How many HTTP headers will send to a web page(client side) from server when you use sessions (session_start()) in php ?. 2. what are the advantages of storing sessions in database? 3. How to get the contents of a web page using php? 4. what are the security tips you should know before developing php/mysql web pages ? 5. what are the database space-saving functions available in php ? 6. what you should know about cookies before start using in php? 7. Given a line of text $string, how would you write a regular expression to strip all the HTML tags from it? 8. what are the ways to check image mime types in php? 9. how to opening excel files in windows nad linux using php ? 10. How many ways your web server can utilize PHP to generate web pages? 11. What is meant by Persistent Database Connections? 12. List out some session functions in php? 13. Explain Parse Errors ? what are the most common causes of parse errors ? 14. what are the 'function problems' you have met in php? 15. Will persistent connection work in the CGI version of php ? mysql_connect() vs mysql_pconnect()? 16. What is the process that takes place when you upload a file in php? 17. How do I prevent Web browsers caching a page in php? 18. what is Memcache? 19. Are php strings immutable ? 20. What Are PHP Arrays? 21. what are the most common caching policy approaches ? 22. what is the php solution to dynamic caching ? 23. What is the difference between $message and $$message? 24. How to capture content from the output buffer ? or Give me an example for Output caching in php? 25. How to capture content from the output buffer ? or Give me an example for Output caching in php? 26. which is faster mysql_unbuffered_query or mysql_query ? 27. why should we use Object oriented concepts in php ? 28. How can we extract string "w3answers.com" from a string mailto:info@w3answers.com using regular expression of PHP ? 29. what is the output ? 30. what is the output here ? 31. Which function in PHP gives us absolute path of a file on the server? 32. Which of the following functions is most efficient for substituting fixed patterns in strings? 33. what output do you get here? 34. PHP Functions for WDDX 35. Which of the following represents the proper way to set a session variable? 36. Installing PHP on your Computer? 37. What is Apache? 38. What Storage Engines do you use in MySQL?

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