- heduce lravel cosls and lenglhy delays wailing lor lree slols al
busy inlraslruclure lO1 and approved lesl labs
IMS and Presence Server (Commerical network
or emulated within S-CORE Connect test box)
Built-in IMS Framework
Presence Server IMS Infrastructure
S-CORE Connect Client GUI S-CORE Digital Radio Test Set UE Under Test
Sll (VOll/LVC)
S-CORE for UE Certification
Reduce your time to certification
Accelerate your UE certification having identified and resolved non
compliance issues earlier by pre-testing in your lab facilities, using the
industry’s leading portfolio of IMS based Services, Multi-Media and
Application Enabler test plans and validated GCF & PTCRB test packages.
S-CORE extends setcom’s GCF & PTCRB test plan coverage to meet your
future needs with a TTCN3 environment to execute both 3GPP RAN5 &
Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) defined Work Items.
The S-CORE protects your previous investments in setcom solutions as all
existing Work Item test plans including MMS 1.x, Device Management &
S0lL 2.0 are ava||ab|e on the S·CORL Connect.
Test Case Automation
The S-CORE can further improve your test times by executing automated
campaigns of 100s of test cases which can be executed without
operator attendance.
Resolve issues faster
- C|ear lass / la|| / lnconc|us|ve verd|cts per test case and test step
- base||ne 0L stab|||ty by runn|ng test cases mu|t|p|e t|mes t||| a pass/
fail condition is met
- Speed up íau|t d|agnos|s by compar|ng rece|ved messag|ng w|th
expected messaging
- Ou|c||y |dent|íy ía||ure causes by c||c||ng on a ía||ed test case step to
go directly to the TTCN-3 source code for further analysis
Conformance Testing
- hCSe 1.2
- lMS Lmergency Calls
- Mulli·Media 1elephony Service lor lMS (M1Sl)
- SMS over lMS
- SUlL 2.0
The S-CORE test system is listed at GCF as test platform 107 (TP107)
S-CORE is designed to support the above Work Items and RFT’s listed at GCF and PTCRB for UE certification
GCF & PTCRB Work Items and Request for Test
S-CORE Connect -
Service & Apps Enablers
SMS over
RCSe 1.2
MMS 1.x
OMA Device
SUPL 2.0
GCF Work Item vl·12S WI-103 WI-153 vl·1b4 vl·032 vl·042 vl·134
PTCRB Request for Test Rl¹·092 Rl¹·106 RFT-097 Rl¹·0b2 Rl¹·060 Rl¹·0S9
S-CORE System Specifications
RF Output
Output Leve| ·120dbm to ·30dbm
Resolution 0.1dB
Absolute Accuracy 0.5dBm typ.
ll bandw|dth 100M¬z
RF Input
Maximum Input Power +33dBm
(average power)
Trigger Level Range -35dBm to +33dBm
Channe| lower /ccuracy +/· 0.3db
¹yp|ca| Cv s|gna| |eve| >·40dbm
ll bandw|dth 100M¬z
Frequency Range
Range 4b0M¬z to 3G¬z
Radio Access Networks supported:
- L·0¹R/N (both lLL E ¹LL var|ants)
- 0¹R/N (v·CLM//¬Sl/)
blSK, OlSK, 16O/M E 64O/M
Max Cell Combinations
2 ¯ Ce||s any R/N conígurat|on any Rl band
(1 ce|| Max when us|ng 2x2 M|MO conígurat|ons)
General Data
Time Base OCXO
lrequency 10M¬z
ln|t|a| /ccuracy <+/· 0.0bppm
(2b°C, aíter 60 m|nute warm up)
¹RlG ports (1·4) ¹¹L ¹r|gger lnput / Output
0Sb lnteríace ¯4 0Sb lnteríace 4¯connect|ons
Networ||ng |nteríace ¯1 1Gbyte/sec Lthernet
Ma|ns Supp|y 100 · 2b0V b0/60¬z
L|mens|ons 1b" v ¯ /" ¬ ¯ 22" L
ve|ght 14|g
Power Consumption <700W
LMC LN 61326
Immunity for industrial environment,
Class B emissions
Saíety lLC 61010·1, LN61010·1,
0L3111·1, C/N/CS/·C22.2
Mechan|ca| V|brat|on lLC 6006S, lLC 61010 and
MlL·¹·2SS0L, c|ass b
Mechan|ca| Shoc| /S¹M L3332·99, Method b
varranty 12 months
Ca||brat|on recommended every 2 years
Rely on the Wireless Test Platform Leader
setcom provides the world’s leading test platform technology and equipment for next generation wireless development. The new S-CORE is a perfect example
of how setcom protects your investment in the long-term by continuous research and development complimented with unparalleled support.
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