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Unit Plan Overall Idea Matrix

Topic The topic is exploring how complex characters develop throughout a text and determine how that character furthers the plot.

Target Audience (make sure to describe number, age, and abilities of students) The class is around 30 students, 10th grade aged, with average level learning abilities.

Overall Objectives The students will explore and comparing how complex charactersin fiction and nonfiction.

Common Core Standards Reading Standard for Literature, 10th grade, #3: Analyze how complex characters (e.g., those with multiple or conflicting motivations) develop over the course of a text, interact with other characters, and advance the plot or develop the theme.

ISTE Standards Creativity and Innovation, Communication and Collaboration

Technology 1) I-Movie 2) Podcast 3) Learnist board 4) Smartboard 5) PowerPoint

Materials that Need to Be Created We will use iMovie to illustrate a story which has a complex Video Story and character and how that character complicates the plot. Story Board We will use the podcast to explain to the students how to Podcast identify complex characteristics. applications. When researching the historical figure, this technology will iPads to access the provide resource for information. internet. We will use the smartboard to go over a historical figure and Just the smartboard explain his complexities in the historical context. itself. We will use this to guide discussion to give a visual development. A projector/smartbrd.

How Technology will be Used

Technology Unit Timeline Planner Must have one lesson plan for each individual plus at least one as group (number of group members + 1).
Lesson Topic IMovie Story Illustration What Students Will Do Students will watch the video in class and engage in a discussion on how Grant behaved as a character. Students will access a learnist board created by myself that covers the controversies of Benjamin Franklin, details about his autobiography, and factual information about his life. After going through this board, the students will be required to make at least three comments on the board, and make two replies to their fellow students comments. Students will listen to the podcast in class and outside class if needed. Time Allotted 1 Class Period Objectives Addressed Students will see a video illustration of a complex character Students will learn about the characteristics of a historical figure Technology Used Smart board to show the video. A home computer or use of the iPad in class, and access to the learnist website Person Responsible (or Group) Group

Learnist Board

Length of a week to comment

Alexsis Lemons


1 Day


Students will learn about the

1 class

Students will understand the basics of complex characters and plot. Students will

Internet access to the podcast. Smartboard

Adam Ragsdale

Grant Huffines


complexities of Benjamin Franklin. Following some informational slides, the students will complete a quiz within the Notebook application Students will discuss as a class the PowerPoint shown.


understand the basics of complex characters. Students will understand the basics of complex characters and progression throughout fictional novels of characters and connections to historical figure. Projector, teachers computer, PowerPoint program and screen or smartboard. Natalie Apple

1 Day