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txt RXOCF-E1B-2: (BTS locally disconnected) RXOCF-E1B-4: (L/R SWI (BTS in local mode)) RXOCF-E1B-5: (L/R TI (Local to remote while link lost)) RXOCF-E1B-9: ( Smoke Alarm) RXOCF-E2B-3: ( Smoke Alarm Faulty) RXOCF-E2B-6: ( O&M Link Disturbed) RXOCF-E2B-9: (RBS door open) RXOCF-E2B-10: (Mains Fail (external power source fail)) RXOCF-E2B-11: (ALNA/TMA fault) RXOCF-E2B-12: (ALNA/TMA Degraded) RXOCF-E2B-13: (Auxiliary equipment fault) RXOCF-E2B-14: (Battery Backup External Fuse Fault) RXOCF-I1A-1: (Reset, Power on) RXOCF-I1A-2: (Reset, Switch) RXOCF-I1A-3: (Reset, Watchdog) RXOCF-I1A-4: (Reset, SW fault) RXOCF-I1A-5: (Reset, RAM fault) RXOCF-I1A-6: (Reset, Internal function change) RXOCF-I1A-7: (X bus fault) RXOCF-I1A-8: (Timing unit VCO (Oscillator) fault) RXOCF-I1A-9: (Timing bus fault) RXOCF-I1A-10: (Indoor temp out of safe range) RXOCF-I1A-12: (DC voltage out of range) RXOCF-I1A-14: (Local bus related fault) RXOCF-I1A-15: (IDB corrupt) RXOCF-I1A-16: (RU database corrupt) RXOCF-I1A-17: (HW and IDB inconsistent) RXOCF-I1A-18: (Internal configuration failed) RXOCF-I1A-19: (Indoor temp above safe range) RXOCF-I1A-20: (Indoor temp below safe range) RXOCF-I1A-21: (HW Fault) RXOCF-I1A-22: (Air time counter lost) RXOCF-I1A-23: (Time distribution fault) RXOCF-I1A-24: ( Temperature Close to Destructive Limit) RXOCF-I2A-1: (Reset, Power on) RXOCF-I2A-2: (Reset, Switch) RXOCF-I2A-3: (Reset, Watchdog) RXOCF-I2A-4: (Reset, SW fault) RXOCF-I2A-5: (Reset, RAM fault) RXOCF-I2A-6: (Reset, Internal function change) RXOCF-I2A-7: (RXDA amplifier current fault) RXOCF-I2A-8: (VSWR, Standing wave limits exceeded) RXOCF-I2A-9: (Power Limit exceeded) RXOCF-I2A-10: (DXU Opt EEPROM checksum fault) RXOCF-I2A-12: (RX maxgain/mingain violation) RXOCF-I2A-13: (Timing unit, VCO Oscillator ageing) RXOCF-I2A-14: (CDU supervision/communication lost) RXOCF-I2A-15: (VSWR/Output power supervision lost) RXOCF-I2A-16: (Indoor temp out of normal conditional range) RXOCF-I2A-17: (Indoor humidity) RXOCF-I2A-18: (DC voltage out of range) RXOCF-I2A-19: (Power and climate system in standalone mode) RXOCF-I2A-21: (Internal power capacity reduced) RXOCF-I2A-22: (Battery backup capacity reducedCF) RXOCF-I2A-23: (Climate capacity reduced) RXOCF-I2A-24: (HW fault) RXOCF-I2A-25: (Loadfile missing in DXU or ECU) RXOCF-I2A-26: (Climate sensor fault) RXOCF-I2A-27: (System voltage sensor fault) RXOCF-I2A-28: (A/D converter fault) RXOCF-I2A-29: (Varistor fault) RXOCF-I2A-30: (Local bus related fault) RXOCF-I2A-31: (High frequency software fault) RXOCF-I2A-32: (Non N97volatile memory corrupt) RXOCF-I2A-33: (RX diversity lost) RXOCF-I2A-34: (Output voltage fault) RXOCF-I2A-35: (Optional synchronization source) RXOCF-I2A-36: (RU database corrupt) Page 1

MO_FAULT-CODES_LIST.txt RXOCF-I2A-37: (Circuit breaker tripped) RXOCF-I2A-38: (Default values used) RXOCF-I2A-39: (RX cable disconnected) RXOCF-I2A-40: (Reset, DXU link lost) RXOCF-I2A-41: (Lost communication TRU) RXOCF-I2A-42: (LOst communication ECU) RXOCF-I2A-43: (Internal configuratin failed) RXOCF-I2A-44: (ESB distribution failure) RXOCF-I2A-45: (High Temperature) RXOCF-I2A-46: (DB Parameter Fault) RXOCF-I2A-47: (Antenna Hopping Failure) RXOCF-I2A-48: (GPS Synch Fault) RXOCF-I2A-49: (Battery backup time shorter than expected) RXOCF-I2A-50: (RBS running on battery) RXOCF-I2A-51: (TMA supervision/communication lost) RXOCF-I2A-52: (CXU supervision/communication lost) RXOCF-I2A-53: (HW and IDB inconsistent) RXOCF-I2A-54: (Timing Bus Fault) RXOCF-I2A-55: (X Bus Fault) RXOCF-I2A-57: ( RX Path Imbalance) RXOCF-I2A-58: ( Disconnected) RXOCF-I2A-59: ( Operating Temperature Too High, Main Load) RXOCF-I2A-60: ( Operating Temperature Too High, Battery) RXOCF-I2A-61: ( Operating Temperature Too High, Capacity Reduced) RXOCF-I2A-62: ( Operating Temperature Too Low, Capacity Reduced) RXOCF-I2A-63: ( Operating Temperature Too High, No Service) RXOCF-I2A-64: ( Operating Temperature Too Low, Communication Lost) RXOCF-I2A-65: ( Battery Voltage Too Low, Main Load Disconnected) RXOCF-I2A-66: ( Battery Voltage Too Low, Prio Load Disconnected) RXOCF-I2A-67: ( System Undervoltage) RXOCF-I2A-68: ( System Overvoltage) RXOCF-I2A-69: ( Cabinet Product Data Mismatch) RXOCF-I2A-70: ( Battery Missing) RXOCF-I2A-71: ( Low Battery Capacity) RXOCF-I2A-72: ( Software Load of RUS Failed) RXOCF-I2A-73: ( Degraded or Lost Communication to Radio Unit) RXOCF-I2A-79: ( Configuration Fault of CPRI System) RXOCF-I2A-80: ( Antenna System DC Power Supply Overloaded) RXOCF-I2A-81: ( Primary Node Disconnected) RXOCF-I2A-82: ( Radio Unit Incompatible) RXOCON-EC1-8: ( LAPD Q CG (LAPD Queue Congestion)) RXOCON-EC2-8: ( LAPD Q CG (LAPD Queue Congestion)) RXORX-I1B-0: ( RX Internal Amplifier Fault) RXORX-I1B-1: ( ALNA/TMA Fault) RXORX-I1B-3: ( RX EEPROM Checksum Fault) RXORX-I1B-5: ( RX Synthesizer A/B Unlocked) RXORX-I1B-6: ( RX Synthesizer C Unlocked) RXORX-I1B-8: ( RX Internal Voltage Fault) RXORX-I1B-9: ( RX Cable Disconnected) RXORX-I1B-10: ( RX Initiation Fault) RXORX-I1B-12: ( TMA) RXORX-I1B-17: ( TMA Supervision Fault) RXORX-I1B-19: ( RX Filter Loadfile Checksum Fault) RXORX-I1B-20: ( RX Cable Supervision Lost) RXORX-I1B-21: ( Traffic Lost Uplink) RXORX-I1B-22: ( Antenna System DC Power Supply Overloaded) RXORX-I1B-23: ( Radio Unit Antenna System Output Voltage Fault) RXORX-I1B-47: ( RX Auxiliary Equipment Fault) RXORX-I2A-1: ( RX Path Lost on A Receiver Side) RXORX-I2A-2: ( RX Path Lost on B Receiver Side) RXORX-I2A-3: ( RX Path Lost on C Receiver Side) RXORX-I2A-4: ( RX Path Lost on D Receiver Side) RXORX-I2A-5: ( RX Path A Imbalance) RXORX-I2A-6: ( RX Path B Imbalance) RXORX-I2A-7: ( RX Path C Imbalance) RXORX-I2A-8: ( RX Path D Imbalance) RXOTF-EC1-0: ( EXT SYNCH (No Usable External Reference)) RXOTF-EC1-1: ( PCM SYNCH (No Usable PCM Reference)) Page 2

MO_FAULT-CODES_LIST.txt RXOTF-EC1-6: ( EXT CFG (Multiple Timing Masters)) RXOTF-EC1-7: ( EXT MEAS (ESB Measurement Failure)) RXOTF-EC2-0: ( EXT SYNCH (No Usable External Reference)) RXOTF-EC2-1: ( PCM SYNCH (No Usable PCM Reference)) RXOTF-EC2-7: ( EXT MEAS (ESB Measurement Failure)) RXOTF-I1A-0: ( Temperature Below Operational Limit) RXOTF-I1A-1: ( Temperature Above Operational Limit) RXOTF-I1B-2: ( GPS Synch Fault) RXOTF-I2A-0: ( Frame Start Offset Fault) RXOTRXC-EC1-4: ( L/R SWI (TRU in Local Mode)) RXOTRXC-EC1-5: ( L/R TI (Local to Remote While Link Lost)) RXOTRXC-EC2-16: ( TS0 TRA Lost (TS Mode Is IDLE)) RXOTRXC-EC2-17: ( TS0 TRA Lost (TS Mode Is CS)) RXOTRXC-EC2-18: ( TS0 PCU Lost (TS Mode Is PS)) RXOTRXC-EC2-20: ( TS1 TRA Lost (TS Mode Is IDLE)) RXOTRXC-EC2-21: ( TS1 TRA Lost (TS Mode Is CS)) RXOTRXC-EC2-22: ( TS1 PCU Lost (TS Mode Is PS)) RXOTRXC-EC2-24: ( TS2 TRA Lost (TS Mode Is IDLE)) RXOTRXC-EC2-25: ( TS2 TRA Lost (TS Mode Is CS)) RXOTRXC-EC2-26: ( TS2 PCU Lost (TS Mode Is PS)) RXOTRXC-EC2-28: ( TS3 TRA Lost (TS Mode Is IDLE)) RXOTRXC-EC2-29: ( TS3 TRA Lost (TS Mode Is CS)) RXOTRXC-EC2-30: ( TS3 PCU Lost (TS Mode Is PS)) RXOTRXC-EC2-32: ( TS4 TRA Lost (TS Mode Is IDLE)) RXOTRXC-EC2-33: ( TS4 TRA Lost (TS Mode Is CS)) RXOTRXC-EC2-34: ( TS4 PCU Lost (TS Mode Is PS)) RXOTRXC-EC2-36: ( TS5 TRA Lost (TS Mode Is IDLE)) RXOTRXC-EC2-37: ( TS5 TRA Lost (TS Mode Is CS)) RXOTRXC-EC2-38: ( TS5 PCU Lost (TS Mode Is PS)) RXOTRXC-EC2-40: ( TS6 TRA Lost (TS Mode Is IDLE)) RXOTRXC-EC2-41: ( TS6 TRA Lost (TS Mode Is CS)) RXOTRXC-EC2-42: ( TS6 PCU Lost (TS Mode Is PS)) RXOTRXC-EC2-44: ( TS7 TRA Lost (TS Mode Is IDLE)) RXOTRXC-EC2-45: ( TS7 TRA Lost (TS Mode Is CS)) RXOTRXC-EC2-46: ( TS7 PCU Lost (TS Mode Is PS)) RXOTRXC-I1A-0: ( Reset, Automatic Recovery) RXOTRXC-I1A-1: ( Reset, Power On) RXOTRXC-I1A-2: ( Reset, Switch) RXOTRXC-I1A-3: ( Reset, Watchdog) RXOTRXC-I1A-4: ( Reset, SW Fault) RXOTRXC-I1A-5: ( Reset, RAM Fault) RXOTRXC-I1A-6: ( Reset, Internal Function Change) RXOTRXC-I1A-8: ( Timing Reception Fault) RXOTRXC-I1A-9: ( Signal Processing Fault) RXOTRXC-I1A-10: ( RX Communication Fault) RXOTRXC-I1A-11: ( DSP CPU Communication Fault) RXOTRXC-I1A-12: ( Terrestrial Traffic Channel Fault) RXOTRXC-I1A-13: ( RF Loop Test Fault) RXOTRXC-I1A-14: ( RU Database Corrupted) RXOTRXC-I1A-19: ( Reset, DXU Link Lost) RXOTRXC-I1A-20: ( HW and IDB Inconsistent) RXOTRXC-I1A-21: ( Internal Configuration Failed) RXOTRXC-I1A-22: ( Voltage Supply Fault) RXOTRXC-I1A-23: ( Air Time Counter Lost) RXOTRXC-I1A-24: ( High Temperature) RXOTRXC-I1A-25: ( TX/RX Communication Fault) RXOTRXC-I1A-26: ( Radio Control System Load) RXOTRXC-I1A-27: ( Traffic Lost Downlink) RXOTRXC-I1A-28: ( Traffic Lost Uplink) RXOTRXC-I1A-29: ( Y Link Communication HW Fault) RXOTRXC-I1A-30: ( DSP RAM Soft Error) RXOTRXC-I1A-31: ( Memory Fault) RXOTRXC-I1A-32: ( UC/HC Switch Card/Cable Missing or Corrupted) RXOTRXC-I1A-33: ( Low Temperature) RXOTRXC-I1A-34: ( Radio Unit HW Fault) RXOTRXC-I1A-35: ( Radio Unit Fault) RXOTRXC-I1A-36: ( Lost Communication to Radio Unit) RXOTRXC-I1B-8: ( Y Link Communication Fault) Page 3

MO_FAULT-CODES_LIST.txt RXOTRXC-I1B-9: ( Y Link Communication Lost) RXOTRXC-I1B-10: ( Timing Reception Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-0: ( RX Cable Disconnected) RXOTRXC-I2A-1: ( RX EEPROM Checksum Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-3: ( RX Synthesizer Unlocked) RXOTRXC-I2A-4: ( RX Internal Voltage Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-7: ( TX EEPROM Checksum Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-9: ( TX Synthesizer Unlocked) RXOTRXC-I2A-10: ( TX Internal Voltage Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-11: ( TX High Temperature) RXOTRXC-I2A-12: ( TX Output Power Limits Exceeded) RXOTRXC-I2A-13: ( TX Saturation) RXOTRXC-I2A-14: ( Voltage Supply Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-17: ( Loadfile Missing in TRU) RXOTRXC-I2A-18: ( DSP Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-19: ( High Frequency of Software Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-20: ( RX Initiation Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-21: ( TX Initiation Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-23: ( Default Values Used) RXOTRXC-I2A-24: ( Radio Unit Antenna System Output Voltage Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-25: ( TX Max Power Restricted) RXOTRXC-I2A-26: ( DB Parameter Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-29: ( Power Amplifier Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-33: ( Inter TRX Communication Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-36: ( RX Filter Loadfile Checksum Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-39: ( RF Loop Test Fault, Degraded RX) RXOTRXC-I2A-40: ( Memory Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-42: ( UC/HC Switch Card/Cable and IDB Inconsistent) RXOTRXC-I2A-44: ( TX Low Temperature) RXOTRXC-I2A-45: ( Radio Unit HW Fault) RXOTRXC-I2A-46: ( Traffic Performance Uplink) RXOTRXC-I2A-47: ( Internal Configuration Failed) RXOTS-EC1-3: ( TRA/PCU (Remote Transcoder/PCU Com. Lost)) RXOTX-I1A-2: ( UC/HC Switch Inconsistent with IDB) RXOTX-I1B-4: ( TX Antenna VSWR Limits Exceeded) RXOTX-I1B-6: ( TX EEPROM Checksum Fault) RXOTX-I1B-8: ( TX Synthesizer A/B Unlocked) RXOTX-I1B-9: ( TX Synthesizer C Unlocked) RXOTX-I1B-11: ( TX Internal Voltage Fault) RXOTX-I1B-12: ( TX High Temperature) RXOTX-I1B-13: ( TX Output Power Limits Exceeded) RXOTX-I1B-14: ( TX Saturation) RXOTX-I1B-17: ( TX Initiation Fault) RXOTX-I1B-27: ( TX Max Power Restricted) RXOTX-I1B-31: ( Power Amplifier Fault) RXOTX-I1B-32: ( TX Low Temperature) RXOTX-I1B-35: ( RX Path Imbalance) RXOTX-I1B-36: ( Radio Unit HW Fault) RXOTX-I1B-47: ( TX Auxiliary Equipment Fault) RXOTX-I2A-0: ( TX Diversity Fault) RXOTX-I2A-1: ( Fast Antenna Hopping Failure)

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