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Unit 3 Test: Energy and Momentum

Physics 11 Advanced
Multiple Choice: Circle the most correct answer. 1. Work is not energy itself, ut rather: a. !t is a form of kinetic energy . !t is a form of gravitational potential energy c. !t is a force d. !t is a transfer of mechanical energy e. !t is a result of parallel forces ". Which of the following is e#uivalent to a $oule %&'( a. N ⋅ m " m" . kg " s c. N ⋅ m d. N e.
m s

oth . and c.

). Work done is *ero when: a. An applied force does not result in any motion . +niform motion e,ists in the a sence of a form c. -he applied force is perpendicular to the displacement d. .oth a. and c. e. All of the a ove /. 0ou throw a rock straight up into the air. While it rises and then falls, its kinetic energy: a. 1emains constant . !ncreases steadily c. Changes direction only d. 2ecreases then increases e. !ncreases then decreases 3. When the velocity of an o $ect is dou led, its 44444444444 is also dou led: a. Acceleration . 5inetic energy c. Mass d. Momentum e. Potential energy

Constructed 1esponse: 6how all work to receive full value. 7. A 33kg cyclist travelling at 1"m8s on a 9.3kg ike rakes suddenly and slide to a stop in ).3m. a. Calculate the work done y friction to stop the cyclist.

. Calculate the coefficient of friction etween the skidding tires and the ground.

9. A 7:.:kg ;lympic athlete is running down a race track at 1".3m8s<=> and collides head?on with a 93kg overly e,cited fan. .oth people come to a complete stop on impact. a. What is the momentum of the ;lympic athlete efore the collision(

. What is the change in the ;lympic athlete@s momentum(

c. What is the change in the fan@s momentum(

d. What is the fan@s velocity efore the collision(

A. A ).::kg mass is attached to one end of a spring on a hori*ontal, frictionless surface. -he other end of the spring is attached to a wall. -he spring has a spring constant of A:.:B8m and is stretched "3.:cm past it@s e#uili rium position and then released. a. What is the total energy of the mass?spring system(

. What is the velocity of the mass when it passes the e#uili rium position(

c. What is the elastic potential energy stored in the spring when the mass passes a point that is 1/.3cm past its e#uili rium position(

d. What is the velocity of the spring when it passes a point that is 1/.3cm from its e#uili rium position(

C. A 33kg woman is sitting in the truck of a car, trying to find her hockey gear. !f she finds the 3.3kg ag of gear and throws it out of the trunk with a velocity of 13m8s, calculate the resulting velocity of the car, assuming that it was initially at rest. -he mass of the car is 3A:kg.

1:. A )."kg owling all is thrown down a 3m hallway and gets stuck in a 1"kg wooden lock %assume that friction is negligi le etween the owling all and the floor'. !f the coefficient of kinetic friction etween the wooden lock and the floor is :."3, and the impact sends the wooden lock 7.:m down the hallway efore coming to rest, what was the initial speed of the owling all(