Ideas for creating podcasts in our classrooms?

Created By Chad Kafka Technology Support Teacher Franklin Public Schools

Learning Targets: 1.  2.  Explore ideas for how audio (podcasts) can be used to enhance classroom learning. Examine how these ideas can be used in your classroom.

Book, Unit, Lesson Reviews
Students can briefly discuss what they have been learning in a unit or lesson. Students could review a book they have been reading.

Sound Effects
Students can play with sound effects to create an environment through sound (door knocking, door opening, door closing) Could be “foley” artists!

Class Commentary

Class commentary or review. What have students been doing as a class? What have students been learning about?

Podcast Pen Pals
Setting up a podcast about your classroom that is listened to by another class from somewhere else and that class responds with a podcast of their own. Great idea to incorporate Skype or video/audio chatting.

Classroom Rules & Safety

Students can record themselves reading the classroom rules or enacting the right way the rules should be followed. This can be shared with future classes!

Audio Field Trip

Students can take photos on a field trip and match the photos with their thoughts to create an enhanced podcast of their trip!

Class Alphabet “Chartcast”
Record children giving examples of the letters of the alphabet and saying those examples. Take a picture of the child with that object. Use the pictures and audio to create a class podcast of the alphabet!

R is for Recess

Portfolio of Student Work

Have students document their thoughts and feelings about their artwork. Students can explain the procedures or inspiration for projects and record those thoughts as a podcast.

School Podcast
Students can create segments for a school wide podcast. They can report back about sports, clubs, happenings, and teacher/coach interviews. These segments can be put together as a “show” for the school and published online!

Document Growth/Changes
Document the changes of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. Record student thoughts in audio. Combine with pictures taken during the changes to create a podcast!

Create an Autobiography Podcast
Have students create a podcast all about themselves. They can write a script and talk about their family, vacations, hobbies and other interests. Pictures can be added to make an autobiography slideshow.

Document Science Labs

Students can record audio results and progress along the way for science labs.

Practice Speeches

Students can practice recording a speech and play it back only to themselves.

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