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Things To Consider When Planning Your New Kitchen There's something about a New Year which fills us with

a renewed energy and steely determination to get things done, whether that be landing the job of your dreams or re-fitting your kitchen. If it's the latter, then best you get started before those New Year resolutions start to go by the wayside! o what sort of things should you be considering for your !"#$ kitchen design%

Open Plan Layouts These days kitchens are no longer about cooking and eating. The !"#$ kitchen is set to almost take the &lace of the 'reat (oom and become a communal area where members of the family may sit to work with their la&to&s, kids may do their homework, and friends my gather for a drink or meal. You might ha)e to knock down some walls to create this o&en &lace s&ace. In this ty&e of en)ironment it's )ital to kee& it looking uncluttered with counterto&s ke&t tidy, so try and introduce some cle)er storage ideas into your design. *antry +abinets are a great idea since they make ma,imum use of your s&ace from the floor to the ceiling. Islands are another good idea because you can site kitchen cabinets beneath the counterto& which can then be used for food &re& and casual dining. Energy Efficient -ith energy &rices on the rise, it makes sense when buying new a&&liances to choose those which lower the consum&tion of energy whilst enhancing the o)erall efficiency of your kitchen, always choose .nergy tar rated a&&liances such as refrigerators, dishwashers and T/'s and you'll be sure to see a reduction in your bills. Sustainable aterials Today's kitchens are seeing an increase in the use of natural materials such as glass, ceramic and wood, which not only looks attracti)e but is also )ery durable. The e)er &o&ular 0ak 1itchen +abinets are now a)ailable in bamboo which gi)es a uni2ue look to your cabinetry. It grows far 2uicker than wood which makes it e,tremely sustainable.

Kitchen Cabinets Wholesale If you look to buy kitchen cabinets online you'll find many stores selling them at knock down &rices. 3ut be warned, it's easy to get carried away with the aesthetics and low &rice and li)e to regret your decision. 3efore &lacing an order check out the cabinets )ery carefully. -e're not just talking about how they look, but more im&ortantly how and what they are made from. 4uality cabinets should ha)e a bo, construction of &lywood with solid wood doors and frames, since this material can withstand high tem&eratures and e,cessi)e moisture. 5)oid &article or fibber board like the &lague since this will not last and may buckle and sag. 5lso check for do)e tail joints, concealed hinging and soft closure. These are all elements which make a good kitchen cabinet. That's just a few ideas to consider when &lanning your new look kitchen but be sure to make us of kitchen stores which offer a free design ser)ice too. !uthor "io# I am an interior designer and I work for a com&any named 6The (T5 tore7. The (T5 tore is a famous online retailer for &re assembles and (eady to assemble +abinets. 6The (T5 store7 established in !""8 in 9ishkill, New York. -e ha)e wide range of kitchen in different categories and ty&es. The aim of The (T5 tore is to gain customer satisfaction and confidence by &ro)iding a 2uality and the best customer ser)ice from our &art.