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Name: Olimpiada de limba engleza faza pe scoala


I. A. Put the following paragraphs in the correct order, filling in the grid under the text: a) James himself was killed in the attle. !ne thing was wrong with "enr# and $atherine%s marriage. &ime was passing and the# did not ha'e a son. All their a ies, except their daughter, (ar#, died a few weeks after the# were orn. ) In the #ear )*+, "enr# -III ecame king of .ngland. "e was the son of "enr# -II, a king who was cle'er with people and careful with mone#. /nlike his father, "enr# -III maintained a magnificent court and spent a lot of mone# on wars, from which .ngland had little to gain. c) 0ut the Pope did not agree to "enr#%s di'orce and this made him 'er# angr#. &he king decided to make himself head of the $hurch of .ngland and as soon as this happened he was free to di'orce $atherine. d) &wo weeks efore he was crowned, "enr# married $atherine of Aragon. &he# were happ# together at first. 1he was a good wife and she was ra'e too. In )*)2 while "enr# was fighting a attle in 3rance, James I-, the 1cottish king attacked .ngland. $atherine got an arm# together and the 1cots were defeated. e) "enr# wanted to di'orce $atherine and marr# some od# else ecause he longed for a son, an heir to the throne of .ngland. As .ngland was a $atholic countr#, he needed the consent of the Pope in 4ome. a c d e

0. $hoose the right answer to the following 5uestions: )) "enr# -III ecame king of: a) Ireland6 ) .ngland6 c) 7ales

8) &wo weeks after he was crowned, "enr# -III married: a) Anne 0ole#n6 ) $atherine "oward6 c) $atherine of Aragon 2) $atherine was: a) a coward and ad wife6 ) an unfaithful wife6 c) a good and ra'e wife 9) "enr# wanted to di'orce $atherine and marr# some od# else, ecause he wanted: a) a daughter6 ) he did not want children6 c) a son *) "e made himself head of the $hurch in .ngland, ecause he wanted: a) to e powerful6 ) to ha'e children6 c) to di'orce $atherine II. 3ill in the lanks using the appropriate relati'e pronouns (who, which, that): ). 8. 2. 9. *. =. :ou pro a l# know her. 1he%s the woman;;.wears strange clothes. &here%s some od#;;..wants to talk to #ou. I am fond of the ook;;..I lent #esterda#. Do #ou know the man;;..sells daisies< 0ring me the note ook;;..on the shelf. (ar#, ;;has een in >reat 0ritain recentl#, wants to send #ou something nice. ?. &he green car;; for sale, elongs to m# cousin. @. Did #ou meet the girl;;.ga'e #ou that ook< ,. &he thief said that he didn%t steal that ag,..;;.was not true. )+. I want to u# me the lack dress;;.is 'er# trend#. III. ). 8. 2. 9. *. =. ?. @. 3ill in the 5uestions elow using what or which: ;;. of the ooks do #ou like etter< ;;.. happened< ;;;.did #ou do that for< ;;;.is taller, 0ill or Jack< ;;;.of #ou wish to go with us< ;;;.is he< "e%s a doctor. ;;;is the weather like this morning< ;;;.one will #ou take< &he lue or the red one<

,. ;;;..kind of ooks do #ou enAo# reading< )+. ;;;;.do #ou want from me< Bea'e me aloneC

I-. a) ) c) d) e) f) g) h) i)

Put the 'er s in rackets in the proper tense: 7hat (ar# Ddo) now< 1he Dread) the &imes. &he# Dgo) to 1pain last summer. I DjustEdo) m# homework. 7e arri'ed after the# Dlea'e). While m# grandparents Dwork) in the garden, the phone rang. Jane Dgo) to school every day # us. I Dteach) >erman for twenty years. I still do it now. 1he Dtra'el) to Du lin next year. "ow long had #ou een learning .nglish when you moved to our school< I Dlearn) .nglish since I was a child. 7rite down the composed nouns correspondent to the following definitions:


). A man who dri'es a us is a ;;;;;;;. 8. A rush for the teeth is a ;;;;;;;;.. 2. A cup designed to contain tea is a;;;;;. 9. 1omeone who watches irds is a ;;;;;. *. A pool for swimming is a ;;;;;;;;;. =. &he place where the market is held is the;;;;;; ?. 1omeone who lo'es animals is an;;;;;;;.. @. A pot used for making coffee is a ;;;;;;;. ,. A ottle which contains milk, is a;;;;;;;; )+. &he oard where the teacher writes is called a;;;;;. Synopsis (punctaj): I.A.6 I.0. F 8+ points II F 8+ points III F )+ points I- F 8+ points - F 8+ points 10 points in addition (din oficiu) Total: 100 points