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HL 2024: Approaches to Literature Instructor: Dr Wernmei Yong Ade Semester 1: 2013-2014 The principle objective of this module is to develop

a greater self-awareness in the understanding of the reading process and of critical practice. The course introduces students to some of the conceptual aspects which are central to the study of English Literature. By focusing on a specific theoretical context each week the module aims to enable students to become fluent and confident critical readers of literature as well as to develop an awareness of the environments in which texts are produced. ore !e"ts: #$: Students must purchase the %o&&o'ing three te"ts !eter Barry Beginning Theory: An Introduction to Literary and Cultural Theory "rd edition #anchester $niversity !ress. %ohn &owles The French Lieutenants Woman 'intage (urt 'onnegut Slaughterhouse Five )ial !ress Trade !aperback High&( recommended %or purchase: *teven Lynn Texts and Contexts+ Writing About Literature ith Critical Theory ,th edition !rentice -all Terry Eagleton Literary Theory: An Introduction "rd edition $niversity of #innesota !ress .//0 !roposed 1ourse *chedule+ 2eek 3 . " 5 6 , 7 0 : 3/ 33 3. 3" Topic 4ntroduction &ormalism #arxist 1riticism *tructuralism !ost-*tructuralism !sychoanalytic criticism 8eading 2eek &eminist 1riticism 9ender and *exuality 8eader 8esponse ;arrative and ;arratology !ostmodernism !ostcolonialism <verview

)ethod o% instruction: 2eekly .-hour lecture 2eekly 3-hour tutorial

)ode o% Assessment: #id-term 3 .// word essay+ ./= End-term . /// word essay+ "/= Exam+ 6/= Suggested Secondar( *eading: +You are encouraged to explore and supplement the readings offered in the course reader with your own. You are however not confined to this list, nor are you required to read everything on this list. The following books are available in the library., Introductions to Literar( riticism and !heor( Belsey 1atherine. Critical !ractice .nd edition >London+ 8outledge .//.? Bennett @ndrew and 8oyle ;icholas. An Introduction to Literature" Criticism and Theory 5th edition >London+ Longman .//:? 1uller %onathan. Literary Theory: A #ery Short Introduction ><xford+ <$! .///? 2ebster 8oger. Studying Literary Theory: An Introduction >$*@+ Bloomsbury .//:? Literar(- ritica& and !heoretica& Dictionaries and .nc(c&opaedias @brams #.-. A $lossary o% Literary Terms >Boston+ Thomson-2adsworth .//6? Baldick 1hris. The Concise &ictionary o% Literary Terms ><xford+ <$! .//5? 9ray #artin. &ictionary o% Literary Terms >London+ Aork $! 3::.? #alpas *imon and 2ake !aul. The 'outledge Com(anion to Critical Theory >London+ 8outledge .//,? 2augh !atricia. Literary Theory and Criticism ><xford+ <$! .//,? Antho&ogies 8ivkin %ulie and 8yan #ichael ed. Literary Theory: An Anthology ><xford+ 2ileyBlackwell ./3/?