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What Can You Learn with a Telecommunications Major?

Thinking about getting a job in telecommunications? Or just wondering how you can expand your horizons with a new major? Perhaps you're interested in more professional positions or a managerial status in your company. ost jobs in the telecommunications field are entry!le"el# re$uiring only a high school diploma# but if you plan on mo"ing up the corporate ladder you will be wanting a more specialized education. The industry does utilize on!the!job training# but maintenance and repair positions# as well as managerial jobs re$uire a degree in telecommunications# making it $uite the asset to anyone interested in upward mobility.

What Does “Telecommunications” Mean?
Telecommunications workers perform a number of ser"ices to the community# including telephone# internet and digital repair# maintenance and deli"ery. There are se"eral occupations a"ailable in the telecommunications field# including e$uipment installers and repairers% computer software engineers and support specialists% and# of course# operations specialties managers and top executi"es along with many# many other integral positions.

Popular Schools
Telecommunications is offered as a major at most community colleges# but there are also trade schools which specialize in the field. &ducation! pro"ides a list of six popular schools for telecommunications# most of which offer online programs' ● (alden )ni"ersity' Offers online *achelor and asters programs for +nformation ,ystems and Technology - .etworking and Operations. ● /aplan )ni"ersity' Offers online 0ssociates# *achelors and asters of ,cience programs in +nformation Technology - .etwork 0dministration. ● +TT Technical +nstitute' 1as physical campuses in most states 2excluding .orth and ,outh 3akota# ontana# (yoming and parts of .ew &ngland4. The highest degree a"ailable at this school is a *achelor of ,cience# but +TT Tech has one of the larger +nformation Technology programs. ● 3e5ry )ni"ersity' 6laims more than 78 locations in the ), and offers a program for &ngineering and +nformation ,ciences almost as big as +TT Tech's. ● &6P+ )ni"ersity' 9ocated in .orth and ,outh 6arolina and 5irginia with programs in &lectronics &ngineering Technology# 6omputer and +nformation ,cience# and +nformation ,ystems. ● )ni"ersity of Pheonix' This is the only of these schools to offer a 3octorate in anagement as part of the graduate +nformation ,ystems and Technology program.

Classes to Take
+nformation technology# computer sciences# and mass communications are closely related to telecommunications. Taking a minor or extra classes in any of these programs can be an asset if you plan to pursue a telecommunications career. 0s far as specific classes to take# you will need to look at what is offered by your school's program. 0ccording to education! some of the most common classes taken for telecommunications include' ● ass communications systems

● +nteracti"e communications systems ● 6omputing ● ,tatistics ● :esearch methods ● Policies and regulations in telecommunications ● Telecommunications internship These courses are most typically offered for *achelors degree programs. 0dding +T and computer science courses to these would more than boost your chances of being accepted into the realm of telecommunications business. 0nybody looking for opportunities in the telecommunications field should definitely consider any of the abo"e listed schools and take ad"antage of some of these fantastic programs.