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Antonia Gaviln de Logroo

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Antonia Gaviln de Logroo.

Season(s) 4 First seen "You Smell Like Dinner" Last seen

"And When I Die" Appeared in 8 episodes (see below) Mentioned in "She's Not There" Status Deceased Date of death 1610 Origin Logroo, Spain Profession Witchcraft and Magic Practitioner Species Ghost/Witch/Human Powers

Portrayed by


Elemental Control Energy Barriers Necromancy Spell Casting Telekinesis Teleportation

Paola Turbay Fiona Shaw (Possessing Marnie)

"I was trapped between worlds for four-hundred years. Lost and driven mad by my rage. I do not want that for you." Antonia to Marnie Stonebrook[src]

Antonia Gaviln, also known as Antonia Gaviln de Logroo, is a recurring character in the fourth season. She is played by guest star Paola Turbay and debuts in "You Smell Like Dinner". She was a powerful witch of the 17th Century. She manifests as a spirit to the witch Marnie Stonebrook and acts as a supporting antagonist in the first half of the season.



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Antonia and her coven were captured by vampires, who had infiltrated and manipulated the Catholic Church. They were abused, raped, and tormented by Don Santiago and Luis Patiounder the guise of the Spanish Inquisition. Fueled with the hatred of vampires, Antonia sought revenge by casting a powerful spell that would summon all vampires within a twenty-mile radius to expose themselves to the sunlight. She was burned at the stake by the Inquisition.

Season 4


Antonia and Marnie cursing Eric. Antonia first appears by taking over the body of Marnie Stonebrookafter Eric Northman invades her coven, and threatens their lives. After rejecting his deal, Eric attacks Marnie and is hexed by Antonia. ("She's Not There") Yearning to taste her power again, Marnie asks that Antonia bless her, in exchange for her loyal service. ("If You Love
Me, Why Am I Dyin'?")

After Jesus Velasquez, Lafayette Reynolds, and Tara Thorntonconvince Marnie to break the spell, Pam mocks Marnie's attempts and threatens her for progressing too slowly. Antonia takes over once again, and curses Pam with a spell that causes her skin to decay. As Pam flees into the night, Antonia departs, and Marnie faints. ("I'm Alive and on

Alone and afraid in her cell, Marnie desperately summons Antonias spirit and begs her for protection. After revealing yet another vision of her previous life, Antonia is able to fully and successfully take Marnie as her human vessel. ("I Wish I Was the Moon")

After gaining full control over Marnie's body, Antonia makes an escape asKaterina Pellham and Luis Patio die in the process. She later comes across a saddened Tara Thornton, whom she convinces to join her coven. After Tara recruits the local witches to join Antonia's cult, she sets forth with casting the same spell she cast 400 years ago, to call all vampires into the sun.("Cold Grey Light of Dawn") After the discovery of her insufficient ritual, Antonia becomes furious, and begins to plan yet another attack on the vampires. However, her motivations are soon interrupted by Bill Compton, who apologizes for her unjustly death, and asks to make peace. After Antonia agrees to meet the king, they later come face-to-face at the Bon Temps Cemetery. As neither the vampires nor the witches trust the other, they are each supported by their own reinforcements. As Bill attempts to make an agreement between the two, all seems well until Sookie reads Antonia's mind and finds that she is casting a spell, during the scuffle Eric Northman impulsively kills Beverleen. as the battle between the two species emerges, Antonia bewitches Eric with a spell to captivate him as her willing slave.("Spellbound") Later that night, as the coven begins to question their faith in Antonia, she and Roy plan yet another attack against the vampires. However, Antonia is later visited by Debbie Pelt, who provides a distraction while Sookie Stackhouseattempts to free Eric. Before her escape, Sookie listens in on Taras thoughts, which warn her about Antonias plan to kill Bill during the "Festival of Tolerance." As Antonia and Roy prepare for battle, she casts a spell to seal the other witches inside, to prevent them from leaving. After using Eric to lure Blackburn, Duprez and Kirsch away from their stations, Antonia bewitches them to aid Eric in his attempt to kill the Vampire King of Louisiana.("Let's Get Out of Here") Fueled with anger and desperation, Sookie manages to break Antonias spell upon Eric by blasting a ray of light from her hands. After realizing the damage and destruction caused by her magic, Antonia attempts to abandon Marnie and her diabolical goals. As it turns out, throughout the entire process since Antonias arrival, Marnie has always been in control over her own actions. Later that afternoon, Jesus infiltrates the Moon Goddess Emporium, in hopes to save Marnie. However, he soon discovers that Antonia is the victim, and Marnie is responsible for the recent attacks. ("Burning Down the House")

Marnie and Antonia minutes before they go to the afterlife. When Antonia witnesses Marnie killing a fellow witch, she angrily attempts to leave her host, but Marnie captures her using a binding spell. Jesus tricks Marnie claiming that Casey is still alive but needs help. He and Lafayette go to the storage closet with Casey's body and perform an enchantment that breaks Marnie's binding spell allowing Antonia to free herself and move on to the afterlife. Without Antonia's power, Marnie is killed by her enemies. ("Soul
of Fire")

Antonia returns a final time on Halloween to calm Marnie's vengeful spirit. Together with Antonia was also Sookie's grandmother, Adele, and other spirtis from the cemetery of Bon Temps. At the end, they lead her into the afterlife.("And When I Die")

Powers and Abilities


Marnie had dreamed Antonia when she was cursing the vampires, at the same time when she was burning.Antonia Gaviln was a very powerful witch who lived in 17th century. Antonia was the only human ever known to have gained dominion over the vampires and the mightiest witch known so far. At some point during her life, Antonia was burned at stake and killed by vampires who had infiltrated the Catholic Church. Before their persecution, Antonia and her coven chanted a powerful spell that would conjure all vampires within a twenty-mile radius to expose themselves to the sunlight. 400 years later, Antonia was conjured by another witch named Marnie Stonebrook, whom had called upon her spirit for power and protection. After Antonia returns, she is able to use Marnie as her host, in which she creates havoc among the vampires by causing Eric to lose his memory, Pam to lose her beauty, and Luis to lose his life. Her aim is to do again the spell which made many years ago and to kill all the vampires of the world.

conjuration: The act of calling, commanding, or summoning an object, person, or spirit already in existence. Elemental Control: The act of controlling and manipulating the elements of air, earth, fire, water, and weather. Mediumship: The act of calling, communicating, and invoking the spirits of the dead. Necromancy: The act of controlling and manipulating of the dead including vampires. Spell Casting: The act of changing and controlling events by magical influence. Telekinesis: The act of controlling and manipulating the movements of objects and persons. Vampire Glamour Immunity: In "Spellbound", Bill stated that he couldn't glamour non-human or humans with powerful spiritual abilities, such as Antonia Gaviln de Logroo. Levitation: The act of floating, flying or rising ones body in the air by supernatural means. Additional Abilities: Energy projection, teleportation, illusion casting and the creation of energy barriers or shields.

Image Gallery


Luis Patio rapes Antonia.

Antonia burning at the stake.

Antonia possesses Marnie

Antonia and fellow witches of Logroo, Spain.

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"She's Not There" "Me and the Devil" "Let's Get Out of Here"

Season four appearances "You Smell Like Dinner" * "I Wish I Was the Moon" "Burning Down the House" "If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin'?" "Cold Grey Light of Dawn" "Soul of Fire" "I'm Alive and on Fire" "Spellbound" "And When I Die"


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