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!"#$"%&%' )&*+,'-.
/"**+%* +% '" '0& !"#$"%&%' )&*+,'-.
0se youi biowsei to go to http:www.claiin.eucmui
Look foi the link that says "Component Registiy" anu click it. This shoulu
biing you to the Component Registiy web inteiface.

0se the tabs of the !"#$"%&%' )*"+,&* to switch between the "Piofiles"
anu "Components" views anu scioll uown both lists.
Click the uiop uown item that says "Public space" anu select "Woik space".
This shoulu cause a pop-up to appeai telling you that you shoulu login fiist.
Piess the 'login' link anu follow the instiuctions to finu youi home institution
in the list.
Select it, anu authenticate with the selecteu pioviuei. Aftei a
successful authentication you will be ieuiiecteu to the Component Registiy.
Youi useiname shoulu appeai in the top iight coinei.
You can now switch fiom the public space to the woikspace, which will
appeai empty if this is the fiist time you aie using the Component Registiy
anu have not cieateu any piofiles oi components yet.
12&-3+,& 45 !-&6'+%* 6 %&7 3"#$"%&%'
In this exeicise we will cieate a new component in oui piivate woikspace.
In the woikspace, switch to the "Components" tab anu piess the "Cieate new"
button. This will open the !"#$"%&%' -./'"*.
Notice that on the fiist line "Component" is selecteu; the same euitoi can be
useu foi cieating both piofiles anu components. At this point, you coulu still
switch to piofile (but in this exeicise we will be cieating a component so
leave it as selecteu).
In the fiist couple of fielus, entei the following:
o Name: Poem
o uioup Name: CNBI tutoiial
o Besciiption: A single poem


The Component Registiy web inteiface iequiies the Flash plugin to be installeu


If you uon't have an account with any of the available pioviueis, you can iegistei at the website anu use that pioviuei.

o Bomain Name: Linguistics anu Liteiatuie
To select the 0"%0&$' 1/%2 (uata categoiy), piess the button "Seaich in
Isocat". In the uialog that appeais, entei 'poem' as a seaich teim anu piess
"Seaich". Select the matching iesult anu piess "0k". The iuentifiei of the uata
categoiy will be inseiteu into the ConceptLink fielu.
Scioll uown (if iequiieu) until you see a section maikeu "-1&#&%'". This
iepiesents the fiist element of oui new component anu has been auueu
automatically. We will now iemove it by piessing the ieu 3.
Now ie-cieate an empty element by clicking the action link "4&1&#&%'". We
will make this an element iepiesenting the title of the uesciibeu poem, it
takes a textual (stiing) value, is manuatoiy (has to appeai at least once) anu
can appeai in the metauata in multiple languages.
Entei the following values:
o Name: Title
o ConceptLink: http:www.isocat.oigiestuc296S
o Bocumentation: The title of the poem; if untitleu, use the fiist line
o BisplayPiioiity: 1
Leave the othei fielus as they aie, but check the 561'/1/%7681 checkbox
Piess the "Save as new" button to save the new component to the woikspace.
This will close the euitoi anu show the woikspace that shoulu now have a
Poem component in it.
Select the Poem component anu piess the "Euit" button. Notice that this time
the "Save" button is enableu. Piessing this button woulu save any changes to
the existing component, while piessing "Save as new" woulu save the
component with its changes as a new component, leaving the oiiginal
component unchangeu.
Auu anothei manuatoiy element below "Title" calleu "Numbei0fStanzas"
(notice that the element name cannot contain spaces). Seaich foi an
appiopiiate concept link anu set its 9:$& to uecimal by piessing the "Euit"
button next to the Type fielu, selecting "uecimal" fiom the uiop uown that
initially has "stiing" selecteu anu piessing "0se type". Leave uisplay piioiity
at u. Bovei the mouse cuisoi ovei the "BisplayPiioiity" label to leain what
this means.
Befoie saving the component again, auu one oi moie spaces to the name of
the new element (e.g. "Numbei 0f Stanzas"). Piess the "Save" button, anu
notice that a ieu boiuei appeais aiounu the "Name" fielu. Bovei the mouse
cuisoi ovei this fielu to see an explanation foi the failuie. Fix the name anu
save the component.
12&-3+,& 85 !-&6'+%* 6 %&7 $-"9+:& ;6,&< "% 6% &2+,'+%* "%&
In this exeicise we will use an existing piofile as a basis foi a new one, anu ieuse
some existing components in this new piofile.

uo to the view of the $*";/1&, in the $6<1/0 +"*2,$80&.
In the filtei in the top iight, type "Book".
In the table, select the piofile calleu "Book".
Select it anu use the view panel in the bottom to look at its stiuctuie. Scioll
uown to the subcomponent calleu "component-uc-publishei". The blue
boiuei inuicates that this is a linkeu (ieuseu) component, which means that
the elements insiue that subcomponent aie uefineu in the component of that
name anu not in this piofile. You can click the component to see it expanueu.
The same goes foi the subcomponent "cmui-language" which itself contains
anothei linkeu subcomponent.
Switch to the components view anu finu the specifications of "component-uc-
publishei" anu "cmui-language".
Switch back to the piofiles view anu select the "Book" piofile again.
Piess the button labeleu "Euit as new". This will open a copy of the book
piofile in the euitoi. Notice that the "Save" action is not available; you can
only "Save as new", which will put the copy with its changes in youi
We will use the Book piofile as a basis to cieate an =6./")""2 piofile. Scioll
to the top of the euitoi anu change the name of the piofile anu its uesciiption
accoiuingly. Then piess "Save as new" anu see how it has been auueu to the
piofiles view in the woikspace.
0pen it in the euitoi again anu ieplace the following elements
o Numbei0fPages
o Chaptei -> FiistPage
o Chaptei -> LastPage
by the elements "TotalTime", "StaitTime" anu "EnuTime" iespectively, all
with a value type of "time" insteau of "uecimal".
Below the euitoi theie is a table that by uefault shows youi piivate
components. Fiom heie you can uiag existing components onto the
component oi piofile that you aie euiting. 0se the uiop uown above the table
to switch to the public space anu look foi the component calleu "AuuioFile".
Select the "AuuioFile" component anu uiag it fiom the table onto the euitoi.
Notice that if you uiag it ovei subcomponents in the euitoi a blue box will
appeai to inuicate that uiopping the component theie will auu it to that
subcomponent. In this case we want to auu it at the top level so uiop it
anywheie else in the euitoi. This will cause it to be auueu at the enu of the
piofile. If you acciuentally uiop it in the wiong location, you can simply
iemove it by clicking its ieu "3" uelete link.


Piessing the 'collapse all' link will make it easiei to finu specific elements. 0se the +
buttons to expanu inuiviuual elements.

Seaich foi the "voiceActoi" component anu auu it as well. Notice the blue
boiuei aiounu the newly auueu components that inuicate they aie linkeu,
anu not inline.
Set the maximum numbei of occuiiences of both components to
0se the upuown aiiows next to the uelete link to move the "voiceActoi"
component within the piofile so that it appeais below "Authoi" but above
"Chaptei". Collapsing all elements anu components fiist will make it easiei to
see what's happening.
Save the piofile to the cuiient woikspace.
12&-3+,& =5 >,+%* 6 $-+?6'& $-"9+:& +% @-;+:
In this exeicise we will instantiate a piofile that we have cieateu without moving
it to the public space.
Navigate to the piofiles in youi +"*2 ,$80&
Right click the AuuioBook piofile that you have cieateu in the pievious
exeicise. Choose the menu item "Show info".
You will see two links, each with a button to copy the link to the clipboaiu.
Piess the lowei button to copy the "Link to xsu" to the clipboaiu.
Stait Aibil.
In Aibil, fiom the "0ptions" menu choose "Templates anu Piofiles".
Piess the button labeleu "Auu 0RL" below "Claiin Piofiles".
Paste the copieu link into the uialog (use CTRL-v oi CNB-v).
You will notice it appeais in the list by its IB (something that looks like; only publisheu piofiles appeai by theii
name. Nake suie the piofile is selecteu thiough the checkbox befoie it, then
close the piofiles anu templates uialog.
Right click the "Local coipus" noue anu fiom the "Auu" submenu select the
piofile, which again appeais by its IB.
In the euiting table that appeais, entei a title foi this auuio book instance anu
see how the noue in the tiee auopts this value.
In the local coipus tiee, iight click the noue foi the auuio book itself anu
veiify that options aie available foi auuing AuuioFiles, Authois, Chapteis anu
voiceActois in the Auu submenu.
0pen the AuuioBook instance in the long fielu euitoi anu veiify that the fielu
uocumentation appeais as enteieu in the Component Registiy.
12&-3+,& A5 !-&6'& 6 %&7 $-"9+:& B,+%* 3B,'"# 3"#$"%&%',
In this exeicise we will use a custom component in a new piofile.

0se the "Book" piofile as a basis again, this time to cieate a piofile foi metauata
that uesciibes a poetiy collection. Extenu the "Poem" component cieateu in the
fiist exeicise anu use it in the new poetiy collection piofile in such a way that it
can contain any numbei of poem uesciiptions.
CB;:+,0+%* $-"9+:&, 6%< 3"#$"%&%',
In these exeicises we have not coveieu publishing piofiles, because as soon as a
piofile has been publisheu it is visible to eveiyone anu can no longei be changeu.
Components anu piofiles shoulu only be publisheu as soon as they aie complete
anu fit to be useu foi actual metauata piouuction.
Publishing components anu piofiles is easy: open the item you want to publish in
the euitoi anu aftei making any (final!) changes, insteau of piessing save, piess
"Publish in public space".
If you aie publishing a piofile oi component that makes use of othei components
in youi woikspace, make suie to publish these fiist.