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Francis Miguel P.

Perito III-Hopper

Unemployment to rise again in 2013

Based on the report that was released by the ILO (International Labor Organization) on Monday. Many of the people in the world were lost their jobs in the year 2012 which has a total of 197 million people in which the younger ones are experiencing of being particularly hit hard. And the unemployment will still increase again this 2013. According to the report of the Global Employment Trends in 2013, the total number of people that were unemployed were 4 million last 2012 that mainly came from the economies that were developing in East Asia, South Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa. One of the United Nations agency was the International Labor Organization (ILO) that has a responsibility of over monitoring the standards for international labor, made unhappy proposes of having another increase worldwide by 5.1 million in unemployment in 2013. In which the total of number of unemployed would be push to 202 million. Last 2012; there were 73.8 young people who were not employed in the world. According to the statement made by the ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder while having a presentation of the report of the result in their findings, that , Many young people now experience a long-term unemployment right from the start of their labor market entry. When this happens earlier in the persons profession, it can do have an important casualty to their prospects of long-term employment. In spite of having a new jobs that may open up, those that match the workers skill who were not employed may not have those jobs that may require different skills based on the report. Guy Ryder also said that, Government should step up efforts to support skills and retaining activities in order to address such mismatches which particularly affect young people. The government should step up an effort to retrain and to support job skills to address the work qualifications in terms of the differences, with having a focus on the people that are young. According to the report, in Eastern Europe, East and South-East Asia and the Middle East in which do have a rising economies, that the youth that is unemployed are expected to rise. Business companies are unwilling to hire because of not being sure in progressed economies in Europe, the report said. In some countries in Europe, youth unemployment tops 50%. The regions unemployment was at 6.6% last 2012 in Latin America, with having a faster recovery from their crisis in economy. The employment in East Asia increased in size in just 0.5%. The forced labor participation of the females in South Asia remains low. After the unemployment had lessened in 2000 in Middle East, the unemployment in Middle East is on the rise again. But large differences stayed in their region, as the countries that are oil-producing tend to have unemployed rates that are low. 77% of workers in SubSaharan Africa have what it called vulnerable employment. Many recommendations on stemming unemployment have been made by the report globally. It was stated that the leaders should formulate more coherent and predictable policy, to address about the uncertainty of the economy.

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This can greatly affect a large population by means of experiencing poverty because they cannot earn money. They cannot also support their own needs and the needs of their family. By depending on other people by means of borrowing money until the money you borrow will increase and increase in this cannot be a permanent. By also experiencing hunger and improper nutrition because they cannot afford the nutritious food that they would buy. By the people that may commit crime because of hunger and the needs of financial support. By not being able to afford the expenses in water, rentals, electricity, cable, transportation and when you become sick or confined in the hospital. By means of having a protest of the people because of not having a lot of job opportunities. The effect of this article was it makes the people aware of what is happening in terms of the number of people that were unemployed. This article makes us also learn about the opinions of the expert on the causes of the unemployment; one cause is that the jobs that were available dont match the skills or the course that was finished of the unemployed. It makes also the government learn on how they should do in order to prevent and stop the unemployment by means of the opinion of the reporter and by the means of having the opinion of the expert from the International labor Organization (ILO). My opinion about the news was that the news was such an informative that will enable us to learn more. I was very impressed because this article contains statistics on how many youth people were unemployed. And this news contains the causes for the unemployment of many youth people. And this has also a mixed of the opinion of the expert that will enable the government to learn more on what they should able to do to lessen the unemployment. I learned many things about this article and this can awaken the other person and this article can help to make a change for the better.
By: Madison Park, CNN January 22, 2013

source: Park, M (2013, January 22) Unemployment to rise again in 2013,