PRONUNCIATION 1. a) Listen to the poem. What kind of person is its author? b) Do you know all the words in the boxes? Check their meaning with your classmate, teacher or dictionary. Match the words from the two boxes. E.g.: to do - work
to do to wear 1. to eat to cut to breathe to have to comb to throw to live to sleep to cry to bury to sing to go to come food wood songs dead here clothes air out work hair back in bed tears away doubts

b) Listen and check yourselves. c) Take it in turns with your partner to match the phrases from 1a) with ‘nothing … but’ or ‘nowhere … but’. Mind the pronunciation of ‘nothing’ and ‘nowhere’. E.g. Nothing to do but work d) Are you a pessimist or an optimist? Find out about your partner. Report your findings to the group. LISTENING 2. a) Divide the adjectives in the box into positive and negative. pleasant, competitive, naughty, ugly, cheerful, frank, terrible, calm, bossy, boring, selfish, hospitable, hard-working, noisy, proud, too talkative, friendly, helpful, lazy, quiet, impolite, impatient, unfriendly, faithful, dishonest, sociable, attractive, unpleasant, honest, confident, polite, changeable, patient, wonderful b) „Pessimistic‟ and „optimistic‟ make a pair of opposites. Find as many pairs of opposites in the two groups as you can. E.g. attractive – ugly selfish – thinking only of themselves

3. a) Listen to the story. Choose the best moral for it. Explain your choice. Ask no questions and you will be told no lies. The things look the way we look at them. Better to do well than to say well. Every family has a black sheep. It takes all sorts to make the world. b) Which is the right way to behave? Which of the two strangers would you like to have for a friend or a neighbour? c) Play the memory game: retell the story as a group. Take it in turns to say one sentence each. Use your notes for ex.2 for help. VOCABULARY
im-, il-, un-, in-, ir-,

Moral - the message of a story which you understand from it about how you should or should not behave.
possible believable sociable formal separable legal

4. a) Find examples of adjectives in ex. 2 in which prefixes create a negative meaning. Check with your partner. b) Work in pairs. Use the prefixes in the box to make the following adjectives negative. Check with a dictionary. c) Match the negative adjectives with the nouns below.
food friends explanation answer clothes story person business verbs situation husband

correct regular healthy faithful logical

SPEAKING 5. a) Work with your partner. Describe  the people of your town / city / village  your family member  your friend  your neighbour  yourself b) Compare with your classmate‟s description. selfish to behave

only thinks about himself / herself Is not very honest.WHAT DO YOUR STARS SAY? VOCABULARY 1. help. more than is usual Is good at producing ideas or things that are unusual or clever Is certain about what he / she does Is always ready to protect you from danger produces a lot of original and unusual ideas understands what other people need. wants only to win Is not ready to share money. deep thinker. help. YEAR DESCRIPTION OF BEHAVIOUR GOOD QUALITY DESCRIPTION OF BEHAVIOUR BAD QUALITY Is ready to share money. attractive and easy to like Is peaceful. very active en_rgetic pro_d comp_titive b_ave shows no fear of dangerous or difficult things Is a quiet. very often changes their opinion. not noisy genero_s ima_inative c_nfident prot_ctive creativ_ sensit_ve ple_sant ca_m first does and then thinks likes telling people what to do gets unhappy and angry because someone has something they want gives too much attention to formal rules and small details does what he/she want and will not do anything else often has strong feelings and expresses them it‟s difficult for him / her to make a choice behaves like the weather in April. Compare with your partner. kindness. a) Read the description of people in Chinese Zodiac. Fill in the missing letters. is helpful and kind to them Is enjoyable. only with the help of their intuition does a lot of work ha_dwo_king doesn‟t like to be controlled by other i_dependent people SNAKE not very _enerous pas_ive HORSE s_lfish dis_onest . kindness does not want to change the situation. lets other people be in control Is egoistical. feels better and more important than other people always tries to do or be better than someone else. does not laugh a seri_us lot can understand something without int_itive thinking about it. etc. quiet. can cheat on you h_t-headed bos_y jealo_s pedan_ic stubbor_ too em_tional i_decisive chang_able RABBIT TIGER OX RAT DRAGON Is full of energy.

Report the results to the class. depen_able can‟t stop being angry with you depend on them Is unchangeable in his / her friendship faith_ul Is not polite. TIGER: You are creative and sensitive but you tend to be too emotional. Are the negative opinions expressed very categorically? What other words can help you to make your opinion less categorical? OX: You are very confident. dependable stubborn (in)decisive jealous unforgiving intelligent creative to tend generous CHICKEN i_patient nois_ DOG u_forgiving i_polite idealisti_ critica_ dependable independent PIG sensitive . 2. makes too judgments or have opinions that are much noise based on reason you can have confidence in them. Read the description of your year carefully. even despite difficulties can learn and understand things very quickly and easily likes to spend time with other people cha_ming patien_ cl_ver sociabl_ MONKEY is nervous and uncomfortable with other people thinks bad things are more likely to happen shows dislike. c) Us e the card the teacher has given you to interview your partner. a)Put the personality adjectives into three groups: familiar. rude always tells the truth _onest believes that things can be better Is truthful. Work in pairs. with de_isive a clear result can understand and learn and make inte_ligent is unpleasantly loud. unfamiliar and unfamiliar. b) Put them into different groups according to their form. not friendly always behaves badly. even when this might make f_ank makes negative judgments about other people uncomfortable other people c) Listen. 4.SHEEP Is pleasant. Make the negative opinions less categorical. but you can be jealous at times. Write the descriptions for the other years. a) Read the descriptions for the years of the Ox and Tiger made by professional astrologers. b) What words or phrases are used to soften the negative opinion? WRITING 5. well-liked by people Is able to wait and continue to do something. Do you agree with it? Does your partner agree with his / her description? Are you very different from each other? Why? 3. never does what they have been asked or ordered to do Can‟t to wait at all sh_ pes_imistic unfr_ _ ndly naug_ty can decide quickly and positively. but easy to understand. check and repeat the adjectives after the speaker. Check with the class.

3. to appeal to someone a) the physical or mental power or skill needed to do something b) intelligent. self-critical 4. a) Listen to the interview with Keanu Reeves. needed . the man chosen as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world by “People” magazine. The world is divided into two categories: those who enjoy his work and those who can't stand him. Read the beginning and the ending of an interview with Keanu Reeves. money. While it's true that he hasn't yet joined the same league as Al Pacino and Jack Nicholson. quality 2. the actor who starred in Matrix. or able to think quickly or cleverly in difficult situations c) to interest or attract someone d) a characteristic of someone or something e) ready to give negative judgments about themselves f) calm and controlled. not expressing strong feelings g) foolish or unwise. Answer the questions:   If a person was born in the year of the Dragon. A Buddhist and a pacifist. especially of repeated situations h) not to have the physical or mental power. making people angry. be unable 8. He personifies a new action hero.A COOL BREEZE OVER THE MOUNTAINS LISTENING 1. and chose not to play in several films because the part seemed too violent. That was Keanu Reeves. dumb 6. he‟s against war on principle. secretive 3. He also gave back $38 million of his Matrix money to pay for some of the special effects. Check if the horoscope is right. ability 7. qualities should this person have? what Can you name the actor who starred in Matrix as Neo? What do you know about him? 2. unemotional 5. time. etc. he is comfortable in both independent personal dramas and loud blockbusters. b) Match the words with the definitions: 1. a film that has become a cult classic. skill. He is famously generous with his money: he buys gifts for his movies' backstage workers and donates money to charity. and there's no denying that Keanu Reeves will be remembered as one of the most popular movie stars ever. Are there any facts there that surprise you? Now we‟re going to talk with an actor who decided not to accept a $12 million offer for Speed 2 to do Shakespeare in a small Canadian theatre.

Which of your qualities do you think appeals to people most? .9. Write about your wishes. smart 10. If only I could be more emotional. sensitive and generous. usually a man. self-critical. unemotional. a) Read the sentences from the interview. silent type i) hiding their feelings and thoughts from other people j) a type of person.What is your best quality? What is the worst one? . Whose wishes are they? I wish it was easy to pronounce! I wish you would not ask me about that. who says very little c) Listen to the interview again. Answer the questions:     Keanu Reeves is secretive. I wish I were a more intelligent person. If only I could be… I wish I was /were more/less… I wish (somebody) would… I wish I was / were… I wish I could… I wish I would… I wish he would… SPEAKING 6. I wish he would appear in movies with more martial arts and less dialogue. 1964 GRAMMAR 4. . Which of the examples express regrets? Do these regrets refer to the past or to the present? Which examples tell us about what we would like people (not) to do? Which of the sentences sound critical? Which sentence sounds more emotional than the others? What verb forms are used after “I wish” and “If only” in each case? 5. I wish I were smarter. a) Interview your partner.What special things are you able to do? Keanu and his sister Kim . What facts from the interview tell us about that? What is Keanu Reeves unable to do? Is he smart? What special ability does he have? What quality of Keanu Reeves appeals both to women and men? What other qualities does Keanu Reeves have? What about his film characters? What quality appeals to you most in Keanu Reeves? GRAMMAR FOCUS Born September 2.

Then came Beavis and Butthead and King of the Hill. a place where strange thing happen.a person. which . Can you give any examples of weird characters in films or cartoons? 2. Character the particular combination of qualities in a person that makes them different from others Character . which has been called the most offensive (unpleasant) and outrageous (scandalous) television show ever made.„тип‟.. The South Park merchandise – especially T-shirts with the words ”Oh.someone whose behaviour is interesting or amusing 1. It has one of the highest number of UFO sightings in the world! 3.What people appeal to you most? b) Report your findings to the group. a) Which of the definitions of the word „character‟ corresponds to the word „персонаж‟. Read the introduction to a magazine article on a notorious (famous for something bad) cartoon.„характер‟ and which – „личность‟? b) „Weird‟ means „very strange and unusual. including George Clooney. In case you are wondering. there is a real South Park in Colorado. South Park is made by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Match them with the characters in the pictures. South Park. who are making fun of American pop-culture. The black humour with bad language has led to the show being labelled as „adult humour‟ but many of its biggest fans are extremely popular. Many of Hollywood‟s top names wanted to be involved. a) Read the character descriptions in the boxes. play or story First there came The Simpsons. quality secretive self-critical WEIRD CHARACTERS READING unemotional dumb smart ability to be able to appeal silent Character . tells the story of four eight-year-old third-grade students who live in a small town in Colorado. especially when you are describing a particular quality that they have Awesome! . Now South Park has become the world‟s cult animation show. my God! They killed Kenny!” . Have you seen any of the cartoons mentioned in the article? Have you heard about them? Character a person represented in a film. which . unexpected or not natural‟.

The most famous line from the cartoon is: “Oh. she doesn’t get big-headed and doesn’t lose her sense of humour. outgoing and he‟s the most He‟s smart: he‟s the brains of the group. but sometimes he‟s a terrible bully He wears a blue hat with a red pom-pon. independent. the boys‟ teacher who wears a hand puppet called Mr. stubborn. honest and kind. Other characters include Chef. and Mrs. Hat. energetic. competitive. He‟s He‟s Stan‟s best friend. dishonest. Even when she becomes a princess. Work in pairs. speaks unclearly (Kenny) kind and honest. to his little brother. the “normal” one. he also has a pet elephant. insensitive and unforgiving. sociable (Stan) UK: humour – US: humor the smartest in the group (Kyle) behaving as they want. Kyle is character spoilt big-headed outgoing lovable butt weird sense of humour confident of the group. lovable soul-singing school cafeteria cook. not attentive to other people.Stan. impatient. His mother calls him Eric episode. gang and the good kid of the group. He has had a difficult childhood and he Wow! He‟s very big-headed. mumbles. but he‟s shy with girls. 4. is the leader of the Kyle (Broslofski) wears a green hat with earflaps. generous and creative. though she’s always the butt of their jokes. because their parents have given them too much attention (Cartman) not intelligent (Cartman) thinking that they are cleverer or more important than they are (Cartman) a person who is joked about or laughed at (Cartman) She’s a hard-working and dependable. His face is always selfish. too. He‟s stupid Kenny is the poor “quiet” one. hidden inside his anorak hood and he always jealous. Garrison. ability to see things as amusing (other characters) smart and outgoing character. he starts eating his favourite snack called Cheesy Puffs. . Ask and answer the questions: a) Which character is the weirdest? b) Which character do you think appeals to everyone? c) Which character would you like to sound? d) Do you think you‟re spoilt or big-headed? e) Do you have a sense of humour? e) How do you behave when you get angry? f) Who is the brains of your class? g) Would you like to be the butt of everyone‟s jokes? She’s very lovable and kind to her spoilt insensitive step-sisters and weird stepmother. Weird sense of humour! b) Find the words and phrases that mean UK: spoilt – US: spoiled a group of young men who spend time together and cause trouble (Stan) friendly. a large. my God! They killed Kenny!” and he‟s the butt of everyone‟s jokes. forgiving and attractive and charming (other characters) undemanding. When he dies in horrific circumstances almost in every gets angry. The character is actually based on co-creator Matt Stone. Cartman is the spoiled one. impolite.

2. ON THE JOB LISTENING 1. Film director Fitness instructor Veterinary Archaeologist Zookeeper Carpenter Pilot Designer Boat captain Programmer Scientist Teacher Musician Doctor What are their jobs? What questions did they answer? What personality traits do you need for your job? What special abilities are necessary in your job? What education should you have for your job? What training does your job require? What are you responsible for? What’s the best thing about your job? What’s the worst thing about your job? What’s your secret wish? b) Listen again. self-critical. dependable and c_______ of the safety of animals. if necessary. sociable. One word is used twice. film or cartoon character. What personality traits and special abilities do they need in their jobs? What appeals to them most in their jobs? 3. too. Choose the answers to the questions below from the boxes. A. A sense of humour is n______ for a zookeeper. confident. You n___ a love of animals for a zookeeper‟s job. A zookeeper‟s job r_____ someone who is d______ to animal care. Guess what job it is: For this job you have to be creative. You should be able to work in a team but you will have to be bossy at times. b) Read out your description. C. a) Complete the sentences below. a) Listen to the mini-interviews with three women. a) Write a short description of your favourite book. Keep the name secret. personality ≈ character trait ≈ quality to require ≈ to need . B. D. Let your classmates guess. hard-working. Prepare to give a tip or two if it gets too difficult for them. Use the active vocabulary box for help. smart.WRITING 5. A zookeeper should be r_______. emotional. patient and decisive. Take notes.

I wish I was more knowledgeable about animal health Nicki. a) Match the women and their wishes. Your partner: You‟re an engineer1 WRITING I’d like to be … For this job you need … This job requires someone who is… It’s necessary to be… You should be … One needs to be … . river captain A. To be a good musician you need to be d_______. personality disciplined dedicated responsible careful to decide need which to require Listen and check yourselves. b) One of the statements in 3a) is false. necessary conscious knowledgeable GRAMMAR 4. Keep the name of the job secret. It‟s n_______ to be a risk-taker in a captain‟s job. You: I wish I was more knowledgeable about building bridges. I wish I could play modern music more often.E. In pairs one. Midori. zookeeper I wish people would become more safetyconscious. b) Write wishes for people of other jobs. A captain must be c______ and k_______-. Let your classmates guess. hard-working. thirsty for knowledge and ready for change. G. violinist B. F. trait Dale.

b) Study the dictionary diagram for the word „good‟. He doesn‟t want to talk to his classmates. I think. a) Are all the personality qualities in your list either good or bad? Find those which are neutral. Read the dream job descriptions. c) He‟s so proud of his brilliant sense of humour. b) Hang up your papers around the classroom. he‟s bad . d) This friend of yours will get you into trouble. Find equivalents to the collocations in your language.      competitive imaginative impolite hospitable talkative indecisive calm polite      impatient noisy unemotional  b) Add more adjectives from your list to illustrate each pattern. What personality traits and special abilities do you need for it? What appeals to you most in this job? Write about a wish connected with your dream job. a) On a sheet of paper write about your dream job. VOCABULARY 3. Do they have anything in common? TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE PRONUNCIATION 1. 2. a) Match the adjectives in the box with the stress patterns.5. c) Listen and repeat after the speaker. b) You‟re so lazy! You behave like a real couch potato. a) Jane is very attractive: she‟s got beautiful eyes and gorgeous hair. a) What two adjectives do the pictures illustrate? How many other personality adjectives have you come across so far? Make a list. Use the collocations to rephrase the sentences below. .

but she‟s one of my close friends. good . h) A cup of hot tea will make you feel much better. you‟ll soon be able to speak well. She visits her every day and does all the shopping.e) She‟s very kind to her Granny. f) He has a friendly relationship with his neighbours. j) This news is unbelievable. to be good = to behave well good-looking = attractive too good to be true = unbelievable to be good at something = to be able to do something well to be good for something = to be useful to be on good terms = to have a polite and friendly relationship a good friend = somebody you know very well and like very much. They were no trouble at all. a close friend to think you‟re too good for something = to be proud good to be good to somebody = to be kind to somebody to be no good = to be a bad. g) Keanu has become rich and successful. useless person to do you good = to make you feel better to be good-fornothing = to be lazy and useless to make good = to become rich and successful SPEAKING . i) The children behaved well./ g ud/ m) If you speak English every day. k) Don‟t throw away the magazines. l) She‟s not my best friend. They can be useful for making a collage.

a) Read the saying of Aeschylus. Such a lonely day And its mine. a) Make up questions using the phrases with „good‟ to interview your partner. can be happy all life long? b) Do you always feel happy? Do you ever feel lonely? Why? 2. What do the lyrics have in common? A. Are you on good terms with your neighbours? Do you know anyone who is good-looking? b) Interview your partner. What do you think these bands have in common? Queen Red Hot Chili Peppers b) Look through the excerpts from their song lyrics. Sometimes I feel like my only friend Is the city I live in. Such a lonely day Should be banned. E. Is there an answer to this question? Who. . together we cry… System of a Down C. Sometimes I feel like I don‟t have a partner.4. Match them with the bands. a) Look at the photos of three popular bands. Report your findings to the group. the city of angel Lonely as I am. LONELY HEARTS LISTENING 1. The most loneliest day of my life. save gods.g.

I don't have no time ___ no monkey business. Answer the questions: What‟s wrong with them? What should these lines look like? Why do you think they are different in the songs? 3. dee do de de. Sometimes I feel I'm gonna break down and cry (so lonely): Nowhere to go. nothing to do with my time I get lonely. lonely. Find my head is always ___ in the clouds __ a dreamworld. It's not easy living ___ my own. so lonely living on my own. so crazy living ___ my own. dee do de de. Dee do de de. but he is optimistic about his future.… b) Fill in the missing prepositions. nothing to do ___ my time I get lonely. dee do de de. ___ on me I go crazy. Nowhere to go. with a lot of ideas which are not related to real life WRITING Lonely .unhappy because you are alone Living on my Own Words and music by Freddie Mercury On one‟s own – alone. Listen and check yourselves. Dee do de de. I‟m lonely and I need a . romantic – impractical. lonely. Sometimes I feel I'm always walking too fast.without other people Monkey business dishonest or unacceptable behaviour. without help from anyone else Alone . Sometimes I feel I'm gonna break down and cry (so lonely). I get so lonely. c) Find lines in the lyrics that prove the following statement: The singer is a sensitive and romantic personality. And everything is coming ___ on me. lonely yeah. Got to be some good times ahead. I would like to hear from you.B. Sometimes I feel nobody gives me no warning. oh. d) Sing along with the singer. a) Read the “Queen” song lyrics. Find more irregularities. Dee do de de. lonely sensitive romantic c) Look at the words in bold in the song lyrics. sensitive – (here) easily upset Sensitive? Romantic? If you have these two qualities. so lonely living ___ my own.

Be careful with false things sometimes. learn . If people tell you you‟re cool. Go up to the girl / boy you like and tell him / her how you are feeling. Learn how to take a compliment. Everyone does stupid 19. As the want to stay alone. 9. but if you don‟t laugh at yourself. And the jealous ones will have something to worry about. Make your life brilliant by learning English outside the classroom. ideas and optimism. Focusing your thoughts will give you a clearer direction. Go round the classroom. a) Read the article from a teenage magazine on how to become a better person. Use your imagination to describe „yourself. Learn to do the things you‟ve always wanted to do – take up the bass 14. Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. You‟ll be the brains of the class! 18. 12. Don‟t keep all that to yourself. Learn to friends. Take a lesson in martial arts. when you feel you‟re getting confused about life. Make a list of qualities you admire in others. believe them.‟ b) Play the matching game. Which advice do you like best? Got to be some good times ahead! 1. Write a short advertisement for the “Lonely Hearts” column in a magazine or a forum on the Internet. 3. Riches are for spending. 4. Behave towards the others as you would like them to behave towards you. Smile. Chat to the person next to you in the dinner queue. As the song says:”If you don‟t have a dream. how are you going to have your dream come true?” 16. 7. Always have a dream. Read a book. Learn to protect yourself. Feeling happy will make your life better and better. a) Imagine you are lonely and want to find a friend. Life will seem better. learn to sing a song. Just think how many quiz questions you‟ll get right. and turn to it once in a while. Answer the questions:  What people are not happy with themselves?  Are you happy with yourself? Do you wish you were different? What kind of person would you like to be? 2. Better late than never. 17. Do your 13. Try to find a good friend for yourself. It‟s the first step that costs. 8.4. You could make a new friend. It‟s never too late to learn. watch a DVD. TWENTY WAYS TO GET BETTER READING 1. Share smiles. c) Report to the group how lucky you‟ve been in finding a friend. please. Join a library and use it. 6. Write down all the things you want to get out of life. 2. 11.

c) Find proverbs and sayings in the article. admire have a positive opinion of someone or their behavior.I guess an ideal friend should be able to forgive. a) Read the quotations from the unit interviews. Recommendation 1: Be conscious of the feelings of other people. 5. 15. Go on. 20. They deserve it. b) Make the recommendations more laconic.” to say to your close friend:”I‟m not angry with you any longer. . b) Compare your list with your classmate‟s. Paint your bedroom pink and yellow. Always look on the bright side of life.guitar or belly dancing. I guess. it‟s easier than you think. Believe in yourself. Try to be… Learn to be … Be … Don’t be… Get more / less… E. no one else will. that’s absolutely true. What phrases can you borrow from them to make a discussion more natural? Keanu Reeves: My best friend is my sister. Cry and you‟ll cry alone. to find someone attractive and pleasant to look at . Cook The Parents dinner sometime.g.” 10. Be the first on the dance floor at parties. There‟s no time like the present. Dale Lozier: The best thing about my job is working with people. a) Follow the first part of recommendation No2. Why not?! homework as soon as you get home from school. If you don‟t. Explain their meaning. Yes. Do you have similar proverbs and sayings in your language? 3. You never know what you can do till you try. And visit your Granny not only before your birthday. Make a list of qualities you admire in others. Use the beginnings in the box and the personality adjectives you know. Discuss with your classmate: Which recommendation is the easiest / the most difficult to follow? Which recommendation is the funniest / the most serious? Which recommendation(s) could be good for you? 4. I suppose. I learnt martial arts moves for Matrix. What qualities do both of you admire in people? SPEAKING 5. Free for the rest of the evening! Hurrah! saying goes:”Laugh and the world laughs with you. Re-style your old jeans or deep-dye your old Tshirts. Enjoy life – it‟s the only one you‟ve got.

Write about your wishes connected with this person. After writing a) Do a spelling and grammar check. Use the phrases from the quotes in your discussion. Main part Para1: Give a short description of the person: their age. habits. While writing a) Think what would be interesting for your reader. 3. I admire her because she’s kind and she loves me and my little brother. THINGS TO REMEMBER! STEPS 1. c) Edit the vocabulary of the composition (cut out or add some words). Listen to the other „portraits‟. They admire her too. Study Things to Remember box and say what recommendations the writer did not follow. too. b) Look up words you are not sure about. Before writing a) Make notes of ideas and examples. 3. I admire my mother very much. . Take notes. clothes. c) Think of a good title. Make a list of qualities using as many adjectives as you can. to admire 200 WORDS ABOUT MUM WRITING 1. b) Think what language you might use. She is 37. My mother likes her job very much. appearance. b) Check the structure of the composition. Read a student‟s composition about her mother. She has got many friends. c) Read out your description to the group. And a true friend needs to be faithful. Decide what qualities make an ideal friend / neighbour / teacher / student / parent / son or daughter / classmate / relative. b) Work in a group. 2. She’s funny. PLAN 1. What people do we admire most? . Conclusion Write again bout your feelings towards the person. She isn’t tall. Introduction Who are you writing about? How do you know that person? Other small details 2.That‟s absolutely true. I’d say. Para2: Describe the personality. but she isn’t short either. Say why you admire them.Midori Tanaki: The best thing is being able to work with kids and teenagers. She’s a nurse.

Think about some other adult people you know well. a) Her / his job requires someone who is … b) She / He‟s able to … c) One of his / her best qualities is her ability to … d) He / she can / tends to be …. 3. Your writing could get better if you answer these questions in your composition:  Does she look young for her age? Is she attractive?  Who does she look like: her father or mother? What about you?  What qualities does she need in her job?  Why does she have many friends? Is she your good friend?  Does she have a sense of humour?  What is she good at?  All mothers are normally kind. Would you add any questions? 50 words are definitely not enough to describe your mother. What other personality traits does she have?  What are her best qualities? What appeals to people most in your mother?  Do you wish she were different? In what way? b) Think about your mother. Answer the questions above about her. Make notes. at times but … THINGS TO AVOID! Words you don’t understand Informal phrases Too many examples Repetitions Very short sentences Very long sentences .2. a) Read an examiner‟s comments to this composition. Complete the sentences below making them true for these people.

“ he said. “Did you learn anything?” his father asked. “Isn‟t anybody here?” At lunch he spoke impolitely to his father. He came home the same day. spanking Were you ever made to stand in the corner? What for? . Read the story.” he said. Why did Laurie‟s correct him? What are your earliest kindergarten memories? Did you like staying in the kindergarten? fresh – too confident. spilled his baby sister‟s milk and remarked that his teacher said we were not to take the name of the Lord in vain.“ he said. The day my son Laurie started kindergarten an era of my life was ended.” I said. He was awfully fresh.e) I admire her / him because she / he is … f) What appeals to me most in her / him is her / his …. “How was school today?”I asked casually. “I didn‟t learn nothing.” “The teacher spanked a boy. “Laurie said. with his mouth full. “What was it?” Laurie thought. “He was fresh. “All right. “It was Charles. his hat on the floor. CHARLES By Shirley Jackson 1. my sweet-voiced little baby was replaced by a selfconfident character who forgot to stop at the corner and wave good-bye to me. “Didn‟t learn anything. “What did he do?” I asked. The teacher spanked him and made him stand in the corner. Use about 200 words. “Anything. “For being fresh. shouting. addressing his bread and butter. Write a composition about an adult you admire. Make sure you use Things to Remember and Things to Avoid boxes. g) I wish he / she would … h) I wish she / he were(was) / could be … 4. character. Answer the questions. though. “ he added. showing a lack of respect Did anyone hit or spank you in the kindergarten? Laurie regarded his father coldly.

On Saturday I remarked to my husband.” Laurie said. full of new.” Laurie said. “Do you think kindergarten is too unsettling for Laurie? All this toughness and bad grammar. “What?” his father said.” “What did he do?” I asked. Friday Charles threw chalk. You know what Charles did?” he demanded.” On Wednesday Charles hit a little girl.” my husband said reassuringly. “Why did Charles hit the teacher?” I asked quickly.” He began to laugh hysterically. “Well. “Hi. Pop. “Charles.“ He grinned enormously and said. “I suppose.” “It‟ll be all right. Might as well meet them now as later. y‟old dust mop. and so Charles had to stay after school. on Thursday he had to stand in a corner during the story-time because he kept pounding his feet on the floor. “Look down. you are dumb.” Laurie said. “Because he made him colour with red crayons.” Charles was bad again. “There must be people like Charles in the world.” Laurie said.” On Monday Laurie came home late. And so all the children stayed to watch him. “He just sat there.” he yelled. “Today Charles hit the teacher. Charles was bad again today. “Charles wanted to colour with green crayons so he hit the teacher and she spanked him and said nobody play with Charles but everybody did.” laughing Did you have story-time in the kindergarten? How did the kids behave during the story time? Can you explain the meaning of Laurie‟s father‟s words? Where do you think hitting Laurie learnt this joke? yelling . “Charles yelled so in school they sent a boy in from first grade to tell the teacher she had to make Charles keep quiet. looking up.“ he said to his father. mindful of the Lord‟s name. “Look up.The next day Laurie remarked at lunch. “Look at my thumb. Gee.” “Good Heavens. he got spanked again?” “He sure did. and this Charles boy sounds like bad influence. as soon as he sat down.“ I said. climbing into his chair at the table.

I guess.” he said. Monday night was the first Parent-Teacher meeting. On Tuesday Laurie remarked suddenly.” I told my husband one evening. “Naah. he didn‟t even do exercises. “I‟m going to find Charles‟ mother there.” I told my husband. Charles was fresh again. Laurie reported grimly at lunch on Thursday of the third week.“Charles had to stay after school today and everyone stayed with him.” Laurie said scornfully.” “Charles‟ mother?” my husband and I asked simultaneously.” For over a week Charles was Charles was the teacher‟s helper. each day he handed things out and he picked things up.” “What are they going to do with Charles. do you suppose?” Laurie‟s father asked him. We had to touch our toes. “Charles was so good today the teacher gave him an apple.” kicking Did your parents like going to Parent –Teacher meetings when you were in the kindergarten? Do they like it now? apple is a symbol of education in American schools Were you given any special presents by your teacher in the kindergarten or primary school for good behaviour? Did you ever work as a teacher‟s helper in the kindergarten or primary school? Did you give crayons around or do something different? . On Friday Charles stayed after school again and so did all the other children. and only the fact that the baby had a cold kept me from going: I wanted passionately to meet Charles‟ mother. The third week was the same. Charles yelled during the story-hour and hit a boy in the stomach and made him cry. no one had to stay after school. “What does Charles look like? What‟s his other name?” my husband asked Laurie. “The PTA meeting‟s next week again. Wednesday and Thursday were routine. “Our teacher had a friend come to see her in school today. And he was the teacher‟s helper: gave crayons around and picked up the books. During the third and forth weeks it looked like a reformation in Charles. “He‟s bigger than me. The teacher‟s friend told Charles to touch his toes and Charles kicked him.” Laurie said. “It was a man who came and made us do exercises. “Through him out of school.

“Ask her what happened to Charles. with Charles.” to have one‟s hands full – to be very busy . “but now he‟s a fine little helper.” “We‟re all so interested in Laurie. He also threw chalk. “Well.” my husband said. “I‟ve been so anxious to meet you.” I said laughing. it‟s so bad.” “Charles?” Do you usually adapt quickly in new environments? What word in your language does the highlighted word remind you of? Who usually hands things out and picks them up in your lessons? Did your teacher punish you for saying bad words in the kindergarten? How? What is your opinion about using bad language? “Yes. No one stood up at the meeting and said. “She said it twice. We smiled to each other. His father bent his head down and Laurie whispered he word.” “Laurie usually adapts very quickly. getting his mouth washed with soap each time. the first week or so. None of them looked to me tired enough.” she said. I‟d like to know.” No one spoke about Charles. “I suppose this time it‟s Charles‟s influence. “I‟m Laurie‟s mother.” I‟ll have to whisper it to you. and Laurie said. “ I said.” she said. “you must have your hands full in that kindergarten. “You know what Charles did today?” Laurie asked at the lunch table. “ He told a little girl to say a word and she said it and the teacher washed her “What word?” my husband asked unwisely. ”I‟m sorry for my son‟s behaviour. At the PTA meting I sat scanning each face. With occasional lapses.” I said. of course. On Friday of that week things were back to normal. trying to determine which one had the secret of Charles.” Monday morning Charles said the bad word himself three or four times.” “We had a little trouble adapting. His father‟s eyes widened. “Did Charles tell the little girl to say that?” he asked respectfully. After the meeting I found Laurie‟s teacher. “Charles told her to say it twice.” Laurie said. he certainly likes kindergarten.” He got down off his chair and went around to his father. He talks about it all the time.

a) Guess what the teacher said. UNIT 1 ability admire appeal be able behave big-headed outgoing butt careful character conscious knowledgeable creative dependable disciplined dedicated responsible dumb hot-headed unforgiving generous indecisive intelligent jealous lonely lovable necessary need personality protective quality require romantic secretive self-critical . 4. 3. Was there a Charles in your kindergarten or primary school? Have you ever behaved like Charles? VOCABULARY LIST. Describe a) Laurie b) Charles. .2. b) Listen to the scene after the meeting and check your predictions.

selfish sense of humour sensitive silent smart spoilt stubborn tend trait unemotional weird GRAMMAR REFERENCE. UNIT 1 Lesson 3 WISHES . HE. IT WERE / WAS WISHES (what we would like other people (not) to do in the present or future) I WISH + IF ONLY SOMEBODY + WOULD DO SOMETHING .REGRETS ABOUT THE PRESENT I WISH + IF ONLY PAST SIMPLE ATTENTION!!! I WISH + IF ONLY I. SHE.

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