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november 18, 2013

Ceorge W. 8reslauer, LxecuLlve vlce Chancellor & rovosL

unlverslLy of Callfornla, 8erkeley
200 Callfornla Pall #1300
8erkeley, CA 94720

uear LxecuLlve vlce Chancellor 8reslauer,

AlSCML and uAW have [usL recelved Lhe emall LhaL you apparenLly senL Lo deans,
deparLmenL chalrs and perhaps oLhers on november 14, 2013 aL
approxlmaLely 11:38 AM. ?our e-mall vlolaLes Callfornla law, and we demand LhaL
you lmmedlaLely resclnd LhaL e-mall. ?ou musL also lnsLrucL Lhe reclplenL Lo resclnd
follow up e-malls LhaL Lhey have senL (some of whlch we have already begun

?our e-mall lndlcaLes LhaL uAW members are requlred Lo Leach Lhelr classes, when
ln facL Lhe law ls exacLly Lhe opposlLe: academlc sLudenL employees have a legally
proLecLed rlghL Lo engage ln a sympaLhy sLrlke. SympaLhy sLrlklng academlc sLudenL
employees Lherefore have Lhe legally proLecLed rlghL noL Leach Lhelr classes. ?ou
supporL your unlawful sLaLemenLs wlLh Lhe reasonlng LhaL uAW may noL sympaLhy
sLrlke because uAW ls sLlll bargalnlng over Lhe Lerms of lLs own conLracL. We urge
you Lo consulL lmmedlaLely wlLh your aLLorneys on Lhls polnL. When you do, you wlll
flnd LhaL all of your sLaLemenLs consLlLuLe lllegal LhreaLs ln vlolaLlon of Callfornla
governmenL code 3371, whlch ls parL of Lhe Plgher LducaLlon Lmployer-Lmployee
8elaLlons AcL.

1o puL ln perspecLlve whaL you have done, please conslder Lhe followlng: AlSCML's
sLrlke on november 20 ls an unfalr labor pracLlce sLrlke, proLesLlng unfalr labor
pracLlces LhaL Lhe unlverslLy commlLLed ln connecLlon wlLh AlSCML's sLrlke lasL
May. Cne of Lhe unfalr pracLlces aL lssue concerns Lhe unlverslLy's wrlLLen
sLaLemenLs ln May LhaL AlSCML servlce workers were noL permlLLed Lo honor Lhe
plckeL llnes of Lhelr paLlenL care Lechnlcal colleagues, because Lhe servlce workers
were sLlll ln negoLlaLlons. L88 has re[ecLed Lhls argumenL, and on SepLember 12,
2013, L88 lssued a ComplalnL agalnsL Lhe unlverslLy for exacLly Lhls conducL
(among oLher unfalr pracLlces).

8y maklng Lhe same mlsLake yourself, you are perpeLuaLlng Lhe same paLLern: every
Llme Lhere ls such sLrlke acLlvlLy, Lhe unlverslLy wldely coerces lLs employees
Lhrough unlawful sLaLemenLs such as your own.


lease correcL Lhem rlghL away, and please copy Lhe underslgned on your correcLlons so LhaL
we can be sure you have done so.


Llz erlman,
LxecuLlve ulrecLor

CC uAW 2863 Leadershlp
kaLhyrn Lybarger