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S t r u c t u r a l S c u l p t u r e b y J o h n R u b i n o

John Rubino, Sculptor

John Rubino Rubino Sculpture LLC ~ 434-409-0532 ~

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John Rubino

was born in New York City in 1952. His mother, a gifted sculptor and painter in her own right, shared her love of the arts with him from the time of his earliest memories. Learning to weld at age 10, he spent his free time building and sculpting while his friends played ball. At age 15, he showed his first works at Mari Galleries in New York. After high school he spent a year at The Academy of Fine Arts in Florence (Italy). This was a definitive time for him, one that continues to influence his thinking. Following this experience, he enrolled at the University of Miami (Florida), and graduated with honors. Rubino is a N.C.B.D.C. Certified Professional Building Designer. Throughout his career, sculptural form has predominated as Rubinos main interest, which he has exp l o r e d t h r o u g h "John Rubino's work is a beautiful complement to the the mediums of courtyard of Brasfield & Gorrie's corporate jewelry, abstract headquarters. John was a pleasure to work with and f i g u r a t i v e because of his attention to time, detail and budget. I sculpture, monu- would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking to mental sculpture, commission a skilled, professional sculptor." architectural deJim Gorrie, CEO sign and functional Brasfield & Gorrie General Contractors structural sculpBirmingham Alabama ture. Rubino has (Rated #1 General Contractor in the Southeast) designed engineered and produced many of the custom tools and machines he uses in his specialized fabrication process. In addition to Structural Sculpture, Rubinos current work involves portraits, expressive figures and abstract works. Pieces range in size from a few inches tall to larger than life or monumental. Most of Rubinos work is in steel, while some of his sculptures are in bronze. He is currently accepting commissions for new work. I look forward to working with you.

Custom design and fabrication services

to meet the individual needs of each project and client.

Our facilities and experience give us the freedom to design without constraint..

Beautifully Secure

Practical play toys

to really cool play toys.

Highest Quality Production

Knock your socks off Structural Components

can provide truly unique Commercial and Residential Design Solutions to assist in the creation of your special setting. Rubino works with owners and design professionals to find the best solution for each situation. From simple structural components to total framing systems, Rubino Sculpture has the solution!

I look forward to speaking with you about your project.

John Rubino

Located on a private horse farm in Northern Vermont.

Swimming Platform Boat Dock Meditation Spot & Just plain cool to look at!

I like to call it Flintstones Modern

Bridge deck extends 16 out over the water. Counterbalance Rocks weigh 2200lb. Operated by hand-wheel with minimal effort.. Note 30 hand-wheel for scale.

Companion piece to the Drawbridge on the previous page.

Fire box and hood is 3 x 6 x 8 tall And sits on a 5 x 8 x 3 tall stone base. Hood can be lifted 4 feet to allow full access to grill area or to enjoy an open fire.

. Fabricated from A588 Self Weathering Steel.

Foot Bridges
Custom design and span to meet your needs

A little Monet in your own back yard.

Home with Structural Sculpture Frame

46ft wide monolithic colonnade on four tapered columns.

Private Residence ~ Stowe, Vermont

This 7500 s.f. residence sits at the base of Spruce Peak looking directly at the Slopes of Mt Mansfield. Fifteen foot tall windows allow uninterrupted visual access to the entire ridgeline and slopes from anywhere in the room.

Garage Entry 24 ft Span

Building Design By

John Rubino, C.P.B.D.

Entry Statements
The First Impression to introduce your project.

Privacy Gate
This 800 lb. Hand operated gate requires just one finger push. Powered gates are also available.

Street Marker
The internally lit numbers on this marker emit minimally visible lighting utilizing just a few watts.

Free Standing Estate Accent Pieces

The Final Touch on that very special project. See for more sculptures

Garden Entry
LArc de Gymnastique

Structural Steel Solutions

This engineered solution weighs about 1000 lb. per section . . . . . . about 3000 lb. less than a conventional beam.

Inverted King Post Truss City Market - Burlington, Vermont

Cold Formed Steel - 48 span x 10 tall 42.000 lb. load per section

Structural Components

Flared Steel Beam Brace

Painted Steel 5 wide supporting one story and roof above

Structural Arch
14 ft span carrying one story plus roof above All fasteners are concealed within the wall

Ceiling Support System

Private residence

Custom Stairway

Spiral Stairway
Private Residence Painted Steel with Rosewood Treads Handrail to be added by owner

Sample Proposal
Shows proposed structure added to photo of existing residence

Proposed Carport Private Residence

The Anatomy of a Calamity

A five part sculpture series

Premise: Most catastrophic events, whether they be severe illness, accident, natural disaster, personal assault, or other traumatic event all follow a similar path as the survivor passes through life from before the incident, through the catastrophe, recovery, and a final re-definition of self. The Anatomy of a Calamity consists of five separate pieces, following the course of a catastrophic event as it manifests itself in the life of a survivor. Each of the five pieces depicts a stage of the process.
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The Anatomy of a Calamity

A five part sculpture series - continued from previous page

Stage 1

Prior to any catastrophic experience most people feel like nothing will ever happen to them. They live a carefree life, often thinking that bad things only happen to other people.

Stage 2

Initially, when a traumatic event occurs, whether it is a severe illness, accident, assault, abuse or other trauma, it only effects the point of contact. Everything else disappears into the background.

Stage 3

Shortly after the incident the person reacts without any control. The trauma effects every portion of their being. Every bit of their physical, mental, social and spiritual self becomes part of the reaction.

Stage 4

Their recovery involves many forms of therapy. The physical part of the incident may require medical attention while the psychological and spiritual needs require more personal and human interaction.

Stage 5

Finally they evolve into a new self. They are often stronger, more realistic and self-confident. The incident becomes part of the persons history and no longer controls their day-to-day existence.

Free Standing Sculpture for every setting.

These figures are portraits of long term Brasfield and Gorrie employees.

Man Signaling Crane, Man With Rake & Surveyor

Brasfield & Gorrie Corporate Headquarters, Birmingham, Alabama Bronze ~ Life Size

The man signaling the crane while operating the concrete bucket and the man raking out the concrete are both within the fountain area as the surveyor shoots a grade from across the courtyard.

Capture your loved ones in Steel or Bronze

Community Projects
This installation was produced during a six week apprenticeship program..

Wait for Me
And several other figures Peoples Academy 2005 Sculpture Project ~ Morrisville, Vermont All figures are approximately 4/5 Life-Size Recycled Curved Steel ~ large piece is 38ft long

Descriptive Sculpture
Capture a Moment

Passengers exiting from trains at New York Grand Central Station Recycled Curved Steel ~ 43 x 27

The excitement of a Polo match! Recycled Curved Steel ~ 20 x 19

Commemorative Sculpture
Corporate & Public Statements

Blowers Family
Portrait Dedicated to the Blowers family in recognition of their continued generosity and support to both Copley Hospital and the community of Morrisville, Vermont. Commissioned by the Doctors of Copley Hospital. Curved Recycled Steel ~ 80 x 108 x 60

As she steps onto her balcony to feel the gentle trade winds in her hair. Cold formed steel ~ 45 x 57