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Constraints Every project gives you opportunities to create but also constraints to work to.

Use this hand out to consider the constraints which will affect your project. Constraints What timescale have you got for this project? How could this impact your work? I have 5 weeks to complete this project; I will create a schedule and try to complete each part of the project in a timely manner. However if certain aspects of the project take longer than others this may cause me to run out of time and be forced to cut out certain parts of the project.

Are there any resources you will need for this project that you will not be provided with? How could this affect your project? What can you do about this? I may need to acquire certain resources to complete the project including; models, camera, the actual IRN BRU product, camera equipment and general props. If I dont manage to acquire these it could affect my project as I may have to use other alternatives such as sourced images from the internet if I dont manage to obtain models and camera and camera equipment.

What constraints are in place regarding your approach to marketing? Do you think this will help of hinder your project and why? I will have certain constraints for this project as things in the brief that I have been set. For example I will have certain constraints including the colour scheme, as it will have to be kept the same as the original colours, the logo and fonts will have to be similar as well as the tone of the advertisement as the typical IRN BRU advertisements are known for the witty dry humour used.

What restraints could be imposed by an organisation such as the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA)? How could this impact your project? CAP section 15 rules Food, will need to be considered so I dont break this rule. I will need to make sure that I dont state health claims on my advertisement unless I back it up with documented evidence. This applies to the food safety act 1990 and the food labelling regulations 1996 and applies to marketing and communication of all food products. The second section of CAP I will need to consider is section 13 misleading advertisements this means I must not mislead deliberately or overly exaggerate puffery. This includes things such as the main characteristics of a product and important factors such as prices of the product or delivery charges. This also includes claims made by the advertisement must always be true and have evidence to show this.