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Bible Believers' Newsletter #005

"Focus on the PRESENT Truth - what Jesus is doing NOW . . ." We greet you in the wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ and appreciate your fellowship. This newsletter serves those of like precious faith and whosoever will receive the truth is welcome to feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything presented should e confirmed personally in your own !i le. This letter is the transcript of a recent sermon.

"" #eter $%&'(&$) "No prophecy of the Scripture is of any private interpretation. For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were inspired by the Holy Ghost." "" Timothy *%$+) "All scripture is iven by inspiration of God! and is profitable for doctrine! for reproof! for correction! for instruction in ri hteousness." Who the !i le, was written y prophets. -ure) much of the !i le was written y scri es who recorded the history of kings and events. "ts mostly "filler") demonstrating for our admonition) how to apply .od/s Word. !ut that Word) the faith or doctrine) comes only to a prophet0 others receive "t second(hand as it were. Who told us .od is a Trinity, ...certainly not prophets1 There/s never een a Trinitarian prophet) a Trinitarian would fail the test for a prophet. Who told us Jesus Christ "- .od ( Jehovah) manifested in flesh, #rophets1 Jesus is a 23N"4E-T3T"5N of .od. " Timothy *%$+) "And without controversy reat is the mystery of odliness: GOD "not some second or third person! but God#! was $AN%F&S' in the flesh! (ustified in the Spirit! seen of an els! preached to the Gentiles! believed on in the world! received up into lory." .a riel told 2ary) "He shall be called )&manuel) which means )G*+ with us). 6ou will christen 7im ),ehovah Savior)) or ) ),esus) for He shall save His people from their sins". Likewise the #illar of 4ire that appeared in the urning ush) and in the 7oly of 7olies on the 8ay of 3tonement and in the form of a dove on Jordan) was a 23N"4E-T3T"5N of .od. The glorified !ride of Christ) the true Church of all ages) is the 23N"4E-T3T"5N of .od. 23N"4E-TE8 Word1 "n this 4orm the "saved" will worship .od through Eternity. The !i le is the sum of .od) 3LL of 7is thoughts or attri utes) in paper and ink) as Jesus was the sum of the character and nature of .od 23N"4E-T in the flesh of a virgin( orn 2an. Now .od didn/t ack up in a huge 5shkosh or Euclid truck) tip out the sum of faith) and say) "'here -rethren! feast on that". 5h no) 7e took man through "/aw" school which foreshadowed the reality of

Christ) redemption and restoration to Eden. 7e revealed a portion of the faith here) a little over there) and some hundreds of years later) more revelation over there. 7e started man/s instruction in the faith gradually y instructing him in simple things he could comprehend) and which sym oli9ed and foreshadowed the reality to come. 7e rews :%$(;) "Now of the thin s which we have spoken this is the sum: 0e have such an hi h priest! 0ho is set on the ri ht hand of the throne of the $a(esty in the heavens1 A minister of the sanctuary! and of the true tabernacle! which the /ord pitched! and not man. For every hi h priest is ordained to offer ifts and sacrifices: wherefore it is necessary that He have somewhat also to offer. For if he were on earth! he should not be a priest! <7e wasn/t even a Levite= seein that there are priests that offer the ifts accordin to /aw: 0ho serve unto the &2A$3/& and SHA+*0 of heavenly thin s! as $oses was admonished of God when he was about to make the tabernacle: for! "See!" saith He! "'hat thou make all thin s accordin to the pattern <or T6#E= shown to you in the mount." -ut He has obtained a more &24&//&N' ministry than $oses! by which He)s also the $ediator of a -&''&5 covenant! which was established upon better promises. For if that first covenant were faultless! there should have been no necessity for a second." The 5ld Covenant was a -7385W or T6#E of the New Testament. 7e rews $'%$) "'he /aw havin a SHA+*0 of ood thin s to come! and not the very ima e of the thin s! can never with those sacrifices which they offered annually! make the comers thereunto perfect". #aul taught that those of us who are orn of .od are dead to the things of the world and alive to Christ0 those worldly desires were crucified on Calvary where we died in Christ. What111 6es) if you are orn(again or "N Christ now) you were "N 7im when 7e was crucified on Calvary) and taken out of 7is side in the 4orm of the 7oly -pirit 34TER 7e died) as Eve was taken from 3dam/s side 34TER .od put 7im to sleep in the .arden. 3s Eve was one with 3dam/s flesh and one) Christ/s Wife is Word of 7is Word) -pirit of 7is -pirit. 3nd like any good wife) o eys her hus and in every thing) for 7e is the Word. The Law and ordinances were nailed to the cross. -o we are dead to all those things which were merely a -7385W of things to come. Colossians &%$+($;) "/et no man therefore (ud e you in meat! or in drink! or in respect of an holyday! or of the new moon! or of the sabbath days: 0hich are a SHA+*0 of thin s to come1 but the body is of 4hrist". 3s we said) .od didn/t urden man with the sum of faith. 7e showed the reflection or shadow of approaching reality so that over time we/d see the concept and look forward to these things with >oy) e?pectation and worship. 3nd 7e sent prophets to foretell these things. 6ou/ll remem er when .od met 2oses on 2ount -inai in the #illar of 4ire in the ush that was not consumed) 7e promised that after he had delivered "srael) 2oses would worship 7im again in the #illar of 4ire on that mountain. .od vindicated 2oses when 7e met him on top of -inai in the #illar of 4ire and Cloud) and spoke lip to ear efore the assem led congregation. 3nd the people were afraid. &

8euteronomy $:%$+($:) "Accordin to all you desired of the /*5+ your God in Horeb in the day of the assembly! sayin ! )/et me not hear a ain the voice of the /*5+ my God! neither let me see this reat Fire any more! that % die not). And the /*5+ said to me! )'hey have well spoken that which they have spoken. % will raise them up a 35*3H&' from amon their brethren! like unto thee! and will put $y words in his mouth1 and he shall speak unto them all that % shall command him)." This is a compound -cripture that speaks of the coming of 2essiah. .od always spoke through prophets) and 7e never changes 7is ways. The key to understanding -cripture is 7e rews $*%:) ",esus 4hrist the same yesterday! and to day! and for ever". .od never changes) and 7is Word must come to pass precisely as 7e inspired "t to is prophets. 3nyone can declare himself to e a prophet. !ut there is a test in our !i les where y one can prove a prophet. Num ers $&%+) "%f there be a prophet amon you! % the /*5+ will make myself known unto him in a vision! and will speak unto him in a dream "or interpret the meanin of dreams to him#". 8euteronomy $*%$(@) "%f a prophet! or a dreamer of dreams should arise and his predictions come to pass but he says! "/et us follow and worship the ods of other nations". 6ou shall not hearken unto the words of that prophet! or that dreamer of dreams: for the /*5+ your God is testin you to know whether you love Him with all your heart and all your soul. 6ou shall walk after the /*5+ your God! and fear Him! and keep His commandments! and obey His voice! and serve only Him! and clin to him. And that prophet! or that dreamer of dreams! shall be put to death1 because he has spoken to turn you away from the /*5+ your God! which brou ht you out of slavery in the land of & ypt! and to cause you to rebel from His ways. 'hus shall you put the evil away from you". "f a man is a genuine prophet) what .od inspires to 7im in visions and dreams will come to pass precisely without alteration and will e in wholehearted agreement with the prophecies of all previously vindicated prophets. 8euteronomy $:%$@(&&) "'he /*5+ thy God will raise up unto thee a 3rophet from the midst of thee! of thy brethren! like me1 unto Him you shall heed1 Accordin to all you desired of the /*5+ your God in Horeb in the day of the assembly! sayin ! )/et me not hear a ain the voice of the /*5+ my God! neither let me see this reat fire any more! that % die not). And the /*5+ said unto me! )'hey have well spoken that which they have spoken. % will raise them up a 3rophet from amon their brethren! like you! and put $y words in his mouth1 and he shall speak unto them all that % shall command him. And it shall come to pass! that whosoever will not heed $y 0ords which He shall speak in $y Name! % will re7uire it of him. -ut the prophet! which shall presume to speak a word in $y Name! which % have not commanded him to speak! or that shall speak in the Name of other ods! that prophet shall die. And if you say in your heart! )How shall we know the 0ord which the /*5+ hath not spoken8) 0hen a prophet speaks in the Name of the /*5+! if his prophecy does not happen! it is somethin the /*5+ has not spoken! but the prophet has spoken presumptuously: you shall not be re ard anythin he says." When .od says something) 7e means precisely what 7e said. 7is Word will come to pass. "t was delivered y 7is vindicated prophets) so every >ot and tittle must come to pass precisely as "t was spoken) in its designated) decreed season and time. *

3s " said) .od did not >ust dump "t all out at one point in time. 3nd "t is not coming to pass all at once) ut according to .od/s appointed seasons. Now the .entile dispensation had within it nine su (dispensations. The .entile dispensation is the period wherein .od is changing 7is 4orm from the 7oly -pirit alone with 7is eternal thoughts to their 23N"4E-T3T"5N in the glorified flesh of 7is 4amily. 7e/s creating 7imself a part of 7is creation. Jesus Christ is the eginning of the creation of .od ( less than &)''' years ago. The true Church is the continuation of the same creation. 3nd in the new heavens and new earth) .od will e worshipped through Eternity in the 4orm of 7is glorified 4amily ( Jesus Christ and the elect New Testament Church. The .entile dispensation is therefore the revelation or unveiling of Jesus Christ in the 4orm of 7is true Church) as we read in the !ook of Revelation. This tells us how .od is 23N"4E-T"N. 7is Word) which is 7imself) writing "t y faith in the hearts of those a le to receive "t. 3s under the 5ld Testament) .od did not deliver the fullness of the revelation. The fullness was sealed y -even -eals to the time of the end. !ut .od revealed a specific portion y the angel sent to each 3ge) making seven distinct Church 3ges y seven aptisms of the 7oly -pirit. The nine su (dispensations were) #entecost) or the 3lpha 3ge) when the saints held the one and only faith as inspired y the -pirit. -even Church 3ges of part(Word followed) when the mystery of .od/s Word was sealed) and Christ 2ediated in ehalf of their ignorance of 7is Word. Last after all seven Church 3ges were fulfilled) came the present 5mega 3ge when .od sent us a prophet who restored the apostolic faith) finished the mystery of .od) and is calling 7is people out from all man(made systems into the fulness of the Word for the manifestation of the -ons of .od and the translation. Jesus is 3lpha and 5mega) the Word at the !eginning and the Word at the End ut 7e is not the #3RT( Word in( etween. "saiah foretold how the .entile Church would rise from the apostasy of Jewish denominations and end in apostasy of the .entile denominations. "saiah &:%:($*) "All tables are full of vomit and filthiness! so that there is no place clean". <"saiah was referring to the mar le sla s in the temple where the priests cut the flesh of the slain animals in a diamond pattern so they may e inspected for disease) ruising) or any lemish that might render them unaccepta le for sacrifice to Jehovah. The sacrificial east represented "srael/s faith. 3s the east had to e without spot or lemish) the faith we offer to .od must e 7is mind without spot or lemish of human reasoning in order to find acceptance. "saiah was prophesying that at the close of the dispensation of the Law) even the ta les where "srael/s faith was e?amined would e polluted. Today the .entile churches are in the same condition ( what they offer to .od is a stench in 7is nostrils=. "0hom shall He teach knowled e8 and whom shall He make to 9N+&5S'AN+ doctrine8" <or receive faith. Christ/s Church is uilt on the faith or revelation of the apostles ( 2atthew $+%$*($A0 Ephesians &%&'=. "'hem that are weaned from the milk! and drawn from the breasts". "3aul said! "&very one that feeds on milk is unskilful in the 0ord of ri hteousness: for he is a babe" <7e rews @%$*=. -o only those who are weaned from the asic doctrines of .od/s Word) such as the true 5neness of the godhead and -criptural water aptism) and are growing to maturity will e a le to receive understanding or faith in the written Word. 3pplying "saiah/s prophecy to the present) the only ones to whom .od can reveal the faith are those who have een weaned from the letter of William !ranham/s sermons) to what they mean. <William !ranham was the Eli>ah of 2alachi B%@(+ and Revelation $'%;) the angel to the seventh Church 3ge whose 2essage finished the 2ystery of .od=. B

" sent a minister diskettes of faithnow.e?e) a computer slide show illustrating the #RE-ENT Truth ( what Jesus is doing N5W. 4inally) he sent an e(mail critici9ing the faith revealed therein and self(righteously protesting that whereas he could direct people to what !rother !ranham said) " could not. !y .od/s grace " can) and this is what Cfaithnow.e?eC does. -adly) this minister has the letter without the -pirit or revelation. 7e has never een weaned from the milk of !rother !ranham/s 2essage) and does not reali9e his 2essage is ut the key to unlocking -cripture. What Jesus called) "finishin the mystery of God" <Revelation $'%;0 3cts *%&$=. .od can/t make such men understand doctrine. They can/t see "the parousia of our /ord ,esus 4hrist" or "our atherin to ether unto Him") <the Word) as distinct from her) the church) Ephesians $%$'0 "" Thessalonians &%$0 Revelation $:%B=. "For precept must be upon precept! precept upon precept1 line upon line! line upon line1 here a little! and there a little: For with stammerin lips and another <or foreign= ton ue <of Ne uchadne99ar and his armies whom .od will send to punish and carry away captive the citi9ens of Judah) and those among whom they will live through the Ctimes of the .entilesC= will He speak <in a foreign tongue= to <chastise= this people". <6es) sir) not one >ot or tittle shall pass away. 7eaven and earth will change) ut .od/s Word must e fulfilled. 3nd faith) if it is faith will run in continuity from .enesis to Revelation. .od spoke to "srael in each division of the .entile dispensation as each Church 3ge 2essenger heralded Christ/s Coming. "ndividual "sraelites have received the Word for their 3ge and een apti9ed into the !ody of Christ. !ut to most) whose ears were not attuned to the Word of .od) "t was a foreign tongue) and they condemned themselves to the Trumpet >udgment. Today the #RE-ENT Truth or faith or understanding of .od/s Word is a foreign tongue to most who call upon the lovely Name of our Lord Jesus Christ) as the minister who re>ected 43"T7N5W demonstrated=. "'o whom he said! )'his is the rest wherewith you may cause the weary to rest1 and this is the refreshin :) yet they would not hear". <The revelation of the #RE-ENT Truth is the aptism with the 7oly .host <or new irth= to those who can receive "t in their day. We must recogni9e 5DR day and "T- 2essage and ecome written epistles of T73T part of the Word. 5r to paraphrase " John $%;) "9N/&SS our lives are $AN%F&S'%NG what God is doin N*0! we are not and cannot come under the blood! or be born:a ain"#. "-ut the 0ord of the /*5+ was unto them precept upon precept! precept upon precept1 line upon line! line upon line1 here a little! and there a little1 <to the intent= that they mi ht o! and fall backward! and be broken! and snared! and taken". <3nd the .entile denominations) in their apostasy) are returning to Rome=. "n etween the 3lpha and 5mega) the faith) which was in the hearts of the saints) was lost) going to the grave when they were slain. 3nd ecause the !i le was sealed until the time of the end) the faith was lost until after the Church 3ges) when Christ opened the -eals and revealed them through 7is prophet. .od/s Work is the manifestation of 7is e?pressed thoughts or Word. 3nd as the faith was lost) "t had to e found and restored to 7is people in order for 7im to complete 7is Work. "n 3cts * we have the account of a lame eggar #eter and John met at the !eautiful gate) and perceiving he had faith to e healed) e?ercised his faith in the Name of Jesus Christ. #eter then had an opportunity to witness to the astonished ystanders. @

3cts *%$B(&*) "6ou denied the Holy *ne and the ,ust! and desired a murderer to be ranted unto you1 And killed the 3rince of /ife! 0hom God has raised from the dead1 whereof we are witnesses. And His Name throu h faith in His Name has made this man stron ! whom you see and know: yea! the faith which is from Him has iven him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all. Now! % know that throu h i norance you did it! as did your rulers. -ut God was fulfillin the prophecies that 4hrist should suffer these thin s. So repent! and be converted! that your sins may be blotted out! when the '%$&S of refreshin shall come from the 3resence of the /ord". <There were seven times of refreshing) or seven aptisms with the 7oly -pirit through the Church 3ges. "n Revelation $%&') Jesus said that the seven stars are the angels to seven 3ges signified y the golden lampstand. These men were anointed y a portion of the -pirit of .od to reveal the Word predestinated to the elect of their 3ge. -even aptisms of the -pirit divide the 3ges or "'%$&S of refreshin brou ht from the 3resence of the /ord" y seven portions of the -pirit which in Revelation B%@) after the Church 3ges) have departed the earth and are ack efore .od/s throne=. Ephesians $%$' and " Corinthians $*%$' descri e Christ/s second or "parousia" Coming. Let/s paraphrase these -criptures%( "%n the dispensation of the fulness of '%$&S He mi ht ather all the "loose ends" not resolved by the 5eformers into the unity of the faith! both the $AN%F&S'&+ 0ord which is already in heaven! and the livin saints on earth in the end:time." 3nd) "0hen the Seven Seals have been revealed! that which is perfect is come! brin in 4hrist! the Fulness of the 0ord! back to earth. And because His $ediation is over! partial revelation is done away". 3cts *%&'(&$) "And He shall send ,esus 4hrist! which before was preached unto you: 0hom the heaven must receive until the times of 5&S'*5A'%*N of A// thin s! which God has spoken by the mouth of A// His holy prophets since the world be an". <5r 4"N"-7 the mystery of .od. That which is perfect ( Christ) the 4ullness of the Word. 3nd as the Word comes only to a prophet) .od must send us a prophet to restore 7is Word. 7ow is Christ coming, 3ccording to Eechariah $B%;) 7e/s coming as Light. 3nd Light is a clear revelation) or faith. 7e/s coming in a day of moral and religious confusion) when the distinct lack and white of right and wrong has merged into the humanist idea of "%f it feels ood! then it is ood". Where is that Light coming, "n the evening time. "n the West% 3merica1 Just efore the -un of the .ospel sets and the .entile dispensation ends. 2atthew &B%&+(&:) "%f they say! )He)s in the desert)1 don)t bother to look: or! )he)s hidin in a secret place)1 believe it not. For as the li htnin comes out of the east! and shines to the west1 so shall the )parousia) of the Son of man be. 0heresoever the carcass is! there will the ea les be athered to ether". Jesus is telling 7is disciples this will e a "parousia") not an "erchomai" Coming. "n other words) not physical like 7is return with the glorified saints <after 3rmageddon has destroyed all life on earth=. This Coming is universal. 2an can/t appear universally. !ut Light on the Word or faith can e world(wide. The .ospel Light that arose in Jerusalem in the East will e restored in the West in the days of 7is parousia. 3nd those a le to rise a ove worldly things and see the things which are to come will gather around the living !ody Word of the #RE-ENT Truth. #aul said) that at Christ/s CparousiaC these would e gathered together to the revealed Word. +

3cts and Revelation also instruct us not to look for a 2an ut for the 4ullness of the Word. 3cts $%A($$) "0hile they beheld! ,esus was taken up1 and a 4loud received Him out of their si ht. As they looked toward heaven! two men stood by in white apparel and said! )6ou men of Galilee! why stand a;in up into heaven8 this same ,esus! which is taken up into heaven! shall come in like manner as you have seen Him o into heaven)." 7e did. 7is parousia was signified y a Cloud of .lory in $A+*. This -ign was the #illar of Cloud that appeared over 3ri9ona on 4e ruary &:) $A;* as foretold here in 3cts) 2atthew &B%*) *' and Revelation $%; ( "-ehold! He cometh with 4louds1 and every eye shall see Him! and they also which pierced Him: and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him. &ven so! Amen." This is not a natural cloud ut the -hekinah or #illar of 4ire and Cloud. Every eye can no more see 7im than every eye can see you. This speaks of the eye of faith in 7is !ride or true Church. Three and a half years after our translation) $BB)''' elect "sraelites will see y faith) and the foolish virgin and other classes of the "saved" will see they/ve missed the aptism of the 7oly -pirit) or full atonement) and must lay down their lives for the faith. Revelation $'%$(; descri es Christ/s parousia. "And % saw another $i hty An el come down from heaven! clothed with a cloud: and the rainbow was upon His head! and His face was as it were the sun! and His feet as pillars of Fire: And He had in His hand a little -ook open: and He set His ri ht foot upon the sea! and His left foot on the earth". <The 3rchangel or 3ngel of the Covenant is Christ placing >udgment on Rome) the east from the sea) and on the east from the earth ( D-3 and the #rotestants <so(called=. #aul said) "'he /ord Himself shall descend with a shout "that)s the $essa e of the an el to the seventh 4hurch A e! callin both the wise and foolish vir in out of -abylon#! and with the <oice of the Archan el "0ho is 4hrist in the heart of the -ride! confirmin the $essa e from Genesis to 5evelation#! and with the 'rump of God! the dead in 4hrist shall rise first! then the livin saints shall be cau ht up with them." The seventh Trumpet calls "srael to their 4east of Trumpets at the end of the .entile dispensation) and is yet future. !ut Christ has indicted the !east and its "mage) and prevents their union until the !ride is taken from the earth. We know this 3ngel is Jesus) ecause in Revelation B the !ook 3dam forfeited was closed) sealed with -even -eals) and in the hands of an angry .od. "n chapter @ Jesus claims the !ook) opens the -eals) and here he descends to reveal its mystery to 7is end time !ride y the angel to the seventh or Laodicean 3ge. The !ook is open. This is not the return of the glorified #rophet of Na9areth. This time 7e came in W5R8 4orm) through the mouth of William !ranham) a prophet and sinner saved y grace) the angel to the seventh Church 3ge. The revelation of the -even -eals rought the fulness of the Word) "that which is perfect") ack to earth. That/s why Jesus and #aul were adamant we should not look for a 2an. The denominations e?pect a 2an to descend from the sky on a cloud) acked y an angelic Louis 3rmstrong on trumpet playing) "0hen 'he Saints 4ome $archin %n". 3t this Coming) 7is precious feet won/t touch the earth. We meet the 2an in the 3ir. This time 7e comes in Word 4orm to incarnate 7is !ride for the manifestation of the -ons of .od and the translation=. "And cried with a loud voice! as when a lion roars: and after He)d cried! seven thunders uttered their voices. And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices! % was about to write: and % heard a voice from heaven sayin unto me! )Seal up those thin s which the seven thunders uttered! and write them not).

3nd the 3ngel which " saw stand upon the sea and upon the earth lifted up 7is hand to heaven) 3nd sware y 7im that lives for ever and ever) who created heaven) and the things that therein are) and the earth) and the things that therein are) and the sea) and the things which are therein) there should e no further delay for intercession. !ut in the days of the voice of the seventh angel) when he egins to sound) the mystery of .od should e finished) as 7e has declared to his servants the prophets.C <-ince the -eals were loosed) and the mystery of .od is finished) the fullness of the Word is here. Christ is no longer a 2ediator for the ignorance of the saints. 7ere/s a little something special from the .race of .od. When the seventh angel egan to reveal 7is 2essage) the mystery of .od was finished. Christ is the mystery of .od revealed0 the true Church is the mystery of Christ revealed in a manifold 4orm reFuiring redemption. -o that mystery is who made(up the true Church and how they were redeemed through the 3ges. Jesus could not fully redeem the Church at Calvary ecause so many would live while the !ook was sealed and the faith lost. 7e was a 2ediator for their ignorance until the last saint predestinated to the Laodicean 3ge was apti9ed into the !ody. Thus the mystery of .od was finished when the last saint was apti9ed into the !ody in Laodicea=. 3cts *%&&(&*) "For $oses truly said unto the fathers! )A prophet shall the /ord your God raise up unto you of your brethren! like unto me1 him shall you hear in all thin s whatsoever he shall say unto you. And it shall come to pass! that every soul! which will not hear that prophet! shall be destroyed from amon the people)." This -cripture is taken from 8euteronomy $: which we read efore. "t/s a compound and refers to our Lord Jesus Christ Who said) "'he &li(ah of $alachi =:>:? will precede $y second physical 4omin and his prophetic ministry will 5&S'*5& the apostolic faith". 3ll who re>ect "t will e destroyed from among the people) ecause they/ll have re>ected Christ/s "parousia". 4urthermore) the ministry of the seventh angel warned .od/s people to come out of !a ylon <Revelation $B%A($&0 $:%B0 2atthew &@%$($*0 " Thessalonians B%$+=. Those who do not receive his 2essage) "the sayin s <or revelation= of the prophecy of the 5evelation") won/t e in the unity of the -pirit ut adding to and taking from Christ and must anticipate the conseFuences <Revelation &&%$$) $+(&'=. Closing now. We see from 8aniel $&%B) A and Revelation $'%B that the !ook was sealed until the time of the end. "-ut in the days of the <oice of the seventh an el it should be open! and its contents revealed" <Revelation $'%;=. Therefore the angel of Revelation $%$) *%$B) $'%;) &&%+ and so(on is the same man. What we must ask ourselves is% Was there a prophet promised to our generation, 3nd what was his mission, "f we can discover who has fulfilled these things) we will have discovered whom this man was. Was111 6es) "0as! past tense". Jesus clearly taught us in 2atthew &B%*&(*B) the generation that sees "srael restored to the #romised Land will not die out through old age efore the 2illennium. .od less you rethren. When you catch the revelation) pass "t on. Take(up Christ/s suggestion and study .enesis $:) ecause in Luke $;%&:(*') 7e foretold the last sign efore the end of the .entile dispensation would reveal the -on of 2an veiled ehind the flesh of a sinner saved y grace) discerning the thoughts and intents of people/s hearts "as it was in the days of /ot". A;';'A.htm