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1]3" Sony Super nADII S.Sens|t|v|ty Co|or IS

Super n|ghS401VL effectua| at Co|or, 6001VL effectua| at 8]W
D|g|ta||y W|de Dynam|c kange(D-WDk)
1rue &Soft Day]N|ght for a|| 24]7Surve|||ance mode
Smart IkIunct|onfor 1rue Iace Ident|f|cat|onat Lxterna| IkSource
Support upto Sens-Up2xto 2S6x
Support Custom|zat|onAreafor 8LC&nS8LC
Co|or ko|||ng Suppress|on
VaryIoca| 3.Sto 12mm Auto Ir|s Lens W|thIkLnab|ed
Super LxtraNo|se keduct|on(3-DNk) to Save the nDDStorage
Low Lux0.1SLux(Co|or), 0.000SLux(Sens-up) w|thNo|se Iree Image
programmab|e Shutter &Lxposure Mode Auto, I||cker, Manua|
CSDMenuContro| for easy &user fr|end|y Customer Lase
Support D|g|ta| 2oom|ng upto 32k
Image I||p(nor|zonta| &Vert|ca|) for Iast] Lasy any Crder |nsta||at|on
Mot|onDetect|on, r|vacy Mask|ng, CameraID
kemote CSDContro| by kS48SCoax|a| cab|e 1hrew e|co rotoco|(Cpt|ona|)
Support 12VDC]24VAC ower
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3 Atis DwDR
Vari|ecal Deme Oamera
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126 mm
1/3" Super PAull S.SenslLlvlLy lS
732(P) x 382(v) 768(P) x 494(v)
P : 13.623 kPz v : 30 Pz P : 13.734 kPz v : 60 Pz
3401vL effecLual aL Color, 6001vL effecLual aL 8/W
lndoor / CuLdoor
Color / 8&W / AuLo / Lx1L8n
3 un8, Cn/Cff SelecLable
Au1C / Cll/manual (SelecLable x2 ~ x236)
0.13Lux [ l1.2 [ Color , 0.0003Lux[sens-up
AuLo/ Ad[usLable 0 Lo 100(uefaulL 0.43)
AuLo / Low / Plgh / Cff
A1W1 / A1W2 / AWC / MAnuAL
Cff/ 8LC / PLC (programmable Zone)
3.3 Lo 12MM uC AuLo l8lS varylocal wlLh l8 Lnabled
ulglLal 1Z up Lo x32, PorlzonLal/verLlcal lllp, lreezee, 8oLaLe, neg.lmage
up Lo 4 Ad[usLable Zones
CpLlonal (?es, elco-u proLocol, 2400 ~ 376008S SelecLable)
Cn / Cll Ad[usLable 4 Zone, ALA8M CuLpuL supporL
8rlghLness 8ed, 8lue Caln, Sharpness, ConLrasL
Slgnal SysLem
lmage Sensor
LffecLlve lxels
Scannlng lrequency
PorlzonLal 1vLlne 8esoluLlon
u-Wu8 8ange
ulglLal nolse 8educLlon
Lux Level(lllumlnaLlon)
Caln ConLrol(ACC)
WhlLe 8alance
LlghL CompensaLlon
Color 8olllng ConLrol
ulglLal ConLrol
Camera lu name
rlvacy Masklng
CSu Menu ConLrol
Mlrror ConLrol
8S-483 CommunlcaLlon
MoLlon ueLecLlon
lmage ConLrol
I)t:.|.:|.: .
30d8 [ ACC Cff
Au1C(1 30/60s-1/100,000s) / llxLu / lLk / Manual
lnLernal/Llne Lock SelecLable
1.0vp-p,73U, 8nC Cable ConnecLor
uC 12v +- 10, uC Cable ConnecLor
<140mA [ 12vuC, 100mA [ 24vAC
-10C ~ + 30C
30 ~ 90 8P
126mm (W) x 126mm (u) x 106mm (P)
323 g
3 Axls 8rackeL, A8S lasLlc wlLh lllusLraLlon uome Cover
S/n 8aLlo
ShuLLer Speed ConLrol
Synchronous SysLem
vldeo ouLpuL
ower Supply
ower ConsumpLlon
CperaLlng 1emperaLure
CperaLlng PumldlLy
WelghL (g)
I)t:.|.:|.: .
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* roducL speclflcaLlons and appearance may be changed wlLhouL prlor noLlce due Lo lmprovemenLs.