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Ron Rosenbaum - Esquire Magazine - September, 1977 Take a look at the hulking sepulcher over there Small !

on"er the# call it a tomb $t%s the cita"el o& Skull an" 'ones, the most po!er&ul o& all secret societies in the strange (ale secret-societ# s#stem )or nearl# a centur# an" a hal&, Skull an" 'ones has been the most in&luential secret societ# in the nation, an" no! it is one o& the last $n an age in !hich it seems that all that coul" possibl# be conceale" about an#thing an" an#bo"# has been reveale", those blank tombstone !alls coul" be hol"ing the last secrets le&t in *merica (ou coul" ask *verell +arriman !hether there%s reall# a sarcophagus in the basement an" !hether he an" #oung +enr# Stimson an" #oung +enr# ,uce -Time magazine. la# "o!n nake" in the co&&in an" spille" the secrets o& their a"olescent se/ li&e to 10 &ello! 'onesmen (ou coul" ask Supreme 1ourt 2ustice 3otter Ste!art i& there came a time in the #ear 1947 !hen he "resse" up in a skeleton suit an" ho!le" !il"l# at an initiate in a re"-velvet room insi"e the tomb (ou coul" ask Mc5eorge 'un"# i& he !restle" nake" in a mu" pie as part o& his initation an" ho! it compare" !ith a later quagmire into !hich he so eagerl# plunge" (ou coul" ask 'ill 'un"# or 6illiam ) 'uckle#, both o& !ho !ent into the 1$* a&ter leaving 'ones - or 5eorge 'ush, !ho ran the 1$* 7 3resi"ent !hether their Skull an" 'ones e/perience !as use&ul training &or the clan"estine tra"e -8Spook,8 the (ale slang &or sp# . (ou coul" ask 2 Richar"son 9il!orth, the 'onesman !ho no! manages the Rocke&eller &ortune, :ust ho! !ealth# the 'ones societ# is an" !hether it%s true that each ne! initiate gets a no-strings gi&t o& &i&teen thousan" "ollars cash an" guarantee" &inancial securit# &or li&e (ou coul" ask but $ think #ou get the i"ea The len"ing lights o& the Eastern establishment - in ol"-line investment banks -'ro!n 'rothers +arriman pa#s 'one%s ta/ bill., in a blue-bloo" la! &irms -Simpson Thacher ; 'artlett, &or one., an" particularl# in the highest councils o& the &oreign-polic# establishment - the people !ho have shape" *merica%s national character since it cease" being an un"ergra"uate po!er, ha" their un"ergra"uate character shape" in that cr#pt over there 'onesman +enr# Stimson, Secretar# o& 6ar un"er ) 9 R , a man at the heart o& the heart o& the *merican ruling class, calle" his e/perience in the tomb the most pro&oun" one in his entire e"ucation 'ut none o& them !ill tell #ou a thing about it The#%ve s!orn an oath never to reveal !hat goes on insi"e an" the#%re legen"ar# &or the lengths to !hich the#%ll go to avoi" pr#ing interrogation The mere mention o& the !or"s 8skull an" bones8 in the presence o& a true-blue 'onesman, such as 'lack&or" <akes, the &ictional hero o& 'ill 'uckle#%s sp# thriller, %Saving the =ueen%, !ill cause him to 8"uti&ull# leave the room, as tra"ition prescribe" 8 $ can trace m# personal &ascination !ith the m#steriouis goingson in the sepulcher across the street to a spook# scene $ !itnesse" on its sha"o!# steps late one *pril night eleven #ears ago $ !as then a sophmore at (ale, living in 2onathan E"!ar"s, the resi"ential college -anglophile (ale name &or "orm. built ne/t to the 'ones tomb $t !as part o& 2onathan E"!ar"s &olklore that on a *pril evening &ollo!ing 8tap night8 at 'ones, i& one coul" climb to the to!er o& 6eir +all, the o"" castle that overlooks the 'ones

court#ar", one coul" hear strange cries an" moans coming &rom the bo!els o& the tomb as the &i&teen ne!l# 8tappe"8 members !ere put through !hat soun"e" like a harro!ing or"eal Returning alone to m# room late at night, $ !oul" al!a#s cross the street rather than !alk the si"e!alk that passe" right in &ront o& 'ones Even at that sa&e "istance, something about it ma"e m# skin cra!l 'ut that night in *pril $ !asn%t alone> a classmate an" $ !ere coming back &rom an all-night "iner at about t!o in the morning *t the time, $ kne! little about the m#steries o& 'ones or an# o& the other huge !in"o!less secret-societ# tombs that "ominate" !ith "ark authorit# certain ke#-corners o& the campus The# !ere nothing like conventional &raternities ?o one live" in the tombs $nstea", ever# Thurs"a# an" Sun"a# night the best an" the brightest on campus, the &i&teen seniors in Skull an" 'ones an" in the Scroll an" @e#, 'ook an" Snake, 6ol&%s +ea", 'erzelius, in all the seven secret societies, "isappeare" into their respective tombs an" spent hours "oing something - something the# !ere s!orn to secrec# about *n" 'ones, it !as sai" !as the most ritualistic an" secretive o& all Even the ver# "oor to the 'ones tomb, that huge triple-pa"locke" iron "oor, !as never prermitte" to open in the presence o& an outsi"er *ll this !as &loating through m# impressionable sophmore min" that night as m# &rien" Mike an" $ approache" the stone p#lons guar"ing the entrance to 'ones Su""enl# !e &roze at the sight o& a strange thing l#ing on the steps There in the gloom o& the "oor!a# on the top step !as a long !hite ob:ect that looke" like the thighbone o& a large mammal $ remaine" &rozen Mike !as more a"venturesomeA he !alke" right up to the steps an" picke" up the bone $ !ante" to get out o& there &ast> $ !as certain !e !ere being spie" upon &rom a conceale" !in"o! Mike coul"n%t "eci"e !hat to "o !ith the bone +e !ent up to the "oor an" began e/amining the arra# o& pa"locks Su""enl# a bolt shot The massive "oor began to s!ing open an" something reache" out at him &rom !ithin +e graspe", terri&ie", an" :umpe" back, but not be&ore something clutche" the bone, #anke" it out o& his han" an" back into the "arkness !ithin The "oor slamme" shut !ith a clang that rang in our ears as !e ran a!a# Recollecte" in tranquilit#, the "reamlike gothic moment seems to me an emblem o& the strangeness $ &elt at being at (ale, at being given a brie& glimpse o& the m#sterious !orkings o& the inner temples o& privelege but &eeling emphaticall# shut out o& the secret ceremonies !ithin $ al!a#s &elt irrelevant to the real purpose o& the institution, !hich !as &rom its missionar# beginnings "evote" to converting the i"le progen# o& the ruling class into morall# serious lea"ers o& the establishment $t is &requentl# in the tombs that conversions take place ?<BEM'ER, 197CA SE1DR$T( ME*SDRES $t%s night an" !e%re back in &ront o& the tomb, Mike an" $, rein&orce" b# nine #ears in the outsi"e !orl", t!o skeptical !omen &rien"s an" a big "inner at Mor#%s *n" #et once again there is an o"", chilling encounter 6e%re re-creating that &irst spook# moment $%m stan"ing in &ront o& the stone p#lons an" Mike has !alke" up to stan" against the "oor so !e can estimate its height b# his Then !e notice !e%re being !atche" * small re" &oreign car has pulle" up on the si"e!alk a &e! #ar"s a!a# &rom us The "river has been

!atching us &or some time Then he gets out +e%s a tall, athletic looking gu#, &airl# #oung +e shuts the car" "oor behin" him an" stan"s leaning against it, continuing to observe us 6e tr# to act oblivious, continuing to sketch an" measure The gu# &inall# !alks over to us, 8(ou seen MilesE8 he asks 6e look at each other 1oul" he think !e%re actuall# 'ones alumni, or is he testing usE 1oul" 8(ou seen MilesE8 be some sort o& pass!or"E 8?o,8 !e repl# 8+aven%t seen Miles 8 +e no"s an" remains there 6e "eci"e !e%ve "one enough sketching an" measuring an" stroll o&& 8,ookF8 one o& the !omen sa#s as she turns an" points back 8+e :ust ran "o!n the si"e steps to check the basement-"oor locks +e probabl# thought he caught us planning a break-in 8 $ &oun" the episo"e intriguing 6hat it sai" to me !as that 'ones still care" about the securit# o& its secrets Tr#ing to &in" out !hat goes on insi"e coul" be a challenge *n" so it !as that $ set out this *pril to see :ust ho! secure those last secrets are $t !as a task $ took on not out o& malice or sour grapes $ !as not tappe" &or a secret societ# so $%m open to the latter charge, but $ plea" guilt# onl# to the vo#eurism o& a m#ster# lover $%" been !orking on a novel, a ps#chological thriller o& sorts that involve" the rites o& 'ones, an" $ thought it !oul"n%t hurt to spen" some time in ?e! +aven "uring the !eek o& tap night an" initiation night, poking aroun" an" asking questions (ou coul" call it espionage i& #ou !ere so incline", but $ trie" to pla# the game in a gentlemanl# &ashionA $ !oul" not "irectl# ask a 'onesman to violate his sacre" oath o& secrec# $&, ho!ever, one o& them happene" to have &u"ge" on the oath to some other part# an" that the other part# !ere to conve# the gist o& the in&ormation to me, $ !oul" rule it &air game *n" i& an# 'onesman !ants to step &or!ar" an" a"" something $%ll be happ# to listen 6hat &ollo!s is an account o& m# search &or the meaning behin" the m#sterious 'ones rituals <nl# in&ormation that might be too easil# trace" to its source has been le&t out, because certain sources e/presse" &ear o& reprisals against themselves (es, reprisals <ne o& them even insiste", !ith !hat seeme" like "ea"l# seriousness, that reprisals !oul" be taken against me 86hat bank "o #ou have #our checking account atE8 this part# aske" me in the mi""le o& a "iscussion o& the Mithraic aspects o& the 'ones ritual $ name" the bank, 8*ha,8 sai" the part# 8There are three 'onesmen on the boar" (ou%ll never have a line o& cre"it again The#%ll tap #our phone The#%ll 8 'e&ore $ coul" sa#, 8* line o& !hatE8 the source continue"A 8The alumni still care 9on%t laugh The# "on%t like people tampering an" pr#ing The po!er o& 'ones is incre"ible The#%ve got their han"s on ever# level o& po!er in the countr# (ou%ll see - it%s like tr#ing to look into the Ma&ia Remember, the#%re a secret societ#, too 8 6E9?ES9*( ?$5+T, *3R$, 10A T+E 9<SS$ER *lrea"# $ have in m# possession a set o& annotate" &loor plans o& the interior o& the tomb, giving the location o& the sanctum sanctorum, the room calle" 4GG *n" tonight $ recieve" a "ossier on 'ones ritual secrets that !as compile" &rom the archives o& another secret societ# $t seems that one abi"ing preoccupation o& man# (ale secret societies is keeping &iles on the secrets o& other secret societies, particularl# 'ones The "ossier o& 'ones

is a particularl# sophisticate" one, &eaturing 8reliabilit# ratings8 in prercentiles &or each chunk o& in&ormation $t !as obtaine" &or me b# an enterprising researcher on the con"ition that $ keep secret the name o& the secret societ# that supplie" it <ka# $ !ill sa#, though, that it%s not the secret societ# that is rumore" to have +itler%s silver!are in its archives That%s Scroll an" @e#, chie& rival o& 'ones &or the elite o& (ale - 9ean *cheson an" 1# Bance%s societ# - an" the source o& most o& the rest o& the *merican &oreign polic# establishment 'ut to return to the "ossier ,et me tell #ou !hat it sa#s about the initiation, the center o& some o& the most luri" apocr#phal rumors about 'ones *ccor"ing to the "ossier, the 'ones initiation ritual o& 190< !ent like thisA 8?e! man place" in co&&in - carrie" into central part o& the buil"ing ?e! man chante" over an" %reborn% into societ# Remove" &rom co&&in an" given robes !ith s#mbols on it -sic. * bone !ith his name on it is tosse" into bone heap at start o& ever# meeting $nitiates plunge" into mu" pile 8 T+DRS9*( EBE?$?5A T+E )$,E *?9 1,*6 S<,DT$<? T< T+E M(STER <) 4GG $%m stan"ing in the sha"o!s across the street &rom the tomb, rea"# to tail the &irst person to come out Tonight is tap night, the night &i&teen :uniors !ill be chosen to receive the one-hun"re"&ort#-&ive-#ear-ol" secrets o& 'ones Tonight the &i&teen seniors in 'ones an" the &i&teen in each o& the other societies !ill arrive outsi"e the rooms o& the prospective tappees The#%ll poun" lou"l# on the "oors 6hen the chosen :unior opens up, a 'onesman !ill slam him on the shoul"er an" thun"erA 8Skull an" 'onesA 9o #ou acceptE8 *t that point, accor"ing to m# "ossier, i& the can"i"ate accepts, he !ill be han"e" a message !rappe" !ith a black ribbon seale" in black !a/ !ith the skull-an"-crossbones emblem an" the m#stic 'ones number, 4GG The message appoints a time an" a place &or the can"i"ate to appear on initiation night - ne/t Tues"a# - the &irst time the ne!l# tappe" can"i"ate !ill be permitte" insi"e the tomb 1an"i"ates are 8instructe" to !ear no metal8 to the initiation, the "ossier notes ominousl# -Reliabilit# rating &or the state" to be one hun"re" prercent . ?ot long be&ore eight tonight, the "oor to 'ones s!ings open T!o "ark-suite" #oung men emerge <ne o& them carries a slim black attache case <bviousl# the#%re on their !a# to tap someone $ "eci"e that 'ones inititates are taken to a ceremon# some!here near the campus be&ore the big initiation insi"e the tomb The 'onesmen hea" up +igh Street an" pass the librar#, then make a right 3assing the librar#, $ can%t help but recoil !hen $ think o& the embarrissing "iscover# $ ma"e in the manuscript room this a&ternoon The last thing $ !ante" to "o !as re"uce the subleties o& the social &unction o& 'ones to some simplemin"e" conspirac# theor# *n" #et $ "o seem to have come across "e&inite, i& skeletal links bet!een the origins o& 'ones rituals an" those o& the notorious 'avarian $lluminists )or me, an interste" but skeptical stu"ent o& the conspirac# !orl", the intro"uction o& the $lluminists, or $lluminati, into certain "iscussions -sa# &or instance, o& events in 9allas in 19C4. has become the same thing that the mention o& 'ones is to a 'onesman - a signal to leave the room 'ecause although the 'avarian $lluminists "i"

have a real historical e/istence -&rom 177C to 17HI the# !ere an esoteric secret societ# !ithin the more m#stical &reethinking lo"ges o& 5erman )reemasonr#., the# have also ha" a paranoi" &antas# e/istence throughout t!o centuries o& conspirac# literature The# are the imagine" megacabal that manipulate" such allege" plots as the )rench an" Russian revolutions, the el"ers o& Jion, the rise o& +itler an" the +ouse o& Morgan (es the 'il"erbergers an" 5eorge 9e Mohrenschil"t, too Sill# as it ma# soun", there are suggestive links bet!een the historical i& not m#tho-conspiratorial, $lluminists an" 'ones )irst consi"er the account o& the origins o& 'ones to be &oun" in a centur#-ol" pamphlet publishe" b# an anon#mous group that calle" itsel& )ile an" 1la! a&ter the tools the# use" to pr# their !a# insi"e 'ones late one night $ came upon the )ile an" 1la! break-in pamphlet in a bo/ o& "isintigrating "ocuments &ile" in the librar#%s manuscript room un"er Skull an" 'one%s corporate name, Russell Trust *ssociation The &oun"ation !as name" &or 6illiam + -later 5eneral. Russell, the man !ho &oun"e" 'ones in 1H4G $ !as tr#ing to &igure out !hat mission Russell ha" &or the secret or"er he &oun"e" an" !h# he ha" chosen that particular "eath-hea" bran" o& mumbo :umbo to embo"# his vision 6ell, accor"ing to the )ile an" 1la! breakin cre!, 8'ones is a chapter o& corps o& a 5erman universit# $t shoul" properl# be calle" the Skull an" 'ones chapter 5eneral Russell, its &oun"er, !as in 5erman# be&ore his senior #ear an" &orme" a !arm &rien"ship !ith a lea"ing member o& a 5erman societ# The meaning o& the permanent number 4GG in all 'ones literature is that it !as &oun"e" in %4G as the secon" chapter o& the 5erman societ# 'ut the 'onesman has a pleasing &iction that his &aternit# is a "escen"ant o& an ol" 5reek patriot societ# &oun"e" b# 9emosthenes, !ho "ie" in 4GG '1 8 The# go on to "escribe a 5erman slogan painte" 8on arche" !alls above the vault8 o& the sacre" room 4GG The slogan appears above a painting o& skulls surroun"e" b# Masonic s#mbols, a picture sai" to be 8a gi&t o& the 5erman chapter 8 86er !ar "er Thor, !er 6eiser, 'ettler o"er @aiserE <b *rm, ob Reich, im To"e gleich,8 the slogan rea"s, or, 86ho !as the &ool, !ho the !ise man, beggar or kingE 6hether poor or rich, all%s the same in "eath 8 $magine m# surprise !hen $ ran into that ver# slogan in a 179H Scottish anti-$lluminatist tract reprinte" in 19C7 b# the 2ohn 'irch Societ# The tract -proo&s o& a conspirac# b# 2ohn Robinson. prints allege" e/cerpts &rom $lluminist ritual manuals suppose"l# con&iscate" b# the 'avarian police !hen the secret or"er !as banne" in 17HI To!ar" the en" o& the ceremon# o& initiation in the 8Regent "egree8 o& $lluminism, accor"ing to the tract, 8a skeleton in pointe" out to him Kthe initiateL, at the &eet o& !hich are lai" a cro!n an" a s!or" +e is aske" %!hether that is the skeleton o& a king, nobleman or a beggar % *s he cannot "eci"e, the presi"ent o& the meeting sa#s to him, %The character o& being a man is the onl# one that is importance%8 9oesn%t that soun" similar to the 5erman slogan the )ile an" 1la! team claims to have &oun" insi"e 'onesE ?o! consi"er a haunting photograph o& the altar room o& one o& the Masonic lo"ges at ?uremburg that is closel# associate" !ith $lluminism +aunting because at the altar room%s center, approache" through the aisle o& hanging human skeletons, is a co&&in surmounte" b# - #ou guesse" it - a skull an" crosse" bones that look e/actl#

like the particular arrangement o& :a!bones an" thighbones in the o&&icial 'ones emblem The skull an" crossbones !as the o&&icial crest o& another ke# $lluminist lo"ge, one right-!ing $lluminist theoretician tol" me ?o! #ou can lok at this three !a#s <ne possibilit# is that the 'ircher right - an" the conspirac#-min"e" le&t are correctA The Eastern establishment is the "emonic creation o& a clan"estine elite manipulating histor#, an" Skull an" 'ones is one o& its recruiting centers * more plausible e/planation is that the "eath%s-hea" s#mbolism !as so prevalent in 5erman# !hen the impressionable #oung Russell visite" that he :ust stumble" on the same mother lo"e o& pseu"o-Masonic mummer# as the $lluninists The thir" possibilit# is that the break-in pamphlets are an elaborate &rau" "esigne" b# the )ile an" 1la! cre! to pin the taint o& $lluminism on 'ones an" that the rituals o& 'ones have innocent *thenian themes, 4GG being onl# the "ate o& the "eath o& 9emosthenes -$n &act, some 'ones literature $%ve seen in the archives "oes e/press the #ear as i& 4GG '1 !ere the #ear one, making 1977 anno 9emostheni GG99 . $ am still &ollo!ing the "ark-suite" 'onesman at a "iscreet "istance as the# make their !a# along 3rospect Street an" into a narro! alle#, !hich to m# "isma#, turns into a parking lot The# get into a car an" "rive o&&, obviousl# to tap an o&&-campus prospect So much &or tonight%s clan"estine !ork $%" never get to m# car in time to &ollo! them M# heart isn%t in it an#!a# $ am "ue to hea" o&& to the grave#ar" to !atch the initiation ceremon# o& 'ook an" Snake, the secret societ# o& 9eep Throat%s &rien" 'ob 6oo"!ar" -several 9eep Throat theories have postulate" (ale secret-societ# ties as the origin o& 6oo"!ar"%s un"ergroun"-garage connection, an" t!o 'onesmen, Ra# 3rice an" Richar" Moore, !ho !eree high ?i/on ai"es, have been mentione" as suspects - perhaps because o& their e/perience at clan"estine un"ergroun" truth telling. *n" later tonight $ hope to make the &irst o& m# contacts !ith persons !ho have been insi"e - not :ust insi"e the tomb, but insi"e the skulls o& some o& the 'onesmen ,*TER T+DRS9*( ?$5+TA TDR?$?5 T+E T*',ES <? T+E SEMD*, *DT<'$<5R3+$ES $n his senior #ear, each member o& 'ones goes through an intense t!o-part con&essional e/perience in the 'ones cr#pt <ne Thurs"a# night he tells his li&e stor#, giving !hat is meant to be a pain&ull# &orthright autobigraph# that e/poses his traumas, shames, an" "reams -Tom 6ol&e calls this 'ones practice a &ore-runner o& the Me 9eca"e%s &ascination !ith sel& . The &ollo!ing Sun"a#-night session is "evote" e/clusivel# to se/ual histories The# "on%t leave out an#thing these "a#s $ "on%t kno! !hat it !as like in 5eneral Russell%s "a#, ma#be there !as less to talk about, but these "a#s the se/ual stu&& is totall# e/plicit an" there%s less nee" &or &abricating e/ploits to &ill up the allotte" time Most Sun"a#-night sessions start !ith talk o& prep school masturbation an" "on%t stop until the intimate "etails o& Satur"a# night%s "elights have come to light earl# Mon"a# morning This has begun to cause some "isruptions in relationships The !omen the 'onesmen talk about in the cr#pt are o&ten (ale co-e"s an" &requentl# &eminists 6hile it might seem to be a rebuke to

'one%s spirit o& consciousness raising, none o& these !omen is too please" at having the most intimate secrets o& her relationship ma"e the sub:ect o& an all-night s#mposium consecrating her lover%s brotherhoo" !ith &ourteen males she har"l# kno!s *s one !oman put it, 8$ ob:ecte" to &ourteen gu#s kno!ing !hether $ !as a goo" la# $t !as like a&ter that each o& them thought $ !as his !oman in some !a# 8 Some !omen have "iscovere" that their lovers take their vo!s to 'ones more solemnl# than their commitments to !omen There is the case o& the !oman !ho reveale" something ver# personal - not embarassing, :ust private - to her lover an" ma"e him s!ear never to repeat it to another human 6hen he came back &rom the 'ones cr#pt a&ter his Sun"a#-night se/ session, he coul"n%t meet her e#es +e%" tol" his brothers in 'ones $t seems that the !hole secret societ# s#stem at (ale is in the terminal stages o& a se/ual crisis '# the time $ arrive" this *pril, all but three o& the &ormerl# all male societies ha" gone co-e", an" t!o o& the remaining hol"outs - Scroll an" @e# an" 6ol&%s +ea" - !ere embroile" in bitter battles over certain members% attempts to have them &ollo! the tren" The popular quarterback o& the &ootball team ha" resigne" &rom Scroll an" @e# because its alumni !oul" not even let him make a pro-coe"ucation plea to their convocation 6hen one prominent alumnus o& 6ol&%s +ea" !as tol" the current members ha" plans to tap !omen, he threatene" to 8raze the buil"ing8 be&ore permitting it ?evertheless, it seeme" as though it !oul"n%t be long be&ore those t!o hol"outs !ent co-e" 'ut not 'ones 'oth alumni an" outsi"ers see the essence o& the 'ones e/perience as some kin" o& male bon"ing, a Bictorian, muscular, 1hristian-missionar# vie! o& manliness an" public service 6hile changing the least o& all societies over its one hun"re" &ort#-&ive #ears 'ones "i" begin a"mitting 2e!s in the earl# )i&ties an" tapping blacks in 1909 $t o&&ere" membership to some o& the most outspoken rebels o& the late Si/ties an" more recentl#, a""e" ga# an" bise/ual members, inclu"ing the presi"ent o& the militant 5a# *ctivist *lliance, a man b# the name o& Miles 'ut !omen, the 'ones alumni have strenuousl# insiste", are "i&&erent 6hen a rambunctious Seventies class o& 'ones propose" tapping the best an" brightest o& the ne! (ale !omen, the o&&icers o& the Russell Trust *ssociation threatene" to bar that class &rom the tomb an" change the locks i& the# "are" The# "i"n%t The sort o& thing is !hat persua"e" the person $ am meeting !ith late tonight - an" a number o& other persons - to talk about !hat goes on insi"eA a&ter all, isn%t the core o& the 'ones group e/perience the betra#al o& their love" ones% secretsE Measure &or measure