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Health reasons prevented R. A. Monti to present the paper to ICCF-9. We wish to thank Hal Fox for publishin it now in !. ". #. Roberto A. Monti
Resear$her. IA%F-C"R Resear$h &ire$tor. Monti A'eri$a Corporation #-'ail( 'onti)bo.iasf.$

*erardina A. Cesarano Monti

Resear$h Assistant Monti A'eri$a Corporation #-'ail( $esarano.'onti)lowener +trans'utations.or

Metallic Transmutations induced by Acetic Acid.

Abstract A si'ple test $an show the trans'utation of Mer$ur+ into *old, provin that -avoisier.s /rin$iple is experi'entall+ roundless and that Al$he'+ is an #xperi'ental %$ien$e. The "Principle" of Lavoisier. In his Traite Elementaire de Chimie, -avoisier ives 0the ke+ and the rules of the new s+ste' of Che'istr+0. 123 4n vol. I5, p.267, we $an read( 0"ew 1ter'3( *old. 4ld 1Al$he'i$3 $orrespondent( %un0. 8he des$ription of *old is then followed b+ the state'ent( 0It see's i'possible that for $enturies %e$ts of Al$he'ists tried to $han e less pre$ious ele'ents into *old0. Fro' the point of view of -avoisier( 0In all Che'i$al Rea$tions the sa'e 9uantit+ of 'atter is present before and after the rea$tions0. 123 -avoisier $onse9uentl+ h+pothesi:es that in a Che'i$al Rea$tion trans'utations fro' one ele'ent to another do not o$$ur 10/rin$iple0 of -avoisier3. 4ne $annot, for exa'ple, 'ake *old fro' Mer$ur+ b+ 'eans of a Che'i$al Rea$tion. -avoisier was a ver+ talented and well-edu$ated 'an. 8he fa$t that he was tr+in to 0translate0 the 0old0 Al$he'i$ ter'inolo + into the 0new s+ste' of Che'istr+0 shows that he was aware of Al$he'+.

We $an $ertainl+ suppose, for exa'ple, that he had within his rasp the fa'ous Biblioteque des Philosophes Chimiques of %al'on, 1276;3 with the works of *eber and Filalete. 1;3 In *eber.s Summa Perfectionis the first step to prepare the /hilosophi$al Mer$ur+ 1a pe$uliar iso'eri$ $onfi uration of Mer$ur+3 1<3 is 0to purif+ Mer$ur+ with ood vine ar0. 1=3 In his Principles, point 6, Filalete states $learl+ that 0it is ne$essar+ to wash the Mer$ur+ with vine ar and %ala''onia$0. 1>3 Moreover, in his Open Entrance to the Closed Palace of the King, Filalete states una'bi uousl+ that( 0Mer$ur+ $an be$o'e the 'other of all the 'etals. Fro' Mer$ur+, as a 'atter of fa$t, I $an obtain ever+thin , also the %un 1*old3 and the Moon 1%ilver3, without the 8rans'utation #lixir0 1the /hilosopher %tone-a $atal+st for the trans'utation of Mer$ur+ into *old3. 173 ?nfortunatel+ -avoisier $ould not test the 'etalli$ trans'utations indu$ed b+ A$eti$ A$id. 4r be$ause the $orrespondent $he'i$al rea$tion is ver+ slow and he was not enou h patient, or be$ause durin the Fren$h Revolution, on Ma+ @, 269=, he was beheaded, and $ould work no 'ore.

Preparing the components to destroy the nuclear waste. Mer$ur+ "itrate is one of the $o'ponents that we use to destro+ the radioa$tive nu$lear waste. 163 *iven the hi h $ost of pure Mer$ur+, #?CA" 8e$hnolo ies asked if we had an+ proble' usin s$rap Mer$ur+ $o'in fro' #le$tri$ %wit$hes. 8he answer was( no obAe$tions if the Mer$ur+ is enou h $lean. Conse9uentl+ >BC of Mer$ur+ were bou ht for a few dollars and -eon 8heriault, the head te$hni$ian of #?CA", de$ided to 0wash0 it with vine ar, as 0he had seen to be in use in a 'ine0. 1@3 4win to a stop in the preparation of the $o'ponents for the disposal of the nu$lear waste, an a'ount of Mer$ur+ re'ained 0under washin 0 for a few 'onths. When it was used later, to obtain Mer$ur+ "itrate, -. 8heriault draw our attention on a surprisin pheno'enon( at the end of the dissolution of Mer$ur+ in "itri$ A$id, a few 'illi ra's of *old re'ained. We 'ade i''ediatel+ a test( the 0untreated Mer$ur+0 was totall+ dissolved b+ "itri$ A$idD the Mer$ur+ 0treated0 with vine ar left s+ste'ati$all+ tra$es of *old. Aware sin$e 'an+ +ears about the role pla+ed b+ vine ar and A$eti$ A$id in the Al$he'i$ pro$esses 193, ba$k in Ital+ we de$ided to tr+ a si'ple appli$ation of the /rin$iple of Eanalit+ 1a variation of 4$ka'.s ra:or3 163 on 2k of 0treated Mer$ur+0 whi$h we brou ht fro' Canada. We de$ided to prepare a 0tres bon vinai re0 1ver+ stron vine ar3 and to $o'pare the effe$ts with those of a 0bon vinai re0 1 ood vine ar3. 1=3 Conse9uentl+ we divided in two parts our suppl+ of 0treated Mer$ur+0.


We washed half of it 1>BB 3 with white wine vine ar and the other >BB with a 'ixture 1>BF3 of white wine vine ar and A$eti$ A$id, for ; 'onths. After ; 'onths we took 2BB fro' the first >BB , and 2BB fro' the se$ond >BB . When dissolved in "itri$ 2 to > the first 2BB ave 2<' , the se$ond 2BB ave >>' of *old. After two 'ore 'onths another 2BB of Mer$ur+ treated with the 'ixture of vine ar and A$eti$ A$id, ave @@' of *old. We have 'ade *old 'an+ ti'es, in different wa+s, but the *old obtained dire$tl+ fro' Mer$ur+ in this wa+ is the 'ost beautiful we have ever seen. 1see photographs3


"Treatment" of the Mercury, to make


#xtra$t +our Mer$ur+ fro' Cinnabar 1H %3 b+ roastin , or et it fro' a Che'i$al %uppl+ Co'pan+. We su est at least 2k of Mer$ur+ 1two will be better3. We have observed that the 0purified0 Mer$ur+ ives ver+ poor results be$ause in the pro$ess of 0purifi$ation0 so'e properties are lost 1the Mer$ur+ oes in the wron iso'eri$ $onfi uration3. 1<3 8he Mer$ur+ fro' #le$tri$ %wit$hes is usuall+ not purified. 8his is wh+ it works better. Eest of all will work the Mer$ur+ fro' H %. 4n$e obtained +our Mer$ur+ 1we su est 2 or ; k 3 do the followin . 23 &ivide the Mer$ur+ in sto$ks of >BB . ;3 8ake a 2BB sa'ple fro' ea$h of the >BB and dissolve it into a solution of 2 to > "itri$ A$id, heatin at about @BG. "or'all+ it will dissolve $o'pletel+. If not take note of what re'ains. <3 /ut the re'ainin =BB in a lass $ontainer 12 liter Cerr !ars are ood3. =3 /repare a solution of 2H; liter white wine vine ar and 2H; liter of A$eti$ A$id. >3 /ut 2H; liter of the 'ixture into the !ar, so that the Mer$ur+ will be $o'pletel+ $overed. 73 %hake the !ar b+ hand for a few 'inutes until the Mer$ur+ is redu$ed to tin+ beads, so that the surfa$e in $onta$t with the li9uid is a 'axi'u'. 63 &o the shakin one or two ti'es a da+. @3 After about two weeks so'e kind of slud e $o'es out fro' the Mer$ur+ and 0$overs0 it. If +ou have two !ars( a3 +ou $an keep one $lean shakin and substitutin the solution with a new 2H; liter. %ave the 2H; liter solution in another Cerr !ar. In one da+ the slud e will o to the botto' and +ou $an re$over and use a ain the $lean 'ixture. b3 Aust shake the solution in the se$ond !ar one or two ti'es a da+. -ook if there is an+ differen$e in the final results. 93 After about two 'onths 1with Mer$ur+ fro' H %3 +ou $an 'ake the first test( take 2BB of the 0treated Mer$ur+0 and dissolve it in 2 to > "itri$ A$id 12BB$$ "itri$ A$id I >BB$$ water3 at about @BG. Jou should find the kind of *old shown in the photo raphs. 2B3Jou $an repeat the dissolution ever+ 2> da+s three 'ore ti'es 1for ea$h Cerr !ar3. /a+ attention to $han e the lids of the Cerr !ars at least ever+ 2> da+s. 8he Mixture of vine ar and A$eti$ A$id is ver+ $orrosive( it will 0eat0 the lids of the Cerr !ars. 223 After havin dissolved the Mer$ur+ pour the solution and $lean the *old 1keep it in the beaker3 with a 'ixture 2 to ; "itri$ A$id 12BB$$ "itri$ A$id I ;BB$$ distilled water3. /our the 2 to ; "itri$ A$id and wash the *old with water. /our the water and dr+ the *old in the beaker on a hot plate. 2;3 -ook with a 'i$ros$ope and anal+:e +our *old.

When anal+:ed with %#M 1#le$tron Mi$ros$ope3 it will show onl+ *oldD but when dissolved in A$9ua Re ia for IC/ it will show( 2BF Mer$ur+, 9BF *old, owin to its 0ori in0 fro' Mer$ur+. 8he sour$e of Mer$ur+ is i'portant owin to the different iso'eri$ $onfi urations whi$h $an o$$ur in the Mer$ur+. Jou $an 'ake the $o'parison with different t+pes of Mer$ur+.

!onclusion. 8his experi'ent, in our opinion, is of reat dida$ti$ i'portan$e. 8he experi'ent $an be easil+ reprodu$ed, at low expenses, in the laborator+ of an+ ?niversit+. It see's not showin seasonal effe$ts and $an be started and $on$luded in a few 'onths. It shows $learl+ that( 23 8he 0/rin$iple0 of -avoisier is experi'entall+ roundless. ;3 Al$he'+ is an #xperi'ental %$ien$e. We stron l+ su est it to the students of Che'istr+.

8he sour$e of Mer$ur+ is i'portant( better results are obtained takin the Mer$ur+ dire$tl+ fro' Cinnabar. 12B3

23 ;3

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