TEACHING- LEARNING GUIDE FOR ENHANCEMENTS SY 2013-14 2nd Semester Course Code: Course Name: Time/Venue


Placement: Topic: Care of Clients for Ultrasonogrophy, X-ray, CT Scan Level 4 and MRI 2nd Sem Topic Description: Contains nursing responsibilities on caring for clients who would undergo a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Diagnostic procedure. Students Assigned:

Learning Outcomes: Beginning Role on Client Care:  Demonstrates accountability for safe nursing practice. Beginning Role on Leadership & Management:  Demonstrate leadership and management skills to deliver health programs and services to specific client groups.  Demonstrate leadership and management skills to provide safe and quality care. Beginning Role on Research:  Maintains an up-to date knowledge on different nursing responsibilities and procedures.

General Objectives:  The students will be able to acquire a thorough understanding about care on clients undergoing diagnostic procedures and the individualized responsibilities and care basing on the client’s needs.

Specific Objectives:  The students will be able to accurately give proper and up-to date information regarding the topic given.  The students will be able to demonstrate full understanding on the discussion and will be able to participate actively.


Remove Metal devices/jewelries and transdermal patches 4. Precaution on patients with body art 5. Information about the procedure 3.  Lecture on the disorders where MRI is used for diagnosin g and its correspo nding responsi bilities. accessibility and security of information. Providing two-way communication system Teaching Learning Activities  Discussio n on what is MRI and its advantag ed. Institutes appropriate corrective action to prevent/mini mize harm arriving from side effects. Anxiety management 2.safet y. And the procedur e itself.  .Intermediate Competencies  Ensures completeness integrity. CONTENT I.  Discussio n on nursing actins and responsi bilities and question REFERENCES EVALUATION  Question and answer will be given during and after the discussion to facilitate learning and gain attention from the students during discussion and further evaluate the students learnings. and issues based on priorities. II. Implements safe and quality interventions with the client to address health needs. Introduction on what is Magnetic Resonance Imaging Use of MRI for specific disorders a) Of breast b) Of head injury c) Of lung d) Of nervous system e) Of urinary system f) For guided-core biopsy Nursing responsibilities a) Patient preparation 1. III.

and answer portion. .

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