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Treasure Island

You will need something to score with:


You can use a dice. * i**'

2 You find an axe on the beach. Add it to your list. 3 Have you got a map? YES- Go right; NO-Go left. 4 You remember there's a map on your boat.
Go back to 1, and add a map to your list.


You can make a spinner. You will need a piece of card and You can write the numbers on the six sides of a pencil.

6 You find a gold coin. Go forward to 14. 8 Did you walk here for this lesson?


You can write the numbers on six pieces of paper. Then fold the pieces, and mix them up. You will need a counter:
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You can use a coin, or any small object.

ffi Any number of players from2 to 6 can play. ffi You are on a desert island. The first person to get to the treasure is the winner. You need the exact number to get to the end. Each player throws the dice, and moves the correct number of spaces. Two or more players can be on the same space. ffi Follow the arrows (> > |). Each space has a number. Sometimes there will be an instruction. If you land on a red or yellow space, find the instruction in the list, and obey it. ffi Red spaces. On the red spaces there are two paths, one to the left and one to the right. When you pass over a red space, read the instruction and continue in the direction it tells you. If you finish on a red space, read the instruction and go in that direction on your next throw.
You can take two things with you:

YES - Go to 14; NO - Go to 7. 10 A crocodile attacks you. Go back to 5. 13 Is your birthday between the 1st and 15th of the month? YES - Go forward one; NO - Go back to 2. 15 Is the first letter of your surname between A and M? YES - Go back to 14; NO - Go on to 16. 17 Have you got an axe? YES - Turn right, through the jungle; NO Go left. 18 You kill a snake. Go forward to 21. 20 Have you got a compass or a rope? You lose them in the jungle. Cross them off your list. 22 Yol find a rope. Add it to your list. 25 A snake bites you. Miss a turn. 27 Have you got a rope? YES - Go left across the river; NO - Go right. 28 There is lava from the volcano on the path. Wait until it's cold. Miss a turn. 30 You find a compass. Add it to your list. 32 You slip on the path and break your arm. Go back to 26. 34 You sit on your compass. It breaks. Cross it off your list. 36 You're frightened of the volcano. Go back to 26. Your rope falls in the river. Cross it from your list. 38 You haven't got any food. Go back to 21, and get some coconuts. 40 Did you have a hot drink with your breakfast? YES - Go to 41; NO - Go to 39. 42 You are lost. Turn round and go to 33. You find a compass on 33. Add it to your list. 43 Have you got a compass? YES - Go west (to 48); NO - Go south (to 44). 44 You fall into the lake. The piranhas don't eat you, but go back to 41. 46 Can you swim 400 metres? YES - Swim across to 56; NO - Stay on 46. 49 Will you stop studying English when you finish this book? NO - Go fowad to 53; YES - Go back to 41. 51 What are the past tenses of go, buy, get? Three correct? - Go left (to 53); Any wrong? Go right (fall down the cliff to 52). 54 Is your birthday between January 1st and June 30th? YES - Go left (to 56); NO - Go right (to 55). 57 You're thirsty. Go back to 53 for water. 59 You think this is the wrong way. Go back to 50.

Choose two things from this list: a map, a compass, a rope, an axe. Write them down on a piece of paper. On some spaces you get more things. You can have two of the same thing. Add a second one to your list.

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