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Unit 7 Test: Waves and Modern Physics

Physics 12
Multiple Choice: Circle the most correct answer. (10pts) 1. Einstein’s theory of special relativity is ase! on which of the followin"# a. $he spee! of li"ht is constant in all inertial reference frames . %othin" can e&cee! the spee! of li"ht c. Photons have 'ero mass !. Ener"y is always conserve! e. $he ether provi!es a relative inertial reference frame 2. (n astronaut travels y the Earth at 0.)c. *omeone stationary on the Earth hol!s meter stic+. $he astronaut measures the len"th of this meter stic+ to e: a. ,ess than one meter . E&actly one meter c. More than one meter !. -e are not "iven enou"h information e. .t !epen!s on the Earth’s reference frame /. (ccor!in" to Einstein0 increasin" the intensity0 or ri"htness0 of a eam of li"ht without chan"in" its colour will increase: a. $he num er of photons per secon! . $he ener"y of each photon c. $he photon spee! !. $he fre1uency of each photon e. $he wavelen"th of each photon 2. ( scientist is tryin" to e3ect electrons from a metal y shinin" a li"ht on it0 ut none of them are comin" out. $o accomplish this0 she shoul! chan"e the li"ht y: a. .ncreasin" the num er of photons . .ncreasin" the fre1uency c. .ncreasin" the intensity !. .ncreasin" the wavelen"th e. (s+in" Einstein 4. ( eta particle0 "amma ray0 an! alpha particle all have the same momentum. -hich has the lon"est wavelen"th# a. 5eta particle . 6amma ray c. (lpha particle !. (ll the same e. 5eta an! alpha particle

Constructe! 7esponse: *how all wor+ to receive full value. ). ( 810+" car is ).0 meters lon" when it is at rest. .f it !rives y at 0.)4c0 then !oes an o server on the street corner see its len"th contract or e&pan!# 5y how much# (/pts)

9. $he rest mass of an electron is :.11&10;/1+". Calculate the mass when it is: a. $ravellin" at 2.00&109m<s in the screen of a television set. (2pts)

. $ravellin" at :.8c in an accelerator use! for cancer therapy. (2pts)

8. -hat is a lac+ o!y# 6ive an e&ample of either how we can ma+e one0 or somethin" that alrea!y is one. (/pts)

:. -hat !i! Planc+ mean when he sai! that ener"y was =1uanti'e!># ?efine the wor! an! use an e&ample to e&plain (feel free to use a !ia"ram0 ut ma+e sure to e&plain it clearly@). (2pts)

10. .n the Compton Effect e&periment0 a collision was create! etween a photon an! an electron. a. -hy !i! he use A;ray wavelen"ths for this e&periment# (2pts)

. E&plain what happene! when the photon colli!e! with the electron. (2pts)

c. -hat was the pro lem he foun! when he trie! to see if momentum was conserve!# *how how he overcame this pro lem. (/pts)

11. -hat is the wavelen"th (in nanometres0 nm) of the followin": a. ( photon of lue li"ht with 2.9eB of ener"y. (2pts)

. (n electron that has een accelerate! throu"h a volta"e of 120B. (2pts)