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BOTTOM-UP BUDGETING Program Rationale/Objectives: 1) Budget Reform a. Unbundling of lump sum funds . The Bottom-Up Bu geting !

BuB) hopes to assist national government agencies in their planning an bu get preparation. "n the past# lump sum $un s - bu get line items %ithout an& etaile brea' o%n o$ projects or even regional allocations - proli$erate the (eneral )ppropriations )ct. "t has been the practice o$ man& agencies to onl& begin planning %here to implement projects un er such lump sum $un s a$ter the bu get is approve b& *ongress. This results in poor planning an ela&e project implementation. b. Making t e budget more responsi!e to lo"al needs# +an& agenc& plans also o not go through a participator& process %herein inputs / $ee bac' $rom the sub-regional or sub-provincial are obtaine . ,ome agencies onl& accomplish table top planning at the central o$$ice level. Through BuB# cities an municipalities# inclu ing their resi ents# are given a irect line in etermining a part o$ the national bu get. -) $o"al Go!ernan"e Reform a. In"enti!i%ing lo"al go!ernan"e reform. The provision o$ $un ing $or i enti$ie priorit& povert& re uction projects at the local level is use as an incentive $or local governance re$orms. .irst# the ,eal o$ (oo /ouse'eeping !,(/) is as use as an eligibilit& criteria $or 0(Us to be able to implement projects themselves in the $irst t%o roun s o$ BuB !-112 an -113 projects). Other%ise# it %ill be the national government agencies %ho %ill implement these projects. .or BuB -114# 0(Us %hich are not recipients o$ the ,(/ can no longer submit proposals through BuB. )s part o$ the con itions $or their proposals being accepte b& the BuB program# cities an municipalities must go through a participator& planning an bu geting process to be un erta'en b& 0ocal Povert& Re uction )ction Teams %hich is comprise o$ 415 government representatives !cit&/municipal o$$icials an 6()s %ith cit&/municipal presence) an 415 *,O representatives !electe through a *,O assembl& at the cit&/municipal level). The 0PR)T is also e7pecte to monitor the implementation o$ the projects the& have i enti$ie . b. &trengt ening De!olution# Part o$ the objectives o$ BuB is to strengthen the capacit& o$ 0(Us to eliver basic social services an in$rastructure evelopment services so that in time# national government can %ean itsel$ $rom the implementation o$ such projects. This %ill allo% 6()s to $ocus more on polic& ma'ing an regulation/oversight. 2) Deepening Demo"ra"' and Empo(erment a. Breaking patronage ties# The "R) o$ poor municipalities is insu$$icient to $un their re8uirements $or in$rastructure an basic social services.

/istoricall&# cities an municipalities# especiall& those in $ar $lung areas# have to rel& on the intervention o$ their istrict representatives so that the& are able to obtain $un ing $or their priorit& projects. Through BuB# %e are allocating a guarantee amount o$ $un ing $or each cit&/municipalit& %hich the& can use to supplement their limite local evelopment $un . "n man& cases# this allocation is bigger than their local evelopment $un . +ore importantl&# this allocation oes not rel& on their relationship %ith national o$$icials# regional o$$icials or legislators. )s long as the& go through the process properl&# their i enti$ie projects %ill be $un e . b. Empo(ering )iti%ens# )t the heart o$ BuB# it is a emocratic an empo%erment project through %hich citi9ens are given a voice an a vote in etermining the use o$ government $un s $or priorit& povert& re uction projects. Through such a mechanism# it is hope that the relationship bet%een citi9ens an politicians trans$orm $rom one o$ patronage to one characteri9e %ith transparenc&# participation an ultimatel&# accountabilit&. *overage: *+ ,-./ - :1; poorest cities an municipalities !base on povert& inci ence an magnitu e) %ere invite to submit their proposals. 4;4 %ere accepte . ,ome 0(Us i not submit a plan# i not compl& %ith participator& processes or %ere not able to obtain the re8uire sangunian resolution a opting the projects). *+ ,-.0 - 1-22 cities an municipalities. 1--: 0(U proposals %ere accepte . *+ ,-.1 - 1:23 cities an municipalities !all).

Process: 1. <ach covere 0(U is provi e a bu get cap. The& can propose projects up to the amount o$ the bu get cap. The bu get cap is base on the number o$ poor in a cit&/municipalit&. -. *on uct o$ *,O assemblies - an inclusive assembl& o$ *,Os is convene at the cit&/municipal level to have initial iscussions on the povert& situation an elect representatives to the 0PR)T. 2. *onvening o$ the 0PR)T an *on uct o$ a 0ocal Povert& Re uction )ction Planning =or'shop - uring the %or'shop# a situational anal&sis o$ the %or'shop is un erta'en a$ter %hich priorit& projects are i enti$ie . >15 o$ the i enti$ie projects must be %ithin a menu o$ program provi e in the BuB gui elines. -15 can be programs outsi e o$ the menu. 3. ,ubmission o$ priorit& projects - the submission nee s to be signe b& the ma&or an three *,O representatives. "t must be accompanie b& a ,anggunian Resolution a opting the i enti$ie projects.

4. Revie% an vali ation - regional o$$ices o$ participating national government agencies revie% an vali ate the projects. Projects that cannot be implemente are re8ueste to be replace %ith other projects b& the 0PR)T. :. "ntegration %ith the national bu get - the proposals are integrate into the national bu get an provi e %ith $un ing. The list o$ projects can be $oun in the Bu get o$ <7pen itures an ,ources o$ .inancing !B<,.) Table ..1? %hich is an anne7 o$ the 6ational <7pen iture Program. 6ote: The BuB program %as pilote on a massive scale an then rapi l& e7pan e un er the )8uino ) ministration. The -112 projects are onl& being implemente this &ear. )s e7pecte # the program is an %ill continue to encounter implementation issues. But the <7ecutive *ommittee overseeing this program !@"0(# @B+# @,=@# 6)P* an 6<@)) are committe to a ressing such problems an ma7imi9ing this opportunit& to epeen our emocrac& an empo%er citi9ens. The gui elines $or the program can be o%nloa e here: http://%%%. C111The ne7t roun o$ BuB Planning phase !$or .D-114) %ill be un erta'en .ourth Euarter o$ -112.