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BIDANG BAHASA INGGRIS 76. Because he trained so hard and so long, my brother is a...

winner in the motorcycle race, a. Coherence b. Potential c. Circumstance d. Accidental e. Subordination 77. Arrange these sentences into a good paragraph! 1. hey are happy now !. "e has e#changed the $egetables %or the %ruit &. 'ne person has $egetables, but wants %or the %ruit (. So the man gi$es some o% his $egetables to the second and %ruit to the %irst ). rade has made them happy 6. Another man has a great deal o% %ruit, but wants $egetables he right arrangement is.... a. 1*)*&*!*6*( b. &*6*!*)*1*( c. )*!*&*6*(*1 d. &*6*(*!*1*) e. (*&*6*!*1*) 7+. A, -id you hear what she .ust said/ B, 0o, 1 did not. 1... about something else. a. Am thin2ing b. 3as thin2ing c. "a$e thought d. "a$e been thin2ing e. "ad been thin2ing 74. A, 1s Bob here/ B, 0o, he is not. 1 wish he... here nowto help me sol$e this problem. a. 3ould be b. "ad been c. 3ill be d. 3ere e. 1s +5. 1% her mother had not been ill, 6essica would ha$e .oined the study tour to 7elbourne. 1t can be concluded that 6essica.... a. 3ent to 7elbourne a%ter her mother had reco$ered b. 8e%used to .oin the study tour to 7elbourne c. 9e%t her sic2 mother alone at home d. "as .ust come bac2 %rom the study tour e. 3ent to 7elbourne %or a study tour +1. he important research... two pro%essors and %i%ty students who spread in twenty pro$inces o% 1ndonesia, a. o be in$ol$ed b. o in$ol$e

c. 1t in$ol$es d. 1n$ol$ing e. 1n$ol$ed +!. amara has lost both her parents in the car accident. She... a hard time now. a. 7ust be ha$ing b. 7ay ha$e had c. 'ught to ha$e d. :sed to ha$e e. Are to ha$e +&. Some people are trying to preser$e our en$ironment %or the ne#t generations by puri%ying the air and.... a. 8eplant %orests b. 8eplanting %orests c. hey replant %orests d. ;orest are replanted e. "a$e %orests replanted +(. he college students are discussing to their lectures seriously, they want... the test postponed until ne#t wee2. a. "a$ing b. 1n ha$ing c. 1 ha$e d. o ha$e e. hey ha$e Text for questions 85 to 86. 7any %actors... <+)= the economy o% a country. Some o% them are its natural resources, population, ... <+6= and political system. A country>s population is its own local mar2et. Besides the population is the source o% labour. 1t is important especially %or labours doing intensi$e acti$ities. he land area will show the e#pert that agricultural acti$ities can be carried out. +). he missing word is.... a. Sol$e b. 7a2e c. -etermine d. 1n%luence e. 1nherit +6. he missing word is.... a. ?eography b. Biology c. Citi@en d. landmar2

e. 1nhabitants Text for questions 87. ?eography has its origins in the ?ree2s> attempts to describe the sur%ace o% the earth on which they li$ed. Aratosthenes reali@ed that the earth was round in the &rd century BC and )55 years later Ptolemy produced a map o% the earth which was used %or centuries. 7odern geography is concerned with those aspects o% earth>s sur%ace which could be described as the habitat occupied by the human species. 1t has many branches some o% border other sciences $ery closely. As its name suggests, regional geography e#amines, on a regional basis, the ways in which the local people interact with the en$ironment o% the area in which they li$e. 1n its widest sense, systematic geography may include climatology <the study o% weather and the climate=, cartography <the study o% maps and map pro.ections=, oceanography <the study o% the seas and oceans=, and e$en human geography and biogeography which deal with the dis* tribution o% people and their industries and systems o% communication, as well as with the distribution o% plants and animals. Physical geography, which may also be called geomorpho*logy, concentrates on the origins and %ormation o% the land*%orms themsel$es, and o%ten o$erlaps with aspects o% geo* graphy, especially with regard to the processes o% erosion and weathering or glaciation, %or e#ample. he study o% soils was also once lumped together with geography but, nowadays, it is generally as a separate discipline, called soil science. And human geography, o% course, also o$erlaps the social sciences. oday, geographers are hea$ily in$ol$ed with the actual planning o% the cities, towns, $illages, and countryside in which we all li$e and wor2. +7. he %ollowing statements are true, e#cept... a. ?eographers are in$ol$ed with the en$ironment b. Soil science is about separate discipline c. 8egional geography is about people>s interaction d. ?ree2>s geography was to describe the sur%ace o% the earth e. Physical geography is the same as geomorphology Text for question 88 to 90. he Sundew is an attracti$e little plant growing with lea$es pressed close to the ground. 1t can be %ound in the peat marsh areas o% Britain. hough small and insigni%icant*loo2ing, this plant is the nightmare o% e$ery insect. his is because the Sundew has a carni$orous diet, %eeling mainly on unwary insect. Stic2y hairs can be %ound all o$er the lea$es, the hairs are co$ered with droplets o% liBuid. hese droplets shine li2e dew and gi$e the plant its name * the Sundew. An unwary insect attracted by the shining droplets on the plant lands on the hairs. 1t is trapped by the stic2y liBuid. Sensing the trapped prey, the hairs o% the plant bend o$er and enclose it. he $ictim is then digested. he Sundew is an e#ample o% the many di%%erent species o% carni$orous plants %ound in the world. "owe$er, the %ears o% huge man*eating plants as potrayed in the mo$ies is to large e#tent, groundless. 7any o% such species %eed mainly on the small animals li2e insects. hey dri$e nutrition %rom carni$orous diet largery due to the %act that they recei$e inadeBuate %ood as they thri$e in dar2 marshy areas where there is poor soil and inadeBuate sunlight. Such conditions are not ideal %or %ood production. Another e#ample is the Bladderwort plant. his is rarely seen as it li$es underwater in la2es, ponds, and ditches. "owe$er, on closer e#amination, numerous small >bladder> can be

seen. Aach bladder is trap. he entranceto the bladder is a little trap door which spells death to an unin$ited $isitor. 3hen an animal li2e a water %lea touches the bladder hairs, the trap door opens and the $ictim is suc2ed in to its death. 'nce inside, the trap door shuts and the $ictim in slowly digested and absorbed. Cet another e#ample is the Denus %ly*trap %ound in the Carolinas in the :nited States. 1ts lea$es are hinged li2e the pages o% a boo2. 3hen an insect lands on one o% these lea$es, the trap springs shut and encloses the prey. he prey is then digested by .uices on the inside o% the lea% and absorbed. (A. E. N. 5. Denise De Silva & Coh ShaoMei) ++. 3hat does paragraph 1 tell us about/ a. he little plant namely Sundew b. he Bladderwort plant c. he Denus %ly*trap d. he Carolinas e. he Britain +4. 3hy do plants adopt a carni$orous diet/ a. hey will be digested slowly b. hey do not want to ma2e %ood c. hey recei$e inadeBuate nutrition through %ood*ma2ing d. here is no sunlight nor carbon dio#ide at all to ma2e %ood e. he soil conditions ma2e it possible %or the plant to ma2e %ood 45. 3hat is the di%%erence between the Denus %ly*trap and the Bladderwort/ a. he Bladderwort has lea$es and so does the Denus %lytrap b. he Bladderwort does not ha$e lea$es but the Denus %ly*trap does not either c. he Bladderwort does not trap its prey but the Denus %ly*trap does d. he Bladderwort 2ills its prey instantly but the Denus %ly*trap does not e. he Bladderwort suc2s its $ictim into its bladder but the Denus %ly*trap does not Pembahasan 76. Jawaban: b Pembahasan, :ntu2 meleng2api 2alimat ini diperlu2an 2osa2ata yang tepat sehingga perlu di2etahui dulu ma2na 2alimat dan ma2na 2ata dari tiap opsinya. EFarena dia berlatih 2eras cu2up lama, ma2a 2a2a2 saya men.adi... pemenang di dalam lomba balap motor.E a. Pertalian, hubungan b. Fandidat c. Feadaan d. Febetulan e. 9ebih rendah 77. Jawaban: d Pembahasan, Falimat*2alimat soal yang aca2 tersebut a2an men.adi paragra% yang 2ohesi% dengan untaian sebagai beri2ut E'ne person has $egetables, but wants %or the %ruit. Another man has a great deal o% %ruit, but wants $egetables. So the %irst man gi$es some o% his $egetables to the second and

%ruit to the %irst. "e has e#changed the $egetables %or the %ruit. hey are happy now. rade has made them happy.E -alam penerangan 2alimat*2alimat men.adi suatu paragra% yang padu, tempat 2alimat dengan ide umum di awal 2emudian dii2uti hal*hal yang 2husus sebagai pi2iran pendu2ung. "indari penempatan 2ata sambung, seperti )5 di awal paragra%. 78. Jawaban: b Pembahasan, Falimat soal adalah Epast continuous tenseE dengan pola E"eGsheGit H was H present participle.E A,Apa2ah 2amu mendengar apa yang baru sa.a dia 2ata2an/ B, ida2, saya sedang memi2ir2an hal lain. Pembicara B mendengar orang lain berbicara sambil memi2ir2an hal lain. 79. Jawaban: d Pembahasan, 7anusia sering membuat ung2apan harapan, 2eti2a mere2a mengingin2an realitasG2enyataan yang berbeda, lebih tepatnya 2ebali2an dengan situasi yang sebenarnya ter.adi. -alam 2alimat soal 2ita harus membuat ung2apan harapan pada 2ondisi presentG%uture. Feti2a seorang pembicara mengung2ap2an sebuah harapan tentang situasi present, ma2a heGshe mengguna2an bentu2 2ata 2er.a lampau. 3ere diguna2an untu2 seluruh subye2. 80. Jawaban: b Pembahasan, Falimat pada soal %o2us pada 2alimat i% conditional tipe & dengan pola, Ei%HSHhadHD&, SHwould ha$eHD&E 2arena yang dinyata2an adalah ma2na 2alimat berdasar2an 2enyataan dengan pola, E%act i% conditional tipe & dalam bentu2 past tenseE. 81. Jawaban: e Pembahasan, Bila 2ita hubung2an 2alimat soal dengan pilihan yang ada a2an diperoleh pengertian Epenelitian penting melibat2an dua pro%esor dan )5 mahasiswa yang tersebar di !5 pro$insi di 1ndonesiaE. Farena 2ata 2er.a in$ol$e ber2edudu2an sebagai pen.elas ma2a harus dinyata2an dengan 2ata 2er.a 2e*& untu2 pengertian pasi%. 82. Jawaban: a Pembahasan, -alam 2alimat soal di atas, 2ita harus membuat 2esimpulan logis mengguna2an 2ata EmustE. Pembicara di atas membuat sebuah teba2an yang logis berdasar2an in%ormasi 2arena amara telah 2ehilangan 2edua orangtuanya. 7a2a dapat diambil praduga bahwa dia pasti sedang mengalami masa*masa yang sulit. 83. Jawaban: b Pembahasan, Salah satu pema2aian gerund adalah sebuah 2ata depan. -alam 2alimat di atas terdapat 2ata depan <by=, ma2a 2ata depannya harus berbentu2 gerund. ?erund adalah 2ata 2er.a berbentu2 *ing yang dipa2ai sebagai 2ata benda. 84. Jawaban: d Pembahasan, Beberapa 2ata 2er.a <contohnya want= selalu dii2uti oleh in%initi$e. Sebuah in%initi$e adalah <to H simple %orm o% a $erb=I Eto ha$eE adalah in%initi$e. -ia adalah ob.ect dari 2ata 2er.a want.

8 . Jawaban: d Pembahasan, :ntu2meleng2api 2alimat ini diperlu2an 2osa2ata yang tepat, sehingga perlu di2etahui dulu ma2na setiap 2atanya. Sol$e, memecah2an 7a2e, membuat -etermine, menentu2an 1n%luence, memengaruhi 1nhert, mewarisi -engan demi2ian, 2ata yang tepat untu2 meleng2api 2alimat EBanya2 %a2tor...e2onomi suatu negaraE adalah 2ata memengaruhi <in%luence=. 86. Jawaban: a Pembahasan, Fata yang dibutuh2an adalah salah satu %a2tor yang mempengaruhi 2ondisi e2onomi sebuah negara. Pada 2alimat 2edua telah disebut2an beberapa %a2tor yang merupa2an padanan 2ata pada opsi pilihan ganda, 2arena itu tida2 perlu dipilih lagi. Fata tersebut adalah population J inhabitantGciti@en, ma2a 2ata yang tepat untu2 soal di atas adalah EgeographyE. 87. Jawaban: ! Pembahasan, Seperti yang diin%ormasi2an pada baris 2e*11, geogra%i regional mempela.ari tentang basis daerah, cara masyara2at lo2al berintera2si dengan daerah tempat mere2a tinggal. Bu2an mempela.ari intera2si manusia dengan manusia yang merupa2an 2a.ian bidang sosiologi. 88. Jawaban: a Pembahasan, :ntu2 mengetahui topi2 utama sebuah paragra%, bacalah 2alimat pertama dan atau 2alimat tera2hir. Perhati2an 2alimat pertama soal, E he Sundew is an alternati$e little plant growing with its lea$es pressed close to the ground.E -an 2alimat tera2hir soal E hese droplets shine li2e dew and gi$e the plant it>s name*the SundewE. 89. Jawaban: ! Pembahasan, Perhati2an 2alimat baris 2e*17 E he deri$e nutrition %rom a carni$orous diet largely due to the %act that they recei$e in adeBuate %ood as they thri$e in dar2 marshy areas where there is poor soil and inadeBuate sunlight. Such conditions are not ideal %or %ood productionE. 7ere2a mendapat nutrisi dengan men.adi tumbuhan pema2an daging semata*mata 2arena 2enyataanG2ondisi di mana mere2a tida2 mendapat2an ma2anan yang cu2up di daerah rawa yang gelap yang sedi2it tanah dan tida2 cu2upnya sinar matahari. Fondisi seperti ini tida2 ideal untu2 pembuatan ma2anan suatu tumbuhan. 90. Jawaban: e Pembahasan, Perhati2an 2edua 2alimat beri2ut ini. Baris 2e*!6, E3hen an animal li2e water %lea touches the bladder hairs, the trap door opens and the $ictim is suc2ed in to its death.E Baris 2e &&, E3hen an insect lands on one o% these lea$es, the trap springs shut and encloses the prey.E -ari 2edua 2alimat di atas terlihat .elas perbedaannya, yaitu Bladderwort plant men.eba2 mangsanya dengan bladder, sedang2an Denus %ly*trap men.eba2 mangsanya dengan mengguna2an daun*daunnya <lea$es=.