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Excerpted from Gregg Braden's new book, Fractal Time: Magnetic fields and life: There are countless

studies in the scientific literature that describe how man species of animals, from whales and dolphins to hummingbirds and wildebeests, rel on Earth's magnetic !superhighwa s! to na"igate their wa to feeding and mating grounds# $hile we ma not use them in %uite the same wa , it appears that humans are no exception# &n '((), an international team stud ing magnetoreception, the abilit of our brains to detect magnetic changes in the earth, announced a disco"er that makes Earth's magnetic fields e"en more important to us toda # The team published the remarkable finding that the human brain contains !millions of tin magnetic particles#! These particles connect us, *ust as the do other animals, to the magnetic field of the earth in a powerful, direct, and intimate wa # This connection carries powerful implications# &f Earth's magnetic fields are changing in the +,'+ time frame, then we are affected$e know, for example, that magnetic fields ha"e a profound influence on our ner"ous s stems. our immune s stems. and our perception of space, time, dreams, and e"en realit itself# $hile the strength of our planet's magnetic field ma be measured as a general reading, it "aries locall from place to place# Earl in the +,th centur these ribbonlike patterns were charted and published b scientists as a contour map of the world# The maps displa the strength of the magnetic lines o"erla ing the continents, showing the places on earth where the people of the world experience the strongest, and the weakest, effects of the planet's magnetic fields# To understand wh this is important for th +,'+ c cle, we need look no further than conciousness itself# /&MG0http:11geomag#usgs#go"1mo"ies1mo"ies1declination#gif/2&MG0 http:11geomag#usgs#go"1intro#php3"ariation Magnetic fields and conciousness: &f we think of Earth's magnetic field as a form of energetic !glue!, then we can use this metaphor as a possible explanation for wh change seems to come faster in some places and slower in others# 4uch a !magnetic glue! model suggests that the locations with the stronger magnetic fields 5more glue6 are more deepl entrenched in tradition and existing beliefs and ideas# &n places where the field is weaker, the opposite is true# &n these places people seem to be compelled to create change# The ke is that although areas of low magnetism ma be ripe for something new, how that change is expressed is up to those li"ing in the fields# E"en without such e"idence, howe"er, all know intuiti"el that we are affected b planetar magnetic forces# 7n law8 enforcement worker or health8care practitioner will attest to the intense and sometimes bi9arre beha"ior that is seen during the full moon each month# $hen the magnetic strength changes suddenl , it affects the wa we feel, and that change can be disorienting if we don't understand wh it hapens# To those who do understand, howe"er, such moments can be a powerful gift: an

opportunit to release the patterns of belief that ha"e caused pain in their li"es, hurt in their families, and disease in their bodies and a chance to embrace new and life8affirming beliefs in their place# 7rtists and musicians know this and often anticipate the full8moon c cles as periods of great creati"it # :inking ;earts Through Global <oherence: $hile there is a lot we don't know about conciousness, there is one thing that we do know for certain: it is made of energ # That energ includes magnetism# $hile we can explore the magnetic nature of conciousness for another hundred ears and still not sol"e all its m steries, we can appl what we'"e learned so far to help us meet the conditions of a changing world# 7 growing bod of e"idence now suggests that Earth's magnetic field pla s a powerful role in connecting us with one another, as well as the planet# &n 4eptember +,,', two geostationar operational en"ironmental satellites5G=E46 orbiting the earth detected a rise in global magnetism that fore"er changed the wa scientists "iew our world and us# The G=E48> and G=E48', each showed a powerful spike of Earth's magnetic8field strength in the readings the broadcast e"er ), minutes# &t was the magnitude of the spikes and the time the occurred that first called them to the scientists' attention# From a location of about ++,),, miles abo"e the e%uator, G=E48> detected the first surge, followed b an upward trend in the readings that topped out at nearl ?, units 5nanoteslas6 higher than an that had been t pical for the same time pre"iousl # The time was (a#m# eastern standard time, '? minutes after the first plane hit the $orld Trade <enter and about '? minutes before the second impact# The correlation between the e"ents and the reading was uncann # 7nd it was undeniable# &n light of the data, two %uestions had to be asked: $ere the attacks on the $orld Trade <enter and the satellite readings actuall related@ &f so, what whas the link@ &t's the answer to the second %uestion that sparked the research, and the ambitious initiati"e that has followed# 4ubse%uent studies b Arinceton Bni"ersit and the &nstitute of ;eartMath, an inno"ati"e nonprofit institution formed in '((' to pioneer research and de"elopment of heart8based technologies, ha"e found that the correlation between the G=E4 readings and the e"ents of (1'' are more than coincedences5www#boundar institute#org1randomness#htm6# Following the dico"er that the satellites had recorded similar spikes during e"ents of global focus in the past, such as the death of Arincess Ciana, the factor that seemed to connect the readings was clear: the indications pointed to the human heart# 4pecificall , it's the heart8based emotions of the world's population that results from such e"ents that seems to be influencing the magnetic fields of the earth# $hat makes this disco"er so significant is that those fields are now linked to e"er thing from the stabilit of the climate to peace between nations#

7mong the new findings are two disco"eries that gi"e new meaning to what the satellites showed us on 4eptember '', +,,': Cisco"er ': &t is well documented that the human heart generates the strongest magnetic field in the bod , nearl ?,,,, times stronger than that of the brain# This field creates a doughnut8shaped pattern that extends well be ond the ph sical bod and heart# Cata suggests that this field ma be so large that we end up measuring it in miles. howe"er, it's be ond the scope of the e%uipment used to detect such fields# &mplication: The heart's magnetic field responds to the %ualit of emotion that we create in our li"es# Dust as the intuiti"e link between feelings and the bod seems to suggest, positi"e emotions increase the ph sical balance of hormones and heart rh thms, as well as mental clarit and producti"it # Dust as inuiti"el , studies show that negati"e emotions can influence as man as ',E,, biochemical changes in the bod that include hormonal imbalance, heart8rh thm chaos, mental !fogginess!, and poor performance# Cisco"er +: <ertain la ers of Earth's atmosphere, along with the earth itself, generate what is now being called a !s mphon ! of fre%uencies 5between #,' and ),, hert96, some of which o"erlap the same ones created b the heart in its communication with the brain# &t's this apparentl ancient and almost holistic relationship between the human heart and the shield that makes life possible on Earth that has led to a beautiful theor and the pro*ect of exploring it# &n the words of ;eartMath researchers, the relationship between the human heart and Earth's magnetic field suggests that !srong collecti"e emotion has a measurable impact on the earth's geomagnetic field# &mplication: &f we can learn the language of the heart8 the same one that Earth's protecti"e magnetic shield recogni9es and responds to8 then we can participate in the effects that the field has upon all life# This is where such a futuristic8 sounding relationship becomes e"en more exciting# <hanges i nthe magnetic fields that we access through our hearts ha"e been associated with shifts that include the acti"it of the brain and ner"ous s stem, memor , and atheletic performance. the abilit of plants to create "ital nutrients. human mortalit from heart conditions. and the numbers of reported cases of depression and suicide, among others# These two disco"eries ha"e opened the door to a new era of understanding our relationship with the earth# From their re"elations the %uestion has shifted from &s there an effect between collecti"e emotion ahd the earth@ to $h Fot@ &f a large enough portion of Earth's population were to focus the strongest magnetic field of the human bod upon one emotion in the same period of time, it makes tremendous sense that such a focus would affect the portion of the planet that operates in the same range of fre%uencies as the emotions# The relationship is clear: 7 change in the wa world has the potential to affect the we feel about oursel"es and our

world itself# &f the change is a positi"e one, then the effect of the emotions that result should be positi"e as well# 4uch a change is known to create coherence between the heart and the brain, and it now appears that the effect extends into the fields that support life on our planet# &n the words of the ;eartMath researchers, !Gegulating emotions is the next frontier in human e"olution!# The disco"er that we ma choose to create more coherence between th magnetic fields of the earth and us has led to one of the most ambitious science8based initiati"es in histor # The magnitude of the pro*ect is profound, the implications epic# &n light of the challenges posed b our time in histor , this new pro*ect, !The Global <oherence &nitiati"e!, now makes it possible for an one to learn the heart's language of coherence# in doing so, it now becomes possible for more people than e"er to participate in the changes that are taking place on the planet# The ke to the Global <oherence pro*ect is twofold:

'# &n partnership with internationall renowned astroph sicist and nuclear scientist Eli9abeth Gauscher, Ah#C#, the &nstitute of ;eartMath is de"eloping the Global <oherence Monitoring 4 stem, which uses a series of newl designed sensors deplo ed across earth to specificall measure the changes in the magnetosphere# The goals of this s stem are to measure how Earth's magnetic field affects human heart rh thms, brain acti"it , stress le"els, and emotions# Areliminar studies, such as those in"ol"ing the G=E4 data, suggest that such effects are part of a two8wa relationship# This is where the second part of the initiati"e comes in# +# $hile we know that life on Earth is affected b changes in the planet's magnetic8field strenghth, the data suggest that life ma actuall influence the "er fields that sustain us# Aart two of the Global <onference &nitiati"e is the ambitious effort headed up b ;eartMath to teach indi"iduals how to achie"e the coherence that enhances our dail li"es and how to know when we are reall in a coherent state# The idea is that when a large number of people respond to a potentiall destructi"e global e"ent, such as a hurricane or a tsunami, with a common emotional feeling, it can affect the %ualit of the common field that connects us# Dust as the human stress experienced b a natural disaster can create an incoherent global stress wa"e, a positi"e emotional wa"e could create a global coherence wa"e# This perspecti"e is supported b the research at ;earMath, as well as other endea"ors suh as Arinceton Bni"ersit 's decadelong Global <onsciousness Aro*ect# The consistent data from Arinceton ha"e pro"ided compelling e"idence that mass human emotions creates global effects that can be documented through the acti"it of electronic de"ices# To put into context precisel what such a pro*ect means and wh it's important, we need look no further than our understanding of c cles an dour place at the close of a great world age# &t ma be b no accident that the Global

<onference &nitiati"e is being de"eloped now, in the first ears of the +'st centur # &t is now, at the end of a world age, that experts tell us that we're facing the greatest number and greatest magnitude of challenges in the ?,'+? ears of recorded human histor # Fow we are finding that some of those challenges carr the potential to fore"er end life as we know it on Earth# But at precisel the same time, we are disco"ering that we are born with the power to harmoni9e our bodies with the life8 sustaining fields of the earth in such a wa that we can alle"iate the potential suffering of those challenges# The wa to do so is through the silent language of the heart#