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City Address: No. 65 Blumentritt St., Tinago, Naga City Philippines Mobile No: !" ##$%55$ &mail: 'errerdalisay(yahoo.)om ************************************************************************ CAREER OBJECTIVE To se)ure a )hallenging, 'ull time, entry+le,el position -here . )an e''e)ti,ely )ontribute my /no-ledge and s/ill -hi)h o''ers a pro'essional -or/ing en,ironment. Pro,ide an opportunity 'or me as a 'resh graduate to gro-hile meeting the )orporate o' organi0ation goals. SKILLS AND OBJECTIVES

. )an -or/ independently or -or/ing in team -ith 'ull )ommitment 'or the -or/. . am able to learn 'ast and absorb the in'ormation gi,en e''i)iently. 1urthermore, . am an open+minded person and able to )ontrol my emotion and handle stress. . am also able to -or/ 'or long hours. More importantly, . am interested in learning and obtained ne- /no-ledge. EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND T&2T.A23: Ba)helor o' S)ien)e in Nursing 4ni,ersidad de Sta. .sabel &lias Angeles St., Naga City, Philippines S3 " 6+" $

S&C5N6A23: Basud National 7igh S)hool Basud, Camarines Norte, Philippines S3 " "+" 6 P2.MA23: Aba8o &lementary 9aboratory S)hool 6aet, Camarines Norte, Philippines S3 $!!5 + " " TRAININGS AND SEMINARS ATTENDED

2egional Seminar on .ssues and Problems on the &lements o' Primary 7ealth Care ( Cinema # o' SM City Naga last Aug. "!, " !

2egional Seminar on 4pdates on Ne-born S)reening, AP:A2 S)oring ; Ballard S)ale ( Cinema # o' SM City Naga last Aug. "!, " !

M.9.TA23: Mobili0ing and .n'orming 9eaders in Trans'erring, Aiding and 2es)uing Ad,ersity held ( 4ni,ersidad de Sta. .sabel So)ial 7all last Sept. "!, " ! Training on Cardio Pulmonary 2esus)itation ( 4S.+B&6 Mini theater last Sept. < , " ! A9.BATA: Sa,ing 9i,es Through Basi) Training ; .n'ormation 1o)using on the ABC=s o' Common Medi)al &mergen)y 6isaster Nursing ( 4S.+ NPC last 5CT. 6, " ! Training on 1irst Aid and Adult CP2 ( 4S. last 5)tober "$ to 5)tober "<, " !

PNA " $ 2egional Annual Con,ention ( A,enue S>uare Pla0a 7otel last Sept. < , " $

Basi) 9i'e Support ? Cardiopulmonary 2esus)itation Training 'or 7ealth)are Pro,iders ( Bi)ol Medi)al Center held last No,ember "" to No,ember "<, " $

Basi) .ntra,enous Therapy Training Course ( Bi)ol Medi)al Center held last No,ember "5, "6, and "%, " $

Perioperati,e Nursing : Meeting the Challenges To-ards @uality Nursing Care 'or Patients 4ndergoing Surgery held this Aanuary $<, " $$ ( Bi)ol Medi)al Center Auditorium

Nurses= Bey 2ole in 6isaster Preparedness ; Management held on April $C, " $$ ( Bi)ol Medi)al Center Auditorium

Nutrition in &mergen)ies held on April $C, " $$ ( Bi)ol Medi)al Center Auditorium

"%th S/ills &nhan)ement Training Program 'or Nurses 'rom 6e)ember 6, " $ to April $#, " $$ ( Bi)ol Medi)al Center, a 5 bed ? )apa)ity 9e,el .D Tertiary Tea)hing ? Training 7ospital

AFFILLIATED INSTITUTIONS 4S.+ Mother Seton 7ospital 6i,ersion 2oad, Naga City, Philippines

Bi)ol Medi)al Center Naga City, Philippines Naga City 7ospital Pena'ran)ia A,enue, Naga City, Philippines PERSONAL DATA

Age: :ender: 6ate o' Birth: Ci,il Status: 2eligion: Nationality: 7eight: Eeight: 1ather=s Name: 5))upation: Mother=s Name: 5))upation:

"$ 1emale No,ember $, $!C! Single 2oman Catholi) 1ilipino 5=" 5" /gs Augusto Manri)o P. 1errer 1armer Anon 6. 1errer 7ouse-i'e


Sr. Lourdes S !"do#$, DC, RN 6ean, 4S.+College o' Nursing Tel F: #%< C#$%, #%< C##" 1aG No: #%" "C%$

Ms. G%e#d

C. I& ro, RN, MAN

Super,ising Clini)al .nstru)tor 4ni,ersidad de Sta. .sabel

Mrs. A$#es So%"s, RN, MAN Super,ising Clini)al .nstru)tor 4ni,ersidad de Sta. .sabel

. do hereby )erti'y that the 'a)ts and in'ormation=s )ontained in this are true and )omplete to the best o' my /no-ledge and belie'.

D %"s ' D. Ferrer Appli)ant