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Rationalize, harmonize, streamline, simplify, integrate and

unify the efforts of government agencies relative to the National Leaderships Agenda
Establish a unified and integrated ResultsBased Performance

Management Systems (RBPMS)

Use RBPMS as basis for determining entitlement to

performancebased allowances, incentives, or compensation of personnel

Executive ecut eO Order de No. o.80 DirectingtheAdoptionofa PerformanceBasedIncentive(PBI) SystemforGovernmentEmployees

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Rationalize the current incentive system in government which is generally characterized by acrosstheboard bonuses Strengthen performance monitoring and appraisal systems based on existing systems like the OPIF, the Strategic Performance Management System of the CSC and the RBPMS Improve service delivery by the bureaucracy by linking personnel incentives to the bureau or delivery units performance E t bli h a Performance Establish P f Based B d Incentive I ti (PIB) System S t th t will that ill motivate ti t higher performance and greater accountability

PBI system consisting of the Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI) and the PerformanceBased Bonus (PBB) shall be adopted in the national government beginning FY 2012.
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PEI at P 5,000 shall continually be granted acrosstheboard PBB, which is a topup bonus, PBB bonus shall be given to personnel of bureaus or delivery units in accordance with their contribution to the accomplishment of their Departments overall targets and commitments i

Achievedatleast90% of fMFOtargetsagreed d withthePresident underthefiveKey ResultsAreasofEO43 Met100%ofthe GoodGovernance conditions/ requirementssetby theAO25TaskForce ll under d the h annually performancedrivers oftheRBPMS

BureauswithintheDepartmentmeetingaboveconditionsareforced ranked k dand dthe h personnel lwithin h them h

MCNo No.201202datedOctober16 16,2012 MCNo.201202AdatedOctober31,2012

(ForcedRanking gofBureaus/Delivery / yUnitsEligible g tothePBB) )
10% BEST 25% BETTER 65% GOOD
*Memorandum M d Circular Ci l N No.201203d dated t dN November b 12 12,2012

PerformanceCategories Categories*
(ForcedRankingofOfficialsandEmployeesofBureaus,Officersof DeliveryUnitsqualifiedforthePBB)


BelowSatisfactory f yRating g(First ( &SecondLevel NoPBB BelowVerySatisfactoryRating(ThirdLevel) No.PBB *MemorandumCircularNo.201203datedNovember12,2012 Note:GOCCsshouldrefertoGCG201211datedSeptember12,2012 forthecategoriesofrankingindividuals

Bureau/Delivery u eau/ e e yU Unit t PerformanceCategory Individual d dua Performance e o a ceCategory Catego y

BEST 35 000 35,000 25,000 15,000

BETTER 20 000 20,000 13,500 10,000

GOOD 10 000 10,000 7,000 5,000


*MemorandumCircularNo.201203datedNovember12, ,2012

DeadlineofSubmission November 30,2012 December31,2012 GrantofPBB December2012 1st Quarterof2013

Departments/Agencies should submit the PBB Accomplishment Reports (in hard and electronic copies) to their respective DBM BMBs, copy of which should be furnished the IATF through