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,,- Nicholas .irect" /nc. P.). Bo0 122 /ndian 'ocks Beach Fl 33214 5ebsite6 http677!!! Printed in the United States of merica /SBN 821%-1122-9%-&9-&


Table of (ontents
INTRODUCTION...................................................................................................9 Shake Hands with Ted Nicholas............................................................................12 Chapter 1................................................................................................................16 TH !OUND"TION O! SUCC SS ...................................................................16 IS " TRI#OD.........................................................................................................16 $a%nchin& #ad ' (o%r Incredi)le* "+a,in&* Uni-%e #rod%ct............................16 .%alit/ "ss%rance..................................................................................................10 1hen (o%r !irst #rod%ct Is !ree...........................................................................22 (o%r Irresisti)le O33er............................................................................................22 Irresisti)le Cop/.....................................................................................................22 Irresisti)le 4ene3its................................................................................................26 Irresisti)le #rice.....................................................................................................25 I 6ot It 3or $ess......................................................................................................72 Irresisti)le 4on%ses................................................................................................72 Irresisti)le 6%arantee.............................................................................................72 Other Irresisti)les...................................................................................................79 (o%r On&oin& 8arketin& Ca+pai&n.....................................................................91 Hello :itt/* 6ood;)/e 8arketin&..........................................................................92 Chapter 7................................................................................................................97 The Ice Crea+ Cone Theor/..................................................................................97 The Onl/ 7 1a/s to 4%ild.....................................................................................<2 (o%r 4%siness........................................................................................................<2 4%siness 4%ilder =1 ' 6et New C%sto+ers.........................................................<9 Capt%rin& New C%sto+ers.....................................................................................<6 The Downside o3 New C%sto+ers.........................................................................<0 4%siness 4%ilder =2 > Sell 8ore...........................................................................<9 To ?istin& C%sto+ers...........................................................................................<9 4%siness 4%ilder =7 > Create C%sto+ers 3or $i3e.................................................62 The @#rodi&alA C%sto+er.......................................................................................61 $et Sleepin& Do&s $ie...........................................................................................62 T%rnin& 6old to #latin%+......................................................................................67 (o%r < 6oals 1hen @#reachin& to the ConBertedA...............................................67 ?istin& C%sto+ers "re (o%r 8ost ......................................................................66 #ro3ita)le Reso%rce................................................................................................66 The =1 #ro3it;Ro))in& 8istake that 4%siness Owners 8ake...............................60 TedCs Stor/D I DidnCt Reali,e 1hat I 1as 8issin&..............................................52 E8illions o3 FG........................................................................................................52 Chapter 5................................................................................................................57 19 T"CTICS !OR INCR "SIN6........................................................................57 #RO!ITS NO1.....................................................................................................57 Tactic =1 ' :ill The+ with .%alit/.....................................................................5< The 4on%s O33er....................................................................................................56 9

"ddin& Hal%e IsnCt ?pensiBe* speciall/ #erceiBed Hal%e......................55 ItCs 4on%s Ti+e E"&ain and "&ainG.......................................................................50 #lan o3 "ttack > "ction Steps................................................................................59 Chapter 0................................................................................................................02 Tactic =2IT%rn Ber/ Call...................................................................................02 Into Opport%nit/.....................................................................................................02 Upsellin&................................................................................................................09 Ted NicholasC Choice .%estions...........................................................................0< 1h/ Upsellin& Is So #ro3ita)le.............................................................................06 7 :e/s to 8a?i+i,e #ro3its with Upsellin&...........................................................05 The 7 4i&&est 8istakes In Upsellin&.....................................................................00 9 1a/s to ner&i,e (o%r Upsellin&......................................................................92 Cross;Sellin&..........................................................................................................99 6 Cross;Sells o3 the Online #ros............................................................................96 !ront nd "c-%isition Bs. 4ack nd Sales............................................................95 #lan o3 "ttack I "ction Steps............................................................................127 The Sale That !ollows the SerBice......................................................................129 Chapter 9..............................................................................................................126 Tactic =7 I Create New #rod%cts.......................................................................126 DonCt ")andon (o%r Niche.................................................................................125 1hatCs In a Na+eJ E Ber/thin&KG........................................................................129 #lan o3 "ttack I "ction Steps............................................................................111 Tactic =9 I 8ake (o%r #rod%ct a 8edia @Darlin&A..........................................117 0 Thin&s (o% Can Do NO1 to 6enerate !ree #%)licit/.....................................11< 8eet the #ress......................................................................................................116 #ress Releases......................................................................................................115 #lan o3 "ttack I "ction Steps............................................................................119 Tactic =6 I $ist;4%ildin&...................................................................................12< 6et #ersonal.........................................................................................................120 +ail > The 8arketerCs New 4est !riend...........................................................129 lectronic 8arketin& Options..............................................................................129 4lo&s and 4lo&&in&..............................................................................................172 The Di33erence )etween a 1e)site and a 4lo&....................................................171 Tools 3or 4lo&&in&...............................................................................................171 6 S+art Tips 3or 4etter 4lo&&in&.........................................................................172 +ail Options......................................................................................................179 "%toresponders....................................................................................................179 +ail 8arketin& Options.....................................................................................17< C%sto+;Tailored to (o%r C%sto+er....................................................................175 The @NewA +ail > Social 8arketin&.................................................................192 "Boid The Spa+ Trap..........................................................................................19< I+a&e 4lockin& ' "Boid @Spa+;/A #ict%res.....................................................196 Direct 8ail 8arketin&.........................................................................................190


Sales $etters.........................................................................................................199 #ostcards..............................................................................................................1<1 Catalo&s................................................................................................................1<< !l/ers and Hando%ts............................................................................................1<< Sellin& On The @NetA...........................................................................................1<5 (ellow #a&e "dBertisin&.....................................................................................1<0 #lan o3 "ttack I "ction Steps............................................................................162 =1 ' The Si+ple Headline..................................................................................161 =2 ' The How;To Headline...............................................................................161 =7 ' The Disco%nt Headline..............................................................................161 =9 ' The News Headline....................................................................................162 =< ' The @News;/A Headline.............................................................................162 =6 ' The 6%arantee Headline............................................................................162 =5 ' The Testi+onial Headline..........................................................................167 =0 ' .%estion Headline......................................................................................167 =9 ' The #ro)le+LSol%tion Headline.................................................................167 E4e "3raid* 4e Her/ "3raidG..........................................................................167 Tactic =5 I 8ake Contact...!re-%entl/K............................................................166 Co++%nicate 1ith C%sto+er 4ase.....................................................................160 The Ri&ht 6oal to 1in the 6a+e........................................................................151 Capt%re* Co++%nicate* Reward..........................................................................152 "nal/,e and Respond..........................................................................................157 #lan o3 "ttack'"ction Steps..............................................................................159 Tactic =0 I Special Bents* Special Deals* Special Sales..................................156 #lan o3 "ttack ' "ction Steps............................................................................159 Tactic =9 I Use #acka&e Inserts to Sell 8ore...................................................101 #lan o3 "ttack ' "ction Steps............................................................................10< Tactic =12I6et CreatiBe with Credit Ter+s......................................................106 #a/+ent Options..................................................................................................106 #lan o3 "ttack ' "ction Steps............................................................................100 Chapter 15............................................................................................................192 Tactic =11 I #%t " Cele)rit/ or ?pert to 1ork 3or (o%..................................192 Di33erent :inds o3 ndorse+ents........................................................................192 #lan o3 "ttack ' "ction Steps............................................................................197 Chapter 10............................................................................................................196 Tactic =12 I 6et with the #ro&ra+...The C%sto+er .........................................196 Re3erral #ro&ra+..................................................................................................196 #lan o3 "ttack ' "ction Steps............................................................................199 4ONUS > Re3erral Re-%est $etter Te+plate......................................................222 Tactic =17 I !ind C%sto+er;!riendl/ Moint Hent%re EMHG Opport%nities..........222 9 1innin& MH #artnerships..................................................................................229 < 1a/s Moint Hent%res Spike #ro3its...................................................................22< 7 Steps to Creatin& a #ro3ita)le MH #artnership...................................................226 1here to !ind 6ood MH #artners.........................................................................220

#lan o3 "ttack ' "ction Steps............................................................................229 Tactic =19 I $o/alt/ #ro&ra+s..........................................................................211 < Thin&s (o%r $o/alt/ #ro&ra+ Does 3or (o%...................................................217 6 T/pes o3 $o/alt/ #ro&ra+s...............................................................................219 #ros and Cons o3 $o/alt/ #ro&ra+s....................................................................210 " #ro+ise o3 #riBac/ nco%ra&es $o/alt/..........................................................222 !inal Tho%&hts on $o/alt/...................................................................................222 12 1a/s to 8ake (o%r $o/alt/ #ro&ra+ Irresisti)le..........................................221 #lan o3 "ttack ' "ction Steps............................................................................227 CONC$USION....................................................................................................22<

Con&rat%lationsK I3 /o%CBe )een +inin& the Internet* lookin& 3or &old on how to t%rn /o%r &ood )%siness into a &reat )%siness* IC+ here to tell /o% that /o%CBe N%st str%ck the +otherlode. This &%ide will show /o% how to triple sales simply by le:eraging an asset you already ha:e6 /o%r c%sto+ers. (o%CBe +ade a &ood choice in p%rchasin& How to Triple Sales to Existing Customers. ItCs a co+prehensiBe reso%rce 3or &eneratin& pro3it that /o% can %se toda/* to+orrow* and 3or as lon& as /o% haBe /o%r )%siness...which will )e a lon&* lon& ti+e i3 /o% %se what /o% learn. I )elieBe this )ook is the ultimate success tool. #erhaps the +ost i+portant thin& a)o%t How to Triple Sales to Existing Customers is that itCs %&&; current. This is not an old* d%st/ priBate la)el ri&hts )ook that was written in the 1972Cs with a new title slapped on it. .%ite the contrar/K This )ooked is rich with emerging <%st (entury sales tactics that rel/ on new technolo&/ and re3lect the world as it is toda/.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

O3 co%rse* all the traditional approaches to ramping up sales are also included* )%t %pdated and +ade c%rrent 3or toda/Cs pro3it; 3oc%sed )%siness owner. "chieBin& s%ccess re-%ires thinkin& o%tside the )o?. Reso%rces are o3ten li+ited and the co+petition is o3ten )etter ar+ed than /o% are. It takes creatiBit/* a&&ressiBeness* and so%nd strate&ies to oBerco+e these disadBanta&es. ,aking the most of the customers you already ha:e is :ital to your success. I+a&ine i3 /o% co%ld 3oc%s /o%r e33orts on c%ltiBatin& the relationship /o% haBe with c%rrent c%sto+ers instead o3 constantl/ tr/in& to attract new ones. (o% wo%ld talk to /o%r c%sto+ers* learn their likes and dislikes* and )etter %nderstand the pro)le+s the/ str%&&le to oBerco+e. 4/ spendin& +ore ti+e workin& with c%rrent c%sto+ers /o% can )eco+e a tr%sted partner* so+eone who the/ t%rn to in ti+es o3 need. 4eca%se o3 this /o% will haBe a )etter %nderstandin& o3 the d/na+ic +otiBations /o%r c%sto+ers haBe. (o% will )e a)le to respond -%ickl/ to an eBer;chan&in& +arket. (o% will o%t;+ane%Ber /o%r co+petition )/ respondin& -%icker. This relationship is not so+ethin& that /o% haBe to i+a&ine. (o% can &et to the point where /o%r )%siness will s%stain itsel3 and &row )eca%se o3 /o%r c%rrent c%sto+ers. ItCs easier than /o% think. O3 co%rse /o% will alwa/s need to attract new c%sto+ers ' that &oes witho%t sa/in&. HoweBer so+e o3 that hard work can )e done )/ /o%r c%rrent c%sto+ers. Thro%&h word;o3;+o%th +arketin& and 3or+al re3erral pro&ra+s /o%r c%sto+ers can lend a Ber/ power3%l hand in attractin& new )%/ers. It is possi)le to +otiBate c%sto+ers to p%rchase 3ro+ /o% repeatedl/. "nd thatCs a &reat wa/ to &enerate +ore reBen%e and driBe


pro3its. Turn one-time customers into repeat customers and !atch your business soar. This isnCt 3antas/O itCs a 3act thatCs )een proBen a&ain and a&ain. ItCs t%rned 3ailin& )%sinesses into s%ccesses and created a !hole ne! class of entrepreneurs6 +illionaire +arketers. One o3 the )est known* knowled&ea)le* and widel/ respected o3 those +arketers is Ted Nicholas. He &enero%sl/ o33ered his &%idance to +e when I wrote this )ook and ICd like to /o% to @+eetA hi+.

Shake Hands with Ted Nicholas

I3 /o% donCt know Ted NicholasC na+e* /o% sho%ld. He has appropriatel/ )een d%))ed the )%siness worldCs @F6 4illion Dollar 8anA. TedCs co+panies and the clients that %se his strate&ies haBe &enerated a sta&&erin& $=.3 billion >US.? in sales re:enue Eto dateG ItCs no wonder that Ted is widel/ reco&ni,ed as one o3 the greatest direct marketing !i@ards of all time. TedCs list o3 acco+plish+ents is e?tensiBe and &rowin& He is internationall/ reBered as one o3 the &reatest liBin& cop/writers and is perhaps )est known 3or haBin& earned F29.< +illion on the sale o3 a sin&le )ook which was pri+aril/ sold thro%&h direct +ail. In all* Ted is the a%thor o3 his own li)rar/ o3 +%st;haBe )%siness )ooksD 1< )estsellers in all. He +ade his +ark with How to Form Your Own Corporation Without A Lawyer For Under $75, and 3ollowed it %p with titles incl%din& Magic Word !hat "ring You #iche , "i$$ion %o$$ar Mar&eting 'ecret , How ( 'o$d $)** Mi$$ion %o$$ar Worth o+ ,roduct and 'er-ice * and How !o !urn Word (nto Money. Ted was a s%ccess3%l entreprene%r lon& )e3ore he )eca+e known as an a%thor* speaker and +arketin& &%r%. He founded <3 companies

o3 his own )e&innin& at a&e 21. His 3irst )%siness was a hi&hl/ s%ccess3%l chain o3 72 cand/ and ice crea+ parlors. 4/ the a&e o3 29* he was a +illionaire.

Shake Hands 1ith Ted Nicholas

!inanciall/ sec%re and with +%ltiple pro3it strea+s 3eedin& his )ank acco%nt* Ted sold his )%siness and PretiredC in 199l. The @e?peri+entA lasted three +onths. Ted discoBered he liked workin&* especiall/ +arketin&. It was his passion* eBen +ore than pla/in& tennis. 4e3ore the /ear was o%t* the PretireeC had la%nched a cons%ltin& and se+inar )%siness. " new chapter in TedCs s%ccess stor/ was added. In his c%rrent incarnation as the Bisionar/ president o3 Nicholas Direct* this +illion;dollar +arketer distri)%tes his &rowin& li)rar/ o3 in3or+ation prod%cts* all ai+ed at s+all )%siness +arketin& s%ccess. The/ are aBaila)le at his we)siteD HeCs &ot a lot to o33er* so I enco%ra&e /o% to check thin&s o%t. Co+panies lar&e and s+all on si? continents en&a&e Ted 3or cons%ltin& or cop/writin& work. He earns 3ees o3 %p to F1<*222 EUSDG pl%s <Q o3 sales per proNect...and in +ost cases* an eAuity interest in the )%siness as well. Ted also holds se+inars in %rope and the US on direct +arketin& and sel3;p%)lishin&* co++andin& as +%ch as F5<22 per person. "ttendees donCt co+plain* tho%&h. "3ter all* the/ walk awa/ with +illion dollar ideas. 1hen heCs not traBelin& 3or )%siness* Ted is @at ho+eA in Swit,erland and C/pr%s where he +aintains residences. Now at the pinnacle o3 his own s%ccess* Ted is the &o;to &%r% 3or teleBision pro&ra+s incl%din& 6ood 8ornin& "+erica* Toda/* and Oprah 1in3re/ as well as h%ndreds o3 radio shows* newspapers and +a&a,ines thro%&ho%t the world. 4%t /o% know what... Ted still takes ti+e to help @the little &%/.A One o3 TedCs &reatest &i3ts is his a)ilit/ to replicate s%ccess. HeCs created a %ni-%e direct; to;cons%+er +arketin& approach which can )e applied to Birt%all/ an/ )%siness* inBestin& F122 +illion EUSDG o3 his own capital to re3ine his strate&/.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

He is passionate a)o%t s+all )%siness s%ccess and &enero%s with his knowled&e. In 3act* Ted Nicholas has contributed personally to this book. (o%Cll 3ind Nicholas Bolden Nuggets penned )/ Ted* hi+sel3* thro%&ho%t the )ook. HereCs one to &et /o% &oin&...

Nicholas Nugget This &olden n%&&et is reall/ platin%+. 8an/ )%siness owners think a stead/ strea+ o3 new c%sto+ers will 3lood the+ with pro3its. That is onl/ partiall/ tr%e. The s+arter* easier* +ore relia)le wa/ to pro3it is )/ sellin& +ore to people who haBe alread/ )o%&ht 3ro+ /o%. This @littleA strate&/ has a )i& pa/o33D /t costs you = to %< times CESS to sell to your e0isting customers. >Think what that co%ld do 3or /o%r pro3it +ar&in.G
See what I +eanJ This is the kind o3 in3or+ation that +an/ people spend a li3eti+e learnin&. 4%t /o%Cll )e a)le to 3ollow in TedCs 3ootsteps* aBoidin& the +issteps that can dela/ per+anentl/. (o%Cll 3ind TedCs +aster3%l hand in +an/ o3 the adBertisin& e?a+ples cited in the co+in& pa&es. TedCs sales writin& is %ns%rpassed in its a)ilit/ to transform interest in desire and desire into demand for a product. I pro+ise /o%* itCs like &ettin& personal* hands;on &%idance 3ro+ one o3 the worldCs top +arketerCs practicall/ cost;3reeK On pa&e a3ter pa&e* /o%Cll 3ind the sa+e s%ccess3%l techni-%es that are +akin& Ted and his clients Ber/ rich indeed. "nd now itCs your turn to Noin the ranks o3 his s%per;s%ccess3%l @st%dents.A 1eCll )%ild 3ro+ the &ro%nd %p* so itCs onl/ nat%ral that 3irst we )%ild a 3o%ndation...

Chapter 1


Scratch the s%r3ace o3 an/ s%ccess3%l )%siness and /o%Cll 3ind that itCs )%ilt on a 3ir+ 3o%ndation with three pillars "n incredi)le prod%ct "n irresisti)le o33er cost-effecti:e marketing effort $etCs talk 3irst a)o%t /o%r prod%ct.

Caunching Pad D *our /ncredible" ma@ing" UniAue Product

(o% create the thin& /o%Cre &oin& to in3or+ation prod%ct* a piece o3 so3tware* a patented approach to riddin& ho+es o3 pests. 1hateBer. Then* /o% dr%+ %p p%)licit/* &arner +edia attention* and

p%t /o%r sales +echanis+ in place...possi)l/ with the help o3 one o3 Ted NicholasC )ooks. EThe/ certainl/ +ake it easier and +ore pro3ita)le.G

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

1ith in-%iries alread/ )e&innin&O itCs ti+e to la%nch /o%r prod%ct. (o% onl/ &et one shot at &lor/. DonCt waste it. I3 /o% donCt +ake a &ood 3irst i+pression with a cons%+er* /o%Cll neBer )e a)le to esta)lish the lon&;ter+ relationship...the @c%sto+er 3or li3eA relationship...that is the true so%rce o3 )%siness s%ccess. " &ood r%le o3 th%+) to 3ollow is that the leBel o3 p%)lic e?cite+ent that /o% create 3or an/ new la%nch sho%ld correspond to /o%r leBel o3 con3idence concernin& the -%alit/ o3 that prod%ct. 4ad -%alit/ canCt hide in the 21st Cent%r/. Cons%+ers are acc%sto+ed to %sin& di&ital tools online to compare prices" features and re:ie!s 3or eBer/thin& 3ro+ DHDs and di&ital ca+eras to chiropractors and* o3 co%rse* in3or+ation prod%cts. I3 /o%r initial prod%ct is less than top notch* the word;o3;+o%th will spread like wild3ire* and /o%r )%siness will &o down in 3la+es. "nd deserBedl/ so* )/ the wa/. I donCt %s%all/ &et on +/ soap)o?* )%t on the issue of Auality.../Em a fanatic.

Fuality ssurance
1hat s+all )%siness owners +%st keep in +ind is that thro%&h the @care and 3eedin&A o3 e?istin& c%sto+ers* a stron& repeat clientele base can )e )%ilt* 3ro+ which word o3 +o%th adBertisin& can )eco+e a Ber/ stron& +arketin& tool. Rather than spendin& &reat s%+s o3 +one/ on +ass +edia adBertisin&* word;o3;+o%th adBertisin& proBes Ber/ e33ectiBe in that act%al cons%+ers can Bo%ch 3or the -%alit/ o3 the c%sto+er e?perience and will act as a +otiBated pro+oter 3or /o%r )%siness. (o% pa/ nothin& 3or what has eBolBed into the +ost i+portant +arketin& co++odit/ in the a&e o3 social +arketin&D real;people testi+onials.

The !o%ndation o3 S%ccess is a Tripod

Positi:e !ord of mouth occurs spontaneously and naturally !hen your product or ser:ice is of the highest Auality. So )e3ore /o% la%nch a prod%ct* /o% need to test its -%alit/. The +ost relia)le wa/ to test an/ prod%ct is to try it under realistic conditions. That +eans di33erent thin&s 3or di33erent people. !or e?a+ple* so3tware and we) desi&ners will o3ten r%n a so;called Rbeta testR o3 their al+ost;3inished prod%ct* in which %sers haBe the opport%nit/ to try a for-pay ser:ice or game for free on the condition that the/ report an/ errors in pro&ra++in& or &a+e pla/. These t/pes o3 tests haBe two +ain )ene3itsD Create positiBe p%)licit/ 3or the we)s sites that o33er the+ 6iBe desi&ners and pro&ra++ers a chance to anticipate and repair possi)le errors )e3ore a prod%ct is la%nched* creatin& a +ore s%ccess3%l la%nch than wo%ld occ%r witho%t the test

Desi&ners o3 other t/pes o3 prod%cts can enNo/ these sa+e )ene3its )/ testin& their work in focus groups or )/ testin& o%t the prod%ct a+on& co+pan/ e+plo/ees. 1itho%t a solid prod%ct* no entreprene%r can realisticall/ e?pect to achieBe s%ccess. HoweBer* witho%t a solid +ethod o3 introd%cin& this prod%ct* no s+all )%siness owner will eBer )e a)le to e?pect to see their prod%ct take 3li&ht either. So+eti+es* eBen the @)i& &%/sA &et it wron&. "3ter the la%nch o3 8icroso3tCs 1indows Hista* %sers )e&an to co+plain a)o%t the operatin& s/ste+Cs co+pati)ilit/ iss%es* which incl%ded pro)le+s with s%ch co++on pieces o3 so3tware as the pop%lar iT%nes +%sic serBice.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

The resulting negati:e publicity" 3%eled lar&el/ )/ technolo&/ )lo&&ers* p%t 8icroso3t in a terri)le p%)lic relations sit%ation. That translates into skeptical prospects* 3ewer sales* and lost pro3its. *ou !ant repeat business. (o% want /o%r c%sto+ers to )e a positi:e reference 3or potential c%sto+ers. 8ake s%re that /o%r prod%ct does whateBer it takes to +eet and exceed c%sto+er e?pectations. Doin& these thin&s will &o a lon& wa/ towards creatin& satis3ied c%sto+ers. " lot o3 3%t%re )%siness can )e won )/ positiBe re3errals* word o3 +o%th* and haBin& a rep%tation as the @ori&inal so%rceA o3 a &reat 3irst prod%ct. (reate a culture that fosters the creation and nurturing of satisfied customers" and you !ill be :ie!ed as a !inner. $a%nchin& a disappointin& prod%ct is a little like )ein& the )o/ who cried wol3. !or a si&ni3icant period o3 ti+e* consumers are likely to remain ambi:alent a)o%t an/ new deBelop+ent that /o% +a/ prod%ce. $ook...a dip in reBen%e is &enerall/ te+porar/* )%t the da+a&e to /o%r co+pan/Cs rep%tation ca%sed )/ a )ad prod%ct will h%rt /o% in /o%r wallet 3or /ears to co+e. It is 3ar )etter to spend /o%r reso%rces on per3ectin& /o%r prod%ct 4 !OR it la%nches than to tr/ to correct pro)le+s Eand /o%r tarnished i+a&eG a3terwards. 5hen *our First Product /s Free In +an/ sales sit%ations* /o% +a/ )e &iBin& awa/ /o%r 3irst @prod%ctA 3or 3ree. $etCs sa/ /o%Cre sellin& an her)al s%pple+ent. (o% +i&ht o33er a 3ree report on nat%ral health as a wa/ to capt%re contact in3or+ation. *ou must make sure that your product is top Auality e:en if youEre #ust gi:ing it a!ay for free. " cheap* shodd/ @&i3tA doesnCt haBe +%ch Bal%e and it will re3lect )adl/ on /o%. So )adl/* in 3act* that /o%r prospect will pro)a)l/ decide that doin& )%siness with /o% is a )ad idea.

The !o%ndation o3 S%ccess is a Tripod

So +ake s%re that /o%r 3irst prod%ct* whateBer it +a/ )e* deliBers a -%alit/ e?perience. I3 /o% do* /o%r )%/ers will co+e )ack 3or +ore. ThatCs exactly what /o% want. Now letCs talk +ore a)o%t what /o%r c%sto+er wants.


!o"r Irresisti#le O$$er

"s /o% know onl/ too well* /o% are not the onl/ one B/in& 3or /o%r c%sto+ersC )%siness. (o%r co+petitors are* too* and the/Cre doin& eBer/thin& the/ can to +ake their o33er appealin&. So /o%Cll haBe to &o @one )etterA i3 /o% want to co+pete...and win. How do /o% do thatJ 1ith an irresisti)le o33er. 4%t what do we +ean )/ thatJ

Nicholas Nugget "n irresisti)le o33er is cra3ted so that it appeals to lo&ic and e+otions. It +akes the case 3or the s%perior Bal%e so e33ectiBel/ that the cons%+er has Birt%all/ no choice )%t to sa/* @No one in their ri&ht +ind sho%ld sa/ no to this o33er. ICd )e cra,/ to pass it %p.A /rresistible (opy
"n irresisti)le o33er does three i+portant thin&sD

/nstantly compels your prospect7clients to act )/ presentin& a sol%tion 3or their pro)le+

(o%r Irresisti)le O33er

E0plains !hat your prospects7clients !ill GloseH or miss out on )/ listin& the ke/ )ene3its /o%r prod%cts deliBers* not N%st the 3eat%res

@ForcesH your prospect7client to say Gyes / !ant it no!H Enot in < da/s ti+eG )/ creatin& a sense o3 %r&enc/

1hen /o%r prod%ct is &reat and /o%r o33er is irresisti)le* /o%r prospects will ask the+selBes a series o3 -%estions. @Sho%ld I contin%e to s%33er OR sho%ld I act now and solBe +/ pro)le+JA @Sho%ld I contin%e to 3eel asha+ed OR sho%ld I act now and deal with +/ pro)le+JA @Sho%ld I contin%e to enB/ other people OR sho%ld I act now to &et what the/ haBeJA @Sho%ld I contin%e to think a)o%t this OR sho%ld I act now and ens%re that I donCt lose o%t on a &ood deal* so+ethin& that costs less than its Bal%eJA In a n%tshell* these -%estions all ask the sa+e thin&* @Sho%ld I act nowJA "n irresisti)le o33er +eans the answer is @(esKA HereCs a &ood e?a+ple o3 an irresisti)le o33er +ade )/ an o%tside caterin& co+pan/ serBin& )%sinesses in $ondon. The irresisti)le o33er was G F'EE Sand!ich Platter.A Now /o% +a/ wonder whatCs so irresisti)le a)o%t a )%nch o3 sandwiches* )%t think a)o%t it. The caterer was tar&etin& the people in local )%sinesses who haBe a need 3or o%tside caterin& serBices* so it was a &reat wa/ 3or prospects to sample the goods. Second* who wo%ld eBer t%rn down a 3ree)ieJ hearin& @ThereCs no s%ch thin& as a 3ree l%nch.A speciall/ a3ter

"nd third* the/ had nothing to lose by ordering.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

I sho%ld point o%t that )e3ore +akin& this o33er* the caterer did so+e proNections. The co+pan/ worked o%t the lifetime :alues :s. cost of client acAuisition and reali,ed the/ co%ld )e eBen +ore &enero%s in their 3ree)ie o33er and still pro3it handso+el/ in the end. It didnCt take the+ lon& to discoBer that it wo%ld cost the+ %p to 6 to 12 ti+es +ore ti+e* e33ort* and +one/ to &ain new clients. So the/ @%ppedA the irresisti)le 3actor on the o33er and inBited prospects to enNo/ F'EE Sand!iches and F'EE Iand-Baked (ookies The o33er was sent as a sales letter to 221 hi&hl/ tar&eted co+panies within a two;+ile radi%s o3 their o33ices. The res%lts were spectac%lar. In the space o3 two weeks the/ receiBed 50 orders. 4%t that was N%st the )e&innin&. 8ore than <2Q o3 the )%sinesses ' 7< in all ' now order at least t!ice a month and +an/ o3 the+ order eBer/ sin&le week ' +ore than onceK !ro+ sales o3 ,ero one +onth to sales o3 oBer S7*222 a week in less than 9 +onths* was the o%tco+e. "nd all )eca%se o3 an irresisti)le o33er.

Nicholas Nugget "lwa/s look 3or wa/s to add Bal%e to /o%r prod%cts and serBices )e3ore /o% consider lowerin& /o%r prices.
Hal%e is a +atter o3 perception. Hal%e is co+ple? as there are +an/ criteria on which people assess it. These co%ld )eD conBenience* Bis%al or a%ditor/ appeal* risk +ana&e+ent* price Bers%s )ene3its* peer reco&nition* etc. "s a starter* tr/ these si+ple strate&ies to add Bal%e to /o%r prod%ct.

(o%r Irresisti)le O33er

/rresistible Benefits
Did /o% )%/ a car with air conditionin& N%st )eca%se it had air conditionin& ' or )eca%se it wo%ld keep /o% cool and co+3orta)le on hot da/sJ Did /o% )%/ a +iniBan si+pl/ )eca%se it had anti;lock )rakes and air)a&s ' or )eca%se it was sa3er 3or /o% and /o%r 3a+il/J Do see where IC+ &oin& with all thisJ #eople perceiBe Bal%e in a prod%ct that is multi-purposed and deliBers +an/ )ene3its. Un3ort%natel/* when it co+es ti+e to sales cop/* a Bast n%+)er o3 )%siness owners +ake the sa+e +istakeD the/ 3oc%s on the 3eat%res o3 their prod%ct or other words* what it does* how it operates* or what it looks like. 6ood sales cop/ doesnEt focus on the features of the P').U(T D it focuses on the USE'" and how he or she will )ene3it 3ro+ %sin& the prod%ct.

Nicholas Nugget " 3eat%re is so+ethin& the prod%ct has or does* while a )ene3it is so+ethin& it does 3or /o%. " ! "TUR is one o3 the co+ponents or 3%nctions o3 /o%r prod%ct. " 4 N !IT is a wa/ in which /o%r prod%ct i+proBes the li3e o3 the %ser.
T In other words* a )ene3it is an answer to the -%estion* @1hatCs in it 3or 8 JA 4ene3its are not @-%alit/ and serBiceA or @cheapest.A The/ are the answer to -%estions likeD @1h/ sho%ld I keep readin&JA or @How will )%/in& this +ake 8( li3e )etterJA Or the =1 -%estion on eBer/ cons%+erCs +indD

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

G5hatEs in it for meJH #eople donCt want sha+poo ' the/ want clean* &reat;lookin& hair. So sha+poo co+panies haBe +ade their 3ort%nes )/ stressin& how their sha+poo solBes the pro)le+ o3 %n+ana&ea)le hair* &iBin& people shin/* health/;lookin& locks. 4/ o33erin& )ene3its instead o3 3eat%res* /o% will create a hi&her perceiBed Bal%e* which will translate into 8OR S"$ S. T "nd thatCs a HU6 )ene3it 3or /o%K

/rresistible Price
Cons%+ers* like co+panies* haBe their e/e o3 the )otto+ line. That +akes the ri&ht price a ke/ ele+ent in /o%r irresisti)le o33er. So letCs take a +o+ent and look at the 3o%r +ain pricin& policiesLstrate&ies. Premium Pricing K Used when a prod%ct is considered %ni-%e and where a s%)stantial co+petitiBe adBanta&e e?ists. #re+i%+ pricin& is associated with l%?%r/ )rands like $o%is H%itton* Ma&%ar* and Role?

Price Skimming > In this instance* a hi&h price is set )eca%se /o% haBe a s%)stantial co+petitiBe adBanta&e* )%t know that the adBanta&e is not s%staina)le. The hi&h price tends to attract new co+petitors into the +arket* and the price ineBita)l/ 3alls d%e to increased s%ppl/. This techni-%e was e+plo/ed in the 1952Cs )/ watch+akers who created di&ital ti+epieces and o33ered the %ni-%e prod%ct at a pre+i%+ price. "s other di&ital +an%3act%rers entered the +arket* other +arketin& strate&ies and pricin& approaches were i+ple+ented to keep the ori&inal watches co+petitiBe

(o%r Irresisti)le O33er

Penetration Pricing D Char&ed 3or prod%cts and serBices is set arti3iciall/ low in order to &ain +arket share. Once this is achieBed* the price is increased. This approach was %sed )/ !rance Teleco+ and Sk/ TH

Economy Pricing D This is a no;3rills low price. The cost o3 +arketin& and +an%3act%re are kept at a +ini+%+. S%per+arkets o3ten haBe econo+/ )rands 3or so%ps* spa&hetti* etc

Nicholas Nugget In the +inds o3 so+e cons%+ers @.%alit/ costs.A Considerin& sellin& /o%r prod%ct or serBice at a higher price than /o%r co+petitors. #eople %s%all/ associate hi&her;priced prod%ct with )etter -%alit/.
Those are the @)i& 3o%r*A )%t there are other i+portant approaches to pricin& that can )e Ber/ help3%l in deBelopin& an irresisti)le priceD Psychological Pricing D This approach is %sed when the +arketer wants the cons%+er to respond on an e+otional* rather than rational )asis. " wonder3%l e?a+ple o3 this is de+onstrated in the cons%+erCs response to 99 cents Bers%s one dollar. "ltho%&h onl/ a penn/ separates the price points* the ps/cholo&ical i+pact is h%&e

Product Cine Pricing D 1here there is a ran&e o3 prod%ct or serBices* a scale o3 prices re3lects the scale o3 )ene3its o33ered )/ the prod%cts. !or e?a+ple* a car wash serBice co%ld o33er a )asic wash 3or 12 %ros* a

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

wash and wa? 3or 1<* and a del%?e packa&e with wash* wa?* and s%per;)%33erin& 3or 22 %ros )ptional Product Pricing D Co+panies will atte+pt to increase the a+o%nt c%sto+ers spend once the/ start to )%/. Optional @e?trasA increase the oBerall price o3 the prod%ct or serBice. !or e?a+ple* airlines will char&e 3or optional e?tras s%ch as &%aranteein& a window seat or reserBin& a row o3 seats ne?t to each other

(apti:e Product Pricing D 1here prod%cts haBe co+ple+ents* co+panies will char&e a pre+i%+ price where the cons%+er is capt%red. !or e?a+ple a ra,or +an%3act%rer will char&e a low price and reco%p its +ar&in Eand +oreG 3ro+ the sale o3 the onl/ desi&n o3 )lades which 3it the ra,or

Product Bundle Pricing D Here sellers co+)ine seBeral prod%cts in the sa+e packa&e. This also serBes to +oBe old stock. Hideos and CDs are o3ten sold %sin& the )%ndle approach

Promotional Pricing D #ricin& to pro+ote a prod%ct is a Ber/ co++on application. There are +an/ e?a+ples o3 pro+otional pricin& incl%din& approaches s%ch as 4O6O! E4%/ One 6et One !reeG

Beographical Pricing ' 6eo&raphical pricin& is eBident where there are Bariations in price in di33erent parts o3 the world. One e?a+ple o3 this wo%ld )e where shippin& costs increase price

Lalue Pricing D This approach is %sed where e?ternal 3actors s%ch as recession or increased co+petition 3orce co+panies to proBide @Bal%eA prod%cts and serBices to retain sales* e.&. Bal%e +eals at 8cDonalds

(o%r Irresisti)le O33er

/ Bot /t for Cess

Thro%&h the /ears* +aster +arketers and cop/writers haBe co+piled lists o3 words that capt%re the e/es and +inds o3 cons%+ers. Two o3 +/ personal 3aBorites are Ted NicholasC Magic Words that Bring You Riches and Magic Transitions !" Magic #hrases that $lmost Compel Readership. "t the top o3 eBer/oneCs lists* /o%Cll 3indD Bargain .iscount 'educed Price Special 'ate

ThereCs a co++on thread in these words and phrases. ach s%&&ests that the price /o% pa/ toda/ is less than /o%Cll pa/ to+orrow. This increases the percei:ed :alue of the offer" +akin& the cons%+er +ore likel/ to act. It also s%&&ests that it is a limited time situation* +akin& the cons%+er +ore likel/ to act i++ediatel/. This techni-%e is %sed with &reat s%ccess on the Internet to pro+ote new;to;+arket in3or+ation prod%cts* s%pple+ents* and al+ost an/thin& else /o% can i+a&e.

/rresistible Bonuses
1e +ake )%/in& decisions pri+aril/ )ased on e+otions. HoweBer* )ein& rational* thinkin& and lo&ical h%+ans* we also +%st N%sti3/ o%r decision to )%/. 1e do that )/ conBincin& o%rselBes there is eno%&h Bal%e to N%sti3/ o%r e+otional decision. So since the )e&innin& o3 ti+e* )on%ses haBe )een %sed )/ adBertisers to +ake a )%/in& decision see+ lo&ical )/ adding so much :alue to an offer that it becomes irresistible.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

1hen the )ene3its o3 a prod%ct are clear and a prospect is )eco+in& e+otionall/ @attachedA to the idea o3 a p%rchase* heLshe will check the price. I3 that price is so+ewhat hi&her than i+a&ined* it is not necessaril/ a deal;)reaker. Con3ronted with a hi&h price* a prospectiBe )%/er will &enerall/ attempt a :alue calculation )/ 3i&%rin& o%t what the/ are &ettin& 3or their +one/. This is where /o%r )on%ses co+e in.

Nicholas Nugget 4on%ses that are di33erent* releBant and o3 hi&h perceiBed Bal%e will o3ten double or e:en triple online marketing business sales" and the/ do Ber/ well 3or o33line )%sinesses* too
ItCs i+portant when pro+otin& /o%r )on%ses that /o% list their prices K >i.e6 G $94 :alueH or GNormally $%8.84H or G(o:er price $%=H? so that /o%r Bisitors are eBen +ore co+pelled to take adBanta&e o3 /o%r &reat Bal%e;added )ar&ain. Here are a 3ew ideas 3or )on%ses /o% can create or 3indD

In3o;prod%cts ' create the+ or )%/ ri&hts to the+ !ree cons%ltation

CDs* +p7 3iles* a%dio tapes ' record a )ook or special report* /o%CBe &ot an a%dio recordin& to throw inK So3tware ' si+ple tools to add 3%nctionalit/ to the thin&s the/ )%/

Checklists ' so )%/ers know what to do

(o%r Irresisti)le O33er

Trainin& pro&ra+s ' to show c%sto+ers how to %se their p%rchase )etter

Disco%nt co%pons on 3%t%re orders

The i+portant thin& is to +ake s%re that the Bal%e;added )on%ses that /o% o33er haBe :alue to the prospect youE:e targeted.

Nicholas Nugget DonCt oBerdo it on the )on%ses. I3 /o%r prod%ct is sellin& 3or 3i3t/ dollars* donCt haBe two;tho%sand dollars worth o3 )on%ses or /o%r o33er will )e to %n)elieBa)le 3or +ost people. Re+e+)er* /o% can haBe too +%ch o3 a &ood thin& so+eti+es. /rresistible Buarantee
No one wants to &et @)%rnedA* and the 3ear o3 )ein& @hadA is pro)a)l/ the )i&&est o)stacle a cons%+er needs to oBerco+e )e3ore he or she is willin& to +ake a p%rchase. (o% can help a prospect h%rdle that o)stacle with a little @risk +ana&e+entA in the 3or+ o3 a stron& &%arantee o3 satis3action in /o%r sales +essa&e.

Nicholas Nugget 1itho%t a do%)t* a 3ew %nscr%p%lo%s t/pes +a/ capitali,e on /o%r &%arantee. "3ter one o3 +/ clients created the @4oost 4%siness with 4lo&sA e4ook* she reported it was not %n%s%al to see a person p%rchase it* download it* and re-%est a re3%nd two +in%tes later. O)Bio%sl/ the/ hadnCt /et read the )ook* and it was clear that the/ had

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

placed an order knowin& the/ co%ld &et it 3or 3ree. Still* in +/ e?perience* the a+o%nt o3 sales /o% 6"IN 3ro+ o33erin& a &%arantee dramatically out!eighs the risk.
Stron& &%arantee wordin& s%ch as @122Q satis3action &%aranteeA and @I3 /o%Cre not satis3ied* we donCt want /o% +one/A eli+inates the risk o3 potential ps/cholo&ical stress ca%sed )/ post;p%rchase re+orse or dissatis3action. O)Bio%sl/ the wordin& will depend on /o%r t/pe o3 )%siness* )%t it is essential to incl%de the 3ollowin&D l!ays put in a time limitD (o%r ti+e li+it will depend on the shel3 li3e o3 what /o%Cre o33erin& ' )%t +ake it a decent one. TwelBe +onths is likel/ to &iBe the c%sto+er +ore peace o3 +ind than 12 da/s

State ho! Auickly you !ill deal !ith the problemD The c%sto+er will take /o%r &%arantee +ore serio%sl/ i3 /o% state how -%ickl/ /o% will deal with a pro)le+. !or e?a+ple ' we pro+ise to &o )ack o%t to a c%sto+er on the da/ the/ call

Put limits on the guaranteeD State that the c%sto+er needs to call /o% as soon as the/ reali,e there is a pro)le+ and also* that the/ will not allow an/one else to 3i? the pro)le+ 3irst. This part is e?tre+el/ i+portant* as a third part/ co%ld ca%se 3ar +ore da+a&e and /o% donCt want to )e co+pensatin& 3or this

(o%r Irresisti)le O33er

Nicholas Nugget The +ost co++on ti+e li+its are 72 da/s* 62 da/s* 92 da/s* a /ear* and a li3eti+e. So+e st%dies show the lon&er the &%arantee* the less ret%rns /o%Cll &et. 1h/J 4%/ers will o3ten ret%rn a prod%ct i3 d%e to their sched%le or other reason the/ haBenCt /et had a chance to eBen tr/ it o%t.
In &eneral* there are three +ain t/pes o3 &%arantee ,oney-Back Buarantee D I3 a prod%ct doesnCt work or the c%sto+er isnCt satis3ied the wa/ it works* heLshe &ets a re3%nd Ewhich +a/ or +a/ not incl%de ancillar/ costs like shippin& and handlin&G

Satisfaction Buarantee ' Si+ilar to a +one/; )ack &%arantee* )%t %sed +ore o3ten 3or serBices as opposed to prod%cts

Price-Protection Buarantee ' This can +ean either lockin& in a price 3oreBer* s%ch as with serBices that are )illed on a rec%rrin& )asis* or &%aranteein& that /o% haBe the lowest price an/where 3or that partic%lar serBice or prod%ct

)n-Time Buarantee ' I3 /o%r clients are alwa/s concerned a)o%t &ettin& /o%r serBice or prod%ct on ti+e* this is a &ood one 3or /o%

One -%estion that +an/ )%siness owners ask the+selBes a)o%t their &%arantee is* @Sho%ld I +ake it eas/ or hard to re-%est a re3%ndJA

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

So+e )%siness owners +ake their c%sto+ers N%+p thro%&h hoops to &et their +one/ )ack. 1hile I %nderstand not wantin& to +ake it TOO eas/ to &et an instant re3%nd* there are risks. I3 /o% +ake it reall/ hard* /o%r c%sto+ers +a/ N%st skip dealin& with /o% and &o direct to their credit card co+pan/.

Nicholas Nugget This process is called a @char&e)ackA* which can re3lect ne&atiBel/ on the BendorCs +erchant acco%nt standin& as well as res%lt in penalty fees 3or the Bendor. So o)Bio%sl/* as a Bendor* /o% want to aBoid char&e )acks )/ +akin& the re3%nd process eas/ 3or /o%r c%sto+ers.
Need so+e inspirationJ Here are %& irresistible guarantees /o% can +odel /o%r own onD S ND NO 8ON ( NO1. I3 at the end o3 19 da/s /o% decide not to keep the )ook* si+pl/ ret%rn it witho%t o)li&ation

I3 /o% decide to cancel /o%r attendance an/ ti+e %p to 2D22 p.+. on Da/ 2 o3 the liBe eBent Ewhich* -%ite 3rankl/* is hi&hl/ %nlikel/G* I want /o% to keep the EFFFF F Bal%e > prod%ct na+eG as +/ &i3t 3or si&nin& %p in the 3irst place. E")raha+ #%)lishin&G 1e &%arantee to haBe /o%r &%tterin& deliBered within 90 ho%rs. I3 we 3ail* itCs /o%rs !R

I3 /o% decide to keep the Eprod%ct na+eG* /o% can pa/ 3or it in a 3ew eas/ install+ents. I3 not* send it )ack at o%r e?pense* and /o%Cll owe nothin&. ither wa/* ICd like to send /o% a 3ree &i3t 3or &iBin& it a tr/

(o%r Irresisti)le O33er

(o%r 8one/ 4ackK In the %nlikel/ eBent that o%r parts or la)or 3ail in an/ wa/ d%rin& the warrant/ period* weCll pa/ the cost o3 repairs pl%s do%)le that a+o%nt 3or inconBeniencin& /o%

I3 /o% donCt &et all the )ene3its I haBe pro+ised and +ore* si+pl/ ret%rn the Eprod%ct na+eG and receiBe eBer/ penn/ )ack'incl%din& shippin&. ICll pa/ 3or the ret%rn posta&e as wellK The wa/ I 3i&%re it is thisD I3 /o%Cre not satis3ied* thatCs +/ 3a%lt* not /o%rsK 1h/ sho%ld /o% haBe to pa/ an/thin& 3or itJ (o% haBe a)sol%tel/ no risk whatsoeBerK Tr/ it 3or a 3%ll 6 +onths. I3 it doesnCt do eBer/thin& /o% hoped* si+pl/ re-%est a 3%ll re3%nd and the F122 in )on%ses are /o%rs to keepT (o%Cll &et eBer/thin& /o% see listed here* totall/ risk 3reeK 1hat do I +ean )/ risk 3reeJ Si+pl/ thisD I3 o%r prod%ct isnCt eBer/thin& I said it was and +ore* si+pl/ ret%rn it 3or a co+plete re3%nd incl%din& shippin&K "nd* as is the polic/ o3 all the prod%cts we sell in o%r co+pan/* +/ )ook and so3tware carr/ an %nconditional* +one/;)ack &%arantee. I3 +/ )ook and so3tware are not eBer/thin& that I haBe said the/ are and /o% are not in 3act oBerl/ satis3ied* /o% will receiBe eBer/ cent o3 /o%r +one/ )ack. No -%estions asked. Since we haBe )een in )%siness 3or 2< /ears and we are one o3 the lar&est co+panies in the nation* /o% can co%nt on that &%arantee. ES%are, Corporation Ind%striesG S%)scri)e toda/. I3 /o% think /o%r 3irst iss%e'or an/ iss%e eBer'doesnCt deliBer at least FUUU worth o3 ideas and in3or+ation* /o% can tell %s to take a hike. 1e

(o%r Irresisti)le O33er

will cancel /o%r s%)scription and send a pro+pt re3%nd 3or all

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

%n;+ailed iss%es* no -%estions asked. 1e wonCt )e happ/ to know that we 3ailed /o%r Bal%e test* )%t that will )e o%r pro)le+* not /o%rs. ESellin& #owerG 6%arantees are &ood 3or /o%r c%sto+er* )%t the/Cre also &ood 3or /o%. !irst an irresisti)le &%arantee will help /o% close more sales. " c%sto+erCs 3ears are -%ieted when the/ know that i3 so+ethin& &oes wron& within the ti+e li+it o3 the &%arantee* /o% will p%t it ri&ht. The/ 3eel sa3er )%/in& 3ro+ /o% )eca%se /o% stand )ehind /o%r prod%ct. 6%arantees help /o% in another wa/. Since /o% haBe &%aranteed to resolBe the pro)le+ i3 the c%sto+er is %nhapp/* they canEt demand a refund" or refuse to pay altogether witho%t 3irst &iBin& /o% the opport%nit/ to p%t thin&s ri&ht. 5hen Buarantees Mill M%st as a &reat &%arantee can +otiBate* so* too* can a &%arantee 3%ll o3 @weasel wordsA* onl/ in the opposite +anner. HereCs a sa+ple o3 one I read recentl/D @(o%Cll )e 122Q CONHINC D that the new 1id&et 4%siness 4%ilder will dra+aticall/ increase responses and reBen%e 3or /o%r co+pan/* or weCll cheer3%ll/ re3%nd /o%r +one/ in 3%llKA Now wait a secondK The prod%ct isnCt &%aranteed. 8/ satis3action isnCt &%aranteed. The onl/ thin& thatCs &%aranteed is that ICll )e @conBincedA that the prod%ct will increase calls and reBen%esJ 1hat does that +ean e?actl/J #ersonall/* the onl/ wa/ IC+ &oin& to )e conBinced that +/ ad 1I$$ &enerate +ore calls is when I hear the phone rin&. The onl/ wa/ IC+ &oin& to )e conBinced that I 1I$$ &et +ore reBen%e is to see

(o%r Irresisti)le O33er

the )ank state+ent with that +one/ alread/ deposited. 4%t this o33er doesnCt &%arantee an/ o3 that.

Nicholas Nugget " &%arantee that has precise conditions /o% +%st 3ollow or sneak/ wordin& to -%ali3/ will trigger a red flag in peopleCs +inds. This warnin& +i&ht onl/ )e s%)conscio%s* )%t the c%sto+er will 3eel the need to take so+e ti+e to consider /o%r o33er...and pro)a)l/ reNect it. )ther /rresistibles
1ant to driBe prospects wild with desireJ Show the+ how to achieBe a @net ,eroA e?pense when the/ p%rchase /o%r prod%ct. Incl%de a referral re!ards program or affiliate opportunity in /o%r sales +essa&e. Online a33iliate pro&ra+s are e?tre+el/ co++on* possi)l/ )eca%se trackin& so3tware and other technolo&/ haBe +ade it so eas/ to create and r%n the+. In3or+ation prod%ct p%)lishers donCt eBen haBe to set %p their own processes. Co+panies like Click4ank do all the work.

Nicholas Nugget "33iliates +ake an o%tstandin& sales 3orce 3or an/ prod%ct or serBice. 6enerall/ satis3ied c%sto+ers the+selBes* the/ proBide sincere* positiBe word o3 +o%th 3or /o%r )%siness and hope3%ll/ a stead/ strea+ o3 prospects. "nd %nlike a traditional sales 3orce* a33iliates donCt need an o33ice* donCt take

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Bacations or sick da/s* and %s%all/ donCt ask 3or a raiseK

"nother irresisti)le ele+ent that /o% can add is a third-party endorsement. Testi+onials 3ro+ satis3ied c%sto+ers are co+pellin& and red%ce skepticis+ )%t a th%+)s;%p 3ro+ an esta)lished e?pert or )eloBed cele)rit/ is eBen +ore e33ectiBe. " prod%ct endorse+ent is a 3or+ o3 testi+onial 3ro+ so+eone which indicates that the/ like or approBe o3 a prod%ct. Co++onl/* prod%ct endorse+ents are solicited 3ro+ people who are socially prominent* allowin& co+panies to adBertise their prod%cts with state+ents like @as %sed )/ s%ch;and;s%ch an actress*A or @the o33icial prod%ct o3 co+pan/LeBent U.A ItVs hard to +iss a prod%ct endorse+ent on prod%ct packa&in& and in adBertise+entsO +ost co+panies keep their endorse+ents 3ront and center so that the/ are alwa/s in the p%)lic e/e. The concept o3 the prod%ct endorse+ent is -%ite ancient. In n&land* 3or e?a+ple* seBeral co+panies haBe )een adBertisin& the+selBes as @)/ appoint+ent to the .%eenA 3or h%ndreds o3 /ears* indicatin& that the/ enNo/ the patrona&e o3 the 4ritish ro/al 3a+il/.

Nicholas Nugget Cons%+ers are o3ten attracted )/ the idea o3 p%rchasin& a prod%ct which is endorsed )/ so+eone wealth/ or 3a+o%s* as tho%&h )/ )%/in& the prod%ct* the consumer also becomes affiliated !ith the person !ho endorses it.
(o% can also re3er to )%siness alliances /o%CBe 3or+ed with other respected co+panies. "nd /o% +a/ eBen want to incl%de a re3erence to /o%r +e+)ership in professional organi@ations. These a33iliations increase your credibility.

(o%r Irresisti)le O33er

"t the heart o3 an irresisti)le o33er is a prospectCs perception that heLshe will not )e disappointed. One o3 the )est wa/s to 3oster than perception is with an o33er o3 after-sales ser:ice. It proBides a @&%arantee o3 satis3actionA like nothin& else. "3ter;sales serBice can take +an/ 3or+s* 3ro+ an online data)ase o3 3re-%entl/ asked -%estions to a liBe help line thatCs +anned 29 ho%rs a da/. Interestin&l/* incl%din& a co+prehensiBe list o3 contact in3or+ation in a sales +essa&e &oes a lon& wa/ in ass%rin& c%sto+ers that their needs will contin%e to )e +et )/ a )%siness. Contact in3or+ation sa/s* @1eCre co++itted to /o%r on&oin& satis3action. "nd %nlike a 3l/;)/;ni&ht operation* when /o% need %s* /o% can 3ind %s.A To s%+ thin&s %p* logic and emotion both play a role in consumer buying decisions. Cons%+ers who perceiBe that a prod%ct has a s%perior Bal%e then haBe a lo&ical reason to +ake a p%rchase. 4%t s%perior Bal%e also presses a cons%+erCs ps/cholo&ical @hot )%ttonsA that are tied to e+otions like &reed. (o%r &oal with an irresisti)le o33er is si+ple. 1hen c%sto+ers eBal%ate co+petin& prod%cts* the/Cll discoBer that you offer more L CUE. *our )ngoing ,arketing (ampaign (o%CBe &ot a &reat prod%ct and an irresisti)le o33er. Is that eno%&hJ No. It wo%ld )e nice i3 haBin& a &reat prod%ct were eno%&h to s%cceed. (o% co%ld sit %nder a cocon%t tree* /o%r prod%ct )/ /o%r side* and people wo%ld co+e 3ro+ +iles aro%nd N%st to )%/ 3ro+ /o%. In the Holl/wood +oBie %ield o& 'reams* :eBin Costner is told* @I3 /o% )%ild it* the/ will co+e.A It doesnCt work like that in real

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers least not Ber/ o3ten. It /o% want people to )%/ /o%r prod%ct or serBice* /o% haBe to spread the word. One nota)le e?ception to this hard and 3ast r%leD @Hello :itt/.A Iello Mitty" Bood-bye ,arketing This +arketin& pheno+enon 3ro+ the Mapanese co+pan/ Sanrio* +ade her de)%t NoB. 1* 1959. She has a net worth in the )illions* sheCs )een &iBen a special honorar/ title )/ UNIC !* she has her own the+e park in Mapan and her i+a&e &races tho%sands o3 prod%cts* 3ro+ <2;cent stickers to e?pensiBe Neweled p%rses. Unlike a wide ran&e o3 childrenCs to/s 3ro+ 4ar)ie to 8icke/ 8o%se* Hello :itt/ has relied solel/ on her char+s to )%ild hersel3 into the &lo)al pheno+enon she is toda/. (et* she has neBer )een +arketed to cons%+ersK I3 /o%Cre conBinced that /o%Cre Sanrio and haBe created the ne?t Hello :itt/* then &ood 3or /o%. (o%r prod%ct will sell itsel3 now and 3or /ears to co+e. Con&rat%lations. (o% donCt need this )ook. 4%t...i3 /o%Cre not Sanrio and /o%r prod%ct needs +ore help than Hello :itt/* there are proBen )%siness theories and practical )%siness strate&ies we can %se to consistentl/ driBe sales. So letCs talk a)o%t +arketin&...and Ted NicholasC @The Ice Crea+ Cone Theor/.A

Chapter %

The Ice Crea& Cone Theor'

This chapter is desi&ned N%st 3or /o%. ItCs ai+ed at an entreprene%r who tr%l/ wants to )%ild an e?tre+el/ pro3ita)le co+pan/. " )%siness which re+ains s%ccess3%l 3oreBer. To s%cceed in a )i& wa/* o3 co%rse* /o% +%st attract 3irst;ti+e c%sto+ers. This re-%ires a salea)le prod%ct. 4%t rarel/ can a sin&le prod%ct s%stain an entire )%siness 3or lon&. (o% +%st also haBe 3ollow;%p prod%cts res%ltin& in repeat (usiness. Direct +arketin& Nar&on 3or this is a &ood @)ack end.A 1h/J ItCs nearl/ i+possi)le to s%rBiBe and prosper with a sin&le prod%ct* with one e?ception. (o% +arket a prod%ct which re-%ires renewal or replace+ent. ItCs well known on 1all Street that one;prod%ct co+panies haBe the hi&hest +ortalit/ rate. There3ore* (e&ore /o% )e&in +arketin& an/ prod%ct or serBice* haBe /o%r )ack end in place.

Do not +ake this co++on +istake. Start o%t with one prod%ct. 6et so+e sales. Reali,e /o% need +ore sales. Then 3ranticall/ search 3or other prod%cts to sell /o%r c%sto+ers. (o% will lose Bal%a)le ti+e and sales which can neBer )e replaced.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

To attain a s%ccess3%l o%tco+e* 3irst /o% +%st think thro%&h the desired res%lt. There3ore* here is how I reco++end /o% think a)o%t /o%r )%siness. Create a +ental pict%re o3 an ice crea+ coneK I call it the @ice crea+ cone theor/.A Re&ardless o3 the kind o3 )%siness in which /o% are en&a&ed* the principle IC+ a)o%t to disc%ss applies. To +ake this clear* letCs look at a h/pothetical sit%ation. $etCs sa/ /o% are in in3or+ation +arketer o3 prod%cts directed to the niche +arket o3 C#"Cs and acco%ntants. Here is what /o%r cone +i&ht look likeD
F95 F195 F795 F555 F12*222 F2<*222 and %p

$eBel 1 $eBel 2 $eBel 7 $eBel 9 $eBel < $eBel 6

#rod%cts in o%r ice;crea+ cone co%ld )e as 3ollows.

The Ice Crea+ Cone Theor/

)e*el +,. " special report entitled* @5 Secret 1a/s to $e&all/ C%t S+all 4%siness OwnersC Ta?es to #racticall/ Nothin&.A Notice /o%r cone is widest at the top. (o% want to capt%re as +an/ people as /o% can at this sta&e. Clearl/ /o%r 3irst prod%ct is the +ost i+portant. Otherwise* /o% wonCt &et a second chance to +ake a 3irst i+pression. So /o%r &oal sho%ld )e to astonish the customerN 8ake s%re /o%r prod%ct -%alit/ and packa&in& are +ore than what the c%sto+er e?pected. Then /o%r c%sto+ers will )e Ber/ receptiBe to other o33ers. 1h/J 4eca%se tr%st has )een esta)lished )/ how satis3ied the c%sto+er is with the prod%ct and serBice. Tr%st is the ke/ to an/ lon& relationship which can last a li3eti+e.

Nicholas Nugget Sta/ within /o%r niche. Do not +ake the co++on +istake o3 enterin& an entirel/ new +arket.
)e*el +-. This prod%ct is a 6;cassette a%dio al)%+ o3 a one;da/ se+inar on e?actl/ the same s%)Nect as the )ook* @5 Secret 1a/s to $e&all/ C%t S+all 4%siness OwnersC Ta?es to #racticall/ Nothin&KA $eBel =7. This prod%ct is a two;Bideo packa&e which capt%res a liBe presentation on @Ta? SaBin& Secrets (o% Sho%ld ReBeal to Clients 1itho%t 4ein& "sked.A )e*el +.. This prod%ct is a 2;da/ se+inar @)ootca+pA entitled @Secrets o3 8a?i+i,in& #ro3its !ro+ ntreprene%r Clients.A ENotice all prod%cts are clearl/ related.G )e*el +/. This prod%ct co%ld )e an/ one o3 the 3ollowin&D

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

" da/ o3 cons%ltation

"n adBanced 7;da/ se+inar on @6ettin& Rich 1ith (o%r "cco%ntin& #racticeA

Dail/ rate 3or serBices as an e?pert witness in ta? cases )e*el +0. This is a +ini+%+ ann%al rate retainer 3or a &rowin& s+all co+pan/* or +onthl/ )illin&s to a p%)lic co+pan/ in need o3 e?tensiBe serBices. The Ice Crea+ Cone Theor/ depicts a client @+eta+orphosisA that incl%des these sta&esD Prospects D "t this sta&e people +a/ not eBen haBe heard o3 /o% so the ai+ is to seek new c%sto+ers. Consider enco%ra&in& potential c%sto+ers to tr/ /o%r prod%cts or serBices* perhaps 3or 3ree or at a disco%nt

(ustomer D The #rospect has now +oBed 3ro+ tr/in& /o%r prod%ct to p%rchasin& 3ro+ /o%* )%t onl/ once. ItCs Ber/ earl/ da/s in the relationship and /o% need to +ake s%re the/ are happ/ with what the/CBe p%rchased

(lients D These are c%sto+ers who +ake +%ltiple p%rchases. Now /o% haBe the+. Now itCs ti+e to think a)o%t i+ple+entin& a @lo/alt/ pro&ra+A. Re+ind the+ o3 the )ene3its o3 /o%r co+pan/ and prod%cts* alwa/s enco%ra&in& the+ to )%/ +ore 3ro+ /o%. The +ore the/ )%/* the +ore lo/al the/ )eco+e. I3 /o% 3or&et a)o%t /o%r clients* the/ will -%ickl/ 3or&et a)o%t /o%. So keep in to%ch re&%larl/ E"T $ "ST ONC " 8ONTHG

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Supporter D "t this sta&e the/ like and tr%st /o%. The/ )elieBe /o% haBe their interests at heart and look a3ter their needs. The/Cre still B%lnera)le tho%&h. I3 a

The Ice Crea+ Cone Theor/

co+petitor co+es alon& with a )etter o33er or /o% 3ail to deliBer the/ +a/ consider %sin& so+eone else. (o% need to +aintain the lo/alt/ actiBities Think o3 a S%pporter as so+eone who wo%ld reco++end /o% to a 3riend or collea&%e i3 asked 3or a &ood s%pplier o3 /o%r prod%ct or serBice. The/ are &ood tar&ets 3or re3erral pro&ra+s d:ocates D C%sto+ers at this sta&e are likel/ to pro+ote /o%r co+pan/ witho%t )ein& asked 3irst. The/ depend on /o% 3or a partic%lar aspect o3 their liBes or )%siness and wo%ldnCt want to lose /o%. 8ake s%re /o% spend ti+e with the+ as it wo%ld +ake a noticea)le i+pact on /o%r )otto+ line i3 the/ were lost

The/ wo%ld also welco+e the opport%nit/ to help /o% deBelop /o%r )%siness as it +akes the+ reali,e that /o% Bal%e* respect and appreciate the+. InBite the+ to re&%lar 3or%+s to disc%ss new initiatiBes and perhaps eBen to the o33ice Christ+as part/. (o% will haBe Ber/ 3ew "dBocates* )%t sli&htl/ +ore S%pporters. The lon&er /o%CBe )een in )%siness the +ore /o%Cll haBe. 8ost o3 /o%r p%rchasers will )e at the C%sto+er or Client sta&e. "t least %ntil /o% 3inish this +an%al and learn how to t%rn /o%r c%sto+ers into raBin& 3ans. The ke/ is that /o% sho%ld de3initel/ deBote ti+e and attention to C%sto+ers and Clients* since the/ are +ore likel/ to )%/ than /o%r #rospects are. O3 co%rse /o% canCt ne&lect #rospects as /o% need a re&%lar 3low o3 new c%sto+ers* )%t the/ are a harder sale. ThatCs wh/ /o% sho%ld de3initel/ focus your resources on !here you are likely to get the greatest returns* i.e. C%sto+ers and Clients.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

I loBe this &raphic ill%stration )eca%se it +akes it so clear how to step up the price points o3 /o%r new prod%cts. "nd how to think a)o%t /o%r )%siness e33ectiBel/. 8ost i+portantl/* it dra+aticall/ portra/s that the ma#ority of your business profits come from the smallest group of e0isting customers. TedCs sales 3%nnel starts at the top with a high-:alue" lo!-cost product* with a price point o3 %nder F122. ItCs tar&eted at prospects that donCt know hi+ and donCt want to risk a lot to see i3 his prod%ct deliBers eBer/thin& he pro+ises. "t the ne?t leBel is an enhanced :ersion of the core product. In this e?a+ple* itCs a set o3 a%diocassettes o3 the e4ook. This sale is tar&eted at a s+aller &ro%p o3 prospects...TedCs e?istin&* satis3ied c%sto+ers. The third leBel is an eBen +ore co+prehensiBe packa&e. This ho+e st%d/ co%rse Ted o33ers incl%des e?panded in3or+ation presented in a ran&e o3 learnin& 3or+ats. "&ain* it is 3or satis3ied c%sto+ers* )%t an eBen s+aller &ro%p..the @select 3ewA who know 3ro+ preBio%s e?perience that Ted can take the+ to the ne?t leBel. TedCs rep%tation )eco+es +ore and +ore solidi3ied with each o3 the 3irst three prod%ct leBels. !ro+ a )road &ro%p o3 low;pa/in& cons%+ers* heCs created a s+all )%t l%cratiBe &ro%p o3 c%sto+ers who are willin& to pa/ F12*222 per person to attend this se+inars. This is also the leBel at which TedCs li+ited n%+)er o3 )l%e;chip clients can )e 3o%nd. These are co+panies that en&a&e hi+ with F1<*222 contracts and a percenta&e o3 sales E<QG. TedCs top clients can )e 3o%nd at the )otto+ o3 the cone. "lread/ e?periencin& their own hi&h leBels o3 s%ccess thanks to TedCs teachin&s* these clients these clients pa/ F122*222 to F222*222 3or cons%ltin& contracts* o33erin& e-%it/ in the co+pan/ and stock options as part o3 the deal.


The Ice Crea+ Cone Theor/

4%t what does this all +ean to /o%J $etCs sa/ /o% want to earn $<&&"&&& a year !ith an information product. The Ice Crea+ Cone Theor/ shows the )est wa/ to acco+plish that. I3 /o% sell a F122 e4ook* /o%Cll need to conBert 2*222 people to reach /o%r &oal. 4%t letCs sa/ /o% create an a%dio Bersion o3 /o%r prod%ct to o33er to c%sto+ers who haBe +entioned the/ wo%ld loBe to )e a)le to listen to it. Sell a tape set o3 /o%r )ooks 3or F222* and /o% can c%t /o%r sales 3i&%re in hal3 to 1*222. Can /o% see where IC+ &oin& with thisJ I3 /o% create c%sto+ers 3or li3e* people who want to )%/ 3ro+ /o% a&ain and a&ain* /o% need to sell less to +ake +ore. In )%siness )%ildin&* itCs a)o%t the leBel o3 /o%r pro3it* not the n%+)er o3 c%sto+ers /o% haBe. In TedCs cone* all it takes is one satisfied customer at the )otto+ to proBide /o% with /o%r ann%al inco+e. It +a/ take ti+e and e33ort to &et that one satis3ied c%sto+er* )%t the lon& ter+ rewards +erit the initial inBest+ent. NeBer 3or&et that it is 3ar less di33ic%lt to +ake one lar&e sale to a c%sto+er who alread/ knows /o% than to +ake a do,en s+aller sales to skeptical prospects who donCt /et know 3ro+ e?perience that /o%Cre honest* tr%stworth/* and the ri&ht person to do )%siness with.



The Onl' % )a's to *"ild !o"r *"siness

!irst so+e clari3ication to +ake s%re we are all on the sa+e pa&e here. 1hen I %se the phrase grow your )%siness* IC+ re3errin& to generating more re:enue and* )/ e?tension* increasing your profits. This &%ide is not intended to t%rn /o% into a +%lti;national &oliath with trillion dollar assets. ItCs not a)o%t the )i& +one/ &a+e o3 +er&ers and ac-%isitions* leBera&ed stock )%/o%ts* or an/thin& like that. This )ook is a)o%t +akin& +ore +one/ )/ si+pl/ sellin& +ore prod%cts or serBices to +ore people +ore o3ten. #eriod. Oka/. Now that weCre clear on that point. $etCs &et down to the nitt/ &ritt/.


There are three thin&s an/ )%siness can and +%st do to )e pro3ita)le. The/ are 6et +ore new c%sto+ers Sell +ore to e?istin& c%sto+ers


Onl/ 7 1a/s to 4%ild (o%r 4%siness

Create c%sto+ers 3or li3e ach o3 these p%rs%its is essential* )%t one is +ore pro3ita)le. $etCs e?a+ine all three and see i3 /o% can pick the winner.

Business Builder O% D Bet Ne! (ustomers

Ber/ )%siness ineBita)l/ e?periences the 3act that attractin& new c%sto+ers is an on&oin& challen&e. (o%r e?istin& c%sto+ers know how well /o% take care o3 their needs ' and the/ keep co+in& )ack to /o%. 4%t in order to &row* a )%siness needs a steady stream of ne! customers.

Nicholas Nugget There are lots o3 strate&ies* tactics* and ideas 3or &ettin& new c%sto+ers. 4%t this is the +ost i+portant tip o3 allD Do anything...donCt wait 3or )%siness to co+e to /o%.
Call it action* call it e?ec%tion* or call it i+ple+entation. 1hateBer /o% call the process o3 t%rnin& /o%r )%siness;)%ildin& ideas into realit/* /o% +%st co++it to that process and act on your commitment. There are two actions /o% can take to increase the n%+)er o3 c%sto+ers /o% haBeD

Reach new c%sto+ers with /o%r e?istin& o33erin& DeBelop a new o33erin&.

Ideall/ /o% will leBera&e the o33erin& /o% haBe to enter a new +arket or e?pand the reach in /o%r e?istin& +arket. !iBe ke/ -%estions to answer to increase the n%+)er o3 c%sto+ers areD


Onl/ 7 1a/s to 4%ild (o%r 4%siness

1ho has a real need 3or the prod%ctLserBice IC+ sellin&J


How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Does +/ prod%ct +eet that need in a +anner that either saBes +one/ or proBides additional Bal%eJ How +%ch* i3 an/thin&* are the/ spendin& to address that need toda/J How +an/ o3 those potential c%sto+ers are thereJ How do I reach the+J

(apturing Ne! (ustomers

1itho%t a do%)t* cold-calling is a 3re-%entl/ %sed* )%t e?tre+el/ challen&in& wa/ to &enerate )%siness. Cold calls are o3ten perceiBed as intr%siBe* and I know Ber/ 3ew people who act%all/ enNo/ cold callin&. HoweBer* it can )e a &ood wa/ to %ncoBer -%ali3ied prospects in a relatiBel/ short period o3 ti+e.

Nicholas Nugget 4e s%re to start /o%r conBersation with a &ood openin& to capt%re the other personCs attention s%ch as @Hi* this is 8ar/ 3ro+ 1id&et !irewood. ICd like to talk to /o% a)o%t how to red%ce /o%r heatin& )ills )/ 72Q this winter.A
Net!orking is perhaps the +ost co++onl/ %sed approach )/ s+all )%siness owners. HoweBer* it is o3ten poorl/ e?ec%ted. 8an/ people attend a networkin& 3%nction and take the wron& approach )/ tr/in& to +eet as +an/ people as the/ can. The/ )o%nce 3ro+ person to person* handin& o%t )%siness cards like it is an Ol/+pic eBent and the/ are B/in& 3or the &old +edal. The/ 3ail to reali,e that the +ost e33ectiBe wa/ to network is to c%ltiBate relationships and &iBe re3errals to other +e+)ers 3irst. (hoosing the target market is pro)a)l/ the +ost di33ic%lt part o3 attractin& the attention o3 new c%sto+ers. Once /o% know who /o%


Onl/ 7 1a/s to 4%ild (o%r 4%siness

are tar&etin& /o% +%st 3ind a wa/ to attract their attention. This is o3ten done )/ %sin& custom promotional products. #ro+otional prod%cts are si+pl/ ite+s with /o%r co+pan/ na+e* lo&o and )asic in3or+ation printed on the+ that are &i3ted to potential clients or e?istin& c%sto+ers. The ite+s are t/picall/ o3 &eneral interest and are so+ethin& that will catch the e/e o3 the prospectiBe client. #ro+otional prod%cts can ran&e 3ro+ pens to &ol3 )alls to del%?e en&raBed cr/stal. It all depends on /o%r 3oc%s* ind%str/ and tar&et client. One o3 the )est wa/s to attract new c%sto+ers is to o33er reduced rates or freebies for first-time customers. $aw/ers do it. #et &roo+ers do it. Ben dentists so+eti+es do it. (o%r ads or 3l/ers co%ld contain special co%pons proBidin& s%ch red%ctions or 3ree)ies 3or 3irst;ti+e c%sto+ers. So+eti+es ne!spapers ha:e special coupons pages that &ro%p to&ether n%+ero%s disco%nt o33ers 3ro+ local retail )%sinesses and pro3essionals. 4/ placin& /o%r co%pon in this partic%lar section* /o% +a/ e?perience a &reater ret%rn on /o%r adBertisin& dollar )eca%se itCs likel/ that the &ro%p o3 co%pons will attract the attention o3 readers +ore than a sin&le* isolated co%pon wo%ld.

Nicholas Nugget Ben i3 /o% &et no response the 3irst 3ew ti+es /o%r co%pon appears* people will re+e+)er seein& the co%pon and will look 3or it when the/ need the serBice or prod%ct /o% proBide. NoteD alwa/s haBe /o%r lo&o on the co%pon* alon& with /o%r )%siness na+e and phone n%+)er.
Consider setting up a contest. The winner receiBes a +onth o3 3ree serBice* or a speci3ic a+o%nt o3 3ree prod%ct. The ke/ to a s%ccess3%l contest is to adBertise it as widel/ as possi)le. To c%t down


How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

/o%r adBertisin& costs* tr/ to +ake the contest e?citin& and interestin& eno%&h that it will )e coBered )/ the local +edia. .ra!ings for pri@es are another wa/ to )rin& in new c%sto+ers. The ke/ to a s%ccess3%l drawin& is to &iBe awa/ eno%&h o3 /o%r serBice or prod%ct that people are reall/ interested in enterin&.

Using blogs to attract ne! customers

Social media marketing is -%ickl/ replacin& traditional online +arketin& as the &o;to techni-%e to reach new cons%+ers. 4%siness owners are t%rnin& to alternatiBe techni-%es* s%ch as blogs" podcasts and 'SS feeds to &et the word o%t and the c%sto+ers in. To )e s%ccess3%l* social +edia +arketin& +%st haBe content that is current" topical" and applicable to the social community !here the post appears.

The .o!nside of Ne! (ustomers

Is there a down side to 3oc%sin& on new c%sto+ers as /o%r pro3it so%rceJ There is* indeed. 8arketin& re-%ires reso%rces Eti+e* e33ort* ener&/* and +one/.G 1hen ai+ed at &ainin& new c%sto+ers* it reAuires much more in resources to accomplish significant results. 8arketin& 3or new c%sto+ers is %s%all/ NOT the +ost cost; e33ectiBe wa/ to &enerate new reBen%e )oth short ter+ and lon& ter+. Think o3 it like thisD How +%ch do /o% c%rrentl/ spend on +arketin& to attract new c%sto+ersJ I3 /o%r +arketin& )%d&et was F2*222 a +onth and on aBera&e it )ro%&ht in 22 c%sto+ers who spent on aBera&e F222 each* /o% are essentiall/ spendin& F2*222 to )rin& in F9*222 res%ltin& in a net o3 F2*222. O3 co%rse* 3or retail )%siness and prod%ct sellers* their pro3its +ar&ins +a/ +ake this eBen less attractiBe.


The Onl/ 7 1a/s to 4%ild (o%r 4%siness

HoweBer* what wo%ld it take 3or /o% to )rin& in 22 new orders a +onth to an alread/ e?istin& c%sto+er )aseJ 8a/)e i3 /o% sent o%t a +ailin& costin& a)o%t <2 cents each to 722 old c%sto+ers* 22 wo%ld respond. In that case* it cost /o% onl/ F1<2 to )rin& in the sa+e F9*222 in reBen%e. That1s &ood )%siness whateBer pro3ession /o%Cre in.

Business Builder O< K Sell ,ore To E0isting (ustomers

ItCs o3ten easier and +ore e33ectiBe to sell +ore to e?istin& c%sto+ers than it is to ac-%ire new ones. Once /o% %nderstand why /o%r e?istin& c%sto+ers )%/ 3ro+ /o%* /o% can e?a+ine wa/s o3 &ettin& the+ to )%/ +ore or +ore 3re-%entl/. The #areto principle ' o3ten re3erred to as the 02L22 r%le ' sa/s that 02Q o3 /o%r s%ccess in an/ &iBen 3ield is o3ten d%e to 22Q o3 /o%r e33ort. In the world o3 +arketin&* this translates intoD 1&; of your profits come from <&; of your customers (o% can %se the idea as a startin& point to anal/,e how /o% can sell +ore to e?istin& c%sto+ers. !or e?a+ple* i3 a s+all n%+)er o3 /o%r prod%cts and serBices acco%nt 3or +ost o3 /o%r pro3it* can /o% sell +ore o3 the less pro3ita)le prod%cts to /o%r c%sto+ersJ Or i3 /o%r hi&her;+ar&in prod%cts or serBices are onl/ )ein& sold to a s+all percenta&e o3 /o%r c%sto+ers* how can /o% raise that percenta&eJ 1here appropriate* enco%ra&e c%sto+ers to buy a premium product or ser:ice that )etter +eets their needs and proBides a s%perior ret%rn 3or /o%. This is known as @tradin& %pA. ItCs also %se3%l to 3oc%s on selling complementary products. !or e?a+ple* hairdressin& o%tlets sell hair care prod%cts 3or c%sto+ers to %se in their own ho+es.


The Onl/ 7 1a/s to 4%ild (o%r 4%siness

Business Builder O3 K (reate (ustomers for Cife

@Once a c%sto+er* alwa/s a c%sto+erKA 1o%ldnCt it )e nice i3 that were alwa/s tr%eK 4%t we all know it isnCt. !%t%re transactions and re3errals haBe to )e 3o%&ht 3or al+ost as hard as the initial transaction. 1hat transpires d%rin& sta&e two o3 a transaction > what I re3er to as the rein&orcement stage 2 deter+ines* to a &reat de&ree* whether /o% will )e enNo/in& a one;ti+e relationship with /o%r c%sto+er or whether the c%sto+er will )eco+e a repeat c%sto+er and'eBen +ore i+portant' a c%sto+er 3or li3e who reco++ends /o%r 3ir+ to their 3riends and associates 3oreBer a3ter. Or perhaps I sho%ld sa/ @happil/ eBer a3ter.A The rein3orce+ent sta&e is especiall/ i+portant to /o%r 3ir+Cs pro3ita)ilit/ )eca%se* ti+e and ti+e a&ain* it has )een proBen that repeat c%sto+ers are less e?pensiBe to adBertise to and'hence'+ore pro3ita)le to sell. The &enerall/ +entioned statistic is that it costs = to %< times as much to sell a ne! customer than an e0isting one. This is especiall/ tr%e now with e;+ail* since /o% can adBertise to repeat c%sto+ers witho%t inc%rrin& an/ +edia* printin&* addressin&* or posta&e e?penses. The rein3orce+ent sta&e is Bal%a)le 3or another reason. It proBides /o% with an opport%nit/ to aBoid )%/erCs re+orse* which o3ten leads c%sto+ers to tr/ to ret%rn a preBio%sl/ p%rchased ite+. This sta&e also proBides /o% with opport%nities to sell additional prod%cts to a c%sto+er'enhancin& their ori&inal p%rchase. !inall/* +arketin& to c%sto+ers d%rin& the rein3orce+ent sta&e +akes it eas/ 3or /o% to c%ltiBate word;o3;+o%th re3errals a+on& their 3riends and coworkers.

Onl/ 7 1a/s to 4%ild (o%r 4%siness

The GProdigalH (ustomer

" prodi&al c%sto+er is one who* like the 4i)lical prodi&al son* was lost and is 3o%nd a&ain. I3 people haBe )o%&ht 3ro+ /o% )e3ore* the/ +a/ )%/ 3ro+ /o% a&ain. (o% need to 3ind o%t wh/ the/ stopped )%/in& 3ro+ /o% and appl/ that knowled&e to re&ain their )%siness. !irst* try and find out !hat changed. Identi3/ wh/ c%sto+ers stopped )%/in& 3ro+ /o%. 1as /o%r prod%ct or serBiceD No lon&er necessar/J Too e?pensiBeJ Unsatis3actor/J 4eaten )/ a co+petitiBe o33erJ

Research s%&&ests the reason +an/ c%sto+ers stop )%/in& is )eca%se the/ donCt 3eel that the/ haBe s%33icient contact with their s%ppliers. I3 /o% donCt haBe so+e 3or+ o3 re&%lar contact ' e.&. +onthl/ or -%arterl/ phone calls* 3or+al or in3or+al Bisits to c%sto+ers* +ailshots or e+ail newsletters ' c%sto+ers +a/ 3eel the/ are )ein& i&nored and look elsewhere. I3 /o% haBe lost a c%sto+er 3or these reasons* /o%r 3irst step is to rebuild contact and proBe that /o% %nderstand and are 3oc%sed on their needs. One wa/ to acco+plish that is with a letter e?pressin& re&ret that the/ haBe stopped )%/in& 3ro+ /o% and +akin& the+ a ti+e;li+ited o33er. ItCs worth tr/in& a 3ew ti+es* )%t donCt keep persistin& i3 /o% arenCt &ettin& an/ response. 8an/ )%sinesses haBe a li+it to the a+o%nt o3 ti+es the/ contact lapsed c%sto+ers ' %s%all/ 3iBe or seBen ti+es. Once /o%CBe deter+ined wh/ the c%sto+er is no lon&er )%/in& 3ro+ /o%* consider !ays to make your business more appealing.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

!or e?a+ple* i3 /o% learn that c%sto+ers 3eel /o%r price was too hi&h* consider a ti+e;li+ited disco%nt to enco%ra&e the+ to start )%/in& a&ainD Come (ac3 &or more and we1ll discount your purchase (y -45 &or 6 months. I3 /o%r serBice or prod%ct performance was rated %nsatis3actor/* ask what /o% co%ld do to +ake it +eet /o%r c%sto+ersC e?pectations and assess i3 it is possi)le and pro3ita)le to o33erD 7i*e us another chance and we1ll ma3e sure you1re satis&ied...or we1ll return ,,45 o& your purchase price. Cet Sleeping .ogs Cie 1hile /o% +a/ )e a)le to te+pt +an/ c%sto+ers )ack* re+e+)er that /o% donCt want the+ at all costs. (o% want to )%ild a lon&;ter+ pro3ita)le relationship with a cons%+er who is likel/ to )%/ 3ro+ /o% now or in the 3%t%re. (o% donCt need to @ro+anceA dead)eats who are onl/ in a relationship with /o% 3or the 3ree)ies. The )otto+ lineD itCs not %s%all/ a &ood idea to +ake lon&;ter+ o33ers that donCt contri)%te an/ pro3it N%st to &et a speci3ic c%sto+er )ack* %nless there are co+pellin& strate&ic reasons to do so.

Chapter +

T"rnin, -old to Platin"&

ICBe neBer do%)ted 3or a +in%te that The 6irl Sco%ts o3 "+erica are +aster +arketers. 4%t itCs not N%st the 3act that the/ haBe a le&ion o3 sweet 3aced &irls &oin& door;to;door with an i+passioned* personal* e+otional hot;)%tton;p%shin& pitch that IC+ talkin& a)o%t. "ct%all/* itCs a l/ric in a pop%lar 6irl Sco%t ca+p3ire son& that lets +e know the/Cre t%ned in to what +akes a )%siness thriBeD Ma&e new +riend , /ut &eep the o$d, one i i$-er and the other go$d. New c%sto+ers are &reat and sellin& +ore to e?istin& c%sto+ers is a &olden opport%nit/ that can last a li3eti+e. That +akes n%rt%rin& a relationship with e?istin& c%sto+ers a )l%e;chip inBest+ent that /ields platin%+;leBel ret%rns. *our 4 Boals 5hen GPreaching to the (on:ertedH

There are 3iBe )asic +arketin& &oals d%rin& what I haBe re3erred to as the re8en&orcement stage o3 a sale. 8ost inBolBe driBin& c%sto+ers )ack to /o%r 1e) site to take an action or learn +ore a)o%t the prod%cts or serBices /o% o33er. The/ &et in3or+ation and saBin&s.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

HereCs what you get. *ou build strong emotional bonds with c%sto+ers )/ thankin& the+ 3or their patrona&e* e?pressin& /o%r appreciation 3or their p%rchase

*ou find out more about the customerEs needs and possi)le wa/s /o% can satis3/ the+'incl%din& i+proBin& /o%r 3ir+Cs per3or+ance

*ou pro:ide incenti:es to purchase additional products or ser:ices that co+ple+ent the c%sto+erCs ori&inal p%rchase

*ou plant the seed for future purchases and maintain the buyerEs enthusiasm )/ descri)in& new prod%cts and serBices as the/ )eco+e aBaila)le

*ou pro:ide customers !ith the tools they need to become your ad:ocates and reco++end /o%r 3ir+ to their 3riends and coworkers

" 3ew enterprisin& 3ir+s haBe alwa/s done these thin&s. 4%t the pro)le+s o3 +aintainin& c%sto+er records and the costs'pri+aril/ printin& and posta&e'associated with c%sto+er retention pro&ra+s worked a&ainst their s%ccess. 1ith e;+ail* howeBer* rein3orce+ent can operate Birt%all/ cost 3ree. "ll thatCs needed is the discipline and i+a&ination to set the pro&ra+ in +otion and constantl/ search 3or new wa/s to re;approach old c%sto+ers.

T%rin& 6old to #latin%+

E0isting (ustomers re *our ,ost Profitable 'esource

S+art +arketin& is a)o%t &ettin& new c%sto+ers. Triple (o%r Sales +arketin& is a)o%t getting" keeping" and re-selling the most profitable customers. !or eBer/ i+portant reason* c%rrent c%sto+ers are +ore i+portant to /o% than new c%sto+ers. HereCs wh/D (urrent customers are more !illing to buy ne! products )eca%se the/ alread/ know /o%. There are st%dies in +an/ +arkets that s%pport this position. This helps /o% saBe +one/ )/ workin& less to +ake the sale

(urrent customers are the fastest and most reliable source of sales of a ne! product. It is s%rprisin& how +an/ co+panies will oBerlook tar&eted +ailin&s to their e?istin& c%sto+er )ase* or do not keep s%33icient c%sto+er records and +%st )%/ +ail lists 3or each new prod%ct. The ROI ERet%rn on InBest+entG on direct +ailin& to e?istin& c%sto+ers in a well de3ined data)ase can )e o%tstandin& when co+pared to )road )ased adBertisin& or p%rchased +ail list to prospects. This helps /o% &enerate +one/ easil/ with one* rather than +%ltiple pitches

(urrent customers are !illing to !ork !ith you on str%ct%rin& their )%/in& patterns so that the/ )%/ +ore econo+icall/Lcost e33ectiBel/ 3ro+ /o%. ?istin& c%sto+ers set %p a%to;)illin&* standin& orders* )lanket orders* and this can allow /o% to appro?i+ate )%/in& Bol%+e so /o%r co+pan/ can do )etter prod%ction plannin&. This saBes /o% +one/ )eca%se i+proBed prod%ction plannin& will red%ce /o%r cost o3 sales and increase /o%r pro3it

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

(urrent customers pro:ide a ready source of competiti:e information and in3or+ation on potential new prod%cts. "nd %nlike a +arket research 3ir+* /o%r c%sto+ers donCt char&e /o% 3or the data so /o% saBe +one/

Nicholas Nugget (o% will likel/ o33er c%rrent c%sto+ers rewards o3 so+e kind 3or answerin& -%estionnaires* proBidin& 3eed)ack* etc. 4%t the ri&ht rewards* s%ch as disco%nt co%pons and other sales;related )ene3its* will &enerate pro3its rather than e?pense.

Chapter .

The /1 Pro$it0 Ro##in, 1istake that *"siness Owners 1ake

8ost owners and +ana&ers want to &row their )%siness. 8ost o3 the+ concentrate e?cl%siBel/ on &ettin& +ore new c%sto+ers. Odd reall/. There is lots o3 +arketin& research that is prett/ consistent in pointin& o%t that it costs so+ewhere )etween si? and twelBe ti+es as +%ch to &et a new c%sto+er as it does to sell to an e?istin& c%sto+er. "nd once /o% haBe a c%sto+er it is &enerall/ prett/ strai&ht3orward to &et the+ to )%/ 3ro+ /o% +ore o3ten. 1hatCs thatJ (o%r )%siness is di33erent. (o% sell a one;o33 prod%ct. ThereCs no wa/ to &et c%sto+ers to )%/ +ore o3ten.

8a/)e...)%t I donCt think so. The world is 3illed with 3ailed )%siness that 3ailed to see that eBer/ one;ti+e )%/er can )e a c%sto+er 3or li3e. !or e?a+ple* I know o3 a hi&h;end U.:. )%siness that )%ilds solid wood kitchen %nits e-%ipped with the )est possi)le kitchen e-%ip+ent and a @li3e e?pectanc/A o3 22

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

/ears or +ore. The owner told +e that he canCt %se a c%sto+er 3or li3e. HeCs wron&. "ccordin& to ho%sin& statistics* U.:. residents +oBe eBer/ 9.5 /ears on aBera&e. 1hen the/ do* isnCt it possi)le that the/Cll want to replace the kitchen in the new ho%seJ So keep in to%ch. The/ N%st +i&ht )%/ 3ro+ /o% a&ain. "nd what do /o% know a)o%t /o%r c%sto+er. Top o3 the list is that the/ want to i+proBe their ho+es and the/ will pa/ &ood +one/ to &et top serBice. The/ pro)a)l/ are willin& to spend +one/ to i+proBe the rest o3 their ho+e. Co%ld /o% do so+e Noint;Bent%re +arketin& with another* non; co+petin&* ho+e i+proBe+ent co+pan/J $ook aro%nd. (o% will 3ind plent/ o3 other co+panies that wo%ld loBe to )e a)le to +arket directl/ to /o%r c%sto+ers. S%re* /o% are not +arketin& /o%r own serBice I )%t does that +atterJ I3 /o% work a deal with another ho+e i+proBe+ent co+pan/ the/ are certain to pa/ a co++ission 3or each o3 /o%r c%sto+ers that )%/ 3ro+ the+. "nd 3inall/* letCs sa/ /o%Cre that rare )%siness where the 3irst ti+e is the onl/ ti+e a c%sto+er will eBer )%/ 3ro+ /o%. Oka/. (o%r prod%ct is tr%l/ once;in;a;li3eti+e p%rchase. 4%t onl/ 3or that c%sto+er. (o% can leBera&e /o%r c%sto+ersC satis3action into co+pellin& endorse+ents and testi+onials that help /o% +ake +ore sales to stran&ers* and re3errals to +ake +ore sales to 3riends. 1in;win;pro3it. TedEs Story6 / .idnEt 'eali@e 5hat / 5as ,issing >,illions of $? I know how to &et new c%sto+ers. ICBe eBen written a )ook on the s%)NectD Winning 9nlimited :ew Customers.

The =1 #ro3it;Ro))in& 8istake that 4%siness Owners 8ake

I discoBered I co%ld &et c%sto+ers earl/ on. "t the a&e o3 seBenteen* I was po%ndin& the streets sellin& :ir)/ Bac%%+ cleaners door to door. "t a&e 21* Eand F96*222 in de)t* )/ the wa/G I started @#etersonVs Ho%se O3 !%d&e.A It was in the sweet )%siness o3 cand/;sellin& that I )e&an to reali,e that I co%ld really sell. I &rew +/ )%siness 3ro+ a sin&le 3la&ship store to 72 retail 3ranchises. It was aro%nd this ti+e that the idea 3or +/ 3irst )ook )e&an to take hold. @How to !or+ (o%r Own Corporation 1itho%t a $aw/er 3or Under F<2A contained all the necessar/ tear;o%t 3or+s to incorporate /o%rsel3. E4/ the wa/* when I re;iss%ed the )ook* I had to chan&e it to @How to !or+ (o%r Own Corporation 1itho%t a $aw/er 3or Under F5<.A G I created the )ook and the online +arketin& +essa&e that t%rned it into a )est seller. 1hen I wanted to e?pand +/ pro3its* I N%st wrote another )ook and another sales letter. I reali,ed I was on to so+ethin&. "nd soon +/ p%)lishin& e+pire W nterprise #%)lishin& W e?panded to incl%de 19 other )est;sellin& )%siness )ooks. !ro+ nterprise I created an incorporatin& serBice co+pan/ called The Co+pan/ Corporation which has &rown to )eco+e the largest incorporating company in the !orld. I was a s%ccess* /es* )%t I was a 3ool. I was leaBin& +illions o3 dollars on the ta)le and I didnCt reali,e it. I was so s%ccess3%l at &eneratin& new )%siness that I had 3ailed to take adBanta&e o3 the tho%sands o3 satis3ied c%sto+ers who were literally !ishing that / !ould sell them something ne!.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

This )ook will help /o% aBoid the +istake I +ade. ItCs a +istake that cost +e a lot o3 +one/ )e3ore I @&ot wiseA to the lifetime :alue of customers. I3 /o% ask the worldCs +ost s%ccess3%l sales people* the/Cll tell /o% that 3indin&* and sellin& to* new c%sto+ers is act%all/ one o3 the hardest tasks the/ haBe. (o% haBe to &et the tr%st o3 /o%r prospectiBe c%sto+er* &et onto their leBel* and do a lot o3 le&work. (o% also haBe to -%ali3/ the c%sto+er* and see whether the/ can act%all/ )%/ /o%r prod%ct. It can )e a len&th/ processK O3 co%rse* your e0isting customers are already familiar !ith you. (o% pro)a)l/ donCt need to conBince the+ o3 /o%r relia)ilit/. "3ter all* the/ wo%ldnCt haBe ori&inall/ )o%&ht 3ro+ /o% i3 the/ tho%&ht /o% were cra,/* wo%ld the/J (o%CBe deBeloped a rep%tation Ehope3%ll/ &oodKG and /o% can %se this to /o%r adBanta&e. The onl/ thin& that co%ld da+a&e /o%r chances o3 sellin& to e?istin& c%sto+ers is when /o%r c%sto+ers haBe &en%ine co+plaints a)o%t /o%r serBice. I3 /o%Cre not relia)le and o33er a poor serBice* then donCt rel/ on )ein& a)le to sell to e?istin& c%sto+ers. O3 co%rse* +ost o3 /o% treat /o%r c%sto+ers in hi&h re&ardO the/Cre the li3e)lood o3 /o%r )%sinessesK "nd once /o% &et the li3e)lood 3lowin& contin%o%sl/* /o%r cash3low and pro3its will s%r&e. $etCs &et startedK

Chapter 2


"ccordin& to the U.S. S+all 4%siness "d+inistration* itCs +%ch easier to dr%+ %p additional )%siness 3ro+ preBio%s c%sto+ers than it is to 3ind new c%sto+ers. The S4" eBen &oes as 3ar as to sa/ that itCs =4; easier to con:ert a sale 3ro+ so+eone /o% sold to in the past. In the ne?t pa&es* ICll o%tline a series o3 practical* a33orda)le* /o%; donCt;haBe;to;)e;a;rocket;scientist techni-%es that can start addin& ,eroes to /o%r )otto+ line in a +atter o3 +onths* i3 not weeks. The/Cll help /o% deepen /o%r relationship with e?istin& c%sto+ers and stren&then the ties that )ind cons%+ers to /o%r )%siness so that the/ )%/ 3ro+ /o% a&ain and a&ain* reco++end /o%r )%siness to 3riends* and contin%e to &enerate pro3its. In order to +ake /o%r second sale and the ones that co+e a3ter that* /o% need to +ake the 3irst one...and /o% need to +ake it ri&ht.

(o%r 3irst sale is the 3o%ndation that /o% )%ild on. DonCt let it )e shak/.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Tactic O% D Mill Them !ith Fuality

Nothin& is +ore i+portant than the -%alit/ o3 /o%r pri+ar/ prod%ct. It is the centerpiece o3 /o%r )%siness and how well it deliBers on the )ene3its it pro+ises will deter+ine whether /o%r c%sto+ers are disappointed* satis3ied* or so thrilled that the/ wo%ld )%/ an/thin& else /o% haBe to sell. How do /o% de3ine a @-%alit/A prod%ctJ ThatCs a &ood -%estion. " -%alit/ prod%ct is one that meets its consumerEs needs better than most competitors. 1here the )ene3its are so )lindin&l/ o)Bio%s* the prospect sees it and sa/s @ThatCs e?actl/ what I need* itCs worth eBer/ penn/ and +ore* and ICBe &ot to haBe it.A " -%alit/ prod%ct is so+eti+es the GfirstH to sol:e a problem. Or itCs a sta&&erin&* a -%ant%+ leap impro:ement o:er any pre:ious offerings. Or itCs so+ethin& thatCs o33ered at an affordable price that was once aBaila)le onl/ to the Ber/* Ber/ rich. TedEs Story P dding Lalue #ersonall/* I like to @killA with -%alit/ and combine all of these attributes into +/ prod%cts. I loBe )ein& the 3irst a%thor to tackle a s%)Nect s%ch as sel3;incorporation witho%t le&al 3ees. 8/ approach is to asto%nd +/ c%sto+ers with more :alue for their money. I 3i&%re ICBe onl/ &ot one chance to +ake a &ood 3irst i+pression and I do that )/ )%lkin& %p +/ o33ers with Bal%e;added e?tras. $ike thisD The 8illion Dollar Cop/writin& 4ootca+p 10 CD Set wL<2 pa&e work)ook* pl%s 3 Special Bonus 'eports...

19 Tactics 3or Increasin& #ro3its Now

How To 1rite :iller Cop/ $%ck/ 17 Secrets o3 a S%ccess3%l Order !or+ 8a&ic Transitions ' 95 8a&ic #hrases That "l+ost Co+pel Readership I tr%l/ want people who p%rchase the 4ootca+p to s%cceed. "nd ICBe thrown in eBer/thin& )%t the kitchen sink to +ake s%re that the/ do. The/ reward +e 3or +/ &enerosit/ )/ )%/in& 3ro+ +e a&ain and a&ain. Ted knows what heCs talkin& a)o%t. 1hen /o% )end oBer )ackwards 3or people* the/ appreciate it. The/ )e&in to tr%st /o% and 3eel &rate3%l to /o% 3or &iBin& the+ so +%ch 3or so little. That &ratit%de can )e le:eraged to your ad:antage in the best" most ethical possible !ay. " satis3ied c%sto+er is +ore likel/ to )%/ 3ro+ /o% a&ain and enco%ra&e other people to )e /o%r c%sto+ers* too. "nd nothin& satis3ies like a !R 4ONUS o33er.

The Bonus )ffer

1e +ake )%/in& decisions )ased on e+otionsO /o%CBe no do%)t heard that state+ent )e3ore. HoweBer* )ein& rational* thinkin& and lo&ical h%+ans* we also +%st N%sti3/ o%r decision to )%/. 1e do that )/ conBincin& o%rselBes there is eno%&h Bal%e to N%sti3/ o%r e+otional decision. (o% read a sales letter* are intri&%ed )/ the headline. (o%r attention is kept thro%&h the 3irst para&raph and /o% decide that /o% want the prod%ct or serBice )ased on )ene3it state+ents /o% relate to. (o%r prospect checks the price ' and itCs so+ewhat hi&her than the/ anticipated.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

4%/ers wonCt %s%all/ &iBe %p at this point. The/ will act%all/ atte+pt a Bal%e calc%lation )/ re;lookin& at what the/ &et. ThatCs where /o%r )on%ses can +ake a )i& di33erence ' the/ either N%sti3/ the cost and click /o%r order )%tton* or the/ are &one 3oreBer. Care3%ll/ chosen* hi&h -%alit/* releBant )on%ses can )oost the perceiBed Bal%e o3 /o%r prod%ct or serBice sk/;hi&h. "nd eBer/one loBes to &et so+ethin& 3or 3reeK

Nicholas Nugget So+eti+es* people act%all/ )%/ a prod%ct N%st )eca%se the/ want the )on%ses )ein& o33eredK ICBe done it +/sel3. HaBenCt /o%J
dding Lalue /snEt E0pensi:e" Especially ,ercei-ed 0a$ue In case /o%Cre wonderin& how /o%Cll )oost pro3its when /o%Cre essentiall/ @&iBin& awa/ the +ilk 3or 3ree*A /o% sho%ld consider this... The cost o3 creatin& a @killerA )on%s need not )e hi&h at all. Indeed* it can )e s%rprisin&l/ cheapK 1hat +atters is that it co+ple+ents or s%pple+ents the Bal%e o3 the prod%ct or serBice )ein& o33ered. The ke/ point on e33ectiBel/ %sin& )on%ses to enhance /o%r online +arketin& )%siness res%lts is to stand o%t 3ro+ the crowd in the )est possi)le wa/ and distin&%ish /o%rsel3 as the @so%rceA 3or added Bal%e. In &ood econo+ic ti+es* and especiall/ in )ad ones* eBer/one wants +ore 3or their +one/. "nd the/Cll re+e+)er kindl/ an/ )%siness that helps the+ &et it. I pro+ise /o% that i3 /o% create a

19 Tactics 3or Increasin& #ro3its Now

hi&h;Bal%e )on%s* /o% will see i++ediate positiBe res%lts as well as lon&;lastin& one. Take a la,/ approach to )on%s and o33er so+ethin& that is o3 little interest to /o%r c%sto+er or readil/ aBaila)le on the Internet 3or 3ree* and /o%Cll see res%lts* too. C%sto+ers who neBer )%/ 3ro+ /o% a&ain. The perceiBed Bal%e o3 a shodd/ )on%s is $ SS TH"N X RO. " )on%s packa&e o3 hastil/ thrown to&ether 3ree)ies can HURT /o%r sales +ore than help the+. I3 /o% canCt &en%inel/ add Bal%e to a p%rchase* donCt tr/ to 3ake it. (o% wonCt 3ool an/one. /tEs Bonus Time > gain and gain? !inall/* the -%estion isD 1hen sho%ld )on%ses )e +entioned in a sales processJ arl/ and o3tenK $etCs sa/ /o%Cre writin& a sales letter... (o% co%ld +ention )on%ses N%st %nder the headline to p%sh the @sel3;interestA hot )%tton o3 /o%r c%sto+er

(o% can +ention a ti+e;sensitiBe )on%s on the order 3or+ to p%sh the @ICll lose o%t i3 I donCt act nowA )%tton

Contin%o%sl/ add )on%ses* one a3ter another* thro%&ho%t the letter %ntil the c%+%latiBe e33ect is irresisti)le.

1hateBer /o% do* sell the (ene&it o3 /o%r )on%ses. Re+e+)er* /o%r o33er will o3ten stand or 3all on )on%ses alone.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Nicholas Nugget $ist the dollar Bal%e )eside each 3ree )on%s /o% o33er. Then )e s%re to re3er to the total Bal%e o3 all the )on%ses to&ether. This adds tre+endo%s perceiBed Bal%e to /o%r o33er
4on%ses that are di33erent* releBant and o3 hi&h perceiBed Bal%e will o3ten do%)le or eBen triple /o%r sales. ItCs happened to +e. Now letCs +ake it happen 3or you.

Plan of ttack K ction Steps

Here are < power;packed )on%s ideas to increase /o%r sales )/ addin& tre+endo%s Bal%e in a wa/ that doesnCt )reak /o%r )ank.

5orksheet or (hecklist D This is a cons%+er 3aBorite. ItCs the per3ect adN%nct to e;learnin& prod%cts. In 3act* I know so+e people who %se worksheets and checklists as upsells Eprod%cts that co+ple+ent the ori&inal saleG I3 /o% haBe a product that e0plains a series of steps* processes* techni-%es or strate&ies to /o%r c%sto+ers* then p%llin& those into a checklist can )e e?tre+el/ si+ple and e33ectiBe. Checklists are also wonder3%l )on%ses to %se 3or tele-seminars* coaching sessions* consulting ser:ices" seminars and other educational opportunities.


Short Summary P I3 /o% haBe an e4ook thatCs h%ndreds o3 pa&es lon&* or an a%dio or Bideo prod%ct that is co+prehensiBe* /o% can o33er a s%++ar/ or condensation o3 /o%r prod%ct. S%++ari,e the ke/ points into 7;< pa&es and /o% will haBe created a hi&h;Bal%e )on%s witho%t haBin& to create additional content.

19 Tactics 3or Increasin& #ro3its Now


udio or Lideo (lip P This is the 3lipside o3 the s%&&estion a)oBe. I3 /o% are +arketin& an e4ook* /o% can o33er a related a%dio clip or Bideo that helps co++%nicate /o%r point* de+onstrate a techni-%e* or show an e?a+ple that is related to the te?t. /nter:ie!s are a &reat wa/ to -%ickl/ &enerate hi&h;Bal%e )on%ses. " 1<;22 +in%te telephone interBiew /ields a 1;2 +e&a)/te a%dio 3ile that can proBe Ber/ Bal%a)le to /o%r c%sto+er )ase ' as lon& as it is directl/ related to /o%r content.


Technology and Soft!are I I3 /o% are sellin& a )ook on !ore? Tradin& and how to +ake it )i& in 3orei&n e?chan&e +arkets* i+a&ine how &rate3%l /o%r c%sto+ers wo%ld )e to receiBe )on%s so3tware that +akes it si+pler and -%icker to appl/ /o%r techni-%es. So3tware has a hi&h perceiBed Bal%e. "nd the )ea%t/ is that the Internet is rich with 3ree or trial so3tware that /o% can add to /o%r o33er at no cost. at is a &reat reso%rce 3or reBiews and 3ree)ies. Select @"dBanced SearchA link in %pper ri&ht hand corner and select di33erent $icense options in the drop;down list. "nother option is to hire a deBeloper to create a si+ple so3tware application /o% can o33er as a )on%s.


Bundled Products I This is another area where ICBe had a lot o3 personal s%ccess. (o% can create add;ons that increase the Bal%e o3 the thin&s /o%Cre sellin&. !or e?a+ple* TedCs 8illion Dollar Cop/writin& 4ootca+p packa&e is an 10;CD set that co+es with a <2; pa&e work)ook and three )on%s reportsD How To 1rite :iller Cop/ $%ck/ 17 Secrets o3 a S%ccess3%l Order !or+

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

8a&ic Transitions ' 95 8a&ic #hrases That "l+ost Co+pel Readership

The list a)oBe sho%ld open /o%r +ind to all the di33erent thin&s /o% can do to add :alue !ithout adding e0pense. (o%r i+a&ination is the li+it to what /o% can do in /o%r own )%siness. So I %r&e /o% to think )e/ond the speci3ic pro)le+s that /o%r pri+ar/ prod%ct or serBice alleBiates 3or /o%r c%sto+er. 1hat $S can /o% do to +ake their liBes )etterJ

Chapter 3

Tactic / 4T"rn E5er' Call Into Opport"nit'

"t a recent con3erence* an e?cited wo+an r%shed %p to +e. She had called the traBel s%ppl/ catalo& 8a&ellanCs* and when she listed the prod%cts she wanted to order* the phone rep asked her how the/ were &oin& to )e %sed. 4ased on her answers* he s%&&ested other prod%cts that wo%ld )etter serBe her needs. The shopper was deli&hted with his reco++endations and ended %p &oin& onl/ sli&htl/ oBer her )%d&et. @ICll )e a 8a&ellanCs catalo& c%sto+er 3or li3e* as lon& as I &et that personali,ed treat+ent*A she told +e. @It was a VwowV e?perienceKA How +an/ c%sto+ers are likel/ to sa/ that a)o%t /o%J Do /o% @wowA c%sto+ers while increasin& /o%r co+pan/Cs reBen%eJ (o% can...i3 /o% learn how to &o )e/ond serBice to sales. 8an/ )%siness ownersC 3ear and resist cross sellin& and %psellin&* or proactiBel/ s%&&estin& related or %nrelated ite+s that +a/ increase

the si,e or dollar a+o%nt o3 an order. The/ think itCs @p%sh/A or @%npro3essional.A

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

These 3eelin&s &et passed alon& to sales sta33s who the+selBes )e&in to see @sellin&A as a ne&atiBe. 4%t hold on a +in%teK Done adroitl/ witho%t )ein& p%sh/ or see+in& to 3orce %nwanted ite+s on the c%sto+er* cross sellin& and %psellin& are e?tre+el/ e33ectiBe wa/s to increase re:enue by ser:ing customers needs. ThatCs a &ood thin& 3or eBer/one.

Here is the &ood news. The hardest sale /o% will eBer +ake to a c%sto+er is the 3irst one. 1ith the 3irst sale* i3 /o% deliBer on /o%r pro+ise to the c%sto+er* /o% esta)lish a +%t%all/;)ene3icial relationship. The c%sto+er &ets what he or she wants* and /o% &et what /o% want. "lso* once /o% haBe receiBed a @/esA co++it+ent 3ro+ a c%sto+er* itCs easier to contin%e the positiBe pattern o3 contin%ed @/esesA. The c%sto+er 3inds it hard to )reak the a33ir+atiBe se-%ence. (o% then will haBe the opport%nit/ to %psell the+.

Nicholas Nugget Ber/ ti+e an/ c%sto+er contacts /o% )/ telephone* e+ail 3a?* personal Bisit* alwa/s* alwa/s* alwa/s &iBe hi+Lher a chance to )%/ +ore o3 /o%r prod%cts witho%t an/ sales press%re whatsoeBer. M%st the a)oBe si+ple* )%t power3%l* approach has p%t +illions o3 e?tra dollars in sales in +/ acco%nts. "nd )illions 3or +/ clients as well. "nd it will p%t a 3ort%ne in /o%r acco%nt too.

Tactic =2 I T%rn Ber/ Call Into Opport%nit/

Done properl/* eBer/one wins. (o% &et a sale* o3 co%rse* )%t /o%r c%sto+ers learn how to 3i? a pro)le+ that the/ tho%&ht co%ldnCt )e solBed %ntil /o% showed the+ the li&ht. Does this s%rprise /o%J It sho%ldnCt. 8ore o3ten than not* prospects donEt ha:e a clue !hat youEre selling. So itCs /o%r No) to ed%cate the+. There are +an/ thin&s /o% a)sol%tel/ +%st do to +a?i+i,e /o%r s%ccess in this area incl%din& %sin&D Ted NicholasE (hoice Fuestions 1hen so+eone calls or Bisits /o%r )%siness* ne:er ask for an order. "nd donCt pose a sin&le -%estion which can )e answered with a one word* @no.A 1h/J 92Q o3 the ti+e it will )e answered with that one word* and that closes the door on /o%r dialo&%e. Instead o3 /es;no -%estions* ask choice -%estions that open the door to a conBersation a)o%t enhanced )ene3its* a33orda)le price* and other cons%+er;3riendl/ topics

5ould you like the standard or delu0e :ersionJ >/f you donEt ha:e a delu0e :ersion" create oneN?

5ould you like rush deli:ery for Tuesday or ThursdayJ Before !e finish this order" !ould you like to hear about an ama@ing special !e are running #ust for todayJ "lwa/s +ake a second o33er wheneBer an/one orders. I3 the c%sto+er sa/s @Thanks* )%t no thanks*A neBer appl/ an/ press%re. Si+pl/ sa/* @Thank /o% 3or /o%r order. 1e know /o%Cll )e Ber/

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

pleased with it. "nd we hope to hear 3ro+ /o% soon. 6ood)/e 3or now.A 5hy Upselling /s So Profitable Upsells are those wonder3%l little e?tras and %p&rades that +ake a &ood p%rchase )etter in the cons%+ersC e/es and +ore pro3ita)le in /o%rs. HereCs how.... " c%sto+er )%/s a F2<*222 a%to+o)ile* with +onthl/ 3inance pa/+ents o3 F79<. "t that leBel o3 inBest+ent* the new owner will pro)a)l/ not o)Nect to spendin& an additional F2 per +onth 3or %pholster/ protection. F2 a +onth is practicall/ nothin& to the car )%/er. !or the dealer; howeBer* that additional sale is si&ni3icant. OBer 90 +onths it adds %p to a F90 sale. Now so+e wo%ld sa/ that a F90 sale on a F2<*222 Behicle is onl/ a +ini+al increase in the oBerall sale. 1h/ waste /o%r ti+eJ 8/ ar&%+ent is that i3 it onl/ takes 72 seconds to tack on an e?tra F90 to the sale. $etCs sa/ an e+plo/ee is paid F22 per ho%r. Do the +ath. The 72 seconds it takes to %psell the %pholster/ protection @costsA /o%r )%siness a)o%t 15 cents. I3 it onl/ costs the co+pan/ %2 cents to make $81* thatCs a h%&e ret%rn on inBest+ent. The 3act that itCs attached to a F2<*222 sale is co+pletel/ irreleBant. So* %psellin& is one o3 the hi&hest and )est %ses o3 /o%r ti+e. Upsells are %s%all/ s+all p%rchases that the )%/er doesnCt haBe to p%t a lot o3 tho%&ht into. The )on%s is the/ can )e e?tre+el/ pro3ita)le 3or /o% as the sales person and 3or /o%r or&ani,ation. "n/one can %psell. " waitress asks @Do /o% want 3ries with thatJA or @1o%ld /o% like /o%r pie a la +ode with ice crea+JA " shoe

Tactic =2 I T%rn Ber/ Call Into Opport%nit/

salesperson +i&ht s%&&est that when /o% )%/ a pair o3 shoes that /o% also %se so+e weatherproo3 spra/.

3 Meys to ,a0imi@e Profits !ith Upselling

The )est part o3 %psellin& is that itCs practically effortless. Since itCs done a3ter the c%sto+er has decided to &o ahead with a +aNor p%rchase* the hard part o3 the sales conBersation has alread/ )een done. (o%CBe alread/ esta)lished rapport* identi3ied needs* s%++ari,ed* presented )ene3its* asked 3or the order and handled o)Nections. Upsellin& is N%st presentin& the in3or+ation in a @)/;the;wa/A ass%+ptiBe +anner

Upselling Mey O% PUpsell Sensibly Sa/ a c%sto+er p%rchases an e;)ook 3ro+ /o%r we)site. Instead o3 tr/in& to %psell /o%r c%sto+er on a F7*222 se+inar heLshe needs to attend in person* o33er a F95 tele; class that teaches the work 3ro+ the e;)ook.

Upselling Mey O< P S!eeten the .eal !ith Sales /ncenti:es Once /o%CBe +ade the 3irst sale* o33er a disco%nt on the second ite+. 6iBe the c%sto+er a 12Q disco%nt o33 their 3irst teleclass. So+eti+es a Ber/ s+all price )reak is eno%&h to &et that e?tra sale.

Upselling Mey O3 P /dentify Buying Patterns Take note o3 how +an/ c%sto+ers who p%rchase e;)ooks also )%/ tele;classes. This kind o3 in3or+ation tells /o% what ite+s to pitch and when. (o%r &rasp o3 +arket research will i+press potential )%/ers as well.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Nicholas Nugget "re /o% 3a+iliar with the concept o3 @herd +entalit/AJ ItCs a ps/cholo&ical ter+ that e?plains wh/ people tend to do what others aro%nd the+ are doin&. "s a +arketer* I so+eti+es think o3 this as the @Herd 8entalit/A. ThatCs )eca%se when cons%+ers learn* 3or e?a+ple* that @92Q o3 the people who )o%&ht this e;)ook also p%rchased the tele;se+inarA it +i&ht tip the+ towards +akin& that e?tra p%rchase* too. E"+a, %ses this techni-%e H R( s%ccess3%ll/G
"lso* +ake s%re that /o% incl%de an %psale opport%nit/ in /o%r a%toresponder within /o%r shoppin& cart. !or e?a+ple* so+eone )%/s an e;)ook. In /o%r a%toresponder* thank the+ 3or their p%rchase and ask the+ i3 the/ wo%ld like to re&ister 3or the teleclass on the sa+e s%)Nect 3or a disco%nt.

The 3 Biggest ,istakes /n Upselling

So i3 it is so eas/* /o% +i&ht )e askin&* how can I &o wron&J Nothin&* i3 /o% aBoid these +istakesD

Upselling ,istake O% P No )ne sks G.o *ou 5ant Fries 5ith ThatJH (o% hear it 3ro+ )%siness owners...3ailin& )%siness owners...all the ti+eD @I hate to sellA* @I donCt want to )other peopleA* and the eBer pop%lar @The/ are pro)a)l/ &oin& to sa/ noA. I know this %psellin& )%siness +i&ht all so%nd a )it contriBed* )%t let +e introd%ce another perspectiBe.

4e3ore we &o 3%rther...

Tactic =2 I T%rn Ber/ Call Into Opport%nit/

IC+ ass%+in& that /o% onl/ proBide top;notch prod%cts and serBices that can +ake /o%r c%sto+ers li3e easier and +ore enNo/a)le* otherwise %psellin& wonCt help /o% s%cceed. "ct%all/* i3 /o%Cre sellin& &ar)a&e* /o% donCt deserBe to s%cceed. Sorr/. So think o3 it this wa/* i3 /o% haBe &ood in3or+ation or a -%alit/ prod%ct that co%ld help people i+proBe the their liBes* /o% wo%ld act%all/ )e doin& a disser*ice to the+ i3 /o% donCt share the news.

Upselling ,istake O< D The GSellerH /s Pushy" 'ather Than Ielpful How can /o% aBoid thisJ 4ein& ass%+ptiBe is the ke/. (o%CBe &ot to ass%+e that the c%sto+er will nat%rall/ want /o%r prod%ct or serBice. 4e&in the %psell with a )rie3 )ene3it* and then i3 possi)le* add so+ethin& %ni-%e a)o%t what /o%Cre sellin&.

To aBoid so%ndin& p%sh/* partic%larl/ i3 the %psell re-%ires so+e ela)oration* ask 3or the c%sto+erCs per+ission to descri)e it.

Upselling ,istake O3 K The Upselling Cacks Ieart This iss%e reall/ links )ack to the o)Nects +ade in +istake n%+)er one* which is &ettin& co+3orta)le with sellin& in &eneral. I3 /o%Cre e+)arrassed a)o%t what /o%Cre doin&* thatCs &oin& to co+e across.

On the other hand* i3 /o% tr%l/ )elieBe in /o%r prod%cts or serBice and &en%inel/ 3eel that /o% haBe so+ethin& o3 Bal%e to o33er* let the )%/er see /o%r passion. I3 /o% donCtTit is ti+e to &o )ack to the drawin& )oard

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

8 5ays to Energi@e *our Upselling

"ltho%&h %psellin& techni-%es Bar/ &reatl/ )ased on what a +erchant sells* the 3ollowin& tips sho%ld work 3or /o%D

Upsell Tip O% D (onsistently Position Upsells )n 5eb Site Product Pages $ook at /o%r we) pa&es* /o%r printed catalo&* or eBen /o%r displa/s to 3ind the +ost strate&ic points to place %psell o33ers. The critical point to )ear in +ind is that /o% want to ed%cate the shopper. In other words* +ake s%re the/ know where to 3ind eBer/ related ite+. "lso* cross;sellin& is a)o%t in3or+in& /o%r c%sto+ers a)o%t the depth o3 /o%r selection. The/ alread/ know /o% sell* sa/* DHDs. Use /o%r cross;sellL%p;sell o33ers to let the+ know /o% also sell DHD pla/ers.

Upsell Tip O< D (apture Cast ,inute Sales at (heckout I3 /o% can onl/ place %psells in one spot* this is the spot to do it. !or e?a+ple* once a c%sto+er has placed ite+s in his online shoppin& cart and &oes to the check;o%t pa&e to co+plete the sale* /o% can place hot prod%cts ri&ht there. The cons%+er electronics retailer Cr%tch3ield* 3or e?a+ple* %ses its check;o%t pa&e to ask c%sto+ers i3 thereCs an/ related &ear the/ need* like )atteries or connectin& wires. Clothin& e;tailers will present an o33er like* @/o% )o%&ht the pants* do /o% want the shirtJA " s%rBe/ done )/ the ;Tailin& 6ro%p indicated that 70Q o3 e; co++erce sites %se this tactic.

Tactic =2 I T%rn Ber/ Call Into Opport%nit/

Nicholas Nugget It is %s%all/ )est to o33er a +i? o3 price points at the check;o%t pa&e. (o% donCt want to o33er a F1*222 ite+ at the end o3 the sale. "lso* donCt 3or&et one o3 the &reat tr%ths o3 e;tailin&D low;cost ite+s +ake i+p%lse p%rchases +ore likel/.
8erchants %se two di33erent technolo&ies to +ake these last; +in%te shoppin& cart o33ersD The/ either %se a relational database or the/ +ake a &eneric o33er. 8erchants with lar&e )%d&ets %se a data)ase that relates past )%/in& patterns to link the speci3ic ite+s a c%sto+er has in their cart with pro)a)le cross;sells. !or e;tailers that donCt haBe an e?pensiBe data)ase on their site* itCs still e33ectiBe to si+pl/ post a best-guess generic offer on this pa&e.

Nicholas Nugget ItCs not a &ood idea to oBerwhel+ /o%r shopper with too +an/ cross;sell choices. The reco++endation is to li+it the o33ers to no +ore than three s%&&estions per prod%ct pa&e. #%t the top three o3 the top ten best-selling products on /o%r checko%t pa&e. Or* o33er so+ethin& reall/ new* or a product !ith current bu@@.

Upsell in *our Emails 1hile cross;sells can )e incl%ded in all c%sto+er e;+ails* incl%din& s%pport and prod%ct in-%ir/ replies* one e;+ail is partic%larl/ &ood 3or these o33ersD the post-order confirmation message sent out !ith e:ery purchase. The recipient* a3ter all* is a c%sto+er who has alread/ )o%&ht 3ro+ /o%* so placin& an additional prod%ct idea N%st a click

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

awa/ is a si&ni3icant sales )ooster. 4arnes Y No)le* 3or e?a+ple* sends o%t a list o3 @&reat dealsA with its con3ir+ation e;+ails. Clothin& retailer The 6ap re+inds c%sto+ers o3 its 3ree shippin& with order o3 F122 or +ore. O33ice s%ppl/ store Staples hi&hli&hts weekl/ specials with links )ack to the site Upsell Tip O9 D Be Sure the Upsells re 'ele:ant Online +erchants haBe lon& e?peri+ented with placin& related ite+s on each prod%ct pa&e. The/Cll o33er a hat ne?t to &loBes* a )racelet near a necklace. In the earl/ da/s o3 e;co++erce* al+ost an/thin& +i&ht haBe )een presented as a cross;sell* )%t +erchants haBe )eco+e a lot +ore saBB/ a)o%t +akin& releBant o33ers. Cookin&.co+* 3or e?a+ple* presents a 8i?+aster with e?tra )eaters. Hewlett #ackard* with its sprawlin& inBentor/* takes it seBeral steps 3%rther* o33erin& a co+plete naBi&ational tool)ar ' a ta) 3or eBer/ cate&or/ ' which presents a 3%ll arra/ o3 related co+p%ter &ear. I3 the atte+pted cross;sell isnCt tr%l/ related to the ori&inal p%rchases* howeBer* itCs +%ch less likel/ to prod%ce a sale.

Upsell Tip O4 D Cet n E0pert .o *our Upsell This can )e one o3 the +ost potent wa/s to pi-%e /o%r shoppersC interest. #resent prod%ct reco++endations positioned as @O%r ?perts S%&&estA or @O%r Shoppin& "ssistant Tho%&ht (o% 1o%ld $ike...A

"&ain* releBanc/ is essential here. 4oth the wordin& o3 the o33er and the o33er itsel3 +%st +ake it clear to shoppers that the e?pert reco++endation tr%l/ relates to the p%rchase the/Cre considerin&. Otherwise* a la%ndr/ list o3 e?pert reco++endations will res%lt in little )ene3it.

Tactic =2 I T%rn Ber/ Call Into Opport%nit/

Upsell Tip O= K Sell /n Bundles One o3 the newer trends in e;co++erce is the @shop )/ o%t3it*A concept* in which an entire ense+)le is o33ered as a packa&e deal. 8ost people are 3a+iliar with this idea in clothin& sales* )%t it is also %se3%l with +ake;%p* 3%rnit%re packa&es* )%siness; in;a;)o? o33ers* etc. This takes adBanta&e o3 a techni-%e that )rick and +ortar stores haBe %sed 3or /ears. Seein& the whole packa&e* the cons%+er thinks* @Oh* I need "$$ these ite+sA. It is an all;incl%siBe approach to %psellin&.

Upsell Tip O2 D Use Promotional )ffers as Enticements speciall/ e33ectiBe in pro+otional %psellin& are limited time offers* phrased like thisD @Take adBanta&e o3 this o33er )/ the end o3 the week and /o%Cll &et a red%ced price.A Or* i3 a cons%+er )%/s +%ltiple ite+s* the/ &et a percenta&e disco%nt. "nd hereCs so+ethin& /o%r @inner acco%ntantA will likeD the disco%nt doesnCt haBe to )e Ber/ hi&h. (o% N%st need to &iBe the c%sto+er a sense the/Cre saBin& +one/.

Upsell Tip O1 D )ffer 'elated SE'L/(ES s 5ell s Products 1ithin speci3ic cate&ories ' electronics* 3or e?a+ple ' the e?tended warrant/ is a +aNor pro3it center. (et* eBen a )%siness that canCt o33er an e?tra warrant/ can %psell a related serBice. These related serBice o33ers +i&ht inBolBe an in;store Bisit* or* the eBer pop%lar 3ree installation o3 a prod%ct. "nother possi)ilit/ is o33erin& related in3or+ation* whether itCs a 3ree instr%ctional +an%al or )ook* or a li+ited ti+e o33er o3 3ree s%pport .

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Upsell Tip O8 D Use the /nternet to Test" 'efine" and Po!er-Up *our )ffers On the Internet* chan&in& an %psell o33er +a/ )e as eas/ as si+pl/ chan&in& a link on /o%r we) site. That +akes testin& eas/. So itCs in /o%r )est interest to e?peri+ent to deter+ine which pro+otional o33er is )est...with @)estA )ein& de3ined as the o33er that conBerts the +ost prospects. The ke/ here is to :ary your price points on o33ers to &et a co+plete %nderstandin& o3 what price %psells work in an/ &iBen season or sit%ation. I3 /o%r aBera&e price is F52* /o% +i&ht tr/ %psells with ite+s that are F7< or F<2 and also a @packa&e dealA at F9<* +i?in& and +atchin& the o33ers to see what &ets response.

Nicholas Nugget "re /o%r siteCs c%sto+ers willin& to opt 3or hi&her %psells in the s%++erJ 1hat a)o%t d%rin& the holida/sJ I3 /o% can* chan&e /o%r %psells to re3lect the chan&in& season. It +akes the+ +ore i++ediate and +ore )elieBa)le. (ross-Selling
Upsellin& is the practice o3 o33erin& c%sto+ers a prod%ct in addition to the prod%ct the/ are c%rrentl/ p%rchasin&. (ross-selling refers to selling items that are related or can be integrated !ith the item being sold. Cross;sellin& is when call centers %se a techni-%e si+ilar to the one %sed in in)o%nd tele+arketin&* where a call center a&ent noti3ies the cons%+er o3 related prod%cts or serBices that are si+ilar to the prod%ct or serBice the/ were ori&inall/ interested in. " &ood e?a+ple

Tactic =2 I T%rn Ber/ Call Into Opport%nit/

)ein& i3 /o% haBe a cons%+er that wants to )%/ a #C* the/ +a/ also want to p%rchase anti;Bir%s so3tware or wireless )road)and. In this case* i3 /o% contin%e to remind your customers o3 the additional thin&s /o% sell the/ will )e enco%ra&ed to ret%rn to /o% in the 3%t%re* there3ore re+ainin& c%sto+ers o3 /o%rs. (ross-selling &iBes /o% the chance to reco&ni,e c%sto+ersC needs and to +eet those needs with a %se3%l prod%ct or serBice. Cross; sellin& is not sellin& at allO itCs a Bal%a)le client serBice. 1hen done correctl/* cross;sellin& 3eels like Gcross-helping.H It is the affirmati:e" ongoing process of anticipating your customersE needs so that /o% can +a?i+i,e the serBices /o% proBide and* th%s* create c%sto+ers 3or li3e. !or an attorne/* 3or e?a+ple* cross;sellin& +eans s%&&estin& to eBer/ client that itCs time to draft a !ill. Cross;sellin& allows /o% to +ake +ore prod%ctiBe %se o3 reso%rces that /o% +i&ht otherwise waste in tr/in& to attract prospects with who+ /o% haBe no relationship. Instead* it helps /o% take care o3 people with who+ /o% haBe alread/ esta)lished so+e +eas%re o3 tr%st. One o3 the )est wa/s to cross;sell is to gi:e a ne! client a tour o3 /o%r place o3 )%siness. "s /o% +ake the ro%nds* /o%Cll haBe a chance to talk a)o%t /o%r co+pan/Cs additional prod%cts or serBices and sa/ nice thin&s a)o%t sta33 and )%siness processes. !or a )ricks;and;+ortar co+pan/* this has the added )ene3it o3 +akin& /o%r c%sto+er 3eel welco+e and 3a+iliar with the s%rro%ndin&s* rather than knowin& onl/ the path 3ro+ the 3ront door to the sales desk.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Nicholas Nugget Cross;sellin& is not so +%ch an actiBit/ as it is a 3ra+e o3 +ind that allows /o% to look )e/ond solBin& /o%r clientsC i++ediate pro)le+s* to )e attentiBe to all o3 their needs* and to co++%nicate sensi)le and well;conceiBed s%&&estions that will help keep the+ o%t o3 tro%)le. ThatCs the kind of caring that cements client relationships.
"s a wise person once saidD @#eople donCt care how +%ch /o% know %ntil the/ know how +%ch /o% care.A

= (ross-Sells of the )nline Pros

The +ain cross;sellin& techni-%es that haBe proBen the+selBes in the online +erchandisin& +arketplace areD

Same product" !ith promotion. This o33er t/pe works )est when %sed in re;+arketin& to indiBid%als who a)andoned /o%r we) site. Tr/ %sin& it in e+ails /o% send to prod%ct a)andoners Similar product. This o33er t/pe works )est in e+ail re; +arketin& e33orts* and on prod%ct detail pa&es. !or e?a+ple* i3 so+eone Biews a B;neck red wool sweater* tr/ o33erin& the+ a t%rtleneck red wool sweater (ompeting product. This o33er t/pe works )est on prod%ct detail pa&es. !or e?a+ple* i3 so+eone Biews a )rand na+e prod%ct* tr/ o33erin& the+ the sa+e prod%ct in a di33erent )rand (omplementary item. This o33er t/pe works )est in the shoppin& cart and order stat%s pa&es* and in the call center. !or

Tactic =2 I T%rn Ber/ Call Into Opport%nit/

e?a+ple* i3 so+eone Biews a Hi&h De3inition TH* tr/ o33erin& the+ a DHD pla/er with 1202 %p;conBersion

ccessory item. $ike co+ple+entar/ ite+s* accessories work )est in the shoppin& cart and order stat%s pa&es* and in the call center. !or e?a+ple* i3 so+eone Biews an in3lata)le ra3t* tr/ o33erin& the+ an air p%+p .isco:ery product. DiscoBer/ prod%cts work )est on prod%ct detail pa&es. DiscoBer/ ite+s are non;int%itiBe* data;driBen o33ers. !or e?a+ple* Bisitors Biewin& the latest* trendiest ite+s +i&ht also p%rchase other trend/ prod%cts* eBen i3 the/ are %nrelated to the other trend/ ite+

Front End cAuisition :s. Back End Sales

Online internet )%sinesses are o3ten in the )%siness o3 attractin& and sellin& to new clients. The strate&ies 3or sellin& to 3irst ti+e c%sto+ers are re3erred to as Front End cAuisition. !ront nd "c-%isition re3ers to all o3 the +arketin& and co++%nication that happens )e3ore a person )eco+es /o%r c%sto+er or client. It starts 3ro+ the point in ti+e when /o% client does not eBen know /o% %ntil his 3irst p%rchase. The +ethods that work 3or !ront nd "c-%isition will not work with e?istin& clients or 4ack nd. "nd the +ethods %sed to +arket s%ccess3%ll/ to /o%r 4ack nd will not work on /o%r !ront nd "c-%isition. In online sales the di33erence in the two strate&ies is Ber/ distinct. " si+ple wa/ o3 statin& it wo%ld )eD Front End cAuisition often relies on Canding Pages to sell to new c%sto+ers Back End Sales !ill often come through email marketing and direct mail to sell to e?istin& c%sto+ers

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

1h/ are these di33erent sales +ethods %sedJ 4eca%se +arketers need to identi3/ the state or 3ra+e o3 +ind his readers are at in order to write the )est sales +essa&e. In a !ront nd "c-%isition strate&/* the $andin& #a&e will t/picall/D Ia:e a uniAue !ebsite address or U'C Be one page long (on:incing sales copy )nly lead to the order page

4%t what is i+portant to note isD /o%r !ront nd "c-%isition strate&/ can )e tweaked in each o3 its di33erent phases to help i+proBe /o%r res%lts and /o%r pro3its. It is i+portant to set %p )oth a !ront nd "c-%isition and a 4ack nd Sales strate&/. The !ront nd Strate&/ is Bisi)le on +ost we)sites. The 4ack nd +a/ onl/ )e Bisi)le once so+eone has )eco+e a c%sto+er. 1hat e?actl/ is a )ackend saleJ To a pro3it;seekin& )%siness person* itCs the road to riches. " )ackend sale can )e +ore rewardin& than the ori&inal sale. "nd it can also )e +%ch easier. "3ter /o% haBe sold so+ethin& to so+e)od/ Ethe 3ront;end sale?" /o% are in an e?cellent position to sell the+ so+ethin& else which co+pli+ents that 3irst p%rchase. 4ack nd Sales are %s%all/ easier to &et than !ront nd "c-%isitions...and %p to 12 ti+es less e?pensiBe. 1hen lookin& at the cost o3 ac-%irin& new clients* +ost )%sinesses see that it is +%ch* +%ch cheaper to 3oc%s on 4ack nd Sales.

Tactic =2 I T%rn Ber/ Call Into Opport%nit/

Nicholas Nugget
8an/ +arketers will break e:en or lose money on their initial prod%ct Efront endG so the/ can )%ild a lar&e list o3 lo/al c%sto+ers. The/ %nderstand that )ackend sales are where e+pires are )%ilt.
I wo%ld like to ill%strate the power o3 )ackend sales )/ &iBin& /o% the 3ollowin& e?a+ples. Sa/ /o% haBe a prod%ct that /o% will sell 3or F95.22. ach week /o% +ake < sales. In si? +onths /o% will haBe +ade 172 sales 3or a total o3 F12*612. Then /o% la%nch a second prod%ct 3or F199.222 3or two da/s onl/. I3 onl/ 22Q o3 /o%r c%sto+ers )%/ /o%r second prod%ct* /o% will +ake 26 sales 3or a total o3 F7*059.22Tin only < daysN (o% co%ld* o3 co%rse* repeat this process as o3ten as /o% like. "nd with res%lts like these* /o%Cll want to do it o3ten.

Nicholas Nugget
1ith +ost prod%cts itCs )est to send a ne! offer e:ery three months or so* )%t this will Bar/ 3ro+ prod%ct to prod%ct and itCs alwa/s i+portant to do plent/ o3 testin&.
DonCt haBe an/ s%ita)le )ackend prod%cts to pro+oteJ ThatCs not a pro)le+. (o% can still triple sales to e?istin& c%sto+ers )/ pro+otin& an affiliate product. (o%Cre )o%nd to 3ind so+ethin& that &oes with /o%r prod%ct and will o33er /o% a &ood percenta&e o3 the sale price.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Nicholas Nugget " &reat )ack;end sales strate&/ 3or e)ook sellers is to put affiliate links into the ebook" mi0ed in !ith the te0t. I3 /o% can weaBe the links into /o%r @words o3 wisdo+A* reco++endin& reso%rces at s%ita)le points* then /o% create wonder3%l opport%nities 3or )ackend sales.
"n alternatiBe to a33iliate prod%cts is drop ship prod%cts. Here /o% o33er a prod%ct prod%ced )/ a co+pan/ who send the prod%ct o%t 3or /o% when /o% sell it. "s with a33iliate prod%cts* /o% donCt need to worr/ a)o%t 3%l3illin& the prod%ct* eBen i3 it is a ph/sical one. So* what are /o% &oin& to doJ Settle 3or what /o%Cre +akin& now* or tr/ so+e o3 the tips o%t a)oBe and watch /o%r pro3its soarJ $etCs &o eBen hi&her.

,ulti-TaskingD5hen (ustomer Ser:ice Sells

1hat driBes an/ s%ccess3%l cross; or %psellin& trainin& pro&ra+ is the philosoph/ o3 listenin& 3or serBice c%es 3irst* sales c%es second. This is especiall/ tr%e o3 co+plaints and c%sto+er serBice calls. (o%r )est per3or+ers sho%ld )e a)le to think o3 a related %psell or cross;sell at the Ber/ )e&innin& o3 the conBersation* eBen i3 the c%sto+er is %pset. 4%t the rep sho%ld take care o3 the c%sto+erCs pro)le+ 3irst* and then* i3 the rep has )een appropriatel/ carin& and help3%l* he or she can ease into s%&&estin& sales o3ten with re+arka)le s%ccess. !or e?a+ple* at So%thern Cali3ornia;)ased R%ssell and 8iller* a )%siness;to;)%siness catalo& that sells +erchandisin& prod%cts s%ch as

Tactic =2 I T%rn Ber/ Call Into Opport%nit/

sale )anners* racks* and ta&&in& &%ns* an order entr/ rep in one o3 +/ trainin& pro&ra+s &aBe an e?cellent e?a+ple o3 listenin& to )oth serBice and sales c%es and +akin& appropriate s%&&estions. The rep said that a c%sto+er called to replace a 3a)ric stea+er he %sed in his retail store. It was his second call* and the rep wondered wh/ the stea+er kept )reakin&* )%t didnCt sa/ an/thin&. She also recalled hearin& hi+ sa/ that he needed the new stea+er ri&ht awa/ )eca%se he had a ship+ent o3 drapes co+in& in soon. The rep told +/ trainin& &ro%pO @I3 I had asked hi+ whether he was plannin& to %se the stea+er on drapes* ICd haBe known wh/ he was replacin& his stea+er so o3ten. 1hat he pro)a)l/ needed was a heaB/; d%t/ stea+er +ade 3or draperies. That wo%ld haBe )een an %psell )eca%se that kind o3 stea+er is +ore e?pensiBe than the one he was orderin&. "nd to +ake s%re his stea+er held %p this ti+e* ICd haBe s%&&ested a cleaner so that it wo%ld not clo& and +al3%nction. Those ite+s co%ld haBe )een +/ 3irst %psell and 3irst cross;sell.A The rep was a)sol%tel/ ri&ht* and deserBed a )i& ro%nd o3 appla%se ' which she &ot 3ro+ her collea&%es. #lacatin& %pset c%sto+ers is one o3 the +ost challen&in& tasks that an/ phone rep 3aces. "dd the )%rden o3 cross;sellin& or %psellin& at the sa+e ti+e* and the task )eco+es do%)l/ di33ic%lt* i3 not alto&ether i+possi)le to achieBe. 4%t it can )e done i3 /o%r reps learn to %se the ri&ht words and phrases to de3%se the e+otions o3 an&r/ c%sto+ers. "s with all serBice* the ke/ is to address the pro)le+ 3irst. 4/ doin& so* the rep )%ilds a rapport with the c%sto+er that la/s the &ro%ndwork 3or sales. ach o3 /o%r reps will deBelop his or her own %ni-%e wa/ o3 soothin& r%33led 3eathers. HoweBer* there are so+e proBen scripts and techni-%es 3or handlin& di33ic%lt c%sto+er serBice sit%ations. Here are a 3ew that /o%r reps sho%ld )eco+e 3a+iliar withD

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Cet People E0press Their Emotions >E:en the Ugly )nes? 8ost )%siness owners 3eel so %nco+3orta)le with c%sto+ersC an&er that the/ r%sh the+ o33 the phone. 4%t a wise choice o3 words can e+power the rep to take 3%ll responsi)ilit/ 3or the c%sto+erCs e?perience on eBer/ call. !or instance* while the c%sto+er is )lowin& o33 stea+* %se e+pathi,in& phrases* s%ch as @I can see how that happenedA or @I %nderstand what an inconBenience that +%st haBe )een.A State+ents like these al+ost ineBita)l/ cal+ the c%sto+er down a3ter a 3ew +in%tes. .onEt Use 'ules and 'egulations to Put Up Smoke Screen

C%sto+ers want /o%r co+pan/ to )e eas/ to do )%siness with* and will onl/ )eco+e +ore in3%riated i3 /o% sa/ that the co+pan/ canCt 3%l3ill a re-%est )eca%se @itCs o%r polic/.A Instead* sa/* @$et +e check to see what I can do.A This &iBes /o% ti+e to N%d&e the callerCs leBel o3 irritation and salBa&e the c%sto+er The (ustomer /s l!ays 'ight >E:en /f TheyEre 5rong? Tell a c%sto+er that he or she is wron& or %n3air* eBen i3 this is the tr%th* and /o% will lose the c%sto+er...eBen i3 /o% %lti+atel/ &iBe the c%sto+er eBer/thin& that was re-%ested. I3 /o% ca%se c%sto+ers to lose their di&nit/* the/ will alwa/s 3eel %nco+3orta)le a)o%t doin& )%siness with /o%. Cearn to .iffuse Ticking Bomb

The +ost e33ectiBe wa/ to do this is to place the sit%ation in perspectiBe and aBoid in3la++ator/ words and phrases. !or instance* eBen i3 the c%sto+er sa/s he has a @pro)le+*A /o% can di33%se the sit%ation with so+ethin& as si+ple as a word chan&e. Instead o3 sa/in&* @#lease descri)e the pro)le+*A tr/ @Tell +e a)o%t /o%r sit%ation Eorder* deliBer/G.A It )eco+es a )i&&er pro)le+ i3 /o% call it a pro)le+.

Tactic =2 I T%rn Ber/ Call Into Opport%nit/

Si+ilarl/* sa/in& thin&s like @(o%Vll haBe to wait %ntil !rida/ 3or deliBer/A a%to+aticall/ p%shes the c%sto+erCs )%tton. (o%r c%sto+er is callin& on a Bol%ntar/ )asis and does not @haBe toA do an/thin&. @1eVll &et the order to /o% )/ !rida/A is a so3ter approach. sk )pen-Ended Fuestions > fter Lenting Ias Ended? Open;ended -%estions cannot )e answered with a @/esA or @no*A so the c%sto+er will proBide the details o3 his or her co+plaint. 4%t proceed with ca%tion. I3 /o% +oBe to -%estionin& and pro)le+ solBin& too soon* witho%t allowin& /o%r c%sto+er to e?press irritation 3irst* the -%estionin& will )e interpreted as a challen&e or an interro&ation. This steps %p the tension seBeral notches and len&thens the call.

Nicholas Nugget The +ost e33ectiBe open;ended -%estions )e&in with* @1hat do /o% need to...JA @Tell +e a)o%t...A @How can I helpJA .%estions sho%ld start with @whatA rather than @wh/.A 1h/;)ased -%estions can )e seen as inti+idatin& and +a/ p%t the c%sto+er on the de3ensiBe. Plan of ttack P ction Steps
Con&rat%lationsK (o%CBe resolBed the c%sto+erCs pro)le+ and are now read/ to +oBe 3ro+ serBice to sales. HereCs where /o%r ener&/ and enth%sias+ co+e in. Start with the )ase ass%+ption that additional pro3its can )e &enerated as part o3 eBer/ c%sto+er co++%nication* so ask 3or additional sales on eBer/ call.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

The Sale That Follo!s the Ser:ice

The techni-%es /o% e+plo/ and the words /o% %se will +ake all the di33erence. I3 /o% approach this as @proBidin& e?tra serBiceA rather than @wrin&in& eBer/ last penn/ 3ro+ +/ c%sto+er*A /o%Cll haBe no di33ic%lt/ &rowin& /o%r c%sto+er )ase and increasin& pro3its. #ractice the 3ollowin& techni-%es to &et the ri&ht )alance o3 sales+anship and help3%lnessD

Take (harge. D It is essential to &%ide the c%sto+erCs reaction )/ ass%+in& a positiBe endin& to the conBersation. !or instance* instead o3 askin&* @1o%ld /o% like to hear a)o%t o%r specialsJA tr/* @4/ the wa/* did /o% know we haBe o%r )est;sellin& prod%ct on special this week at N%st F62JA Si+ilarl/* to ask @1hat other ite+s wo%ld /o% like to add to /o%r orderJA is a 3ar )etter tactic than to sa/* @(o% donVt want to add an/thin& else to /o%r order* do /o%JA


Suggest" .onEt (ommand D In this sit%ation* +an/ sales reps %se words s%ch as @+%st*A @need*A and @haBe to*A +istakenl/ thinkin& the/ can )%ll/ their prospects into a sale. 4%t co++and words can )ack3ire* ca%sin& a cons%+er to )eco+e de3ensiBe and less sales responsiBe* rather than +ore. " )etter tactic is paint positi:e mental pictures as /o% inBite a cons%+er to +ake a p%rchase. !or e?a+ple* when a rep has s%&&ested the per3ect add;on ite+* he or she +a/ tell the c%sto+er* @I hope /o%Cll think a)o%t this prod%ct. I can N%st i+a&ine how +%ch /o%Cll )e helped )/...A Eadd the )ene3it the customer might like to hear" )ased on the c%sto+erCs own words i3 possi)leG.

Tactic =2 I T%rn Ber/ Call Into Opport%nit/


Focus on Benefits D Re+e+)er that 3ro+ the c%sto+erCs point o3 Biew* 92Q o3 a sale is answerin& @1hatCs in it 3or +eJA "ctiBe Ber)s s%ch as @&ain*A @i+proBeA and @saBe*A alon& with words that e?press )ene3its* s%ch as @Cnew*A @3ree*A and @proBenA are likel/ to appeal to the c%sto+erCs e+otions.

The impact of these !ords !ill be greater i3 /o% co+)ine the+ with an/ needs that the c%sto+er +a/ haBe e?pressed earlier 3or e?a+ple* @(o%Cll &ain a saBin&s o3 <2Q i3 /o% )%/ this new c%shion* which will +ake /o%r )ack 3eel +%ch )etter.A

Speak to the Ieart" Not the Iead >Emotion :s. Cogic? D "sk c%sto+ers how the/ 3eel* not what the/ think* a)o%t addin& the s%&&ested ite+ or ite+s to their order. "skin& the+ to think +a/ ca%se the+ to -%estion the appropriateness o3 an ite+* whereas askin& their 3eelin&s a)o%t it tends to help the+ see how it +i&ht )e s%ita)le. l!ays Cea:e The .oor )pen DThe last co++ent a c%sto+er hears is what he or she will re+e+)er. So alwa/s leaBe Pe+ s+ilin&...and alwa/s leaBe Pe+ with a sales re+inder. Rather than endin& a conBersation with @HaBe a nice da/*A i+a&ine the i+pact i3 /o% sa/* @I hope weCll )e a)le to help /o% a&ain soonA especiall/ i3 the/ were %pset. Then sa/ @&ood;)/eA with a clearl/ war+ and 3riendl/ up!ard at the end o3 the word.


Chapter 6

Tactic /% 4 Create New Prod"cts

Once /o%CBe +ade a sale* /o%CBe created a thread )etween /o%r )%siness and /o%r c%sto+er. Threads are easil/ )roken* )%t /o% can create a connection thatCs as st%rd/ as rope i3 /o% create additional prod%cts that serBe /o%r c%sto+ersC needs.

Nicholas Nugget 4ased on the initial p%rchase* /o% alread/ know /o%r c%sto+er has an interest in a certain t/pe o3 prod%ct or serBice. That +eans the/ are preAualified leads 3or a )ackend sale. Take a )%siness that sells kittens. The/ know /o%Cre &oin& to need 3ood* litter s%pplies* and to/s 3or !l%33/.

Tactic =7 I Create New #rod%cts

.onEt bandon *our Niche

The decision to o33er new prod%cts is an e?citin& one* )%t thereCs one trap /o% need to aBoid. DonCt let /o%r p%rs%it o3 pro3its driBe /o% to o33er rando+ prod%cts that haBe nothin& to do with /o%r initial o33erin&. ItCs i+portant to stay in your niche...whether /o%Cre an online )%siness or a Holl/wood star. "ctors like To+ Cr%ise o3ten haBe tro%)le @sellin&A the+selBes in serio%s roles. His +oBies do +%ch )etter at the )o? o33ice when he sta/s in his esta)lished nicheD action hero. Cr%ise pla/ed a&ainst t/pe in the dark /es 1ide Sh%t which earned N%st F162*291*220. Top 6%n &rossed F7<7*016*521 worldwide. "lso sweet is the 8Y8 cand/ stor/. The/ %nderstand that creatin& new prod%cts stren&thens their core )rand and )rin&s in +ore reBen%e 3ro+ e?istin& c%sto+ers. !irst* there was #lain. Then* in 19<9* 8Y8Cs #ean%t was introd%ced. Toda/* /o% can &et /o%r 8Y8Cs an/ wa/ /o% like the+ with 8Y8Cs "l+ond* 8Y8Cs Dark* 8Y8 8inis* 8Y8s with tie; ins to Holl/wood )lock)%sters* and 8Y8Cs in s%pport o3 &ood works* s%ch as the sale o3 pink 8Y8Cs with a portion o3 the pro3its &oin& to )reast cancer research in the U.S. The res%lt o3 all this diBersit/J The esti+ated n%+)er o3 8Y8s sold each D"( in the United States alone is t!o hundred million. (o% +a/ not )e sellin& 8Y8Cs* )%t /o% can )ene3it 3ro+ this &iant cand/ )randCs strate&/ o3 creating ne! and related products.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Ted Nicholas says6 @This strate&/ has )een ke/ to +/ own s%ccess. It all started with Io! to Form *our )!n (orporation 5ithout Ca!yer for Under $24 Sales &rew toward the +illion +ark* and I created new prod%cts 3or +/ old c%sto+ers.

4illion Dollar 8arketin& Secrets The 8illion Dollar Cop/writin& 4oot Ca+p The 8illionaire ntreprene%r 8a&ic 1ords that 4rin& (o% Riches How I Sold F922 8illion 1orth o3 #rod%cts and SerBices How to #%)lish a 4ook and Sell a 8illion Copies E+/ c%rrent )est sellerG The 6olden 8ail)o? How to T%rn 1ords Into 8one/ Cons%ltin& S%ccess 8a&ic Transitions Instant Headlines 4randin& (o%r 4%siness How to Create a S%ccess O33er

8/ in3or+ation prod%ct e+pire now incl%des )ooks* ho+e;st%d/ co%rses* DHDCs* CDCs special reports* and +/ world;renowned +entorin& pro&ra+. The/Cre all aBaila)le 3or sale on +/ we)site and each is a pro3it;&enerator in its own ri&ht. The i+portant thin& is that while each na+e stands alone* the &ro%p as a whole is clearl/ a collecti:e library of business strategies for success-minded entrepreneurs. Speakin& o3 na+es...

Tactic =7 I Create New #rod%cts

5hatEs /n a NameJ >E:erythingN?

#rod%ct na+in& is a ke/ aspect o3 )randin&. The na+e /o% %lti+atel/ choose will re3lect who /o% are* /o%r co+pan/Cs personalit/ and Bision. 4%t +ore i+portantl/* it +%st %n3or&etta)l/ e+)od/ the pro+ise o3 /o%r prod%ctCs +ain )ene3it to /o%r c%sto+ers. It can doBetail &enericall/ with /o%r co+petition* )%t ideall/* it sho%ld stand o%t 3ro+ the crowd. 1here to )e&inJ The most important thin& o3 all in na+in& an/ and all prod%cts that /o% sellD (on:ey the Benefit 1id&et 4rand 1hisper "ir Conditioner 8r. 1id&etCs How to Toilet Train (o%r Cat e4ook The 1id&et 4etter 4%r&er 6rill " cons%+er alwa/s wants to know @1hatCs in it 3or +eJA DonCt )e co/. "nswer that -%estion with /o%r prod%ct na+e. (o% sho%ld also :oid Tongue-T!ister Names ThereCs a little part in all o3 %s that hates to )e e+)arrassed. 1hen we ask 3or a prod%ct or talk a)o%t it with 3riends* we want to so%nd literate and not 3%+)le oBer pron%nciations. So )e kind to /o%r potential c%sto+ers and aBoid ton&%e twisters* or an/ na+e thatCs %ses words that are %n%s%all/ lon& or hard to prono%nce. lliteration is Ielpful Oka/* so the president o3 the co+pan/ likes all the lon&er na+es on /o%r list. (o% can +ake the+ +ore +e+ora)le andLor easier to prono%nce )/ %sin& alliteration. Consider Circ%it Cit/. Or Downtown Disne/.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Or the +ost 3a+o%s )rand in the world* Coca Cola. "ll 3o%r s/lla)les* /et the/ roll o33 the ton&%e with s%rprisin& ease. :oid bbre:iations "))reBiations lack personalit/ and co++%nicate Ber/ little in ter+s o3 )ene3it or )rand character. S%re* I48* 8CI and H# haBe )i& reco&nition and identit/* )%t the/ also spent /ears and +illions in Birt%all/ all +edia to pro+ote their i+a&e'%sin& i+a&es o3 people and sit%ations that were war+ and 3%,,/. 4illionaire 4ill 6ates chose 8icroso3t oBer 8S Ewhich has other connotationsG. I3 /o% donCt haBe a lot o3 +edia dollars to spend on na+e reco&nition* tr/ 3or a na+e that conBe/s a )ene3it or describes content. Snapple started o%t with a na+e that co+)ined two o3 its ori&inal 3laBorsD Spice N "pple. Silk'the so/;)ased +ilk )rand' co+)ines so/ and +ilk. 4ene3it;oriented na+es incl%de as/O33 oBen cleaner* 8iracle;6row plant 3ood* and Hearthwar+er Ea 3ireplace insertG. 1hen )%ildin& a )%siness there is little +ore i+portant than selectin& an appropriate co+pan/ or prod%ct na+e. Na+es can )e descripti:e or distincti:e. The pro)le+ with descripti:e names is that the/ are Ber/ di33ic%lt to le&all/ protect. !or e?a+ple /o% co%ld call /o%r so3tware 1ord #rocessin& So3tware or Te?t ditor* )%t neither are distin&%ishin& or %ni-%e. " co+petitor co%ld enter the +arket and %se the sa+e na+e 3%nnelin& /o%r tra33ic and )ene3itin& 3ro+ /o%r prod%ct rep%tation. .istincti:e names can )e trade+arked and protected. "s a res%lt +an/ deBelopers co+)ine distinctiBe and descriptiBe )/ addin& a co+pan/ or )rand na+eD 1id&et 4rand 1ord #rocessin& So3tware or 1id&et 4rand Te?t ditor.

Tactic =7 I Create New #rod%cts

DistinctiBe doesnCt +ean o)sc%re* o)li-%e* or so con3%sin& that a cons%+er wonCt %nderstand what the @thin&A is. ItCs i+portant that /o% na+e all the prod%cts in /o%r pro3it 3%nnel with care so that
a. ItCs clear !hat the product is or does ). ItCs o)Bio%s that all the prod%cts in /o%r line are related to the

initial product that /o%r c%sto+ers p%rchased. Think a)o%t this +an%al. Think a)o%t your reaction when /o% read the title...How to Triple Sales To Existing Customers )/ Ted Nicholas. It told /o% eBer/thin& /o% needed to know with N%st seBen +a&ic words that sell. .onEt Forget *our /nternational udience 8ost o3 %s haBe heard the stor/ o3 CheBrolet introd%cin& the NoBa )rand in Spanish;speakin& co%ntries. The car tanked )eca%se @noBaA +eans @doesnCt &oA in Spanish. !iat had a si+ilar pro)le+ with their Uno in !inland* where @%noA +eans &ar)a&e. Oops. Canadian prod%cts re-%ire la)elin& in )oth n&lish and !rench* which is wh/ on so+e cookie )o?es* the n&lish phrase @witho%t preserBatiBesA has )een %nintentionall/ translated into the !rench @sans preserBatiBes*A which +eans @witho%t condo+sA in !rench. Oh dear.

Plan of ttack P ction Steps

I3* like +e* /o% are )%ildin& /o%r s%ccess sellin& knowled&e* itCs neBer too earl/ to start thinkin& a)o%t prod%ct na+es. 1hile so+e people wait %ntil their in3or+ation prod%ct is created )e3ore decidin&

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

%pon the na+e* I )elieBe it is )etter to name the information product before you begin. These &%idelines will help /o% create +a&netic titles that connect !ith your customers on an emotional le:el. 4rainstor+ adNectiBes 6et s/non/+s !oc%s on the )ene3its Enot the 3eat%resG 8ake it eas/ to prono%nce* and eas/ to re+e+)er 8%st )e catch/ eno%&h to stop a +e+)er o3 /o%r tar&et +arket in their tracks Ethink shockin&* proBocatiBe* e?citin&* controBersial* +otiBationalTG $ook at the Click4ank +arketplace to see the titles o3 )est sellin& in3o prod%cts Consider @How toTA Consider a traditional titleLs%)title 3or+at. ETitle &ets attention* s%)title e?plains what itCs a)o%tG TedEs PC T/NU, Nugget

Tr/ +/ red%ction +ethod. EIt doesnCt alwa/s work. 4%t when it does itCs enor+o%sl/ power3%l.G 1rite down e?actl/ what the prod%ct is. Condense it into 1 sentence. Condense the sentence into a 9;word Eor lessG phrase

Chapter 17

Tactic /( 4 1ake !o"r Prod"ct a 1edia 8Darlin,9

#%)licit/ is o3ten oBerlooked as a primary marketing tool to &ain attention and interest in a prod%ct* serBice* or co+pan/. 1hat a sha+e. #%)licit/ can )e much less e0pensi:e than ad:ertising and much more po!erful. M%st what is p%)licit/J No +atter what )%siness /o% are in* /o% can )e /o%r own p%)licistK I3 /o% want to act as /o%r own #R 3ir+* /o% can produce a simple press kit. This kit sho%ld incl%de a @pitchA letter and a press release re&ardin& /o%r co+pan/* a new prod%ct* or a %ni-%e serBice.

Nicholas Nugget Unlike adBertisin& space* /o% are not directl/ pa/in& 3or p%)licit/ coBera&e. So tar&et eBer/

+edia Behicle i+a&ina)leK 4%t &iBe pri+ar/ 3oc%s to the +edia aBen%es +ost releBant to /o%r

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

c%sto+ers and those that /o% are +ost likel/ to &et a stor/ aired on or p%)lished in.
Cook for the media that your customers use and that +i&ht )e interested in /o%r stor/. !or e?a+ple* 3or a local serBice )%siness it will )e easier to &et p%)licit/ in /o%r local newspaper than in the +aNor +etro paper'and /o%Cll reach the sa+e people /o% want to* an/wa/. DeBelop a stor/ an&le that +i&ht appeal to each +edia o%tlet. !or e?a+ple* i3 /o% are pitchin& /o%r resta%rant to a TH station* o33er to de+onstrate /o%r cookin&. How /o% +ake /o%r )%siness newsworth/ is onl/ li+ited )/ /o%r creatiBit/ and in&en%it/. Re+e+)er* there are no )orin& stories* N%st )orin& approaches to interestin& stories.

1 Things *ou (an .o N)5 to Benerate Free Publicity

How do /o% &et /o%r share o3 +edia attentionJ These ei&ht strate&ies will p%t /o% and /o%r )%siness 3ront and center with Birt%all/ no ne&atiBe i+pact on /o%r )%d&etD
1. Send ne!s releases a)o%t new prod%cts and serBices* contests*

awards* open ho%ses* speakin& en&a&e+ents.

2. 5rite ho!-to articles 3or newspapers* +a&a,ines* trade

p%)lications and newsletters* and o33er lots o3 3ree adBice. It helps esta)lish /o% as an e?pert.
7. Bet onto the speaking circuit. Speakin& to co++%nit/ &ro%ps

and trade associations is a wonder3%l wa/ to @create the )%,,A a)o%t /o%r )%siness. These &ro%ps are constantl/ lookin& 3or new speakers.
9. (reate a !eb site that offers free ad:ice* reciprocal links*

articles )/ and a)o%t /o%* stor/ ideas a)o%t /o%r )%siness* an electronic +edia kit* and a list o3 e?perts the +edia can contact.

Tactic =9 I 8ake (o%r #rod%ct a 8edia @Darlin&A

<. Start an e-@ine. " 3ree electronic newsletter helps /o% sell /o%r

prod%cts and serBices to an international a%dience and costs al+ost nothin& co+pared to e?pensiBe direct +ail ca+pai&ns. 1ith per+ission* /o% can send the e,ine to reporters who coBer /o%r ind%str/.
6. Cook for photo opportunities. $ocal newspapers* TH stations*

trade p%)lications and other +edia are alwa/s lookin& 3or interestin& photos. Call the +edia with ideas* or s%)+it /o%r own photos.
5. Bi:e free classes and demonstrations thro%&h ad%lt ed%cation

pro&ra+s* at schools and colle&es* or at /o%r own )%siness. InBite the +edia to attend.
0. Participate in online discussion groups and o33er lots o3

help3%l adBice. Reporters l%rk here* and i3 the/Cre i+pressed with /o%r +essa&es* the/ +i&ht contact /o% 3or a stor/.

,eet the Press

Once /o% haBe tar&eted and esta)lished appoint+ents with print and )roadcast +edia contacts* /o% can act as your o!n spokesperson to pitch /o%r own i+a&e* prod%ct* or serBice. (o% will )eco+e the 3oc%s* the center o3 attention* as /o% create an awareness o3 /o%r )%siness that will t%rn into sales leads.

Nicholas Nugget 6et to know reporters. O33er /o%rsel3 as so+eone the/ can call on 3or )ack&ro%nd* co++entar/ and stor/ ideas. Call and ask* @How can I help /o%JA (o% can )eco+e the &o;to e?pert in /o%r niche.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

No +atter what )%siness /o% are in* there is a p%)licit/ an&le that /o% can capitali,e onK !or e?a+ple* letCs sa/ that /o% sell li3e ins%rance in a s+all town. How can /o% possi)l/ &et p%)licit/J 1ell* /o% co%ld o33er to !rite an article 3or the local paper helpin& people deter+ine what leBel o3 ins%rance coBera&e is appropriate 3or their sit%ation. 6et a list o3 contacts. The appropriate editor at newspapers and +a&a,ines or the speci3ic show prod%cer at radio and TH shows. 8ail a one-page letter e?plainin& wh/ /o%r stor/ will interest their a%dience* perhaps also incl%din& a press release* photos* or a Bideo.

Nicholas Nugget (o% need to deBelop a @hookA or a co+pellin& reason wh/ so+eone sho%ld listen to /o%r stor/. 8edia contacts +%st 3eel stron&l/ that knowled&e o3 /o%r prod%ct or serBice wo%ld )e o3 so+e Bal%e to their a%dience. Take ti+e to )%ild a cohesiBe @pitchA that reall/ conBe/s the %ni-%e -%alities and )ene3its o3 /o%r prod%ct or serBice.
!ollow %p with a phone call'then &et read/ to +eet the pressK

Press 'eleases
" &reat deal o3 p%)licit/ starts with a press release. " press release is a newsworth/ stor/ a)o%t /o%r )%siness that /o% s%)+it to Bario%s +edia ' newspapers* radio* teleBision* +a&a,ines* etc. I3 the/ are interested in /o%r stor/* the/ +a/ N%st interBiew /o% or r%n /o%r press release in their p%)lication.

Tactic =9 I 8ake (o%r #rod%ct a 8edia @Darlin&A

Nicholas Nugget The &eneral p%)lic is more recepti:e to a ne!s story than an ad. " press release +a/ )e /o%r ke/ to &ettin& /o%r +essa&e seen and read in an enBiron+ent Ethe pressG where it will )e trusted and (elie*ed.
Send o%t a press release eBer/ ti+e so+ethin& new is happenin& with /o%r )%siness* )%t do +ake s%re itCs newsworth/. DonVt send o%t a release when /o% now carr/ a pop%lar childrenCs t;shirt in red. These 3iBe press release s%)Nects haBe historicall/ )een a hit with the +ediaD
1. The Caunch of your 5ebsiteD 1hat is %ni-%e a)o%t /o%r siteJ

1hat pro)le+ does it solBe 3or /o%r BisitorsJ 1hat are the )ene3its to /o%r BisitorsJ

dding Ne! Ser:ices Q ProductsD "&ain* +ake s%re itCs newsworth/. 8ake s%re to 3oc%s on the )ene3its and wh/ /o%r tar&et a%dience wo%ld )e interested in the new serBices and prod%cts. en&a&e+ents* open ho%ses* se+inars* a 3air /o% are arran&in&* etc.

7. E:ents6 "nno%nce /o%r special eBents like p%)lic speakin&

9. Fundraisers Q .onationsD I3 /o% are r%nnin& a 3%ndraiser or

+akin& a considera)le donation Ei.e.* <Q o3 /o%r sales 3or the +onth o3 Septe+)erG* write a press release a)o%t it. It will )rin& attention to /o%r )%siness and help /o% r%n an eBen +ore s%ccess3%l 3%ndraiser.
<. ,a#or

!ards Q ccomplishmentsD I3 /o%CBe )een &iBen a presti&io%s award* write a press release a)o%t it. M%st keep in

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

+ind* a press release is not /o%r opport%nit/ to )ra& a)o%t /o%rsel3. (o% still need to 3oc%s on how that award shows /o% can help others.

Plan of ttack P ction Steps

(o% donCt need to )e a cop/writer or hire one to create an e33ectiBe release. 1hile there are Bario%s press release te+plates aBaila)le that will &et the No) done* e33ectiBe press releases tend to share +ost o3 the sa+e ele+ents. Here are common press release components* and a description o3 what the/ are and how the/ +ake /o%r press release +ore e33ectiBe.

/nclude the 'elease Time This line &races the top o3 nearl/ eBer/ press release distri)%ted to the +edia. It tells the No%rnalist or editor receiBin& it when the in3or+ation in the release can )e +ade p%)lic. 8ost o3ten* that line will read !OR I88 DI"T R $ "S . I3 the news isnCt per+itted to )e released %ntil a later point in ti+e* the release ti+e wo%ld read 84"R6O D UNTI$ with the release date listed a3terwards.

.onEt Forget (omplete (ontact /nfo "t a )are +ini+%+* eBer/ press release sho%ld incl%de the 3%ll na+e o3 the appropriate +edia contact person* their phone n%+)er* and their e+ail address. " we)site UR$ sho%ld also )e added* and a +ailin& address can )e added optionall/. The idea is to +ake it eas/ 3or No%rnalists to contact so+eone related to the news stor/ i3 the/ need additional in3or+ation. HaBin& no* or inco+plete* +edia contact in3o on a press release is -%ite possi)l/ the )i&&est press release writin& +istake /o% can +ake.

Tactic =9 I 8ake (o%r #rod%ct a 8edia @Darlin&A

5rite a .ynamic Ieadline The headline is like a title. It needs to conBe/ /o%r &eneral news and &ra) the interest o3 the reader ri&ht awa/. " co++on error is tr/in& to +ake the headline oBerl/ @c%teA rather than haBin& it tell the No%rnalist i++ediatel/ what the news is. I3 /o% can do )oth* &reat. I3 not* 3oc%s the headline on the news an&le... N%st +ake s%re /o% haBe a solid and interestin& news an&le to )e&in with.

5rite a 4&-5ord Summary 6enerall/* thereCs no need to haBe )oth a s%)headin& and a s%++ar/* so choose the )est option 3or /o%r press release and distri)%tion +odel. The/ each serBe the sa+e p%rpose W to e?pand %pon the news Ber/ &enerall/ +entioned in /o%r headline. 8an/ online distri)%tion o%tlets re-%ire a s%++ar/ to )e incl%ded. /nclude a .ateline The dateline will incl%de the date the release is )ein& distri)%ted* as well as the ho+etown or nearest +etropolitan area o3 the co+pan/ or indiBid%al presentin& the news to the +edia.

/nclude E:erything in the )pening Paragraph The openin& or lead para&raph sho%ld start on the sa+e line as the press releaseCs dateline* and e?pands %pon the headline )/ answerin& the 3ollowin& -%estions )rie3l/D whoJ* whatJ* whenJ* whereJ* and wh/J

E0pand on the .etails in the Ne!s 'elease Body The )od/ o3 /o%r news release e?pands %pon the news )ein& presented )/ o33erin& s%pportin& details* statistics* or )ack&ro%nd in3or+ation. This is where /o% wo%ld incl%de -%otes in /o%r press release. The )od/ o3 the press release sho%ld 3ollow the )asic inBerted p/ra+id writin& st/le o3

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

No%rnalis+* where the +ost newsworth/ in3or+ation is o33ered 3irst* with a trickle down e33ect thro%&h the least newsworth/ s%pportin& details. 5rite a Boilerplate Statement The )oilerplate is a +ore &eneral )ack&ro%nd or @a)o%t %sA para&raph re&ardin& the person* co+pan/* or or&ani,ation presentin& the news. The p%rpose o3 the )oilerplate is si+pl/ to proBide )ack&ro%nd in3or+ation to No%rnalists* &iBin& the+ a )etter idea o3 who the iss%in& so%rce o3 the news is. /nclude a (all to ction /f ppropriate I3 /o% want +e+)ers o3 the +edia to take an/ speci3ic action* /o%Cll +ention that at the end o3 the press release. This is Ber/ o3ten N%st a line s%ch as @!or +ore in3or+ation a)o%t Co+pan/ "4C or this partic%lar news stor/* please contact EcontactCs Na+eG at EcontactCs phone n%+)er.GA Cet Them Mno! /tEs ):er (o% need to let editors andLor No%rnalists know when /o%r release is 3inished* so the/ donCt ass%+e that thereCs another pa&e or addenda attached. There are a 3ew di33erent s/+)ols /o% can %se to close a press release* incl%din& @===A and @;72;@ I3 /o% do haBe a second pa&e* /o% co%ld end /o%r 3irst pa&e with so+ethin& like W +ore W* and i3 /o% haBe an/ addenda attached Es%ch as photosG* /o% sho%ld +ention it at the end o3 the news release.

Chapter 11

Tactic /+ 4 !o"r 1"lti01edia 1arketin, Strate,'

!or a s+all )%siness* eBer/ dollar is precio%s. S+all )%sinesses do not adBertise 3or the sake o3 adBertisin&. Instead* the/ want to &et the +ost ret%rn 3or their inBest+ent. (o%r adBertisin& ca+pai&n sho%ld translate to &reater sales* +ore pro3its and healthier )otto+ line. 1hile there are a n%+)er o3 Ben%es where /o% can pro+ote /o%r )%siness* /o% need to ask three i+portant -%estionsD 1here are +/ tar&et )%/ersJ 1hat is the )est +edi%+ to reach the+J Can I a33ord to la%nch an e33ectiBe ca+pai&n %sin& this +edi%+J The Internet chan&ed how we approach o%r )%sinesses* )%t in partic%lar it has altered how we approach adBertisin&* +ainl/ )eca%se

cons%+ers haBe chan&ed their )ehaBiors. (et* the ob#ecti:e toda/ is the sa+e as it was prior to the 1992s and the InternetD to get sales.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

.irect marketing is a wa/ to reach that o)NectiBe. Direct +arketin& is si+pl/ a sales +ethod )/ which adBertisers approach potential c%sto+ers directl/ with prod%cts or serBices. .irect marketing strategies can be unsolicited. These incl%de tele+arketin&* and %nsolicited +ail s%ch as catalo&s* lea3lets* )roch%res and newspaper or +a&a,ine co%pons. These solicitations reach cons%+ers witho%t their e?press per+ission and i3 done poorl/* are partiall/ responsi)le 3or &iBin& direct +arketin& a )ad na+e. Direct +arketin& strate&ies +a/ also )e solicited. These wo%ld incl%de )/;re-%est +ailin&s* opt;in lists 3or newsletters and e,ines* or a we) pa&e that speaks directl/ to a prospectiBe c%sto+er who has 3o%nd it thro%&h a search en&ine. I )elieBe that solicited direct +arketin& is alwa/s +ore e33ectiBe. 1hen a cons%+er opts in to a +ailin& list* heLshe is openin& the door to 3%t%re co++%nications. (o% donCt haBe to 3orce /o%r wa/ in. The/CBe put out the !elcome mat for you.

Nicholas Nugget " direct +arketin& e33ort liBes or dies on the stren&th o3 the +ailin& list /o% %se.

Chapter 1

Tactic /. 4 :ist0 *"ildin,

$ist )%ildin& is a )i& part o3 an/ )%siness s%ccess. ItCs one o3 the pro3ita)le thin&s < do. Think a)o%t it. (o% )%ild a data)ase o3 people who are interested in /o%r niche +arket or /o%r prod%cts and the/ haBe indicated that interest )/ optin& in to /o%r list. ItCs a readymade traffic source that /o% can tap into at an/ ti+e /o% need to &enerate pro3its. E1hich is all the ti+e* ri&htJG $etCs sa/ /o% haBe a <2*222 stron& list. (o% can stop &ettin& new Bisitors 3or the ne?t /ear or two and still +ake a decent inco+e sellin& to the c%sto+ers and prospects on /o%r list. HoweBer* i3 /o% donCt haBe a list* /o% haBe to constantl/ &enerate new Bisitors N%st to +aintain /o%r pro3its. Now* with a list* what /o% haBe is a &o;to data)ase o3 people with who+ /o% can 3or+ a relationship. "nd oBer ti+e* +an/ o3 those s%)scri)ers will )%/ repeatedly from you. RepeatedlyK (o% canCt &et that i3 /o% donCt )%ild a list.

4e3ore /o% )e&in* /o% will need to start )/ creatin& a pri:acy policy. "ss%re people that /o% wonCt sell their contact in3or+ation to

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

a third part/. $et the+ know /o%Cll protect their identit/ and their priBac/. This will &iBe people a leBel o3 co+3ort and +ake the+ +ore likel/ to share their details. (o% can 3ind a 3ree priBac/ polic/ &enerator )/ Bisitin&D httpDLLwww.the;d+a.or&LpriBac/Lcreatin&.sht+l The 3irst challen&e 3or an/ )%siness owner is si+pl/ &ettin& a c%sto+er to take time out of their day and gi:e you their personal information. $%ckil/* +ost people loBe )ein& asked what the/ think. I3 /o% r%n a )%siness that has c%sto+ers or clients that are passionate a)o%t the serBice or prod%ct /o% proBide* &atherin& 3eed)ack and +ailin& list data wonCt )e di33ic%lt. The onl/ real challen&e /o% will 3ace is how to collect it. So+e we)sites %se post-transaction sur:eys that c%sto+ers can either take or skip* while +ost )rick and +ortar )%sinesses choose the old pen and paper ro%te. I3 /o% haBe enco%ntered di33ic%lt/ in &atherin& cons%+er 3eed)ack and +ailin& list in3or+ation* /o% +a/ haBe to &et creatiBe. (o% co%ld tr/ r%nnin& a s+all contest where people can si&n %p* &iBin& their +ailin& address* phone n%+)er and e+ail and winnin& a pri,e. Ben people who are sli&htl/ paranoid a)o%t &iBin& o%t personal in3or+ation to )%sinesses will happil/ do so i3 the/ can win so+ethin&. I3 /o% haBe the capital* +ake the pri,e eBen )i&&er. O33er a s+all Bacation or 3ree hotel reserBations at a 3ine hotel or +a/)e a lar&e &i3t certi3icate at a local resta%rant. (o% will soon 3ind that /o% will )e )%ried in +o%ntains o3 raw c%sto+er data. One 3inal tip* i3 /o% do o33er a pri,e o3 so+e sort* +ake s%re /o% p%)lici,e the winner. Not onl/ is it a &ood p%)lic relations +oBe* +ost people 3eel that these t/pes o3 contests are 3i?ed or 3ake in so+e wa/

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

and that* @no one eBer reall/ wins.A It will help /o%r credi)ilit/ i3 /o% atte+pt one o3 these contests a&ain in the 3%t%re. /f you donEt !ant to offer a pri@e )%t /o% still want to &ather as +%ch in3or+ation as /o% can a)o%t /o%r c%sto+er )ase* tr/ askin& 3or inp%t on what /o% do* the prod%cts /o% o33er and how /o% can i+proBe /o%r co+pan/. (o%r dedicated cons%+ers will )e +ore than happ/ to 3ill /o% in on what /o% co%ld do to i+proBe thin&s* )%t /o% wonCt &arner nearl/ the n%+)er o3 entries /o% wo%ld i3 /o% o33ered a pri,e. Once /o% haBe that in3or+ation* /o% will need to or&ani,e it* enter it into a data)ase o3 so+e sort and then %se it to /o%r adBanta&e 3or thin&s like new prod%ct %nBeilin&s* sales and +ore. Re+e+)er* all o3 the raw data in the world is %seless i3 /o% donCt %se it correctl/ or at all. The processin& part o3 the No) is N%st as i+portant as the &atherin&.

Bet Personal
#eople like to do )%siness with other people* not with so%l;less co+panies. In a 1e) 2.2 world where social +arketin& r%les* s%ccess hin&es on /o%r a)ilit/ to create a %ni-%e persona and indiBid%al Boice that is /o%rs and /o%rs alone. Creatin& a personal Boice 3or /o%r co++%nications +akes /o% %ni-%e in the +arketplace. ThereCs no other @/o%*A than /o%. "nd that helps chan&e eBer/ +arketin& +essa&e in eBer/ +edi%+ /o% %se into a personal message" not an ad:ertisement. Toda/Cs cons%+ers %se a wide ran&e o3 so%rces to 3ind 3acts that in3or+ their )%/in& decisions. (o% need to +aintain a presence in all o3 the+. How a&&ressiBe /o% are in an/ &iBen area sho%ld )e deter+ined )/ /o%r +arket research.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

I3 /o% sell a senior estate plannin& packa&e and /o% know 3ro+ /o%r e?perience that /o%r c%sto+ers pre3er to )e contacted )/ phone )eca%se the/ donCt haBe an Internet connection at ho+e* /o%Cd )e 3oolish to p%t the lionCs share o3 /o%r +arketin& )%d&et into a we)site. "n i+portant step to deBelopin& /o%r sales and +arketin& plan is to select the ri&ht +edia to send o%t /o%r +essa&e. There are no hard; and;3ast r%les as to which +edia is )etter. The ri&ht +edia 3or one )%siness +a/ )e wron& 3or another. Deter+inin& /o%r +edia +i? is %p to /o%. 4%t letCs talk to&ether a)o%t what can &o into that +i?...

Email K The ,arketerEs Ne! Best Friend

In the ne?t section* /o%Cll learn all a)o%t the tried;and;tr%e techni-%e o3 direct +ail +arketin& %sin& postcards* letters* catalo&s* and other printed +aterials. Direct +ail has proBen itsel3 to )e +an/ thin&s thro%&h the /ears. Un3ort%natel/* it has proBen itsel3 to )e @e?pensiBeA as well as @e33ectiBe.A I+a&ine )ein& a)le to &et the entire +arketin& )an& o3 a 3%ll;)lown sales +ailer* )%t at a 3raction o3 the cost. I3 onl/ there were a wa/ to @show and tellA /o%r c%sto+ers a)o%t all the wonder3%l pro)le+; solBin&* )ene3it;rich thin&s /o% haBe 3or sale* witho%t haBin& to spend so +%ch +one/ on printin&* posta&e* la)els* etc. There is a wa/. The road to riches is being pa:ed !ith automated e-communications. Electronic ,arketing )ptions "%to+ation is i+portant to all )%sinesses. The less ti+e we haBe to spend doin& s+all tasks* the +ore ti+e we haBe to +ake +ore +one/ or we co%ld spend that ti+e doin& so+ethin& )esides workin&.

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

#%ttin& an online )%siness on a%to;pilot isnCt di33ic%lt at all and it is all done with the %se o3 a%to+ated e;co++%nications s%ch as e+ail Eelectronic newsletters* a%toresponders* etc.G. The latest techni-%e that is the @darlin&A o3 social +edia +arketin& is e;co++%nication %sin& the Internet as a )aseD the )lo&. $etCs e?plore each o3 the+ in detail* startin& with the new E)lo&sG )e3ore we &et to the tried;and;tr%e Ee+ailsG. Blogs and Blogging ThereCs no do%)t a)o%t it* )lo&s are hot. The n%+)ers tell the stor/D there are +ore than 38 million blogs in e?istence and 5<"&&& ne! blogs being created e:ery day* accordin& to Technorati* a reso%rce 1e) site with a search en&ine that coBers the %niBerse o3 )lo&s. 1ith their interactiBit/ and their a)ilit/ to position eBen +icro; )%siness owners as niche e?perts* )lo&s are the GitH marketing trend. "s /o% +a/ alread/ know* the word @)lo&A is a shortened Bersion o3 the ter+ @we) lo&.A It is essentiall/ an online @diar/.A 4lo& writers E@)lo&&ersAG haBe so+ethin& to sa/ and this is their cond%it to co++%nicate their ideas to the %niBerse. 4lo& readers will e+)race a )lo& with a %ni-%e point o3 Biew and so+ethin& to sa/. The/Cll reNect a sel3;serBin&* sales;oriented )lo&...and can )ad;+o%th /o% and /o%r )%siness across a )road strip o3 social +edia )oards. So when it co+es to the @)lo&osphereA Eas this area o3 co++%nication has co+e to )e calledG* )e s%re to proceed !ith caution. I3 /o% want to %se the Internet to )%ild /o%r 3ollowin&* /o% haBe to )e disciplined and passionate a)o%t co++%nicatin& /o%r +essa&e online.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

I3 /o% are doin& this N%st 3or p%)licit/* it will show and /o%Cll )e reNected I3 /o% are doin& it witho%t a p%rpose* it will show and /o%Cll )e reNected I3 /o% are not inBolBed personall/ in co++%nicatin& with /o%r readers* it will show and /o%Cll )e reNected In other words* do it right or donEt do it at all. (o% +%st +ake a co++it+ent to )e the one that &ets o%t there and writes and talks and e?presses /o%rsel3* otherwise /o% wonCt &et a ret%rn on /o%r e33orts. The .ifference bet!een a 5ebsite and a Blog " )%siness we)site +a/ )e a lot like a static )ill)oard. It showcases in3or+ation on the Internet )/ displa/in& a collection o3 we) pa&es on a serBer. " we)site can )e a collection o3 articles* news* links* in3or+ation* photo&raphs* or an/thin& /o% want...incl%din& /o%r )lo&. " )lo& can )e its own we)site or part o3 a we)site that incl%des other pa&es. " t/pical )lo& &enerall/ +eets one or +ore o3 the 3ollowin& criteriaD ditorial Content Eco++entar/* opinions* etc.G $inks to e?ternal sites Eo3ten seen as reco++endationsG Interaction and @dialo&%eA with Bisitors EBia co++entsG #hoto&raphs o3 /o% and /o%r actiBities Tells stories Us%all/ a)o%t a speci3ic topic* s%)Nect* or &enre Tends to )e opinionated and personal Co%ld )e considered @news;/A rather than @newsA Tools for Blogging 1ith the deBelop+ent o3 )lo&&in& pro&ra+s like 5ordPress" a power3%l )lo&&in& tool with +assiBe pl%&ins and add;ons* the line is )ein& crossed )etween we)sites and )lo&s. 4lo&s are o3ten re3erred to

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

as dynamic content generators co+pared to the old static content we)sites. In the past* we)sites were created with static code that displa/ed the content and desi&n ele+ents to +ake it look prett/. 4asicall/* a )lo&&in& pro&ra+ like 1ord#ress* or its 3ree hostin& )lo& serBice** +akes it si+ple and eas/ to write articles and posts on /o%r )lo& and does all the work 3or /o%. "ll /o% do is N%st )lo&. The so3tware inp%ts in3or+ation /o% s%ppl/ thro%&h the blog interface Eon 1ord#ress known as the "d+inistration #anelsG into a data)ase. The pro&ra+ then sends co++ands to collect in3or+ation and a%to+aticall/ p%)lishes the )lo& on /o%r site. Dependin& %pon those co++ands* each pa&e Biewed on /o%r )lo& +a/ look di33erent or haBe di33erent content. The Internet and )lo&s > /o%r own and other peopleCs > p%t the world at /o%r 3in&ertips with +illions %pon +illions o3 people literall/ at /o%r doorstep. ThatCs a power3%l a%dience 3or /o%r +arketin& +essa&e. So what can /o% do to &et it ri&htJ ICBe &ot /o% coBered...

= Smart Tips for Better Blogging

I3 /o% haBe the dedication and consistenc/ to &et /o%r )lo& o%t there* post re&%larl/ and keep the relationships in the )lo&osphere &oin&* /o% +i&ht see the 3r%its o3 /o%r la)or.
1; .o /t the Easy 5ay. DonCt &et co+plicated with /o%r )lo&.

I3 /o% haBe to depend on so+eone to +aintain it 3or /o%* +ake s%re itCs so+eone /o% can co%nt on. The +o+ent the )lo& stops )ein& 3%n* the +o+ent /o%r interest starts dwindlin& )eca%se postin& is co+plicatedTthatCs the +o+ent /o%r )lo& starts to die.
2; Be Iard )n *ourself. 8ake s%re /o% haBe the discipline to

post at least twice a week i3 /o% want to create a

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

disciplined 3ollowin&. 4e consistent a)o%t when /o% post new in3o. I3 /o%r postin& sched%le is all oBer the place* /o% stop )ein& a relia)le so%rce o3 in3or+ation and people are &oin& to place their attention so+ewhere else. Bore. #eople appreciate the written word* )%t in &eneral are +ore entertained )/ +ore d/na+ic content. I3 possi)le* incl%de Bideo or a%dio when /o% &et a chance. 8ost )lo&&in& plat3or+s toda/ can easil/ inte&rate content 3ro+ (o%T%)e or an/ Bideo site. (ollaborator. (o% donCt haBe to )e the a%thor o3 all /o%r )lo& postin&s. Colla)orate with collea&%es. This is a &reat opport%nit/ 3or cross;pro+otion. @(o% write 3or +e and ICll write 3or /o%.A
<; Tag Cike *our Blog .epended )n /t. >/t doesN? 8ake s%re 9; Be 7; .onEt Be

to ta& all /o%r articles and entries. This will +ake it easier 3or the search en&ines to 3ind /o% and can )e %sed to naBi&ate )etter on /o%r own )lo&. .esigner" Cet Pro .o /t. Ben the tastiest +orsels o3 in3or+ation are hard to swallow when a 4lo& looks dread3%l. " )adl/ desi&ned site has a ne&atiBe i+pact on /o%r credi)ilit/O itCs like showin& %p to work %nwashed* %nshaBen and in /o%r old clothes. In +ost cases people will haBe a hard ti+e &ettin& to /o%r +essa&e )eca%se /o%r appearance is not consistent with it. Unless /o%CBe &ot so+e &raphic skills* %se a professionally designed template i3 possi)le or hire so+e)od/ that knows hisLher wa/ aro%nd )lo& desi&n. "nd i3 /o%Cre not co+3orta)le with /o%r writin& skills* consider hirin& a 3reelance cop/writer to handle the task 3or /o%. Cons%+ers are )etter ed%cated toda/ )eca%se o3 the Bast a+o%nts o3 in3or+ation aBaila)le on the Internet. Not onl/ will a )lo& conBe/ in3or+ation to /o%r tar&et de+o&raphic 3aster and cheaper than
6; Unless *ouEre

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

traditional +eans* )%t when co%pled with search en&ine )ene3its* )rand Bisi)ilit/* and a Bal%e;)ased proposition* a )lo& sho%ld )e an essential part o3 /o%r +arketin& plat3or+ #rint +a&a,ines +ake +one/ )/ sellin& adBertisin&. The lar&er their circ%lation* the +ore in3l%ence the/ e?ert oBer people* and the de+o&raphics o3 their readers dictate how +%ch +one/ the/ +ake. 4lo&s are essentiall/ the sa+e...e?cept the only ad:ertiser is you. EUnless* o3 co%rse* /o% &et into a33iliate relationships* third;part/ adBertisin&* etc.G The )otto+ line on )lo&s is thisD the +ore tra33ic Ecirc%lationG /o% haBe* the t/pe and -%alit/ o3 that tra33ic Ereader de+o&raphicsG and the in3l%ence /o% haBe oBer /o%r a%dience will deter+ine /o%r a)ilit/ to sell your product and increase your profitability. There are +an/ prod%cts o%t there aBaila)le 3ree online to help /o% &et %p and r%nnin&D Email )ptions To a lot o3 people* the ter+ @e+ail +arketin&A a%to+aticall/ conN%res i+a&es o3 an e+ail intent on one thin& I sellin&. In act%al 3act* there are a n%+)er o3 t/pes o3 e+ail co++%nications /o% can %se to pro+ote /o%r prod%cts and serBices* so+e o3 which are not directly sales related. 4%t donCt worr/* the/ can certainl/ contri)%te to their )otto+ line in other wa/s. utoresponders No +atter what kind o3 )%siness /o% are in* there is a wa/ that a%toresponders can )e %sed. M%st set the+ %p Ewith lots o3 +arketin& pro+pts and calls to action* o3 co%rseG* and 3or&et it. "%toresponders r%n on a%topilot.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

"n a%toresponder can )e %sed to deli:er sales messages to your opt-in customer list. /t can be used to deli:er email courses" to send reminders" and e:en to help you assemble an opt-in list i3 /o% donCt alread/ possess one. There are +an/ creatiBe wa/s /o% can %se /o%r a%toresponder to +ake additional sales and to )%ild c%sto+er relationships. "ll s%ccess3%l +arketers will tell /o% that there are two tools that are Bital to an/ t/pe o3 online +arketin& ; an opt;in list and an a%toresponder. In act%alit/* +ost +arketers will a&ree that /o% co%ld take awa/ all o3 their other +arketin& tools* )%t the/ wo%ld 3i&ht to the death to keep the list and the a%toresponderK utomation is important to all businesses. #%ttin& an online )%siness on a%to pilot isnCt di33ic%lt at all and it is all done with the %se o3 a%torespondersK Email ,arketing )ptions "nd there are eBen +ore wa/s to %se e+ail technolo&/ to reach /o%r c%sto+ers with the news the/ didnCt eBen know the/ were waitin& to hearD Fuick nnouncements O3ten called postcard emails* these are si+ple* )rie3 anno%nce+ents /o%r clients +i&ht want to +ake in3or+in& c%sto+ers o3 a special o33er* a pop%lar new prod%ct or -%ick 3ire sale. These t/pes o3 e+ails are t/picall/ restricted to a sin&le call;to;action and sho%ld )e eas/ 3or the recipient to scan in a 3ew seconds. E-Ne!sletters The pri+ar/ p%rpose o3 an e+ail newsletter is to )%ild %pon the relationship /o%r client has with their own c%sto+ers. O3 co%rse* this +i&ht Eand sho%ldG indirectl/ res%lt in an increase

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

in sales* )%t the 3oc%s sho%ld )e on proBidin& releBant* %se3%l content /o%r s%)scri)ers +i&ht )e interested in. O3ten the content isnCt directl/ related to /o%r prod%cts either. !or e?a+ple* an online &rocer +i&ht send a +onthl/ newsletter 3eat%rin& a 3ew recipes* a stor/ on the )ene3its o3 or&anic prod%ce and a col%+n with e?ercisin& tips. (atalog Emails " catalo& )ased e+ail is 3airl/ sel3 e?planator/* )ein& an electronic Bersion o3 a print )roch%re listin& partic%lar prod%cts* with the pri+ar/ &oal to enco%ra&e c%sto+ers to p%rchase. I o3ten see desi&ners la)el catalo& e+ails as newsletters* and ad+ittedl/ the lines can &et )l%rr/ so+eti+es. Press 'eleases I3 /o% haBe a list o3 +edia contacts that haBe &iBen /o% per+ission to contact the+* e+ail press releases can )e a &reat wa/ to attract news coBera&e. O3 co%rse* there are a n%+)er o3 serBices that can distri)%te /o%r press releases to the +edia* )%t +aintainin& their own list o3 +edia contacts can )e a &reat wa/ 3or /o%r client to send tar&eted* personali,ed press releases onl/ to those contacts who will )e interested.

Nicholas Nugget Ber/one enNo/s the 3eelin& o3 )ein& the 3irst to know whatCs new* so let /o%r press releases do do%)le d%t/. 8ake /o%r c%sto+ers 3eel like the/Cre on /o%r ";$ist )/ sendin& the+ press releases* too.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

(ustom-Tailored to *our (ustomer

1hen considerin& which t/pes o3 e+ail to %se* itCs i+portant to re+e+)er that you donEt need to take a one-si@e-fits-all approach. So+e clients will )e +%ch +ore s%ited to e+ail newsletters than one; ti+e anno%nce+ents* while the reBerse +i&ht appl/ to others. The )est thin& a)o%t e+ail is that itCs so +eas%ra)le. Tr/ a newsletter 3or /o%r client 3or a +onth or two and then look at the res%lts. 8i? %p the topics /o% coBer to see which &arners the +ost interest. Tr/ a di33erent la/o%t 3or each iss%e. "s lon& as /o% stick to the e?pectations /o% set 3or /o%r clientCs s%)scri)ers* %se /o%r creatiBit/ to 3ind what works )est In spite o3 spa++ers a)%sin& the +edi%+* e+ail is still Bal%ed )/ %sers 3or timely" rich and enticing ne!s and ad:ertising. It is nat%rall/ the co++%nications deliBer/ s/ste+ o3 choice 3or lar&e and s+all online co+panies* )%t it is also a critical tool 3or o33;line )%sinesses. 8ore and +ore people are t%rnin& to their co+p%ters 3irst as a reso%rce 3or )%/in& prod%cts. So eBen an o33line )%siness +%st reco&ni,e that a cons%+erCs e+ail)o?* not the snail;+ail)o? is where prod%cts are )ein& sold toda/.

Nicholas Nugget +ail can )e toda/Cs direct +ail choice. I&nore it and /o%Cll )e le3t )/ the wa/side. HoweBer* while posta&e and printin& costs re-%ire so+e inBest+ent* o33line +arketin& o3ten is eBen +ore pro3ita)le than e;+ail.
$ike an/ other kind o3 +arketin& e+ail +arketin& has one &oalD to co++%nicate clearl/ the )ene3its o3 p%rchasin& a prod%ct or serBice.

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

It all co+es down to &iBin& cons%+ers the in3or+ation the/ need to )%/. Despite the i+portance o3 these co++%nications* +an/ )%siness owners treat writin& e;+ail as either a chore* a waste o3 ti+e* or worst* a lesser 3or+ o3 co++%nication. 4eca%se o3 this* it isnCt &iBen the sa+e a+o%nt o3 care and attention as p%ttin& pen to paper. So what i3 pen+anship isnCt seen* or that the stationer/ doesnCt +atterJ So what i3 eBer/thin& )eco+es le3t;N%sti3ied or &ets tr%ncated d%rin& trans+issionJ DoesnCt this +ean that the !ords themsel:es )eco+e eBen +ore i+portant than eBer )e3oreJ !ollowin& are the guidelines that / follo! !hen composing an electronic letterD

Buideline O% D Use ppropriate Salutations 1hen %sed well* sal%tations are an e33ectiBe wa/ to set the at+osphere o3 the letter. Think o3 it as a handshake* another wa/ to &reet /o%r reader. It allows the reader to &et into the ri&ht 3ra+e o3 +ind* preparin& hi+ 3or /o%r +essa&e.

Nicholas Nugget Nothin& is +ore co+pellin& that personali,ation and we all react with interest when we see o%r na+e. 1hen /o% incl%de /o%r prospectCs na+e in the sal%tation* /o%Cre likel/ to &et a +%ch +ore positiBe response than with a &eneric* @Dear !riend. @ " personali,ed openin& sa/s* @This is N%st 3or /o%.A

Buideline O< D ,ake the Sub#ect ,atter ,atter (o%r e;+ailCs S%)Nect Headin& is one o3 the 3irst thin&s that /o%r reader will see. O3tenti+es* and especiall/ d%rin& sortin&*

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

itCs the onl/ wa/ /o% can distin&%ish one letter 3ro+ the ne?t. 8ake it co%nt. ItCs as i+portant as a headline on an ad or sales letter.

Buideline O3 ' Meep a .ictionary Iandy !irst o3 all* itCs N%st &ood practice. Secondl/* /o%Cll )e +ore con3ident when @e?peri+entin&A with new words and phrases. "s lon& as /o% Beri3/ that what /o%Cre writin& is spelled correctl/ and is %sed in the proper conte?t* /o%Cll nat%rall/ increase /o%r wordpower and 3%rther enhance /o%r own writin& st/le. "nd this will* in t%rn* +ake /o%r letters +ore enNo/a)le to read* and easier to %nderstand.

Buideline O9 D No ,atter 5hat They Say" Smiley Faces 5ork So+e call the+ e+oticons* so+e call the+ s+ile/ 3aces. "nd the/Cre &reat when /o% reall/ want to let /o%r reader know what /o%Cre 3eelin&* or how /o%Cd like /o%r reader to 3eel* and /o% N%st donCt haBe the words nor the ti+e to sa/ so.

Nicholas Nugget +otions are +ost appropriatel/ %sed in cas%al e; +ail* and +ost e33ectiBe when %sed sparin&l/. I +/sel3 %se the+ when I want to let the reader know that eBer/thin&Cs oka/* donCt worr/ a)o%t it. M%st as itCs hard not to s+ile )ack when so+eone is s+ilin& at /o%* the sa+e &oes 3or s+ile/ 3aces. D;G ESee what I +eanJG

Buideline O4 D Spell /t )ut to 'emo:e ll .oubt ThereCs nothin& worse than a +is%nderstood letter. One wa/ to aBoid this is to begin your e-mail !ith !hy you are !riting what /o% are writin&* and how /o% haBe co+e to /o%r concl%sions. Then proceed with /o%r co++ent.

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

The GNe!H Email K Social ,arketing

ItCs hard to spend +ore than 3iBe +in%tes on a +edia we)site witho%t discoBerin& new concepts and tools 3or people and )%sinesses to co++%nicate with each other !ace)ook $inkedIn 8/Space !eeds 8icro;)lo&&in& I8Cs Twitter Despite what p%ndits +i&ht sa/ and we +i&ht want* there are no si+ple answers to how e+ail +arketin& sho%ld e+)race Eor notG social networks and other 1e) 2.2 deBelop+ents. 4%t there are concepts and approaches that help %s 3ind the answers 3or o%r own %ni-%e sit%ations. !or e?a+ple... The 1e) 2.2 e+ail +arketer doesnCt prod%ce +arketin& +essa&es in the traditional sense. The new e+ail +arketers seek to dri:e sales" opinion" !eb :isits" do!nloads" registrations" ad :ie!s" ad sales" donations" or !hate:er else defines success for the organi@ation. To achieBe those &oals* the/ happen to %se e+ail. So sho%ld /o%K Polishing Social Net!orking Email Is there an/thin& /o% can do to +ake /o%r c%rrent e+ail ca+pai&n +ore @socialA in nat%reJ (esK

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Polishing Tip O% D Use


Ber/ social networkin& site has a place 3or /o%r pict%re. So does /o%r e+ailK Show those pearl/ whites ri&ht ne?t to /o%r si&nat%re to in3%se so+e +ore personalit/ into /o%r e+ail.

Nicholas Nugget It +a/ see+ like a +inor chan&e* )eca%se it is* )%t s%)tle chan&es like this Elike creatiBe personali,ation* &eo&raphic tar&etin&* and other s%)tle tricksG can contri)%te to a water3all e33ect when %sed to&ether.

Polishing Tip O< D Start Roin

Broup *our Subscribers (an

+ail* )/ nat%re* is a one;to;one co++%nication tool. Social networkin&* on the other hand* is a +an/;to;+an/ co++%nication tool* which di33erentiates it 3ro+ the conBentional we) and e+ail e?perience and contri)%tes to its pop%larit/. 1o%ld /o%r s%)scri)ers )e eBen +ore en&a&ed with /o%r content i3 the/ co%ld disc%ss it with one another on !ace)ookJ 1o%ld the/ then share it with their 3riends on the social networkin& sites the/ %seJ

Nicholas Nugget HaBin& /o%r s%)scri)ers co++%nicate with one another +a/ &et the+ +ore interested in /o%r content witho%t /o% haBin& to do an/ +ore work.

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

Polishing Tip O3 D /nteract !ith Subscribers M%st )eca%se e+ail is one;to;one doesnCt +ean it has to )e one wa/. Re+e+)er that people can alwa/s hit repl/ to an/thin& /o% send the+. Take adBanta&e o3 that 3act. "sk 3or 3eed)ack. (o% can also %se polls and sur:eys on social we)sites and incl%de the res%lts and s%)scri)er 3eed)ack in /o%r 3%t%re +essa&es. TH and radio pro&ra+s do this sort o3 thin& to keep /o% t%ned d%rin& co++ercials.

Polishing Tip O9 K Be

Person" Not


(o%Cre a real person* ri&htJ 1ell* donCt )e a3raid to write like itK Re+e+)er to connect and relate with /o%r s%)scri)ers* and )e approacha)le.

Nicholas Nugget ItCs possi)le to oBerdo it with the personal in3or+ation* )%t too o3ten I see e+ail +arketers %nderachieBin& on this 3ront. On social networkin& sites* people are lookin& to connect and &et to know people...with who+ the/ may do )%siness.
2 Sections of a Typical Email The )od/ o3 an e+ail is diBided into 5 distinct sectionsD The Preheader These s+all and s%)d%ed te?t )l%r)s at the top o3 e+ails are &ettin& +ore pla/ these da/s. #artic%larl/ as +ore 3olks )rowse their in)o?es 3ro+ +o)ile deBices* this 3irst &li+pse o3 the +ain +essa&e )eco+es /o%r cr%cial chance to &ra) their interest.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

The preheader in3or+s a recipient o3 what the e+ail is a)o%t* how to Biew it with i+a&es andLor 3ro+ a +o)ile deBice* and how to ens%re 3%t%re deliBer/ Bia content teaser snippetEsG* the @Biew with i+a&esA pro+pt andLor the @add to address )ookA pro+pt.

Nicholas Nugget Think a)o%t what te?t snippet /o% want c%sto+ers to see 3irst. #ro)a)l/ so+ethin& a little +ore en&a&in& than @I3 /o% are haBin& tro%)le Biewin& this e+ail with i+a&es...A
Ieader and Na:igation This o3ten takes the 3or+ o3 a colored )anner and enco+passes an/thin& that lies )etween /o%r preheader and +ain +essa&e. ItCs the space 3or /o%r co+pan/ lo&o* and'dependin& on the +essa&e content'it +a/ also incl%de +en% ite+s that link to other pa&es o3 /o%r site* N%st in case the +ain +essa&e doesnCt -%ite strike the 3anc/ o3 the Biewer. Primary ,essage (o%r e+ailCs )i& p%sh deserBes a lot o3 attention 3ro+ /o% since /o%Cre lookin& to earn the attention o3 /o%r s%)scri)ers. " har+onio%s )alance o3 headline* )od/ cop/ and s%pportin& i+a&es deliBers +a?i+%+ i+pact. This sho%ld incl%de a pro+inent pri+ar/ call;to;action Eideall/ in the 3or+ o3 a )i&* )ea%ti3%l* @)%lletproo3A )%ttonKG and a link to a landin& pa&e with a cohesiBe look and +essa&e that will +aintain eno%&h interest to t%rn that click thro%&h into a conBersion.

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

Table of (ontents >T)(? These co+e in hand/ 3or lon&er* newsletter;3or+ e+ails that contain tons o3 content. " TOC allows c%sto+ers to skip ri&ht to what interests the+ rather than haBin& to scroll all the wa/ down. The TOC works +ost e33ectiBel/ as a )%lleted list at the top o3 /o%r e+ail that is anchor ta&&ed to hotlink directl/ to content. !ittin& this into /o%r preBiew pane* alon& with /o%r pri+ar/ +essa&e and call;to;actions* will also help it &ain eno%&h attention to earn its keep. Submessage>s? "ddin& secondar/ and tertiar/ +essa&es to /o%r e+ail &iBes /o% the opport%nit/ to present another stor/ or two. M%st +ake s%re /o% donCt lose /o%r Biewers in a +a,e o3 in3or+ation. :eep it clean with Bis%al pro+pts like color* stron& headlines* i+a&er/ and &raphics. S%)+essa&es are %s%all/ or&ani,ed in a siderail or la/er;caked )elow the pri+ar/ +essa&e. 'eco:ery ,odule This is /o%r 3inal o%tpost* /o%r last chance to capt%re the click thro%&h o3 an/one who +a/ haBe sailed thro%&h /o%r +ain +essa&e or s%);+essa&es. The recoBer/ +od%le is o3ten a )ar at the )otto+ o3 the e+ail that incl%des a list o3 links to /o%r site* or potentiall/ an incentiBe to &ra) /o%r s%)scri)ersC interest )e3ore the/ slip )ack to their in)o?es. Footer Usin& the sa+e sort o3 s%)d%ed* @le&aleseA te?t that co+prises the header* this is another place to incl%de the essential nutsand-bolts in3o. The %ns%)scri)e link is t%cked awa/ here alon& with co+pan/ contact details* @3orward to 3riendA and c%sto+er serBice links.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Nicholas Nugget Do /o% think peopleCs e/es li&ht %p when the/ see dollar si&ns in an e+ail s%)Nect lineJ Think a&ain. 8an/ e+ail %sers haBe filters in place ' thro%&h an anti;spa+ tool* at their IS#* in their e+ail pro&ra+* or in their perceptiBe +ind ' that +oBe an/thin& containin& @FFFA to the trash i++ediatel/.
:oid The Spam Trap I3 /o% want /o%r +essa&e to )e receiBed* opened* and read* /o% sho%ld a:oid !ords and phrases in your sub#ect line that are commonly associated !ith spam.. The/ incl%deD

!ree Ein all its incarnationsD 3ree &i3t* 3ree in3o* 3ree +e+)ership* 3ree o33erG

Inco+e 3ro+ ho+e Increase Sales In3o (o% Re-%ested $i+ited Ti+e O33er SaBe 8one/ 6et Rich 1ealth/ I know* I know. These are the words and phrases that e?cite cons%+ers. (o% can %se the+ in the )od/ o3 /o%r +essa&e all /o% wish. M%st keep the+ awa/ 3ro+ the s%)Nect line.

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

/mage Blocking D :oid GSpam-yH Pictures I3 /o% han& aro%nd an/ disc%ssion o3 e+ail desi&n and prod%ction* the ter+s @i+a&e )lockin&A or @i+a&e s%ppressionA will appear at re&%lar interBals. 4%t what do those ter+s +eanJ How does i+a&e )lockin& i+pact e+ail +arketin&J "nd how can /o% +eet the challen&eJ $etCs start with the )asicsD 1hat are )locked i+a&esJ The so3tware Ee.&. Th%nder)irdG or serBice Ee.&. (ahooK 8ail or /o%r corporate IT depart+entG that +ana&es /o%r inco+in& e+ail inBests a lot o3 e33ort in keepin& spa+ o%t o3 /o%r in)o?. "nd thank heaBens 3or thatK " st%d/ done )/ 4arrac%da Networks Ea leader in e+ail sec%rit/G* )ased on an anal/sis o3 +ore than one )illion dail/ e;+ail +essa&es sent to its +ore than <2*222 c%sto+ers worldwide* 3o%nd that 92;9<Q o3 all e;+ail sent in 2225 was spa+

<2Q o3 %sers receiBed at least spa+ e;+ails in their in;)o? each da/

6<Q receiBed <;12 spa+ +essa&es each da/ 17Q were in%ndated with <2 or +ore spa+ e;+ails dail/ " 3%ll <5Q o3 4arrac%daCs respondents said the/ :ie! spam email as the !orst form of #unk ad:ertising. This is close to do%)le the n%+)er o3 people E71QG who cited %nsolicited snail +ail as @the worstA and nearl/ 3iBe ti+es the n%+)er o3 people who &aBe th%+)s down to tele+arketin&. Spa+ is so hated* that new sol%tions 3or )lockin& the +essa&es are constantl/ eBolBin&. #reBio%sl/* +ost technolo&ies 3or identi3/in& Eand then deletin& or rero%tin&G spa+ looked at the te?t o3 the +essa&e

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

3or cl%es. The/ were prett/ &ood at spottin& the @)adA +essa&es this wa/. Un3ort%natel/* spa++ers adapted. So+e started replacin& so+e Eor allG o3 their e+ailCs te?t with a s+all piece o3 code that calls %p a re+ote i+a&e 3ro+ another co+p%ter on the Internet and displa/s it in the e+ail. The @cleBer )itA is that this i+a&e contains te?t* workin& +%ch like a photo o3 a pa&e o3 words wo%ld. Since anti;spa+ technolo&ies 3ind it +ore di33ic%lt to @readA words displa/ed as a pict%re* rather than t/ped o%t in an e+ail* so;called @i+a&e spa+A was initiall/ +ore s%ccess3%l in &ettin& %nsolicited +essa&es in 3ront o3 e+ail %sers. O3ten* e+ails 3ro+ an/)od/ in the %serCs address )ook )/pass the i+a&e )lockin& 3eat%re. The new (ahooK 8ail* 3or e?a+ple* lets %sers +an%all/ actiBate i+a&es on an/ sin&le e+ail whose i+a&es were s%ppressed. It also lets %sers choose )etween 7 de3a%lt s%ppression optionsD Displa/ all i+a&es in e+ail* e?cept 3or those in the spa+ 3older Displa/ i+a&es onl/ in e+ails 3ro+ contacts or certi3ied senders 4lock all i+a&es initiall/ It is not eno%&h to e+ail. It is not eno%&h to )lo&. It is not eno%&h to haBe a !ace)ook pa&e. 1hat /o% sa/* what /o% send* !hat you communicate still has to ha:e :alue. In that sense nothin& has chan&ed since the da/ the/ printed the 3irst newspaper.

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

.irect ,ail ,arketing

Direct mail +arketin& is a s%);set o3 direct +arketin&. It inBolBes contactin& c%sto+ers Bia sales letters* catalo&s* postcards* 3l/ers* and other printed +aterials that arriBe* as the na+e s%&&ests* )/ +ail. 1ith the e?plosion o3 the Internet co%pled with the risin& cost o3 posta&e* +an/ )%sinesses si+pl/ no lon&er %se direct +ail as part o3 their +arketin&. 4%t direct +ail has )een the sales !orkhorse of business for generations. Direct +ail &iBes /o% the opport%nit/ to talk directl/ to h%ndreds* tho%sands* and eBen +illions o3 potential c%sto+ers. " letter is like a dialo&%e )etween /o% and /o%r prospectiBe c%sto+er. It is one person talkin& to another. Direct +ail &iBes /o% the opport%nit/ to +ake the +ost co+pellin& case on how /o%r prod%ct or serBice will )ene3it the recipient...speaking Gfriend to friend.H There are certainl/ challenges in direct mail campaigns. 8an/ cons%+ers Biew %nsolicited direct +ail as N%nk +ail

Direct +ail is +ore e33ectiBe as a ca+pai&n rather than a one; shot. (o% +%st haBe a lon& ter+* well tho%&ht o%t +arketin& plan

(o%r piece is co+petin& with the entire contents o3 a cons%+erCs +ail)o? 3or attention. I3 /o% donCt know what /o% are doin&* /o% &et oBerlooked in the +i? o3 other direct +ailers* )ills* and letters 3ro+ "%nt !ann/ The cost o3 printin& and posta&e can +ake direct +ail an e?pensiBe proposition

It +a/ )e di33ic%lt to o)tain and +aintain %pdated* acc%rate +ailin& lists

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Despite the challen&es* direct +ail re+ains the best ad:ertising medium 3or c%sto+i,in& /o%r appeal. 1ith i+proBed data)ase reso%rces and de+o&raphics* /o% can e33ectiBel/ precisel/ tar&et the prospect /o% are ai+in& at and 3ine;t%ne /o%r +essa&e so that a sale is Birt%all/ ineBita)le. 1ithin the )road cate&or/ o3 direct +ail* there are +an/ s%); cate&ories o3 co++%nication. The +ethod o3 co+)ination o3 +ethods /o% choose will )e deter+ined )/ 1hat /o%Cre sellin& 1ho /o%Cre tar&etin& How +%ch +one/ /o% haBe to spend Sales Cetters 1hen /o%Cre lookin& to )%ild %r&enc/T 1hen /o%Cre lookin& to stir %p the potT 1hen /o%Cre lookin& to &et people to take actionT 1hen /o%Cre lookin& to take the+ thro%&h the pain o3 what happens when the/ donCt do thin&s the ri&ht wa/ T These are the kinds thin&s that are )est conBe/ed in traditional long-form sales letter. The +ost Bal%a)le sin&le sheet o3 paper in all o3 direct +arketin& is a letter. 1hen incl%ded in /o%r direct +ail packa&e* a &ood letter can create 9&; to 4&; more response than sendin& N%st a )roch%re. Sales letter can war+ the coldest o3 c%sto+ers* paBe the wa/ 3or an eas/ entrance to a to%&h;to;&et;a;hold;o3 client* and so3ten the hardest entrance )arriers to allow /o% the opport%nit/ to +ake a sale. "n/ ar&%+entsJ

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

"ll winnin& sales letters speak to /o%r prospect )/ creating an image in the mind o3 the reader. The/ set the scene )/ appealin& to a desire or need* then 3low s+oothl/ into the Bisionar/ part o3 the sales presentation. This Bisionar/ process describes in detail ho! !onderful life !ill be and how &ood the prospect is &oin& to 3eel a3ter the prod%ct is p%rchased or the serBice has )een per3or+ed. (o% +essa&e sho%ld &iBe /o%r prospect a clear :ision of the benefits the/ will receiBe or take awa/ 3ro+ what /o% are o33erin&. !or this to happen* /o%r winnin& sales letter +%st 3ollow a ti+e;tested and proBen 3or+%la known )/ the acron/+D /. ... Enot the operaG

" I /o% +%st &et /o%r prospectCs ttention I I &iBe /o%r prospect an /nterest in what /o% can do 3or her D I create a .esire 3or the )ene3its /o%Cre o33erin& " I re-%est so+e ction 3ro+ /o%r prospect

The pri+ar/ o)NectiBe o3 a letter is %s%all/ not to sell a prod%ct* )%t rather to generate a phone call" email or postcard response. !ace it* the to%&hest o)NectiBe 3or an/ piece o3 paper is to sell directl/D to sell a prod%ct )/ solicitin& an order witho%t 3%rther contact or h%+an interBention. It wo%ld )e &reat to close a sale )/ N%st sendin& a sheet o3 paper* )%t %nless /o%r sales piece is ai+ed 122Q 3ro+ the &et;&o at creatin& a direct sale* that +a/ not happen. Direct sales letters +%st solicit orders or their +ission 3ails* and so does /o%r inBest+ent. These letters are %s%all/ lon&er* harder sellin&* and +ore power3%ll/ written ; desi&ned to +ake a person place so+e hard;earned dollars in an enBelope and waBe to it as he places it in a )o?. Or to +ake a rel%ctant c%sto+er call with a credit card.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Not an eas/ task* and to%&h to do with a one;pa&e letter* especiall/ when the prod%ct or s%pplier is not a known entit/. " s+ooth* well;written sales letter +%st oBerco+e the 3ears and the o)Nections o3 )%/ers* and raise their con3idence and leBel o3 tr%st eno%&h to )%/. To s%cceed* this letter +%st ca%se the reader to defy the la! of reader inertia E)odies at rest tend to sta/ at restG and take a pro;actiBe role* pick %p the phone* and initiate the call. Or contact /o%r e+ail address. The sa+e is tr%e 3or call;&eneration letters that re-%est the reader to call* write or e+ail to set %p an appoint+ent. These letters* while not as hard;sellin& as a prod%ct pitch* still need to sell the )ene3its o3 the prod%ct and tell the reader to pick %p the phone and call* or the letterCs &oal is not +et.

Nicholas Nugget Tr/ o33erin& a Bal%a)le special report* 3ree )roch%re or 3ree )ooklet to entice the reader to contact /o%. "nd +ake it a ti+e;li+ited o33er to oBerco+e procrastination. Postcards
I3 /o%r +arketin& actiBit/ doesnCt incl%de postcards* /o%Cre oBerlookin& a hi&hl/ e33ectiBe and Ber/ low;cost sales tool. Here are 12 o3 the +an/ reasons postcards sho%ld )e part o3 /o%r +arketin& pro&ra+.

Postcards 5ork /n ny Niche" for ny Business P #ostcards can prod%ce all kinds o3 sales actiBit/ 3or all t/pes o3 )%sinessesD we) site tra33ic 3or online +arketers* 3loor tra33ic 3or retail stores* sales leads 3or direct +arketers ...and N%st a)o%t an/ other t/pe o3 sales actiBit/ a )%siness wants.

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&


Postcard .esign /s Easy P Desi&nin& an e33ectiBe postcard is not co+plicated. It can )e as si+ple as printin& /o%r )est s+all ad on a 9 ? 6 card and sendin& it to a list o3 potential prospects. Postcard Printing /s /ne0pensi:e P (o% can print postcards with /o%r own co+p%ter 3or a)o%t 1 or 2 cents each ...or haBe the+ printed pro3essionall/ 3or a)o%t 9 to 0 cents each. Postcard Postage /s Thrifty P Unless /o% &et into specialt/ si,es* it costs less to +ail a postcard than a letter. Postcards re 'ead ,ore )ften P 4eca%se postcards are deliBered @read/ to readA* al+ost eBer/)od/ will read it I eBen people who %s%all/ throw o%t other t/pes o3 direct +ail witho%t openin& it. Postcards Produce Fast 'esults D 4eca%se postcards are si+ple and eas/ to %se I the/ prod%ce res%lts 3ast. (o% can +ail postcards within a 3ew da/s o3 decidin& to %se the+ ...and /o%Cll start &ettin& sales actiBit/ 2 or 7 da/s later. Postcards /n The ,ail Benerate Traffic )nline D One o3 the +ost e33ectiBe postcard 3or+ats si+pl/ lists a 3ew )ene3its o3 a prod%ct or serBice on the card and tells the reader where the/ can &et +ore in3or+ation. This +akes the+ ideal 3or &eneratin& tra33ic to a we) site. Postcard re For Meeping and Sharing D #ostcards are like s+all )ill)oards I and the/ are eas/ to handle. The/ o3ten &et saBed )/ recipients or passed on to others ...proBidin& additional e?pos%re o3 /o%r adBertisin& +essa&e. Postcards Iit Their Targets Better D (o% can acc%ratel/ tar&et /o%r )est +arkets )/ sendin& postcards onl/ to +ailin& lists o3 prospects likel/ to )e interested in what /o%Cre o33erin& ...and who also haBe a histor/ o3 actin& on o33ers that interest the+.








How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers


Postcard 'esults re Easy To ,easure D #ostcards nor+all/ &enerate oBer 92Q o3 their total response within 5 to 12 da/s. This ena)les /o% to -%ickl/ and acc%ratel/ eBal%ate the res%lts o3 a postcard ca+pai&n. Postcards Put *)U /n (ontrol ' (o% can -%ickl/ )oost Eor red%ceG /o%r sales actiBit/ an/ti+e /o% want )/ si+pl/ re&%latin& the n%+)er o3 postcards /o% +ail and how o3ten /o% +ail the+. Postcards (onceal *our ,arketing from (ompetitors D 8ost adBertisin& %ses +ass +edia where /o%r co+petitors hear or see what /o% are doin& ; and cop/ it. #ostcard +arketin& is personal. Onl/ /o% and /o%r prospects are aware o3 what /o% are doin&. (o% can +ail postcards within a 3ew da/s o3 decidin& to %se the+ ...and /o%Cll start getting sales acti:ity < or 3 days later. Need I sa/ +ore in s%pport o3 these direct +ail wondersJ Here are < proBen tips that will help /o% create power3%l +arketin& postcards &%aranteed to prod%ce a )i& response.
1. ,ake a Big First /mpression ' #eople like &ettin& postcards



3ro+ 3riends and relatiBes. The/ donCt like &ettin& adBertisin& +ail. 8ake /o%r postcard look at 3irst &lance like a handwritten +essa&e 3ro+ a 3riend instead o3 like an adBertisin& anno%nce+ent. It creates a war+ 3riendl/ reception 3or /o%r postcard. !or e?a+ple* %se the sa+e t/pest/le and la/o%t /o% wo%ld %se to send a postcard to a 3riend. Use a date at the top ...eBen i3 it is so+ethin& like @8onda/* 11D1< "8A. "nd incl%de a real @3ro+A na+e at the )otto+ ...eBen i3 itCs not handwritten.

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

2. Bet to the Point ' #ostcards &et deliBered in a 3or+at thatCs

read/ to read. Take adBanta&e o3 this )/ +akin& the )i&&est )ene3it /o% o33er the 3irst thin& the reader sees. This will +ake the+ want to read the rest o3 /o%r postcard. !or e?a+ple* state /o%r )i&&est )ene3it as a headline at the top o3 /o%r postcard ...or +ake it the 3irst ite+ on a )%lleted list o3 )ene3its ...or hi&hli&ht it in )old t/pe i3 itCs in the )od/ o3 /o%r postcard.
7. Understand your purpose ' 8arketin& postcards are +ost

e33ectiBe when the/ are %sed to &enerate telephone responses* we)site tra33ic or sales leads. The/ are less e33ectiBe 3or closin& sales )eca%se the/ donCt proBide eno%&h space 3or a detailed sales +essa&e. There3ore* /o% sho%ld desi&n /o%r +essa&e to sell the reader on seekin& +ore in3or+ation instead o3 tr/in& to close sales. !or e?a+ple* donCt incl%de +%ch Ei3 an/G act%al in3or+ation a)o%t the prod%ct or serBice /o% are sellin& on /o%r postcard. Instead* pro+ote the +aNor )ene3it Eor )ene3itsG the/ proBide. Then pers%ade the reader to call* Bisit /o%r we)site or to take so+e other action to &et +ore in3or+ation 3ro+ a so%rce where /o% can close sales.
9. Be (lear and .irect D (o% haBe onl/ a 3ew seconds to &et

the readerCs attention and to pers%ade the+ to take the action /o% want. "lwa/s end /o%r postcard )/ tellin& the reader e?actl/ what to do to &et +ore details I and incl%de a reason to do it i++ediatel/. :eep /o%r +essa&e )rie3 and +ake s%re the reader can clearl/ %nderstand it with N%st a -%ick &lance. !or e?a+ple* li+it /o%r postcard to N%st a 3ew short sentences with )lank lines )etween the+. Red%ce seBeral sentences to a short )%lleted list to saBe space and readin& ti+e.
<. Stimulate Fast

ction D M%st tellin& /o%r reader how to &et +ore in3or+ation is not eno%&h. (o% haBe to &iBe the+ a reason to respond NO1* otherwise +an/ will p%t /o%r postcard

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

aside to do later ...then &et inBolBed with other thin&s and 3or&et it. "nother hi&hl/ +otiBational reason to @respond nowA is the pro+ise o3 an incentiBe s%ch as a disco%nted price* a special )on%s or so+e other )ene3it s%ch as a Bal%a)le 3ree report i3 the/ repl/ to /o%r postcard )/ a deadline.

" recent s%rBe/ )/ the The Response Center* an independent +arket research 3ir+* 3o%nd that distri)%tors attri)%te 98; of product sales to catalo&s. IC+ s%rprised at how o3ten prod%ct catalo&s see+ to )e created +ore 3or artistic rather than sales p%rposes. The/ are %s%all/ desi&ned to )e as attractiBe or distinctiBe as possi)le* )%t o3ten end %p haBin& a li+ited i+pact on the sales c/cle itsel3. To )reak that c/cle* /o% need to thoro%&hl/ consider these -%estionsD 1hat is the p%rpose o3 this literat%reJ How can I +ake it releBant to +/ prospectJ 1hat action do I want the prospect to takeJ This last -%estion is o3 co%rse critical. Unless /o% spell o%t e?actl/ what /o% want /o%r c%sto+er to do* /o% wonCt )e a)le to steer the+.

Flyers and Iandouts

!l/ers and hando%ts are ine?pensiBe Eno posta&e costsG and a hi&hl/ e33ectiBe wa/ to &ra) attention in a Ber/ )%s/ +arketplace. !l/ers are a &ood stand)/ tool 3or +arketin& )oth online and o33. "nd thereCs no need to )e a &eni%s to create a &reat one* either.

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

Here are so+e )asic &%idelines to desi&n /o%r own 3l/ers.

,ake ,icrosoft 5ord *our .esigner ' 4e&in with a )asic so3tware pro&ra+ like 8icroso3t 1ord or #%)lisher. Open %p the pro&ra+* then look %nder @!ileA then @NewA to see i3 there are alread/ e?istin& 3l/er wi,ards 3or doc%+ents or te+plates. I3 so* start there and adN%st one to s%it /o%r needs

(olor (orrection !irst take a look at /o%r proNect )%d&et. Is there roo+ 3or 3%ll; color printin& o3 hard copies to distri)%teJ I3 not* donCt worr/. Re&%lar )lack ink on colored paper prod%ces nice lookin&* pro3essional 3l/ers. Coordinate the paper color with a the+e 3or the +onth* like &reen paper 3or St. #atrickCs Da/* red 3or Christ+as or HalentineCs Da/* or /ellow and laBender 3or aster Meep the Style Simple DonCt haBe too +an/ di33erent 3onts* te?t si,es and st/les in one doc%+ent. Choose no +ore than two co+pli+entar/ 3onts and si,es. !or ideas on which to %se* start a collection o3 3l/ers that are st%ck on /o%r door* aro%nd /o%r +ail)o? and placed on /o%r carCs windshield Search /o%r 3aBorite ind%str/ we) sites 3or ideas* too* )/ lookin& at their online doc%+ents 3or downloadin&. #rint the+ o%t and check to see what /o% like and donCt like a)o%t the+

(reate Tabs One %se3%l idea is thisD add p%ll ta)s to the )otto+* so that i3 the 3l/er is placed on a )%lletin )oard* passers)/ can p%ll o33 a ta) and take the in3o ho+e with the+. Check the Help +en% 3or directions. 4asicall/ /o% add a wide te?t )o? alon& the )otto+ portion o3 the 3l/er. Then /o% insert one row o3 col%+ns. Click

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

on the 3irst col%+n and write what /o% want to sa/ > not +%ch 3its here so take careK 8a/)e %se /o%r UR$ or we)site address and phone n%+)er. The te?t will r%n hori,ontall/ like nor+al* readin& 3ro+ le3t to ri&ht. So what /o% do is hi&hli&ht it and click on @!or+atA 3ro+ the top +en%* then @Te?t DirectionA do +ake it r%n Bertical and 3it in /o%r ta)s. Do the sa+e 3or each ta).

Nicholas Nugget 6et two 3or the price o3 one. 1hen /o%Cre 3inished* make print flyers 3or local distri)%tion and then t%rn the doc%+ent into an "do)e .pd3 3ile to distribute online. Upload it and incl%de links to it in /o%r e+ails and 3or%+ posts. "ttach the pd3 to e+ails when /o% know recipients accept attach+ents and can take a look* too. Reach o%t online and o33 with &reat lookin& 3l/ers and &row /o%r )%siness one step 3%rtherK Selling )n The GNetH
" we)site ena)les /o%r )%siness to re+ain open 29 ho%rs a da/* 76< da/s a /earK It reaches o%t to prospectiBe c%sto+ers who are act%all/ tr/in& to reach /o%r )%siness. (o%r site will ed%cate* in3or+* attract new c%sto+ers and eBen &enerate reBen%e while /o% sleep. 1e)sites are affordable and cost effecti:e. "nn%all/ /o%r cost o3 haBin& a we)site +a/ )e less than the cost o3 a one;ti+e print ad. The in3or+ation on /o%r site can saBe /o% ti+e and +one/. !or e?a+ple* /o% can saBe ti+e and +one/ )/ red%cin& the n%+)er o3 in3or+ational phone calls that /o% receiBe s%ch as @1hat are /o%r )%siness ho%rsJA and saBe +one/ on printed pro+otional literat%re.

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

Does /o%r co+petition haBe a we)siteJ 1hether or not /o% should haBe one* this is a per3ect opport%nit/ 3or /o% to di33erentiate /o%r )%siness 3ro+ /o%r co+petition. 3-<-% (ontactN "lon& with the sales +essa&e* /o%r (ontact Us pa&e is one o3 the +ost i+portant and cr%cial pa&es on /o%r site to &et ri&ht. Ben i3 the rest o3 /o%r site s%cceeds in the &oals* i3 Bisitors 3ail to 3ind the in3or+ation the/ need to contact /o% then /o% will )rin& their shoppin& e?perience to a screechin& halt. Shoppers are o3ten skeptical i3 the/ 3eel the/ wonCt )e a)le to &et a hold o3 a real person or are li+ited in their contact options. 1ith all other areas o3 the site workin&* a )ad contact %s pa&e +a/ ca%se so+eone to think twice a)o%t p%rchasin& with /o% alto&ether. There3ore* Bisitors sho%ld not haBe to h%nt to 3ind /o%r contact in3or+ation. The/ +%st )e a)le to 3ind a link to /o%r Contact Us pa&e easil/ and o)Bio%sl/ 3ro+ all pa&es o3 /o%r site.

Nicholas Nugget 4e s%re to proBide multiple options 3or contactin& /o% incl%din&O phone* 3a?* e+ail* snail +ail* and we) 3or+. $iBe s%pport can also )e Bal%a)le. 1hile /o% +a/ want to direct the options toward what is +ost conBenient 3or /o%* not proBidin& a contact option +ost conBenient 3or /o%r Bisitors can )e a +istake *ello! Page d:ertising
Telephone )ook adBertisin& is another wa/ to reach /o%r +arket area. It is perhaps the +ost ideal +edi%+. 1h/J #eople are o3ten read/ to )%/ now. #l%s* it allows /o% to place /o%r )%siness listin& or

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

ad in selected classi3ications within the )ook* with the theor/ )ein& that when people need /o%r prod%ct or serBice* the/ look %p the classi3ication and contact /o%. So+eti+es* +%ch o3 the @sellA cop/ 3or a prod%ct or serBice +a/ )e le3t o%t o3 /o%r ad content. Since the/Cre lookin& thro%&h the /ellow pa&es* the people who haBe looked %p /o%r classi3ication are alread/ in the +arket to )%/ a prod%ct like /o%rs. The benefits o3 (ellow #a&e adBertisin& are well;esta)lishedD One ad works all /ear lon&

6iBes /o%r prospect a +ethod o3 easil/ locatin& and contactin& /o%r )%siness* eBen i3 the/ didnCt initiall/ know /o%r na+e Can help /o% descri)e the di33erences )etween /o% and /o%r co+petition (o% pa/ )/ the +onth instead o3 one lar&e pa/+ent

There are so+e disad:antages.

(o% +%st co++it to an entire /ear o3 adBertisin& (o% are i++ediatel/ placed with a &ro%p o3 /o%r co+petitors* +akin& it eas/ 3or the prospect to co+parison shop So+e classi3ications are so cl%ttered with adBertisin& that %nless the cop/ is power3%l* /o%r ad can )eco+e )%ried and ine33ectiBe It is onl/ e33ectiBe when a prospect looks /o% %p in the correct classi3ication* ass%+in& the prospect knows what classi3ication to look 3or in the 3irst place

The thin& to )e aware o3 when /o% write the ad is the other 3ir+sC ads within /o%r classi3ication. In other words* wh/ sho%ld the reader select /o%r 3ir+ oBer /o%r co+petitionJ That is the cr%cial -%estion I and /o%r ad sho%ld proBide the answer.

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

Nicholas Nugget 8ake it eas/ 3or c%sto+ers to 3ind /o%r )%siness )/ adBertisin& in the online yello! pages. 8ore c%sto+ers than eBer are now searchin& the online /ellow pa&es to 3ind local )%sinesses and itCs not N%st a)o%t &ettin& /o%r n%+)ers listed in the director/* itCs a)o%t &ettin& /o%r )%siness and we)site e?pos%re in the ri&ht places. "nd as with all adBertisin&* the power o3 /o%r headline is critical to s%ccess.
!or Headline News...and +ore a)o%t p%ttin& it all to&ether...letCs +oBe on to /o%r #lan o3 "ttack.

Plan of ttack P ction Steps

Re&ardless o3 the +edi%+* ads and +arketin& +essa&es share seBeral ke/ characteristics. 1rite a &ood sales letter and /o%Cll haBe the )asics 3or a &reat (ellow #a&es ad. DeBelop an a+a,in& postcard and it can )e e?panded into an online Bideo script. Now is the ti+e to sit down and create the essentials of a sales message. HereCs what /o% needD

The Ieadline K " short* power3%l phrase that encaps%lates the ke/ )ene3it the cons%+er will receiBe 3ro+ %sin& /o%r prod%ct.

Ted Nicholas has 3o%nd that 23; of the buying decision is +ade at the point o3 the headline. ItCs so i+portant* Ted has created 12 di33erent headline t/pesK Here are so+e that will pro)a)l/ !ork best 3or /o%D

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

O% D The Simple Ieadline This headline is the +ost )asic* )%t it doesnCt +ean itCs not e33ectiBeK The onl/ thin& /o% need to do is write /o%r =1 )ene3it ri&ht %p 3ront. Tell /o%r prospects e?actl/ whatCs in it 3or the+. Si+ple headlines are the easiest to write )eca%se it is N%st /o%r )est prod%ct )ene3it. This "+a,in& Secret 1ill SaBe (o% a !ort%ne on (o%r Ta?es (o% Can Take Three Strokes O33 (o%r Handicap in One Ho%r $ose 2< l)s in 5 Da/sK O< D The Io!-To Ieadline This headline is 3re-%entl/ %sed to sell in3or+ation prod%cts )eca%se it &ets ri&ht to the point. How to .%ickl/ and asil/T How to "Boid How to Con-%er How to I+proBeT O3 D The .iscount Ieadline This headline is e?actl/ what it so%nds like...ItCs an anno%nce+ent o3 a Sales Disco%nt. 1heneBer /o% write a disco%nt headline /o% +%st incl%de the reason 1H( /o% are o33erin& s%ch an aweso+e deal.

O%r 4%/erCs 8istake Is (o%r 6ood !ort%ne <2Q SaBin&sI1e haBe To 8ake Roo+ !or New InBentor/

SaBe <2Q On New Sales+anCs Sa+ples

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

O9 D The Ne!s Ieadline The News Headline is )est %sed 3or a )rand new prod%ct or a reBol%tionar/ new s/ste+ o3 doin& thin&s. I also like it 3or adBertisin& in newspapers speci3icall/ )eca%se it has a N 1S 3eel to it.

"nno%ncin& New S%re3ire 12;Step Secret S/ste+T NeBer 4e3ore seen Sol%tion.... O4 D The GNe!s-yH Ieadline

ReBol%tionar/ New #rod%ct HelpsT

These headlines +i&ht not +ake the 3ront pa&e o3 the Ti+es* )%t the/ 3eel news;/ to the people who care a)o%t the topicD

@Ohio 8an DiscoBers the Secret o3 How to scape the Rat RaceA @!ishin& 4reakthro%&h Catches Too 8an/ !ish I 4anned in So+e StatesA @$ocal Ce+eter/ Owner ReBeals How (o% Can Cash in on (o%r Own !%neralA O= D The Buarantee Ieadline

4/ p%ttin& /o%r &%arantee or /o%r o33er* ri&ht %p 3ront* it can o3ten increase /o%r response rate dra+aticall/. 122Q 6%aranteed 1a/ to RelieBe (o%r Stress 4/ 272Q In 5 Da/s or $ess or (o%r 8one/ 4ack* No .%estions "skedK arn Up To F79< Dail/ 4e3ore $%nch or (o%r 8one/ 4ack* No .%estions "skedK

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

O2 D The Testimonial Ieadline Testi+onial are the act%al words o3 a satis3ied c%sto+er* Use the+ to create instant rapport and increased )elieBa)ilit/ with new prospects.

The U(X Co+pan/ Chan&ed 8/ $i3e )/T ICBe :nown ")o%t This !or (ears* I 1ish ICd "cted Sooner O1 D Fuestion Ieadline

I 1as Skeptical "t !irst* 4%t "3ter M%st Three 1eeksT

(o% need to ask -%estions o3 the prospects that +ake the+ want to read on in order to discoBer the %lti+ate answer. The p%rpose is to &et the reader to -%ickl/ assess his sit%ation or to start to think a)o%t his c%rrent condition. 1o%ld (o% $ike To... Do (o% :now How To... "re (o% !ed Up 1ith... O8 D The Problem7Solution Ieadline >Be fraid" Be Lery fraid? I3 /o%r prod%ct or serBice is desi&ned to +eet /o%r prospectsC needs* then /o% will so+eti+es haBe to Nar the+ o%t o3 their co+placenc/ )/ %sin& 3ear as a +otiBator. Open the e/es o3 /o%r prospects to their pain3%l sit%ation. ERe+e+)er what we said earl/ a)o%t pain and pleas%reJG Then* show the+ how eas/ it is to receiBe the answer the/ need to solBe their pro)le+EsG.

1hat 1o%ld Happen i3 (o%r Ho+e 1ere InBadedJ I3 (o% Own an "R! Sec%rit/ S/ste+* It NeBer 1ill

I NeBer Tho%&ht This 1o%ld Happen to 8e. 4%t 4eca%se o3 Helpin& Hands !ood #ro&ra+* 8/ !a+il/ and I 1ill 4e !ine

Tactic =6 I $ist 4%ildin&

1hat 1o%ld Happen to (o% I3 (o% $ost (o%r Mo) Toda/J $et !idelit/ Ins%rance 6iBe (o% The Sec%rit/ (o% Need

Nicholas Nugget #eople re3er to these t/pes o3 headlines as ne&atiBe headlines* )%t whateBer /o% want to call the+* the/ work. ! "R is the +ost power3%l +otiBation /o% can %se* i3 /o% %se it correctl/. (o% %se it to shake /o%r prospects o%t o3 their co+3ort ,one and +ake the+ 3eel the pain o3 their sit%ation. ThenT/o% &iBe the+ /o%r answer.
Now letCs &et )ack to those sales message essentials... The )pening The openin& is the 3irst sentence or 3irst two sentences 3ollowin& the sal%tation where /o% )e&in talkin& a)o%t /o%r c%sto+er and hisLher pro)le+. Use a @whatCs in it 3or /o%A orientation. In other words* talk a)o%t @/o%r lawnA not @o%r &rass seed.A )ffer Pre:ie! "3ter the openin&* I like to +ake a )rie3 re3erence to the o33er. @...and /o% can discoBer it* EproBe it* enNo/ itG !R * witho%t o)li&ation with the certi3icate enclosed.A ItVs also help3%l to GmerchandiseH the offer )/ re3errin& to it at seBeral points thro%&ho%t the letter. @1hen /o% send 3or /o%r 3ree de+o E3ree trial iss%e* 72;da/ no;risk trial* etc.G and &et it %p and r%nnin&* /o%Cll -%ickl/ see...A

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Sell (opy $ist in the )ene3its /o%r reader will reali,e when heLshe tests* preBiews* e?a+ines /o%r prod%ct. Re+e+)er youEre selling the offer* not the prod%ct. ItCs +%ch easier to sell a 72;da/ trial or a 3ree e?a+ination than it is to sell the prod%ct itsel3. (o%Cll disc%ss pa/+ent ter+s later. The )ffer Spell o%t /o%r o33er in detail. 1hat the reader &ets. I3 /o%Cre o33erin& a pre+i%+* this the place to sell that )it* too. "n e?piration date helps +ake the +essa&e @%r&ent.A The Buarantee The &%arantee speaks not to /o%r prod%ct* )%t to /o% as an honest and 3air )%sinessperson the/ can tr%st. @ ?a+ine it* tr/ it* %se it 3or a 3%ll 72 da/s witho%t riskA +akes /o%r sales +essa&e an inBitation* rather than a risk. The (all To ction Detach and co+plete a repl/ card* call a toll 3ree n%+)er* co+plete a -%estionnaire* check a )o?. Tell the reader what to do RI6HT NO1 )eca%se that e?piration date will )e here )e3ore heLshe knows it. The P.S. #%nct%ate the call to action with the si&nat%re* then add a #.S. Use that i+portant space to repeat a ke/ )ene3it* or add a twist or an another idea to so+ethin& /o%CBe alread/ said. "lso repeat /o%r call to action here* in sli&htl/ di33erent words.

Chapter 1%

Tactic /2 4 1ake Contact;;;Fre<"entl '=

Ted Nicholas sa/sD @1hen I started o%t I %sed to co++%nicate with c%sto+ers once a -%arter. I then increased to once eBer/ other +onth and sales doubled. I then Ewith &reat rel%ctance* I was a3raid it was too o3tenG I went to once a +onth. (o% know whatJ Sales do%)led a&ainK Instead o3 c%sto+ers 3eelin& )othered* the/ loBed hearin& a)o%t new o33ers* new prod%cts etc. Now I %se all the tools aBaila)le to +e Eand /o%GI Direct 8ail Online Sales $etters #ostcards #hone Calls In #erson 8eetin&s

New Technolo&ies

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

E-mailing and te0t messaging on mobile phones is )eco+in& the pre3erred deliBer/ s/ste+ 3or +o)ile +arketin&. Research 3ir+ e8arketer proNects that the &lo)al +arket 3or ad;s%pported +o)ile +essa&in& will rise 3ro+ F1.< )illion in 2226 to F12 )illion )/ 2211. 8ore te?ts are sent per da/ than pieces o3 +ail deliBered )/ the U.S. #ostal SerBice.A

Nicholas Nugget Capitali,e on this )%r&eonin& trend )/ %sin& te0t messaging to send co%pons* &iBe news a)o%t sales and special o33ers or conBe/ %pdated store in3or+ation.
(ommunicate 5ith (ustomer Base "3ter acc%+%latin& c%sto+er in3or+ation and p%ttin& it into a data)ase* )rin& that in3or+ation o%t on a re&%lar )asis and co++%nicate with those c%sto+ers and prospects oBer and oBer a&ain. (o%Cll see the Bal%e o3 leBera&in& rather -%ickl/. 1hen /o% are startin& o%t /o% +a/ haBe a c%sto+er )ase o3 1*222 na+es. 4/ capt%rin& contact in3or+ation and )e&innin& to co++%nicate with c%sto+ers and prospects* in a Ber/ short a+o%nt o3 ti+e /o% will acc%+%late tho%sands +ore na+es.

Nicholas Nugget (o%r 3irst actiBit/ to leBera&e /o%r data)ase 3or increased pro3its and reBen%es is co++%nication with /o%r c%sto+ers on a re&%lar )asis. The contact 3re-%enc/ sho%ld )e at least once a +onth.
I3 /o% sell a prod%ct that is not cons%+a)le or so+ethin& that a c%sto+er +a/ not need +ore than once* /o% sho%ld )e lookin& 3or

Tactic =5 I 8ake Contact !re-%entl/

other prod%cts that co+ple+ent /o%r prod%ct or serBice and start sellin& the+. (o% can also )e contactin& c%sto+ers to &et re3errals and testi+onials. M%st donCt 3or&et a)o%t /o%r c%sto+ersK Otherwise* the/ will soon 3or&et you. Tele+arketin& can )e a &reat sales )%ilder. HoweBer* /o% donCt need to )e a tele+arketin& e?pert to +ake it a pro3ita)le enterprise. This isnCt a sale. (o% can si+pl/ inBite /o%r )est c%sto+ers to co+e )ack and do )%siness a&ain. The approach co%ld )e so+ethin& as si+ple as thisD =Hello; Mr. >ennedy. My name is #hilip. <1m calling &rom the Worldwide Widget Store. We ?ust wanted to let you 3now how much we appreciate you as a customer. This is ad*ance notice a(out a special we are ha*ing next wee3@. AThen descri(e the special.B Concl%de )/ sa/in&D =We would li3e to in*ite you into the store to ta3e ad*antage o& it this wee3 (e&ore we let the general pu(lic 3now. $gain than3s &or doing (usiness with us. We hope to see you again soon. <& there is anything else we might help you with; please let us 3now. Than3 you and good(ye.@ Not reall/ di33ic%lt* is itJ 8ost co+panies haBe re&%lar )illin&s or state+ents &oin& o%t. " si+ple letter or inBitation d%plicatin& the phone approach co%ld )e sent o%t with the )illin&s. ThereCs no increase in e?pense* onl/ the cost o3 the additional paper and the +odest cost o3 printin&. "lon& with /o%r re&%lar acco%nt state+ents* /o% co%ld haBe a special inBitation 3or the+ to co+e )ack and take adBanta&e o3 a

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

special o33er at /o%r place o3 )%siness d%rin& that partic%lar ti+e. This +akes /o%r c%sto+er 3eel special* too.

Nicholas Nugget $etCs sa/ /o% haBe a c%rrent c%sto+er )ase o3 2*222 c%sto+ers. I3 /o% send o%t a letter and haBe /o%r sta33 call a certain percenta&e o3 those c%sto+ers* /o% can &et as hi&h as a <4; to 9&; response 3ro+ a letter like that. Dependin& on the price ran&e o3 /o%r prod%ct* this co%ld ran&e 3ro+ a 3ew h%ndred to seBeral tho%sand dollars o3 )%siness. Do this on a re&%lar )asis and /o% can increase the re:enue of the company from <4; to %&&;. EI tho%&ht /o%Cd like thatKG
Speakin& at an Internet +arketin& se+inar* Ted Nicholas de+onstrated the power o3 a c%sto+er list to the attendees. He +ade a special e+ail o33er to his c%sto+er list d%rin& his presentation at the se+inar. SeBent/;two ho%rs later when the se+inar ended* he had sold al+ost F95*222 worth o3 prod%ct to his listK There is no other asset in your business that is as po!erful as your customer list I3 /o% canCt handle the e?pense o3 posta&e 3or a letter* %se a post card. " postcard c%ts the +ailin& and printin& costs practicall/ in hal3* /o%r +essa&e can still )e an attractiBel/ worded inBitation. I3 /o% donCt want to spend an/ +one/ on print +ailin&s* send an e+ailTitCs )asicall/ 3reeK Free Postage K 5hen ,ailings .o .ouble-.uty "nother wa/ to co++%nicate with /o%r c%sto+er )ase is thro%&h thank /o% cards. I3 /o% pre3er to not inc%r +ailin& costs* incl%de the card in their )a& or )o? the ne?t ti+e the/ p%rchase /o%r prod%cts.

Tactic =5 I 8ake Contact !re-%entl/

The thank /o% card co%ld also contain a co%pon that inBites the+ )ack 3or a 12Q disco%nt as a tan&i)le de+onstration o3 /o%r appreciation 3or their )%siness.

The 'ight Boal to 5in the Bame

The &oal o3 /o%r co++%nication is not to sell a speci3ic prod%ct or serBice* )%t to o33er so+ethin& that is +%ch +ore i+portant I an inBitation with 3eelin&Te+otionTand +otiBation to co+e )ack. "s we disc%ssed in a preBio%s chapter* /o% will also want to +ake certain that /o%r %ni-%e sellin& proposition is 3eat%red in each o3 these +essa&es. The )est t/pe o3 3ollow;%p with /o%r c%sto+ers is Bia e+ail* a personal +essa&e )/ direct +ail* or the telephone. HoweBer* i3 /o% haBe a lot o3 c%sto+ers to contact* the telephone can )e Ber/ ti+e cons%+in&. "nd thereCs the increasin&l/ ne&atiBe response that cons%+ers haBe to receiBin& )%siness calls at ho+e* considerin& this @ho+e inBasionA an inBasion o3 priBac/. I3 /o% sell )%siness;to;)%siness* it can )e challen&in& to reach people directl/ )eca%se o3 Boice +ail. (o% know /o%r c%sto+ers. Take a +o+ent to wei&h which contact option is )est to choose. " 3ollow;%p +essa&e that doesnCt connect has no +eanin&. 4/ i+ple+entin& a &ood 3ollow;%p s/ste+ /o%Cll acco+plish seBeral thin&sD Increase conBersion rate I+proBe and )%ild c%sto+er &oodwill. Increase /o%r aBera&e sales a+o%nt per c%sto+er. 8/ +essa&e to /o% is thisD Capt%re* co++%nicate E3ollow;%pG and reward /o%r c%sto+ers on a re&%lar )asis. I3 /o% do this /o%Cll 3ind the+ co+in& )ack and spendin& +ore +one/ with /o%r 3ir+ than eBer )e3ore. (o%Cll identi3/ those c%sto+ers that are the +ost likel/ to do

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

+ore )%siness with /o%. (o%Cll 3ind that 22Q o3 /o%r c%sto+ers reall/ do &enerate 02Q o3 /o%r reBen%eK (apture" (ommunicate" 'e!ard The steps are eas/. "l+ost as eas/ as ";4;C* the steps to keepin& and )%ildin& /o%r )ase o3 lo/al c%sto+ers is as eas/ as C;C;RD (apture (ommunicate 'e!ard I3 /o%Cll do these three steps on a re&%lar and consistent )asis* this one idea alone will &enerate 2<Q to 122Q +ore reBen%e and net pro3its 3or /o%r )%siness. (o% +a/ haBe heard the )%siness ada&e that it costs a lot less to +aintain a c%rrent c%sto+er than to ac-%ire a new one. (et despite that wisdo+* it appears that too +%ch o3 +ost )%siness +arketin& is &eared towards ac-%irin& @new )lood.A 8an/ owners 3or&et that the satis3ied c%sto+ers the/ alread/ haBe* and the re3errals that those c%sto+ers )rin&* are the @li3e )loodA o3 their )%siness. DonCt +ake the sa+e +istake. Capt%re* co++%nicate and reward. Do it as o3ten as possi)leTas o3ten as 3easi)leTas o3ten as possi)le. I3 /o% start to e?perience a decline in response to an a&&ressiBe ca+pai&n* )ack o33 a little. (o%r c%sto+ers will &iBe /o% a sense o3 how 3re-%entl/ the/ like to )e contacted. !ollow %p c%sto+er contacts )/ thanking customers for their time. This will )%ild &oodwill and e?tend /o%r relationship and &iBe /o% a chance to @harBestA stories o3 /o%r prod%ct or serBice in action. Re+e+)er that i3 /o% plan to %se c%sto+er stories p%)licl/* /o% must re-%est per+ission.

Tactic =5 I 8ake Contact !re-%entl/

Nicholas Nugget I3 the/ are tr%l/ deli&hted with /o%r prod%cts and serBices* +ore than 9<Q o3 /o%r c%sto+ers are likel/ to &iBe /o% per+ission to @-%ote the+.A I3 /o% re-%est it* a +aNorit/ will &ladl/ &iBe /o% a photo 3or /o% to incl%de in /o%r adBertisin& or ann%al report. This is one +ore reason it is so i+portant 3or /o% to @killA /o%r c%sto+ers with -%alit/.
naly@e and 'espond Ne?t...and this is where the @&oldA can )e 3o%nd...analy@e consumer inputD

(ompile customer feedback* &ood and )ad. 4reak o%t inp%t )/ cate&ories releBant to /o%r )%siness and )rand. C%ll direct -%otes to ill%strate points. Use this inp%t as the )asis 3or )%siness chan&es or -%antitatiBe research. Track and include feedback indicators. Track ite+s s%ch as the n%+)er o3 e+ail +essa&es receiBed per da/ and aBera&e response ti+e. The ai+ is to identi3/ iss%es -%ickl/. Ben a lack o3 c%sto+er response +a/ )e an i+portant si&n. dd a commentary section s%++ari,in& 3eed)ack the+es. 1eather4%&Cs weekl/ report incl%des a @1hat the n%+)ers donVt tell /o%A section.

4/ co++%nicatin& with c%sto+ers directl/* /o% open a channel that allows /o% to tap into c%sto+ersC 3eelin&s. I3 /o% know thereCs an iss%e with /o%r o33erin&* technolo&/* c%sto+er )ase* or co+petitors* /o% can deal with it. The sooner /o% identi3/ a pro)le+* the +ore

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

-%ickl/ /o% can respond to it...and sell more to the grateful customers who appreciates /o%r e33orts on their )ehal3. "re these e33orts worth the cost in ti+e and ener&/J In +/ e?perience* the answer is a reso%ndin& /es. The &ood news is that this process &enerall/ leBera&es e?istin& reso%rces* so incremental costs are minimal. 4%t to )e s%re* /o% sho%ld +onitor cost and )ene3its o3 /o%r on&oin&* proactiBe c%sto+er co++%nication pro&ra+. I3 the e?pense o3 the e33ort isnCt &eneratin& a &reater dollars;and; cents )ene3it 3or the )%siness EtranslationD +ore sales and pro3itsG* then /o% need to re;think how /o%Cre doin& thin&s. DonCt rel/ on &%esswork. 6ather 3acts and %se what /o% learn to in3or+ /o%r e33orts. ItCs neBer the ri&ht ti+e 3or an ostrich approach to /o%r e?istin& c%sto+ers. In addition to )ein& pre;sold on /o%r )%siness and there3ore +ore likel/ to )%/ 3ro+ /o% a&ain* satis3ied c%sto+ers proBide a +other lode o3 in3or+ation to help i+proBe /o%r sales cop/* o33erin&* 1e) site* and +arketin&.

Plan of ttackD ction Steps

"sk /o%r c%sto+ers 3or inp%t at eBer/ opport%nit/. "n/ inco+in& in-%ir/ is a chance to pose sales;related -%estions. "nd wheneBer the/ answer one o3 those in-%iries* those answers proBide another opport%nit/ 3or /o% and /o%r )%siness to )e responsiBe to their needs with a new pro3it;&eneratin& sales idea.

Place a GfeedbackH te0t link in the footer on e:ery 5eb site page or in the siteEs na:igation bar. Collect c%sto+er inp%t at eBer/ to%ch point. Dependin& on /o%r o33erin&* /o% +a/ want to solicit c%sto+ers* Bisitors* or )oth. ,onitor and respond to non-customer ser:ice feedback. Responses sho%ld )e ti+el/ and &o )e/ond a%to+ated*

Tactic =5 I 8ake Contact !re-%entl/

pre3or+atted answers when /o%Cre con3ronted with non;ro%tine re-%ests.

'andomly select customers and reAuest permission to talk !ith them. To &et inp%t 3ro+ Bisitors who arenCt c%sto+ers* %se a pop;%p window or a )o? on the ho+e pa&e. Cons%+er ti+e is precio%sO send a personali,ed e+ail or call to arran&e a ti+e to talk at the cons%+erCs conBenience. Onl/ a s+all percenta&e o3 c%sto+ers contacted will talk to /o%. Consider %sin& a special e+ail address 3or these co++%nications. Talk to customers. Consider creatin& a list o3 -%estions to ask. The online traBel e?ec%tiBe 3o%nd allowin& c%sto+ers to Ber)all/ direct the conBersation where the/ wanted was +ost Bal%a)le. "sk c%sto+ers 3or their stories a)o%t %sin& /o%r prod%ct.

Nicholas Nugget " &ood place to p%t the )est* +ost speci3ic* spontaneo%s testi+onials is where a cons%+ersC e/e is )o%nd to lookD in the right-hand column of each page of your !ebsite.

Ce:erage customer ser:ice. 6ather additional in3or+ation 3ro+ and a)o%t /o%r c%sto+ers. ither talk directl/ with c%sto+ers /o%rsel3 or co++%nicate re&%larl/ with c%sto+er serBice reps to learn what their e?perience tells the+ are e+er&in& iss%es o3 i+portance to /o%r )%/ers.

Chapter 1(

Tactic /3 4 Special E5ents> Special Deals> Special Sales

Do /o% treat /o%r c%sto+ers like n%+)ersJ Na+eless. !aceless. Interchan&ea)le* e?cept 3or the di&its on their 8asterCard or HisaJ I3 /o% do* /o%Cre in serio%s dan&er. C%sto+ers* o3 co%rse* are people 3irst. So a s+art +arketer Eand s%ccess3%l )%siness ownerG neBer loses si&ht o3 the 3act that each c%sto+er like eBer/one else* wants to 3eel i+portant. It a %niBersal tr%th I we all want that 3eelin&* and will &raBitate towards those that +ake %s 3eel that wa/. EHintD HaBin& c%sto+ers &raBitate towards /o% is a *ery &ood thin&G

(o%r e?istin& c%sto+ers are special. The/Cre the li3e)lood o3 /o%r )%siness and the so%rce o3 the Bast +aNorit/ o3 /o%r pro3its. ItCs in /o%r )est interest to +ake the+ 3eel special and cared 3or. Not s%re howJ Here are so+e o3 the wa/s that c%sto+ers want /o% to +ake the+ 3eel special...written in their words.

Tactic =0 I Special Bents* Special Deals* Special Sales

,$ea e 1now My 2ame I know I +a/ haBe a c%sto+er or re&istration n%+)er and that I +i&ht need to &iBe that to /o%. 4%t I also know that once /o% p%t that n%+)er in the s/ste+* /o% know +/ na+e. Use it. I3 I hand /o% +/ credit card* now /o% know +/ na+e too. #lease %se it...especiall/ when /o%Cre inBitin& +e to do so+ethin&

Ma&e Me ,art o+ !he 3(n4 Crowd I want to )e an insider. ThatCs wh/ I like )ein& inBited into a +e+)ership pro&ra+* pre3erred c%sto+ers pro&ra+* !re-%ent !l/er cl%)* 3re-%ent )%/er cl%) or an/thin& that proBides +e with disco%nts* special serBices* ed%cation or s%rprises. I3 /o% haBe this kind o3 cl%)* inBite +e to Noin. I3 /o% donCt haBe one /et* please think a)o%t startin& one

Ac&now$edge Me I know /o% are )%s/ so+eti+es. I can see the line. I eBen %nderstand that /o%r s/ste+ +i&ht )e down* or that /o% haBe 3iBe people in the phone -%e%e. ICBe )een there* I work too. 4%t when I call or co+e )/* acknowled&e that I a+ there and let +e know /o% are &lad IC+ in the line. " s+ile and a hello* or a @1eCll )e with /o% shortl/A will &o a lon& wa/ 'urpri e Me " little e?tra so+ethin& with +/ order or a hand written note wo%ld )e nice. 8a/)e an %nadBertised &i3t or special disco%nt @N%st )eca%seA or a 3ree sa+ple o3 dessert is all. It doesnCt haBe to )e a )i& thin&* and it doesnCt haBe to )e eBer/ ti+e. I3 /o% &et a &ood s%rprise* do /o% want to share it with othersJ 8e too Thin&s that +ake c%sto+ers 3eel special* 3ro+ special eBents to special disco%nts and &i3ts* will translate into +ore sales 3or /o%. Skeptical that /o% haBe to spend a little to &et a littleJ Consider this stor/...

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

"n ann%al (ustomer ppreciation Sale held on a weekend in Dece+)er has eBolBed into )i& )%siness 3or Con&elton 4rothers #RO Hardware* an "+erican co+pan/ )ased in :ent%ck/. Sales d%rin& the da/;lon& eBent are <4&; higher than the storeCs aBera&e Sat%rda/* with +an/ c%sto+ers plannin& )i& p%rchases 3or the ann%al sale. #eople are likel/ to 3eel +ore in a @)%/in& +oodA when /o% +ake the+ 3eel appreciated and well;cared 3or. So &et the+ in the +ood with specials like

4irthda/ E/o%rs or theirsG SaBin&s Bents "nniBersar/ E/o%rs or theirsG Disco%nts #re3erred C%sto+ers #art/ Eincl%din& a 72Q disco%nt on all p%rchasesG In3lation !i&hter Sale InBitation Onl/ #riBate Sales

I3 /o%Cre willin& to think o%tside the )o?* and take a 3%n* creatiBe approach* there are so+e &reat wa/s that /o% can %se entertain+ent and @hospitalit/A to &ra) the attention o3 /o%r c%sto+ers* clients* or prospects* and show the+ a &reat ti+e the/ wonCt soon 3or&et.

Plan of ttack D ction Steps

The ROI o3 a well;planned c%sto+er appreciation eBent or special disco%nt cannot )e oBerstated. So donCt wait %ntil holida/ ti+e and N%st send a &reetin& card to sa/ @thank /o%*A p%t /o%r +one/ where /o%r +o%th is Eand pro3its &enerateG. Show c%sto+ers /o% care like thisD

!or retail and sales )%sinesses* /o% +a/ decide to haBe an @open houseA in which /o% )oth entertain and o33er special sales or )%/in& incentiBes o3 so+e kind. These are o3ten %sed s%ccess3%ll/ 3or clothin& stores* resta%rants* or a%to+o)ile

Tactic =0 I Special Bents* Special Deals* Special Sales

dealerships* 3or e?a+ple. 4UT...the idea can )e adapted to N%st a)o%t an/ other t/pe o3 sales;related )%siness

!or pro3essional serBices* s%ch as realtors* 3inancial planners* and health care o33ices* /o% +a/ choose to arran&e a +ore 3or+al @thank /o%A eBent to !ine and dine )oth /o%r past and c%rrent clients* as well as their 3riends* re3errals* and other prospects. These can )e held on site i3 /o%r o33ice has the space* or /o% can %se a )an-%et hall or other appropriate 3acilit/. "nd the eBent itsel3 can r%n the &a+%t 3ro+ a si+ple cocktail ho%r* to a +ore 3or+al dinner part/ "nother approach to these t/pes o3 eBents that can )e Bal%a)le to /o%r clients is to +i? the @hospitalit/A with an in3or+al @educational seminarA and act%all/ o33er the+ so+e Bal%a)le in3or+ation. This co%ld )e estate plannin& or inBest+ent se+inars 3or 3inancial plannersO tips on sta/in& health/ 3or health care o33ices s%ch as chiropractorsO or a short se+inar on re3inancin& 3or realtors or +ort&a&e specialists* N%st to &iBe a 3ew e?a+ples

C%sto+er appreciation and @thank /o%A eBents can )e a terri3ic wa/ to keep /o%r )%siness in the +inds o3 c%sto+ers and prospects* and eBen help deBelop deeper* +ore lon&;ter+ personal relationships with the+. No +atter what kind o3 )%siness /o%Cre in* this kind o3 speciali,ed attention and consideration towards /o%r c%sto+ers will pa/ o33 +an/ ti+es oBer in re3errals* c%sto+er lo/alt/* and repeat )%siness.

Chapter 1+

Tactic /6 4 Use Packa,e Inserts to Sell 1ore

4eca%se o3 low response rates* insert +edia has historicall/ not )een the 3irst choice o3 +arketers. 4%t that is chan&in&* thanks in lar&e part to risin& posta&e costs that haBe +ade traditional direct +ail +ore costl/. The concept o3 pro+otional inserts in o%t&oin& ship+ents is a )asic one'+a?i+i,e 3ollow;%p sales )/ %sin& @3reeA space. (o%Cre alread/ shippin& an order to the c%sto+er* so who wo%ldnCt want to +a?i+i,e that contact opport%nit/ )/ pro+otin& additional ite+s 3or p%rchase. #acka&e Insert #ro&ra+s E#I#sG are centered aro%nd o%t&oin& &oods that haBe )een p%rchased )/ a cons%+er. !or +ail order* the packa&e is +ailed o%t and additional adBertisin& +aterials are incl%ded alon& with the p%rchased ite+s. Inserts are o3ten pre;collated

in an enBelope* which is then inserted inside o3 the packa&e )ein& +ailed.

Tactic =9 I Use #acka&e Inserts to Sell 8ore

#I# also works at #O# E#oint o3 #%rchaseG. 8an/ retailers t%ck their catalo&s* co%pons* or other sales;related +aterials into the )a&.

Nicholas Nugget Since a +ail order packa&e is anticipated and desired )/ the cons%+er who ordered it* #I#s co++and a 3airl/ hi&h adBertisin& rate. E"nd thatCs the 3irst step to a Ber/ hi&h conBersion rate.G So look )e3ore /o% leap. "sk a )roker 3or a -%otation to see i3 the cost 3its into /o%r )%d&et plannin&.
!or +ost +erchants this +eans throwin& in a )o%nce;)ack catalo&. In 92Q o3 cases this is +erel/ an oBerr%n o3 the +ost recent catalo&. 1ith the e?ception o3 new online c%sto+ers who haBe neBer seen /o%r catalo&* this is %s%all/ a repeat o3 the catalo& +ost recentl/ receiBed )/ /o%r preBio%s )%/ers. Since it has )een seen )e3ore* this @rer%nA +essa&e is less e33ectiBe than so+ethin& new and 3resh. Not to r%33le an/ catalo&Cs 3eathers* )%t this is the la,/ +arketers approach. S%re* it is eas/. 4%t how a)o%t we 3oc%s on +a?i+i,in& sales 3ro+ that ine?pensiBe pro+otion opport%nit/ instead o3 N%st takin& what we can &etJ Ben the )o%nce;)ack catalo& can )eco+e +ore hard workin& and deliBer )etter res%lts with so+e )asic tar&etin& and o33ers. Create a special o33er and )o%nce;)ack catalo& 3or new c%sto+ers. I3 a special catalo& Bersion to %se as new )%/er )o%nce;)ack can )e prohi)itiBel/ e?pensiBe* take a re&%lar catalo& and place a wrap aro%nd it thankin& new c%sto+ers 3or their )%siness and o33erin& the+ a special deal 3or placin& another order. (o% can then do the sa+e 3or repeat )%/er orders. Consider p%ttin& a wrap that tar&ets +aNor prod%ct cate&ories. !or e?a+ple* i3 /o%r

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

)rand sells wo+enCs apparel* create %ni-%e wraps 3or o%terwear and inti+ates. Then place the inti+ates;3oc%sed wrapper catalo& in the )o? o3 those p%rchasin& inti+ates. "nd o%terwear in o%twear )%/ )o?es. The wraps can o33er special deals in the cate&or/ this )%/er is +ost likel/ to haBe interest I the cate&or/ heLshe is p%rchasin& in now. Consider whether additional or alternatiBe in;pack inserts +ake sense. "dditional inserts and catalo&s arenCt eitherLor propositions. (o% can place additional sin&le prod%ct or serBice 3oc%s inserts in o%t&oin& order cartons in addition to a )o%nce;)ack catalo&. The additional in;pack inserts will )e +ost e33ectiBe with a sin&le hero prod%ct or serBice 3oc%s and a &reat deal. 8ake s%re the additional inserts stand o%t a&ainst an/ )o%nce;)ack catalo& in the )o? as well* so /o%r c%sto+er Bis%all/ reco&ni,es the/ are +akin& a %ni-%e o33er 3ro+ an/thin& in the catalo&. That +eans di33erent tri+ si,es* &raphic treat+ents and paper stocks. I3 /o% o33er a )%/er cl%)* lo/alt/ pro&ra+ or ho%se credit card* this is a &reat %se 3or the in;pack insert. Hero prod%cts can also +ake &ood %se o3 an insert that allows /o% to e?po%nd on their )ene3its* Bal%e and o33er in wa/s /o% co%ldnCt within the conte?t o3 the printed )o%nce; )ack catalo&. The +o+ent /o%r c%sto+er opens the )o? to see that wonder3%l ite+ the/ ordered is the per3ect ti+e to &et the+ to reco++end /o%r )rand to their 3riends and 3a+il/. 8ake a &reat @&et;a;3riendA o33er &iBin& )oth the c%rrent and new c%sto+er a special deal* a 3ree ite+* 3ree shippin& or a disco%nt. In;pack insets o33er a +%ltit%de o3 pro+otion opport%nities 3or +ini+al e?pense. Take adBanta&e o3 these options )/ tar&etin& and creatin& Bariet/ and interest with what /o% place in there instead o3 N%st %sin& the knee;Nerk o3 the traditional %ntar&eted )o%nce )ack catalo&. (o%r )otto+ line will thank /o% 3or it.

Tactic =9 I Use #acka&e Inserts to Sell 8ore

Plan of ttack D ction Steps

"s the cost o3 +ailin& /o%r sales in3or+ation increases* so does the portion o3 /o%r adBertisin& )%d&et dedicated to posta&e. In +an/ cases* the cost o3 deliBer/ is &reater than the cost o3 /o%r +ailin& pieceK HoweBer i3 /o% c%t )ack on +ailin& costs* o3 co%rse* this translates into 3ewer sales contacts and less reBen%e 3or /o%r co+pan/. n insert program allows /o% to insert /o%r )roch%re* sales literat%re* or pro+otional 3l/er into an e?istin& packa&e and reach /o%r c%sto+er 3or a 3raction o3 nor+al deliBer/ costs. (o%r sales in3or+ation can )e adapted 3or regional or national e0posure. (o% wonCt haBe to hassle with +ailin& lists and la)elin& serBices. "ll /o% haBe to do is send it to /o%r 3%l3ill+ent ho%se and the/ take care o3 it 3or /o%. 8ake a list o3 thin&s that /o% alread/ haBe that can )e %sed as pro+otional inserts.

Chapter 1.

Tactic /174-et Creati5e with Credit Ter&s

The da/s o3 cash;on;the;)arrelhead )%siness are lon& &one. The world has &one credit cra,/ and eBer/one see+s to e?pect to )%/ now and pa/ later. (o% can leBera&e that attit%de to /o%r adBanta&e. S%rprisin&l/* o33erin& seBeral +ethods o3 pa/+ent on /o%r we)site can increase the likelihood of a purchase. "ccordin& to a recent st%d/ reported )/ C/)erSo%rce* North "+erican online )%sinesses with 3o%r or +ore options 3or pa/+ent see an aBera&e sales conBersion rate o3 52Q.

Payment )ptions
So what is the pa/+ent +ethod o3 choiceJ "ccordin& to C/)erSo%rce* 99Q o3 online )%sinesses o33er a &eneral;p%rpose

pa/+ent* which incl%des the co++on credit cards like Hisa* 8asterCard* "+erican ?press and DiscoBer.

Tactic =12 I 6et CreatiBe 1ith Credit Ter+s

Other options incl%deD 6i3t certi3icates Rec%rrin& )illin& lectronic checks #a/#alLother non;card Instant credit #riBate la)el card

Internet shoppers like to haBe a choice o3 pa/+ent 3or their new i#od* airline tickets or online datin& serBices. 1ith all the concerns toda/ a)o%t identit/ the3t* so+e people +a/ not )e so -%ick to &iBe a credit card n%+)er online* so o33erin& a wire trans3er or )illa)le option +a/ ease the +inds o3 those not willin& to N%+p on the credit )andwa&on. I3 /o%r )%siness c%rrentl/ o33ers a &ood +i? o3 accepta)le pa/+ent options* /o% are well ahead o3 the +ainstrea+K (o%r c%sto+ers pro)a)l/ reall/ like that a)o%t /o%r we)site. I3 /o% onl/ allow /o%r c%sto+ers to pa/ with a Hisa* +a/)e /o% sho%ld consider acceptin& other 3or+s o3 pa/+ent so /o% donCt +iss o%t on the )%siness /o%r electronic check;acceptin& co+petitors are &ettin&. 4%t as i+portant as the pa/+ent options are* itCs the pa/+ent ter+s that are the real deal +akers and )reakers. The ter+s /o% o33er can red%ce risk and oBerco+e skepticis+. The/ +a/ also pro:ide sa:ings and will there3ore +ake it easier 3or the cons%+er to co++it to a p%rchase.

Plan of ttack D ction Steps

!i&%re o%t which o3 the 3ollowin& cons%+er;3riendl/ ter+s /o% can o33er to rela? a cons%+ersC Bice;like &rip on their wallets.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

" winnin& approach that has worked Ber/ well 3or direct response +arketers on the Internet and is workin& as well 3or in3o+ercial adBertisers is the multi-payment approach* 3or e?a+ple 7 pa/+ents oBer 92 da/s. The cons%+er co++its to the 3%ll price* )%t has the l%?%r/ o3 spreadin& the pa/+ent o%t oBer seBeral +onths In addition to +akin& it easier to pa/ 3or the prod%ct* this +ethod also lets the cons%+er en#oy all of the benefits immediately with onl/ one;third o3 the 3inancial risk

"nother o33er /o% can +ake is lo! interest or no interest financing. Car co+panies liBe and die on this " 3aBora)le pa/+ent ter+ that capt%res a lot o3 attention is a discount for a full upfront payment Co+pete with the sa+e @weaponA as "+a, when /o% add free shipping and handling to /o%r o33er

4e3ore decidin& %pon a pro&ra+* calc%late the ret%rn on /o%r inBest+ent. The incentiBe option /o% select will depend upon your profit margin.

Chapter 12

Tactic /11 4 P"t A Cele#rit' or E?pert to )ork $or !o"

(o% donCt need to spend +illions o3 dollars 3or lle 8c#herson to sa/ she %ses and loBes /o%r prod%ct in an adBertise+ent. Or )e Coca; Cola to &et /o%r prod%cts 3eat%red on hit TH shows and in )lock)%ster +oBies. The tr%th is* there are +an/ low;cost and eBen 3ree wa/s to &et /o%r prod%cts in the hands o3 cele)rities and endorsed )/ the+. The +ost power3%l reco++endations are act%all/ N)N-paid celebrity endorsements. stee $a%der wo%ld send prod%cts to cele)rities she didnCt know in the +ail and eBen &iBe the+ to stars she spotted on the street and later at parties as she &rew +ore s%ccess3%l. #rincess 6race o3 8onaco once said this a)o%t stee $a%derD @I donCt know her Ber/ well* )%t she keeps sendin& +e all these thin&sTA

The res%ltJ The constant practice o3 &i3tin& cele)rities with her ho+e+ade cos+etics is what +an/ sa/ ca%sed stee $a%derCs s+all )%siness to e?plode into a F4 billion dollar cosmetics company.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

1eCre o)sessed with cele)rities. 1e want to know all a)o%t the+* and !e buy products and ser:ices they promote. ThatCs wh/ +an/ o3 %s wo%ld loBe to haBe a cele)rit/ pro+otin& o%r prod%cts and serBices. DonCt ass%+e that itCs o%t o3 the -%estion. There are seBeral wa/s to &et cele)rit/ endorse+ents ine?pensiBel/ or eBen 3or 3ree.

.ifferent Minds of Endorsements

ndorse+ents r%n the &a+%t 3ro+ cele)rit/ testi+onials to a niche @e?pertA who is a pro3essional in a speci3ic 3ield. In 3act* endorse+ents and testi+onials can )e )roken down into 3o%r pri+ar/ t/pesD (ECEB'/T* EN.)'SE,ENTS These ca+pai&ns 3eat%re indiBid%als who haBe achieBed a certain leBel o3 p%)lic reco&nition )eca%se o3 their achieBe+ents in the worlds o3 sport* entertain+ent* or so+e other aspect o3 +edia. This t/pe o3 endorse+ent is +ost o3ten e+plo/ed )/ +aNor co+panies en&a&ed in +%lti;+illion dollar +arketin& ca+pai&ns. 4%t it can also )/ %tili,ed )/ s+aller co+panies en&a&ed in local or re&ional )%siness actiBities. Cele)rities that are t/picall/ %tili,ed )/ these co+panies are recogni@able in the community in which the 3ir+ does )%siness* )%t the/ do not haBe as hi&h a pro3ile as cele)rities %tili,ed in national adBertisin& ca+pai&ns. The serBices o3 local athletes* +edia personalities* and people in the news can )e sec%red at a +%ch lower e?pense than indiBid%als that enNo/ widespread national reco&nition. That works 3or /o%K

Tactic =11 I #%t a Cele)rit/ or ?pert to 1ork 3or (o%

E-PE'TS EN.)'SE,ENTS This 3or+ o3 adBertisin& hi&hli&hts the opinions o3 acknowled&ed e?perts. "n e?pert endorser +%st haBe eBal%ated the process %sin& appropriate techni-%es* and heLshe +%st )e -%ali3ied in a releBant area. This t/pe o3 endorse+ent sho%ld also proBide s%pportin& eBidence in the 3or+ o3 tests* eBal%ations* andLor prod%ct co+parisons. ()NSU,E' EN.)'SE,ENTS These endorse+ents 3eat%re act%al %sers o3 the prod%ct or serBice )ein& sold. "dBertisin& %tili,in& c%sto+er testi+onials +%st re3lect the t/pical e?periences o3 c%sto+ers and the &en%ine 3eelin&s and 3indin&s o3 the cons%+er )ein& hi&hli&hted. ()'P)' TE EN.)'SE,ENTS These platin%+ endorse+ents are not eas/ to achieBe. "n endorse+ent 3ro+ a co+pan/ or or&ani,ations +%st re3lect or s%pport the &eneral +ission o3 the or&ani,ation* and +%st o3ten co+pl/ with strict le&al standards o3 3or+al endorse+ent. Di33erent kinds o3 endorse+ents resonate with di33erent t/pes cons%+ers. 1hat wo%ld so%nd &ood to (OUR c%sto+erJ

Plan of ttack D ction Steps

Once /o%CBe identi3ied the cele)rit/ or cele)rities /o%Cd like to work with* contact the+. Cele)rit/ data)ases contain contact in3or+ation 3or cele)rities* a&ents* +ana&ers and p%)licists. The +ost thoro%&h one ICBe 3o%nd is Contact "n/ Cele)rit/. Here are seBeral wa/s to &et endorse+entsD

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Send a Freebie Do this onl/ i3 /o% think the cele)rit/ wo%ld enNo/ /o%r prod%ct. Incl%de a personal letter statin& how +%ch /o% ad+ire hi+ or her and wh/ /o% think /o%r prod%ct is so+ethin& the cele)rit/ wo%ld enNo/. !or e?a+ple* /o% +i&ht haBe read an article indicatin& that the cele)rit/ loBes 3%nk/ silBer Newelr/* and thatCs what /o% +ake.

Nicholas Nugget Incl%de /o%r address* in case the cele)rit/ decides to send a thank;/o% card. (o% can also call the p%)licist and ask 3or 3eed)ack on the prod%ct. I3 the p%)licist sa/s the cele)rit/ liked it* ask whether /o% can %se that in3or+ation in /o%r +arketin& +aterials. (o% can also %se the thank; /o% card in /o%r +arketin& +aterials. "nd /o% can %se the p%)licistCs 3eed)ack or the cele)rit/Cs thank;/o% note in a p%)licit/ pitch to the +edia to%tin& the 3act that a cele)rit/ %ses /o%r prod%ct.

(arpe .iem >Sei@e the .ay? 1hen Co%rtne/ Co?Cs da%&hter Coco was crawlin&* Ta++an/ "tkinson o3 4eeCs :nees saw an interBiew on the $ate Show with DaBid $etter+an in which Co?Cs h%s)and said the co%ple had to carr/ Coco thro%&ho%t their ho+e )eca%se o3 their hardwood 3loors. "tkinson sent her so+e pants and two weeks later receiBed a thank;/o% note. "tkinson then asked Co? i3 she wo%ld endorse the prod%ct* and Co? a&reed.

sk *our (elebrity (lients to Ielp I a+ contin%all/ asto%nded )/ people who tell +e the/ haBe cele)rit/ clients )%t are a3raid to ask the+ 3or endorse+ents.

Tactic =11 I #%t a Cele)rit/ or ?pert to 1ork 3or (o%

This applies to people who haBe )o%&ht prod%cts 3ro+ /o% online* as well. Contact the+O appeal to their &racio%sness )/ askin& the+ to help /o% &row /o%r )%siness. )ffer to Barter Cele)rit/ clients interested in /o%r prod%cts or serBices are o3ten willin& to )arter 3or their endorse+ents. I know o3 a 3ood deliBer/ serBice that )arters with cele)rities. Be (haritable 8ost cele)rities haBe ca%ses the/ s%pport. (o% can o3ten &et an endorse+ent )/ o33erin& to +ake a donation in the cele)rit/Cs na+e in a l%+p s%+ or as a percent o3 sales.

Chapter 13

Tactic /1 4 -et with the Pro,ra&;;;The C"sto&er Re$erral Pro,ra&

"ccordin& to !orester Research* cons%+ers tr%st word o3 +o%th 3ro+ 3riends and 3a+il/ +ore than an/ other 3or+ o3 @adBertisin&.A 1h/ then* do so 3ew co+panies 3oc%s on enco%ra&in& c%sto+ers to )e adBocatesJ In the 1e) 2.2 world* the old sa/in&* @ItCs who /o% knowKA is driBin& sales and +arketin&. That +akes c%rrent c%sto+ers terri3ic reso%rces 3or c%ltiBatin& potential new c%sto+ers. 'eferrals are the backbone 3or +an/ salespeople and can )oost the clientele o3 an/ s+all )%siness. 1hether /o%Cre a one;person

operation or a )i, with +an/ e+plo/ees* enco%ra&in& /o%r c%rrent clients and e+plo/ees 3or re3errals Eand possi)l/ proBidin& incentiBes 3or the+G is a s+art +arketin& +oBe. One o3 the +ost pers%asiBe and cost;e33ectiBe wa/s to pro+ote /o%r co+pan/ is to enco%ra&e lo/al c%sto+ers to act as (rand

Tactic =12 I 6et 1ith The #ro&ra+ ... The C%sto+er Re3erral #ro&ra+

ad*ocates and driBe new )%siness to /o%. The adBanta&es o3 these pro&ra+s are tan&i)le and +an/D /ncreases sales from a targeted audience at a lo! cost 8an/ c%sto+er re3erral pro&ra+s pa/ 3or the+selBes seBeral ti+es oBer ann%all/* which +akes the+ one o3 the +ost cost e33ectiBe wa/s to +arket /o%r prod%cts or serBices. 1ith res%lts like that* can /o%r )%siness a33ord to not haBe a re3erral pro&ra+J ttracts ne! high-:alue customers through ongoing dialogue !ith e0isting high-:alue customers 1hile itCs tr%e that +an/ c%sto+ers will re3er new c%sto+ers to /o%r )rand nat%rall/* )%ildin& a +arketin& pro&ra+ that pro+otes and rewards re3errals 3ro+ /o%r (est c%sto+ers can increase new c%sto+er ac-%isitions seBeral ti+es oBer.

Bi:es e0isting customers Gbragging rightsH "lso known as the ad*ocacy (oost; an interestin& pheno+enon occ%rs when c%sto+ers +ake reco++endations. The/ not onl/ attract new c%sto+ers* )%t the/ also increase their own attach+ent to /o%* increasin& their oBerall c%sto+er Bal%e.

.eli:ers measurable results Unlike +an/ +arketin& pro&ra+s* /o% can closel/ and contin%all/ +eas%re /o%r ROI. Ne:er Underestimate the Po!er of 5u t %e ert 1hen asked 3or a 3aBor* +an/ o3 %s enNo/ and appreciate a pat on the )ack. I know I do. So consider o33erin& a @dessertA 3or an/ s%ccess3%l re3erral a c%sto+er or e+plo/ee proBides. Desserts co%ld incl%de delicio%s disco%nts on prod%cts or serBices* a )on%s in the pa/check* or the o33ice 3aBorite I a do,en chocolate don%tsK

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Don%ts or no don%ts I &ettin& new c%sto+ers thro%&h re3errals onl/ sweetens /o%r )%siness dealin&s.

Plan of ttack D ction Steps


sk 3or re3errals 3ro+ H R( c%sto+er...s/ste+aticall/ 3or their )%siness and ask the+ to @tell a 3riendA

2. (ontact new clients a3ter their 3irst p%rchase N%st to thank the+

7. Send announcements and newsletters in the +ail or Bia e+ail

"T $ "ST once a +onth and alwa/s incl%de a +echanis+ that allows the reader to @tell so+eone /o% knowA
9. (onsistently remind c%sto+ers a)o%t sales and special

pro+otions and %r&e the+ to @share the news with a 3riendA

<. Promote special in-house e:ents like parties* lect%res* and

re3erral opport%nities at least once a -%arter

6. Send promotional postcards to /o%r list eBer/ other +onth or

so and o33er re3erral @perksA

5. Bet personal once a month. Co++it to the all;in;i+portant

once;a;+onth contact that creates a re&%larl/ sched%led opport%nit/ 3or /o%r c%sto+ers to co++%nicate with /o%. Dependin& on /o%r )%d&et* /o% can %se e+ail* an/ o3 the direct +ail options Eletter or postcardG* a @ro)o;callA Epre;recorded +essa&eG* or a personal call

Tactic =12 I 6et 1ith The #ro&ra+ ... The C%sto+er Re3erral #ro&ra+

B)NUS K 'eferral 'eAuest Cetter Template

Zdate[ Na+e "ddress Cit/* State* Xip Dear Ec%sto+er na+eG !or so+e ti+e now* /o% haBe )een a Bal%ed c%sto+er o3 Ena+e o3 )%sinessG and we wanted /o% to know we appreciate /o%r )%siness Ber/ +%ch. 1e know /o% haBe )een pleased with o%r serBice here* and we were hopin& /o%Cd )e willin& to re3er 3riends* 3a+il/ +e+)ers* and other collea&%es so we can send the+ in3or+ation on %pco+in& 3are disco%nts and Bacation packa&es that will )e aBaila)le in the co+in& +onths. (o%r ti+e and e33ort in participatin& in this C%sto+er Re3erral #ro&ra+ wonCt &o %nnoticedK No wa/K 1e are prepared to sweeten the deal i3 one o3 /o%r re3errals decides to %se o%r serBices. I3 one o3 /o%r re3errals does )%siness with %s an/ti+e within the ne?t Ea+o%nt o3 ti+eG* we will &iBe /o% a Edisco%nt* 3ree &i3t* etc.G...not to +ention o%r sincere &ratit%de and lo/alt/K So please let %s know i3 thereCs an/one /o% think we sho%ld add to o%r +ailin& list. " sel3;addressed sta+ped enBelope is enclosed 3or /o%r conBenience* or /o% +a/ Bisit o%r we)site and click on o%r 8ake a Re3erral )%tton. "nd* as alwa/s* i3 we can help you in an/ wa/* please &iBe %s a call.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Thank /o%* Zna+e o3 c%sto+er[ 3or )ein& part o3 o%r c%sto+er 3a+il/. Sincerel/* Na+e 4%siness Owner

Chapter 16

Tactic /1% 4 Find C"sto&er0Friendl' @oint Aent"re B@AC Opport"nities

" Noint Bent%re is a strate&ic alliance where two or +ore people or co+panies a&ree to contri)%te &oods* serBices andLor capital to a co++on co++ercial enterprise. So%nds like a partnership* doesnCt itJ 4%t le&all/* Noint Bent%res and partnerships are not the sa+e thin&. The +ain di33erence )etween a Noint Bent%re and a partnership is that the +e+)ers o3 a Noint Bent%re haBe teamed together for a particular purpose or pro#ect* while the +e+)ers o3 a partnership haBe Noined to&ether to r%n a @)%siness in co++on.A ach +e+)er o3 the Noint Bent%re retains o!nership of his or her property. "nd each +e+)er o3 the Noint Bent%re shares onl/ the e?penses o3 the partic%lar proNect or Bent%re.

The ke/ to s%ccess3%l Noint +arketin& is 3indin& partners whose prod%cts and serBices tr%l/ appeal to /o%r core de+o&raphic. That +eans /o% need to 3ind o%t who is sellin& to /o%r tar&et +arket* what prod%cts andLor serBices the/Cre sellin&* and who /o%r tar&et +arket

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

tr%sts and has &ood relationship with. (o%Cll then want to contact the+ to c%t Noint Bent%re deals )/ o33erin& the+ co+ple+entar/ prod%cts andLor serBices. This is a win;win proposition )eca%se it adds another pro3it strea+ to )oth parties. I3 /o%Cre a rep%ta)le co+pan/ that o33ers hi&h -%alit/ prod%ctsLserBices* it sho%ld )e reall/ eas/ 3or /o% to 3ind other co+panies to partner with.

9 5inning RL Partnerships
Here are so+e e?a+ples o3 Moint Hent%re deals that /o% can &o intoD

RL .eal O% P (ross Promotions Ideall/* prod%cts are co+ple+entar/ which +akes it ideal to enter into a partnership. !or e?a+ple* /o% can pro+ote co+p%ter hardware to /o%r acco%ntin& so3tware c%sto+ers and prospects* and /o%r MH partner can do the sa+e )/ pro+otin& /o%r acco%ntin& so3tware to hisLher e?istin& c%sto+ers and prospects.

RL .eal O< P Traffic for Profits I3 /o%CBe a &reat prod%ct )%t donCt haBe a )i& s%)scri)er and c%sto+er list* and we)site tra33ic* /o% co%ld approach those who haBe a &reat list or a hi&h tra33ic we)site to arran&e Noint Bent%re deals. (o%r Noint Bent%re partners can pro+ote /o%r &reat prod%ct to their list in e?chan&e 3or a percenta&e o3 pro3its 3ro+ the res%ltin& sales.

RL .eal O3 P Boing Ialfsies "nother e?a+ple is the co;deBelop+ent o3 prod%cts. (o% +i&ht haBe speciali,ed knowled&e with hi&h de+and )%t /o% lack prod%ct creation skills. (o% can easil/ approach so+eone whoCs &ood at creatin& prod%cts* s%ch as e4ooks* tapes and Bideos* to strike a Noint Bent%re deal. (o% can proBide the

Tactic =17 I !ind C%sto+er;!riendl/ Moint Hent%re EMHG Opport%nities

speciali,ed knowled&e while /o%r Noint Bent%re partner can )e responsi)le 3or creatin& the prod%cts.

RL .eal O9 P ,ake a Cist (o% can also enter into a list )%ildin& Noint Bent%re with e,ine p%)lishers where all partners pro+ote each otherCs e,ine at the s%)scription thank /o% pa&e. "3ter so+eone has s%)scri)ed to /o%r e,ine* /o%Cll redirect the+ to the s%)scription thank /o% pa&e where /o% displa/ /o%r Noint Bent%re partnersC e,ines.

The a)oBe are N%st so+e e?a+ples o3 Noint Bent%re deals that /o% can enter into. The +ain draw o3 Noint Bent%re is that it )ene3its all partiesO itCs tr%l/ a win;win )%siness proposition. (o% win* /o%r Noint Bent%re partners win* and /o%r c%sto+ers and s%)scri)ers win. !%rther+ore* itCs e?tre+el/ low cost and low risk* and is one o3 the 3astest wa/ o3 )rin&in& /o%r prod%ct to +arket )/ %sin& other peopleCs reso%rces. Do it ri&ht* and Noint Bent%res can literall/ e?plode /o%r online sales and pro3its in short order.

4 5ays Roint Lentures Spike Profits

They pro:ide access to a potential customer base that !ould other!ise be inaccessible. sta)lished )%sinesses that +ake &ood MH partners haBe lists o3 c%sto+ers that wo%ld )e +ost likel/ to p%rchase the prod%ct or serBice /o% are sellin& The possibility of establishing a good !orking relationship that could turn into an ongoing and mutually profitable arrangement (redibility by association. "ssociatin& /o%rsel3 with a s%ccess3%l partner can help to esta)lish credi)ilit/ 3or /o% and open +an/ doors. (o%r Moint Hent%re partnersC credi)ilit/ will )e passed on to /o% si+pl/ )/ association

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Roint Lenture can help you to build your o!n opt-in list. The all i+portant opt;in list is the )ack)one o3 Internet +arketin&. 4%ildin& lists takes /ears )%t with a Moint Hent%re partner* /o% can c%t the ti+e needed in hal3 *ou !ill be guaranteed a much larger response to your ne! product or ser:ice than you could e:er hope to generate on your o!n 5ords of (aution

The adBanta&es o3 MH partnerships are speed* access* sharin& o3 reso%rces and the leBera&in& o3 %nder%tili,ed reso%rces* hi&h pro3its* )ack end inco+e* low or no risk opport%nities and +assiBe leBera&e. ThatCs -%ite an %psideK On the downside* MH partnerships do present the possi)ilit/ o3 )ein& ripped o33 or disappointed )/ %nscr%p%lo%s and %npro3essional MH partners. This can h%rt /o%r rep%tation andLor c%sto+ers and associates )/ associatin& with the wron& people* eBen %nknowin&l/. !or this reason* it is critical that /o% consider with care each MH partnership deal that is presented to /o%.

3 Steps to (reating a Profitable RL Partnership

Step O% .ecide !hat you need from your #oint :enture partner In loBe or in )%siness* when /o%Cre lookin& 3or a partner* /o%Cre lookin& 3or certain ke/ attri)%tes. 1hen it co+es to a MH partnership* ask /o%rsel3* @1hat e?pertise or reso%rces do the/ need to possess in order 3or +e to )ene3itJ I3 /o% are lookin& 3or so+eone to pro+ote /o%r +e+)ership site* it +a/ )e te+ptin& to approach the internet +arketers that own the lar&est +ailin& lists. +a/ )e +ore prod%ctiBe

Tactic =17 I !ind C%sto+er;!riendl/ Moint Hent%re EMHG Opport%nities

to look 3or indiBid%als that are e?perts in /o%r niche s%)Nect* whose c%sto+er lists will )e +ore tar&eted to /o%r proNect eBen i3 the/ are not as e?tensiBe.

Step O< Net!ork to find the best #oint :enture partnerships (o% can easil/ 3ind prospectiBe Noint Bent%re partners at se+inars. IndiBid%als who are willin& to take the tro%)le to attend se+inars to i+proBe their knowled&e are likel/ to )e e?tre+el/ +otiBated as well. In addition* there is the adBanta&e o3 )ein& a)le to )reak the ice Ber/ easil/ )/ disc%ssin& the speeches presented )/ the speakers* and so on. I3 /o% identi3/ so+eone /o% wo%ld like to partner with* )e care3%l a)o%t how /o% approach the+. I3 /o% think the/ wo%ld +ake a &ood MH partner* the chances are +an/ other )%siness owners will haBe the sa+e idea and the/ will &et asked on a re&%lar )asis. 8ake s%re /o%Cre ar+ed with &ood reasons wh/ you are the )est MH partner. E8ost tar&eted list* +ost enth%siastic )%/ers* +ost closel/ ali&ned prod%ct* etc.G

Step O3 (ontact a potential partner !ith your proposal It wo%ld )e nice to sit down across the ta)le 3ro+ a potential partner and ne&otiate a deal* )%t thatCs not alwa/s possi)le. I3 /o% canCt arran&e 3or a 3ace;to;3ace +eetin&* then tr/ 3or an ear; to;ear disc%ssion )/ phone. (o% need to tr/ to )%ild a relationship with /o%r potential partner. I3 the/ are &oin& to enter a proNect with /o%* and potentiall/ pro+ote /o%r prod%ct to their c%sto+ers* the/ will want to know so+ethin& a)o%t /o% and the wa/ /o% work. " lot +ore o3 /o%r personalit/* sincerit/* honest/* etc. will co+e thro%&h oBer the phone. DonCt &iBe the+ a sales pitch. " +ore strai&ht3orward approach will )e appreciated. "nd donCt ass%+e the/ are onl/ interested in the a+o%nt o3 +one/ the/ can +ake 3ro+ /o%r proNect. The/

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

+a/ )e +ore concerned a)o%t the -%alit/ o3 /o%r +e+)ership site and their credi)ilit/ with their e?istin& c%sto+er list. I3 /o% +%st send an e;+ail* +ake it a personal one and not a standard re-%est* or the chances are the/ will si+pl/ delete it.

5here to Find 6ood RL Partners

Si+pl/ ke/ in /o%r niche into the +aNor search en&ines s%ch as 6oo&le* (ahoo and 8SN. 1hat /o% will &et is a list o3 authority sites and blogs that are o)Bio%sl/ )ein& read )/ a lar&e n%+)er o3 people eBer/da/* especiall/ those at the Ber/ top o3 the search rankin&s. 4lo&s are e?ceptionall/ power3%l* )eca%se passionate )lo&&ers %s%all/ haBe e?tre+el/ &ood relationships with their readers and %pdate their )lo&s re&%larl/. I3 /o% +ana&e to set %p a Noint Bent%re partnership with these in3l%ential )lo&&ers* their endorse+ent o3 /o%r prod%cts will s%rel/ haBe a Ber/ positiBe i+pact. "nother +ethod o3 3indin& Noint Bent%re partners online is thro%&h forums or community groups. Si+pl/ ke/ in @/o%r niche \ 3or%+A* and a )%nch o3 3or%+s will )e at /o%r 3in&ertips. Ne?t* &o to &ro%ps.&oo& and &ro%ps./* and /o% will &ain access to &ro%ps o3 people who are i++ensel/ inBolBed or interested in /o%r niche. "ll /o% haBe to do ne?t is to 3ind o%t the +ost in3l%ential people in these 3or%+s or &ro%ps. These are %s%all/ the ones !ith the most number of posts" are moderators* or haBe )een aro%nd 3or the lon&est period o3 ti+e. I3 /o% +ana&e to set %p Noint Bent%re partnerships with N%st a 3ew o3 the+* /o%r )%siness will de3initel/ i+proBe si&ni3icantl/.

Tactic =17 I !ind C%sto+er;!riendl/ Moint Hent%re EMHG Opport%nities

Plan of ttack D ction Steps

Moint Hent%rin& is an on&oin& part o3 )%siness. 4%t to &et &oin&* /o% can 3ollow this 9;step .%ickstart #rocessD Step O% D Bet Started No! This +a/ so%nd si+ple to /o%* )%t I canCt eBen co%nt hi&h eno%&h to co%nt the +one/ people haBe le3t )ehind )/ si+pl/ not askin&. Re+e+)er* /o% do NOT haBe to haBe a )i& na+e or rep%tation to approach so+eone on a MH. 1hat +atters +ost is the 3it o3 /o%r prod%ct or serBice to their list* or Bice Bersa. Step O< D pproach The '/BIT Partners One co++on +istake is approachin& sites )ased on what /o% perceiBe a)o%t their reach. 1e all tend to think @1ow* he has a h%&e listO we co%ld +ake a 3ort%ne.A 1hile a )i& list is appealin&* what +atters +ost is the 3it. So* who+ DO /o% approachJ (o% approach sites that @co+ple+entA* )%t donCt co+pete with* /o%r prod%ct or serBice. Si+pl/ think thro%&h what /o%r c%sto+er +i&ht )%/ ne?t and approach those sites. #eople who N%st )o%&ht cars o3ten chan&e ins%rance carriers. #eople who N%st )o%&ht cop/writin& +i&ht need an a%toresponder 3or the +essa&es the/ had created. So* i3 /o% own the a%toresponder serBice Eor /o% are an a33iliateG /o% approach the cop/writer. "nother &reat +atch co%ld )e wei&ht loss and clothin& Eshow o33 that new sli+ /o%KG (o% &et the idea.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

Nicholas Nugget DonCt 3or&et /o%r co+petition. Check o%t who links to /o%r co+petitorsC we) site and see i3 the/ +i&ht like to o33er their clients another option.
Step O3 D utomate nd Personali@e 1hile itCs s+art to %se so3tware to 3ind and approach potential MH partners* itCs wise to also let /o%r personalit/ shine thro%&h. I3 /o% are approachin& so+eone with a )i& +ailin& list* /o% can )e s%re others haBe approached as well. 1rite /o%r e+ail in s%ch a wa/ to )e personal* and to the point. 8an/ ti+es the letters /o% will 3ind in so3tware prod%cts desi&ned 3or the MH +arket are the per3ect place to start. Step O9 D Think 5in-5in The )est Moint Hent%res are those where )oth parties win. S%re* +akin& +one/ is &oodO )%t &reat MHs are a)o%t +ore than N%st the cash. " 6R "T MH is one that )ene3its )oth parties and starts a relationship that carries on to the ne?t pro3ita)le proNect. No +atter what prod%ct or serBice /o% pro+ote* /o% C"N 3ind &reat MH partners to help /o% sell +ore in less ti+e. "nd when that happens /o% +a/ also create the 3o%ndation 3or a )ea%ti3%l 3riendship as well.

Chapter 7

Tactic /1( 4 :o'alt' Pro,ra&s

@"s a c%sto+erCs relationship with the co+pan/ len&thens* pro3its rise. "nd not N%st )/ a little. Co+panies can )oost pro3its )/ al+ost 122;percent )/ retainin& N%st <;percent +ore o3 their c%sto+ers.A W !red Reichheld* "+erican )%siness strate&ist @$o/alt/*A as itCs de3ined in practice )/ lo/alt/ +arketin& pro&ra+s* is pri+aril/ a +eas%re o3 )ehaBior'share o3 wallet* i3 /o% will. !ro+ the earliest da/s o3 co++erce* +erchants haBe rewarded their c%sto+ers with perks'3ro+ the )akerCs do,en to SYH 6reen Sta+ps...hopin& to increase their satis3action and sec%re their lo/alt/. In the +odern era* c%sto+er;lo/alt/ pro&ra+s )eco+e an ind%str/ all their own. 1e owe that to "+erican "irlines E"8RG. :ick;started )/ the 1901 adBent o3 "+ericanCs ""dBanta&e pro&ra+* total U.S. cons%+er +e+)ership in lo/alt/;+arketin&

pro&ra+s toda/ is +ore than 1 )illion stron&'an aBera&e o3 +ore than 3o%r pro&ra+s per ad%lt. Nearl/ 92Q o3 "+ericans participate in

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

so+e t/pe o3 rewards pro&ra+* and +ost are enrolled in +ore than one. 4%t are lo/alt/ pro&ra+s reall/ all the/Cre cracked %p to )eJ S%re* the/ &enerate incre+ental transactions* )%t what happens to lo/alt/ when the lo/alt/ pro&ra+ stopsJ Do these pro&ra+s &enerate tr%e lo/alt/ or N%st )ehaBior that looks like lo/alt/J 4 Things *our Coyalty Program .oes for *ou Solidi3ies connections with /o%r )est* +ost pro3ita)le c%sto+ers 8akes &ood c%sto+ers +ore co++itted and +ore likel/ to )%/ a&ain Helps in new c%sto+er ac-%isition with the added potential o3 +akin& the+ )i&&er and )etter )%/ers in the 3%t%re Reconnects @lapsedA c%sto+ers with a reason to shop /o%r )%siness @)randA #reBents c%sto+er de3ection to the co+petition !or s+all )%sinesses with an e/e on their )otto+ line* it will )e a relie3* no do%)t* to learn that The magnitude of the re!ard is less important than the PE'(E/LE. L CUE of the re!ard Unlike &rocer/ chains and )i& )o? stores* s+all;)%siness owners haBe the a%tono+/ to thank their patrons in +an/ %ni-%e wa/s. Reward /o%r )est c%sto+ers in3or+all/. I3 /o% own a resta%rant* &iBe the co%ple that co+es in 3or dinner eBer/ T%esda/ a 3ree dessert eBer/ once in a while. I3 /o% own a /o&a st%dio* o33er to let /o%r re&%lars tr/ a new class 3or 3ree. Chances are /o% reco&ni,e /o%r )est c%sto+ers alread/* and acknowled&in& this will keep the+ co+in& thro%&h /o%r doors 3or /ears to co+e. Here are so+e wa/s to acco+plish that &oal.

Tactic =19 I $o/alt/ #ro&ra+s

= Types of Coyalty Programs

$o/alt/ pro&ra+s are pop%lar with C%sto+ers like the+ i3 the rewards are &enero%s* eas/ to %nderstand* and acc%+%late -%ickl/. So )e s%re to create /o%rs with care. " )adl/ conceiBed rewards pro&ra+ that cons%+ers 3ind di33ic%lt to %se will re3lect )adl/ on /o%r )%siness. 4elow are the 6 +ost s%ccess3%l lo/alt/ pro&ra+ +odels and so+e real world applications to inspire /o%. C)* CT* P')B' , O% D 'E5 '. P)/NTS Mey (onceptD 6iBin& rewards %nrelated to a co+pan/Cs prod%ctLserBice* )%t appropriate to /o%r c%sto+ersC de+o&raphic. #oints can )e e?chan&ed 3or rewards* %nrelated to the )rand. Use this t/pe o3 pro&ra+ when /o% want /o%r pro&ra+ to also serBe as a new &%est ac-%isition pro&ra+ and to di33erentiate /o%r )rand 3ro+ the co+petition. This is especiall/ %se3%l i3 /o% haBe a li+ited prod%ct line and donCt haBe %nli+ited options o3 prod%cts and serBices. Resta%rants and serBice co+panies %se this s/ste+ where their prod%ct lines are li+ited. "d+inistration can )e co+ple? I it needs special e-%ip+ent* cards and data)ase s/ste+s to opti+ise the )ene3its o3 a pro&ra+. 8e+)ers will also e?pect to )e a)le to track and redee+ their points online. /n the 'eal 5orldD "+erican ?press card %sers acc%+%late points the/ can then %se 3or &i3ts* traBel* or trans3er to an airline !re-%ent !l/er pro&ra+. " resta%rant pro&ra+ wo%ld allow points to )e %sed 3or rewards with others* e.&. the Chica&o; )ased $ett%ce ntertain (o% resta%rant &ro%p o33ers a wide ran&e o3 traBel* wine and spa packa&es as rewards 3or +e+)ers o3 their !re-%ent Diner pro&ra+.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

C)* CT* P')B' , O< D 'EB TES Mey (onceptD 6iBin& c%sto+ers +one/ )ack when the/ )%/ +ore. "ward a &i3t certi3icate redee+a)le 3or the ne?t p%rchase* when the &%est reaches a certain spendin& leBel. 1hen /o% haBe a wide selection o3 prod%cts* this reward pro&ra+ can )e %sed to +otiBate new incre+ental p%rchases. It can also )e %sed to increased store tra33ic. Depart+ent stores %se this +ethod to )%ild additional sales 3ro+ e?istin& &%ests. /n the 'eal 5orldD " si+ple 3or+ o3 this are the pop%lar Co33ee Cards ' /o%r card is sta+ped eBer/ ti+e /o% )%/ a dail/ co33eeD once /o% haBe 5 Eor 12 or UG sta+ps* /o% receiBe one 3ree. Her/ si+ple to ad+inister. Cl%)s and casinos %se this +ethod where +e+)ers and card;holders haBe a swipe card* and can acc%+%late points 3ro+ their &a+)lin& e?pendit%re and appl/ the+ to 3ood and )eBera&e p%rchases. C)* CT* P')B' , O3 D PP'E(/ T/)N Mey (oncept6 6iBin& c%sto+ers +ore o3 a co+pan/Cs prod%ctLserBice. 1hen &%ests are asked whether the/ wo%ld rather haBe cash or a reward* the/ will al+ost alwa/s take the cash. 4%t in &iBin& awa/ cash* /o% di+inish the Bal%e o3 /o%r )rand. So o33er a re)ate when the res%lt will )e incre+ental Bisits and sales. O33er an appreciation reward o3 /o%r own co+pan/Cs prod%cts and serBices in e?chan&e 3or acc%+%lated points. The &oal here is to increase &%est $TH Eli3eti+e Bal%eG* not to ac-%ire new &%ests. It can also )e %sed as a deBice to &et &ood &%ests to sa+ple +ore o3 /o%r other prod%cts and serBices. "irlines* hotels* phone co+panies %se this to acc%+%late points 3or additional serBices

Tactic =19 I $o/alt/ #ro&ra+s

within their own )rand. Seat %p&rades* 3ree tickets* hotel sta/s at di33erent locations* etc. /n the 'eal 5orldD "t the resta%rant chain Ca3]^ Troppo* the/ had a !re-%ent DinerCs Cl%) that o33ered a 3ree Dinner 3or 9 Bo%cher once a certain leBel o3 spendin& was reached. This enco%ra&ed c%sto+ers to spend %p* and kept the rewards in; ho%se I the/ co%ld onl/ )e redee+ed 8onda/ to Th%rsda/. The/ were also likel/ to )rin& &%ests who had not Bisited )e3ore. C)* CT* P')B' , O9 D P 'TNE'SI/P 'E5 '.S Mey (onceptD Rewards a &%estCs acc%+%lated p%rchases )/ allowin& the+ to choose rewards 3ro+ a partnerin& co+pan/ Ewhose lo/al c%sto+ers +a/* in t%rn* )e receiBin& rewards 3ro+ /o%r )%sinessG. (o%r pri+ar/ &oal is to ac-%ire new &%ests where /o% haBe a partnership arran&e+ent to %se the partnerCs e?tensiBe &%est data)ase. "irlines %se this 3re-%entl/ when the/ &iBe /o% points 3or rentin& cars and sleepin& in hotels. /n the 'eal 5orld6 " resta%rant co%ld o33er rewards to the clients o3 a realtor* hairdresser or other local )%siness* in ret%rn 3or that )%siness pro+otin& /o% to their c%sto+er list. C)* CT* P')B' , O4 D FF/N/T* Mey (onceptD 4%ildin& a li3eti+e Bal%e relationship with a c%sto+er )ased on +%t%al interests and not on the %se o3 rewards. Once a &%est cli+)s the lo/alt/ ladder and reaches adBocate stat%s* /o%r )rand is 3ir+l/ planted in their +inds. "n a33init/ pro&ra+ o33ers special co++%nications* Bal%e added )ene3its and )on%ses and reco&nition as a Bal%ed &%est. This is %sed where rewards are no lon&er needed to c%ltiBate a lon& ter+ relationship* N%st as a re+inder to learn +ore a)o%t /o%r other prod%cts and serBices.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

/n the 'eal 5orld6 "irline 3re-%ent 3l/ers earn SilBer or 6old stat%s once the/ haBe earned a certain n%+)er o3 air +iles. Ni&htcl%)s haBe access to special roo+s and )ene3its 3or +e+)ers who haBe reached a special leBel o3 spendin& or are re&arded as HI# c%sto+ers. C)* CT* P')B' , O= D () C/T/)N Mey (oncept6 Tea+in& %p with di33erent co+panies to share c%sto+er data to Nointl/ tar&et a c%sto+er de+o&raphic. "ltho%&h slow to take o33* coalitions are Ber/ clearl/ the ne?t &eneration o3 lo/alt/ pro&ra+s* e?tre+el/ appropriate to the 1e) 2.2 world o3 social +arketin&. Coalitions* as the na+e i+plies* %nite +%ltiple +arketers who to&ether o33er rewards 3or @pointsA earned )/ cons%+ers thro%&h p%rchases o3 &oods and serBices 3ro+ an/ o3 the ali&ned )%sinesses. The idea )ehind the pro&ra+s is that o33erin& c%sto+ers +ore opport%nities to earn points and +ore 3le?i)ilit/ to redee+ the+ will increase e?cite+ent in and* well* loyalty to the plans > a sort;o3 one; stop;shoppin& approach to lo/alt/. /n the 'eal 5orld6 1ith three +illion re&istered "+erican +others* Cl%) 8o+ partners incl%de Ho+e Depot* #a/less Shoe So%rce* To/s R Us* and others. Nectar EU:G is the U:Cs lar&est rewards pro&ra+ with participatin& )%sinesses incl%din& Sains)%r/Cs &rocer/ stores* 4arcla/s 4ank* select 4# serBice stations* Hodaphone stores* and others. "nd "n/thin& #oints let cons%+ers earn points 3ro+ e4a/ sellers and pro&ra+ partners s%ch as !* the New (ork Ti+es* "+erican "dBanta&e* and others* and redee+ the+ to pa/ 3or ite+s on e4a/ where #a/#al is accepted.

Tactic =19 I $o/alt/ #ro&ra+s

Pros and (ons of Coyalty Programs

I3 /o% are thinkin& o3 startin& /o%r own c%sto+er lo/alt/ pro&ra+* consider so+e o3 the adBanta&es I and disadBanta&es I 3irstD )n the pro side" a lo/alt/ pro&ra+...

Meeps your name in front of customers P Think o3 /o%r rewards pro&ra+ as 3ree adBertisin&. Ber/ ti+e /o%r c%sto+ers open their wallets and see /o%r cl%) card* the/Cll think o3 /o% Encourages increased sales and return business P Ben i3 /o% &o with a s+all;scale rewards pro&ra+* re&%lar c%sto+ers will appreciate knowin& that their stead/ p%rchases will pa/ o33 with a 3ree c%p o3 co33ee or 3ree Bideo rental. I3 /o% decide to hand o%t p%nch cards* start new c%sto+ers o%t with a co%ple o3 e?tra p%nches to &iBe the+ an e?tra incentiBe to ret%rn /ncreases your rate of customer re-:isits and encourages business during slo! periods P !or e?a+ple* i3 /o% haBe tro%)le &ettin& people in the door on 8onda/s* +ake 8onda/ /o%r @do%)le p%nchA da/ (an pro:ide :aluable customer demographic informationP (o% can ask /o%r patrons to 3ill o%t an application 3or their rewards card* )%ildin& a Bal%a)le data)ase o3 c%sto+er na+es and addresses. (o%r application can ask an/ additional -%estions that wo%ld )e %se3%l to /o%r +arketin& research* s%ch as how o3ten the/ co+e to /o%r store and what the/ +ost o3ten p%rchase. "lso ask 3or special dates s%ch as )irthda/s and anniBersaries* and +ail the+ special o33ers when these dates approach

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

)n the con side" a lo/alt/ pro&ra+

,ay not stand out unless the road is significant. >This does N)T mean e0pensi:e? P"s +%ch as c%sto+ers +a/ appreciate their eBent%al 3ree drink* /o%r )%siness will not )e the onl/ one +akin& s%ch an o33er

The solutionD I3 /o% reall/ want /o%r c%sto+er reward pro&ra+ to stand o%t* %p the ante. 6iBe c%sto+ers a choice once the/ co+plete a card. !or e?a+ple* o33er that 3ree c%p o3 co33ee or 1< percent o33 their entire +eal.

,ay be a turn off because if customers donEt like the !ay it !orksI4eca%se p%nch cards and cl%) cards are so perBasiBe* 3or e?a+ple* so+e c%sto+ers +i&ht )e sick o3 haBin& their wallets st%33ed 3%ll o3 the+

The solutionD (o% +i&ht consider keepin& track o3 c%sto+er p%rchases in a co+p%ter data)ase so the/ wonCt haBe to* or eBen 3ilin& their cards at /o%r shop and retrieBin& the+ eBer/ ti+e the/ +ake a p%rchase. This wo%ld take +ini+al e33ort on /o%r part* and c%sto+ers wo%ld appreciate the e?tra step to +ake the rewards pro&ra+ hassle; 3ree 3or the+.

(ould backfire if the offer is too far afield of your core businessP So+e s+all;)%siness owners +a/ eschew p%nch cards and cl%) cards alto&ether* and instead opt 3or special sales and o33ers 3or their +ost lo/al patrons. 1hile this can )e a &reat approach* /o% do r%n the risk o3 o33endin& c%sto+ers when /o%Cre tr/in& to e?tend &oodwill. !or e?a+ple* i3 /o% send o%t a HalentineCs Da/ o33er* recentl/ diBorced c%sto+ers +a/ 3eel alienated

Tactic =19 I $o/alt/ #ro&ra+s

The solutionD 8ake /o%r o33ers as ne%tral as possi)le. !or e?a+ple* inBite /o%r )est c%sto+ers to a @HI# onl/A seasonal sale* as opposed to a holida/ sale. Promise of Pri:acy Encourages Coyalty $o/alt/ cards co%ld )e considered inBasiBe. Chain s%per+arkets haBe 3aced criticis+ oBer their lo/alt/ cards that track c%sto+ersC p%rchasin& ha)its* d%e to the 3act that the/ 3orce c%sto+ers to share priBate data in order to receiBe sale ite+s. I3 /o% collect c%sto+er data* +ake s%re that it doesnCt see+ as i3 it is +ore 3or /o%r own )ene3it than theirs. "lso ass%re c%sto+ers that their in3or+ation will not )e sold or shared with an/one else. "nd donCt )e s%rprised i3 so+e c%sto+ers 3lat;o%t re3%se to share personal in3or+ation. Consider &iBin& the+ @lo/alt/A priBile&es re&ardless. Final Thoughts on Coyalty DonCt )o+)ard c%sto+ers with special o33ers or co%pons thinkin& that these o33ers will in and o3 the+selBes )%ild lo/alt/. The/ )%ild lo/alt/* all ri&ht* )%t to the o33er* not to /o%r )%siness. Cons%+ers are %nderstanda)l/ sel3;serBin&* so the/Cll N%st &o where the co%pon is )est. Think o3 /o%r lo/alt/ pro&ra+s as one le& o3 the +ost i+portant ite+ on /o%r @To DoA listD i+proBe c%sto+er co++%nication and satis3action. This )%ilds tr%st and deBelops lon&;ter+ relationships. 1hen c%sto+ers are lo/al to their relationship with a )%siness* not the disco%nts o33ered )/ a )%siness* the/ will )%/'oBer and oBer a&ain. 8ake a list o3 /o%r 3aBorite )rands. It doesnCt +atter i3 itCs a )eBera&e )rand* a clothin& )rand* or a )rand o3 toothpaste. 1hen /o%Cre lo/al to a )rand...when /o% haBe a relationship with the co+pan/ that prod%ces the prod%ct.../o%Cre willin& to pa/ +ore 3or it* &o o%t o3 /o%r wa/ to ac-%ire it* and reco++end it to /o%r 3riends.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

"nd /o% do it all 3or 3ree. ItCs no wonder that cons%+er lo/alt/ is s%ch a so%&ht;a3ter co++odit/.

%& 5ays to ,ake *our Coyalty Program /rresistible

,ake /t Easy For TIE, Str%ct%re /o%r pro&ra+ to +ake Noinin& as si+ple as possi)le. !or instance* let /o%r c%sto+ers si&n %p 3or /o%r lo/alt/ pro&ra+ at 1e)site checko%t. Calc%late and show the+ the Bal%e 3or Noinin&* and &iBe an i++ediate disco%nt or other tan&i)le )ene3it. In addition* desi&n the pro&ra+ so that all /o%r c%sto+ers > 3ro+ the )i& spenders to the )ar&ain h%nters > can participate at so+e leBel. Ber/one likes to )elon& to a @cl%)*A especiall/ i3 +e+)ership )ene3its incl%de 3ree +erchandise or Bal%a)le disco%nts. ,ake /t Easy for *)U DonCt oBerload /o%r +arketin& depart+ent. Choose Bendors who are 3le?i)le and donCt o33er N%st technical e?pertise )%t also s%pport* so that the )all is neBer dropped. (o% want a Bendor that proBides the one;on;one attention o3 a )o%ti-%e enBiron+ent and the standards o3 a worldwide corporation. 8ake s%re /o%r Bendor is rep%ta)le and alwa/s c%rrent with the latest ind%str/ policies. (o%r BendorCs c%sto+er serBice tea+ sho%ld )e knowled&ea)le and e?perienced. ,ake the Lalue 'E C #%t a lot o3 tho%&ht into what /o%r c%sto+er rewards will )e. Care3%ll/ consider /o%r costs and ROI* and 3oc%s on whatCs Bal%a)le to /o%r c%sto+er. Calc%late e?actl/ how +%ch +ar&in /o% can a33ord to share with /o%r lo/al c%sto+ers on prod%cts the/ will 3ind attractiBe. #resent s%)stantial lo/alt/ disco%nts with an e/e toward the li3eti+e Bal%e o3 the c%sto+er.

Tactic =19 I $o/alt/ #ro&ra+s

,ake /t PE'S)N C It costs al+ost nothin& to call /o%r c%sto+ers )/ na+e E@Dear S%san* Thanks 3or )ein& o%r lo/al c%sto+erKAG* )%t it +akes the+ 3eel special. It also helps create the i+pression that /o%r +essa&e was e?pressl/ intended 3or the reader* no +atter how +an/ s%)scri)ers receiBed it. ,ake it T 'BETE. T%rn the data /o% receiBe a)o%t /o%r c%sto+ersC interests and pre3erences into Bal%e 3or the+. Not onl/ will the/ 3eel listened to and respected* itCs +%ch +ore likel/ that the/Cll act on so+ethin& that is speci3icall/ o3 interest to the+. !or instance* i3 /o% ask /o%r c%sto+ers 3or a ,ip code* ret%rn the 3aBor with &eo&raphicall/ appropriate content s%ch as seasonal pro+otions or local in;store specials.

,ake /t L/S/BCE #ro+ote /o%r lo/alt/ pro&ra+ at eBer/ c%sto+er to%ch point' contact center* 1e)site* cash re&ister* etc. 8ake s%re /o%r contact center reps and eBer/one else with c%sto+er interaction proactiBel/ pro+otes the pro&ra+* enco%ra&in& c%sto+ers to Noin and +akin& Noinin& eas/ 3or the+. Code /o%r 1e)site to reco&ni,e and welco+e lo/alt/ pro&ra+ +e+)ers. 1rite lo/alt/ pro&ra+ +e+)ership into /o%r contact center scripts. Send a card to +e+)ers 3or %se in store and online.

,ake /t L/' C #eople like to pass Bal%a)le and e?citin& opport%nities on to their 3riends* so +ake it eas/ 3or /o%r c%sto+ers to &et others to Noin /o%r lo/alt/ pro&ra+. Then reward those c%sto+ers who do. (o% co%ld la%nch a Biral e;+ail ca+pai&n* 3or e?a+ple* alon& the lines o3 @1hen 3iBe 3riends Noin the lo/alt/ pro&ra+* /o% receiBe a 12Q disco%ntKA "lso )e s%re to e?tensiBel/ pro+ote the reward 3or &ettin& 3riends to Noin.

How to Triple Sales to ?istin& C%sto+ers

,ake /t P')F/T BCE Tie /o%r inBentor/ control s/ste+ Ei3 /o% haBe oneG into /o%r lo/alt/ pro&ra+. 1ork /o%r %nsold inBentor/ into /o%r c%sto+er rewards* so that /o% +oBe the +erchandise -%ickl/ and e33ectiBel/. ,ake /t T/,EC* Check /o%r histor/ to see what inBentor/ sells slowl/ or %s%all/ needs to )e +oBed* and pro+ote this to c%sto+ers 3ar in adBance at a &reat rate. " hotel chain* 3or instance* +i&ht pro+ote disco%nted roo+s that are t/picall/ Bacant on certain weekends to tar&eted lo/alt/ pro&ra+ +e+)ers. arl/ )irds loBe the special rewards aBaila)le onl/ to those s+art eno%&h to )eat the crowd. ,ake /t a P 'TNE'SI/P Sell +ini and co+)ination packa&es that +ake it eas/ 3or c%sto+ers to p%rchase not N%st /o%r +erchandise )%t co+ple+entar/ prod%cts and serBices too. The sa+e hotel chain +i&ht o33er lo/al c%sto+ers a disco%nted Bacation packa&e 3eat%rin& the hotel pl%s resta%rant* spa* and transportation partners. " packa&e can )e +%ch +ore appealin& than an a la carte prod%ct* especiall/ i3 the c%sto+er receiBes s%)stantial saBin&s 3or )%/in& the ite+s as a set .

Plan of ttack D ction Steps

Use these steps to deter+ine i3 a lo/alt/ pro&ra+ is the ri&ht sales; +aker 3or /o%r )%sinessD

/s there some le:el of freAuency to the purchase cycle in your businessJ One r%le o3 th%+) in retail is that /o%r c%sto+ers sho%ld p%rchase so+ethin& 3ro+ /o% at least 3o%r

Tactic =19 I $o/alt/ #ro&ra+s

ti+es per /ear 3or /o%r )%siness to )e a &ood 3it 3or a lo/alt/ pro&ra+

/s your operation a higher-margin businessJ Hi&her;+ar&in )%sinesses haBe an easier ti+e creatin& a pro&ra+ )eca%se the/ haBe +ore 3reedo+ to o33er disco%nts or pa/ 3or the so3t )ene3it pro&ra+s. $ower +ar&in )%siness can haBe pro&ra+s* )%t the/ wo%ld need to see a hi&her leBel o3 c%sto+er 3re-%enc/ to reach the point where 3%ndin& the reward +akes sense .oes your business operate through multiple locationsJ The +ore locations that /o% haBe to earn and )%rn lo/alt/ pro&ra+ c%rrenc/* the +ore attractiBe /o%r pro&ra+ is to potential +e+)ers. ThatCs not to sa/ that a sin&le location lo/alt/ pro&ra+ canCt s%cceed* )%t /o%r c%sto+ers will 3eel inconBenienced with haBin& to &o to a speci3ic location to earn points. In addition* in the conte?t o3 sin&le location lo/alt/ pro&ra+s* /o% canCt distri)%te the pro&ra+ costs across +%ltiple locations

In )%siness* /o%r pro3its are /o%r reward 3or /o%r endeaBors. In 3act* profitability is the only reliable measurement of a businessEs success. #ro3its are the Ber/ li3e)lood o3 a )%siness. The/ 3%el &rowth* s%pport the owners* proBide 3or the well )ein& o3 the sta33* and %lti+atel/ deter+ine the s%ccess or 3ail%re o3 the )%siness. So how can /o% increase /o%r pro3itsJ 4/ now* /o% sho%ld know the answerD Sell more to e0isting customers Increased pro3its are achieBed thro%&h a step;)/;step process where +arketin& and c%sto+er satis3action are at the core o3 the )%siness. It is alwa/s easier to sell prod%cts or serBices to /o%r e?istin& c%sto+ers )eca%se /o% haBe deBeloped a relationship with the+ when /o% sold /o%r 3irst prod%ct or serBice to the+. (o% will 3ind it 3ar less e?pensiBe to sell to old c%sto+ers as co+pared to sellin& to new c%sto+ers. (o%r conBersion ratio will )e dra+aticall/ hi&her with e?istin& c%sto+ersK Ber/ ti+e /o% contin%e sellin& )ack;end prod%cts or serBices to e?istin& c%sto+ers* /o% will )e )%ildin& a li3e;lon& relationship. (o% sho%ld contin%all/ )rin& o%t new )ack;end prod%cts or serBices to sell to e?istin& c%sto+ers. The/ will keep )%/in& and )%/in& and )%/in&... (o% &et the point. no%&h said. Now itCs ti+e to &et o%t there and doK 4est wishes 3or /o%r s%ccess.

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