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Personal Development

Why Should I?

Presentation Notes
Overview To teach the balaks/balikas to find solutions within, not outside Activity: -Have the balaks/balikas make 2 lists of themselves: what they like about themselves and dont like -One point that will come up more than often is physical appearance (just an example) -Explain that it is not Gods fault and we shouldnt blame him. -Stress that it is important to find solutions within not outside Creativity Tip: -Ask if they know who Yudhisthir and Duryodhan are and if they can describe their qualities before you tell this prasang. -Bring in a pair of tintedcolored sunglasses and ask to try it on and say what color everything is. -Relate this to the prasangs

We sometimes keep on counting all the things we dont have. We forget to count what we do have. Sometimes, we think about all the things we are not able to do or become. Instead we should look at all the things we are able to do. Some things we can't change, like how we look, but we can change some of our habits. How do we change ourselves for the better? The answer is antardrashti. Antardrashti is introspection, which is basically seeing what you are, accepting the things that you cannot change, and working on things that you can improve. But how do we do this? One simple way is remembering these three steps: 1. 2. 3. What kind of person am I? I shouldnt always blame others, I should figure out what I can do. Think about logical solutions

Teachings from the Mahabharat Once, someone asked Duryodhan, In all of God's creation, do you know anyone who has a bad temper? Duryodhan answered, Everyone has a bad temper. Duryodhan had such a bad temper that he couldnt even wait to beat the Pandavas and send them to the forest. He even wanted to fight with his own cousins! He never took anyones advice and only did whatever he wanted to do! Duryodhan said that Everyone has a bad temper because he had one and thats all he saw; he always saw the fault in others. Someone then asked Yudhisthir a similar question, Are there any unrighteous people in the world? Yudhisthir replied, Everyone

Why Should I?

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Personal Development is righteous. We all know that Yudhisthir was known for his good morals, honesty, and great personality. Because he was honorable, he found everyone to be honorable - unlike Duryodhan, he saw the good in others. Sometimes we see faults in others, but the faults really lie in us. Faultless as a Mirror Once there lived an extremely ugly man whose face was dark and ugly. One day he passed by a mirror and looked into it. He was so shocked to see his ugly face and got so mad that he started screaming at the mirror! Oh you (meaning the mirror)! You have spoilt my face! Saying this, he was so overcome by rage that he threw a stone and smashed the mirror! Now, was this the mirrors fault? Of course not! The mirror just showed him who he really was! In the same way, the enlightened Sadhu is like a mirror because he shows us who we are and shows our weaknesses such as anger, greed, lust, etc. By showing us our weaknesses, it allows us to improve ourselves. Covering the Earth with Leather Once, a king went out walking in the town. All of a sudden, he stepped on a thorn and it hurt his foot. The kind got angry and started looking for ways to cover the ground so that his feet wouldnt get hurt anymore. Someone suggested covering his entire kingdom with leather, this way thorns or anything else couldnt bother his feet. The king started having his entire kingdom covered with all the leather he could find. He even started having animals killed so he could use their skin to cover the ground. Then one day, a poor man came to the king and suggested something. Instead of covering the entire world with leather, why not just put something on his feet? The kind tried this and liked the idea. From now on, instead of covering the earth, he just covered his feet and didnt have to worry about having his feet bothered when he went out. What really was the king trying to do? The kind was trying to change the world for him, when all he had to do was change something about him. Most of the time, we usually look at anything but ourselves to find faults; its the easy thing to do. When it comes time for blame, we turn to ourselves last! What we should be doing is first asking what it is about our self that can be changed before we look at other outside sources. This is known as antardrashti (introspection). By looking within us first, Why Should I?
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Personal Development we are allowing ourselves to see what it is that we can improve; this helps to make us better. Conclusion Sometimes, Maharaj and Bapa act through others to show us our faults. At these times, its very important to accept our own faults and try to correct them, making ourselves into better people. In all situations, we need to look at ourselves first and see if it was our fault. If it was, then we dont have a right to blame others. Rather than trying to change the world and make them accommodate us, we should accommodate the world and others.

Why Should I?

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