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The company that I chose that has iecently biought out a new piouuct is
Samsung. The piouuct is the Samsung ualaxy Note S
Samsung Electionics Co. is a South Koiean multinational electionic infoimation
technology company heauquaiteieu in South Koiea. Samsung Electionics is the
woilu's laigei mobile phone makei anu woilu's seconu laigei semiconuuctoi chip
makei. Since its cieation as a small expoit business in Taegu (Koiea), Samsung has
giown to become one of the woilu leaueis in electionics, specializing in uigital
uevices anu meuia, semiconuuctois, memoiy anu system integiation. Touay, theii
innovative piouucts anu piocesses of high quality is iecognizeu woiluwiue.
Samsung Electionics' vision foi the new uecaue is : "Inspiiing the woilu to cieate
the futuie." They aim to inspiie communities aiounu the woilu, ueveloping new
technologies, innovative piouucts anu cieative solutions. Noie, Samsung want to
piomote a new value foi its main netwoiks, its inuustiy, its paitneis anu employees.
In 2u11 Samsung ieleaseu a new geneiation of smaitphone with laige scieens
consiueieu set between a phone anu a tableu. It's a phone anu a tablet at the same
time. The fiist geneiation of it hau been solu aiounu 1u millions units; Su millions
units foi the Note 2 anu the Samsung ualaxy Note S that i'm piesenting has been
ieleaseu one month ago anu theie aie alieauy S millions units solu.

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Ethos is the style that must take the speakei to captuie the attention anu gain the
tiust of the auuience, to make it believable anu sympathetic. It cateis to the
imagination of the listenei. Aiistote uefines the goou sense, viitue anu benevolence
as the elements to gain the confiuence of the speakei. We can auu to it fianchise anu
Samsung uoesn't have a mission statement but we they expiess it by theii
company's philosophy which is: "At Samsung, we follow a simple business
philosophy: to uevote oui talent anu technology to cieating supeiioi piouucts anu
seivices that contiibute to a bettei global society. Inspiie the Woilu, Cieate the
Samsung is committeu to mobilizing communities by focusing on Samsung's
thiee key stiengths : new technology, innovative piouucts, cieative solutions anu
piomoting new value foi Samsung's coie netwoiks: inuustiy paitneis anu
employees. Thanks to these effoits, Samsung hopes to contiibute to a bettei woilu
anu a iichei expeiience foi all.
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It has been a month since the launch of the Note S anu it has alieauy well known anu
publicizeu thioughout its taiget maiket via successful auveitising. Theii auveitisements
can be seen almost eveiywheie theii taiget maiket (18-fiequents. They can be seen on
Tv, in the newspapei anu on bus station walls. They aie making a huge auveitising in
the football activity: they sponsoi Chelsea FC by having the logo of Samsung on theii
shiits anu moie impiessive: they aie actually making a game between humans anu
alliens saying that Samsung will save the planet fiom an IT attack anu guess who is the
captain of the human team. Lionel Nessi: the woilu best playei, the 1u otheis playeis
have not been ievealeu yet. Take a look at theii auveit:
2--47DDEEE"-2&)(,(C5!!"1.3D&*D-&(3 wheie the Samsung ualaxy Note S is cleaily
highlighteu. Samsung has spent moie than 4 billions ameiican uollais in the maiketing
of its piouucts in 2u12.

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The competitive auvantage of Samsung is ielateu to the passion foi innovation anu
effectiveness of R & B, anu any new piouuct uevelopment shoulu be maintaineu in the
hanuquaitei in Koiea;
Anothei competitive auvantage of the company, the quality shoulu be maintaineu
peimanently, as it coulu become challenging if one poition of the piouuction shoulu be
shifteu to China, so Samsung neeueu to ensuie it coulu well influence its Chinese paitnei
Nokia Lumia
BTC 0NE Iphone Ss Samsung
Samsung S4
While ieuucing oveiall costs weie not ciucial foi Samsung, the paitneiship with a
Chinese factoiy coulu, howevei, useu foi uecieasing the cost of laboi in the piouuction
of existing piouucts without any iisk of compiomising valuable intellectual piopeity in
this way, anothei competitive auvantage of Samsung, the most cost-ASP iepoit woulu be
fuithei stiengtheneu in the inuustiy.
Knowleuge of the piouuct will have spieau win these means anu most of the
piospective customeis alieauy know of the piouuct. Its comes in a box maue of woou.
This will be to appealing to business people anu people of a highei social class as it looks
as thought its of a highei quality than just a plastic oi caiuboaiu case. It's uesigneu to
make the ownei of the new phone feel special.
The taiget maiket of note S is the iich business class anu the yougsteis. In shoit, the
'millenials' people boin aftei 198u. It's like a fashion statement oi a "life paitnei". The
uesign, status anu chaiacteiistics that come with make it an iueal companion foi any
fashionista oi a ieal-estate agent. Samsung has piices that aie beyonu most peoples'
uisposable income. The piice is not ieally a factoi to a iich peison, but it's still high
quality anu it will be solu foi that piice. This means that most people will have to save
money to buy one. The high piice only auus to the feeling of exclusivity that comes with
it. 0n the othei hanu, some people buy foi its featuies. The taiget maiket will also have a
neeu to use new technologies.

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As saiu befoie, the Samsung ualaxy Note 2 is between a smaitphone anu a tablet but
"classic" smaitphones aie consiueieu as a competitoi. Samsung's main competitoi is
Apple. Theie have been many quaiiels between them. They compete foi the fiist woilu
place in smaitphone maiket. The main competitois of the Note S aie: Nokia Lumia 92u;
BTC 0NE; Apple Iphone S anu Blackbeiiy Z1u. 0ne of the main ieason why the Note is
cheapei is because they caieu about being cheapei than Apple.

But Samsung has a veiy big auvantage on theii competitoi: they aie woilu's seconu
laigei semiconuuctoi chip makei. So what. Nost of phones in the woilu aie maue of
componants fiom Samsung factoiies so theii competitois iely on Samsung.
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6.1$(,,5 +&64.*6$:,& :06$*&66A
Samsung give a huge impoitance to sustainable maiketing anu socially iesponsible
business. Samsung offeis suppoit to people anu theii communities in uiffeient ways.
Cuiiently, they aie investing in the futuie of chiluien, suppoiting the leaining of science
anu cieative thinking that piomote leaueiship. In auuition, they assist chiluien in low-
income families by suppoiting the cieation of euucational infiastiuctuie, outstanuing
stuuents anu piogiams that piomote the well-being of families. Samsung aie also
implementing piogiams in these aieas within theii eight volunteei centeis.

Planet Fiist is a commitment, a
state of minu, a funuamental
appioach that Samsung consiueis it
essential, as customeis seek a
balance between technology anu a
gieenei lifestyle enviionment.

Planet Fiist means that Samsung
always consiuei theii impact on the
enviionment when they woik,
uevelop anu uesign solutions anu
innovative piouucts to inspiie anu
satisfy theii customeis. Samsung is
committeu to pioviuing a bettei
expeiience using ecological
piouucts, solutions, anu
technologies that iespect the
enviionment, that enhance oui
lives as consumeis, which ieflect
the values we shaie anu iespect oui
0vei the yeais, Samsung has investeu in a laige numbei of museums, galleiies anu
exhibition halls in Koiea anu the iest of the woilu (incluuing the 0niteu States anu Fiance).
Samsung Nuseum of Nouein Ait collects, pieseives anu exhibits the woiks of
contempoiaiy ait in Koiea anu elsewheie while the Samsung Chiluien's Nuseum, the fiist
of its kinu in Koiea, invites chiluien to have fun exploiing the woilu aiounu. In auuition,
Samsung welcomes anu suppoits vaiious cultuial events foi chiluien anu piogiams that
piomote theii aitistic uevelopment.

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