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Sounds All about Words

1 Blend Two Consonants 2 13 Compound Words 62
2 Blend Three Consonants 8 14 Contractions 66
3 End with a Blend 10 15 Beat It! 68
Review 14 16 Prefix Power 72
4 Consonant Combos 16 17 Suffix City 76
5 Hard or Soft? 20 Review 80
6 Shh! Silent Consonants 24 Reading Comprehension
Review 26 18 What’s It About? 84
7 Final “E”—Finally! 28 19 Support Crew 88
8 Get a Long, Li’l Vowel 30 20 Step by Step 92
Review 40 21 Make a Prediction 96
9 Because “R” Says So! 44 22 What Do You See? 100
10 Going for a Glide 50 23 Classify This! 104
11 Oo, Goo, Good 54 24 As a Matter of Fact 108
12 “Aw”-some! 56 25 Book Basics 112
Review 58 Review 116
Answers 119

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Blend Two Consonants

Sort It Out
What do you call a blend of two consonants? A consonant blend, of course! Each
letter makes its own sound but also blends with its buddy’s sound, as in words like fly,
plate, and train.
SORT the words. PUT the words into the lists. WRITE them on the blanks.

flip break cloud black grape clam blue green

clock block bring flower brave ground floppy

br cl fl

gr bl

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Blend Two Consonants

Herd That Word

Yee-haw! Cowgirl Kris has to round up words with the right consonant blends. Help
her find them!
LOOK at the blend next to each fence. READ the words inside the fence. CIRCLE
the word that starts with the correct blend.

1. bl

plane blaze bring

2. cr
crab grin clip

3. fr

treat float frown

4. pl

please glow blue

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Blend Two Consonants

Blender Blunder
Uh-oh! Somebody spilled words into the blender. They got chopped up. Can you put
them back together?
LOOK at the consonant blends in the blender. MATCH each blend with the right
ending. FILL IN the blanks with the correct blends.

1. ouse
2. oud
3. ave
br dr
4. ive
fl tr
5. oor
bl 6. iangle

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Blend Two Consonants

You’ve Got Mail

The letter “s” is friends with many consonants. It’s in the blends missing from this e-mail.
LOOK at the consonant blends word box. FILL IN the blanks with the right blends. You
can use blends more than once.

sc sk sl sm sn sp st sw

Wow! Today I flew down a eep hill on my

ateboard. I went so fast, the wheels made oke.

It was eet! But I had to ow down and in

sideways when a unk suddenly crawled across the

street like a tired ail, or else it would have made a big

ink. ary!

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Blend Two Consonants

Who Says?
Yakkity-yak! Who’s saying that?
READ each sentence. CIRCLE the beginning blends that repeat three times in each
sentence. MATCH sentences with names. DRAW lines between them.
HINT: Each speaker uses three words with blends that match the blend in his or her name.

1. I’m crabby because a Trixie

crocodile ate my crayon.

2. There’s a spot of spinach Francis

on my spoon.

3. I ate a snack and made Craig

a snake snowman.
4. My frog likes French fries.

5. A troll on a tractor is trouble. Placido

6. Please don’t put your plant
on my plate. Spencer

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Blend Two Consonants

Sound Search
OK, detective. Track down consonant blends in this story.
READ the story. CIRCLE each word that starts with a consonant blend. FILL IN the
blanks with the words.

The people of France couldn’t sleep because a creepy dragon

prowled the land. It crushed houses every night. Its claws broke
branches off trees. Its breath fried the grass. What a problem!
One night, it tried to trap the prince. But
then it yelped and flew away. “It’s scared
of me,” said a grinning spider sitting on
the ground nearby. “Pretty great!”

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