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PGDM Academic Year 2013-15 Term II Course: Management Information !

stems Credit 1 Instructor: Prof" Pradee# $erma Contact e-mai%: #radee#"&erma'accurate"in Prof" (aris) *umar )aris)"+umar'accurate"in , I-. P/A.

Introduction: This course introduces the student to the widespread influence that information has on the functioning of organizations today. Information technology is evolving and transforming the business. The changes are not only limited at the lower levels, but also at the strategic level. Students will apply theoretical concepts to information strategies and decisionmaking. Course o01ecti&e: Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to • • • !"plain and apply the key terms, definitions, and concepts used in the study of #IS. $emonstrate how as a systems manager he can use the knowledge of information systems concepts to enhance the competitive advantage of business. %nalyze the trends in information technology, and apply them to achieve the business goals. 2ecommended Te3t 4oo+ Management Information !stems &audon ' &audon, Tenth !dition, ()I 2eference 4oo+s: *. #anagement Info Systems +,-rien. .. #anagement Info Systems S.sadagopan. /. #anagement Info Systems 0.S.1awadekar ,&a%uation !stem: 2lass (articipation %ssignment 2ase $iscussion #id-Term !nd-Term Total

*3 *3 *3 /3 43 *33

(. Systems for $ecision Support $ecision Support Systems ?roup $ecision Support Systems @?$SSA $ata #ining for $ecision support. Understand and use conditional formulae Set up &++BU( tables and use &++BU( functions 2reate separate page charts. 2reate % Static 2hart =rom The $ata In % (ivotTable . */ *4 *7 *8 *9 *: *< . 2ustomer . (.Supply chain management .+2!SS!S #IS problems and failures. . !ssentials of #IS reports Importance of 2harts in #IS 2ase discussion 2an cell (hone close the ?lobal $igital $ivideE @ 5okiaA .eport Use the standard !"cel templates 2reate 2ustom templates. %dd and remove chart data To 2reate % (ivot2hart ./ .< /3 Theme Introduction of #IS Info.8 .+$U2TS.+$U2T &I=! 2D2&! #%5%?!#!5T SDST!#S =%ST!.. +pen and edit templates Set template properties 2ase Study (. * . / 4 7 8 9 : < *3 ** *.eport $elete.elationship #anagement system 2ase discussion The Internet =riend or =oe to children $ecision #aking ' Information System > #odels of $ecision #aking. 2hange chart types and formats.: .3 . =%ST!.4 . systems in global business )ow businesses use information systems (orter.* . % (ivotTable +r (ivot2hart .ession P%an Session 5o.eport =rom %n !"isting (ivotTable .9 .s #odel ' 6alue 2hain Using systems for competitive advantage 2ase discussion U(S competes globally with IT !nterprise System .eport.7 . Bnowledge based systems 2ase discussion 0hat can be done about data Cuality 2reate and use 5%#!S in workbooks.