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World Conference on Unity of Man

Kirpal Sagar, 1 –10 December, 2007

World Conference on Unity of Man,
1 – 10 December, 2007
Published by:
Unity of Man – Sant Kirpal Singh
Verein zur Verbesserung der menschlichen Beziehungen
Steinklüftstraße 34
5340 St. Gilgen - Austria / Europe

Copyright © 2008 by Unity of Man

All rights reserved.

First edition 2008, printed in India

On the level of man, of soul, of consciousness
we are already one.
In spite of tyranny and murder prevailing, there
is one hope for the world, and this hope lies in
the spiritual link from man to man and nation to
nation. This genuine hope will bring us together.
The problems of the world are not of political
but of spiritual nature, so we have to find the
solution on the spiritual level, on the level of
The change will begin from man’s heart, this is
the only way to bring unity into the world. If the
ideal of unity has become our heart-felt desire,
it will spread like a wildfire burning all hatred,
enmity, separation, duality, and egoism. What
will prevail is oneness.
Dr Harbhajan Singh
Table of Contents
Editorial 6

Kirpal Sagar 9

World Conference on Unity of Man 14

Inauguration of the Conference 16

Supporting Programme 20
Opening of the Medical Camp 22
Interschool Shabad Competition 24
National Volleyball Tournament 28
Wedding Ceremonies 32
Culture Programme 34

Main Programme 36
Complementary Function in Amritsar 38
Nag Kalan 40
Arrival at Kirpal Sagar 48
9 December 56
Behind the scenes 85
10 December 90

Inauguration of the Symbols 112

Unveiling the Symbols 118
Concluding Session 126
Press Conference 136

Closing Conference 142

Programme 143
Opening of the Medical Camp 144
National Volleyball Tournament 146
Wedding Ceremonies 148
Opening of the Exhibition at the Farm 152
Welcome of the Teachers Training College 156

Concluding Sessions 157

Speeches of the Delegates 159
Opening Ceremony of the new Exhibition in the Library 166
Final Talk 174
Closing Ceremony 178
India is known for its spiritual treasure that has were His mission, which was focused on unity – the
proved as a living heritage up till now in spite of unity of soul and God as the base of the brotherhood
many problems the country has been facing. With of men. So ‘Unity of Man’ became the name of the
its manifold cultures and landscapes, its religious va- movement that was initiated by Him with the first
riety, its arts and handicrafts the subcontinent makes ‘World Conference on Unity of Man’ held 1974 in
a valuable contribution to the culture of the world. Delhi.
Unknown to a larger public, in the name of Sant Kir-
pal Singh a Project has been set up in the state of Though He taught to respect all religions, Sant Kirpal
Punjab which unites spirituality and beauty: Kirpal Singh never intended to create a new religion or to
Sagar – the ‘Ocean of Grace’. mould all religions into one. This is also a main fea-
ture of the conception of Kirpal Sagar, with which
In the year 2007, the 25th Jubilee of Kirpal Sagar was Sant Kirpal Singh commissioned His disciple Dr
celebrated with the “World Conference on Unity of Harbhajan Singh and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur,
Man“ on the occasion of the 75th birth anniversary who is carrying on the work at present.
of its builder, Dr Harbhajan Singh (1932 - 1995). His
birthday on 10 December was dedicated to the in- The competence of a teacher reveals in his disciples.
auguration of the Symbols on the top of the central Though it is difficult to depict personalities of such
building of Kirpal Sagar: Models of a Gurdawara, spiritual height, we may at least grasp the sublime
a Temple, a Mosque, and a Church. Each of these virtues which outside reflect the inner state of man
models symbolizes the human body, which in the and prove him as true human being: Conscious-
scriptures is called the ‘true temple of God’. Side by ness, truth, love, compassion and selflessness – Dr
side, the Symbols remind that God made man and Harbhajan Singh impersonated these attributes. In
man made religions. contrast to the maxims of our time, his way of life
made evident that humility is strength and selfless-
This is a review of the event, which brought together ness leads to inner richness.
people from all over the world committed to creat-
ing a peaceful future, based on spiritual and ethical Though he was commissioned to carry on the work of
values. It would be incomplete without words of rev- Sant Kirpal Singh, he never wanted to be regarded as
erence to the personalities who created and main- Master, but called himself a ‘borrowed servant’. Eve-
tained the spirit of the venue which became the spirit rybody was allowed to call him ‘Bhaji’ (brother), and
of the conference. we did it with deep respect, because he lived what he
taught. With his warm-hearted nature he won over
Sant Kirpal Singh (1894 –1974) is known in the world the hearts, and was brother, teacher and friend of all,
as spiritual teacher and Saint of the 20th century. He working as a ‘Gurmukh’, a perfect disciple.
pointed out the common core of all religions and
taught a spiritual way of life practicable to anyone, Dr Harbhajan Singh was born on 10 December 1932
irrespective of the outer religious formation the indi- in Layalpur, today’s Pakistan, from where he had to
vidual belongs to. He called it ‘man-making’, mean- migrate as a youth with his family during the parti-
ing the development of man in all aspects – physically, tion of India. They settled in Nag Kalan, a village near
intellectually, ethically and spiritually. Regarding hu- Amritsar, where he later lived with his wife and chil-
mans as souls, He saw the divine in man and trusted dren and practised as a medical doctor. Revelations at
in the power of the soul or consciousness, enabling a very early age had made him search for God and fi-
humans to overcome the evil tendencies of the mind. nally led him to his Master, Sant Kirpal Singh in 1961.
Man-making, Self-knowledge and God-knowledge This was a turning point in his life. He became the

 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Sant Kirpal Singh, initiator of Unity of Man

beloved disciple, doctor, and close confident of his vened by Sant Kirpal Singh from 3–6 February 1974.
Master, who would lovably call him ‘God’s doctor’. At that time He had disciples from all over the world.
Nothing foreshadowed that His tenure was going
In October 1973 Sant Kirpal Sing laid the foundation to end the same year, until He gave indications and
stone of Dr Harbhajan Singh’s hospital at Nag Kalan, special instructions for his further work to Dr Har-
where patients from more than forty villages used bhajan Singh. The month of August 1974 brought the
to come to his practice. Needy people got treatment time of separation. On 21st August 1974 Sant Kirpal
free of charge and many a poor got additional help Singh closed his gracious eyes forever. Till the last
in his house. moment He kept Dr Harbhajan Singh at his side.

It was during that stay in the Punjab, when Sant Kir- In 1976, after a sorrowful time, Dr Harbhajan Singh
pal Singh went along with Dr Harbhajan Singh to came for the first time to Europe, together with his
the farm near Nawanshar, where now Kirpal Sagar is wife, Mrs. Surinder Kaur. Starting in Germany, he
located. At that time there existed only a few fertile met the western disciples and later on gave lectures
fields, where rice and wheat were grown. With Sant on spirituality in different countries. Everywhere he
Kirpal Singh’s words to purchase more land, as this stressed on discriminating between pure spirituality
place would become a pilgrimage place one day, a in accordance with the Holy Scriptures on the one
new era started. With the help of disciples from the hand and on the other hand magic practices, spir-
Amritsar–Centre, first steps were undertaken to clear itual healing and countless methods of meditation
the land covered with thorny shrubs, supported by a which are often mistaken for spirituality. The move-
tractor they got from Sant Kirpal Singh. ment Unity of Man began to spread. During the fol-
lowing years, in St. Gilgen near Salzburg, Austria a
Coincidentally, in Delhi preparations were going on Centre for the West was established, while in India
for the first World Conference on Unity of Man, con- the Amritsar-Centre (Sawan Ashram) served as

Edit o r i a l I 
headquarters. Many Western disciples also were ac- of humanity. Only a few were knowing that he suf-
commodated in Bhaji’s house in Nag Kalan during fered from a heart trouble since the separation of
their stays. his Master. All were struck when in summer 1995
he decided to undergo a heart operation in Austria,
A special phase was marked in 1982, when the foun- which was successfully performed. After his return
dation-stone of Kirpal Sagar was laid and the con- to India in August, he focused his attention on the
struction of the first buildings was started. Armed construction work at Kirpal Sagar. Day and night
with the potent word of his Master and nearly no he spent on supervising the work on the Sarovar,
means at his disposal, Bhaji devoted himself to this the oval shaped pond in the centre of the Project,
giant task. While lots of difficulties were shaking the where the basis of the building in its middle was
Punjab during the eighties, Kirpal Sagar was built up under construction.
with the help of volunteers from India and abroad.
Bhaji took care for the people, he procured materials All main facilities of Kirpal Sagar had been set up,
and looked after each and everything. In all circum- when on 24 September he decided to be brought by
stances he mastered the problems with equanimity, car to the hospital in Ludhiana. Here, in the same
setting an example in all aspects. city where he had got initiation by Sant Kirpal Singh,
he left his body in the night of 25 September. Until
With incredible strength by her spiritual achieve- his last breath he thought of Kirpal Sagar. “Kirpal
ment, Biji Surinder Kaur stood firmly at his side. Sagar is my heart,” he used to say, “one who knows
Often she accompanied him on his annual tours Kirpal Sagar, knows my heart.”
to the West, which led them through many Euro-
pean countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, After forty years of unique companionship, Biji
France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Finnland, Slowa- Surinder Kaur had to take the whole responsibility
kia and United Kingdom. A close relationship to on her shoulders, which before she had shared with
the western disciples developed, and it was during Bhaji. She carried on with full dedication, extended
those years that all started to call her ‘Biji’ – mother. the charitable activities, enlarged the facilities like
Though she tried to keep herself in the background, school and hospital and put all her efforts to develop
she was already known as an advanced disciple at Kirpal Sagar into a blooming garden of spirituality.
the time of Sant Kirpal Singh, and His mission had Under her auspices the Symbols were completed ac-
become her life. cording to the wish of Sant Kirpal Singh, who him-
self had outlined their shape.
Deeply involved in all affairs, she also accompanied
Dr Harbhajan Singh at the United Nations World The inauguration of the Symbols during the World
Conference on Human Rights in Vienna 1993, where Conference on Unity of Man 2007 was not only a
he represented Unity of Man as NGO and had the milestone for the movement Unity of Man. They
privilege to address the plenary session of the States set a sign for the world that the good can prevail, if
Conference. we are able to realize the underlying unity, which
we only have forgotten. This is the basis for peace
At that time preparations for a World Conference on on earth, the way the great Masters taught, whose
Unity of Man were in progress, which was going to words we read in the scriptures – and often enough
take place at Kirpal Sagar from 3 - 6 February 1994. used as a sword. Better to wield the sword of love
Dr Harbhajan Singh met personalities of interna- that unites, so that according to the words of Guru
tional reputation and introduced the conception of Nanak.
Kirpal Sagar with the invitation to the Conference.
“Peace be all the world over, under Thy will , O Lord.”.
Though being a medical doctor, he set aside all bod-
ily comfort and fully devoted himself to the service

 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Kirpal Sagar
The venue of the World Conference was the Project Kirpal Sagar in the Punjab.
Set up on behalf of Sant Kirpal Singh by Dr Harbhajan Singh and his wife, Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur.

K i r pa l S a g a r I 
Kirpal Charitable Hospital


Langar - Common Kitchen

1 0 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Kirpal Sagar Academy

Fathers’ Home

Agriculture and Dairy Farm

K i r pa l S a g a r I 1 1
Guest House

Kirpal Bhawan - Satsang Hall

1 2 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
K i r pa l S a g a r I 1 3
World Conference on Unity of Man
The World Conference on Unity of Man from 1-10 December 2007, was a
convention with different fields of attention, corresponding to the multiple
aspects of the Project Kirpal Sagar

With regard to the spiritual base of Kirpal Sagar, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, Hun-
one field of attention was the interreligious dialogue, gary, Belgium, Canada, France, England, Italy, Aus-
as religious tolerance is a must in a growing multi- tralia, Croatia, Slovenia, Rumania, Paraguay, Kenya,
cultural world community. Czech Republic, Spain, Syria, Montenegro and Bul-
A further field of attention was the charity programme,
which was to set a practical example: Goodwill More than thirty invited speakers treated various as-
should lead to action. For that, as support for social- pects of world peace and universal brotherhood from
ly disadvantaged people, a free ‘Medical Camp’ was their angle of vision: religious leaders from different
started, which continued during the whole month, religions, representatives of inter – religious organi-
and wedding ceremonies were celebrated, sponsored sations, human rights activists, social reformers and
by Unity of Man for the daughters of needy families. personalities of the public life.

These activities were part of the colourful supporting The inner and outer beauty of the venue Kirpal Sagar
programme, in which also sport played a major role created an atmosphere that let everybody feel peace
with the annual National Schools Volleyball Tourna- and harmony. May this spirit of the moment contin-
ment, that traditionally takes place in honour of Dr ue to spread throughout the world which was so easy
Harbhajan Singh. As chief guests renowned Indian to achieve during these days: To be good, to do good,
politicians honoured the occasion. and to be one.

As Sant Kirpal Singh had initiated the work for Kirpal We warmly thank all for their attendance, for their
Sagar at Nag Kalan near Amritsar at the time of Dr contributions, well wishes and kindness which
Harbhajan Singh, a complementary conference pro- helped to make the conference a success.
gramme took place in Amritsar and Nag Kalan. From
there a procession of buses and cars proceeded to Kir-
pal Sagar on 8 December, where the main programme
began in the evening with a great welcome function.

The manifold social programmes, events and presen-

tations gave the opportunity to come together and
become acquainted with people from all over the
world as well as with the Indian culture. It was beau-
tiful to see how easily people became friendly with
one another without regard to creed, colour, nation-
ality or castes.

Beside attendees from all over India, people from

about twenty other nations participated: Austria,

1 4 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
K i r pa l S a g a r I 1 5
Inauguration of the Conference
In the morning of 1 December, all attendees gathered at the nearby ‘Chowk’, where Mrs
Surinder Kaur, president of Unity of Man, uncovered a plate depicting the milestones of
the history of Kirpal Sagar. As a symbol for peace two pigeons flew up in the sky.

1 6 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Mrs Surinder Kaur inaugurates the World Conference on Unity of Man, 1 December, 2007

I n a u g u r ati o n o f th e C o n f e r e n c e I 1 7
1 8 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
In her address Mrs Surinder Kaur explained the significance of the Conference on
Unity of Man, and the assembly remembered Dr Harbhajan Singh, the founder
chairman of Kirpal Sagar, who has set up the Project according to the wish of Sant
Kirpal Singh.

Today we are going through the spiritual teaching; we are going to cross the door
of His grace.

Sant Kirpal Singh has now opened the door of His grace – only the awakened
soul can cross it.

Sant Kirpal Singh Ji gave the parshad of Kirpal Sagar to Dr Harbhajan Singh
(Bhaji). This was done on the land of Amritsar. Master asked, “Dr Sahib, Guru
Gobind Singh had five battalions to work, how many can you give me?” He re-
plied, “Master, I do not have that much. You can use me for Your cause.” Master
was speaking to Bhaji, but looking at me, “I need only one with right understand-

These words were told by Master in the month of December, and today we also
enter the month of December.

Once Bhaji was asked to write the biography of Sant Kirpal Singh. When he was
asked how far he had written, he replied, “I am writing very fast, so fast that I be-
come a part of it. Master is so near to me that (by comparison) this shirt is even
far away from me.” By building up Kirpal Sagar Bhaji wrote his own history.

Bhaji used to say, “Live and let live.” Our thoughts should be very clear and pure.
We all have to develop ourselves and help others to develop themselves. ‘Self
knowledge precedes God knowledge.’

Now nine days are left till 10 December 2007, the day for which we all have
worked very hard.

Lovable words of thanks to all labourers and volunteers concluded the speech.

(Extract of Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur’s opening address)

I n a u g u r ati o n o f th e C o n f e r e n c e I 1 9
Supporting Programme
Charitable, cultural and sports activities from 1 - 6 December, 2007

Saturday, 1 December
Opening of the Medical Camp and the new surgery and intensive care unit
Start of the Medical Highway Service

Sunday, 2 December
Shabad Competition
Cultural Programme with Quawalis (Banwari Lal and Bakshi with their party)

Monday, 3 December
Opening Ceremony of the Dr Harbhajan Singh Memorial Interschool National Volleyball Tournament
Cultural Programme with horse show and traditional dances
Cultural Programme with Quawalis (Mhammad Sherif Qwaal, Malerkotla)

Tuesday, 4 December
Continuation of the Volleyball Tournament
Light and Sound Stage Show (Historical Scenes from the time of Guru Teg Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh and
the Moghul Emperor Aurangzep)

Wednesday, 5 December
Continuation of the Volleyball Tournament
Final match and closing ceremony of the Volleyball Tournament
Prize Distribution
Social Programme with Traditional Dances, Sports and Acrobatic Performances
Cultural Programme
Saraswati Vandana, Kirpal Sagar Academy
Choreography, B.ed College, Kirpal Sagar
Punjab Virsa (Performance; ancient and present culture in Punjab)

Tuesday, 6 December
Charity programme – Wedding ceremonies for couples from disadvantaged families

2 0 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
S u p p o r ti n g P r o g r a mm e I 2 1
Opening of the Medical Camp

Hon. S. Rajit Singh Brahmpura, Cabinet Minister Hon. S. Rajit Singh Brahmpura also opened the
of the Punjab, opened the free ‘Medical Camp’ (Med- Medical Highway Service. Waving a green flag, he
icaid) which continued until the month of January. gave the start for the first ambulance which will take
Additionally he inaugurated the new operating and up duty on a highly frequented part of the Amritsar-
intensive care tract of the hospital. Delhi highway.

During the Conference the team of the Kirpal Sagar

Hospital was supported by doctors and nurses of the Bottom and top right: Opening the free Medical Camp
K.H. Memorial Hospital, Nag Kalan, to meet the de- Top right: One of the patients room
mands of the expected crowds of patients. Bottom right: Start of the Medical Highway Service

2 2 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
S u p p o r ti n g P r o g r a mm e I 2 3
Interschool Shabad Competition
On 2 December, the Shabad Competition took place in Kirpal Sagar

The chief guest, Hon. Sarwan Singh, Chief Par-

liament Secretary, welcomed the audience on
behalf of the Government of Punjab. He ex-
pressed his esteem for Kirpal Sagar as a place
where all religions are respected.

At 10:00 a. m. the Interschool Shabad Compe-

tition started, in which groups from 17 schools
from the surrounding area participated.

The texts of these traditional songs are verses

and hymns from the Holy Scriptures, express-
ing love and devotion to God. The contest was
won by a girl group of Ludhiana.

Above: Hon. Sarwan Singh receiving a medal of honour from Mrs. Surinder Kaur
Below: Mrs Surinder Kaur awards the first prize to the winners

24 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
My dear children,

The children who sang these Shabads came from different schools of Punjab, includ-
ing the Kirpal Sagar Academy and the Kirpal Sagar Public School.

We all live under the grace of Sant Kirpal Singh Ji. In October 1973, He came to this
place. The decision to make Kirpal Sagar was taken during His last tour to Amritsar.
When Sant Kirpal Singh came here, He said to Bhaji, “If we do not get the place in
Amritsar, this land here is also good. One day you will require nine maunds (= 340
kg) of Dal for the Langar (common kitchen). Many, many people will come.”

The words spoken by a God man do not go to waste. Master also told, “Dr. Sahib,
make a common platform for the whole humanity so that everybody can come and
remember the Lord!” Bhaji did it practically. Today the Sangat has come from differ-
ent parts of India and my brothers and sisters from the West have also come to attend
the Conference. The same God Power is working in all of us. We are not in a position
to see this Power with our outer eyes, but this Power is every moment here.

The human soul remains all the time young. My dear children, your body is young.
One day we were also young; it is the body which gets old in course of time. The
words of the Lord which we have heard should be put into practice. By doing so, we all
can attain His grace which is overflowing. If we make mistakes but correct them, there
is no problem; the problem is solved there and then. Then we all can live in oneness.

Those who have come to attend the Conference are eagerly waiting for the 10 Decem-
ber. We all are speaking the same language of oneness, even if different languages
are spoken (my fellow brothers and sisters from the West use different languages to
express their views). I speak His words. The throat belongs to me, but I do not say any
word of my own.

I still remember Master’s words spoken in Amritsar in 1973. It was His decision to
build Kirpal Sagar, and we are putting His words into practice. His words are everlast-
ing. We are very thankful to Him for His grace. His words will never be in vain.

My dear children, I am happy that I have heard your voice, your devotion with which
you have sung. I request all of you to put the meaning of the Shabads into practice – then
you will see for yourself that His grace will come. Our job is to do the best, the rest lies
in His hand.

(Extract of the address by Mrs Surinder Kaur after the children have performed the Shabad Competition)

S u p p o r ti n g P r o g r a mm e I 2 5
National Volleyball Tournament
XII. Dr Harbhajan Singh Memorial Inter School Volleyball Tournament took
place from 3 – 5 December

The annual national

Volleyball Tournament for

boys was started in the

morning of 3 December

with a ceremony, in which

all students, teachers

and guests participated.

Dances, songs and gym-

nastics surrounded the

official programme.

18 Volleyball teams from

the North of India lined

up on the sports ground.

Hon. Padam Shri Pargat

Singh addressed them in a

short speech and declared

the games open.

Left: Hon. Padam Shri Pargat Singh,

Director Sports, Punjab honoured by
Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur
Right: Dancing and gymnastic programme

2 8 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
S u p p o r ti n g P r o g r a mm e I 2 9
Left: Semi final matches
Right: The team of Bhiwani the winner of the tournament

3 0 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
The second day of the tournament saw several thrill- awards to the teams, assisted by Mrs Biji Surinder
ing games. From 10:00 a. m. till evening, 18 teams Kaur and representatives of Unity of Man.
played in four groups on two fields. It was a hard
contest. The first rank in each of the four groups In both semi final matches the teams gave their ut-
qualified for the semi-finals of the next day. most. At last the finalists were found: SAI Mastuwa-
na, Punjab and Baba Mugipa Sr. Sec. School, Bhiwani,
On 5 December, the Dr Harbhajan Singh Memorial Haryana. The final match was again a hard fight over
Inter School National Volleyball Tournament for three sets with several exciting moments and artistic
Boys ended with the semi finals and the final match. actions. In the end the team of Bhiwani was the win-
Chief guest of the day was Hon. S. Gulzar Singh Ran- ner of the tournament.
ike, cabinet minister of Punjab, responsible for sports.
He addressed the audience and then handed out the

S u p p o r ti n g P r o g r a mm e I 3 1
Wedding Ceremonies
In India the marriage ceremony is important, but also very expensive. Consequently, Unity
of Man supports disadvantaged families by sponsoring the marriage for their daughters

In the morning of 6 December, twenty-eight bridal marriage ceremonies were celebrated according to
couples arrived in Kirpal Sagar. They came along the religious belief of the couples, in this case the
with their families from different villages and towns marriage rites of the Sikhs.
within a radius of 200 km around Kirpal Sagar. The

3 2 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
After the official marriage-ceremony all guests were for a new household: a fully equipped bedroom, fur-
served a typical Punjabi wedding meal catered by niture for a living-room, kitchen utensils as well as
the common kitchen of Kirpal Sagar. Then the newly clothes and watches, sponsored by Unity of Man.
married couples received basic equipments needed

S u p p o r ti n g P r o g r a mm e I 3 3
Culture Programme
From 1 - 10 December, the Conference was supported by a great variety of culture

Divine musicians with their bands performed re-

ligious songs from the Hindu-, Sikh-, and Sufi tra-
dition. Dramas with religious and historical back-
ground, traditional dances and other performances
rounded out the programme and gave a colourful
picture of India’s many-faceted culture.

Group of Quawali singers

3 4 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
India-wide known group named “Bakshi” Girls of the Kirpal Sagar Academy

Group of Quawali singers The party “Banwari Lal”

Famous Punjabi Sufi singer, “Hans Raj Hans” Scene of the religious drama

S u p p o r ti n g P r o g r a mm e I 3 5
Main Programme
Interreligious dialogue and celebrations of the 75th birthday of Dr Harbhajan Singh
and the Silver Jubilee of Kirpal Sagar, 7 - 10 December, 2007

Friday, 7 December
Complementary Conference Programme in Amritsar
11:00 a. m. – 13:00 p. m. Guru Nanak Auditorium

Saturday, 8 December
Reception in Nag Kalan near Amritsar
Procession to Kirpal Sagar
Welcome Function at Kirpal Sagar
Ras Leela – Scenes from the Life of Lord Krishna with Gopis

Sunday, 9. December
Conference Session I
Speeches of the delegates

Session II
Sufi songs – Hans Raj Hans

Monday, 10 December
Celebrations of the 75th Birthday of Dr Harbhajan Singh
and the Silver Jubilee of Kirpal Sagar
Conference Session III

15:00 p. m. Inauguration of the Symbols

Evening: Concluding Session of the Conference


3 6 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Complementary Function in Amritsar
Organized as a conference on a smaller scale, it took place at the well-known ‘Guru
Nanak Bhawan’, the main conference hall of the city

Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur, President of Unity of Man, India

spoke words of thanks for all the contributions:

The World Conference on Unity of Man we are cel- If we want to love God, we should love the whole
ebrating is the essence of Dr Harbhajan Singh’s life. creation. This great message of Unity of Man is the
highest, therein is no high or low. We are all one.
How is it possible to bring this unity and how can a
man know another man? He was just like a soldier When Sant Kirpal Singh lived and worked among us,
but very simple in each respect. See, how he worked He gave initiation to more than 200 000 people. How
with us and gave the message of peace to everybody. Dr Sahib Ji got so dear, so close to Master? He was the
It is not a matter of speaking, it is not a matter of one who fulfilled the wishes of the highest Power and
writing, it can not be shown in form of a picture, but conveyed His wish. He was the picture of the high-
it is a practical subject, it is the essence of our life est Power and thus came very close to Him. He was
– this is how we have to go forward. with Sant Kirpal Singh till His physical departure, till
His last breath. Bhaji was the power who brought up
It is not a new subject, it is also written in the Guru Master’s life, who opened our hearts to Master’s life.
Granth Sahib, it is the essence of what was told in He was one time asked, “Is it necessary to hang up
this conference hall, we should know it and learn your picture here?” He replied, “No, if you want to
to swim in His ocean. As Sant Kirpal Singh invited see my picture, look at my life. If you want to see me,
all the heads of the different religions at the Unity you should see the greatness of my Master.”
of Man Conference (in 1974) to come and sit on a
common platform, in the same way Dr Harbhajan Today I tell you his words, it is only my voice giving
Singh repeated the same message in Amritsar, in his message to all of you. This mission is to be lived
this hall, on this very stage. Before he brought the practically, everyone who is in this mission should put
message to Kirpal Sagar, before he came to Nawan it into practice. Step by step we developed up to this
Shahar, Rahon, he gave the same light in this very point that we now are sitting here on the stage and
hall. He showed us the way, he gave the light. Only an give His message. This power gives instructions all the
awakened Satguru, an awakened soul can plant a tree times so that we are able to work; He is our guide.
of light, and with this tree the Mahapurushas give us
light of different colours. Only that one is a true lover All brothers and sisters should work together to bring
who knows the worth of such a tree. the message of peace and love. If we go on with love
and peace, He surely will show us the way. After the
In this congregation Dr Harbhajan Singh advised conference, after 10 December, we will have a meet-
everybody to step forward. He often was asked ing to discuss how to proceed and work further, how
about, what was his highest wish. His only purpose we have to get His further grace to work. If we work
was that the message of unity should flourish all over in unity and live in unity - and we have just heard
the world. He who develops himself is his true friend. His message of unity – if we accept it, problems will
The Almighty Power has created the whole creation. not arise. Sitting on the stage I got many new ideas. I

3 8 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Representatives of different religions emphasized the common core of their believes at the Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar

could see today that there are many people who are bound to one place. Who is God, how can we recog-
ready to help others in both ways: They do not only nize Him? Where is God? Where a lover lives. To the
give something, but always have the remembrance of tree where a lover is sitting, automatically all other
God and love God, such people can do good for oth- lovers come.
ers. If we step forward, He will surely tell us the way.
It is not only the work of one, but of all. We have to do each and everything in a very peaceful
manner. We have to remember the Lord and have de-
Today there are also some brothers and sisters from votion for Him. If we get the light of the tree of devo-
the West here, and some more will come to Kirpal tion from the Lord and pass it on everywhere, peace
Sagar, high-spirited and full of love for God. They will prevail all over the world. If we attain peace in
are already in Delhi and will reach Kirpal Sagar this ourselves, we can give peace to others. If we do not
evening. have peace in ourselves, we can not give peace to oth-
One time in America, Master was asked: “Why all
Saints came and lived in India?” Regarding this Mas- These are the words of my Hazur, which I have put
ter gave one message: “Where the flag of unity is al- before all of you. I gave you this message to show you
ready raised up, there such souls come and continue who was my Master. Shabad is my Guru, the stream of
the work.” At such places no one remains hungry or Shabad can never end, this Power is always with us.
without shelter or clothes, and everybody gets love.
The power works everywhere in the world, it is not I am thankful to all who showed us the way of unity

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 3 9
Nag Kalan
On 8 December, the attention focused on the procession
to Kirpal Sagar

The day began with a visit in the village of Nag Kalan, where Dr
Harbhajan Singh and his wife Biji Surinder Kaur lived before they
moved to Kirpal Sagar. Nag Kalan is located in a distance of about
10 kilometres from Amritsar.

Here Sant Kirpal Singh laid the foundation stone of Dr Harbhajan

Singh’s hospital in 1973, stating that it was the foundation-stone of
the future Manav Kendra (‘man-centre’, means Kirpal Sagar).

4 0 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 4 1
Top left: Entrance to the hospital
Centre Left: Partial view of the hospital
Bottom left : Courtyard of house of Dr Harbhajan Singh
Right: Procession to the house of Dr Harbhajan Singh and Mrs
Biji Surinder Kaur

4 2 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Above and below: Welcome reception
in the house of Dr Harbhajan Singh
Right: Donating the public stage

4 4 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
A warm welcome was given to all participants
in the house of Dr Harbhajan Singh and Mrs Biji
Surinder Kaur.

At a nearby public stage donated by Unity of

Man to the people of the village, several speak-
ers shared their remembrances of Dr Harbhajan
Singh’s work as a doctor. In touching words they
reminded of several hopeless cases he had saved.
All expressed their deep respect and support for
the aims Dr Harbhajan Singh stood for.

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 4 5
Dear Sangat, There are so many Sants, so many gurus, but Dr Har-
bhajan Singh was an awakened one. His motto was
Before going through the World Conference on ‘live and let others live’. He was a shining example in
Unity of Man, we have first come to this place. From his village. He was the support of the suffering men.
here the awakened soul (Bhaji) worked and sowed
the seed of the tree under which we are all sitting Whatever I tell you about him, not I alone do tell, the
(Kirpal Sagar). From this shady tree different kinds loveable people from the West will also speak about
of lights are shining. It was the heart’s desire of our his greatness, and we will see how many will come to
beloved friend. We sit under the shade of this tree attend this Conference. Bhaji lived in this village and
and we owe him our thanks. practised in a small room in his own house, and he
used to go from village to village to attend the patients.
Dr Harbhajan Singh was a man, a true human being.
Only man can be the teacher of man. The Word is Who has planted the tree of spirituality? Sant Kirpal
the Master. This Power has given us power since ever. Singh. Once Master was sitting in Dehra Dun among

4 6 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
a team of doctors and said, “My God’s doctor is also life, we should also look at the life of his parents.
sitting here.” Then Master asked these doctors how When problems occurred, according to the up and
they practised in their surgeries, and everyone ex- downs in life, Bhaji was never worried. Everything
plained in which way he used to work. At last Master he did, he did with happiness, even when there were
asked Bhaji, and he answered in simple words, very difficulties.
sweet words full of love: “My way of doing it is very
simple. I have three types of rates. For example, if Today his grace is showering down. People may call
some poor patient is coming for treatment, I don’t themselves ‘Guru’, but the love Bhaji radiated was
charge anything and besides, I give him food, clothes extraordinary. He came to give and not to get some-
and milk. If some normal patient is coming, I charge thing for himself. I have seen myself, how Bhaji began
ordinary rates. If a rich man is coming, I take my with this school. He was the president of the school,
maximum rate. I need not tell you how I am working and I know how hard he had to work that it could
in the hospital, you are seeing it, there is no need for run. After his younger sister married, the former
explanation. I am not the doer, the doer is the Power, chief minister of Punjab came to Nag Kalan, and it
I am just following His words.” was Bhaji’s wish unto him that this school should be
a governmental school, and it was done at once.
Throughout his life Bhaji maintained one thing:
Whatever income he used to get, he used to spend Today we continue the work Bhaji started. Until now
for the upliftment of others, and a little part only he we did not have a procession from here to Kirpal Sa-
used to spend for himself and the family-life. gar and it was the wish of the Sangat that the proces-
sion should start from here. Those living near par-
Bhaji held the opinion, “If my neighbour is hungry, I ticipated in the programme here, others will join the
should first give food to him and then take it myself.” procession to Kirpal Sagar.
Such a life he led.
It was Dr Sahib’s motto to give and not to take, the
In the school where we just now had the programme, same motto I have retained.
Master had been physically there, and all the inhab-
itants of Nag Kalan were assembled there. Pardesi Ji During his practice time Bhaji used to be called
was also there, and full of intoxication he told very ‘God’s doctor for the suffering’. Even when a patient
loudly, “O inhabitants of Nag Kalan, search the dia- came at midnight and called Bhaji’s name, he came at
mond!” At that time it was like this that in the pandal once and cared for him, even when one patient came
(the tent where Sant Kirpal Singh spoke in the Sat- while he was eating, he first cared for the patient and
sang) many souls rose above the body-consciousness, then finished his food.
such a grace He gave.
I can give you thousands of examples from his life.
Why was Bhaji so renowned? Because of his humil-
ity and love. He took his parents as an example, they
were very loveable with each other. Since the moment Extract of the speech after the inauguration
I entered their house I had never heard bad words.

When Bhaji’s mother went back (passed away), Bhaji

peacefully integrated his father entirely into the fam-
ily just like a hen is protecting her chickens under-
neath. As long as Bhaji’s father worked in this village,
there was peace and contentment prevailing every-
where, it was a spring of happiness. Whatever he did
in his life he did with love. Before we look at Bhaji’s

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 4 7
Arrival at Kirpal Sagar

4 8 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
The procession to Kirpal Sagar was formed up with
numerous coaches, cars and motorcycles.

Shortly before the arrival, all got off the cars and
the procession formed an impressive parade where
people from all participating nations, colours and
creeds marched happily together and made every-
body feel the spirit of unity.

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 4 9
5 0 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
In the huge conference tent the Inau-
gural Session took place. An impres-
sive presentation with a manifold
programme was held.
The Students of the Kirpal Sagar
Academy opened up the World
Conference on Unity of Man with a
delightful welcome song.

Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur welcomed all

participants, and with with a theatri-
cal performance with scences from
the life of Lord Krishna the first day
of the World Conference went out.

Left and right: Impressions of the first day of the World Conference

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 5 1
5 2 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur, President of Unity of Man, In- When Sant Kirpal Singh came into this world, He
dia, gave a warm welcome speech: came with the blessing of the God Power. Many Swa-
mis and members have come, most of them are new,
Today we sit with all the Rishis travelling the path and it is our duty to tell them why it was His mission
that was set for us by our Masters. This is the shining to build this Kirpal Sagar. At that time Master said,
of the Amrit (inner water, grace) which is very diffi- “Dr Sahib, make this one common stage where peo-
cult to explain in words. Who has brought us to this ple of all faiths can come and be able to sit together.”
stage at present, while He (God Power) sits beyond And today we are all here on that occasion to fulfil
the reach of these physical eyes? There are no words His mission.
that can explain His true being. We are travelling on
His path destined for our birth and work in this life. We have travelled a long day from Nag Kalan and
these members have done all they could for the mis-
When this Power leads, it leads by a line for all to sion, and we can only say how hard they have worked
follow. It is in this time that you have to be there to for it. And by His greatness He is capable of giving
fulfil His duties. This is not our greatness, but we are His spiritual treasures to them.
only travelling in His will. He has given us the power
in the physical form, but the time of birth and death As we were travelling, I saw in the cars and buses that
is still in His hands. This key He has not given to all had such great love for Master and Kirpal Sagar
anyone else. that there was no thought of tiredness amongst them,
and with that great love I watched them all coming
When Bhaji was blessed by Master with this Parshad here. And of whom those have got power and bless-
(Kirpal Sagar) as his duty, it was his question, “Hazur, ing who have worked to build this God-house, with
it is all your work, ours is only our name.” When Mas- His strength and His love we have all reached here.
ter then came physically there (to the farm which is Master always said, “We are all one.”
now a part of Kirpal Sagar), He gave His blessing and
said that one day there would be a time of blessing of And with this I finish by saying that you have all been
Amrit at this place. As a king always wishes, the true here sitting in the cold with good, steady minds and I
God Power, the King of kings, also wants that one day can say to you that He is here, watching all of you, as
His son, becomes a king too. Today to that God Power He is the King of kings, He can give you everything.
I can only pray that one prayer, “Such sewa (selfless
service) each country and member has given from all
over the world, all this is Your doing, we are only the
ones who give You voice.” (Extract)

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 5 3
9 December
On 9 December, in the morning, the first session of the conference started. It was a marvellous
sight to watch Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Jews and Muslims sitting side by side on the stage.

Delegates from all five continents shared their views and human rights activists. Their speeches related to
on the major problems of mankind and explained world peace and universal brotherhood, and many
their approaches to meet these challenges. took up Sant Kirpal Singh’s motto: Be good – Do
good – Be one.
The conference panel consisted of various renowned
religious representatives, spiritual leaders, scientists

5 6 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Session I
Jain Muni Munishree Lokeshji, President Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti; India
Goswami Sushil Ji, Founder-President Maharishi Bhrigu Foundation; India
Dr Ann Elisabeth Auhagen, FU University of Berlin; Germany
Maulana Umair Ahmed Ilyasi, General Secretary of the All India Organisation of Mosques; India
Mrs Rajyogini Prema Behen Ji, Brahmkumari; India
Dr Ezekiel Malekar, Judah Hayam Synagogue, Delhi, Head of the Yahoodi Community, Registrar of the
National Human Rights Commission of India
Father Bernard, Order of Saint Benedict, Inter-Monastic Dialogue, Asirvanam Monastery, Bangalore; India
Mr Karamjit Singh, Chairman Unity of Man; India

Message of peace
Jain Muni Munishree Lokeshji, President Ahimsa
Vishwa Bharti; India

Dear brothers and sisters,

First of all, I congratulate Biji Surinder Kaur and

others for organizing this 10-day World Conference
on Unity of Man’ Punjab, the land of saints and sages
has fragrance of love in its soil. The sweet melodies
of world peace and unity of man keep ringing here
from time immemorial.
non-violence does not only mean to avoid physical vio-
The missionary zeal with which this celestial land of lence. Rather it has deeper connotations. It means, “Not
Kirpal Sagar is imbued with, has the echo of bring- to hurt morally, spiritually, or emotionally even.”
ing all humanity, irrespective of caste, colour, creed,
religion and country, on one common platform and Jainism believes that even if we have evil thoughts
making them realize their true selves – their inner in our minds and dark emotions of brutality and ha-
spiritual selves. This will be our talk for the next 10 tred in our hearts, it means that even if we have gone
days. and this what we have gathered for over here. astray, we are able to tread on the path of non-vio-
I thank Sushil Ji Maharaj, Braham Kumari Baal yo-
gini Behan Prem Lata Ji, Mulana Umar Oliya Eliasi I feel myself overjoyed to come to Kirpal Sagar, the
and Father Barnard from the core of my heart for be- missionary abode of world peace and non-violence
ing a part of this noble cause and assure them that and on behalf of the whole Jain community, I assure
together we shall definitely take this flag of world our full support to become the ‘Birds of same feather
peace and Unity of Man quite high. Jainism believes (feathers of world peace) to flock together’ to turn
ardently in the ‘Policy of non-violence’. It follows the this cherished dream of unity of man into a living
policy of non–violence not only in words but also in and breathing reality.
actions and true spirit. According to our Jainistic belief,

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 5 7
5 8 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
The practical life in the
real sense of Unity of
Man is removing with
God’s help all hindrances
of religious and national
conflicts and at the same
time bringing about
understanding between
all men and in the end:
the peace of the world.
Dr Harbhajan Singh

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 5 9
We are one
Goswami Sushil Ji Maharaj, Founder-President
Maharishi Bhrigu Foundation; India

Dear brothers and sisters,

First of all, I Sushil Ji Maharaj, welcome all religious

leaders with open arms to this world conference on
Unit of Man which is jointly and proudly being or-
ganized by ‘Unity of Man’ and Kirpal Sagar at the pi-
ous land of Punjab.
are not calm, how can we inspire others to remain
Religious and spiritual orators from far and wide calm? Next maxim is ‘love’; in the real sense of the
have voiced their views on the inner unity of man word we can make a beautiful rosary of Unity of Man
and soul before us. And on the behalf of every body with the pious thread of love. Right now we all are
present over here at the top of my voice, I say ‘We are scattered pearls and are of no use. But once we bind
one’ ‘We are united’ and ‘Unity of Man is our mis- ourselves in the rosary of peace, love, fraternity and
sion. And it is my ardent belief that together we shall unity we can usher in a new era in the history of
definitely be able to make the cherished dreams of mankind and give the message of cardinal unity of
universal peace and unity of man, envisaged by Sant mankind to one and all.
Kirpal Singh Ji Maharaj and Dr Harbhajan Singh Ji,
come true and take their ideals on world map. So let us have a gentleman’s agreement that we shall
keep marching on the roads of peace and harmony
I appeal to all my brothers and sisters to lend their and devote ourselves whole-heartedly to make over-
whole-hearted support to this noblest mission of tures for ‘Unity of Man’ single-mindedly.
Universal Peace and harmony to make it a real suc-
cess. And peace begins from mind, and if our minds

Islam and peace been done by the Taliban a few days back with the
idols of Lord Buddha has created a wave of hatred
Maulana Umair Ahmed Ilyasi, General Secretary of
the All India Organisation of Mosques; India

Dear brothers and sisters,

May the Almighty God give peace to all. Islam is a

peace-loving religion. But today the very picture of
Islam is being presented in its most distorted form. It
is wrong. The sole message of Islam is peace, peace
and only peace – peace for all living and breathing
creatures. A few days back, I got the opportunity to
meet the ‘Dalai Lama’ who told me that whatever has

6 0 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
among Buddhists for Islam in general. I told him in no way, Muslims, they are ‘Kaffirs’ (non-believer
quite candidly and with humility that Islam talks only and non-religious). A true Mohammedan never be-
of ‘Grace of Allah’. It does not support the ignobility lieves in hatred and violence. Rather his mission is
acts of razing the idols to ground and condemns this always love, peace and fraternity. He is a staunch
ignobleness act at the top of its voice. The chief mes- believer, and ardent follower of non-violence in true
sage of Islam is to spread peace and harmony and not spirit, words, and deeds.
at all to spread hatred and violence.
In the end, I pray to Allah to show us the right path
I appeal to all with folded hands not to misinterpret and guide us through the darkness of hatred and vio-
the godly teachings of Allah and Islam. Our mission lence.
is world peace, our mission is unity of man, our mis-
sion is love and non-violence. And those who believe
in violence, those who believe in hatred and those
who believe in infamous acts of breaking idols, are,

Positive Communication ciple of Positive Communication? Positive Com-

munication is communicating whilst being guided
Speech by Dr Ann Elisabeth Auhagen, PD FU Berlin by charity and selflessness. Communicating in this
manner implies thinking, feeling, talking, and acting.
Again: Positive Communication is to think, to feel,
Dear friends, to talk, and to act whilst being guided by charity and
If you want, please think of a person that you do not
like so much. For example, this person may have in- Charity in Positive Communication is understood
sulted you or may have treated you unjustly. Or she as being a positive emotion towards everyone. At a
or he may just be not very congenial in your view. minimum, we should be aware of the dignity and
Now please imagine that person vividly in your value of everyone. There is no exception: everybody
mind. What are the feelings that accompany your
thoughts about this person? Now, if you want, let us
make a change. Please try to find out what is good
about this person. Certainly there is something good
in that person. Can you find out what it is? Now look
at yourself. What are your feelings now? Do you per-
ceive any difference?

Dear friends, thank you very much for having done

this little exercise. The idea behind it was to demon-
strate that we are able to change thoughts and feel-
ings about others from negative to positive. In ad-
dition, this was already a demonstration of Positive
Communication. Positive Communication is a new
approach to communication which I, Ann Elisabeth
Auhagen from Germany, was inspired to develop. It
combines spiritual thinking with knowledge from
communication psychology. What is the basic prin-

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 6 1
is included here. Remember what we have done angry at someone, not forgiving to someone, send-
some minutes ago: we tried to change our thinking ing someone bad wishes or thoughts, physical or
and feeling towards a person we have thought quite psychological power are examples. In consequence,
negatively about in the past. Of course, there can be in Positive Communication one thinks positively of
different levels of charity, and Positive Communica- people. Here one tries to make an end to any quarrel,
tion offers us some opportunity to develop higher and pray for people you think you dislike. In conse-
levels of it. Selflessness in Positive Communication is quence, you are moving towards a dissolving of the
understood as thinking, feeling, talking, and acting bindings.
without expecting something in return or gratitude.
Not: I do you a favour, and you do me a favour in Another spiritual aim of Positive Communication
return. Rather: For my Positive Communication I do is to increase love and joy. I am convinced that one
not expect anything, but if something good happens, task we are given by God is to enlarge love and joy
I will enjoy it. on this planet. As I understand it, God wants us all
to experience love and joy instead of harm and grief.
What are basic ideas of Positive Communication? And if we increase love and joy for others, we our-
One basic idea is that good lies in everyone. The selves certainly will experience more of it. This can
good is in us because everyone was given a divine be explained by the spiritual law of sowing and reap-
sparkle by God. This divine sparkle is inalienable ing: what we sow, we will reap. Just imagine what the
and unchangeable. We are offered to rediscover it, world would be like, if everyone would choose on a
which implies rediscovering the good as a central daily basis to increase love and joy for others!
point in our lives. Another basic idea is that we have
a free will. This is also a gift from God. At least, two How can Positive Communication be applied on the
consequences follow from the free will: we should re- everyday level? Positive Communication is the vol-
spect the free will of others, and we are responsible untarily applied principle to communicate whilst be-
for ourselves. ing guided by charity and selflessness. It is possible
in any situation, and there is no narrow scheme for
A third basic idea of Positive Communication is that its application.
we have the possibility of reconsidering our every-
day lives. Often we have a lot of routine in our every- Let me give you some examples of Positive Commu-
day lives. But is all of that really helpful to us and to nication ideas. Begin yourself with being and doing
others? Positive Communication suggests thinking good: this means that you do not have to wait for
and acting independently. For example, if someone others to do good. For example, often people say: if
is unfriendly to them, many people also react in an the other person apologizes, then I will forgive him
unfriendly manner. In contrast, Positive Communi- or her. Do not think like this. Forgive – independent
cation suggests reacting kindly in such a case. Thus, of any circumstances. Begin yourself with being and
if we find out about something in our communica- doing good.
tion that does not serve ourselves or others in a good
way, we have the possibility of rearranging it more Be generous! Generosity can concern material or im-
adequately. material aspects. When in doubt, decide to be gener-
ous: instead of giving less, give more. Be generous.
What are basic spiritual aims of Positive Communica-
tion? One spiritual aim is to dissolve bindings. From Pray spontaneously for others! For example, if I per-
a spiritual perspective, bindings can be imagined as ceive that a stranger has problems with his body or
being chains with which we chain ourselves up with his mind, I realize that life may be sometimes quite
others. They hinder us from being free. Bindings in difficult for him or her. Thus this person needs my
this spiritual sense emerge through negative think- spiritual help in particular. In these cases I pray and
ing, feeling, talking, and acting. Quarrel, hate, being bless spontaneously with the help of a short mental

6 2 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
prayer. It happened to me in my home country, out- for you to communicate with others. Also, Positive
side in the street: a man with a hateful facial expres- Communication helps to avoid conflict and harm.
sion threw a lighter at my arm. I smiled as kindly as There is nothing to fear: most people react much
I could at the man and prayed for him and blessed more positive than we think. You will also get along
him in a heartfelt manner. Of course, I also pray and better with yourself. As Positive Communication
bless spontaneously in positive situations and for brings love and joy to other people, they will be hap-
people I know. pier when being with you. The glance in their eyes
will reflect on you. And you will feel more love your-
Increase harmony! At least in the Western world self.
people sometimes feel stressed and in a bad humour.
Do not let yourself be influenced by negative feelings In summary, my message is: first, we all are good.
or negative moods. Rather, send out good humour Second, we all are invited simply to perform the
and thus increase harmony. Make someone happy. good in our everyday life by communicating whilst
During the day you can ask yourself: What would being guided by charity and selflessness. Third, if we
make my neighbour happy? If you find out some- perform Positive Communication in our everyday
thing which seems to be spiritually acceptable, just lives, the lives of others as well as ours will change to
realize it. more joy and to more love.

There are numerous possibilities for Positive Com- Dear friends, let us translate Positive Communica-
munication. Be creative yourself! Give your best, but tion once more into reality. Please imagine again your
never feel coerced to do good. To perform Positive person from the beginning, the person you maybe
Communication is a voluntary decision. Just do what did not like too much. Please create for this person
your feelings of love and selflessness tell you to do. I in yourself the warmest of emotions that you can feel.
often pray that I am aided in doing the right thing. Can you imagine that you and the other person are
both united in God and are loved equally by God?
What are basic results of Positive Communication Now, if you want, say a prayer for this person.
that you can directly perceive in your everyday life?
You will get along better with others! It will be easier Thank you all for being here!

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 6 3
The world is one family
Dr Ezekiel Malekar, Judah Hayam Synagogue, Delhi,
Head of the Yahoodi Community, Registrar of the
National Human Rights Commission of India

Respected religious leaders, brothers and sisters

Quoting Psalm 133: It means, how pleasant and

beautiful it is to see our brothers and sisters dwelling
in unity! To my friends who have come from other
countries I would like to tell that Jews have been through love and non-violence could be written for-
living in India for the last 2000 years without Anti- ever, and whatever is obtained by hatred or violence
Semitism and persecution, and therefore we always cannot be written forever. It is said in the Vedas that
considered India as our motherland. India is a mul- there are three runas which you have to clear: First is
ti-religious country and you will find that there are your obligation to God, that is deva runa, second is
representatives from 10 different religions, but they your obligation to rishi runa, your obligation to Mas-
are co-existing without coming into conflict with ter, and third is pitru runa, your obligation towards
each other. They live in harmony. Our India – as it your parents, but above all it is said that you should
is said ‘Vasudeva Kudumbukam’, (means ‘The world fulfill one more obligation, that is your obligation
is one family’) – is a global village. We always be- towards humanity (manushya runa). If you did not
lieve in the principles of unity in diversity, and we fulfill the deva runa, rishi runa and pitru runa, (but
welcome guests by saying ‘Atithi devo Bhava’, means, fulfilled your obligation towards humanity only) au-
‘Welcoming you all, we welcome God’. tomatically you would get God’s blessings.

What is religion? Hinduism is 5000 or 6000 years If you look at the 10 commandments, the first five
old, Judaism is 5600 years old, other religions like commandments are your obligations towards God,
Jainism, Sikhism, Islam are less than 6000 or 7000 and the next five commandments are your obliga-
years old. Now, can anyone tell me, was there any tions towards your family. What is the fifth com-
religion earlier than 7000 or 8000 years ago? God mandment? ‘Thou shall honour thy parents!’ If you
created man and man created religion. There was no honour your parents, (and) you will not go to any
religion earlier than 6000 or 7000 years ago. What is place of worship, God will automatically shower upon
religion? Religion is like a rainbow. A rainbow has 7 you His blessings. But nowadays, are we looking after
colours, but where it is merged, you get one colour, our elders? As soon as a son is getting married, you
that is white. Look at the cows of different colours, know, the fathers, the parents are on the street. What
they are black, white, brown, but you get milk of one is the condition of the elderly persons? Who is there?
colour, that is of white colour. So the same is true There is no joint family – not in India and also not
for religion. It is said in the Rigveda (quotation in abroad. So my main concern is about the elderly per-
Hindi), ‘Truth is one, we may call it by many names’. sons in the family. There will not be unity unless and
It is said in Srimad Bhagvadam (of Lord Krishna), until you take care of your parents. You do not need
‘Like a honeybee extracting honey from various flow- to go to a Mosque or a Mandir (temple) to pray to
ers, wise men read holy scriptures of all religions and the Almighty, but you should take care of your par-
take the essence of goodness not only of one particu- ents, (and) you will fulfill all the obligations. Nowa-
lar religion’. This is the essence of religion. What did days prayer has become a fashion. Someone goes to
Mahatma Gandhi say? ‘Truth is my religion and I the cinema or to the Mosque or the Mandir (temple)
will obtain it by non-violence.’ Whatever is obtained – it has become a fashion. Prayer has to be said from

6 4 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
the core of the heart. There is a beautiful couplet in gift of Vipassana. If you follow these principles, you
Hindi (quotation in Hindi): “What you utter from will be very hale and healthy. You cannot have peace
your mouth is a song – what you say from the throat unless and until you have tolerance. Ego, I - if you
is like a devotional song.’ Prayer is like a ladder, God use the word ‘ism’, Judaism – an ‘ism’ - , Sikhism
is invisible, but through prayer you can make God – an ‘ism’ – if you do not remove the ‘ism’ and do not
visible. And there is no difference between Ram and remove the ego, there will not be unity. We have to
Rahim. So this is the essence of all the religions. follow the art of tolerance. You might have seen the
snake, it has no feet, but it climbs a tree. You must
In Judaism it is said, ‘Love thy neighbour as thyself.’ have seen the tree – if you throw stones on the tree,
Somebody asked Rabbi Hillel, “What is the essence you will get the fruits in return. Similarly you must
of the Torah? Just tell me one sentence!” And Rabbi be humble in all your activities.
Hillel said, “What is hateful and what is hurtful to
you, do not do to others!” If you follow this prin- At the end I would like to say, “O God, you have taught
ciple, there will be unity and peace. We are talking us how to fly in the air like birds, how to swim in the
about peace. What is peace? Peace is a very unique, ocean like a fish. But o God, kindly teach us how to
dynamic concept. Peace is not falling (on us), peace walk on this earth in brotherhood, in dignity.”
is to be built. Some persons build peace in the heart,
other persons destroy it. It is said in the Bible and When I came here to Kirpal Sagar, I felt the vibra-
the Koran, “Blessed are those who are peacemakers. tion of spirituality, and when I will go back, I would
Because they will be called the sons of God.” like to tell to all on behalf of my friends here: “Kir-
pal Ashram (Kirpal Sagar) – we cannot forget this
But there is no peace within ourselves. We are all Ashram! And now I would like to express my feelings
mentally disturbed. We do not only want physi- in Hindi”, (speaking about Kirpal Sagar in Hindi).
cal fitness, we want mental tranquillity, tranquillity
of mind. And that gift India has given to the entire Salam!
world. Which are those gifts? That is Yoga, Asanas,
and Pranayama to keep the body physically fit. And
in order to have mental fitness, India has given the

Universal brotherhood, soul and peace

Mrs Rajyogini Prema Behen Ji, Brahmkumari; India

Oh you all, Godly people.

First of all, I congratulate one and all for coming and
becoming a part of this divine and ethereal world
conference on ‘Unity of Man’ organized at the ocean
of grace, Kirpal Sagar. It gives me immense pleasure
to come over here and be a part of this noble cause.
I consider myself fortunate enough to feel the joy of
realizing the dream of world peace and unity of man,
envisaged by Biji and other good samaritans of Unity abode is one but many ways lead to it so everybody
of Man and play my role in its visualization. God tries to worship Him, to love Him and realize Him
is one but His followers, His lovers are many. His in his own way. To be one with Him and to reach at

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 6 5
His doorsteps, we all are duly – bound to realize His within me and I can feel His presence in everyone
unique being in all and feel His gracious presence in and in everything. I can hear His sweet melodies of
all living and breathing creatures. love and peace, they keep ringing in my ears….. It is
a sacred land and truly an ocean of grace. I salute it
An awakened soul can make millions and billions with folded hands.
of souls rise from deep slumber of ignorance and
fanaticism and make them realize that God is one But alas! Man in his ignorance is trying to spoil the
and His divine light can ignite a spark of divinity and divine plans of the omniscient and omnipresent God
spirituality among all. His divine power can remove and is acting against the natural laws. Come what may,
the darkness of hatred and violence from all corners it should be our sole mission and cherished endeavour
of the world. to follow the righteous path shown by our Master.

As light is there to remove darkness, so is the mis- We are in dire need to learn from our blunders. We
sion of noble souls: To remove spiritual darkness and need to rise above common place and quench our
ignite the divine spark of love, harmony, fellowship spiritual thirst. We should feel Him within us and in
and fraternity in one and all. Such a lighthouse of every breathing and living soul. We should never for-
‘angelic virtues’ will definitely spread the divine light get Him in everyday hue and cry and feel His pres-
every where he goes. I salute this mission of love, ence in everything we do. We should dedicate all our
peace and unity and congratulate all missionaries. I deeds to Him and most important we should surren-
am happy to share with all that I can feel His divine der ourselves to Him wholeheartedly and without
fragrance within me. I can feel his celestial spark raising any ifs or buts.

66 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
It is the only worth-while thing to do. It is the only ship with fellow members. One should live and let
worth doing deed, to feel His presence everywhere live; grow and let grow in the bond and power of love.
and in everything and to share His divine cognisance Love is the energy of relationship. Man experiences
with His progeny. Being His progeny, we need to and expresses this wonder of love in his peace expe-
work in perfect peace and harmony. rience towards God and towards all fellow members.

In seeking, having and promoting peace in his en-

gagements and relationship, man is united in mind
Unity of man for communal peace (right thinking), heart (communal love) and hands
(collaboration for the good of the universal family)
Father Bernard, Order of Saint Benedict, Inter-Mo- with other companions. The unity of man shines out
nastic Dialogue, Asirvanam Monastery, Bangalore; when peace of soul thrives in each man.
SOLIDARITY: Fraternal love should spread and be-
come a human solidarity capable to develop a fra-
ternal society towards a culture of peace. Knowledge
Glory belongs to God, love and peace necessary for all about this truth Is insufficient unless internal and
men and women of goodwill. All human beings have a spiritual power dominates and leads on. Fraternal
unified goal to seek and possess through love and obe- love should triumph to raise healthy relationship
dience leading to the Supreme Good, namely God, in strong enough to banish every form and recourse to
faith and reason. To this common need and goal we all violence. Violence produces only chain of violence
journey together in loving solidarity, preferring each and hatred which are detrimental to human solidar-
one’s freedom for rights and obligations by keeping the ity and peace. Religion never motivates violence;
universal moral order in justice and discretion. Any never it should be a cause for violence. On the con-
violation of this socially binding order and structure trary „religions teach and promote universal peace
should be restored and healed by forgiveness and rec- and reconciliation“ (Pope Benedict at Naples).
onciliation to witness to the unity of man.
In any community individuals differ enormously in
MUTUAL LOVE: We are the fruit of God’s creative talents, power, wealth, skills and knowledge. These
love which makes us children of God and image of differences and the availabilities of talents should lend
God. A human being (person) loves and is loved. He mutual assistance to the less gifted members to im-
is a seed of love and the power of love. When God prove the common good of all in a spirit of solidarity.
offered Himself as our Father, He also bestowed on
us our true dignity of being the children of God. Our The various media of communication should abide
supreme vocation is to be filial to our one divine by the norms of truth in the service of information.
Father; our noblest responsibility is to be brotherly/ Universal common good requites friendly relations
sisterly to all children of God and Father. By nature to be fostered and sustained with care and discre-
man is a ‘relationship’; related and relating himself tion.
to all other human members. Thus man is primarily
a social and sociable person endowed with filial and The United Nations Organization (UNO) was estab-
brotherly relationship. We all are united to live in lished on 26-1-1945. Its Universal Declaration on Hu-
one communal love. Our supreme charism is sealed man Rights (approved on 10-12-1948) manifests the
with the image of God, a Father Who is love. unity of men in clearer light.

Man is born into a membership of his unique and Peace of God seeks seekers of peace; men of peace
universal family. Hence the basic nature of man is need God of peace; Then peace of God can thrive in
to live, work and collaborate in communal relation- the seeker of peace.

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 67
Unity and peace of the society, resulting from the
common good, can be achieved when the legal struc-
ture works in conformity with the moral order. Lead-
ership and authority should respect, protect and pro-
mote each members’ rights and duties including the
same of the governing authority. This means, leaders
and members are reciprocally subjects of rights and

FREEDOM OF CONSCIENCE: Peace thrusts its

roots in the freedom of consciences open to trans-
parent truth. Respect for the dictates of consciences
of all citizens is basic for peace in any sphere of hu-
man life. Freedom of conscience should become the
The law of life demands to proceed gradually in the basic right of every man for choice, decision and ful-
difficult issue of peace in humanity which all desire filment.
and need. Towards this communal peace an evolu-
tion of harmony and concord should be achieved Every person; in spite of frailty, weakness and limi-
through proper construction against destruction, tations, has the right and duty to seek and pursue
pacification against passions and reconciliation truth and reject error; to accept good and reject evil.
against hatred. Conscience is the most secret core sanctuary of man
commanding him to obey the divine law. Properly
JUSTICE: Every citizen is an active member of the and well trained conscience responds to the most in-
social order of justice as its subject, foundation and timate law of God summoning him to obey the right
end/goal. Thus all men and women are equal in their and shun the error/evil (Vat. II G.S.16; Rom. 2, 15).
natural dignity. Every community (in differing pro-
portion) must have a governing authority and obey- By nature conscience is related to objective truth
ing community ultimately both subject to God, the which is universal and same for all. The freedom of
Supreme law. consolence is justifiable on account of this relation of
conscience to objective truth. This in turn requires
Every individual member has freedom, obligations that each individual’s conscience be respected. “Truth
and rights to be also the basis of the community/so- imposes itself solely by the force of its own truth“
ciety which in turn is invested with authority rest- (Pope Jn. Paul II). Truth enlightens conscience; Right
ing chiefly on moral order. This structure is bound educates conscience; Faith animates conscience.
to respect individuals’ conscience in order to safe-
guard and promote the common good. The authority God alone is the absolute truth. Therefore search for
appeals to every individual to collaborate earnestly truth and search for God go together. There; is in-
for the common good. The individuals on their part timate relationship between freedom of conscience
are obliged to contribute by bringing own interests and freedom of religion (religious freedom). Such
into harmony with the needs and good of the com- freedom is always open to tolerance and reconcilia-
munity/society. The right to live and the obligation tion. Freedom of conscience is an active love ensur-
to serve the common good is of great importance to ing such freedom and peace for all. Religious free-
manifest the unity of men which is achieved through dom is the most fundamental human right because
the generous contribution of every member of the the dignity of every person has its primary source in
society. At the same time the common good is to be his relationship with God as Father.
impartially shared by its members within justice and
equity. Conscience needs upright education. “Conscience on

68 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
its own is not the (final) arbiter of the moral worth of One’s fraternal relationship should generate love for
the actions which it inspires. It must take account of peace because when love serves and cares, peace fol-
the objective norms, and if necessary, reform and rec- lows. Such peace of heart needs a communal attitude
tify itself “ (Pope Paul VI, E.T.28). Right social moral among all peoples which in turn becomes the peace
order aimed at the common good can well provide of heart. All human beings have a natural call to love
one of the surest bases for progress and peace of the as well as to peace. All gains minus peace is less per-
universal human family. (Pp John Paul II). fect. To serve with love means to be both a seeker of
peace and a giver of peace to promote a culture of
In a pluralistic society/world careful education of universal peace. Time should come to claim: ‘your
conscience oriented to respect due freedom of con- peace is my joy; your joy is my peace!’ The joy result-
sciences of others is necessary. This approach will ing from fighting and triumphing over the evil is far
help or even demand to acquire knowledge of other superior to the shorter pleasure resulting from yield-
religions and cultures loading to common search ing to evil passions.
for freedom, solidarity, cooperation and peace (Pp
John Paul II). God Himself respects man’s (His crea- Man has the right to worship God according to his
ture’s) freedom. Freedom to seek Truth and adhere conscience, faith and freedom. Religious belief should
to it makes person free to live the splendour of Truth. motivate all believers to become educators of peace,
When we all together seek the real objective Truth of human rights, of freedom to respect every person,
by deliberately respecting the consciences of others, of social bonds to take care of one another in a spirit
the core treasure of every person, then the onward of belonging to the universal family. No individual
path of freedom will lead to peace the home of the or individual community should be deliberately ex-
children of God. cluded on the ground of personal characteristic such
as race, religion, culture etc. Peace education from
HUMAN RIGHT: Society is fundamentally set on family through all stages of character formation is
the principle that every human being is a person by necessary especially for adults and leaders. Peace
nature endowed with intelligence and freedom hav- thrives in active and multidimensional love.
ing rights and obligations which are universal and
inviolable. This human right binds all fellow mem- FORGIVENESS: The dignity of man makes him
bers to acknowledge the unity of man. Therefore obliged to love and to forgive. Forgiveness is neces-
every person has the right to life, personal integrity, sary to restore the broken relationship of love. God’s
the means suitable and available for his development fatherly love for His repentant child is a forgiving
of life concerning food, clothing, shelter, health care love. Accordingly, our fraternal love should be re-
and involvement in the social service. He has the stored, whenever broken, by brotherly forgiveness.
right to respect for his person for his good reputa- Forgiveness requires deep and faithful love founded
tion and communication with-in the limits of moral on spiritual goodness. Commitment to peace and
order and the common good. All are bound to live mutual love should encourage one to enter the bat-
and observe the order God has established. Progres- tlefield to let forgiveness triumph over divisive evils.
sive learning and technological Inventions (which True forgiveness is total and permanent from the
should continue) make man discover in the universe heart level. Forgiveness requires an uncommon spir-
an astonishing order bearing witness to the greatness itual ability and willingness to hate evil and to love
of man. “Does your soul desire to overcome your the evil doer.
lower inclinations? Let it be subject to Him Who is
on high and it will conquer the lower self: there will CONCLUSION: “Peace is the fundamental good of
be peace in you, true, secure and well ordered peace. humanity“ (Pope Benedict). Since every man needs
In what does that order consist? God commands the peace and the pursuit of peace, every citizen is duty
soul, the soul commands the body; and there is noth- bound to become a peaceful peace maker himself and
ing more orderly than this“ (St. Augustine: Sermon). peace promoter among the fellow members. Unity of

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 69
man commands this common responsibility resting in multitudes, be also a mother of peace to all her
on every citizen. Interior riches (spirituality) capable children and so to the world at large! Peace, Shanti.
to control exterior riches in the right order should
animate one’s moral conscience through active and
benevolent love.

Above all one should create/re-create peace in one-

self before setting out to let peace in others. This may
require liberal contribution of energy and sacrifice.
True love is eminently operative for the peace of heart.
Words need corresponding deeds for credibility.

A civilisation based on quantity (wealth, growth …)

should respect a harmonization with the civilization
based on spirituality and the power of virtues. Man
is eminently spiritual over mere physical. Since every
person is a member of a given community, peace al-
ways has a communal dimension. Peace is the har-
mony of human charisma with Divine law.

God abides in peace. Let God abide in all peaceful

peacemakers. Varieties set in harmony multiply de-
light in peace. Let mother India with all her varieties

7 2 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Session II
Swami Satpreet Hari, Nirmelay Sant, Amritsar; India
Prof Peter Schmuck, UMC Potsdam; Germany
Swami Atal Krishna, Ludhiana, Hari Krishna-Hari Rama Movement; India
Dr Martin Almada, Human Rights activist; Paraguay
Swami Saroupa Anand Ji, Nirmelay Sant; India
Dr Judit Komáromi, Ireland, representative of Prof. George Vithoulkas, International Academy for Classical
Homeopathy; Greece
Swami Amrit Ram Ram Snehi, Head of Juna Ramdwara, Jodhpur, Rajasthan; India
Mrs Vivi Akakpo, representative of Bishop Rev. Dandala, All Africa Conference of Churches; Kenya
Swami Nirmal Chetan, Amritsar, Nirmal Ashram; India
Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur, President of Unity of Man; India

Sustainable development as a challenge Guideline 3: No wise use of resources.

for the religions of the world
We actually use mainly finite resources, non-renewa-
Prof Peter Schmuck, UMC Potsdam; Germany ble resources, i.e. fossil fuels, coal, gas or nuclear ma-
terial. By doing that we disturb the cycle of life. Envi-
ronmental deterioration takes place mainly because
Good afternoon, dear ladies and gentlemen, it’s a of burning fossil fuels in houses, ships and aeroplanes.
great honour for me to get this opportunity to come One consequence is that the global surface- tempera-
here to India and to speak here to you, because India ture had increased during the last two centuries by
is the home country of several very influential reli- almost 6 degrees Celsius. If we continue with these
gions. Thank you for the invitation. If we look at the guidelines, then I think, we will surely come into
world in the future in 10, 100 or in 1000 years, then future one, the black one. We will see a collapse of
we see – depending from your optimism or pessi- society and a break-down of many ecological cycles.
mism – two possible futures. Future 1 is a black one:
even more polluted air and cities, many poor and But ladies and gentlemen, what we all want is the con-
few rich people, more and more illnesses, more and trary. What we want is justice in sharing resources
more environmental problems. An alternative future today. It is called by politicians and scientists: ‘intra-
is also imaginable: it would be a just and fair future, generational justice’. Second what we want is the same
happy children, hopeful adults, good clean air and chances for the life of all living creatures, I call it ‘in-
water. We all came here together, because we want a terspecies justice’. And third what we all want: justice
good future. And the big question we want to answer in sharing resources and living chances between the
here, is how can we contribute to arrange a good fu- generations living today and the generations coming
ture? Let’s focus the guidelines many societies share in the future. It is called: ‘inter-generational justice’.
These 3 principles are required, if we want a good fu-
Guideline 1: No just sharing of resources of the ture. I am psychologist and I ask the question often
world – and the injustice is growing from day to day to myself: Why many people especially in the indus-
Guideline 2: No morally/ethically based relation to trialized countries behave not in sustainable ways?
other living beings. Long reflection about that led me to 3 answers: An-

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 7 3
in many countries, I am optimistic that the required
change is possible.

Only 2 examples: 1. We found out in many psycho-

logical studies performed all over the world in 17
countries that people who engage for other people
feel better, report a higher well-being than self-fo-
cused, self-centred egoistic persons.

2. And the second data pattern: we initiated in Ger-

many environmental projects, i.e. we initiated a bio-
energy village where the whole energy of the village
– electricity and heat-energy - is produced by the local
farmers. They are only taking the manure from the
cattle and energy-plants to get enough electricity for
all these people. There are 800 people living there in
that village. Also these people were analysed through
swer 1: Most of the people living today lost their bond, psychological interviews and questionnaires and we
their emotional relation to other human beings. found that also these people after the change feel bet-
ter than before.
Answer 2: Most of those people lost their bond, their
emotional relation to other living beings living today My conclusion is that humans are able to behave ac-
– to plants and animals. cording to the principles of sustainable development.
And even more – I think that – data show – that
Answer 3: Lot of those people living not sustainable people doing that, engaging for other people and for
lost the bond, the emotional relation to future living other living beings are rewarded by evolution with
beings: humans as well as other creatures. the highest prize evolution has to offer for us, for hu-
man beings: individual well-being.
In the language most of you may prefer: many human
beings lost their spiritual connection to each other, to That is the reason for my optimism that we are not
other living beings, to the future or you may say: They condemned to the dark future, that it is not an ines-
lost their connection to God. Why that happened? I capable scenario – but that we, humans living today
think, that may be traced back to a mass-suggestion can change to sustainable development to future two,
spreading out from the industrialized countries. A as I called it my introduction.
mass-suggestion transported by media, mass-media,
news-papers and so on. And this suggestion is say- And now a few words to the role of religions in that
ing in the core: ‘Individual happiness is guaranteed enterprise: I think that they can or they should play
by ego-centric, self-focused, individualistic thinking a central role, because the majority of human be-
and behaving. It is guaranteed by striving for money, ings belong to one of the World’s Religions. And if
for fame, and for good luxury.’ we ask: Are religious visions or principles compat-
ible to the principles of sustainable development, I
And I think as psychologist that the promise of that think, you agree, the answer is yes. None of the re-
suggestion is not true. You can observe even in in- ligions encourages or even requires the injustice
dustrialized countries an increase in psychic and (unjust conditions) of many people living today. In
physical illnesses. Can we have hope? That’s a big contrary: all religions – as far as I know them – more
question. And I say: Yes! Based on my own scien- or less explicitly foster an ethical, just and respectful
tific studies many colleagues and myself performed behaviour for us, for humans in contact with other

74 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
humans or living beings. Therefore if the religions of 2. Idea: The evolution today takes place within us,
the world find together, then I am sure, that this can within our hearts, within our minds
contribute to solve the big problems of our world I
mentioned in my introduction. The religions by do- 3. Let us begin with ourselves. If everybody of us sit-
ing that would meet the challenge to contribute to ting here today contributes a small part to sustaina-
a good future for our planet and they would take a ble future according to the circumstances of his own
great chance for respectful collaboration between life and his country, then we will have a real chance
the people of the world. for a good future.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, let me conclude with 3 I wish that the congress will contribute to such a good
ideas: future and I am convinced that we are on a good way
to do it and I thank you for your attention and your
1. Idea: the evolution will continue with or without patience.
humans and that means with or without religions.

Peace in the World

Dr Martin Almada, Human Rights activist; Paraguay I come from South America, Paraguay – a small
country with a big dream. My country, like all de-
pendent countries of the third world, suffers daily
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, from social and economic injustice. Although Para-
guay has the highest production of electricity in the
Thank you for your invitation and my congratula- world per inhabitant, the poor are still cooking with
tions for your very important work here in Kirpal wood, destructing daily the environment. Every day
Sagar. I learned a lot and I am proud of you. Today the multinational companies are destroying our land,
I want to share with you my experience… in Latin our rivers, and also are contaminating the air which
America regarding human rights and ecology. we are breathing. What we urgently need is to coun-
teract the wild and criminal deforestation to avoid
the global warming which leads us to a collective

We need to return to the milllennial culture of spir-

ituality. We urgently need to approach again our his-
torical roots like Mahatma Gandhi did, Mahatma
Gandhi, who is known as a great thinker and politi-
cian who helped India to attain independence by the
means of non-violence. But Ghandi is much more
than that. He was also a great protector of the envi-
ronment. We need to readopt the ideas of Gandhi of
truth and love.

Latin America is a catholic country. The mission of

the Catholic Church is that of justice, not of charity:
to strengthen and rescue the old cultures with their
soul which is religion.

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 7 5
The earth is in danger and therefore the humanity Peace in the world is an imperative necessity. It is
is in danger. This affirmation of the scientists which time to readopt the way of Gandhi: We have to fight
cannot be discussed any more and which takes up against injustice without violence. We have to return
more and more space in the political media has a di- to the milllennial culture of spirituality to save the
rect consequence: the decisions which are adopted planet earth from global warming.
by governments and by the civil society which is rep-
resented in many sectors My congratulations to Unity of Man for the organisa-
tion of this conference here, which aims at spiritual,
The indigenous conception of the ‘Pacha Mama’ social, cultural and educational growth. I promise
(mother earth), the most deep and ancient roots of you to bring to Latin America the flame of love which
protection and defence of the environment, has to was kindled here in Kirpal Sagar.
be revalued fighting against the climate change with
collective efforts. Thank you.

The Spiritual State of the Planet energy, is a sickness, a pathology, that creates war and
hatred between peoples and nations; and separates
Speech by Professor George Vithoulkas and Dr Judit us from the actualisation of our birth right, which is
Komaromi to be able to live in a safe environment that allows us
to contact our ‘true self ’; to realise who we really are
In this paper we examine the basic reasons for the and what our real purpose is in life; which is living
world wide spiritual degeneration. We also explore in unity, caring for each other in order to progress
the inner reasons for such a decline in the human spiritually both individually and collectively.
condition. The possibility of a spiritual renaissance, a
spiritual regeneration is postulated. In particular, we The paper goes on to claim that this pathology is
examine the role of medicine/homeopathy, religion/ characterised primarily by two inner states or forces.
spirituality in this possibility. Firstly, an excessive self interest creating a high de-
gree of passion for material things like sex, money,
Further we introduce the concepts of planetary con- acquisitions resulting in their relentless and insatia-
sciousness, the planetary subconscious, planetary ble accumulation and generating associated feelings
hyperconsciousness and ultimately the planetary of envy, jealousy, hatred, fanaticism and separation.
conscience in the context of arriving at and sustain- Secondly, a pathological egotism that drives extreme
ing the possibility of spiritual regeneration. ambition for personal fulfilment without caring in
anyway for the welfare of others.
We discuss the dangers of how powerful groups of
people, who understand how the strata of planetary- These forces imprison us and manifest in a profound
consciousness are formed and function, manipulate need to control. The claim is made that these inner
them and through this manipulation ultimately con- states and their resultant need to control are further
trol the world, leading to either the possibility of de- achieved and perpetuated through the media and
struction or, if wisdom prevails, regeneration. propaganda; and that this propaganda machine itself
incites and augments the two aforementioned nega-
This paper also looks at the quality of energy that tive qualities of the human race.
drives this powerful group, and how it ensues from
an insidious yet nevertheless deep psychic pathology We conclude that unless we collectively enter into a
which is of a very low order; and how this low order higher state of consciousness, that is, freedom from

76 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
sense, which only lends itself as a facade to big broth-
er politics; nor through mainstream allopathic medi-
cine; but by energy transformation through forces
such as a sustained, disciplined spiritual path, which
may well be a religious path but one that reverberates
with the essence of divine qualities; and by “energy”
healing modality such as homeopathy, acupuncture,
osteopathy which have the power to remove this
pathological, low order energy.

As homeopaths, we can say that not only can this

modality remove wrong energy but it can also open
areas of the brain/mind continuum that make acces-
sible emotional/spiritual realms that were previously
psion and egotism that this degeneration will spiral dormant.
into a planetary catastrophe.
Hence offering a clear pathway towards building
The question is: can something be done to change wholeness and true health so that we may live even-
the direction of such a destructive course? We be- tually in a state of real freedom.
lieve that by transforming this low order energy,
which cannot be achieved through politics which is
in fact the perpetrator of such pathology; and neither
through religion in the dogmatic /ritualistic/exoteric

Tolerance and Forgiveness

Mrs Vivi Akakpo, representative of Bishop Rev. Dan- Indeed we have come to the realization that all of us,
dala, All Africa Conference of Churches; Kenya despite seeming racial and religious divide and de-
spite geographical distances between us, we are crea-
tively woven by our loving Creator.
Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen
As such we should appreciate our common humanity
I wish to express my sincere appreciation to the or- and promote mutuality between our communities
ganizers of this conference for inviting my participa- and our nations. We should allow our common faith
tion. I also wish to convey to you warm regards from in the power of conscience and the force of truth to
the AACC General Secretary and our 173 member promote a leap of our human spirit.
churches spread across 40 African countries.
Our General Secretary, Rev. Dr. Dandala comes from
In setting the tone for this conference, it was rightly stat- South Africa, nicknamed the Rainbow Country. That
ed by the organizers that the human race is one family nickname is a constant reminder that the rainbow of
at the level of soul and consciousness despite involve- life has a full spectrum of colours but South Africa
ment in social evils and killings. Accordingly, it was must remain a united nation, keen to reach out to
stated that there is hope through the spiritual link from each other despite the colour of a human skin to ap-
man to man and nation to nation which should unite preciate the otherness of the other and our common
us and find solutions to the problems of the world. humanity. This is crucial in view of their recent past

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 77
history of apartheid. A great Russian poet, Tiutcheve appreciate that the misery of wars and armed con-
exclaimed a century ago, “O, if only the wings of our flicts in any guise is inhuman.
souls flying over the mob could save us even for a
moment from violence of immortal vulgarity.” No war can be justified. On the other hand most wars
could have been avoided if a culture of tolerance and
Could it be said a century later today that even our forgiveness was allowed to prevail. Wars not only
rebellion against vulgarity is sometimes also vulgar take away lives and destroy property but also destroy
such that the human race gets engaged in blood let- people spiritually, teaching them how to hate and kill.
ting and killing spree as a way to achieve peace and The Rwandan genocide of 1994 was a case in point.
inspire democracy (I want to mention here Iraq)?
We are continuing to witness acts of intolerance in
In our developing countries we endure the tyranny Somalia today where clans cannot tolerate clans and
of poverty in a world of plenty. When shall we as a sub-clans fight sub-clans. This is despite the fact that
human race learn that true happiness comes when they all belong to one ethnic group, speak one lan-
we share with the poor including sharing the suffer- guage and share the same religion. This has gone on
ings of the unhappy? since 1991. As a result, intolerance led to state col-
lapse as it did elsewhere.
It can be painful to others of course but it is much
better to care for the screaming of another soul. In- Intolerance is a major cause of conflicts. It blinds
deed it is said that a person’s degree of being civilized and can lead to political, economic, cultural and
is defined by the sense of pain for others. religious oppression. As a result war erupts. People
are at times made to suffer because of others’ power
In this way, I believe, we can overcome then prevail- struggles as a result of intolerance. The consequences
ing indifference to the horror inflicted on peoples are that survivors are left impoverished and maimed
and countries in many parts of our world and equally physically and spiritually.

78 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
The spotlight of the world is today on Darfur in Su-
dan where some 300,000 people have been killed
and 700,000 people have been displaced within three
years. This is all because of intolerance between two
major races, the Arabs and Africans. What is not be-
ing said is that below the surface Darfur is rich in min-
eral resources including oil and uranium which attract
outside influence and in turn stimulate the war.

Tolerance would have been an important stepping

stone to peace from Darfur to Myanmar (Burma). A
culture of tolerance and forgiveness promotes recon-
ciliation and in turn provides the best hope to heal-
ing wounds of past injustices while at the same time
fosters individual and societal transformation. All
our hopes in this millennium could be lost if we fail
to embrace tolerance to each other. Without a cul-
ture of tolerance and forgiveness we will be unable
to solve our global problems of war, poverty, misrule
and abuse of human rights. For over 20 years, the government of Uganda has
been at war with northern Uganda rebel movement
Several scholars in Africa like Prof. Ali Mazrui in – the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). It is estimated
Kenya have, however, noted that Africans in general that over 10,000 children were abducted by LRA
have ‘a culture of tolerance and a short memory of some of who were turned into sex slaves and others
hate’ that makes them ‘people more sinned against were forced to be child soldiers. You can imagine the
than sinning’, people keener to forgive and forget. anguish of their parents.

Not even apartheid and its monstrous indignities South Sudan, emerging from the ashes of destruction
could push Africans to go beyond ‘truth and recon- following a protracted war offered to host peace talks
ciliation’. That, I hope, illustrates the level of toler- in Juba between LRA and Ugandan government. But
ance and forgiveness that can be found in Africa, and there is hitch. Warrants of arrest have been issued by
I am sure in the other parts of the world as well. the International Criminal Court (ICC) against five
top leaders of LRA.
Archbishop (Emeritus) Desmond Tutu, the post-
apartheid Chairman of the South African Truth and However the surviving victims of LRA in northern
Reconciliation Commission wrote, ‘we have been Uganda and parents of child soldiers are opposed to
humbled and deeply touched by the nobility and the ICC move and would prefer that the LRA leaders
generosity of the spirit of those who despite so much and other combatants were returned home to them
pain and anguish have amazed the world by their to go through the traditional practice of „cleansing“
willingness to forgive the perpetrators of all these blood off their hands towards eventual re-integra-
dastardly deeds of darkness sponsored by apartheid.’ tion into their communities in a spirit of tolerance.
To them, child soldiers who were turned into killing
The same can be said of Sierra Leoneans who endured machines are still their children. Accordingly reports
untold atrocities during their ten year civil war. Those of LRA soldiers being killed cannot be celebrated but
whose limbs were painfully amputated by the rebels break their hearts.
are today chatting together with those who amputat-
ed their limbs, bound by forgiveness and tolerance. How is this explained? While other societies focus

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 79
would dare jump over the belt even from a distance
away if he hopes to raise a family some day.

It is said that in the old days the two communities

would go another step to ensure that ceasefire lasts
as long as can be. Sons would be exchanged between
families who have lost their sons and such sons
would be given all the love including property inher-
itance. This action would in turn make it difficult for
the communities to resume fighting as it could result
in a worrier killing a biological father or uncle on the
other side.

Tolerance fosters formulation of appropriate devel-

opment policies that put human beings at the very
centre of development process which is both human
and humane, a process that increases self-confidence
and self-reliance and sustains needs of a society in an
equitable and just manner. Such a society is bound to
enjoy peace.

on the individual at the expense of collective respon- Tolerance should be the backbone of our societies
sibilities and aspirations of a society, African com- where we live with brothers and sisters from differ-
munities seek ways of reconciling the individual with ent religions. The respect of our differences be them
his/her community. It all starts when children are religious lead to a peaceful coexistence and the ac-
born. They become children of the entire clan not ceptance of the other.
just the nuclear family. The whole clan has responsi-
bility for the upbringing of the children. The child is It is becoming clearer that the world needs a recon-
no longer „my“ child but „our“ child. struction of values starting from the family to na-
tions of the world. Such reconstruction of values
Perhaps the most unique illustration of traditional should draw attention to tolerance, forgiveness, trust,
practices in a class of its own is found in Northwest- human commonality, mutual responsibility to ac-
ern Kenya. There, are two tribes, the Pokots and Ma- countability for a peaceful unity of man.
rakwets. They share the same traditional culture and
some 90 per cent of words spoken in their respec- I came to Kirpal Sagar yesterday late in the night, but
tive languages are the same. They could be said to what I have seen so far shows that another world is pos-
be cousins. However cattle rustling between the two sible. Let us all work for that!
communities can be fierce leading to massive deaths. Thank you.
Cattle raids have not from time immemorial been
considered as criminal but a cultural practice to raise
cattle for dowry. But the weapons have changed from
bow and arrow to AK 47 rifles. To effect a ceasefire
between them, the role of women in society comes to
play. Women lay their belts across the path of warri-
ors. Since belts are tied around the tummies, they are
considered sacred, holding the „cage of the womb“
for continuity of human life. Accordingly no warrior

8 0 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Closing Address
Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur, President of Unity of Man,

Dear Sangat What we have to do? When Dr. Sahib started the
work according to His instruction, he paved the way
We have just received the grace from the Almighty to develop this place.
Power, from the congregation of the Saints of the
highest order. With the help of this Amrit we have to Each one of us has to go back one day. The waves of
learn to go the way of our life. the ocean cannot be separated from the ocean. We
regard the bubble of water separated from the water,
We have just started the World Conference on Unity but this is our own illusion, one day it will again mix
of Man. Sant Kirpal Singh said, “My whole life was with the water. When the Maha Purushas go back
to put everything into practice.” Dr Harbhajan Singh after having accomplished their work in the world,
took this message from Master when he came at the they again become one with the Almighty Power.
banks of the Sutlej river (to Kirpal Sagar).
When the soul leaves the body and crosses the ocean
This place was just a wilderness and Master said that of life and reaches Khand Brahmand, it is asked by
while living in the jungle we have to take some time the Christpower, the Godpower, ‘What have you
(for the soul) to withdraw. We have not to withdraw done in the world? What have you sown there?’ This
from others, but from our own mind and to be full is the reason why the Gurmukh always wants to
of peace. For achieving this goal, we have heard the know how to go within. Even if the Gurmukh sits
opinions of all the Maha Purushas, the Sants and among thousands of manmukhs (people affected by
Mahatmas gathered here today. This world is just an the mind), he still remains a Gurmukh. None can re-
inn, it is not our home. move this colour.

The bird spends just one night resting on the tree, and The Gurmukh said, ‘As long as I was in the world, I
thereafter it has to fly away - this not our home here. was the Light of the world. I have planted such a tree
full of light in the world, and this light will shine for-
When Sant Kirpal Singh Ji came to this place, His ever.’
farm was of nine hectare. Master, the dyer, coloured
His perfect disciple in such a colour from the Ocean Bhaji’s message was, ‘My life is an open diary, it is
of Grace which can not be washed away. Only with a life of practice. I learned something, practised
a wink of His eyes Master advised His Gurmukh Dr it throughout my life and followed this way all the
Harbhajan Singh to make this farm prosper. time.’

This house is the house of salvation. When an awak- I am telling you two words of my Hazur: Today peo-
ened soul has planted a tree shining with light, it al- ple coming from everywhere are assembled here,
ways grows and gives fresh air. We are proud of that there is no corner left from where people have not
Power. Whenever this Power is sitting on the dais, come, but who will get this Maha Ras, this Grace?
the mind can not play any tricks. He is the Word per- Those who are sitting in this pandal (congregation).
sonified Power, working through His attention and
giving the essence of the Divine Nectar. All the Sants Master told, if you sit with Gurubhakti (devotion to
and Mahatmas are sitting at His door to receive His the Masterpower) in Sahaj asana (quite detached and
grace. in the right position for meditation) the grace comes

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 8 1
Mrs Biji Surinder Kuar giving her speech

from the Assembly of the Saints. Guruseva is given him Bhaji, means brother. Though he was one with
to such a soul who has learned to sit in Sahaj asana Him, he did not want to have any position - he had
and to put great efforts (Sahaj tap) in meditation. understood the mystery of life.
From those souls the Masterpower can take work for
the Mission. I would like to say to all those sitting in the pandal,
‘Become the picture of him.’ You should live in such
What is the purpose of our coming into the world? a way that others see his picture through your way
We have come to change the old dress and put on the of living. We should become one. We are sitting here
new dress which is coloured with His word, with His in different human forms, but actually we are all one,
attention. we have many languages but one voice, we came in
the same way and have to go back the same way. We
As one Swami just told, ‘If you point with one fin- live at different places, but our true home is the same.
ger at someone (you criticize him), three fingers will Those who got the spiritual colour of the inner way
point at you!’ On the other hand, if you have some (parmarat) are just like a vessel full of Grace, hidden
sign on your forehead, (means, if you have contact in the Ocean of Grace. When the soul has learned
with the Masterpower), others will also feel some vi- to proceed on the inner path it can not live without
bration. the fresh food from the Almighty Power. ‘Oh man,
you are searching Him outside, but God is already
Who can be the picture of Bhaji? Bhaji explained it residing in you. You have to go within and to get the
in very deep words. He allowed us loveably to call contact with the God Power. There is no place where

8 2 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
He is not’. These are the words of my Hazur. We have used to say, ‘Kirpal Sagar is just like a mirror through
heard the words of all the Mahapurushas, but now I which you can see my face.’ I am giving you his words
got the spiritual intoxication from above, from the just to refresh the memory of your friend whom you
plane of the Sant Jan (Congregation of the Saints) for all loved and who did everything for you.
which I was searching for a long time. He taught us
how to swim in this intoxication. One can only learn Once Sant Kirpal Singh Ji was holding His Satsang
to swim in the water, but not on the dry land. in Dehra Dun. Many sat in the pandal (tent), oth-
ers were roaming outside and sitting in the canteen.
He gave us a place in a boat which is always swim- Then Master said, “How long will you hear the voice
ming in the Ocean of Grace. The love of God was so through this throat”? When we remember Him,
great that we became one with His love. Bhaji said to we remember all the words which were spoken by
me, “I give you into the hand of the good Sangat, the Hazur and Dr Sahib. When we come to such places,
Sangat will take care of you. I am not in a so-called we should take these words just like a pure food and
Sangat, not in the company of those who are not de- try to digest each and every word spoken by Him.
veloped.” These words help our soul to come nearer to our goal,
means, to go back to our true home.
We are going to celebrate Bhaji’s birthday and we
have no words to congratulate him. Before we speak Who is a Brahmin, a true Brahmin? (Brahmane)
about his greatness, we should wash our face with One who is able to go to Brahmand; he must under-
rose water. stand the knowledge of Brahm. He should have this
knowledge from within. We all have to attain the
Actually we were not able to sit in such a Sangat, but same knowledge from within. Naam is the essence of
Master’s grace made us to sit in such a Sangat together the internal knowledge. Naam is like a passport, an
with the Sant Mahatmas today. He wove us into His identity card. What is needed? We have to work very
garland – is it not His grace? These are the words of hard to see His form within. As long as we do not see
my Hazur and Dr. Sahib. What my son spoke in the His form within, we can not be called Brahm Gyani,
morning – from whom did he learn it? He learned it Maha Gyani. These were the words of my Hazur.
from his father. Bhaji always taught his children that
his purse is the purse of the Sangat. He earned his I have taken much time. I have much love for these
money by hard work and only from his income he Swamis who gave us their own good ideas about the
gave money to his children. teaching. Only one who knows about a diamond can
recognize a diamond. If a diamond is lying in the dirt
The Munis who went back in the morning said, ‘We it is hard to recognize it.
will always pray for this Mission, twenty-four hours.’
One Muni told, “Please come to Delhi, I am ready I can not thank enough the Swamis who have spent
to accompany you everywhere. We should bring their time to come to this place and to the Sangat;
this Mission forward.” We are speaking the same many of them have travelled nights to reach over
language, and there is no difference of opinion. We here for attending this Conference.
should develop ourselves so that we become one with
Him. We have not to teach anybody, we have to teach
ourselves. We will only speak those words which are
coming from within.

We are not teaching you, we are rather cleaning our

own heart. Whatever I am telling to all of you, I my-
self apply practically and only then I tell it to others.
I am cleaning my own dirt from within. Dr Sahib

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 8 3
The Common kitchen was working
day and night to provide meals for
the thousands of participants.

In spite of much work Mrs Biji

Surinder Kaur was even caring for
the sustenance of the visitors.

Left and right: Some impressions of the kitchen

8 4 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Behind the scenes
Some impressions during the World Conferene
on Unity of Man

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 8 5
86 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 87
Although much work was to be done, Mrs Biji house is open for everybody. He is only the one who
Surinder Kaur made time for the visitors, to have a sent us in the world and He is only the one who takes
heart-to-heart talk with them: us back.

Sant Kirpal Singh’s Mission is very holy, very pure Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur speaking to Mrs Akakpo a
and we all have to sit under this shadow. guest from Africa: We could only give you our love so
we don’t know how you feel here?
Sant Kirpal Singh was full of humility, He was in
peace, He had prepared each and everything for us, Mrs Akakpo: We felt this morning and yesterday that
He had prepared it from within and then He offered it is an unique experience for us to be here. The inner
it to us outside and now we should make the best use peace that we feel and also it’s a rare experience of
of it. This house belongs to Him and He has given us tolerance and acceptance of one another. So we are
the chance to see it and to help. So we should really very grateful to you all and God bless you and give
have respect and some devotion for this place. you strength to continue your mission.

I only wish that each and everybody should have the Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur: Everybody feels peace here,
taste of His divine nectar and He should always keep because it is the word of our Master that this place
us near to His feet, He should not keep us even a lit- should be for all the humanity, of all the religions.
tle far from Him, means He should always accept us. And it is your father’s home and you can come at any
time you like. When you come into your own home
He is the king of the whole humanity, He did not you never need any permission, so you come at any
come for the rich ones or the poor ones, so this time whenever you like.

88 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
10 December

Session III
Goswami Sushil Ji Maharaj, Founder-President Maharishi Bhrigu Foundation; India
Shri Karunakara Shetty, Brahma Kumari, Chief of Multi Media; India
Mahant Darshan Singh Tyagmoorti, President of Shad Darshan Sadhu Aivam Trust, Hardwar; India
Mrs Farah Mahat El-Khoury, Union of Writers, Damaskus; Syria
Swami Agnivesh, President of the World Council of Arya Samaj; India
Maulana Mohammed Hamid, Ahmadiyya Community; India
Rev Dr Dominic Emmanuel, SVD, Director Catholic Archdiocese of Delhi; India
Rev Dr Marcus Braybrooke, President of the World Congress of Faiths; UK
Swami Shantatmanandaji, Secretary of the Rama Krishna Mission; India
Mr Vivek Coutinho, Focolare Movement; India
Giani Dhanvir Ahmed Khadim, Ahmadiyya Community; India
Sant Baba Prem Das Ji; India
Dr A.K. Merchant, Trustee Bahai Temple, General Secretary of the Bahai Community; India
Baba Bhupinder Singh, Tamil Nadu; India
Maulana Hazro Rehiman, Mufti Sahib; India
Mr Karamjit Singh, Chairman Unity of Man; India

9 0 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
On midmorning, the Conference
programme continued with
Session III.

In the beginning of the session,

Benedictine monks and nuns sang
prayers and hymns from differ-
ent religions taking up the subject
of peace. Thereafter, Swami Sushil
Muni opened the session.

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 9 1
„Unity of Man“ Damascus

Mrs Farah Mahat El-Khoury, Union of Writers, long to the Orthodox Church. Damascus is the place
Damaskus; Syria where Saint Paul converted to Christianity and start-
ed to convey the message of Christ. Damascus, the
garden of Islam, is the city I live in and come from.

I live in the middle of mosques and churches. I wake

up with call of the Muezzin, which resounds from so
many minarets, followed by the sound of the bells
and the liturgical hymns (of the Christians).

So I live in a country where religious belief is an in-

tegral part of national history, of the past, the present
everyday life, and I hope, of the future.

I opened my eyes in one of those Arabic houses; it

was the former residence of the French Embassy and
situated in a quarter of Damascus where 90 % of the
neighbours were Muslims. In this quarter (called
“Kaimariyé”) I received the most beautiful impres-
sions of my life. It is difficult, even impossible, for me
Dear auditors, please first of all allow me to express to describe in these few minutes our life as Christian
my homage for the great Dame Biji; and also my re- minority amongst a Muslim majority, nor the friend-
spect to the small children who carefully attended ship and affection which dominate our relationship
(and sang) about the great message of the great Dr as neighbours. Still I want to mention the unforgetta-
Harbhajan Singh. Thank you. ble doctor of our family, Dr. Hassid Bayazid, a believ-
ing Muslim wearing the Tarboosh (or Fez, a red felt
It is a pleasure and great honour for me to participate hat in the shape of a truncated cone) and came to our
in the “World Conference on Unity of Man” and to be house when he was called for medical advice or for
able to talk about the subject “the peaceful co-exist- examining a sick child. He called my mother “Ukthi”
ence of three religions and several religious commu- (my sister) and we welcomed him like a member of
nities.” For my part, I feel honoured to be in Kirpal our family. When he was later replaced by Dr. Mada-
Sagar in India, the land of the ‘great soul’ Mahatma ni Ali al-Khiami, we confided in him the same way.
Gandhi, the patriot, philosopher and author of India’s
autonomy, the champion of Indian nationalism and Another regular guest of our family was Dr. Ysaak
man of reconciliation; not to mention the writer and Totah, a Jew, who was respected and loved by every-
poet of mystical and patriotic inspiration Rabind- body. There was an unforgettable scene when he died:
ranath Tagore, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in it was estimated that 4000 Syrians, in the majority
1913. How could one not be proud to be amongst you? Muslims and Christians, joined the funeral cortege
through Damascus. It seemed to me that the whole
Daily life in Damascus: Damascus, the oldest capital city of Damascus followed the convoy that day.
in the world, is situated in heart of a region where
the three monotheistic religions originated, and I want to close with an incident that happened in the
comprises a unique mosaic of religious communi- same old quarter. When invited to a dinner at my
ties: there are eleven Christian denominations and late father’s house, bishop Epiphane Zayed sang a
it is the seat of three Patriarchates. Most of them be- liturgy in praise of the Holy Virgin: “All creatures re-

9 2 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
joice over you: Hail, Mary full of grace…” In the calm help and encouragement. When there are Christian
of night, all the Muslim and Christian neighbours festivities, the religious services are broadcast on the
listened attentively to the beautiful hymn and the Syrian radio and television in the same way as when
impressive voice of His Eminence and asked for the there are Muslim festivities, including the sermons
name of the „Sheik“ who was praising God… The li- of the three patriarchs who reside in the capital, of
turgical hymns and Koranic tales merge - I could cite the Protestant priests and the archbishops and the
hundreds of examples. bishops at the head of the different churches in the
muhafazats (provinces) of Syria. On such occasions,
I recall the school where I spent my childhood with the Christian processions through the streets of the
the sisters of Besançon. There were members of all large cities are of a much larger scope than those or-
Christian denominations. The Orthodox school ganised in basically Christian European countries.
where we received our primary and secondary ed- I would also like to mention that the authorities of
ucation ever had an ecumenical orientation. The my country organise Christian cultural and religious
teachers, staff and pupils belonged to all kinds of events and art expositions, as e.g. the Symposium and
religions and communities. The Persiado brothers, Exposition of Syrian Icons organised by the Ministry
two Jews, taught French at the same time as native of Tourism at the library of El-Assad in October 1987.
French teachers who were delegated to our school Seventy Icons from the 17th and 18th century, from
by the French mandate. Respect and friendship were the schools of Aleppo, Jerusalem and others, were dis-
the dominant attitudes between Muslims, Christians played.
and Jews. Nobody was ever discriminated. We used
to apply the following motto: „Religion belongs to A second exposition was organised in the National
God and the country belongs to all citizens.“ Museums of Damascus and Aleppo, from December
1999 to May 2000, showing 121 Icons from churches
So in this way, in everyday life, there were no prob- and monasteries. In view of their inestimable val-
lems between Muslims and Christians, no discrimi- ue, these icons were guarded, protected and finally
nation, a good neighbourhood, good relations, mu- handed over by the persons in charge and by divi-
tual assistance, an enduring friendship. What about sions of the national guard.
the present situation? First of all I have to make clear
that the State of Syria is a secular state which never- A symposium on religious brotherhood organised by
theless respects all religious faiths. the ministry of the Waqfs took place in the library El
Assad, in which the Sheiks, Ulamas, the Grand Mufti
Therefore, religion never served as a guide for the of Syria and the prelates of the churches participated.
way the machinery of the state functions. The state Verses of the Koran and the Gospel were sung and
acknowledged the equality of all religious communi- recited in the same opening session. A book contain-
ties before the law and the administration. ing all the speeches and lectures was published.

No religion is theoretically or practically favoured For about eight years, the Syrian state has been offer-
or privileged to another. Every religious community ing (and that is nothing new) a piece of land of 3000
has the right to develop without hindrances. m² to the two Christian communities, the Orthodox
and the Catholic one, to build a church on it. This
Syria is a tolerant country where everybody, every church, Saint Paul, is already being built, financed in
single human being, feels welcome and accepted, a advance by prominent families.
land of asylum where Armenians, Assyrians, Chal-
deans, the Syriacs from Madir and Diarbekir and all Cultural buildings are exempt from taxes and fees.
those who were persecuted in certain surrounding Water, fuel and electricity are distributed freely to
countries found shelter. The Syrian population has churches and mosques. It is the same for all the ma-
always received such refugees with much sympathy, terial and equipment used for places of worship.

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 9 3
Nevertheless, the Sharia is an important source of leg- Grand Mufti of Syria, by the Sheiks and Ulamas of
islation, but not exclusively. In Syria, every Christian all Muslim communities, by the prelates of the differ-
practices his religious duties freely. The community ent churches, by ministers, outstanding personalities
authorities celebrate the baptism of their children, and by the people, i.e. millions and millions followed
their marriages, and judge litigations between spous- and filmed the steps of H.H. John Paul II. on the way
es. But as far as the law of succession is concerned, of St. Paul. They were present with their hearts and
Christians have to obey Muslim law. This practice is minds, and in front of the television screens.
said to go back to the beginnings of the Islam.
Dear auditory, I would like to inform you that a sol-
The question of marriage gives rise to very delicate emn mass was celebrated on the largest (abbasid)
problems. Though the Muslim personal rights admit square of Damascus, presided by H.H. the pope, in
a marriage between a Muslim husband and a Chris- which thousands of people of all colours and creeds
tian wife and the authorities also celebrate such a participated. His Holiness John Paul II., endowed
marriage, even against the will of the Christian par- with superior qualities, a man of reconciliation be-
ents, the marriage between a Christian man and a tween the peoples of the world, between the three
Muslim woman is forbidden and therefore not ac- monotheistic religions, a man of faith, peace, forgive-
knowledged, even if it was celebrated on the basis of ness and love, was welcomed in Syria with all possi-
the civil law in a foreign country. ble and imaginable honours and with great respect.

I would like to give you some impressions of the In this lecture, I think I have brought to light the
great head of the Roman Catholic Church’s visit to everyday life and the relations between the different
Damascus from 5th to 8th May, 2001. H.H. wanted religious communities in Damascus. I hope this lec-
to close his world tour at Damascus and make his ture has given you as clear an impression of this life
dream come true to pass through the Straight road together as possible. I thank you for the confidence
[rue droite; decumanus] and follow the footsteps of you have placed in me when inviting me to this im-
St. Paul, whom H.H. considered as an example to fol- portant conference. Especially I want to thank the
low. chairmen and this venerable audience who was so
kind to listen to me.
The qualities of H.H. are considerable and hard to
number. He was a father to all kinds of children: the Finally, the memory of this important celebration
poor and the needy, the sick, the handicapped and will always remain in my mind. We are all here to-
orphans. He is a great man of forgiveness; who could gether in order to celebrate the 75th birth anniver-
ever forget his attitude towards the criminal who sary of the high spiritual leader Dr Harbhajan Singh,
tried to assassinate him. No punishment! No pen- the founder-chairman of Kirpal Sagar, as well as the
ance, no judgement, nothing but forgiveness. H.H. Silver Jubilee of this humanitarian project, centre
John Paul II. was the first pope in the history of the of spiritual tolerance and brotherhood. We are also
Catholic Church to visit a mosque… and it was the united to remember both Sant Kirpal Singh, found-
Ummayad Mosque in Damascus. A few days’ visit er-chairman of Unity of Man, and its president, her
to Damascus qualified as historic, unforgettably in- Holiness Surinder Kaur. Due to their efforts we have
scribed in the writings, the memory and the heart of been able to live together through valuable and suc-
the Syrian people and their country. cessful moments within the spirit of this conference.
We hope to be able to meet again and are regularly
From the landing of H.H.’s plane until his departure, trying to fulfil our commitment in realizing the hope
he was welcomed and accompanied by His Excel- of Sant Kirpal Singh. Thank you.
lence Dr. Bachar Al-Assad, the President of the Re-
public of Syria, by the three patriarchs of Antioch
and the entire orient, by the Apostolic nuncio, by the

9 4 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Unity of mankind
Swami Agnivesh, President of the World Council of headquarters in Washington D.C. and wanted me to
Arya Samaj; India critique the policies of the World Bank, I told him:
‘Look, your globalization is the globalization of the
market forces and we do not agree with that. We be-
long to a spiritual movement where we think that we
are all one family.’

What is the difference between a market and a fam-

ily? Here is the more powerful one who can buy and
purchase things and everything is commodified,
whereas in a family other criteria are followed: The
weakest in the family takes his or her share first and
the brave in the family takes his or her share last.
That is the beauty of a family.

So let us celebrate the unity of humankind as one

I want to say ‘Bonjour’ to all our French delegates, family. That family should be the guiding principle
I want to say ‘Guten Tag’ to all my German friends where the weak, the lowest, the lowliest of the low
here, and I want to say ‘Asalam aleikum’ to all my will get attention first. That should be the criteria.
Muslim friends here. Mahatma Gandhi gave this criterion to the whole
of humanity. Therefore we are celebrating today the
The God of love, the God of truth, the God of com- power, the dignity of that person who has been left
passion and the God of justice - whatever name you far behind, marginalised, voiceless.
want to attribute, it is up to you, but God is one, that
is what Sant Kirpal Singh Ji started His mission with Inter-religious, international marriages: that is the
to celebrate the oneness of God. way to bring about unity of humankind. Let hearts
unite in love. That is the true love, true bond. The
Those who do not believe in Godhood, believe in heart is the biggest temple, the most beautiful tem-
compassion, (but) believe in non-violence - that is ple. Unity of humankind is a movement - the new
good enough. Because God is all truth, love, compas- movement which has been launched today here. Let
sion and justice. And therefore let’s unite, all human- us celebrate the launching of this great new move-
ity should come under this banner to celebrate the ment, the humanity coming under one roof, coming
oneness of humankind. under one family. And therefore, the first thing we
need to shed is the caste-system. Caste-ism has to
The entire humanity is not just one, but one fam- go. All hierarchies, all discriminations by birth have
ily. We are one family, and what is the beauty of a to go. We will not put up with this abominable, most
family? Today, in this age of globalization, they are abominable system of castes, we have to get rid of it.
talking about ‘global village’, they are also talking Secondly and most importantly: Racialism has to go.
about internet and e-mail and all of that kind. But One may be born black, another one may be born
it is fully loaded with common share interest, with white, but we cannot discriminate in the name of the
profit motives, with market forces. We do not fully colour of the skin.
agree with this consumership approach to the one-
ness of humanity, no. There is another dimension to There is perfect equity, equality and justice in the
it. When the former president of the World Bank, Mr. creation. God does not discriminate, the sun does
James Wolfensohn, invited me to the World Bank not discriminate, the air and the water do not dis-

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 9 5
criminate between black and white, between the So this is a revolution, a social revolution, a spirit-
male child and the girl child, between the high caste ual revolution. We have to bring about a revolution
and the low caste, therefore we don’t have the right against the menace of dowry, where girls and women
to discriminate between man and man and woman are being burned alive; 25000 women in India are
and woman. Therefore let us celebrate the unity of being burned to death in the prime of their youth.
whole of humankind; it is not just we come together We will not put up with this.
and talk ‘goody goody’ about each other and then we
depart, no. The world needs a massive big change. (Continuation in Punjabi)
Religion should become a revolution.

Children are the least prejudiced on earth, and there- In reality, we are one
fore they are the future of our humankind.
Rev. Dr Dominic Emmanuel, SVD, Director Catho-
I want to say that we have to get rid of alcoholism, we lic Archdiocese of Delhi; India
have to get rid of tobacco, we have to get rid of drugs.
Our next programme of action should be to get rid
of alcohol and liquor, fight against this liquor mafia, Respectful greetings to all on stage, to everyone in
alcohol mafia; as long as these people continue, they the audience and to all my listeners.
are merchants of death. They want to destroy hu-
manity in the peace, in the tranquillity of the family; Our topic today is of great importance. ‘We should
the husband gets drunk and the first thing he does is all be one, all mankind should be one, all humans
beating up his wife. We have to get rid of it, and we should be one.’ In reality, we are one.
have to fight against this menace.
Where did these differences come from? This is in-
One more thing: Global warming is a big threat to deed a point to consider. Where have these differ-
our peace and prosperity. We have to oppose that ences come from? In my opinion, when Jesus Christ
paradigm of development, that development which was born, angels had brought a message. It is said,
is highly materialistic, which is devoid of spiritual angels were the messengers in heaven – “May God
values, and we have to set up a new paradigm, a spir- reign supreme in Heaven and may there be peace on
itual paradigm of development. Earth.”

And if you want to befriend nature, if you really want In practice, it is said, “May the people with a good
to have friendship, relationship with nature, then heart find peace.” – “Peace to people of good will.” I
we should have friendship with all those birds and believe that in our cosmos, our universe, our world,
animals and beasts – please, listen to this. We have this peace is disrupted due to the breakdown of
to increasingly give up non-vegetarian food, and we goodwill, benevolence and positive and empower-
have to increasingly adopt vegetarian ways of food. ing intentions towards others. Whenever there is a
We don’t have to kill animals and birds and beasts. shortage of these attributes, we become each other’s
enemy. Kindly note, one key point that I would like
One last thing I would like to say: Coincidentally to- to make is – all our honourable speakers have said,
day, 10 December, is also the International Human “Unity of man”, and that we have to come together
Rights Day. On 10 of December we are all assembled for this unity – a question to all of you. Can we truly
here. Today is also the great martyrdom day of Guru become ‘of one mind’? Let me explain this first and
Teg Bahadur. (He sacrificed his life to save the Hin- then I will pose this question to you again.
dus from being converted by force at the time of the
Moghuls.) Swami Agnivesh has, very nicely, used the example of
a family to represent mankind and all of us as mem-

96 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
bers of the same family. However, it is noteworthy
that every child in a family is different. The children’s
names are different, gender is different, personalities
are different. One is bright and does well in school
while another is not. One walks with a fast gait while
the other is slow. You will find that all parents will
notice while the children are growing up, one has
a quick temper while another has a calm tempera-
ment. Isn’t that true? Yes it is. A brother is very sharp
and intellectual or a sister is very hard-working and
good at housework or is intellectual, but the sibling
is quite the opposite.

Even though they are part of the same family, they

have individual differences. We must always keep
this in mind.

Now, if we expand our vision from the family to the

society, we see again that everyone is different. Eve-
ryone speaks a different language. For example, eve-
ryone here speaks Punjabi, while I cannot. My breth-
ren from Austria, Germany speak German which we
are unable to understand. This is a fact!
not referring to unity of language. Neither are we
If you go from Punjab to Rajasthan, the native tongue talking about unity of religion. We are not asking for
there is Marwadi. If you continue to the next state, similar children who go to the same school, obtain
Gujarat, you will find natives speaking Gujarati. A the same education and degrees, or that all should
gujarati (native) doesn’t understand Marwadi (lan- become doctors or engineers or farmers. No, no, no.
guage) and a punjabi (native) doesn’t understand gu-
jarati (language). If you go to Orissa, Oriya is the lan- Everyone is an individual and we have to proceed
guage there, in Madras (Chennai), it is Tamil! Voila, with that as the basis. Only then can we talk about
within India itself, there are numerous languages. the unity of man. This is a very important point to be
Then, is it really possible for us to come together as recognized and noted – we are different and in spite
one? What do you think? Can we all forget our own of these differences we can come together as one.
native languages – Tamil, Oriya, Malayalam, Punjabi,
etc – and speak one universal language? If so, what What could the foundation for this unity be? How
could that language possibly be? and on what basis can this unity be realized, if not
by language or religion or gender? What can this be
As you can see, this is a problem! And this is also a based upon? The fundamental principles that Chris-
reality, a truth and when we say “Unity of Man” or tianity is recognized by, are the following two con-
speak about the “Unity of Man – World Conference”, cepts.
we must not forget that we are different members of
the same family; people of the same society with dif- Love thy neighbour as you would love yourself. Love
ferent ideologies; citizens of the same country with your neighbour even if he speaks a different language
different religions and the existence of these differ- or has different food culture or has a different skin col-
ences among ourselves is an actuality, an inescapable our.
fact. Then, when we talk about unity of man, we are

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 97
If you were to love your neighbour as much as you to turn towards our neighbour with love in our heart
love yourself; if you could respect others as much as and our actions, then, I am convinced that we would
you respect yourself and as much as you would like not require these kinds of World Conferences as we
others to respect you, then, unity in our country or are having today. This talk about unity of man would
our society is but inevitable! then become completely unnecessary.

Another important concept that Christianity has My apologies, sir, that I am saying this. We are meet-
spread: Jesus said when you depart from this earth ing here in 2007 and we had also met at the earlier
and want to enter heaven, in other words, when your Unity of Man – World Conference in 1994. And we
life on earth ends and you want to enter the next are currently planning the next conference in 2017
world – since we believe that life doesn’t end here, somewhere else in the world. But why? Why should
eternal life is given by God – He had but one con- we have a conference? Why do we need a conference?
dition, a simple one as that, ‘You may enter only if, If we treat our fellow humans, who are different from
during your lifetime, you quenched my thirst when I us, who are weaker, who are hungry or naked or in
was thirsty; you fed me when I was hungry; you took jail, as one of our own, then and only then, will this
care of me when I was ill; you came to meet me when unity be possible. If we were to treat them just as we
I was in jail.’ would treat someone very dear to us, someone who
is ours!
Upon hearing this, people ask Him, “When did we
see You hungry, we always worshipped you in the I am often surprised when I see our political lead-
temple/mosque/gurudwara/Kirpal Sagar. When did ers attempting to cover-up their children’s crimes of
we see You hungry? You cannot be hungry, You are shooting, theft, corruption etc. Even in the case of
God, You are everything. When were You naked? very honest, scrupulous and law-abiding parents, no
When did we give You clothes? When did You go to stone is left unturned in order to save their children
jail? How can You commit any wrongdoing? You are from punishment. This is due to the love for their
God! No, no, you are wrong.” own kin. How can the parents turn against their own
children? They cannot. And, they should not.
God turns to them and says, “Whenever you saw a
person hungry, thirsty, sick, naked or in jail, when- This is exactly what I am saying as well. Do not strive
ever you did a small deed to help, you did it for me.” to help just your kin, just your criminal son, instead,
help every human who needs it. Reach out and help
My dear brothers and sisters, we can talk indefinitely every human who is hungry, who is poor, naked,
about the unity of man in very pleasing, flattering homeless, in jail or ill. If we are able to take this ac-
and promising words. However, please remember tion, I can guarantee that this unity of man will be
that in order to bring about this unity within man- achieved automatically.
kind, the root cause – inequality among men. When
we cannot go towards a poor person and extend help It is my humble prayer to God that, all of us should
and instead turn away, how can we hope to achieve understand that differences in language, family, food,
this unity? attire, skin colour will always exist and they cannot
be negated or removed. It is not even necessary to do
I am of the opinion that if we are to bring about this so. However, these dissimilarities and inequality can
unity in our society, it should be of the kind that can be overcome if we have as much love towards others
surpass all these differences and inequalities. (As Swa- as we have for ourselves. If we can help the poor, the
mi Agnivesh and others have said, differences of race, homeless, the sick and the criminals of the world, we
caste, creed, economic, gender, social standing, etc.). will definitely become united.

If we were to accept these differences and if we were Thank you.

98 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Spirituality and Social Action monk does not want to renounce, except what is
plainly sinful or negative; rather he wishes to trans-
Rev Dr Marcus Braybrooke, President of the World form all things.’ (1) Words of Wayne Teasdale, of
Congress of Faiths; UK blessed memory, who explained why he chose to be
‘a monk in the world’ also seem to be appropriate. ‘I
want to identify with and be identified with all those
Sat Sri Akal! My respectful greetings to all on the who suffer alone in the world, who are abandoned,
platform and also to the very patient audience. homeless, unwanted, unknown and unloved.’

I am very glad at last to visit Kirpal Sagar. I have heard

so much about it. May I first pay tribute to the memo-
ry of Sant Kirpal Singh and Dr. Harbhajan Singh and
affirm their emphasis on the unity of all religions and
the unity of all people. The World Congress of Faiths
which I have been a member for 40 years has also em-
phasized the fellowship of the faithful and promotes
the moral values shared by all religions.

In the village where I grew up, most of the rector’s

sermons were about the Fatherhood of God and the
Brotherhood of Man. I think the rector must have
been an unwitting disciple of Sant Kirpal Singh. Cer-
tainly those phrases sum up for me much of the teach- Holy people, traditionally, have withdrawn from the
ing of Jesus. The World Congress of Faiths, to which I world in their search for the Divine. In recent years,
have belonged for over forty years exists to encourage a new pattern of spirituality, which draws inspiration
a fellowship of the faithful from all religions and to from all the great faiths, has emerged in which the
promote the moral values shared by all religions. pursuit of holiness takes place in the midst of a non-
violent struggle for peace and justice and in the serv-
Sant Kirpal Singh insisted that God-knowledge and ice of the poor. Mahatma Gandhi said once that ‘If I
self-knowledge must issue in devoted selfless service could find God in a Himalayan cave, I would proceed
of others. Likewise Dr Harbhajan Singh, ‘God’s doc- there at once, but I can only find him in the service of
tor’, showed a deep concern for the suffering. He also the poor.’ (3) Maha Ghosananda, a Buddhist leader,
distanced himself from fashionable ‘gurus’ who were came back from a monastic life in exile to help his
at that time invading the West and instead met with people of Cambodia in their agony. ‘We Buddhists’,
politicians and people of many disciplines recognising he said, ‘must find courage to leave our temples and
that spirituality should permeate all aspects of life. enter the temples of human experience, temples that
are filled with suffering. If we listen to the Buddha,
Several modern spiritual teachers have insisted that Christ or Gandhi, we can do nothing else. The ref-
meditation and social action are interdependent and ugee camps, the prisons, the ghettos and the battle
that is the subject on which I wish to concentrate. I fields will then become our temples.’ In a similar way,
want first to share what some of them have said. I the Dalai Lama has written, ‘My call for a spiritual
then want to suggest how our meditation can ener- revolution is not a call for a religious revolution. Nor
gise our search for justice, reconciliation, care for the is it a reference to a way of life that is somehow other-
suffering, and respect for our planet. worldly… Rather it is a call for a radical re-orienta-
tion away from our habitual preoccupation with self
Recently I came across this quotation from Raimon towards concern for the wider community of beings
Panikkar, which seems appropriate: ‘The modern with whom we are connected.’

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 99
I could add many other witnesses. It is significant that arranged by the United Nations Association, at the
many of those in the twentieth century who will have height of the Cold War, at which the question was
the lasting influence were people of deep spirituality asked, ‘What have religions to offer?’ and the then
– Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Des- Archbishop Robert Runcie replied, ‘Hope.’ Because
mond Tutu, the Dalai Lama. Their inspiration will be – to use theistic language – we believe this is God’s
remembered when only historians recall Chairman world for which God has a purpose, we believe that
Mao or Stalin and other tyrants. in the end truth, goodness and justice are stronger
than falsehood, hatred and oppression. As Gandhi
How to balance spirituality or to use today’s title said, ‘I can see that in the midst of death life persists,
‘meditation’ and social action is something we each in the midst of untruth truth persists, in the midst
need to work out for ourselves. For some their most of darkness light persists.’ ‘Lead us from despair to
effective witness is by their withdrawal which gives hope.’
them the insight to see through the assumptions of
a greedy society. As Thomas Merton said in a paper As we our still, we may not only catch a glimpse of
given in Bangkok on the day of his death, ‘The monk God’s purposes for the world but also feel a one-
is essentially someone who takes a critical attitude ness with the divine and all living beings. As Francis
towards the contemporary world and its structures.’ Younghusband said of his mystical experience dur-
(6) It may also be that the mystic has clearer eyes ing the Welsh Revival in the early years of the twenti-
with which to see the deceit and corruption of so- eth century, ‘I felt as if I were in love with every man
ciety. Fr Alfred Delp, a Jesuit who was imprisoned and woman in the world.’ That experience inspires
in Nazi Germany, believed like Merton that solitude compassion and forgiveness.
was a vital pre-requisite for the awakening of the so-
cial conscience. He said, ‘Great issues affecting man- The Tibetan Buddhist practice of tonglen (Tibetan
kind have to be decided in the wilderness, in unin- for ‘giving and taking’) is a good way to develop com-
terrupted isolation and unbroken silence. They hold passion. First, you focus on a suffering individual or
a meaning and a blessing, these great, silent, empty group. Breathe in deeply and feel yourself drawing
spaces that bring a man face to face with reality.’ (7) in all their emotional pain, right into your heart,
Those who are called to engage actively in the world making their grief your own. Then, as you breathe
need an inner detachment, which spiritual exercises out, send love, warmth, kindness and compassion to
help to develop. Otherwise they will exhaust them- people who are suffering – replacing – in the hope
selves and experience ‘compassion-fatigue.’ that their fear and pain will be replaced by courage
and some acceptance. [There are similar practices in
How is it then that our times of withdrawal equip other faith traditions, but the Bodhissatva’s vow can
us for life in the world? When I was doing notes on be an inspiration for us all
the authors of prayers which I included in my 1,000
World Prayers, I was at first surprised that so many May I become at all times, both now and forever,
had spent time in prison – some had even been put A protector for those without protection,
to death. But then I realized that those who see most A guide for those who have lost their way,
vividly God’s will for the world will be the most criti- A ship for those with oceans to cross,
cal of abuse and active in social reform. So, first, as A bridge for those with rivers to cross,
we wait in the presence of the Holy, we gain a picture A sanctuary for those in danger,
of the world ‘as God’s love would make it.’ Martin A lamp for those in need of light,
Luther King, in those famous words, declared, ‘I have A place of refuge for those in need of shelter, and a
a dream’ and if we have then we will feel impelled to servant to all those in need.
try to realise it and to campaign for justice and for
the ‘kingdom of God.’ But this is tough going and it The sense of oneness means that we recognise God’s
is easy to give up. I remember attending a meeting, presence in the other, especially the deprived and

1 0 0 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
marginalised. Jalal al-Din Rumi tells of the time when with those whose power, privilege and insensitivity
God rebuked Moses, saying, ‘I am God, I fell sick; but are largely responsible for the social ills.’ (9) Gandhi
you did not come.’ Moses asked God to explain. God also asked, ‘How is one to treat alike insulting, in-
said again, ‘Why didn’t you kindly ask after me when solent, and corrupt officials, co-workers of yesterday
I was sick.’ Moses answered, ‘O Lord, you are never raising meaningless opposition and people who have
ill. I don’t understand: explain the meaning of these always been good to one?’
words.’ God said, ‘Yes, a favourite and chosen slave of
mine fell sick. I am he. Consider well: his infirmity, This sense of oneness also makes forgiveness possi-
his sickness is my sickness.’ [This is reminiscent of ble. Once you can begin to think of the other not as
Jesus’ parable of the Sheep and the Goats. The right- ‘the enemy’ or as a ‘terrorist’, but as a person, your
eous are surprised when the king says to them ‘I was feelings change. [An Israeli soldier has said how his
hungry and you fed me, thirsty and you gave me a whole outlook was changed when he had to search
drink; I was a stranger and your received me in your the body of an Arab who had been shot. In his inside
homes, naked and you clothed me; I was sick and pocket there were pictures of the dead man’s wife and
you took care of me, in prison and you visited me.’ children who were much the same age as the soldier’s
Then the king explains, ‘I tell you, whenever you did own son and daughter.] Daisaku Ikeda, the President
this for one of the least important of these brothers of Soka Gakkai International, tells how deeply he
of mine, you did it for me.’ was affected by his mother’s example. Soon after she
had been told that her eldest son had been killed in
But as Howard Thurman has said, ‘It is much easier action in Burma, an American pilot parachuted to
within the context of mystical piety to identify with earth near their house. Japanese soldiers seized him
the sufferer, the hungry, the poor, the neglected, than and began to beat him and kick him. Daisaka’s moth-

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 1 0 1
er protested, saying, ‘Think how worried the Ameri- origin, our nourishment, our support, our guide. Our
can’s mother must be about her son.’ spirituality itself is Earth-derived.’

If the sense of oneness inspires empathy with other Perhaps it is only as we recognise our inter-con-
people, the experience of the Divine transcends all nectedness with all life that we shall find a vision to
our dogmas and doctrines. This is the true basis for motivate us to seek a new world order. Pictures of
‘a fellowship of faiths.’ Kathleen de Beaumont, one the earth taken from space have provided such a vi-
of the ‘wise women’ of the Congress when I joined sion for some people and have been called a symbol
it over forty years ago, said, ‘We believe that, in the for our age. Astronauts David Brown and Kalpana
Great Unity, we are members one of another.’ Chawla, who both died in the Columbia spacecraft
disaster, spoke of the magical beauty of our planet
Those who have had such an experience find it more as seen from space. ‘If I’d been born in space,’ David
convincing than the claims that one religion has a Brown said, ‘I would desire to visit beautiful Earth
monopoly of truth, even if some scriptures suggest more than I ever yearned to visit space. It’s a won-
that this is the case. derful planet.’ Kalpana Chawla said, ‘The first view of
Earth is magical… in such a small planet, with such
By what name shall I call upon you, a small ribbon of life, so much goes on. You get the
who are beyond all name! feeling that I need to work extraordinarily hard along
You, the Beyond-all, what name shall I give you? with other human beings to respect that.’
All names are given to you
and yet none can comprehend you. It is significant that like those who have explored outer
How shall I name you then, O you, the Beyond-all name? space, mystics – people of deep prayer and meditation
– who have explored inner space proclaim the same
The Church Father Gregory of Nazianzus (329-89) message of unity. The French Jesuit and palaeontolo-
and many mystics who claim to have experienced gist Teilhard de Chardin said, ‘I live at the heart of a
the holiness and presence of God agree that language single, unique Element, the Centre of the Universe,
fails them to describe the Holy One – even if many of and present in each part of it; personal Love and cos-
them have written at length. mic Power.’ (17) The environmentalist, Jane Goodall,
has written, ‘We are moving toward the ultimate des-
Finally, our sense of oneness deepens our concern for tiny of our species – a state of compassion and love.’
the natural world – for the welfare of animals and the
protection of the planet. Father Thomas Berry, a lead- As we wait in prayer and meditation, we may be aware
ing environmental theologian, insists that religions of the dawn of a new era. But I do not think it is in-
have to recognise that ‘the universe is now experi- evitable, which is why if we have glimpsed its possibil-
enced as an irreversible time-developmental process… ity we have a responsibility to allow ourselves to be
Not so much a cosmos as a cosmogenesis.’ (13) This used for its realization. Meditation and Social Action
implies that human beings are co-creators with God. go together. As Mairead Maguire, the Irish Nobel
For weal or woe, the future is in human hands. ‘The Peace Prize Winner, has said, ‘Dream the impossi-
first great contribution this new perspective makes to ble, then so live that the dream is fulfilled’ or as an
religious consciousness’, writes Father Berry, ‘is the Indian child put it more succinctly, ‘Dream and Sweat.’
sense of participating in the creation process itself.
We bear within us the impress of every transforma-
tion through which the universe and the planet have
passed.’ (14) This also means that human beings have
to see themselves as part of the earth community and
recognise that all life is bound together. Fr. Thomas
Berry has written ‘We are earthlings. The Earth is our

1 0 2 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
What future for a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious society?
Mr Coutinho, Focolare Movement, India become, as people say, “a global village”: a new and
complex village.
Respected Mrs Surinder Kaur, respected religious
and spiritual leaders, and dear brothers and sisters, This situation opens up opportunities for knowledge
and development previously unknown, even though
It is indeed a special privilege and a great joy for me fears, indifference and intolerance remain especially
to be present at this World Conference on Unity of due to the ever imminent danger of terrorism.
Man. I also bring you the greetings and good wishes
of Mrs Chiara Lubich, the Founder and President
of the Focolare Movement. Though she is unable to
be present here today due to frail health, she is very
much united with us in spirit. The presentation I am
going to make is based on an address given by Chiara
Lubich at the Westminster Central Hall in London in
June 2004 entitled “What future for a multi-ethnic,
multi-cultural, and multi-religious society?”

India is a land that is the birthplace of major world

religions namely Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and
Sikhism. At the same time it is also home to other
world religions like Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrian-
ism, and Judaism. It is common place to see places of In the face of today’s situation of social upheavals, we
worship of different religions next to each other could consider it not as the end of our world but as
the birth of a new world. This was the vision of a
In recent years, the migration of waves of people is great saint of the Church from the fifth century, Au-
having a profound impact on European societies gustine of Hippo, that came from the faith and con-
too, bringing an ever greater diversity to their cit- viction that God is not absent from history. Rather,
ies. Walking down the streets of many principal cit- God’s love directs everything towards good.
ies, we note the presence of mosques and temples in
countries which, until a short while ago, were almost The Focolare Movement is an international move-
exclusively Christian. ment, which is inspired by the message of Jesus in
the bible, and works for unity in all spheres of life.
At the same time, the communications media bring It is a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-religious
people and nations located across the globe close Movement present in 182 nations of the world. For
to one another. What takes place in one part of the over sixty years it has drawn together, like a real fam-
world can have a decisive impact on the rest. No one ily, people of all Christian traditions and from many
is “foreign” to us any longer because we “see” people, of the world’s religions, as well as people with no
because we know about them. formal faith, who share the aim of building a more
united world. Chiara Lubich has received a number
Furthermore, economic and financial globalization of recognitions from international organizations,
has woven together all our interests. They are no universities, and public bodies for her and the Move-
longer separated from one another. Many problems ment’s contribution towards peace and unity among
are of interest to humanity as a whole; problems peoples, religions, and cultures. To name a few, the
which no nation can face in isolation from all the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion in 1977, the
others. In a word, we live in a world that has truly UNESCO Prize for Peace Education in 1996, the Eu-

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 1 0 3
ropean Council’s Human Rights Prize in 1998, the other as brothers and sisters, to care for and love one
Defender of Peace Prize given by Hindu Movements another.
of Gandhian inspiration at Coimbatore in 2001.
Consequently, our spirituality urges us to love, to live
The Movement’s ability to gather in unity people who in conformity with the love present in the depths of
are so different lies in the spirituality that animatesevery human heart. It is a love that proceeds from
it. It is a “spirituality of communion”, which is both the “Golden Rule” which is common to all religions.
personal and collective, and which generates a new The Mahabharata says, “This is the sum of duty: Do
lifestyle. It is a spirituality that offers a way to go to
not do to others what would cause pain if done to
God through and with our neighbour. you” (5:1517). In the Guru Granth Sahib we read, “I
am a stranger to no one and no one is a stranger to
What does this spirituality teach with regard to rela- me. Indeed, I am a friend to all” (p.1299). In the Gos-
tionships among people of different races, cultures pel Jesus teaches, “Do to others whatever you would
and religions? What is the truly inspired attitude it have them do to you. This is the law and the prophets”
suggests in order to build fraternity among all? (Mt. 7,12). Mahavira says that, “One should treat all
creatures in the world as one would like to be treated”,
First of all, this spirituality is based on an under- (Sutrakritanga 1.11.33). Zoroastrianism teaches, “Do
standing, for those who have faith, that God is a God not do unto others whatever is injurious to yourself ”
of Love, a Father. How could we consider unity and (Shayast-na-Shayast 13.29).
fraternity in society and in the world without a vi-
sion of humanity as one family? And how can we un- For people who have no formal faith, love can mean
derstand this, unless there is one Father of all? philanthropy, solidarity, non-violence.

Therefore, this spirituality calls us to open our hearts This love for our neighbour, which is inspired and
to God, who is a Father, who certainly does not aban- rooted in the love of God, has certain qualities that
don his children to their own destiny but who desires distinguish it from a simply human love.
to accompany them, to protect them and help them.
God alone, who created them, is able to embrace and This way of loving requires us to love everyone: peo-
unite everyone. ple who are pleasant or unpleasant; beautiful or ugly;
fellow-citizen or foreigner; those belonging to my
To believe in his love is the first inspiration of this culture or to another, to my religion or to another,
new spirituality: to believe that we are personally and friend or enemy. Also God, the heavenly Father,
immensely loved by God. He knows each one inti- loves everyone by sending rain and sun on the good
mately and cares for each one personally. The Gospel and the bad.
says that he counts even the hairs of our head (Lk
12,7), and the Quran says: “We are closer to him than Buddha taught boundless compassion for all living be-
our jugular vein.” (50:16). Therefore, God will not ings without discrimination and he told his first disci-
leave the renewal of society to our efforts alone, but ples to “work for the wellbeing and happiness of many,
will take an active role. moved by compassion for the world, for the wellbe-
ing (…) of human beings.” (1) A very beautiful image
Obviously, however, it is not enough to believe in the is used in the Hindu tradition for describing love for
love of God, not enough to have chosen him as one’s enemies, “While the axe chops the sandalwood, it in
Ideal. The Father’s presence and loving care calls turn offers its virtue by scenting the axe with its fra-
each person to be a true daughter or son, loving the grance.” (2) This love towards everyone is very fruitful.
Father in return and living, day by day, according to It is the experience of many that it would be enough
God’s loving plan for each one. And we know that to live this one quality of love in order to bring about a
a father’s first desire is for his children to treat each total change in the society around us.

1 0 4 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
This way of loving also requires us to be first in lov- doing so we put ourselves in a position of learning
ing, without expecting the other person to love us. It and there is always something to learn.
begins first, it always takes the initiative. It is a love
that is ready to make sacrifices for the other. If we are motivated by this kind of love, the other
person will be able to express him or herself because
It is a love that makes us consider the other person they feel accepted. Each person can give themselves
as ourselves. Gandhiji used to say, ”You and I are one because they find someone who listens. So then we
and the same thing. I cannot hurt you without harm- become acquainted with the faith, culture, and ter-
ing myself.” minology of the other. We enter their world and we
are enriched. Our complete openness and accept-
It is a love that is not made up only of words or feel- ance then predisposes the other person to listen to
ings; it is a practical love. It requires that we “make us, and we can also share our faith and culture out
ourselves one” with others, that “we live the others” of love for the other, as a gift. This attitude makes us
in a certain way, that we share their sufferings, their grow in mutual knowledge, brings us closer together
joys, in order to understand them, to serve and help and enables us to contribute to making our multicul-
them in an effective, practical way. tural societies become inter-cultural, that is, made
up of cultures that are open to one another and in a
It is a matter of weeping with those who weep, rejoic- profound dialogue of love with one another.
ing with those who rejoice. This is very important in
so that we can establish a sincere, friendly dialogue The Focolare Movement have had many experiences
with everyone. of this fruitful dialogue with people of the most var-
ied cultures and also with large groups of believers
“Dialogue” is a very relevant word today. It means of other religions. Precisely because of this practice
that people meet together and even though they have of “making ourselves one”, and the friendship born
different ideas, they speak with serenity and sincere from it, we consider them as Movements which
love towards the other person in an effort to find are supportive of our own, and they know that our
some kind of agreement that can clarify misunder- Movement is supportive of theirs. We have built up
standings, calm disputes, resolve conflicts, and even substantial bonds of fraternity with them, like the
eliminate hatred at times. This dialogue, especially Buddhists of the Rissho Kosei-kai which includes six
among the faithful of different religions, is more million members, or the Muslims of the American
than ever indispensable today if we want to avoid the Muslim Society, which numbers two million, and
great evils threatening our societies. others.

It has been written: “To know the other’s religion Real, true fraternity is, in fact, the fruit of a love that
means putting yourself in the shoes of the other, see- is capable of making itself dialogue, relationship,
ing the world as he or she sees it, grasping what it that is a love which, far from arrogantly closing itself
means for the other to be Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu within its own boundaries, opens itself towards oth-
…” (4) This is not something simple. It demands that ers and collaborates with all people of good will in
we empty ourselves completely, that we put aside our order to build together unity and peace in the world.
own ideas, our own affections, to put aside every-
thing we would want to do, in order to identify with But can religions, also as a whole, be partners in the
the other person. journey to peace? We all know how extremely im-
portant and relevant this question is today.
It is a matter of momentarily putting aside what we
have and what is most precious to us: our own faith, Many interpret the spreading of terrorism, the wars
our own convictions, in order to be “nothing” in waged in various parts of the world in response to
front of the other person, a „nothingness of love“. By this, the ongoing tensions in the Middle East as

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 1 0 5
symptoms of a “clash of civilizations”. They say that More equality is needed, more solidarity, especially a
it is marked and even intensified by the different re- more equal sharing of goods. We know, though, that
ligious allegiance. goods do not move by themselves, they cannot walk
on their own. People’s hearts must be moved, hearts
However, upon a closer examination of the facts, this must be shared.
viewpoint triggered by various forms of extremism
and fanaticism which distort religions, proves to be This is why we need to spread among as many people
very partial. as possible, the idea and practice of fraternity, and
– given the enormity of the problem – a universal
Never so much as in our present day have believers fraternity. Brothers and sisters know how to look af-
and leaders of all religions felt the duty to work to- ter one another, they know how to help one another,
gether for the common good of humanity. Organi- how to share what they have.
zations such as the World Conference of Religions
and Peace or initiatives such as the day of prayer for To meet this unprecedented challenge, the contribu-
peace in Assisi promoted by John Paul II in January tion of religions is decisive.
of 2002, this Unity of Man World Conference initi-
ated by Sant Kirpal Singh, are all a confirmation of Where else, if not in the great religious traditions
this. could a strategy of fraternity begin, a strategy capa-
ble of marking a turning point even in international
We know that the causes of terrorism are many, but relation? The enormous spiritual and moral resourc-
one of them, the deepest, is the unbearable suffering es of religions, the contribution of ideals, of aspira-
of a world divided between rich and poor. This has tions to justice, of commitment to the needy, along
produced and continues to produce resentment in with the political leverage of millions of believers, all
people’s hearts, violence and revenge. springing from religious sentiments and channelled

1 0 6 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
into the field of human relations, could undoubtedly logue among ourselves, that is, when we are open to
be translated into actions that could have a positive the other in a dialogue of human kindness, mutual es-
influence on the international order. teem, respect, mercy, we are also opening ourselves to
God and, in the words of Pope John Paul II, “we allow
Much is being done in the field of international soli- God to be present in our midst.” This is the great ef-
darity by non-governmental organizations. What’s fect of our mutual love and the hidden strength which
missing is for states in their own right to make politi- gives vitality and success to our efforts to bring unity
cal and economic choices which can build a world- and universal fraternity everywhere.
wide community of peoples committed to bringing
about justice. And what greater guarantee can there be than the
presence of God? What greater help can there be for
In the face of a strategy of death and hatred, the only those who want to be instruments of fraternity and
valid response is to build peace in justice. But there peace?
is no peace without fraternity. Only fraternity among
individuals and peoples can guarantee a future where What future therefore for a multi-cultural, multi-eth-
there is peaceful coexistence. Besides, universal fra- nic and multi-religious society? A future where all
ternity and the peace which follows from it are not people live as one family made up of brothers and
new ideas that have emerged today. They have often sisters who love one another beneath the gaze of one
been present in the minds of deeply spiritual persons Father. Or, for those who do not know God, a fam-
because God’s plan for humanity is fraternity, and ily united in the name of that voice of truth which
brotherly love is written in the heart of every human speaks out in every human conscience.
Is it an utopia? No, it is God’s most heartfelt desire. If we
“The golden rule”, said Mahatma Gandhi, “is to be love one another, we will necessarily stir up love around
friends of the world and to consider the whole hu- us, and many people of different races, cultures and reli-
man family as one’.” gions will follow us. Then one day in the not-too-distant
future, mutual love will be lived also among peoples.
And Martin Luther King: “I have a dream that one Thank you.
day all people will realize that they were created to
live together as brothers and sisters and that fraterni-
ty will become the order of the day for business per-
sons and the password for statesmen and women.“ Speech
In spite of the destruction then, one great, age-old Swami Shantatmananda, Secretary Ramakrishna
truth can emerge even from the rubble of terrorism: Mission, Delhi, India
that all of us on earth are one great family.
Most honourable religious leaders present on the
Dear friends, we know from experience that whoever dias!
wants to move the mountains of hate and violence
in today’s world faces an enormous task. But what is The prize we have to pay for adopting this course is
beyond the strength of millions of separated, isolated unity of humankind. Many of you here I am meeting
individuals, becomes possible for those who make for the first time. That is the sign of the kind of unity
mutual love, understanding and unity the driving that is developing, the kind of thought process that is
force of their lives. taking place in this country (refers to the speech of
Father Dominic Emmanuel).
There is a reason, a secret key, and a name for all this.
When we, of the most various religions, enter into dia- It is not advisable to talk further, but some more

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 1 0 7
words – One thing is: to make people more and more friendship. And if that is so, what is that what we are
aware of this shortcoming in the society to project it witnessing in the world today and what is the solu-
(the message of unity) in a bigger way before a larger tion?
Yes, in a positive way religions alone can usher in
It is such a huge forum to project these ideas, because peace, love and unity in this world. In that sense reli-
people who take this message of unity, when they go gions have a wonderful positive role to play. But then,
back will again talk to the people who are near and how do you unite people? Functioning under vari-
dear to them or to the society where they live. That ous banners, are we to do away with differences? Un-
is how the message will spread faster and that is how successfully Akbar attempted a kind of binding be-
we are able to usher in unity. tween Hindus and Muslims by taking some portions
of Hinduism and some tenets of Islam and tried to
A second thing: (If) in 2017 a million people would start a new religion. It was a total failure. The beauty
assemble on this very ground to proclaim to mankind in this world is the unity in variety. The diversity is
that they have achieved unity of man(kind) – not to what gives charm to the earthly existence.
discuss that we have to do it – but to proclaim: We
have achieved it. So that way probably a gathering in Swami Vivekananda also started the World Par-
2017 might be very fruitful and worth considering. liament of Religions where he really set a tone for
such kind of attempted harmony of religions. There
Now so many things are happening. We are already he clearly said that a Christian has not to become
talking about global dimensions, and quite often reli- a Hindu or a Buddhist, nor the Hindu or Buddhist
gion is held for the cause of much of disharmony and should become a Christian. Each has to assimilate
disturbance, the evils in the society. But if we exam- the better aspects of the other religion and grow in
ine deeply, quite often that is not the case at all. For his own way. Soamiji gave us a beautiful example, he
example, one of the great conflicts of recent times the said, ‘You plant a seed somewhere and then you pro-
war between Iraq and USA – certainly religion is not vide water, air, light and everything. That does not
the cause, the reason is entirely different. So it is quitebecome air, water or light, but it assimilates all that
often: Religion is wrongly blamed for the wrong hap- and grows into a plant in its own way.’ So accordingly
penings in the society. Even if you examine in depths we have to take the best elements of maybe different
the conflict between different communities in India religions, only then it is possible to usher in this kind
also, the communal disturbance or the disharmony of unity.
between Hindus and Muslims, or whatever it is – if
you go into the depths of such issues, quite often the There is also one more aspect: We cannot do away
reasons are extremely flimsy – surface level happen- with traditions of thousands and thousands of years
ings. of history. Mosques, temples, and churches did not
come up the other day. They are there since the time
And moreover, as recently seen, in Calcutta a Mus- of creation itself probably, and great things have
lim author was condemned by Muslims. That led to a been achieved through these institutions. Human-
kind of riot between Hindus and Muslims. How can kind do need all those things today, I tell you. We
you blame religion for that? cannot do away with all that, because religion is a
dire necessity of man or humankind and people at
So the problem is: Religion can hardly be blamed for various levels need different approaches to religion.
such occurrences. The practices, some of the fringe You may be surprised, or you do not know, you may
level observances of some religions might lead to remember that the revolution in Romania ushering
such happenings, but religions by and large preach in democracy started in a church. So you cannot say
only the greatest truths like harmony, peace, and that a church or a mosque or a temple is not neces-
wonderful co-existence in an atmosphere of love and sary or you can do away with that. We do need all

1 0 8 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
that, but then: It is good to be born in a church but
one should not die there. One has to transcend all
that and go to a much higher level, if you are really to
achieve that unity.

Because at the lower levels where people are not that

grown into mature personalities, (being) followers of
their own religion, there will be this kind of differ-
ences. And also, if we really have to love our neigh-
bour as ourselves – why should we do it at all? Why
not make profit at the expense of our neighbour?
Why not rob him? People often come and tell us,
“Maharaj, people are doing so much black marketing,
they take so high prices, they are doing so well. But
we are followers of religion, we are suffering.”

That is because you need some fundamental aspect to

unite mankind. This is also what some other speak-
ers have talked about: that is the core element of eve-
ry religion. Every religion talks about the divinity of about the grassroot-level-people, what about the
man. That is what Swami Vivekananda has put in a masses? That is where the relevance lies of those who
beautiful message for mankind, he said, ‘Each soul is attended the conference today and of the religious
potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this divin- leaders who sat on the dias (stage), that is where our
ity.’ responsibility lies. We should carry this message
down below and tell each and everyone with whom
So when we link ourselves to a higher ideal – suppose we come in contact, “That is what we should achieve,
I feel, ‘I am divine, the other person is also divine’, that is how it can be achieved.”
then all these surface level differences, the difference
in the colour of the skin, some being fat or lean or And finally, so many forums have discussed such
tall or short, rich or poor, this caste or that caste, this messages. Why is it that it is not becoming that effec-
religion or that religion – all these things would ap- tive? Yes, there is slowly created a greater and greater
pear as surface level differences which might exist in awareness through such initiatives. But each religion
the society. But deep within each person is divine, so needs such exalted personalities as a Christ or a Bud-
there is no fundamental difference at the core level dha, a Mohammed or a Rama Krishna or a Krishna
of personality, so that can be the starting point for or a Rama or a Vivekananda. That kind of exalted
uniting mankind as a whole. personalities alone can bring about a radical trans-
So we must have that kind of a fundamental idea that
would help us to grow into a greater and greater fol- I know people, I have heard of people by authentic
lowing of our own religion, and then we will be able records, in whose very presence all thoughts of ha-
to unite with mankind as a whole. So when we func- tred or enemity vanish automatically. Each religion
tion in the society, we have to remember this. – that is what it should attempt – is to go deep in their
inner Sadhna, unless our life is backed by a tremen-
Two small points I touch before I close: In such con- dous urge for a higher spiritual dimension, a higher
ferences in an atmosphere of friendship, love, affec- life. Then and only then we will be able to really go
tion, great kind of a fellow-feeling these things are into that kind of personalities, where all this appears
extremely relevant and easy to talk about. What to be meaningful.

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 1 0 9
Because many of the so-called social reforms, many erful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the
of these social level reforms, are there. But these all whole earth!“ Mention was made about the conver-
will be taken care of in a total way, if people by and gence – healthy convergence of the forces of science
large adopt a different attitude towards life – a spirit- and technology on the one hand, and religion and
ual basis. Then and only then all these efforts in unity spirituality on the other hand. And when you look
become really meaningful. at the past and the present, and what future holds
for us, let us believe that peerless is that day – it is as
Thank you. the eye to past ages and centuries and as a light unto
the darkness of times! I think that it is these spiritual
forces that operate from the soil of India which give
our country the strength.
Spirit of Unity and Fellowship
And when we talk about that India will become a
Mr Ali K. Merchant, General-Secretary Bahai Com- knowledge super-power, it is the spiritual knowledge
munity, India and conviction that we are talking about. The science
and technology aspect and the many other forms of
Esteemed and distinguished leaders of religions, knowledge that have been generated, are an auxil-
guests, delegates, friends, well-wishers and organiz- iary, are an adjunct to the body of spiritual knowl-
ers of the World Conference on Unity of Man, edge which gives us the strength to attract the whole
world to the spirit of unity and fellowship.
Time is limited, and all I wanted to say is, how happy
I am to be part of this celebration. The world-fel- Thank you very much once again to Mataji (Mrs Biji
lowship should be sharing this happiness that is be- Surinder Kaur), and to all who have organized this
ing sent out from this blessed spot of Kirpal Sagar. I conference!
know, since the time is limited, I have not been able
to befittingly acknowledge the presence of the distin-
guished religious leaders – I have offered a prayer in
Hindi – and I would like to conclude with another
prayer for blessings of the Divine, for the blessings of
the Almighty to be showered at this gathering and at
this holy spot.

It is a Bahai prayer, revealed by Baha Ullah:

Blessed is the spot and the house,

and the place and the city,
and the heart and the mountain,
and the refuge and the cave,
and the valley and the land,
and the sea and the island,
and the meadow,
where mention of God had been made
and His praise glorified.

So on behalf of the Bahai Community I wish you all

well and bring lots of greetings, sharing your convic-
tion as so powerful as Baha Ullah has said, “So pow-

1 1 0 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
After this intense programme the atmosphere did rial place of Dr Harbhajan Singh all stopped with
not allow just to walk away. Biji invited all to make reverence and then proceeded to the Chowk, where
the circuit in Kirpal Sagar. The whole assembly fol- in this early morning hour Biji greeted the dawning
lowed her across the nocturnal park illuminated day of 10 December, 2007 with a few words to all in
by thousands of tiny bulbs, passing by the Sarovar, her company. Finally all went to the langar-building,
where high above the shape of the Symbols were where a long night’s programme ended with jubilant
vaguely perceptible under the cloth. At the memo- songs.

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 1 1 1
Inauguration of the Symbols

The core of the Conference was the unveiling of

the Symbols on top of the Sach Khand Bhawan,
the central building in Kirpal Sagar in the midst of
the beautiful lake, the Sarovar.

Abiding by the outline given by Sant Kirpal

Singh Himself, models of a Gurdawara, a Tem-
ple, a Church, and a Mosque, had been carefully
constructed side by side. As He used to explain,
their traditional shapes relate to the human head
– Temples and Churches are dome-shaped, the
towers of Christian churches look like the ascend-
ing nose, at the root of which the inner eye is lo-
cated, and Mosques resemble the human forehead.
Religions give message that man is able to attain
God knowledge by ‘tapping’ inside. Saints, mystics,
holy persons of all times, in East and West, got in-
ner knowledge by way of deep contemplation and
meditation. This is why the human body is called,
‘Temple of God’. The outer houses of worship made
with stones and bricks are just symbols of the body,
reminding us that human life is a golden opportu-
nity to reach the highest goal: To be united with
God. This is the privilege of all human beings, in-
dependent of caste, colour, and creed. It was the
mission of Sant Kirpal Singh to bring this know-
ledge back to life and give a practical approach.

The day of the inauguration of these Symbols had

been eagerly expected. Twenty-five years had passed
by since the first cut of the spade had started the work
for the Sarovar at the time of Dr Harbhajan Singh.

Among the audience there were many from East

and West who had lent a hand for setting up Kir-
pal Sagar since the very begin of the Project. They
were deeply moved to be present that day. Step
by step they had been witnessing all plans taking
shape under Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife, Biji
Surinder Kaur. The inauguration of the Symbols
was the crowning achievement of years of work on
behalf of Sant Kirpal Singh.

1 1 2 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
It was about 2:30 p. m. when Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur requested the participants
to proceed to the Sarovar for the inauguration of the Symbols. All left the tent
and marched in a procession to the Sarovar, headed by the religious representatives
alongside of Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur.

I n a u g u r ati o n o f th e S y mb o l s I 1 1 3
1 1 4 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
The words of Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur expressed her deep
respect and reminded of the roots of Kirpal Sagar

Dear children of the Master who came together for even if problems will arise, it does not matter.”
the truth, dear congregation of Sants.
When (1973) Master came to the farm (today Kirpal
Since this morning we have got the colour which Sagar), He consigned this gift also physically to us.
He gave us from the plane of the Saints. Today I go Bhaji took up this duty and accomplished it with all
through (the lesson) which is written in the inner his power. Whatever He told us at that time I have
book. always been keeping in mind and today it came true.

Before my Gurudev Kirpal Singh bestowed on us this When Dr Harbhajan Singh laid the foundation stone
gift of the Ocean of Grace (Kirpal Sagar), He had done for the Sach Khand Bhawan, he looked at the main
a lot of hardship (meditation) within for one year. gate, at the just started Sach Khand Bhawan, at the
library, and behind, and spoke about the nine doors
On February 6, He asked both of us, “Can you create and how the soul has to cross the tenth door. He is al-
a common platform for all the religions of the world ways present, had he not been with us, we would not
according to the longing of each soul?” Bhaji replied, have been able to speak about his greatness since this
“Yes, I will do.” Master looked at Bhaji and at me and morning. From his internal home he himself gave us
again asked, “Can you do it?” Bhaji was a great work- the colour in which we all are dyed.
er for Sant Kirpal Singh. He answered, “I am ready,

I n a u g u r ati o n o f th e S y mb o l s I 1 1 5
It was his instruction given to the Sangat to construct
the shining symbols which are now completed. They
have been constructed with his grace, and it is up to
the Sangat to make the best use thereof. It is a place
of truth. As we cannot swim without water, the God-
power has filled His grace into the vessel which is in
His ocean. We should dip into this ocean.

The time for today’s inauguration of the Symbols was

fixed by Him. From 10 a. m. to 2 p. m. we were re-
membering him, thereafter He has opened the door
of His grace according to His wish, not according to
our mind. His grace cannot be retained in a small
receptacle, it is for the whole humanity.

Today we are climbing the first step of the way to To rise above we need the company of such Sants
God. To climb these stairs we urgently need the help who help us to reach Sach Khand (spiritual plane).
of a competent Sant, a true Master. With the help of The Sants who are able to travel on this way will help
Bhajan and Simran (meditation) we can attain the us to rise above the mind. For this Master brought
internal knowledge. Dr Sahib Ji has left us this place us together in the congregation of the Saints and
that we can attain this knowledge. opened the door of the Symbols. I pray that these
Symbols may radiate the grace forever. The children
Bhaji used to say, “Kirpal Sagar is my mirror, you can were singing in the right way: ‘As long as the whole
see my whole life in it.” I am telling these words to humanity exists we will always remember the Lord’.
my children, to the family and the Sangat assembled
here, I give you his message and it is up to you to take This power (Bhaji) did not live for himself, but for the
it seriously and live up to it. whole humanity. After Master’s physical departure,
Bhaji did each and everything to carry on His Mis-
Whenever he went on Mission’s work he used to take sion, and he got so absorbed in the Mission that he
the children and myself along and would say, ’We often did not even know whether he had taken food
will live together and die together, then no-one will or which class his children attended. When his chil-
be there for weeping.’ My granddaughter sang this dren had already passed the examination he brought
Shabad, she was brought up with the help of Dr Sa- the books for that class. My both children sacrificed
hib, he gave her the food with his own hand. He al- their childhood. We used to leave them alone while
ways wished: ‘My children should serve in the Mis- they were still asleep and when we came back they al-
sion, they should clean the shoes of the Sangat’ – this ready slept again. One woman was employed to care
was Bhaji’s wish. He had a simple way of living, but for their food and whatever they needed, because we
he has given his fragrance just like a flower gives fra- both were travelling for His mission.
grance to all of us.
Personally I don’t have any problem, because I am
We are travelling on the way he prepared for all of in the hand of good Sangat. I still remember the un-
us, together with the Rishis and Munis. As he laid even roads (problems) on which Bhaji used to travel.
the foundation stone of this place, in the same way, Today we do not have these problems in the Mission.
with the prayer of all religions, we have done it today. We have a place for sleeping, for sitting, a room for
We have four corners, in each corner they did their living. (1982, coming to Kirpal Sagar) there was noth-
prayer, their arti, their namaz etc. – that was the wish ing to sit on nor a place for sleeping, we used to rest
of Bhaji’s life. According to this we are proceeding. under a tree. Bhaji simply took four poles, put a sheet

1 1 6 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
on it for shade and began the work. Now it is easy to Parshad in form of sweets etc., but the inner Parshad
work. Whose gift is it? It is the gift from Master and (blessing) only He can give.’ We all should sit before
Bhaji. He is always with us. His door and let Him distribute His own Parshad to
I cannot thank enough all the loveable people from
everywhere, all the Sangat from the foreign coun- Together with the Rishis and Munis present here, we
tries as well as from here, and the management, they all have come to the conviction that the grace that is
have brought forward the Mission with full energy pouring down now should flow to the whole world.
and continue doing it. He has opened the door and
His grace is working, it is now up to the Sangat to
make the best use of it.

Today is a very blessed day. Day and night we just

remembered Him. We ourselves can not give you
anything, the Giver will give His grace to everybody.
Yesterday one Swami Ji said, ‘We can give the outer

I n a u g u r ati o n o f th e S y mb o l s I 1 1 7
Unveiling the Symbols

At 3 p. m. the Inauguration of the Symbols took and several pigeons were set free as a sign of peace.
place. While on top of the building helpers started From the top of the building rose-petals were show-
to remove the white cloths hiding the Symbols, four ered down, and a small aeroplane was dropping tiny
commemorative tablets near the door were unveiled pink flyers welcoming all at Kirpal Sagar. The reli-
gious representatives walked around the building, of the cloudy sky. It was an auspicious and in some
and when they reached back to the bridge, all the way unbelievable moment.
cloths had been taken away from the Symbols. Un-
covered, the Symbols were gloriously shining in spite
1 2 0 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
When the Symbols will have been inaugurated at the World Conference
on Unity of Man, they will be radiating the message of unity.
Biji Surinder Kaur

I n a u g u r ati o n o f th e S y mb o l s I 1 2 1
Accompanied by the blowing of traditional horns and the singing and shouting of benedictions,
all walked round the Sarovar, many forming a queue, marching hand in hand. At each of the
corner buildings dedicated to the religions – Gurdawara, Church, Mosque, and Temple – all
stopped for a prayer revering the only one God, the Father of all.

I n a u g u r ati o n o f th e S y mb o l s I 1 2 3
This institution is for
all human beings, no
matter which country
they may come
from, this belongs to
everyone. It is an in-
ternational institution
not only outwardly,
but from the core of
the heart, it belongs
to all human beings.
Dr Harbhajan Singh
Concluding Session

Rev Thomas Singh; UK

Mr Stadlmeyer, Chairman Unity of Man; Germany
Mr Hössinger, Vice Chairman Unity of Man; Austria
Mrs. Wahl, Vice Chairwoman Unity of Man; Germany
Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur, President Unity of Man; India

The Trinity according to Sant Kirpal Singh to values. Whenever philosophy has been taken se-
and Saint Paul riously, it has always been assumed that it signified
achieving a wisdom that would influence the con-
Speech by Rev Thomas B. Singh duct of life. And I as a theologian totally agree with
this concept for the simple reason that after studying
the works of different philosophers and theologians,
Good evening and welcome to tonight’s programme. if I may add their works, have always left me with a
Thank you for that wonderful introduction, I am notion of something other than, of something higher,
from Luton, UK, and I think it would be a great pity of something not being part of this creation as we
if we did not stand at least for a minute in homage know it. And it is that ‘something’ that influences our
to Sant Kirpal Singh and Dr. Harbhajan Singh, so I conduct of life.
would ask all of you to first stand on your feet just for
one minute in silence. One great philosopher, Swami Vivekananda, whose
mission in the last decade of the nineteenth century
Living in Luton for 33 years – it is said that every cul- had been a national and an international one was a
ture has something good about it; all we need to do lover of mankind, he strove to promote peace and
is to find that something good and adopt it into our human brotherhood on the spiritual foundation of
lives. This is something that I have learnt over the the vedanic oneness of existence and the Fatherhood
years as a mark of respect from those who have gone of God.
on before us.
A mystic of the highest order, Vivekananda had a
Many great philosophers, anthropologists, theolo- direct and intuitive experience of reality. He derived
gians, politicians and artists of a great caliber have his ideas from that unfailing source of wisdom.
come and gone on before us. It is they who have
carved a path for us through their wisdom and un- You know he even had the tendency to become, like
derstanding which of course comes from God alone. his master, to soar above the world and forget itself
The Psalmist writes, ‘O Lord how glorious are thy in contemplation of the Absolute. But fortunately, for
works, Thy thoughts are very deep. An unwise man us another part of his personality bled at the sight of
doth not well consider this and a fool doth not un- human suffering both in the East and West alike. It
derstand it’. even appears as if his mind seldom found a point of
rest in its oscillation between contemplation of God
The greatest thing that we have is the gift of life and and service to man. Be that as it may, he chose in
all the faculties that go with it - Man, know thyself. obedience to a higher call, service to man as his mis-
sion on earth: and it was this choice that endeared
While some philosophers have laid emphasis on psy- him not only to people nationally but the world over.
chological facts, others have given more importance A fine example to humanity: Man, know thyself:

1 2 6 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Non-violence isn’t a campaign, it’s a way of life. These to a greater or lesser degree this same personal agony
are the words of the 20th century philosopher, the of man and self as expressed so aptly by Saint Paul in
father of India, Mahatma Gandhi. For Gandhi, as this quotation.
some of you may know, even haste was a form of
violence. An action of violence he said stems from In one sentence it spells out the ‘guts’, so to speak of
the thought of violence, which arises from dissatis- man’s personal struggle with his own self, his inability
faction with the present. And that present moment to communicate with his own being and his agony in
is every moment. trying to relate to himself. We hear mentioned often
times these days the so-called generation-gap, which
You know, Sant Kirpal Singh’s wisdom and under- supposedly exists between today’s youth and those of
standing, somehow I feel compelled him to choose a us who are over 30 years of age, as an expression of
very rigid formula in the form of a triangle, that three the inability of one generation to communicate with
sided shape, He said, be good, do good, be one. the other.

As a Christian representative then, the concept of the As real as this generation gap may be, the intensity of
three in one is of the ultimate importance as it is the the struggle of man and self far outweighs this social
doctrinal formula of the Christian faith. gap and is indeed of greater dimension and of greater
consequences. Here, too, there is a gap between man
The three in one is very much interlinked with God and his inner being, man and his ground of being.
the Father, God the Son and God Holy Spirit, the For man’s struggle to communicate with his own self
three states of God, existing together as one. And if seems almost endless, and yet at the same time it is
we were to remove one of them, we would no longer of the utmost importance. It is this agony of man and
have the Godhead. Be good, Do good, Be One: The self which is expressed in these words, ‘I do not do
three are intricately interlinked together. the good I want, but the evil I do not want is what I
One of my favourite theologians by the name of John
has captured the whole notion of this Be One in the It can be said that this struggle of man in search of
opening lines of his gospel. the self can be appeased initially by applying that vet-
eran of veterans’ philosopher, Socrates’ basic maxim,
He writes, ‘In the beginning was the word, and the ‘Know thyself.’
word was with God, and the word was God. He was
in the beginning with God; and all things were made We need to engage in a dialogue with our inner be-
through him, and without him was not anything ing. We need to come to know ourselves as we really
made that was made. In him was life, and the life are by engaging in such a dialogue, whereby we will
was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, discover our weak points as well as our strong ones.
and the darkness has not overcome it. The true light Dialogue is the answer.
that enlightens every man was in the world. He came
to his own people and his own people received him Christ showed us time and time again that truth and
not. But to all who received him, who believed in his understanding could only be attained by dialogue,
name, he gave power to become children of God.’ be it with the self, with our fellow man or with God.

I do not do the good I want, but the evil I do not The necessity of man to become conscious of who
want is what I do.’ Indeed, how much truth there is and what he is is most fundamental. Otherwise, man
to be found in these poignant words of a Saintly fig- is bent, destined to self-destruction. For have you ever
ure writing in his letter to the Romans all those 2000 stopped to consider who is man’s worst enemy? It is
years ago. How much of a challenge is placed before neither communism, nor materialism, nor any other
each and everyone of us, as we likewise experience hedonistic philosophy, but rather it is man himself.

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 1 2 7
Each and every one of us is his or her own worst en- Once man has encountered himself and has been
emy. And how is that? Well did you ever stop to con- spiritually reborn, he can fully and completely com-
sider that the most sinful act committed, the most mit himself to God. By committing ourselves to God,
impure thought entertained and the most cruel word in the fullest sense of the word, we discover that the
uttered do not originate outside of man, but proceed ‘I’ will decrease, and God will increase in us. As God
begins to become the rudder of our lives and perme-
ates our being in depth, the ground of our being, we
will discover for ourselves what St. Paul meant when
he said, ‘I live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.’ This
is what the Christ-centered life is all about.

I would like to take this opportunity just to set the

records straight on behalf of all those Indian Chris-
tian residing in the East. You know, living in the West
as an Indian Christian, I am immensely saddened, in
fact heartbroken, when I note how Christianity or
the Christian is portrayed here in the East. Michael
is usually seen as a drunkard, Mary and Joseph poor
and penny less, and, yes, Peter and John as the goons
of the territorial space. I am certain that this is not
the case and very much hope that this will soon be
brought into its respective perspective.

from man himself? We can do more harm to ourselves What the world needs now are individuals, regard-
than any one person or group of persons could ever less of their caste, colour, creed or even national
conceive in doing. Man is his own worst enemy! Be- background. Young and old alike, clergy and laity,
hold the words of Saint. Paul, ‘I do not do the good I committed fully and completely to exhibit in action
want, but the evil I do not want is what I do.’ a vital, dynamic and living faith and action, not a
wishy-washy kind of faith – here today, gone tomor-
By the same token, Plato, the father of all philoso- row – but a real commitment, iron-clad faith, a faith
phers expressed this concept of two forces in man that will move mountains. And I see that here, here
in his Phaedrus, wherein he depicts the soul of his at Kirpal Sagar, that’s exactly what has happened:
charioteer desperately seeking to control two horses’ Sant Kirpal Singh’s vision along with Dr Harbhajan
intent on going in the opposite directions. Behold Singh’s mind and his physical ability to bring this
the dichotomy of man – for the one force seeks to Kirpal Sagar into one and into that action where we
take the soul upward, whereas, the other force tries are today sitting from all nations, races and all faiths
to drag it downward. ‘I do not do the good I want, – coming together as the unity of man. Such a faith
but the evil I do not want is what I do.’ The first ‘I’ ac- will lessen the reality of man’s struggle – as it has
cepts the responsibility for what the second ‘I’ does. been done here.
Once having succeeded to some degree in this act of
introspection and catharsis, whereby man has come Sant Kirpal Singh summed up in his own words: Be
to recognize who and what he is, it follows by neces- good – Do good – Be one. And Saint Paul said, ‘I do
sity that he realizes that he must change his ways. To not do the good I want, but the evil I do not want is
accomplish this, man must experience the sincere what I do.’ It is these ideas, these concepts that need
and genuine desire to change, to be spiritually reborn, to be replaced with another expression of St. Paul, ‘I
transformed, renewed, reconciled and reunited with live, yet not I, but God liveth in me.’ And until we
God so that a new creature will come into being. have that, until we can fight against that inner strug-

1 2 8 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
gle within ourself, God cannot reside in us, in our belief in a divine origin has to tackle with the proc-
body, which is the temple of God. ess of its “translation” into the particular vocabulary
of the receiving exponent in the respective culture.
Ultimately, as the inside cover page of the Unity of Religions at best are inextricable networks of tran-
Man magazine states, ‘A change can only come about scendent wisdom, parables, allegories, legends, tales,
if man is ready to change his own self.’ allegations and orders.

That initial step is of utmost importance, it is crucial. As a result of globalization Unity of Man is in rapid
So the question which arises from all this, which I progress on various fields of human culture: sciences,
would like to pose to you tonight is: Are you ready economy, technology, industry, agriculture, litera-
for that change? ture, music, art, sports. Why not religion?

And as a community here at Kirpal Sagar and all All traditional religions had been founded more
those delegates from abroad: Are we ready for that than thousand years ago in agricultural societies.
change as one and all? As we say, ‘one for all and all People then were living in a traditional static world.
for one’. So necessarily religion also had a static character,
which later on was held upright with the argument,
Thank you for granting me this opportunity to speak that the essence of religion, the ultimate reality
here tonight. doesn’t change. This explanation, however is not
convincing. First, nobody really knows ultimate re-
ality. Why should it be static in an overall dynamic
world? Second, religious doctrines are translations,
transcriptions, necessary for the understanding of
an audience present at that time. What about us,
“The Change of Heart is the Heart of the Matter” who live two thousand years later in an urban tech-
(A.J.Toynbee) nical business world? What about our life in a world
of scientific understanding of this world and even
A comment for Unity of Man from Prof. Dr rer.nat. of ourselves? We don’t want to be bothered, fright-
Dieter Dieterich, Germany ened and terrified by aggressive people who are just
unable or unwilling to transform an old-fashioned,
indoctrinated, self-styled belief, that imprisons
Human Beings are endowed with an individual them in hatred and brute force.
personality. The core of personality can be depicted
as a radiant and all-reflecting cut jewel: the Human This is not a call for abandoning traditional religions,
Heart. The Heart is as fathomless as is the Universe nor for their unification in modern terms, but it is an
that the mirror-jewel of our Heart reflects. Its tran- attempt for a human understanding of the core of re-
scendent dimension is nameless and – because it is ligion. It seems appropriate to compare the different
difficult to live with the GREAT NAMELESS – has religions in order to get a glimpse for what is com-
been designated ATON, JHWH, BRAHMAN, AL- mon in them, even if the words used are quite differ-
LAH, GOD, EMPTINESS (full of potential) or oth- ent. “Who knows just one religion, does not know
erwise. The various religions are attempts to connect even one.” (Max Müller, F.; founder of the Compara-
the transcendent dimension with the world of phe- tive Science of Religions; Oxford). Obviously there
nomena and – most important – with actual human are two essential constituents of religious life: Tran-
life and fate. Inevitably religions are different because scendental wisdom including the knowledge of uni-
of the different cultural scenes, bringing forth reli- versal unity and there from the innate guidelines to
gious doctrines and teachings. A pretended or even a fulfilling peaceful human life. Both are faculties of
asserted claim of ultimate truth, derived from the our Heart.

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 1 2 9
The core of true religion is liberation from alien as beings in their role as adherents of their respective
well as self-imposed constraints and obsessions. If religions, but in all human relations on every plane
you become acquainted with a so-called religious of human activity. The union of hearts is primary.
text or assertion, please examine it without preju- Questions of doctrine and of administration are sec-
dice but with the following criterion in mind before ondary to this.”
you decide to get familiar with it by absorbing it into
your Heart: Are these venerable Words meaningful There are three faculties of the Heart that we should
for your spiritual life, helpful, salutary and liberat- strengthen by daily practice: Being attentive, com-
ing? Or do you feel cramped, oppressed, dominated, passionate and courageous to face life.
enslaved? Is this text a hindrance on your way of lib-
eration? What you choose to get familiar with, will
form your Heart. Your Heart bears your attitude and
your conduct towards yourself and towards every-
body and everything.

For this reason Toynbee emphasised: “The Change

of Heart is the Heart of the Matter. If this change has
truly been achieved and the achievement is going to
be permanent, it will bring with it a change of con-
duct for the better, not only in the relation of human

1 3 0 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Be good, Do good, Be one
Mr Stadlmeyer, Chairman Unity of Man; Germany

Dear Biji, dear respected guests and delegates from

abroad, dear brothers and sisters,

As we are now gathered here, we can count our-

selves lucky to be present during these wonderful
days – not only days, also wonderful nights, days and
nights full of Master’s grace and Master’s blessing.

Mr. Thomas Singh just spoke about some philoso-

phers and about Saint John and Saint Paul, and while much stronger in our daily life so that we become an
listening to his speech, I thought, our Master has example.
done a wonderful work. Which work? When Sant
Kirpal Singh started His work in Manav Kendra, He How wonderful it would be if after returning to our
wanted to provide a facility for a comparative study homes, to our countries, there would be no need to tell
of the holy scriptures. And what had Master done where we had been in India, but if people could feel
himself? He had read many, many books; one time that something has happened with us. They should
He said that he had read maybe more than one big feel some radiation of our Master, they should see
library. His ideal „Be good, do good, be one“ being put into
practice – not only in our community, in the Sangat,
Last week we found one sentence, where Sant Kirpal but also in our own family, in our job - we have many,
Singh had written that actually it is not needed to many possibilities to develop more and more.
search for the common truth of the holy scriptures.
He himself had been searching and had found it for Sant Kirpal Singh said, “Who is a real Christian? The
us - most of these quotations (from different scrip- one who lives in accordance with the inner experi-
tures) we have heard now we will also find in Master’s ences, the inner laws, the inner truth, and the same
books, what they express is a reality, it is the truth. goes for Muslims and all devotees of the various re-
Master himself was fully conscious, He knew very ligions.”
much and He was well versed in the Bible. When He
was in the USA, He held one lecture in a church, and We are very thankful to Biji that we have got the op-
the subject He took up was “Godpower, Christpower, portunity to be present during this World Conference
Masterpower”. He was able to point out the common on Unity of Man. We want to give also many thanks
essence of all religions. to our respected guests – they all agreed that there
is truth in each religion, that there is hope, and that
During these three days we could hear many quota- there is a definite possibility that man can change.
tions from various religions, and we have heard that
the essence of all religions is one. However, it is not Again thanks to Biji, thanks to our beloved Bhaji.
enough to hear it – if we follow the advise of the true
men or holy people, of the competent Master, of the
Almighty, then we know, this day, the third day of
the Conference can also close with a very deep and
strong decision, a decision from our side to take the
next step, as Biji told us. We all are able to become

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 1 3 1
We have to know who we are, what we are a book about the ‘Gurmukh’; Gurmukh means, one
who has become the mouthpiece of the Guru. Guru
Mr Hössinger, Vice Chairman Unity of Man; Austria (Master) means one who is the mouthpiece of God,
who is one with God. And who is His mouthpiece, is
also one with God. The Masters say, God is the Mas-
Dear beloved Biji, respected guests, dear brothers ter of all of us, and if we take one step in the right
and sisters, direction, towards God, He will come with millions
of steps to receive us, to help us, to give us support, to
It was expressed in all speeches that there is a lot of give us guidance and to teach us many lessons as how
struggle in the world and all want to have a change to control the mind. But if we do not do this very first
– even the term of revolution was mentioned. Sant step, even God can not help us.
Kirpal Singh already spoke about a coming spiritual
revolution, saying, “There have already been so many The main thing we should realize is: Whom can we
revolutions, but have we really changed?” So some change? Can we change anybody else? If we can not
other type of revolution is needed. He said further, change ourselves, how can we dream to change any-
“This revolution will be a revolution against the evil body else? The Master says, “Change yourself and
propensities of the mind.” Means, we have to change you have changed the whole creation.” Because we
the bad habits of the mind into good habits. are not separate from this creation, we are a part of
it. But we are identified with the creation alone and
What is man? We say ‘Unity of Man’, but we must know have forgotten the Creator.
what man is, if we do not know what man is, how to
realize or to manifest the unity which already exists? God is our Father, He is the Creator of everything,
but we only want to have other things from Him. It is
In Punjabi or Hindi, the word ‘man’ means the same said in the scriptures, the soul is like a princess, who
as mind. A man is also called Jiva, means soul cov- is married with a beggar and lives in a dirty hut. This
ered by mind and matter. Unfortunately mind con- beggar is the mind. Mind is only interested in mate-
trols us day and night. While we are sleeping, mind rial things, and why? Mind itself is a matter. Matter
is already planning what to do the next day. In this has no life of itself, it has no power. So mind lives on
condition we are a ‘manmukh’, a mind ridden soul. the soul like a parasitic plant.

The Vedas and all scriptures say that the main prob- Bhaji used to explain that in detail, like a scientist,
lem is how to control the mind. Mind creates count- in his open lectures. He said, „Like a parasitic plant,
less wishes, and out of these wishes and out of our mind takes all power from the mother tree, but it has
actions mind has created many habits which are en- no root itself. So mind deprives us of our power by
slaving us. We are the slaves of our habits. Like fire, taking away our attention, and misusing our atten-
mind is a good servant but a bad master – a very hard tion, it misuses our power and turns it against us.
master. If we do anything wrong, we will undergo a Who should change that? If we do not do it, nobody
strict punishment. Kabir said, we may choose any can do it. We have to change. Each one of us is fac-
way we like, in the end we will be taken back to God ing this task. If we have already started with it – very
– by suffering all the way… good, if not, we know that only a limited time is al-
lotted to us in this life...
Mind is like a watchdog. It will not let us turn to-
wards God until we learn how to control it and to Kabir said, you may live for hundred years, it will be
get separate from it. So who is able to help us and good – provided you make the best use of your life.
teach us how to control the mind? Only one who is We should not waste it for nothingness. Matter is
in control of his mind, who is conscious, who is one nothing, we need to use the matter, we need food and
with God – only Godpower can help us. Bhaji wrote everything, but we are not the body, we are not the

1 3 2 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
intellect, we are not the mind, we are not the ego, we
are not the feelings, we are something else. All Masters
said, we have to know who we are. We have to look
like into a mirror, and if our mind is not stilled, we
can not see ourselves in the mirror of the mind. So we
need the help of someone who is competent.

When Guru Nanak was asked “Who is your Master?”

He said, “Shabd is my Master.” Shabd is another word
for the Godpower or God - into expression- power.
Father Thomas just quoted, ‘In the beginning was the
Word.’ This Word or Shabd is the power which cre-
ated everything, nothing that has been created has not
been created by the Word. So this Word is the Master-
power, is the Christpower, is the Godpower. We have we are soul, and we have to know God. And since
to come in contact with the Word. This Word is al- there is no end of God, there is no limit to our learn-
ready in us, it is the power which gives life to us. ing.

Sant Kirpal Singh said in his open lectures: ‘We So it is said, there is only one ‘Saki’, Saki means, the
should not think that there is no controller of this one who distributes the wine – why do people drink
body. Some power is controlling our breath, which is wine? Because it gives intoxication, and those who
going in and going out. When this power withdraws are intoxicated sit together whether they are poor or
from the body, breath will stay outside and we have rich; embracing each other they sing and enjoy. But
to leave the body at once. We will not get one single this outer intoxication lasts for a short time only, and
breath more.’ We do not know, when we will have to afterwards one feels bad and maybe has done a lot of
leave, but it is definite that we have to leave. So if we foolish things as well. So what we need is the intoxi-
do not solve this riddle of life or the mystery of death cation of the inner nectar or ras. The Saki, means the
now, there is no guarantee that we will even have the Masterpower, has one pot of nectar and gives to eve-
chance to do it later. The only time we can change ryone as much as he wants. If we only want to have
and do something is now. Now is eternity. Tomorrow little, or if we want to have nothing, we should not
is Kal, and yesterday is also Kal; Kal is the word for blame the Saki, it is up to our own decision – or may-
time, for tomorrow and for yesterday. But Kal is also be to our own ignorance. If we want to have more we
the name of a power – the negative power. can have more, if we want to have everything there
is no limit.
Mind, matter, maya or negative power is one and the
same. We should just use the matter, as for example Baba Sawan Singh, the Master of Sant Kirpal Singh,
we use money to buy food for ourselves, for our chil- said about our Master, “He took the whole ocean and
dren, or for those who are in need. There is nothing still His lips are dry.” That means, He took all the inner
bad in money. It is written in the Bible that the desire nectar and was still yearning for more. We may learn
for money, the love for money is the evil. So desire something out of the example of Sant Kirpal Singh
is the problem. Desire comes from mind. Our desire, and of His beloved Gurmukh, Dr Harbhajan Singh,
our love should be directed towards God. God is in and also of our living example that is still with us, our
us, He is the soul of our soul. We are a drop of the beloved Biji. We can take some decision now or we
ocean of all consciousness, so we are of the same es- can postpone it for an indefinite time, but if we do it
sence as that of God. But we do not know it, and so now, we can be sure to be helped by the Master at once.
we behave like animals – sorry to say – but it is true.
We have to know our own selves and recognize that Thank you.

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 1 3 3
Speech chance of today, because for a long time man thought
to have everything in his hand and took himself for the
Mrs Wahl, Vice Chairwoman Unity of Man; Germany centre of the world. He has denied his Father.

Now we see that we were playing with the most pre-

Dear Biji – and I would like to address all as very, cious things we got: With our life and with the condi-
very dear brothers and sisters, tions of our life. It is high time to recognize that we
have not the power which we thought to have and
Today is a very special day for many of us, who had the that we are dependent upon that higher Power, the
occasion and the good fortune to have been connected life giver, who has created and sustains each and eve-
with Kirpal Sagar since its very beginning, and who rything. He gave us the most precious thing in the
have seen how it was brought up through one word of world – our soul, the life or consciousness in man.
Sant Kirpal Singh and the devotion and surrender of
His disciples who really are worthy of this name. As it was detailed before, we are in a permanent
struggle between the higher self, the consciousness,
We heard today many people complaining about the and the lower mind with which we are identified
condition of the world. The world as it was created through our wishes. Again and again it happened
by our Father was wonderful; it was perfect in the that humanity came in dire straits by this struggle. So
beginning. The condition we see now, has been cre- whenever the times became very hard and all went
ated by us, it is the result of our doings. And why did beyond the control of man, the Masters came. They
it happen so? Because we have forgotten our Father came selflessly just to tell about our Father. And such
and have forgotten that we are a part of Him. a time is now. The only help for us is to recognize
that there exists someone above us who is powerful,
However, it is great that even if children are naughty, who is almighty, and to remember Him. He is able
parents have patience, and out of love are ready to for- to help us out of our calamities. God has given us
give and to embrace their children again. And this is the discrimination power – we are said to be the crown

1 3 4 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
of the creation, the only being that can discriminate
between good and bad. No any other creature is able
to do that, but alas, mostly we have chosen the bad.
But we have been given the free will, too. We have got
consciousness, so we are able to see our condition,
we can think over and decide for the better – we can
recognize that not we are almighty, that the Almighty
stands above us, seeing all our actions. He is always
ready to help if we decide for the good.

We have heard many times people taking up the mot-

to of Sant Kirpal Singh – ‘Be good, do good, be one’.
The Masters did not give mere theories to the world.
They had the practical experience of their own self.
We read about their experiences in the Holy Scrip- sees us, we will be able to turn to the good. During
tures. They say that we are born with the ability to the service in the catholic church there is one prayer,
get the same experience they had and request us, “Be I do not know the exact terms in English, “O Lord, I
still and know that you are God.” However, when am not worthy for you to come under my roof, into
we see what is going on in the world, it seems to be my house, but just speak one word and my soul will
impossible to believe that. What is meant, when it be healthy.”
is said that we are ‘created after the image of God’?
Certainly not that being which is identified with all In the present condition we are not worthy, but
the passions of the mind, with hate, enmity, jealousy, God is graceful. He can change us and consequently
egotism –no, it means our real self which is a part of change the situation by the power of the Word – not
God, a drop of the ocean of all consciousness. So the just by the outer word. It is by the power of the Word
Masters say, ‘Know thyself ’ – meaning to come out which created the world, which is also called Shabd
of the identification with the mind which separates or Naam and by other names. This power was mani-
us from one another.” fest in Christ and all the Masters and they could give
a conscious contact with it, so as to raise man above
We are on the birthday of Dr Harbhajan Singh, our the mind and bring him out of the prison which he
beloved Bhaji. On the occasion of his 6oth birth an- has created for himself.
niversary he simply said, “My birthday is your birth-
day’.” It seems to be very simple, but these great souls, So with the Word of the Almighty the whole situa-
our spiritual teachers, had the practical experience tion can be changed, provided we use our free will
that we are all one. They saw it. It was not just a good and our discrimination power and our right under-
will action to say “My birthday is your birthday”. standing to turn again to Him and to pray: “Please
Father, we have been lost, but now we want to come
Similarly Sant Kirpal Singh once addressed the audi- back to You, please take us into Your arms.”
ence with the words, “My own Self in form of the dear
ladies and gentlemen sitting before me.” Masters saw This is a simple way to explain the teaching. But I
the soul and by realizing their higher Self had real- think, if we take these very simple thoughts and
ized that the soul depends upon the Over-soul – you prayer to the heart, it can help us, because the grace
may say Godfather or call Him by many other names. of God is greater than the grace we have for ourselves
He is the One who gives us the power to speak, to and for our brothers and sisters.
walk, to do whatever we need for maintaining our
outer life. And if we turn and recognize that we are a Thank you.
part of Him, and are aware in all our actions that He

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 1 3 5
Press Conference
Following the concluding session, a media conference took place where
some of the guests made their statement

Dr Almada: oneness of humanity. And the personal friendship

In my country, Paraguay, we had nearly 40 years of between them – it was not only the speeches but re-
dictatorship and I fight against the dictatorship. I ally personal friendship. And then I think secondly
put in prison several military (officers) in my coun- a recognition that this has to be part of a transfor-
try, and I always fight. For me this meeting is very mation of consciousness to realize that we all are
important because I learnt that first I must change one people of the God, and the love of God. It has
myself and then fight. This is the most important got to change our attitudes towards each other, to-
lesson what I learnt here; my congratulation to this wards the creation, the natural world, towards ani-
organisation, the Unity of Man. I will try to ex- mals. We were to overcome all the prejudices, all the
plain in my country (and) in Latin American coun- divides, and to show real care for the suffering. And
tries what happened here. My congratulation, dear I think that always when you are thinking about
friends. that message, it comes back to me, what am I go-
ing to do, how can I change, how can I do more to
Mrs El-Khoury: be open to the love of God; to recognize that every
I try to give a message about the love between the single person is my brother and sister just because
religions of Muslims, Christians and Jews, and this we are children of God.
message is in fact our life. This is what I have told.
But I think when I go to my home I have another Mrs Vivi Akakpo:
message to give from this conference: This love, this Thank you very much. I have been overwhelmed by
spirituality – they give us their heart, their spirit what I saw in Kirpal Sagar. This was my first time in
and their mind. And I can give this message to my India. I found a city within another city, and when
friends in Syria, especially in Damascus. I project to we are talking about Unity of Man, I think this con-
write something about this World Conference. ference really showed that it is possible to have a
unity of man. What I liked to say is: In my speech,
Dr Auhagen: I mentioned tolerance and forgiveness as stepping
I am very touched by my whole experience here in stones for peace and I saw that people accepted one
the conference, and I think, the overwhelming hos- another as we were here during that conference.
pitality I experienced here was not only an example
for the good. It gives me very much hope that we Rev Thomas Singh:
can establish it not only here in Kirpal Sagar but all I am very privileged to be here and I thoroughly
over the world. It is possible, it is no fiction, if one enjoyed the conference, and it has been a very suc-
concentrates on the good in oneself, and the good cessful one if I may add. All aspects of the confer-
in oneself is God. ence have been wonderful, the events have been
well performed. I have particularly enjoyed the
Rev Braybrooke: cultural events and have always felt and said that
First of all was a renewed sense of hope, and in the although we are here quite in the middle of Punjab,
time when so often the religions seem to be a cause this Kirpal Sagar is such a wonderful place that you
of division it is really inspiring to have religious don’t miss home.
leaders of every religion in India coming together,
all affirming to have respect and working together
and affirming very big the oneness of God and the

1 3 6 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 1 3 7
1 3 8 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
I pray to Master that everybody
may get His blessing today.
Biji Surinder Kaur

In the end, around 10 p. m., Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur Yesterday’s evening was full of grace. We could wit-
concluded the World Conference on Unity of Man ness so much of His (Kirpal’s) greatness. His work is
with warm thanks to all participants: never delayed. We only have to go forward, He di-
rects our steps to the right direction.
Since long we have been waiting for that day and
now this time is over. Through the scent of roses we Yesterday evening some said that storm and rain
could witness His Grace. Master felt our love, and would come up and were afraid that the Symbols
what He had spoken in Manav Kendra was fulfilled could be harmed. This is our way of thinking, since
today. At that time much Seva was done there, and we were working on it. I replied, “Our duty is to ac-
Master said: “When you are going to do Seva today, complish everything, not to judge the result – it is He
put it straight away into action.” who is holding the bridles like a rider on the horse.”

With beautiful words He expressed that there is an (Except a soft little rain during night time nothing
ever-shining sun inside, and He also showed us this happened, all could attend the inauguration dry-
sun. shod, until in the late evening of 10 December the
rain restarted in earnest.)
All representatives of the different religions who par-
ticipated today basically declared the same. Thereaf- I am very, very thankful to Him, throughout my
ter we went in each corner-building of the Sarovar life I will pay respect to Him. His words accompany
and prayed there all together. They said: “This is a us like the fragrance of roses. What has been pro-
holy place for the coming generation.” When they nounced hundreds of years ago came true today.
are now returning home, wherever they will go, they
will tell about the greatness of Kirpal Sagar. (Extract)

M a i n P r o g r a mm e I 1 3 9
Closing Conference
From 1 - 11 December 2008, people from all over the world met again in Kirpal Sagar to
emphasize the concern of the World Conference on Unity of Man 2007.

In December 2008, people from all over the world met again in Kirpal Sagar to emphasize the concern of the
World Conference on Unity of Man 2007. It had been celebrated from 1 to 10 December 2007 on the occasion
of the 75th Birth Anniversary of Dr Harbhajan Singh as well as the 25th Jubilee of Kirpal Sagar with a lot of
delegates and thousands of visitors.

The highlight of the Conference in 2007 was the unveiling of the Symbols on top of the central building in the
midst of Kirpal Sagar. Since then they brightly radiate the message of unity and point out clearly that all outer
houses of worship are just symbols of the human body in which man can realize God. Many of the delegates
and conference participants from various parts of the world expressed their experience of deep inner peace,
of real unity – the roots of which lie in the inner spiritual bonds.

The Conference 2008 continued with it and took up these ideas and topics. Religious leaders of different reli-
gions from Northern India who had also partaken in the main Conference came.

Although on the whole smaller than last year this year’s Conference was truly impressing. It took place in
Kirpal Bhawan, the big hall for lectures, and had again fringe events in a big variety.

1 4 2 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
As in 2007, the Conference Programme was supplemented by charitable, cultural, and
sports activities

1 - 3 December
Free Medical Check-ups and Eye-operations
Seminar on the occasion of the World Aids Day (B. Ed. College)

5 - 7 December
National Dr Harbhajan Singh Memorial Inter-School Volleyball Tourna-
Culture programme: Historical Scenes from the Life of Guru Teg Bahadur

8 December
Marriages for Needy Couples
Sufi Quawalis

9 December
Opening of the Exhibition at the Farm
Welcome Party of the B. Ed. College
Opening of the World Conference on Unity of Man and First Panel Session
Bhajan Sandhiya – Hindu Hymns

10 December
Opening of the renovated Library with a new Exhibition
Second Session

11 December
Havan Puja – Final Ceremony

C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 4 3
Opening of the Medical Camp
From 1-3 December, free medical exams as well as eye-operations (cataract)
were carried out in the Kirpal Sagar Hospital

1 4 4 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
The opening ceremony of the “Medical check–up-cum-
eye operation Camps” was held by Dr Chitranjan Brar
and Dr Ashok Guru of the Local Health Department.

Most of the people in this rural area live on agri-

culture. As they are exposed to intensive sunlight
on their fields, a lot of eye diseases arise. Such op-
erations save many of these people’s eyesight who in
other case would go blind. About 200 patients had
been checked and 35 were operated successfully.

The Kirpal Sagar College of Education organized lectures

on the occasion of the World Aids Day with Dr Chitran-
jan Brar on the chair and Dr Ashok Guru as the main

Above left and right: Dr Chitranjan Brar und Dr Ashok Guru, from the Local
Health Department opened the Medical Camp and visited the sick bays.
Bottom right: Eye-operations

C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 4 5
National Volleyball Tournament
The Dr Harbhajan Singh Memorial Inter School Volleyball Tournament
was held from 5 - 7 December

On 5 December, Mrs Shashi Prabha

Dwivedi, SSP, Nawanshar, opened the

annual National Volleyball Tournament

in honour of Dr Harbhajan Singh.

Again athletes and spectators were

enthusiastic about it. Volleyball teams

of various schools from the North of

India took part in it.

Gymnastic and dance performances of

students of the Kirpal Sagar Academy

and K.H. Public School, as well as

musical performances of the school

orchestra formed a colourful setting

for the concluding ceremony of the

presentation of prizes.

The address of the special guest, Mr

Harish Dhanda, Chief Parliamentary

Secretary of Punjab, to the audience,

expressed his deep impression of Kirpal


1 4 6 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Mr Harish Dhanda, Chief Parliamentary Secretary: the great efforts of the Gurmukh Harbhajan Ji and all
I wish you a heartfelt good evening. It was really the followers of this way; I hope and wish that this
pleased to come here in this institution. I have al- message will bring harmony and peace to all man-
ready heard a lot about it, but today I am here for the kind, to the whole world.
first time. I tell you, I have heard very good things
about this institute, but after having come here, I feel I congratulate all the participants and winners of
that it is even better than what I had heard. course, but even the ones who could not achieve the
top of the ladder, because they gave their best. So
I congratulate all the organizers for that and I appre- you all are the winners. All who participated are the
ciate the way of life which is being taught due to the winners, and I expect everyone to give you all good
message of His Holiness Kirpal Ji. I also appreciate wishes. Excerpt of the talk

C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 4 7
Wedding Ceremonies
On 8 December, there were wedding ceremonies for couples from
disadvantaged families

As every year, Unity of Man organized weddings for “It is wonderful that such a place exists here where God
needy couples. On 8 December, 23 bridal couples arrived is continuously spoken of. Marriage is only a first step.
in Kirpal Sagar. Then a life full of devotion and responsibility should fol-
low with standing together in good and bad times. We
Their marriage ceremonies were celebrated according to live in this world and have different religions, but this is
their own religions and rites. 21 couples belonged to the certain for all: Our bodies are made of dust and we will re-
Sikh religion, one couple married according to Hindu turn to dust again. God loves all His children in the same
rites, and one more couple was married in the Christian way. He made us of His own image, and it is our duty to
way. The wedding ceremonies were performed one after live accordingly and treat each other loveably. Godpower
the other by the respective priests and took place in a big has allotted to us a certain number of breaths; no one can
tent in the presence of all guests. It was the first time for shorten or increase it. The Bible says, ‘It is not good for the
a Christian couple to be present. The priest was deeply man to be alone.’ So God has joined husband and wife to
impressed and thanked Unity of Man for making possible help each other. Marriage of the soul and God – where
wedding celebrations for needy people. He said, soul is the bride and God the bridegroom – ranks before

1 4 8 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
the physical marriage. God created husband and wife to are doing.’ In the same way we should forgive each other
live together in the world. If we don’t treat each other in and have respect for each other. These words do not only
a loveable way, He cannot bless us. Man is of the highest count for the ones who marry today, but for all of us.
rank in creation and God created it to serve men.
I want to thank once more the organization of Unity
We all make mistakes and suffer hard accordingly. We of Man for making possible such weddings for peo-
should consider that man and woman are equal, none ple in need.” Extract of the priest’s address
of them is higher or lower. It is the wife’s duty to love her
husband, to respect and honour him; and the same way
it is the husband’s duty to love his wife, to respect and
honour her. God’s words count equally for husband and
wife. They should be faithful to each other which is now-
adays often ignored. When Christ was crucified He said,
‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they

C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 4 9
Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur

We all have gathered here in Master’s house and have ute them in the whole world. When Mahapurushas,
prayed to Him. Kabir also taught: Soul and Oversoul great souls, came into the world, they always passed
must become one. Atma – the soul – is the bride and on their message.
Paramatma – the Oversoul (God) – is the bridegroom.
Only He can unite the souls, nobody else. If they are What is the meaning of marriage? It means, ‘God
separated, they can only be separated by Him. has brought us together.’ May He hold His protect-
ing hands above us! He showers His blessing upon us.
I am pleased to have come to know where the daugh- Today we have gathered here like for a family celebra-
ters and sons (the couples) were born and how they tion. He has united you on that special place, and you
met each other, and to see them under His protecting should take all the good from here and make the best
umbrella today. We do not know where, for example, of it in your homes. There is not much to be added
the cows are coming from, where they go, where they to the loving words of my brothers, the priests; these
find their food, and how they meet. We are ignorant were wonderful words. He has dyed us in His Godly
about the reason why we are born into a certain fam- colour; it cannot be washed away.
ily, how we are connected, and how God unites the
souls – all that lies in His hands. We all have come What is called heaven? A place where peace prevails.
from God and we have to return back to Him. As you have witnessed it here, so you should bring
this peace into your own families. These were Sant
Matrimony is a precious matter; living together both Kirpal Singh’s words: ‘The daughters leave and go to
should be able to go back to God some day. Married another house, but they take with them their own
life may implicate various troubles, like rainy days development; they hand on the colour of their own
make streets muddy but when the sun comes back, home.’ If we live loveably, with unity, we are able to
we can go on walking smoothly. So we should walk pass on this unity.
together step by step, travel the journey of marriage
in a loveable way, until finally both reach His Home. Here is the house of your Father; you may come here
at any time; don’t forget that. We are celebrating Dr.
I am handing on Bhaji’s words to you, we are fulfill- Harbhajan Singh’s Birth Anniversary, we are fulfill-
ing his dream. Sant Kirpal Singh commissioned him ing his dream. We are all made of the same dust like
to create a platform for people of all religions where you. He gives us the power so that we can hand it on
they can meet and pray together. In this spirit we to you. We cannot give you anything from our own
have come together on this place today. Who made it side, but you can get each and everything from the
possible? He alone. As mentioned by my son before, house of your Father. I pray to the Godpower to bless
it is the house of your Father and we have gathered you. Go home with His blessing.”
here today like a family.
Afterwards Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur presented the mar-
Why are we born into the world, what is our pur- riage certificates to the couples and a set of household
pose? Man should know himself, only then he is able items donated by Unity of Man. A banquet concluded
to know God. What can be called a true man? Only the wedding celebrations.
one who has known himself; then he is able to know
others, too. Sant Kirpal Singh gave us such an eye,
such a light to be able to do so.

We have heard that this body is made of dust. It is

only a house; it can also be compared with a tree. Left: Mrs Surinder Kaur presenting the marriage certificates to the couples and a set of
It should bear rich fruits of spirituality and distrib- household items donated by Unity of Man.

1 5 0 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 5 1
Opening of the Exhibition at the Farm
In the early morning of 9 December, the Exhibition at the Farm was opened

In October 1973, Sant Kirpal Singh had visited the In the morning of 9 December, all together proceed-
Farm, which at that time consisted of a small farm ed to the Farm, where Mrs Surinder Kaur opened a
building and seven fields. He made Dr. Harbhajan richly pictured exhibition about the historical back-
Singh responsible for it, and from then on he ran it ground of Kirpal Sagar. It describes the route of spir-
together with the Amritsar Sangat. This Farm formed ituality in recent times, from Agra back to Punjab,
the tiny seed for the whole Kirpal Sagar of today. on the basis of Baba Jaimal Singh’s and Baba Sawan

1 5 2 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Singh’s short biographies who both lived and worked
in Beas. When Baba Sawan Singh had left, complying
to his instructions, Sant Kirpal Singh went to Delhi.
When He commissioned Dr Harbhajan Singh to build
Kirpal Sagar at this place, spirituality returned from
Delhi to Punjab.

Included in this exhibition is also the very same car

that Kirpal Singh had been using for years and then
left to Dr Harbhajan Singh. Further, a tractor that had
been used during erecting the Manav Kendra (Man-
making Centre) in Dehra Dun, which Sant Kirpal
Singh also gave to Dr Harbhajan Singh to work with
on the Farm. Even in those days Sant Kirpal Singh
remarked, “The Manav Kendra which I wanted to
build is still not erected – it will be erected here (in
Kirpal Sagar).”

Afterwards all together went to the one room which

had been built in the beginning and now in remem-
brance of Sant Kirpal Singh serves as meditation
room. Mrs Surinder Kaur was deeply moved by re-
membering that special time. She told from Master’s
visit in those days and how her family with her had
lived in that little room.

Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur said, ‘Prepare our luggage, we have to move.’ My son
Sant Kirpal Singh told Dr Sahib to complete the for- then was as small as Harji (my grandchild) is now. He
mation of this place. What is the heart and to whom always used to insist by force to come along, and that
the heart can be given? The heart is a very precious day he also came along with us. We took the ‘Flying’
organ in the Guru’s chest. When Master gave 7000 (a known fast train) to Delhi. And what was Mas-
Rs. to Dr Sahib into a scarf made of a turban cloth, ter saying at the same time in Delhi? He said, ‘Open
He made a knot in it and tied the scarf around his hip. the room, prepare food for three persons and keep
He then said to Dr Sahib, ‘O Doctor, today I have it in the room.’ The cloth with which the food was
given you my precious heart.’ The place for the heart- covered was made of seven patches stitched together.
beat of the Guru is the chest of the disciple. When When we reached the same day in the evening, Dhani
the Master remembers the disciple, the attention of Ram Dalip Singh asked Dr Sahib, ‘Have you written
the Master is in the disciple, and when the disciple any letter to Master?’ Bhaji replied, ‘No.’– ‘Did you
remembers the Master, Master’s heart beats in him. phone Him (that you will come)?’ Bhaji answered,
‘No.’ Then he told, ‘Master has said that three persons
One time Master remembered Bhaji and me because are coming. Your food is ready and is standing in the
He needed us. At that time we used to go from Nag room, the beds are prepared, and only you have come,
Kalan to Amritsar (to the Ashram) in order to sit in nobody else.’ When we went to see Him, Master was
Bhajan (meditation) in the morning and evening. I sitting there, and by seeing us coming He stood up.
was just remembering Master, when Bhaji came and Today nobody can stop the sight of that eye (seeing

C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 5 3
these scenes) and the speed of the tears. ‘O Beloved, the programme for 10.00 a. m. But Master decided
that time You used to get absorbed in us like the to bring also those under His shadow who were still
(voice of the nightingale, and You were outside, too on the way, only then the door of the library should
(He was also physically there).’ Today I have only one be opened.
prayer, ‘This place has made this ocean flowering.
This place has given the colour to the creation.’ I prayed to Master, ‘O Master, how can Your book
be opened?’ Master said, ‘A book you have to unfold
In this December the whole Conference will be con- and read, but here (the exhibition) is my open book
cluded on 10 and 11. The fountain of this Power has which the coming generation can read.’ The many
burst now. What kind of prayer you will make, it will generations who will come next will know that there
be definitely fulfilled. But my Master took God first was a great personality. And who was this personal-
(even in prayer). ity? God’s doctor. And who was this God’s doctor?
This was Dr Harbhajan Singh. And what was Har-
With extreme difficulties Bhaji has made this house, bhajan? Hari’s, (God’s) colour - the colour which got
this place, and he made it flourish. At that time this absorbed in the ocean. This ocean we have filled in a
place was not so liveable, there were snakes and vessel and are carrying it above our head, from there
many other things. When I came here together with it is overflowing and there under we are taking the
the children, the Sangat just started to work. Dr Sa- bath.
hib told our daughter Parminder to clean everything
for the whole Sangat. When the Sangat used to come The hearts of those who live at this place should be
to take food, everything used to be clean. Our sis- very pure. You all know the story of Guru Amar Das.
ters even did hard work in the fields, harvested the When the child of Baba Lena (Guru Angad Dev)
crops and ran the machines (while their husbands pushed him with his foot, he kissed his foot and
were doing their jobs) so that this house could be set- asked: ‘Are you hurt somewhere?’ – ‘Why?’ – ‘Be-
tled. As it is today, we dreamed of it at that time. The cause these are old bones.’ Until and unless such feel-
time is passing very fast. My wish is that the time ings are born in our hearts, it is not spirituality. When
which we spend in His remembrance should be like you live in this Sagar and you will go out somewhere,
this that His remembrance radiates through each of the fragrance will come from you.
our veins.
Take the example of Bhaji. He went to Srinagar. Se-
We have seen these pictures in the exhibition. When bastian was with him to buy carpets and there was a
the foundation stone ceremony in the hospital of shop of saffron. The shopkeeper came out and said,
Nag Kalan was going on, the beauty and radiance ‘O brother, you have come to buy saffron?’ Bhaji said,
of the Father and the Son was unbearable. Neither ‘No, we have not come to buy saffron.’ The shop-
Bhaji was in the body nor Master. If there were only keeper replied, ‘But there is a fragrance coming from
one story, but there are so many – how long it would you.’ Bhaji replied, ‘This fragrance is from my Mas-
take, if I told you everything! I tell you, don’t use your ter.’ He caught hold of Bhaji’s arm and took him into
mind, be in His remembrance, go straight (in your his shop, and in the end this man came and even got
life) and He will never let you do any mistake. He initiation.
doesn’t belong to a small group only; He is the Crea-
tor for the whole creation. Don’t hurt the heart of the elders. If you have hurt
their hearts, you may go to thousand pilgrimages,
Time is very short. You know, there was a programme nothing will be accepted. Today one old woman
for the inauguration of the library, but nothing could came into the Father’s home. When I met her, I told
happen without the will of the Master, it could not her that in the form of the elders Master has given us
take place until He desired it so. We cannot enter diamonds. By seeing them and serving them we get
until He opens the door from inside. We had fixed God’s Power. Those people who had come to drop

1 5 4 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
this woman here said, ‘Today we have got a lesson membrance just for a few minutes and the grace will
from you.’ be showered unto all of you.

Whose words are these? These are the words of Sant Excerpt of the Satsang
Kirpal Singh, on whose place we came together to-
day. With these words I conclude now. Sit in His re-

C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 5 5
Welcome of the Teachers Training College
Since 2007 a college for training teachers exists in Kirpal Sagar (Kirpal Sagar B. Ed.
College) – in cooperation with the Guru Nanak Dev University, which is now attended by
about 100 young men and women.

At midday on 9 December, the rector, lecturers, and

students gave a welcome to the guests of the Confer-
ence, as well as to the new students. Lectures were giv-
en, classical and modern dances were performed, as
well as songs, music plays and sketches. An open-air
dinner followed. During the performances Professor
Malekar, Rabbi of the synagogue in Delhi, arrived. He
addressed the students and all participants.

Rabbi Dr Ezekiel Malekar

Good afternoon, Namastee, Satsriakal Ji,

First of all I want to apologize for my coming only

now. I took the morning train and it was late. I am
very much thrilled about being here, because when-
ever I enter here in Kirpal Sagar, I feel this strong vi-
bration of spirituality. I came from far and although
I belong to a microscopic small community, that of
the Jewish religion – I am the Rabbi of the Syna-
gogue (in Delhi) –, I have great respect for Bibi Ji
(Mrs Surinder Kaur). She is my philosophic guide,
and when I sit with her and she is talking to me, one
can feel her being full of (spiritual) knowledge and
wisdom. I call her an ambassador of peace. I am a
very fortunate one to be able to come here. I come to
take her Darshan and to seek her blessings.

I also congratulate all those students of this college.

It was such a wonderful cultural programme which I
have never witnessed before. You can see the unity in
the diversity. The world is one great family. India is a
multi-religious country, but it is like a rainbow – its
seven colours can be merged and then there is only
one colour left – white. It is what can be seen here; it
is what I have witnessed here on this stage.

Excerpt of his adress

1 5 6 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Concluding Sessions
On 9 December, in the afternoon, and on December 10, the main sessions of the
Conference were held in the Kirpal Bhawan, the big Conference Hall. Religious leaders

Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur, president of Unity of Man, the meaning of ‘Congregation of Sants’, the ‘Sant Sa-
India, reminded all of the Conference 2007 and nar- magam’? It is the heart of the Sants, the colour of the
rated from Dr Harbhajan Singh’s life. It was his dream Sants, by which man can know an other man.
to bring Kirpal Sagar to full bloom and it is now com-
ing true. Who is a Bhagat? When he tells something, the words
(Bani) are coming from above. Sant Kirpal Singh
Dear Sangat of Master, gave already His grace, the spirituality, in this hall.
He does His work Himself. We are not able to do it
One year has passed, and we go on the inner way of ourselves. Since one year the Conference on Unity of
spirituality. We are disciples in the ocean of knowl- Man is being continued. Hazur Himself has prepared
edge. Today, on December 9, we all are assembled His way; He has predestined the time for His work.
under His tree of spirituality which is giving us shade.
This is unity. What is the way of spirituality? Why did It is our job to surrender everything at His holy feet,
Sant Kirpal Singh give the message of the unity of to His will. All what happens, happens according to
man? His message was full of love and devotion, and His will. When He gives us happiness, we should go
we have to follow this way of unity to reach our goal. through (thankfully), when He gives sadness, we
We have enrolled at this school. Since first of Decem- should surrender to His will. He who gave us the life
ber, according to His commandment, His spiritual is also able to give us the nourishment for our life.
flowers have started giving their fragrance. This was No one can erase the light of the sun which is shin-
Bhaji’s dream, and we try our level best to fulfil it. I ing. This body is made of dust and in this body His
have seen the tree of spirituality planted here in Kir- light gives us life, and with the help of the light we
pal Sagar giving his fruit for everybody. can cross the inner jungle. We have to surrender our-
selves to Him and to live according to His wish and
As I told in the morning, Bhaji’s words were full of to pray for the knowledge.
love and grace. Step by step, Master brought Bhaji
very close to Him. He made him the image of His Lord Buddha was longing for the inner knowledge,
own heart. Bhaji tried his level best to go very deep and when he attained it, he got more and more si-
into the words of Master and throughout his life he lent. Full of peace he lived intoxicated and absorbed
never left Master’s words. in this knowledge. People came and asked him, ‘How
great is God?’ Buddha answered, ‘How great is God,
We can go everywhere, we will get knowledge, but if He made a Sadhu out of a normal man? Don’t put
the practical life you will find with Unity of Man. The me questions, I want to be silent. Please, let me travel
practical life (of spirituality means) – to die before on my inner journey in silence.’ Just as a mute person
death. If we have learned to die before death, there eating sugar cannot tell about its sweetness because
is no fear of death. Dr. Sahib Ji used to say, ‘Do not he is mute, we have to prepare our way to God in
live only for yourself, live for others. The lesson is not silence.
for others but for ourselves.’ As long as we don’t get
His (inner) word from His treasure house, we cannot This unity we want to bring among mankind, and
do anything, and then the pandal (the congregation according to Master it already exists. Why do I tell
in the hall) does not get coloured by Him. What is you these things? Because we are identified with our

C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 5 7
worldly wishes, we have lost our soul in this world What is the aim of our human life? To go back to
and so we lost the unity of mankind. To revive the Home Eternal. This (Eternal) Power comes, takes
forgotten unity of man, the Sant Mahatmas came a human form and can live amongst us. But unfor-
into the world and renewed the message of the unity tunately we are not ready to go home. Once Lord
of man. We must have love. We have no enemies, we Krishna was asked why he simply doesn’t take all
ourselves are our worst enemies, because the fire of back home. He answered, “Do you want to see if they
hatred is burning permanently in us and separates us really want to go home?” And he went to an old man
from each other. and asked him if he wanted to go home – as he was
already very old. But the old man explained that he
I have seen with my own eyes, how radically my Haz- had to take care of his grand-children. The man was
ur Sant Kirpal Singh Ji, the Godpower, has changed reborn as a parrot. Again he was asked by Krishna if
Bhaji’s life. Master always said, ‘He is God’s doctor.’ he wanted to go back home. But he answered that he
This went so far that once Master requested him, had to guard the house so that no thieves could steal
‘Check my heart’, and as Master lifted His shirt (at the anything. He was reborn as a fly in the dung. Again
right side), Bhaji said, ‘No, the heart is on the other Krishna asked him if he didn’t want to go back home.
side.’ Master replied, ‘You know my heart?’ One can- He replied, “Don’t you find anyone else than me?”
not give the heart to anybody. The heart is a very pre-
cious part of the human body. There is only one who We have to justify our purpose for which we have
can attain (Master’s) the heart – a Gurusikh (a true got the human body. The life of Sant Kirpal Singh is
disciple). The heart beat of Master is the Gurusikh, full of practical examples. Swami Ji often told that we
the Gurmukh. Who is a Gurusikh? One who has have to live spirituality in a practical way. The body
surrendered everything to Master’s will. Master and is the true temple of God and we must not gamble
Gurmukh have the same breath. The heart beat of away our life.
the Gurusikh is the Master. The Master is the disciple
and the disciple is the Master. Guru has merged with I again welcome all the guests warmly.
the disciple and the disciple with the Guru. We have
all gathered here for attaining the same. We came
here to learn this. If we did not drink it ourselves, we
have not got the spiritual intoxication either.

Master’s words were, ‘As long as the fragrant flow-

ers of spirituality are not growing in us, we cannot
call us a Gurusikh.’ We cannot hide anything from
the Gurudev (inner Master). If the Guru wishes, He
can bring His fragrance in all gardens. The Guru will
give the disciple such an ‘injection’ that he cannot
live without the Guru. Then the disciple feels that the
Guru is always looking towards him.

Karamjit Singh, Chairman Unity of Man

I thank you all for coming here. Members of all re-
ligions are here to share their opinion with us. Sant
Kirpal Singh commissioned Dr. Harbhajan Singh to
build a platform where all can meet together.

1 5 8 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Speeches of the Delegates
Delegates of the various religions told about the common essence of all religions and about
the importance of not only listening to it, but putting it into practice during life

Rabbi Dr Ezekiel Malekar all wear sweaters, or scarves. We use so many cos-
Religion means awakening. Religion is not some- metics and apply creams to look beautiful, but now it
body to say, “My religion is supreme” and all have to is high time to beautify the inner, the soul.
accept it. One has to understand the principles of all
the religions. Basically all the religions are the same. I consider myself very fortunate, because we all have
In the Rig Veda it is said, “Truth is one, and we know gathered here to celebrate the 76th birthday of Dr Sa-
it by many names.” There is only one God, whether hib. We should not only remember him on the day of
we call Him Ishwar, Bhagwan, or Allah. It is one in- his birthday. In reality we have never forgotten him.
ner spiritual power, the Power of God. He is Grace, He lives on in our hearts and we really can only be
He is Love. a tribute to him if we lead our lives as he did. His
message was that of humanity. Already yesterday I
A rainbow has seven colours. If they are mixed, we get told again and again that our true religion is to serve
white colour. Cows are of many colours, but their milk humanity.
is always white. Swami Vivekananda says, “You may
be born in any religion, but you should not die in it.” Yesterday one of the students asked me, “What do
you mean by serving the humanity?” As an answer to
What is true religion? In Rig Veda it says that we have all the students I want to narrate a short story: One
got three duties. What is your first duty? It’s your duty day Lord Indra invited all the gods, goddesses and
towards God, your obligation towards your Master demons for dinner. All assembled in the hall and
– towards Biji. What is your second duty? Honour Lord Indra said, “Before you start taking your food,
your parents. But above all stand your duties towards there is one condition – do not bend your elbows!”
your fellow men. As it is said in the Bible, “Thou shall The demons felt insulted and left the place without
love thy neighbour as thyself.” Rabbi Hillel once ex- taking food. But all the gods and goddesses shared
plained to me the essence of Judaism on one sentence. the food. How could they do that without bending
What did he say? “Do not hurt, do not do any act that their arms? They fed each other!
is harmful to you.”
Humanity means showing compassion and mercy.
Sikhism also tells, “Repeat the name of your God, Not only to human beings, but to the animals also.
fulfil your duties honestly, and distribute your earn- Give rest to the land which gives us food. That is real
ings among your fellow men.” That is the essence of humanity.
Sikhism. In that way you can take any religion (and
you will find the same principles). But we do not I can give you Dr Harbhajan Singh’s message in five
practice religion in our day-to-day life. We only use it words: Firstly, avoid the words ‘I’ and ‘my’. It should
in an emergency. We abuse it. A prayer should come always be ‘we’ – the second word. Thirdly, the word
from the core of your heart. Take any prayer, whether ‘ego’ – it should be removed completely, it causes
it is of Judaism, Christianity or Sikhism (but we have pride, greed and many more things. The fourth word
to pray from heart). is ‘love’ and the fifth is ‘peace’.

You know, we take care a lot of our body, but we for- And what is said in the Bible? Peace cannot be found,
get our internal spiritual power. Now, in winter, we it is to be built. And God says, the one who develops

C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 5 9
peace, builds peace, that is a real messenger (of God). be-all and end-all to be in community of those who
Or take tolerance. It is like a tree. You throw stones speak about His Greatness. When the soul comes
at the tree, but in return you get fruits. Similarly, a under the protection of a Saint it realizes where it
cloud that is filled with water bends upon the earth. comes from and where it belongs to.
So we should have humility. Be a human! This is the
real tribute to Dr Sahib. Body is made of five elements, and the mind has five
bad attributes. With the help of a Godman they can
Today we have inaugurated the Library, and I have be controlled.
one request to Bibi Ji: In memory of Dr Sahib here in
this very centre we should have graduate, post gradu- O man, you have come into this world not only to
ate and diploma courses in the comparative study of live in it, but to understand your real cause: to know
religions. Because here in Kirpal Sagar I feel the vibra- yourself and to know God and then to return home.
tion of spirituality. Let the message go from here!

Werner Stadlmeyer, Chairman Unity of Man, Ger-

Pandit Misra many
Dr Harbhajan Singh brought with Master’s grace this Being here today we can remember that great event,
place to a full bloom. He put each and everything of that great possibility which we got like a gift from
Sant Kirpal Singh’s words into practice. We are very God Himself in last December.
blessed to have come here. Each one of us can read
the Bible, the Guru Granth Sahib, the Koran, and the Last year, when these four symbols were completed,
Hindu Scriptures. Bhaji’s dream could be fulfilled. Sometimes Bhaji
told, “When you later will come to Kirpal Sagar, you
Saints do not come for themselves, but for the whole will be able to see the symbols from far on top of
humanity. Dr Harbhajan Singh carried out very prac- Master’s house. These symbols will be shining.” They
tically everything Master had told him. I am very will not only be just symbols – as something is writ-
happy that I could get to know him personally. ten in a book – but they will be a very strong part of
the further life of the whole humanity.
On September 7, 1995, I was in Amritsar with Dr
Harbhajan Singh and we took food together. Dr Har- Remembering last December, when we participated
bhajan Singh said, “Kirpal Sagar is the house of your in the World Conference on Unity of Man in the big
Father; you can come here at any time.” tent, we now know that it was a wonderful chance
we had. We could see members of all religions, could
Dr Harbhajan Singh and Master came to show the watch how they sat together in peace next to each
right path to humanity. What we need in the world other, there was no difference. Why was there no dif-
is love and peace. We should sit under His protecting ference? We can find it in Master’s teaching, in His
umbrella and remember this Power. When we reach teaching as well as in Bhaji’s and Biji’s words. They all
His Holy Feet we get inner and outer peace. say, “There is no difference from man to man; unity
already exists.” Master said, “We need not to create
In the Hindu Scriptures it is written that we have unity, it already exists.” The same words we can read
to become perfect to be able to go back home. We on Bhaji’s place. Master also said, “But we have for-
should take this as lesson and put it into practice. gotten it.” And that forgetting should have been re-
Only in this way the impurities of the soul can be moved by last year. It should be completely removed
washed away. In the Satsang the soul gets fresh food. now that we are celebrating the Conference on Unity
In the Satsang the shortcomings can be removed and of Man 2008.
the mind can be calmed down. For the soul it is the

1 6 0 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Once Hazur Baba Sawan Singh was asked if it were Joining the soul back to this working Power is the
necessary to change from one religion to another. He main concern of every religion.
answered, “There are so many deep wells, why to dig
a new one? Keep to the community where you were Sant Kirpal Singh further said that it is our purpose
born into.” Our Master Sant Kirpal Singh empha- in life to become a real Christian, a real Sikh, a real
sized that is was most essential to develop right un- Hindu, a real Moslem, so that we have fulfilled it in
derstanding – to know who we are, where we came the real sense when we once will have to leave the
from and where we have to go to. Further He said, physical plane.
“Who are we? We are not the body, we are not the
mind nor the intellect, no, we are the soul, the ind- The religions into which we have been born and their
weller of this body.” scriptures awake our desire for God. The way back to
God is the way which we call ‘man-making’. It con-
So this indweller – that we are – is eternal. Sant Kir- tains respect for all living creatures; non-violating all
pal Singh also said we should go deep into the Holy forms is an old, old commandment of the compe-
Scriptures of the different religions. Then we will re- tent Masters, which can also be found in the Bible.
alize that the essence of all is the same. We are spirit, It says, “Love thy neighbour” and further, “Love thy
the souls, and above us is the Godpower working. neighbour as thyself.” And it also says, “Love, and

C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 6 1
everything shall be added unto you.” The Gospel of intoxication that continues day and night. We can
St. John says, “God is love, and the way back to God jump into this ocean of grace.
is also love.” Love is innate in the soul. In this way
Unity of Man is the platform, the basis of the whole Soul is blessed when the Oversoul blesses it. Sant
mankind to meet each other at the level of the soul. Kirpal Singh showed us the path, we must follow it
and we have to get our own experience.
Dr Harbhajan Singh often said here in Kirpal Sagar,
“Unity of Man respects every religion.” We could ex- O man, forgive yourself so that He can forgive you.
perience it last year and this year, as well: it is really Man is not God, but he is also not separated from
possible in this whole worldly going on that leaders Him. We all come from one source and have to go
of different religions and movements are able to live back to the same. All what is taught here is told in
together peacefully and to focus a mutual aim to- order to learn us to jump and to see for ourselves.
gether. What Sant Kirpal Singh and Dr Harbhajan
Singh had intended to do, what they had “wished” to When a plant is planted, it can only grow when it
do, it is being fulfilled now, the outer sign of which is watered. Water gives life to it. In celebrating this
is the building of the symbols. Looking at them we birthday our plant is watered.
see that they complete each other wonderfully, all are
models of the human body. Godpower has allowed God has given life to us; one day we have to go back
to erect them on top of the central building in the home and become one with the Oversoul. When
Sarovar. This inner joy and peace which we feel here one has received His Word, His Initiation, Amrit, he
in Kirpal Sagar can be taken deep in our hearts, we should live with it. Then the soul will become free
can take them along into our everyday life. and can go. The one who gives tan, man, dan – body,
mind, everything he has can achieve it.
Many of Sant Kirpal Singh’s disciples from the West
have to go back to their respective countries, but But our condition is that of a king sitting on the
each one of them will take this feeling, this certainty throne, sleeping, and dreaming to be a beggar. Peo-
of inner peace, joy and meeting God to his home ple (wanted to get rid of him and) said, “Oh, Baba,
and hand it on to others. go on.” One said to him, “Go to the other side, there
you will get something.” There someone was cook-
Sant Kirpal Singh said, “Be good, do good, and be ing milk-rice and was ready to give him some into
one!” Thank you. his hands. But he answered, “How can I take it? The
rice is much too hot, I will burn my hands. Give me
a plate so that I can have some and eat it.” The one
cooking the rice said, “Go over there, someone is
Swami Chetan Nirmale there to give you a plate.” So he went and asked for a
We should go into the words that have been spoken plate. But when he got it, he grasped for it so roughly
and dedicate our life to Him. We should take into that the plate broke. – When he woke up again, the
our hearts what Dr Harbhajan Singh and Sant Kirpal king thought, “I am a person that can give something
Singh told. Also in Gurbani it is said that there is no to everyone in the world, but inside I am a beggar.”
high and no low. None is our enemy, everything is
His creation and He Himself lives in it. There is one We should consider in which condition we are. Out-
Creator, we should accept and understand that. side we see, but we do not see inside. If we work, we
will earn money and can buy something. But from
One who has jumped into water knows how it is. As our Guru we get knowledge and it costs nothing.
long as you only hear or speak about it, but not have One who has inner knowledge has everything, and
jumped yourself, you do not know it. Bhaji’s sun it is eternal. He who has right understanding, he can
showed us the way. Guru Nanak said he has such an also give right understanding to others.

1 6 2 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
We have heard (in the story) that this body is like a If a man prays a lot, but hates his fellow beings, then
plate made of clay which can break at any time. This all prayers are in vain and he is not worth being called
body is a vessel in which the Godpower lives, eve- a man. If we love others, but we do not love God, it
rything is in us. Blessed is one who serves Master’s is also incomplete, as long as we do not remember
cause. There is only one God, there is only One who God. A true man loves God and men. Every religion
can give us something, and He gives it to everyone. preaches: All have to become men.

This is the Ocean of Grace. Whom does the Godpow- But what do we see in the world? In the name of re-
er bless? And how? We are given Light, we are given ligion hatred is spread; we are fed up in hearing this.
Om, when we are ready to come to Him and to beg Sometimes I think: O Man, how can you degrade
for it. When we keep sitting at the shore we will never yourself in such a way? Take the example of what
know how deep the ocean is. Only one who swims in happened in Bombay (where terrorist attack killed
the ocean can have this experience. so many people). Men who commit such things
have not understood what religion is. Each religion
Through His Grace we have gathered here and speak preaches love, as it has been mentioned before. We
of Him, but when we come into His house, we will are all one, there is no enemy, only through love God
become one with Him. can be reached. Even Mohammed said, “Your tongue
must not form any bad word; before you speak, think
of God and don’t utter anything bad!” All are His
children. If we hate His children, but (pretend to)
Giani Dhanvir Ahmed Khadan love God, that is no love, it is impossible. In that case
I pray to God, He may bless the whole humanity. All we cannot receive God’s love. We should love God
should sit together and remember this Power. and serve the whole creation.

As we have heard, today is Dr Harbhajan Singh’s 76th Here in this place, in Kirpal Sagar, I have seen that
birthday. The aim of Unity of Man is to help others man is respected in its real sense. Needy are served
and to serve them. We celebrate this day in full hap- and all are shown God’s path.
piness. I have been here three or four times. The last
time when I was here one year ago, there was the big Why is it always stressed to do these things practi-
Conference tent outside. Today we have inaugurated cally? Without putting these things into practice we
the exhibition of the Library. Why do we celebrate cannot achieve inner peace. Today we live in a techni-
these ceremonies? “Where my Satguru is, there I feel cal world and see what technology can cause. Within
His Grace.” Where a lover of God sits, there a holy seconds man can destroy all. We sit on a bomb that
place, a pilgrimage place comes into being. People can explode at any time.
come here full of love and receive the grace. What is
being done here? Charitable work. A true man is one Today parents tell their children that they have got
who is helpful to others. no time to think of God. But if children don’t hear
the words of the Mahapurushas, they cannot devel-
All speakers we have heard talked about unity, no op. Then these are the children who put their parents
matter which religion they belonged to. The first step into homes, because they have not learned to serve
is: We are all human beings. All religions say this; them.
also an Arabian proverb says: Man is a being full of
love. Einstein has researched the atomic power, today the
atom bomb is turned against humanity. The situation
We can call Him Maharaji, Mahatma, Allah, but He is so critical, that a war can destroy all.
is the one Creator of the whole humanity.
So the purpose of true religion is to bring the whole

C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 6 3
mankind together. Man has to live as man, otherwise in the world. All religions should cooperate. We like to
it is no life. We speak a lot, but it doesn’t come from come here because Biji shows respect to us.
heart. When this love dwells in our hearts, we will do
no harm to anyone. As long as we do not practice it Today we celebrate Dr Harbhajan Singh’s 76th birth-
ourselves unity won’t be here. That is why we should day together. It should be an example for all others. I
hear the words of Sant Kirpal Singh and Dr. Har- pray to God that he may bring peace into the world,
bhajan Singh and put them into practice. We read so that we can perform good deeds together for the
the holy scriptures, but we don’t live up to them. whole mankind. I thank you and welcome all the
guests, also in the name of my organisation.
We cannot develop man by money. We should pray
and achieve inner peace. In the Guru Granth Sahib
it is said that we should live in that way we He wants
us to. If we make His will to our will, we can get eve- Nirmal Swami Satpreet Hari Ji
rything from Him. From my soul, in the name of God, I give my con-
gratulations to you (for this programme).
I thank H.H. Surinder Kaur and welcome you all
again. The true birthday can only be celebrated with I want to say, “God is everywhere.” We have got the
Saints. We should have places like Kirpal Sagar eve- human body just only to meet God. Everywhere
rywhere so that men can hear these things. A true is God. As I am everywhere in me, in my eyes, my
Moslem cannot commit bad, violent deeds. hands, my feet, like that God is everywhere. We have
two eyes to see nature, to see others, but we have an
I am very thankful for the possibility to be here and other eye, too. Just as we sleep at night and don’t see
to speak here. anything, but when the sun rises, we see everything.

In the same way we sleep in the world in Maya, fully

engaged in Moh (allurement and attachment of the
Mohamed Aksam senses) and so we do not know where God is.
We are thankful to Biji for all the good she did for
mankind and for giving us the possibility to speak God is with me, in me. When we follow the path of
here. We often meet her in Amritsar. spirituality and sit to the feet of the spiritual Master,
to the feet of Biji, the feet of Gyan Guru, we can real-
This place is really blessed. Sant Kirpal Singh had ize God. Then our eyes are open and we can see very
been here and Dr Harbhajan Singh asked for mak- easy in this body where God is. So this is the right
ing it habitable. It is a blessed place. Here a good body to meet God. Or in other words, we can meet
education of children is provided and old people God easily, if we know the right way. So it is not im-
are looked after. It is Master’s grace that the Sangat possible to see God, it is possible, it is easy.
of all countries is here. We hear different languages.
All religions are respected. Master meant something If we want to attain something in life, woman is play-
when he created this place. He has blessed this place. ing an important role, a hidden role. Woman’s nature
Today we watch it burning everywhere in the world is to be at the side of man and to help him. A mother
and when one is capable of putting out the fire, he has great power. She is giving love to her child and
can have the water from this place. teaches it the right way. Today we have seen a perfect
woman: Biji. She is Sant Kirpal Singh’s true disciple.
Also the founder of our organisation said that it is our Though such souls are physically with us, they are
purpose to live as real man. Terrorists who are destroy- always connected with the Almighty Power.
ing the world don’t understand religion. We should re-
member the one God, Khuda, and serve His mankind We all claim to be human beings. But man can be-

1 6 4 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
come a devil or a true man, both is in our hands. If think in unity, we can hand on truth and can bring
man has learned to become conscious, he can be- this unity to the community.
come one with God.
First help is self-control. We have forgotten who we
Nobody is good or bad, we are all children of God. are. God has given us life, but before we are able
We have to cross a barrier; if we have done it, we can know God we have to know ourselves. We are the
dive into the ocean. Then we are able to know how inhabitants of the body, not the body. We are the soul.
deep the ocean is. Soul is like a little star. To see the soul we need the
Third Eye. Soul lives in us, and also God lives in us.
In life happiness and sadness come, but we have to Here at the Third Eye is the seat of the soul.
remain immerged in Him. Sometimes man is dis-
pired and cries, “O God, do you have only sorrows This body is made of five elements. Atma, the soul, is
for me? Why don’t you give grace?” Only when we light, sound, blissfulness. God will charge our bat-
come at the feet of the Saints, they show us the di- tery when we start remembering Him. It is our task
rect way, otherwise our life is going zigzag. Once we to learn how to charge that battery. At Amrit Vela
have accepted a Master, we have to go the way with we should meditate and repeat the Simran, then our
full care. “O Man, you came in this world and live batteries are charged. We can solve all our problems
therein, but you should not forget your way.” by doing that. If a problem occurs in our lives, we
should not see it as a problem but as a chance to de-
Till now we were entangled in the circle of birth and velop. We can solve our problems only with the help
death, but there is also a way back home. God is love of prayer.
and love is God. True Saints can give a glance from
within. We have forgotten our destination and live in duality.
We live in the world, but one day we have to leave it.
Mind is our enemy. It can turn to our friend, if we We do not know where we will go to.
keep it occupied constantly and if we give food to our
soul. Then mind will not disturb any more. Within us there is light and peace. Our real home is
His home. We can play a role in the theatre of the
All religions tell the same, we have to follow the one world, but we should not forget true religion, which
way. is light and peace. We should love all and treat each
other loveably. If we are thirsty and long for water,
I congratulate Biji and all the co-workers, working we have to drink it ourselves, it is not enough watch-
here to fulfil Master’s wish. ing others doing it. With God’s help we can develop
all virtues.

Coming to Kirpal Sagar we feel a special Power

Rajyogi Brahmakumari Shakti Bhain Ji working here. He has given us something, we got His
Peace be unto you all. This is a prayer to the God- love from inside, because we are celebrating Dr Har-
power. bhajan Singh’s birthday.

Respected Biji, co-workers and guests, today I have

the possibility to speak to you and I am happy for
having been invited to this place.

How can peace arise in the world? God says, we were

one and we will be one again. Why is a country di-
vided? Because we have forgotten ourselves. If we

C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 6 5
Opening Ceremony of the new Exhibition in the Library
On 10 December, Dr Harbhajan Singh’s birthday, all gathered to inaugurate
the newly designed Library

The new exhibition illus-

trates by many pictures
the biographies of Sant
Kirpal Singh and Dr
Harbhajan Singh, and in
the same way documents
the history of Unity of
Man with its World
Conferences in 1974,
1994, and 2007. Prayers,
holy hymns and a short
address by Mrs Surinder
Kaur staged the begin-
ning of the festivity.

1 66 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur
Today we travel on the way of the highest spiritual knowledge;
we have gathered here with the Rishis and Munis in order to
open this place, which shows Sant Kirpal Singh’s highest way
of spiritual knowledge.

It is a nursery of spiritual knowledge where the flowers get the

colour from the nectar of this well so that the coming gen-
erations can also attain this fragrance. All Sants and Mahat-
mas point out that we should enter the inner house. The outer
knowledge keeps us outside. Master said, He gives us further
His light. If there is no light in the house, the house is like dead.
We should keep the house alive.

When Bhaji got Master’s Parshad, Master said, “We should

pray or read the Akanth Path (the reciting of the Guru Granth
Sahib) in such a way that everyone is full of love and devotion.”
If it is read with devotion and heard with devotion, heart and
soul get purified. If we clean our body, but not our soul, it is
of no use. If our heart, our mind is not pure, we cannot attain
anything, even if we go on (reading the scriptures) the whole
night. If we really understand even one word from Him, we
are saved.

At His time, Master used to write one verse on a paper and

read it again and again during the day, and He lived according
to it. Thereafter He was able to write the Gurmat Siddhant; in
it He revealed His inner being.

As long as the curtain of ego is not removed we cannot see God.

We all are gathered here today to remove this curtain. Just now
we heard the shell. What does it mean? It means, “O God, o in-
habitant of Sach Khand (pure spiritual plane), we are standing
before Your house, please accept us.” Then there was the sound
of the bell. It means, “Please, forgive us all our shortcomings,
do not look to the bad things in us, but open the door.” We are
gathered here according to the sound of the bell, it is bringing
His colour to us, so that we all become one.

May He bless us all!

C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 67
After a further prayer the guests of
honour together with Biji cut the
ribbon at the entrance of the Li-
brary. Then she lead them through
the exhibition.

1 68 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 69
1 7 0 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
God bless you

God bless you to know yourself and to know your Overself.

God bless you to live for others.

God bless you to overcome your mind and ego.

God bless you with the Divine Love in you.

God bless you with the hidden values in you.

God bless you with your lost heritage in you.

God bless you to be His messenger.

God bless you to distribute His heritage.

God bless you to meet a good end of your life.

God bless you with eternal life.

Dr Harbhajan Singh

C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 7 1
1 7 2 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 7 3
Final Talk
The closing of the World Conference on Unity of Man was
celebrated by a speech of Mrs Biji Surinder Kaur

Dear Guru’s Sangat, sitting in Master’s remembrance. the fault of others. Master said, when this is coming
up in us, we should try to pray to Him, “O Master,
Today we are together on Bhaji’s birthday to attain don’t see my faults, give me the grace so that this pu-
His grace, His light and His knowledge. We were lis- pil of the eyes should unite with You and my soul
tening to all the Sant Mahatmas who told us about gets the contact with the God power and we unite
the inner nourishment of our life. But Dr Harbhajan forever.”
Singh did get the ray of His light and gave it further.
Whatever he used to tell, it was from his life. Then Hazur told (a parable) about a devotee who was
tested by God with the help of a beggar:
Today we are not only going to celebrate his birth-
day, it is the birthday of everybody who loves him. It A money lender was just lightening incense sticks
should bring a change in our life. For a change in life, and doing his worship, when God sent someone in
Sant Kirpal Singh started with the diary. Every day form of a beggar. When the servant told him that
the diary is to be filled out so that our faults can be a beggar had reached, the man replied, “I have not
brought out. even accomplished my worship, I have not done my
meditation, how can I give him something?”
Bhaji said, “It (the human form) is a muddy house,
but on the other hand it is a glass palace where my The beggar replied, “I am not such a type of beggar
Pritam (beloved) dwells. It is good, if I can purify who is begging at every house, I only beg from one
myself from within as much as possible so that my so that I get sufficient of what I need for stilling my
Master does not leave me even for a second.” hunger.” The money lender, a rich man, told the serv-
ant, “Is he still here – push him out.” But this serv-
It is very easy to say that the outgoing faculties are ant could feel something and hesitated to tell these
used to perceive the outer things, just as our ears are words, but he had to say them because of his chief. So
used to hear the outer sounds, but to hear something he politely told the beggar, “My owner is very strict,
from within is something unique, it is the Sar Shabad you should go.” But the beggar was only there to take
(which is audible inside). Looking outside the pupil the test. And when he was pushed, he shook out his
of the eye sees the world, and we are used to see only clothes and said, “This play is in the hand of God, and

1 74 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
Dr Harbhajan Singh, World Conference on Unity of Man, 6 February, 1994

C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 7 5
you do not know the play of God and what will hap- If we die, we should die in the house of Master (In-
pen tomorrow. Today you are a rich man and nobody dian proverb meaning, when we die, we should be
knows what will be tomorrow.” In this way God took inside with Him). Otherwise there is no use to die.
the test. And in the end, the money lender became a We read the Gurbani and there is the light of Gur-
beggar and the beggar became a money lender in the bani, but it is within, not outside. The light is within
same courtyard, only the servant changed. Then the us. And when we do the Path (reading of the Guru
beggar asked in the same way as the previous beggar, Granth Sahib), it is not for outside, it should be more
“I am hungry, I need something.” The money lender for our inside.
heard these words, but his inner eye was open.
All the competent Masters who came into this world,
We say easily that our eyes are open, (but it is not like like Guru Gobind Singh (told the same). There is
this). We can go to pilgrimage places, pray the rosary one example of Guru Gobind Singh. He asked for a
and do many things – if our Third Eye is not open, glass of water and then one young boy brought a very
everything is just fake. When your Third Eye opens, clean, clear glass of water. He looked at the water and
you will have the treasure of intoxication. And when asked him whether he ever had served his parents
this condition comes, then it is like this: When you with water. The boy replied, “No.” So Guru Gobind
close the eyes you are within, when you open the Singh did not drink the water.
eyes you feel you are in the world.
Master was asked whether the Saint is more dear or
So the money lender heard the voice of the beggar and God, whether Hari is more dear or the Gurudev. He
told the servant, “Bring him in, give him a bath, give replied, “I love the Saint because he makes us free
him clothes to change and give him food, and don’t from the world. The Saints teach us the ethical life.
let him go till I come.” And he completed his worship They teach us to get free from the bad deeds. And
and then came to the beggar. The beggar stood up the Godpower gave us birth and sent us out into the
and thanked him. The money lender said, “You are world and has given the fruit of our karma. (Saints
not the beggar and I am not the money lender. You help us to go back,) For this Saints are among us and
had pushed me out and so it came back to you. Now they see our condition.”
it is finished.” This story Sant Kirpal Singh told in the
Satsang in Pathankot and said, “Don’t hurt the heart We want to have a palace (we have so many wishes).
of anybody, develop your life. Don’t give the knowl- I live under the will of God, whatever circumstances
edge to others, take the knowledge within you.” come, good or bad times, I think He has made good
for me. If something good happens, my eyes fill
This is our body and the light is shining within. with tears since He had to do so much for me. And
When the soul comes into the body, it gets lost in when I get problems, I feel that He clears my inner
the world, because we create more and more wishes way. Whatever comes is according to His will. So we
and are more attracted by outer things. Master said, should learn to lead a life like a Sadhu.
“Everybody has doubts. As long as we have doubts
and not purity, we are not able to develop within and Today we are all together on the birthday of Bhaji
to meditate full of devotion with the help of Naam.” and it is also my prayer, “It is not only your birthday,
it is our birthday. We want to work more, change our
It is the subject to die while alive. It is the practice of fate.” We have many plans, but our fate stands laugh-
light and sound. Tomorrow there will be initiation. ing beside. We have to do what is according to His
In the Satsang we can attain the condition of Sahaj will. We are all sitting together with His Grace, His
(fully detached and full of devotion), the way of Sahaj, power. And all who are here, all the Sadhus, Mahat-
by pursuing which we attain the inner knowledge. mas who came, spoke about Sat Naam, Wahe Guru,
they explained that all is one.
When we learn to die daily, there is no fear of death.

1 76 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 77
Closing Ceremony

At noon of 11 December, the final

ceremony of the World Conference on

Unity of Man was held in the Sarovar

with a Hindu tradition fire ceremony,

the Havan Puja.

1 78 I W o r l d C o n f e r e n c e O n U n it y o f M a n
C l o si n g C o n f e r e n c e I 1 79
May the words of Sant Kirpal Singh, when He began
this work in 1974, be a message for ever:

“The work of the Conference will be carried on

much further, each time we see that God is working
through our neighbour, our brother – through all
men; each time we resist the temptation to consider
our welfare ahead of that of our brother or sister;
when we see that every human being we meet is a
child of God.

Our common aim should be to alleviate men’s suf-

fering and reduce their separation.
In that sense this Conference will never end.”
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