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STATION 1 SNAKE BOWLING How-to-play: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Pupils are divided into two groups. Toss a coin to choose a group to start the game. The first player throwing a ball at ten bottles filled with water. Count the knocked down bottles and make a move. Place the star as a marker at the appropriate square. The player has to say aloud the word or name the picture stated on the square. a. If he/she fails one of group members may help BUT the marker should be reversed one square. b. If NONE of the group members able to say the word or name the picture; the marker will be reversed 3 squares. c. If a player lands at the tip of the snake's head, his or her marker slides down to the square at the snake's tail. 7. Each player may only throw the ball once. 8. The first group to square 30 or to reach the square which has the highest number on it within the time given is the WINNER.

STATION 2 HOPSCOTCH How-to-play: 1. The first player will start by hopping inside the hopscotch court. 2. The player cannot step on the lines of the squares, change your hopping foot or step outside of the squares. 3. When the player reaches the end on the hopscotch court, he/she will pick a card on the floor. 4. He/she has to put up the card on the board into the correct group. 5. Then, the player jumps back over the first square again. 6. The next player will take turns until all the cards finish. 7. The first group finish and get the highest correct answer is the WINNER. STATION 3 MODELLING CLAY How-to-play: 1. Every group will be given a set of word or picture cards. 2. They have to model the clay based on the words or pictures given. 3. The WINNER will be chosen based on; a. Complete the task within the time given. b. Correct models made.

STATION 1 TRAFFIC JAM 1. Teacher calls out a command. 2. Pupils must quickly get into the formation with the correct amount of people. 3. Pupils who do not get into formation will sit down on the side-line. 4. The last group standing is the WINNER. Guidelines (example): Bridge Traffic light Traffic jam Flower Octopus Year 4 (18 pupils) 1) Traffic Jam 3) Traffic Light 5) Flower 7) Octopus 9) Traffic Light Year 5 (27 pupils) 1) Flower 3) Flower 5) Octopus 7) Traffic Jam 9) Traffic Jam 11)Traffic Light Year 5 (24 pupils) 1) Flower 3) Flower 5) Traffic Light 10) Traffic Light 2) Traffic Light 4) Octopus 6) Traffic Jam 2) Bridge 4) Traffic Light 6) Flower 8) Flower 10)Flower 12)Bridge 2) Flower 4) Bridge 6) Traffic Light 8) Flower 10)Bridge : two people joining hands in a bridge over their heads : three people one standing, one kneeling, one sitting : four people bunched together : five people one on the middle, four people holding hands in a circle around him/her : eight people joining hands

STATION 2 FUN WITH NEWSPAPERS 1. Pupils sit in two groups. 2. Every group will be given: a. Newspapers b. Drawing block c. Scissors d. Glue 3. Create a greeting card. (i.e. birthday, teachers day, etc.)

STATION 3 ACCUMULATION 1. Pupils work in groups. 2. Arrange the letters given to make words. 3. The group with highest numbers of correct words is the WINNER.