David Cameron Urged To Probe Tory Donor Lycamobile's Links To Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa

19/11/2013 David Cameron has been urged to investigate why the Tory Party took over £420,000 from the telecoms grou !ycamobile, which has close links to "ri !anka#s controversial President $ahinda %a&a aksa' !abour $P Tom (lenkinso told the )uffington Post *+, -The Prime $inister knows his arty has received over £420k from a com any closely associated with the "ri !ankan regime' )e was obviously so concerned that his own $Ps were recently revented from visiting there' The $P, who has written directly to the Prime $inister, added, -"o in the interests of trans arency . want to know if the Prime $inister is going to investigate why his arty has received over £420k from this com any so closely associated with the "ri !ankan government'Telecoms giant !ycamobile has donated £42/,202 to the Tories since 2011 and was -2old " onsors- of the Commonwealth (usiness 3orum, which ha ened in the run u to the Commonwealth )eads 4f 2overnment $eeting 5C)42$6 that took lace last 3riday'

The %a&a aksa government#s human rights record has s arked international outcry as it is accused of committing war crimes in the civil war with Tamil se aratists in 2000'

The rime ministers of .ndia, Canada and $auritius all boycotted the C)42$, while David Cameron was branded an -im erialist- for calling for war crimes allegations to be investigated'

Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa greets David Cameron at the CHO M !abour leader 7d $iliband called for President %a&a aska to not take over the chairmanshi of the Commonwealth for the ne8t two years due to -serious reservations- about his -suitability-' )astings Trading e "ervi9os, a Portuguese com any owned by the !yca 2rou , bought a 0:; share in a dormant firm registered with %a&a aksa#s ne hew, )imal !alindra )ettiarachchi, in 2000, according to the "unday !eader' !yca#s travel agency !ycafly became the referred artner of "ri !ankan <irlines, which is chaired by %a&a aksa#s brother=in=law, Cor orate >atch re orted' !ycafly now romote themselves as "ri !ankan <irlines# -to agents-' The firm went on to win a ma&or licence to manage cutting=edge ->i$a8- broadband fre?uencies in "ri !anka, which forced the state telecom firm that failed to get the licence to merge with it at a cost of @100 million' 2reen Party leader Aatalie (ennett told the )uffington Post *+, -.t#s no wonder that we have a crisis in confidence in our democracy when business interests and those of our oliticians are so closely intertwined' -The fact that our largest olitical arties rely on massive business funding draws ?uestions about the motives for their actions'.n res onse to (lenkinso #s call to investigate !ycamobile, a Conservative Party s okesman said, BDonations to the Conservative Party are fully and trans arently declared to the electoral commission and ublished on their website'C

David Cameron *rged To Probe Tory Donor !ycamobile#s !inks To "ri !ankan President %a&a aksa
Tuesday, 19 November 2013

David Cameron has !een "rged to investigate #h$ the %or$ &art$ took over '(20)000 *rom the te+e,oms gro"p L$,amo!i+e) #hi,h has ,+ose +inks to Sri Lanka-s ,ontroversia+ &resident Mahinda Rajapaksa. La!o"r M& %om /+enkinsop to+d the H"**ington &ost 012 3%he &rime Minister kno#s his part$ has re,eived over '(20k *rom a ,ompan$ ,+ose+$ asso,iated #ith the Sri Lankan regime. He #as o!vio"s+$ so ,on,erned that his o#n M&s #ere re,ent+$ prevented *rom visiting there.

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