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The ministry report of Duke Jeyaraj for 2005, the year in which God sowed in his heart the vision for Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna Mission (G4 Mission). The email Duke Jeyaraj wrote on Thu, Feb 2, 2006 at 10:55 PM announcing the launch of G power 4 Mission and The Days of Your Youth magazine. Precious people, This is to let you all know what the Lord did in and through us by his sheer grace in the year 2005 for the glory of his name. In this year we were effectively based in three different places. First in Trivandrum, second in Jabalpur and finally and presently in Hyderabad. It was a privilege indeed to preach God's Word in the following churches on Sunday mornings: Life Fellowhip, Trivandrum, Vizag Christian Assembly, Vizag, Baptist Church, Markapur, Cole's Baptist Church, Kurnool, Prince of Peace Church, Jabalpur, New India Church of God, Hyderabad, ICM church, Melur. Many young people from some of these congregations surrendered their lives for the cause of missions. It was a privilege to give a rousing call from God's Word to the believers of Vijayawada and Markapur this year. It was a year which where I had the awesome responsibility of preaching God's Word in the Inter-church youth rallies in the following towns/cities: Vizianagaram (200 youth), Kurnool (200 youth), Jabalpur (100 youth) and Hyderabad (1200 youth). Several youth made a public commitment to follow Jesus as Lord following these meetings. Making the word of Yahweh relevant for the world of Youth remains my passion. Copies of messages of mine

preached in meetings like these in the CD format were keenly bought by youth across India. It was an year when the following organizations opened their meetings for me to minister: Youth For Christ, Crossfire, Assemblies of God (Hyderabad), Friends for Jesus, Methodist Youth Fellowship, SPG Youth Fellowship, Scripture Union, Compassion International etc. Truly it is wonderful to be a foot soldier serving the Commander in Chief Jesus along with soldiers from various organizations with a deep conviction that no single organization can do the job alone. At the end of this year, the lord opened the floodgates of opportunity for ministry. For example on the 28th December I preached to 350 youth of the New Life AG Church Hyderabad in their winter camp on the Holy Spirit. Several were slain in the spirit in the Holy Baptism session following that message. Several spoke in tongues for the first time. About 30 youth lined up for immersion baptism. On the same morning I preached a gospel message to the youth who had gathered in yet an another youth camp in Hyderabad - the Youth For Christ camp. On the 29th December morning, I challenged the same crowd to witness by pointing out five practical ways from the Bible and my life. Almost all of them came forward vowing to involve in missions some way or the other. This was the year when I walked in the CMC campus in Vellore to preach God's Word to nurses (in August). Several were saved. It was also the year when I preached the Gospel to the students of catering college in Secunderabad. It was the year when I had the opportunity to speak on choosing one's career with a group of elite high school students at St. Joseph's Convent at Jabalpur. It was the year when I addressed the faculty of the same school on the subject of being compelling communicator from the life of Amos. It was the year when I stood in the famous CyberGateway in Hitec City in Hyderabad, a "temple" modern youth go to - a swank corporate hangout - and preached the gospel in the month of December. It was a year when two of my spiral-bound books for youth were enthusiastically bought by youth of various churches and colleges and callcentres. I am talking about "Youth Hows" and "Youth Whys". I am presently working on "Youth Whens" - a Bible Study on the book of Daniel for modern youth and contemporary believers. I am praying that God would open a door to that will enable me to distribute these books widely. It was a year when the magazines of the following organizations carried my writings: Blessing Youth Mission (Blessing), Indian Missions Association (Indian Missions), Light of Life and Indian Evangelical Team (Faith Today). The Scripture Union carried an article each of my wife and yours truly in their daily devotional for teens, Daily Power, for the year 2006. Writing remains my primary call. It was a year when I had a good exposure on Indian Christian television thanks to Mohan C. Lazarus, the reputed evangelist from South India. I got to translate his Tamil messages into English for some part of this year in God TV.

It was a year when I discovered a caption that encapsulated God's call for my life: grabbing the google generation from Gehenna (hell). It was a year which was thoroughly and totally blessed by God. Pray for me as I teach on Minor Prophets to the students of the AP AG Bible College, Hyderabad from January. God willing, from March 2006 a Bible Teaching magazine just for contemporary Indian Youth named "The Days of Your Youth" (remember the Bible verse that says, "Remember your creator in the days of your youth?") will be published and distributed. "The Days of your Youth" will serve as the voice of Gpower4 Mission - the Grabbing the Google Generation Mission, an Indian, Indegious mission I am launching to reach the contemporary youth from 2006. Your special supplication for this is solicited! Continue to pray for Evan, Dale and yours truly even as we enter the New Year counting on his enabling power. It is our prayer that your new year will be God-blessed. We recollect gratefully how much you have helped us in the past. And some of you graciously invited us over to minister God's Word to your flock and we are grateful. In the Gpower4 mission for His Glory,

Duke Jeyaraj Plot 131, Ashok Colony Kapra, ECIL Post Hyderabad 500 062 Phone: 9885624577 Email Id:

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UNDERSTAND THIS ABOUT DUKE Duke is a full-time, itinerant, presenter/writer of Truths from the Bible to the Google Generation (the present-day people, the Youtube Youth, the Facebook Folks, the Twitter Troupe) who operates from out of his base in Hyderabad, India, and is someone who ministers cutting across denominational or organizational barriers. He founded Grabbing the Google Generation from Gehenna (hell in Greek) Mission (G4 Mission) in February 2006 to creatively reach out to the Google Generation. This ministry, which Duke n his wife work for full-time, is supported by individual Indians who have been blessed by his preaching and writing ministry, and NOT by any

particular organisation or group. This ministry is run on a day-to-day basis with the help of volunteers - you can be one such volunteer! In case you want to, you could read this article, "Just who is Duke Jeyaraj" here: & this article titled, "The Dukan Chronicle" (Duke's life testimony) here: For more info about G4 Mission - it's message and ministry - please check out &, the two official websites of this Mission. SPEAK TO DUKE Mobile Phone: +91-888-604-0-605. Leave a message please if Duke is not able to pick up. Thank you! Alternative Number: +918885075888. READ DUKE'S WRITINGS - Gospel presentations of Duke around contemporary events Jesus style (Luke 13:1-5), Paul style (Acts 17). - Bible Teaching PDFs of Duke Jeyaraj & Previous issues of The Days of Your Youth in the PDF format. - still-raw, unedited sermon/Bible Study outlines of Duke. - Follow Duke as he wraps Bible Truth around contemporary events in just 140 characters here. WATCH DUKE'S MINISTRY PHOTOS & MESSAGE VIDEOS - ministry reports of G4 Mission and Duke's ministry travels studded with pictures. - regular ministry update feeds with pictures; interesting articles of Duke posted around pics. You could choose to 'like' this page. - click here to see down-to-earth, daring message video clips of Duke Jeyaraj on hot yet

hushed subjects like salvation, sex, love, marriage, missions, Bible Book Practical Summaries and more here. Over 100,000 hits on this channel!
LISTEN TO DUKE'S AUDIO MESSAGES - click here listen to Duke's bubbly, bold, blunt, biblical messages and terrific truth takes on taboo topics in the audio format here. Channel named after Isa. 58:1 ("shout aloud to the house of Jacob, their transgressions!") IF YOU LIVE IN HYDERABAD, INDIA... If you live in Hyderabad, India, you are most welcome to attend the monthly, inter-church, Bible Study that Duke leads for the Google Generation which is usually held on the first Sunday evening of the month. The venue is the G4 Mission rented base just behind the Kanajiguda Petrol Station near AWHO VED VIHAR, Subhash Nagar on the Military Dairy Farm Road, Tirumalgiri, Secunderabad, India. Call/text - 8886040605 for more info. On the second Saturday of any given month at the same place, between 10 am-3 pm, the G4 Mission organizes a FOUNTAIN OF TEARS AGAINST MOUNTAIN OF FEARS FASTING PRAYER. On the third weekend of the every month, the G4 Mission organizes a tract distribution outreach evangelism event in any chosen youth hangout in Hyderabad in which Duke's "Bubbly"/"Dhoni" tract found will be used. Join in!
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