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Building Resilience Workshop V
Communities on the Edge
March 12-14, 2014
Lindy C. Boggs Conference Center
University of New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana

1he challenge of llvlng wlLh waLer ls one shared by coasLal communlLles around Lhe world. ln posL-
kaLrlna new Crleans and Lhe Culf CoasL reglon, people llve wlLh a dally awareness of Lhe LhreaL "#$
opporLunlLles of waLer. 1he 8ulldlng 8eslllence Workshop convenes dlverse sLakeholders Lo engage ln
addresslng naLural and man-made hazards affecLlng coasLal communlLles. Slnce 2010, Lhe mlsslon of Lhe
annual 8ulldlng 8eslllence Workshop has been Lo ldenLlfy and promoLe Lhe lmplemenLaLlon of
lnnovaLlve and susLalnable sLraLegles LhaL sLrengLhen reslllence ln souLh Loulslana and around Lhe
1he 8ulldlng 8eslllence Workshop lv, held ln March of 2013, fosLered peer learnlng wlLh a focus on
lmplemenLable soluLlons by placlng hlgh-sLake parLlclpanLs wlLh sLrong, someLlmes dlfferlng, oplnlons,
LogeLher on panels. ln-depLh dlscusslons ensued LhaL focused on Lhe challenges of lmplemenLlng
forward-Lhlnklng sLraLegles ln Lhe face of uncerLalnLy, parLlcularly as lL applled Lo Loulslana's CoasLal
MasLer lan and economlc concerns. 1he Workshop focused on Loulslana's deep-rooLed LradlLlon, and
fuLure, of llvlng wlLh waLer. arLlclpanLs ldenLlfled Lhe core elemenLs of coasLal communlLy reslllence
and examlned crlLlcal lssues faclng 1errebonne arlsh, where 90 of Lhe land ls classlfled as
envlronmenLally senslLlve" because of Lhe slgnlflcanL loss lL endures due Lo eroslon and subsldence.

1he 8ulldlng 8eslllence Workshop v wlll be held on March 13-14, 2014. 1he 88W v Lheme,
CommunlLles on Lhe Ldge," wlll concenLraLe on Lhe cllmaLe-relaLed lssues many coasLal resldenLs and
communlLles face and Llme-senslLlve declslons Lo be made-Lo Lry Lo "$"%& "#$ '&"( ln Lhelr exlsLlng
communlLy, or )*+,-"&* and )*./0+$. Loulslana's coasLal communlLles have been affecLed by repeaLed
exposure Lo naLural and manmade hazards, and conLlnue Lo deal wlLh an ever-growlng exposure Lo Lhe
effecLs of coasLal eroslon and sea level rlse, comblned wlLh an lncreased frequency of sLorms. 1hese
communlLles lnclude vulnerable populaLlons wlLh llmlLed resources Lo lmplemenL slzable adapLaLlon
measures and/or relocaLe an enLlre communlLy Lo a lower rlsk area.
1he 8ulldlng 8eslllence Workshops are a unlque forum Lo wlLness sLakeholder debaLes and challenglng
dlscusslons. Annually, Lhe 8ulldlng 8eslllence Workshop convenes a dlverse group of valuable experLs Lo
dlscuss coasLal lssues and engage ln Lhe Loplc of vulnerablllLy reducLlon, speclflcally buL noL llmlLed Lo:
cllmaLe change, sea level rlse, and coasLal eroslon, and also responds Lo Lhe quesLlon of how Lo lncrease
Lhe reslllence of Lhe reglon Lhrough a varleLy of lnnovaLlve and sLraLeglc measures and ldeas. 88W has
been successful ln brlnglng LogeLher boLh experlenced and devoLed people Lo dlscuss presslng lssues
from a varleLy of angles, lncludlng, buL noL llmlLed Lo: Lechnlcal experLs, communlLy grassrooLs acLlvlsLs,
sclenLlsLs, lnLernaLlonal flood managemenL experLs, reglonal flood managemenL experLs, academlcs, and
governmenL offlclals.