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The food schemes started by YSR for the people are to be renewed again. The party worker are ready to carry out the works as an disciplined army man when YSR was in power he has provided tree electric supply to the farmers for about a decade. Rice at the rate of RS 2 per KG was supplied. e also promised to provide !" KGS of free rice to the poor and physically handicapped. #ll these all been forgotten by the present ruling $ongress party. %hen the YSR party won the by election in a thumbing ma&ority in 'ellore (arliamentary $onstituency) people came to understand that *agan is the one and only leader who can make reali+ation of YSR dreams with the help of the Seguvera in the YSR party who is none other Kakani. Kakani Goverthana Reddy after obtaining his engineering degree &oined the government service in (%, department) he fully denoted himself for the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden. e spent his earning for the social cause. e attracted the youth by his Seva -entality. e became the chairman of the Gilla (arishad. .y his dedicated work in 'ellore Gilla he became fame in the neighboring districts also. e was so simple) sincere straight forward and attracted the good men in the society. Kakani/s father) Kakani Ramana Reddy Served 0(odhala Kuru $ommittee1 in 23"3) he got good faith over the people) in turn people showed love and affection towards Kakani/s family. Kakani resigned his government &ob as he couldn/t involve and denote himself fully to the public. %hen Y.S. Ra&asekara Reddy was not in power Kakani Goverthana Reddy a civil engineer in a government &ob was attracted by YSR/s goal towards an enlightened #ndhra and &oined his party. #fter YSR when *agan -ohan Reddy was thrown out from the congress and compelled to start YSR $ongress Kakani was strongly stood together with him in the new venture. Kakani/s clear decision making in a confused state proved him to be a good leader. e served for the people by establishing hospitals) student hostels) schools and spent his time for the development of the same. #t any time) even in the midnight) people were allowed to approach Kakani for assistance in any emergency. e as a chairman of 'ellore Gilla (arishad) arranged blood bank) trust center) generator for 4$5 and well6e7uipped operation theatre in the town of #doni. 4t is his yearning concern he provide three6times food for the downtrodden in the railway station. %hen the (oliticians collect money by threat for their selfishness) Kakani spent his own money for the development of education by establishing new government schools and providing furniture to such schools. 5nder #kshaya scheme he provided good food for school students. 4t is sure that *agan will come out of all the political hurdles made by the ruling congress) and along with Kakani will reach YSR/s goal towards an enlightened #ndhra. 'o doubt in the coming (arliament election YSR (arty will win !" -( Seats and in the assembly election not less than 288 legislative seats. 5nder the leadership of *agan -ohan Reddy along with YSR/s Seguvera Kakani Goverthana Reddy. By Ravi Kalyan

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