Interview with EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT's Austin Spence Interview By: !st in Ch"!s Di#it"$ Me%i" &ine ' http:(($!stinch"!s)ine*+$!#sp!t*c!

, -i there #uys. th"n/s 0!r sh!win# interest in "nswerin# this interview* -!w "re y!u1 Anythin# i,p!rt"nt t! st"rt with1 ets st"rt +y +$essin# !ur re"%ers with " pr"yer. in t!n#ue. t! the "$,i#hty Repti$i"n 2!% S!+e/ R"* 3"y ! w"t" "y! r" e%r" ' S! ,iy ,isr un/ t!" s!+e/ ' s!+e/ r"4 M"y he pr!tect us "n% +$ess us with ever #r!win# /n!w$e%#e "n% the "+i$ity t! see !utsi%e !0 hu,"n +!un%"ries4 5 Repti$i"n A#en%" 5 h"s initi"te% " new run !0 EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT I thin/* The +!!/in#s runnin# #!!%. ri#ht1 -!w "re y!u4 Yes. we h"ve +een p$"yin# ,"ny sh!ws "$!n# the west c!"st here in the U*S* ' S!,e !0 the ,!re ,enti!n"+$e !nes this ye"r h"ve +een sh!ws with 6!ssesse% . Ver+"$ A+use . Dis#!r#e . Ori#in . "n% the Sic/ness in Septe,+er 7estiv"$* 8e "$s! h"ve " t!ur in the w!r/s 0!r Apri$ 9:;< "cr!ss the USA with " +"n% c"$$e% A+!$ish,ent !0 7$esh* 8e "ppreci"te y!u t"/in# ti,e !ut !0 y!ur +usy sche%u$e pr!,!tin# y!ur new "$+u, "n% rehe"rsin# 0!r y!ur t!ur t! t"/e s!,e ti,e !ut t! "nswer s!,e =uesti!ns 0!r y!ur 0"ns* 8h"t's #!in# !n in the EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT c",p these %"ys1 Any 5sens"ti!n"$ "n% Nice5 $"test news1 8e$$ this wi$$ +e !ur >r% "$+u, !n Deepsen% Rec!r%s "n% this "$s! c!,p$etes !ur c!ntr"ctu"$ !+$i#"ti!ns with Deepsen% Rec!r%s* C!,p$etin# !ur c!ntr"ct is e?citin# new 0!r us4 S! n!w we "re 0ree t! sh!p t! +i##er $"+e$s up!n !ur ne?t !00erin#* 8e "re "$s! #ettin# +etter "s ,usici"ns "n% !ur writin# sty$e h"s re"$$y ev!$ve% since we 0irst +e#"n in 9::;* The e?citin# thin# is were 0in"$$y p$"yin# sh!ws th"t ,"tter. "n% p$"yin# with +"n%s th"t we i%!$i)e* S!,e !0 th!se +"n%s s"y they "re e=u"$$y in0$uence% +y us. which is "$w"ys nice t! he"r* The $"+e$ is t"/in# 6re Or%ers "t www*%eepsen%*c!, * Or%er n!w "n% #et it +e0!re @,"s N!w te$$ us "+!ut the c!ncept "n% st!ry +ehin% this ,"sterpiece* The C!!$ st!ry +ehin% 5 Repti$i"n A#en%" 5* The st!ry is c!!$ "n% I,enti!ne% sever"$ in0$uences in ,y review* The c!ncept 0!r this "$+u, is !ver the t!p Aust t! #ive y!u " #$i,pse. its "n "$+u, "+!ut " Repti$i"n r"ce 0r!, " p$"net c"$$e% Ni+iru* This r"ce h"s +een ,"nipu$"tin# !ur syste,s !0 p!wer "n% #!vernin# the hu,"n r"ce 0!r th!us"n%s !0 ye"rs* This is s!,ethin# we +e$ieve in str!n#$y t! +e true* 8hether it +e the repti$i"n serpents in the +i+$e. the w!rship !0 S!+e/ R" in "ncient e#ypt. the %r"#!n #!%s !0 A"p"nese hist!ry. the #i"nt $i)"r% st"tues 0!un% 0r!, "ncient ,"y"n(")tec civi$i)"ti!ns. !r the pyr",i% !0 s!+e/ r" !n !ur %!$$"r +i$$* 8e s!,eti,es sh"peshi0t int! repti$i"n #!%s 0!r !ur $ive sh!w even* 8e "rent the typic"$ +"n% "n% we %!nt h"ve the typic"$ s!un%* 8e "rent #!re +"se% !r s"t"n +"se%* 8e "re " c!nspir"cy +"n% 0!cuse% 1

!n the Repti$i"n A#en%" ' 0!r we "re repti$i"ns +y n"ture* D!es this s!un% interestin#1 7ree y!ur ,in% t! !ther p!ssi+i$ities***

I w!n%er h!w's the interest 0r!, the un%er#r!un% Met"$ ,e%i" s! 0"r1 -!w %i% the reviews turn !ut1 -!w ,"ny interviews h"ve y!u "nswere% "n% h!w's the resp!nse 0!r 5 Repti$i"n A#en%" 5 0r!, the ,e%i" "n% the 0"ns up t! n!w1 -!w $!n# %i% y!u !r#"s, $"st when the new "$+u, w"s re$e"se%1 T! te$$ y!u the truth this is the 0irst interview 0!r this "$+u, s! 0"r* The $"+e$ Bust st"rte% t! pr!,!te this "$+u, Bust " c!up$e wee/s "#! s! were sti$$ in the +e#innin# pr!cess !0 +ui$%in# +u)) 0!r this re$e"se* 8e've %!ne t!ns !0 interviews 0!r !ur p"st "$+u,s 7e"r O0 Re"$ity "n% Vivi% Interpret"ti!ns "n% h"ve receive% n!thin# +ut p!sitive resu$ts 0r!, ,"#")ines. %istr!s. etc 8ere very h"ppy "n% we !r#"s, "$$ the ti,e !ver it* An e?ce$$ent "$+u, th"t sh!u$% +e he"r%* I0 y!u re"$$y c!nsi%er y!urse$0 " ,et"$he"%. #ive this +"n% " try* "n% h!w the pr!cess !0 ,"/in# this new ,"teri"$1 whether "$$ ,e,+ers "re inv!$ve% in every writin# ,usic1 Yes. "$$ the ,e,+ers "re inv!$ve% in the writin# pr!cess* 8e usu"$$y e"ch h"ve " c!up$e ri00 i%e"s "n% we Bust c!nnect the, t!#ether "t rehe"rs"$s* It %!esnt ,"tter i0 " secti!n %!esn't 0it !r %!esnt s!un% ri#ht***we'$$ use it "nyw"ys "n% s,"sh pu))$e pieces t!#ether* S! its $iter"$$y < pe!p$e "$$ writin# !ne s!n# t!#ether "n% it ,"/es 0!r "n ec$ectic s!un%* It t"/es us " very $!n# ti,e t! write !n t!p !0 sh!ws. t!urs. "n% 0",i$y* This is why "$$ !ur "$+u,s "re usu"$$y " 0ew ye"rs "p"rt 0r!, e"ch !ther* 8e'% r"ther t"/e !ur ti,e "n% "chieve the e00ect we "re see/in#*

T! y!u. wh"t %istin#uishes this re$e"se with the ,"teri"$ y!u +e0!re1 wh"t i0 this is 0!r y!u " +$"st 0!r, the ,"ture c!ncept 0r!, ,"teri"$ +e0!re $i/e 5 7e"r !0 Re"$ity E?cee%s 7"nt"sy 5 "n% 5 Vivi% Interpret"ti!ns !0 the V!i% 5 1 8e$$. we "$w"ys try t! /eep it e?tre,e* 8e w"nt t! +e %epen%"+$e in th"t "spect* Y!u wi$$ never he"r us s!un% $i/e Met"$$ic" !r w"tere% %!wn chu# chu# type stu00* The thin# we %i% %i00erent !n this re$e"se w"s the 0"ct th"t we p$"ye% t! " ,etr!n!,e* 8e've never p$"ye% t! " ,etr!n!,e !n p"st re$e"ses* This he$pe% us t! st"y in ti,e "n% "%% " cert"in +"$"nce t! the ,usic structur"$$y* I', n!t sure i0 we'$$ ever %! th"t "#"in !r n!t. +ut we %i% it 0!r this "$+u, "n% s! it h"s " %i00erent 0ee$ th"n !ur !ther "$+u,s* Its re"$$y e"sy t! +"n# y!ur he"% t!. +ut "t the s",e ti,e h"s +rut"$ity. technic"$ e$e,ents. "n% "$$ !ut cr")iness th"t !ur +"n% is /n!wn 0!r*


8h"t is the speci"$ thin# with EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT1 The #uit"r ,ust +e "$w"ys 7"stest1 B"ss #uit"r "n% %ru,s "re "$$!we% t! +e ,!re pr!#ressive1 Or is it ,uch ,!re1 -!w ,uch #uit"r !ver%u++in# "n% h"r,!ni)"ti!n %! y!u %! in the stu%i!1 Is $"yerin# " necessity 0!r the EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT 0!r,u$" t! w!r/ pr!per$y1 8e Bust p$"y wh"t s!un%s #!!% t! us* 8ere n!t tryin# t! p$"y wh"t pe!p$e w"nt t! he"r* 8eC$$ p$"y s$!w "n% we'$$ p$"y 0"st "$$ in the s",e s!n#* 8e $i/e t! ,i? it up. #et tech. "n% we $i/e !ur ,usic t! h"ve s!u$* 8e %!nCt %! " $!t !0 #uit"r !ver%u++in# un$ess its " $e"% !r s!,e s!rt !0 e00ect* 8e pr!+"+$y !ver%u+ " $!t $ess th"n s"y." +"n% $i/e The 7"ce$ess !r Rin#s O7 S"turn* Our her!es "re !0 the !$% sch!!$*** Su00!c"ti!n . I,,!$"ti!n . Inc"nt"ti!n. Aut!psy . C"nni+"$ C!rpse . 2!r#uts. etc* s! we use pr!+"+$y "+!ut "s ,uch stu%i! ,"#ic "s th!se +"n%s %i% in the e"r$y %"ys* 8e %!nt $i/e t! %! "nythin# th"t we c"nt repr!%uce $ive* Th"t w!u$% +e %ish!nest t! !urse$ves* The ,usic"$ "ppr!"ch is cert"in$y ever'ch"n#in# "n% p$e"sin#$y %i00erent* -!wever. I h!pe y!u %!n't ,in% ,e s"yin#. y!ur C!ncept "ppr!"ch !n this "$+u, is $itt$e !r Ch"n#e% th"n +e0!re* "ren't "$w"ys e?"ct$y wh"t y!u'% e?pect* 8h"t w"s the ,!tiv"ti!n +ehin% "ppr!"chin# the Ch"n#e% in such "n unusu"$ ,"nner1 T! us its re"$$y Bust "n ev!$uti!n* It w!u$% +e " w"ste t! p$"y e?"ct$y wh"t we %i% !n the $"st "$+u,* 8e "$w"ys w"nt t! ev!$ve !ur s!un% t! /eep thin#s interestin# 0!r us* 8e c!u$% h"ve p$"ye% Vivi% Interpret"ti!ns +"c/w"r%s n!te 0!r n!te +ut th"t w!u$% Bust +e +!rin#* 8e w!u$% r"ther /eep pe!p$e #uessin# "n% n!t st"y in !ne st"#n"nt p!!$* S! i0 its n!t wh"t y!u e?pect th"n we "re %!in# !ur B!+s c!rrect$y* Y!u c"n h!wever "$w"ys %epen% !n us +ein# e?tre,e with !ur %e$ivery* I w"s 9: ye"rs !$% when we 0irst st"rte% this +"n%***N!w i ", >>* Its +een " $!n# ti,e n!w s! ye" !0 c!urse we've #r!wn "n% ,"ture% "s ,usici"ns* I use% t! h"te +$"c/ ,et"$ +ut n!w i $i/e it* T"stes ch"n#e with ev!$uti!n*

I', Very Surprise with S!un% 6r!%ucti!n 0!r this "$+u,. wh"t Is this "$re"%y " Tr"%e,"r/ 0!r EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT est"+$ishe% itse$0 0r!, the +e#innin#1 "n% h!w EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT sti$$ "+$e t! ,"int"in "$$ !0 this unti$ n!w1 Are Y!u St"y S"tis0ie% w!r/ with C!$in D"vis1 8hy N!t 8!r/ A#"in 8ith M"tt S!te$! $i/e "s 5 7e"r !0 Re"$ity E?cee%s 7"nt"sy 5 M"teri"$1 M"tt S!te$! is " very +usy ,"n these %"ys with his +"n% Decrepit Birth* In 0"ct i %!nt thin/ he's rec!r%e% "n!ther +"n% since us* In th"t sense 7e"r O0 Re"$ity is " very speci"$ "$+u, en#ineere% +y " very i,p!rt"nt ,"n* Its " w!r/ !0 "rt th"t c"n never +e re%!ne n the s",e w"y "#"in* 8e "re h"ppy t! h"ve w!r/e% with M"tt "n% we $!ve his +"n% Decrepit Birth* C!$in D"vis !n the !ther h"n% is " stu%i! ,"n 9<(D* -e "uthentic"$$y is %e%ic"te% t! the "rt !0 rec!r%in# "n% ,"/in# ,et"$ th"t s!un%s e?ce$$ent* I0 y!u %!n't +e$ieve ,e Bust $isten t! his +"n% VI E* Even 3

C"nni+"$ C!rpse $!ves his +"n% "n% we"rs Vi$e tshirts "$$ the ti,e* Cert"in$y CC is " 0!rce t! +e rec/!ne% "n% h"s " 0!r,u$" 0!r success "n% they #enuine$y $!ve "n% respect C!$in's w!r/* C!$in D"vis is s!,e!ne t! p"y speci"$ "ttenti!n t!* -e is " te"cher "n% inspir"ti!n t! E,+ry!nic Dev!ur,ent "n% we wi$$ c!ntinue t! w!r/ with hi, !n 0uture pr!Bects "s we$$* 8e wi$$ "$w"ys +e in %e+t t! hi, 0!r ,"/in# us such " /i$$er re$e"se* T! us. its the ,!st per0ect re$e"se !0 !ur c"reer "n% c!u$%nt h"ve +een %!ne with!ut C!$in's "+i$ity "n% e"r 0!r s!un%* I sh!u$% "$s! ,enti!n th"t Ri00 2"$$ery stu%i!s' D",i"n T"$,"%#e h"% " h"n% in th"t "s we$$*

EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT is %e%ic"te% t! the %estructi!n "n% recre"ti!n !0 the current %e"th ,et"$ p"r"%i#,. "n% " return the true spirit !0 the Ancient 2!%s +r!u#ht t! $i#ht +y the visi!n =uests !0 its pr!#enit!rs* 6$e"se te$$ s!,ethin# "+!ut the $yrics "n% wh"t they %e"$ with1 EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT 8r!te the $yrics t! the c!ncept !0 C!nspir"cy The!ries %eep ,e"nin#. s! it wi$$ t"/e " p$e"sure 0!r the $istener t! +e "+$e t! %i#est their ,e"nin#* e?"ct$y wh"t y!u wr!te "$$ the $yrics !n this ,"tter1 -!w 8ith 5 Repti$i"n A#en%" 5 ,e"n1 Y!u /n!w its weir% +ec"use i never ,"%e "ny r!u#h %r"0ts !r h"% t! scri++$e !ut w!r%s when i w"s writin# the,* They Bust 0$!we% !ut !0 ,e n"tur"$$y* I thin/ s!,eh!w the repti$i"n #!%s ch"nne$e% their w!r%s thr!u#h ,e* On p"st "$+u,s we t"$/e% "+!ut the c!nspir"cy !0 the repti$i"ns 0r!, " hu,"n st"n%p!int* The %i00erence !n this "$+u, is we "re n!w spe"/in# 0r!, the viewp!int !0 the repti$i"ns* 6uny hu,"ns sh"$$ w!rship the Repti$i"n #!% S!+e/ R" e$se their s!u$ sh"$$ +e %",ne% t! the etern"$ V!i%4 This type !0 th!u#ht pr!cess is the the,e !0 this "$+u,* I0 pe!p$e "re curi!us "n% w!u$% $i/e t! /n!w ,!re i su##est re"%in# 5The Bi##est Secret5 +y D"vi% Ic/e* -e is the ,!st /n!wn hu,"n pr!phet !0 the repti$i"n w"ys "n% hist!ry* A$s!. try typin# up D"vi% Ic/e "n% The Repti$i"n A#en%" !n y!utu+e "n% y!u wi$$ 0in% " we"$th !0 in0!r,"ti!n* This isnt s!,e s!rt !0 new i%e" !r "nythin#* Aust "+!ut every re$i#i!n in the w!r$% h"s " repti$i"n %eity th"t sur0"ces "t s!,e p!int* Its in every re$i#i!us +i+$e inc$u%in# the s"t"nic +i+$e***y!u Bust h"ve t! /n!w wh"t t! $!!/ 0!r. +ut its there* In the christi"n +i+$e they "re c"$$e% the nephi$i,* In In%i" they "re c"$$e% the N"#"s* In A0ric" they "re c"$$e% the Chit"uri* This st!ry h"s +een repe"te% in %i00erent w"ys thr!u#h!ut ti,e ' we're Bust %!in# it in " very +$unt w"y* A =uesti!n I $i/e t! "s/ " $!t !n ,usici"ns th"t 0!$$!w the un%er#r!un%. is the =uesti!n !n %!wn$!"%in#* 8h"t w!u$% y!ur re"cti!n +e i0 s!,e!ne t!$% y!u th"t he %!wn$!"%e% +!th y!ur "$+u,s "n% th!u#ht they were "wes!,e. "n% wh"t t! s!,e!ne th"t t!$% y!u he +!u#ht the "$+u,s "n% th!u#ht they were shit1 7irst !0 "$$. ,usic is the Bust the vi+r"ti!n !0 "ir* S! i0 y!u %!nCt $i/e !ur ,usic its !n$y +ec"use y!u %!n't "#ree with th"t p"rticu$"r vi+r"ti!n* Th"t is c!,p$ete$y 0ine t! us* N!t every vi+r"ti!n is #!in# t! res!n"te with y!ur !wn n"tur"$ vi+r"ti!ns* I0 !ur ,usic s!un%s $i/e shit t! y!u then i w!u$% s"y we're %!in# s!,ethin# ri#ht* T"/e 0!r inst"nce the "rtist 6ic"ss!***s!,e pe!p$e ,i#ht s"y its 0"nt"stic "rt***!thers ,i#ht s"y it $!!/s $i/e " < ye"r !$% scri++$in# p"int !nt! " c"nv"s* Its 4

"$$ " ,"tter !0 perspective* As 0"r "s %!wn$!"%in# #!es. i "ppreci"te wh"t it h"s %!ne 0!r !ur +"n% "n% I', n!t !ut tryin# t! shut %!wn "$$ the sites th"t "re ,"/in# !ur ,usic "v"i$"+$e 0!r 0ree* On the !ther h"n%. i0 s!,e!ne c!,p$"ins "+!ut purch"sin# ,usic 0!r EE cents " tr"c/ +ut is %rin/in# " st"r +uc/s c!00ee th"t c!st the, FG*:: in " sin#$e purch"se !r h"s " FG*:: %!$$"r " %"y s,!/in# h"+it its " $itt$e %u,+ %!n't y" thin/1 6e!p$e w!u$% r"ther supp!rt the evi$ t!+"cc! c!,p"nies !r st"r +uc/s with n! c!,p$"ints. +ut they c!,p$"in "+!ut us se$$in# %!wn$!"%s +ec"use its t!! pricy t! spen% FG*:: %!$$"rs !n the un%er#r!un% scene* Be$ieve ,e were n!t rich h"h"* 8hen y!u +uy ,usic 0r!, us it "$$!ws us t! h"ve #"s ,!ney 0!r sh!ws. rec!r%in# ,!ney. printin# shirts. etc* 8e never p!c/et "ny ,!ney we ,"/e +ut r"ther invest +"c/ int! !ur +"n%*

Over"$$. it's ti,e t! c!,e t! "n en% n!w* -!pe y!u enB!ye% this interview1 Th"n/s 0!r "nswerin# ,y =uesti!ns "n% the ti,e y!u spen% !n the,* I h!pe I %i%n't 0!r#et "nythin#1 I0 there's s!,ethin# $e0t t! s"y "t the en% 0ee$ 0ree t! use this !pp!rtunity n!w* The $"st w!r%s "re y!urs4 Thin/ !utsi%e the +!?4


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