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C A R O L A.

Mountain View, California USA

Thank you for considering my resume. I am
seeking a position with build engineer responsibilities
for building, deploying, supporting, and tracking
hardware and software builds. 650.625.0773

BM C Sof twar e ► Sunnyvale, CA USA

Sr. Systems Administrator / Network Engineer ►
12 . 2 0 0 2 –

I manage the BMC engineering build lab, where I provide level 2 system/network support to
business management, network, and IT security systems developers in addition to build
engineering support and IT project management. I’ve been with my group for seven years, two
major merges/acquisitions, and several enterprise-wide IT projects. My role is extremely diverse,
and my job crosses many disciplines, educations, and technologies
• Build lab manager: Build, manage, and support engineering build-lab servers, development
tools, disaster recovery, and deployment systems. Design and build content services
systems, implement migrations and upgrades.
• Network topology architect: responsible for optimal, reliable build lab network environment
integrity, efficient cross-platform operation, and minimal impact to developer productivity.
Designed BMC’s Engineering LAN, planned/implemented consolidation of seven legacy labs
into one facility, and implemented extensive upgrade plan to support layer 2 and 3 delivery
requirements (VLAN, ACL).
• Network engineer: Troubleshooting and root-cause analysis of network performance issues.
Network equipment and infrastructural hardware/software configuration. Proactive network
and system performance monitoring and metrics gathering using MRTG, BigBrother, SNMP,
and other tools.
• Compliance auditor: Enforce and maintain license schemas, OS updates and revisions, and
network security. Troubleshoot license-check issues on compilers, build systems, and
IBM/Rational Purify systems.
• System Administrator: Active UNIX and Windows system maintenance, corporate network
backups. Extensive scripting in Perl and UNIX shell languages.
• Project Manager: responsible for the timely execution, delivery, and maintenance of high-
impact, cross-functional deliverables, including: enterprise IP address redeployment for post-
acquisition move and engineering Windows NT 4.0-to-Windows 200 migration

Software Highlights Hardware Highlights

• Microsoft Windows up to and • LocalDirector model 416, 11501
including Windows XP; Windows • Cisco routers: 2500, 2600, 3600; Cisco
Enterprise Server switches: 1900, 2924, 2950, 3550
• Senior-level administration of Sun
• 3Com switches 3200 series
Microsystems Solaris, Solaris
Management Console; IBM AIX 5.3; • SUN 3300 RAID
HP-UX11i; Linux
• Apache Server deployment and
• Sun Microsystems hardware, PC-based
management systems
• Oracle 8i database and client • Softbench, SUN Workshop 5, Sun One
deployment WildPackets EtherPeek; 8, GNU, JDK, SDK
Sniffer Pro • License Servers, Installshield, Visual
• HP-UX Softbench, SUN One Studio 8, Age
Visual Age Java
• PERL, ksh, csh, tcsh, bash
Pe re g r ine Sys te m s / Re m e d y C o rp. ► Mountain View, CA USA

Sr. Syste ms Admi nistra to r / N e tw or k Engine e r ► 1 2 . 1 9 9 7 –

• Continued management of engineering lab and build systems during transition periods.

• Key planning and deployment during transition from Remedy to Peregrine and from Peregrine
to BMC, including email conversions, network redesign, and the like.
• Daily management of engineering labs network.

• Configuration, deployment, and troubleshooting of production servers, including NIS,

LANDesk, WebSphere, Apache, Tomcat web servers
• Predetermined hardware configuration, configured, and deployed all server systems
• Configured and supported 3COM / Cisco routers and switches

• Design and configured customer-simulation Remedy server, client and web applications
network environments to include WAN, DMZ, firewall and LAN serving a mixture of Operating

Software Highlights Hardware Highlights

o Senior-level administration of o Softbench, SUN Workshop 5,
Sun Microsystems Solaris, IBM Sun One 8, GNU, JDK, SDK
AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, and Linux o License Servers, Installshield,
(RH, SUSE, FreeBSD Visual Age

C isco Sys te m s ► San Jose, CA USA

Field Engineer ► 0 4 . 1 9 9 5 – 1 2 . 2 0 0 7
• On-site troubleshooting and root cause analysis of hardware and application issues for 250+
• Managed imaging and deployment of new systems
• Administration and maintenance of software/hardware engineering development servers.
• Received Toshiba repair technician certification

Un ited State s Air Fo r ce ► Travis AFB, CA

Communications Computer Systems Control Specialist ►
02.1995 – 12.1998
• Designed and implemented analog and digital data communications network over computers,
microwave, and radio communication devices
• Supported Novell/IPX-based network hosts

• Installed small-office network cable infrastructure

• Setup mobile secure digital and analog communication center for satellites and command

• University of North Florida, Jacksonville: B.A. Communications

• University of Florida, Location: A.A. Major
• Post-Bach Work: math, Java programming, PERL programming, ksh, CCNP (routing, multi-
layer switching, CIT courses at Foothill College)
• Self-employed: Own and operate Jodicas Network Consulting, a consulting business that
specializes in analyzing and implementing home and small-business networks
• Built 6-9 watt transmitter and Di-pole antenna for community radio station
• Member Toastmasters International

References available upon request.