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Technology and the future – Hadron Collider

What are the effects to consider through the utilization of free energy devices?
In this article I want to discuss the nature of the Hadron Collider, that which is well talked about subject, especially within the scientific field today. This device is seen as a particle accelerator and is studied and developed in a hope to find a method for utilizing free energy in the future. It is also designed in order to study the origin of energy and how it forms in existence. Scientists call this origin the big bang which is considered the place where all energy derives from. When considering the nature of the Hadron Collider in relation to its usage, I myself agree with this assessment when it comes to finding origins of the universe and also free energy usage, however I also understand the detrimental effects that it can have on the human psyche when it comes to what I consider the warping of space. I want to discuss the benefits and detrimental effects that such energy devices can have on physical life, showing that it can not only have benefits but also consequences to the usage of such energy, especially in the initial stages while it is being developed. When technology is in its first stages of development, the last thing on a scientists mind is the consequential effects of such experiments, especially when it comes to exploration of new profound and interesting studies. What is measured in this case is the level of benefit that such devices can bring to us in the future. These benefits do seem to first override the need to be cautious until there are consequences that actually surface during experiments. Some scientists of the past were so eager in their approaches and focused on the result of their experiments that they died from unforeseen circumstances. The reason it is important to consider all angles when it comes to exploration of new technology, is for the fact that a person can not only resolve issues before they occur, but also they can make changes through foresight that can bring about much more beneficial experiences for everyone. Most people would not jump into a dark murky pool of water until they knew what was within it. However some people tend to walk backwards into experiences without a need to see where they are going. This is also in the case of the Hadron Collider and the experiments that are not only taking place now but also the experiments and technology that will formulate in the direct future. Some might question how a person can truly know the effects of a device until they have utilized it first. In some cases this is true. However this is always best done in small before it is achieved on a larger scale. Producing experiments in such large scales without first knowing what it will achieve is like jumping in the deep end without first testing the water. It

is then no surprise to hear that they are now altering their attention from the large Hadron Collider in Geneva Switzerland to a more smaller and controlled sight that can be explored and studied with much more intricacy. I want to discuss what has actually occurred in the experiments, to my own knowledge from dreams and visions and tell how I see that this will play out in the future. In a dream, just last night, I saw a large ceramic cylinder to what I was given a name for, Hadrocon which sounded similar to Hadrocone.

This object in my dream was a ceramic covered, plain looking device that was utilized for free energy. It retained a ceramic covering for the fact that it could carry the current outwardly to any device within its vicinity. The object thus would only need to be in the region of any device in order to get it to work, and not necessarily needed to be placed within the workings of any electrical apparatus for it to function. It is my belief that this device can also work in small scale however the amount of energy that would issue from it would also lessen. The actual size of the device that I saw in the dream would have been at least one meter and a half in height. I am not totally sure on the range of such a device, but it could be within 10-15 meters. Upon waking from the dream I saw also visuals of how these devices could also be placed within electrical devices in small scale almost like a battery. When a person stands near to one of these devices they feel a sort of dead zone. This dead zone or energy alteration is one of the effects of this device utilized at this level. You can imagine that such a device is sending out energy to electrical devices, and what is now only just realized by science, is the fact that we also think in terms of electrical current. These devices not only affect electronic devices but also the human psyche from the effects of the warping of space within the apparatus itself. The brain itself is also electric in its nature. I know for sure that even within controlled environments this apparatus can be felt through nearly all material substances. It sort of feels like a sucking feeling and like the mind is being

turned inside out. Recently on a visit to Paris a few months before they were supposed to do the first tests of the Hadron Collider in Switzerland, I was sitting in an eatery when I felt the first effects from the usage of the device. I know for sure that they were already testing parts of the device well before their advertised time. I was not the only one who felt it at the time also, and it felt like I was sucked to one side of the room. This I term a warping in space time, which is relating to fourth dimension and perception. You can read about this more in my article, Polymorphic Perception of the Fourth Dimension State. The ceramic covering helps to lessen the warping effects of the energy device. However it then creates a sort of dead zone when a person is within the vicinity of the object itself. This dead zone is also not beneficial when it comes to the mind and perception and creates a sort of veiling effect over the region of space to which the device exists within. This dead zone stops the regular flow of energy that is needed in order to alter consciousness and reason through the mind. When a human is within the vicinity of such a device they will be affected in many ways. One way is through their perception, which is fourth dimensional in nature. They will exist within a dead zone so their capacity to produce random thoughts will lessen. Their capacity to be inspired will lessen as they will only exist then in what can only be termed as a neutral zone. I call this neutral zone a dead zone for the fact that energy within this space has no longer the capacity to flux. Even though the usage of such a device first seems very beneficial, in the long term even when isolated within its ceramic covering it will affect the human psyche in ways that will be detrimental to development, not so much to health of the body, it will be more beneficial in this way, but it will be detrimental to the development of the mind when it comes to inspiration and the future. You can imagine what happens to people who are living in a dead zone. They become accustomed to the nature of the energy current that is unnaturally produced. The best way to think of it is like this. Imagine that you are a person who is now very emotional in your nature. This is produced from the fact that the energy around you is in a constant state of flux. This constant state of flux drives a person to inspire and do things through the energy of the emotions themselves. When that person is then placed within the vicinity of the Hadrocon device they then feel as if they are in a neutral zone when it comes to emotions. Although this can be naturally achieved by all humans through their mind, it can also be achieved through the influences of energy from around the person as well, just as emotions can also achieve this when directed from other people. When in a neutral zone, or dead zone, the person then becomes less and less emotional and more stable in their thoughts. This then affects the state of the body as well, for the fact that emotions alter material matter at a faster pace. In the neutral zone, the body feels always balanced and is less likely to deteriorate and have health problems when being affected by this space. This goes to show that such a device can also have some beneficial effects depending on the objective of the person who wishes to create such a device. However there are also down sides to such devices if they are utilized in the wrong way, and also devices that are utilized in the right way. A neutral zone also affects the development of experiences. People in a neutral zone are less likely to be driven to inspire as they were when driven by emotions. Technology would then lessen in its appeal to people within this zone, and thus creating a smaller market for development.

The other way that this device can be utilized in the wrong way is through the creation of its structure. If the device is utilized without the ceramic covering it can have detrimental effects on the area of space around it. These effects coincide with the warping of space and time, and in the most serious of cases, which is not really possible for us here on earth at this stage, it can ripe through the fabric of space time altogether. I know for some people, such a concept would for now be seen as just science fiction, but I can tell you now that this has occurred before, at least for me to see it in dreams and visions. When we think of a rip in space time, one automatically jumps to the conclusion that we will look into space and there will be a rip that allows us to see into another world. No, not at all, that is just the concept of science fiction and not the true essence of what a rip in space is actually perceived as. A rip in space time has much more detrimental effects than just a portal or window in space, which is not really perceived properly within context. A rip in space not only alters the space at the point of its origin, but also alters space altogether around the region where the rip occurs. Some might see this as an opening up of a black hole, but what it really equates to is an opening up of zero point which is not what needs to be achieved within the energy device itself. You can imagine just though this alone what this means to humans here on earth now if such a thing could ever be achieved. We would be totally warped out of space time altogether into a totally changed and altered state, meaning that we would no longer exist even to see our experiment take shape. What would then be the use of achieving such an experiment to only then find that we cannot even see it to observe the results? Energy devices do not need to reach the level of opening up space from zero point, but instead utilized for obtaining energy that surrounds the core of space. The energy is produced within space itself at other levels and does not need to be accessed via direct connection with zero matter. The possibility of such devices is unfathomable, however also beneficial depending on the viewpoint and purpose of the person wanting such technology. It will however change an alter the way we live life, no matter how it is taken on, and maybe in the coming years we will see the utilization of such devices more and more, to the point that we are accustomed to it, seeing it as part of our own evolutionary journey. The most important thing then is to consider the affects at all ends of the scale, and to make choices depending on what we want to achieve for our own future. By Stacey T Pollock 8th August 2009

About the Author:
Stacey T Pollock is an author who writes about the mind and her personal perception of life and the physical world. She has written books to do with creation theory and the mind and matter, coming from the standpoint of a person who studies all viewpoints of life around her. Her philosophy in life is that we can obtain an understanding that links all philosophies together that can allow for creativity and choice on how we wish to experience life. 'Life is a perception of the mind; all the answers are within us' Visit Stacey T Pollock’s website at:

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