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REVISION TEST PART 1 Multiple choice.


Choose the answer A , B , C or D that best completes each sentence. 1-The castle is set in beautiful A. environment B.surroundings C .situation D. views 2-She was not a prime minister and will probably lose the election. A.famous B.known C.popular D.modern 3-The documentary was first on BBC television last year. A.played B.broadcast C.recorded D.performed 4.If don`t like a play they boo or walk out of the theatre. A.spectators B.audiences C.viewers D.actors 5.If the telephone hadnt been ,we would write more letters. A.discovered B.created C.made up D.invented 6.Most films nowadays are in Hollywood. A.produced B.shown C.broadcast D.invented 7.The house is surrounded by a high wall. A.stone B.rock C.wood D.built 8.The director got some fine performances out of the A.scenes B.cast C.screen D.script 9.I love films,especially ones about Dracula and Frankestein. A.adventure B.action C.terror D.horror 10.Have you yourself recently ?How tall are you? A.counted B.added C.calculated D.measured 11.I a western on TV when the earthquake took place. A.watched B.have watched C.was watching D.has worn 12.They still which car to buy. A.are deciding B.didn`t decide C.have decided D.haven`t decided 13.Mary`s the one in the corner.She jeans. A.wears B.was wearing. C.was going D.has worn 14.When I saw Swan Lake I to a ballet only once before. A.had been B.went C.was going D.have been 15.Where have you been?I to contact you all week. A.had tried trying C.try D.have been trying 16.They arrived exhausted because they for days. A.have travelled B.travelled C.had been travelling D.are travelling 17.I cant attend the meeting on Saturday because I to London. A.will go going C.will be D.going to 18.I`ll tidy the house as soon as I reading this book. A.will finish B.had finish C.have finished going 19.You are so !You never share anything with anyone. A.gloomy B.selfish C.generous D.jealous 20.Cheer up! Dont be so all the time. A.irritaiting B.shy C.miserable D.jealous 21. Bruce turn up at the party without an invitation again? A.Has B.Did C.Why D.Does 22. you like to change your job if you could? A.Do B.Will C.Would D.Has 23.Why go on a skiing holiday?It ll do you good. A.Don`t you B.You not you 24.What advise me to do about the problem? would do C.would you D.don`t you 25,You have been to England before, ? A.haven`t you have C.isn`t it D.dont you 26.Our house is on the of the city. A.outskirts B.suburbs C.region D.surroundings 27.I was late because I got stuck in a traffic ? A.route B.jam C.station D.block 28.We reached the hut after walking along a narrow in the forest. A.street B.lane C,path D.way 29.You cant drive along here in this direction- it`s a street. A.dual B.single D.side

30.They put all the boxes in a and took them to the station. A.scooter B.moped C.van D.bus 31.The sun always in the east. A.will rise rising C.rises D.has risen 32.Sorry,I cant come to the phone because I a shower A.have B.have had C.had having 33.The local council a lot of new roads at present. B.have built C.built D.are building 34.That food lovely.What is it? smelling B.smells C.smelled D.has smelt 35.I go for long walks because it keeps me fit. A.rarely B.never C.frequently D.enjoy 36.I about buying a new CD but don`t know which one. A.think thinking C.had thought D.will think 37.If you send your children to private schools,the are enormous. A.cheques B.sums C.accounts D.fees 38.Have you got a /an for that lovely Italian dish we had the other evening? A.receipt B.instruction C.mixture D.recipe 39.I`m starving.Lets see whats`s on the today. A.list B.catalogue 40.The meeting started at twelve o`clock. A.timely Bpunctually C.accurately D.directly 41.I didn`t want to go to see the film but a friend me to go. A.caused B.persuaded C.convinced D.made 42.It was getting late but our host we should stay for supper. A.persisted B.claimed C.demanded D.insisted 43.I have never been so in all my life.I`m not staying a moment longer. A.insulted B.harmed C.surprising D.injured 44.That over there means you cant park here. A.signal B.note C.sign D.board 45.I like playing Monopoly but I can never remember the of the game. A.regulations B.laws C.steps D.some 46.I want to study in England to be engineer. A.a C.o D.some 47.We must do more to protect nature and the environment. A.a b.our C.the D.o . PART 2 KEY WORD TRANSFORMATIONS. Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence,using the word given. Do not change the word given.You must use between two and five words,including the word given. 1-I will try and leave the meeting early so we wont miss the train. GET I will tray and thr meeting early so we wont miss the train. 2-I`m going to get Judy from the station when she arrives tomorrow. UP Im going to Judy from the station when she arrives tomorrow. 3.The plane left Madrid 25 minutes late. OFF The plane from Madrid a delay of 25 minutes. 4.If you see Jhon by any chance,give him my regards. COME If John,give him my regards. 5.I suggest we make an early start tomorrow morning. COME I think we early tomorrow morning. 6. I was delayed at the post office because there was a long queue. UP I got at the post office because there was a long queue. 7.On returning from work I had a shower and went to bed. BACK When work I had a shower and went to bed. 8.I`d love to be able to earn my living taking photographs of wildlife. PROFESSIONAL I`d love to work If I could. 9.Shall we go to the cinema this evening? FILM Why dont we go and tonight? 10.My dog is called Rover. GOT Ive Rover. 11.We were forced to return because the road was blocked. TURN We had because the road was blocked.

12.I like the music but I`d rather it wasnt so loud. TURN I like the music but could a bit? 13.Dont leave any of the lights on when you leave the building. TURN Remember to when you leave the building. 14.We have a television but we dont have it on during the week.TURNED We have a television but we have it during the week. 15.The journey was not as long as we thougth it would be. OUT The journey to be shorter than we thougth. 16.After 20 years abroad Harry suddenly appeared on our doorstep.TURNED After 20 years abroad Harry on our doorstep. 17.He kept offering to marry her but she refused every time.TURNED He kept offering to marry her every time. 18.I would like to see more films.CINEMA I wish I could more often. 19.The car stopped outside the bank. UP The car outside the bank. 20.It`s common for people to go south for their holidays. TEND People south for their holidays. 21.I wish youd stop inventing stories all the time. UP I wish youd stop all the time. 22.They always ask a question about the First World War in the exam. COMES A question about the First World War in the exam. 23.If you have nothing to do, you can find yourself a hobby.TAKE If you have nothing to do,why a hobby? 24.I played football up to the age of 30. GAVE I football when Iwas 30. 25.If the patients temperature continues to rise,call mesaid the doctor. UP If the patients temperature carries ,call me said the doctor. 26.It took me a long time to find information about Rome in the encyclopedia. UP I spent a long time information about rome in the encyclopedia. 27.I listen to the BBC so I can find out whats going on in the world. CATCH I listen to the BBC so I can whats going on in the world. 28.Im never in a good mood first time in the morning. BAD Im first thing in the morning. 29.Try to be relaxed and you will do better in the exam. FEEL You will do worsw in the exam if about it. 30.Wed like to offer you a job as office manager. ON Wed like to office manager. 31.The videos not working because its still switched off!!! TURNED The video would work first!!! 32.The local theatre group may be performing a play by Sophocles next season.ON The local theatre group are thinking a play by Sophocles next season. 33.He never takes part;he just watches others playing.LOOKS He never takes part;he just others play.