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RFQ XXX-XXXXX Power System Study


Harmonic Study A. A harmonic analysis of the plant's electrical system shall be performed to review of the severity of harmonics and comparison them to IEEE-519 guidelines (utility requirements) at the utility intertie. In addition the facility voltage distortion on buses XXXX shall be less than XX%. Drive bus voltage distortion shall be less than XX%. The study shall include (onsite harmonic measurements,) electrical system modeling, analysis, propose methods to meet the harmonic requirements stated above, and a report. The system to be studied is to include substations XXXXXX. Calculations are to be done with a digital computer using a program such as EasyPower. System Modeling: 1. 2. 3. 4. The plant electrical system model shall include the ratings and locations of harmonic loads. The analysis shall provide harmonic scans showing resonance points. Determine expected harmonic current and voltage magnitudes at selected locations in the system and at the utility tie point. Determine capacitor-reactor tuning circuit values necessary to control the calculated harmonic distortion levels if they are greater than IEEE-519 at the utility tie or voltage distortion as specified above. The point of common coupling (PCC) will be the utility meeting point.. Determine harmonic current and voltage magnitudes in the system after applying any recommended tuning circuits.

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Specific requirements are: 1. 2. Single-line diagram showing system studied and computer bus numbers, if used. Analysis shall be done for the following cases: a. Normal system b. Breaker XXX open, breaker XXX closed. Transformer derating due to harmonics will be calculated for transformers XXXX.. Current and total harmonic distortion (THD) shall be tabulated at the PCC. Voltage and total harmonic voltage distortion shall be tabulated at the PCC and major buses in the system. Tabulation of harmonic currents used for each source..

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RFQ XXX-XXXXX Power System Study A discussion shall be provided of the procedure used and the assumptions made. Any identified harmonic resonances near the critical harmonic frequencies that can cause excessive distortion shall be discussed. If filters are required, provide a functional* specification for reactor and capacitors. Recommended relaying for the filter shall be provided. Harmonic problem remedies shall be discussed. Provide documentation to support the engineering discussions and recommendations. Impedance data and a sample harmonic computer output shall be in the report.

(Measurements) (1. The study engineer will visit the site to direct and perform harmonic measurements. 2. Harmonic current and voltage waveform distortion will be recorded at select locations throughout the facility using the study company supplied instrumentation. 3. ABC Company will provide an electrician to assist the assigned engineer in making the measurements. 4. ABC Company will provide free and complete access to the system during the agreed upon period set aside for tests. 5. ABC Company will make every effort to provide the system operating conditions requested by the assigned engineer. 6. The assigned engineer must be trained to conduct field measurements following standard safety procedures. 7. Measurements will be made using signals from cts and pts. No disconnection of the power circuits will be made. 8. The assigned engineer will document the harmonic order and magnitude of select measurements. 9. A review of the severity of measurement harmonics will be made and a brief report of the findings will be made.)

* Functional specifications provide the main characteristics of equipment. For example on a transformer this would be MVA size, percent impedance, voltage rating, BIL , winding configuration, and LTC or tap requirements. An architectural engineering firm would provide the other details needed installation.

Guide form prepared by Electric Power Consultants, LLC , 1821 Curry Rd, Schenectady, NY 12306