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Financial & Regulatory Institutions Course Objectives: 1.

To understand the main goal & functions of the financial institutions & regulatory authorities. 2. To equip the students with latest functional & professional knowledge to cope with the practical demand of the employer. 3. To develop the understanding of the students about the different functions of regulatory authorities. Course Contents: Topic An Overview of Banks an t!e Financial "ervices "ector What is a bank The financial system and competing financial services institutions. !ervices banks and many of their closest competitors offer the public. "ey trend affecting banks and other financial services firms. #re traditional banks deed T!e organisation an structure of banking an t!e financial services in ustry# The organisation and structure of the commercial banking industry. The array of corporate organisational structures in banking. Two alternative types of banking organisations available as the 21 st century opened. The changing organisation and structure of banking$s principal competitors. %fficiency and si&e' (o bigger financial firms operate at lower cost. )anking and financial firm goals' their impact on operating cost* efficiency and performance. Organisation of $oney $arket in %akistan. +oney market structure. !tate bank of ,akistan. The state bank of ,akistan as -entral )ank. !), banking services corporations. ,rudential regulations -ommercial )anks. -o.operative )anks. -ooperative credit societies. !aving banks. +icro finance institutions. "peciali&e Cre it Institutes /(),* !+% )#0"* 1)2-. /nvestment )anks T!e "ecurities an '(c!ange Co))ission of %akistan o The !ecurities and %3change -ommission of ,akistan #ct* 1445 o The !ecurities and %3change 6rdinance* 1474 o The !ecurities and %3change 8ules* 1451 o The investment companies and investment advisers rules* 1451 o The credit rating companies rules* 1449 o The asset management companies rules* 1449 o 2ramework of /nternational #ccounting !tandard:/#!;* /28! Oil & *as Regulatory Aut!ority 6rdinance 0o. <=// of 2>>2 :-hapter 1 ? 5; o -hapter 1 @eneral o -hapter 2 %stablishment of 6@8# o -hapter 3 ,olicy @uidelines o -hapter A Bicenses o -hapter 9 6ffences o -hapter 7 +iscellaneous o -hapter 5 8epeal & !avings

+ational 'lectric %ower Regulatory Aut!ority 0%,8# #-T :#-T 0o. <B of 1445; o -hapter 1 @eneral o -hapter 2 %stablishment of #uthority o -hapter 3 Bicenses o -hapter A #dministration $onopoly Control Aut!ority o +606,6B/%! #0( 8%!T8/-T/=% T8#(% ,8#-T/-%! :-60T86B #0( ,8%=%0T/60; 68(/0#0-%* 145> ........ 68(/0#0-% 06. = 62 145> :27th 2ebruary* 145>; :#s amended up to 3>th Cune* 14D3 o -hapter 1 ,reliminary o -hapter 2 Endue concentration of economic power etc prohibited o -hapter 3 +onopoly -ontrol #uthority o -hapter A 2unctions & ,owers of the authority o -hapter 9 8egistration o -hapter 7 ,enalties & #ppeals "tock '(c!anges Working* services and regulations of "arachi !tock %3change* B!%* /!% Reco))en e Te(t: 1. !iddiqui. 1. #srar :5th edition;* Practice and Law of Banking in Pakistan* 8oyal )ook -ompany "arachi. 2. 8ose !. ,etert* 1udgins - !ylvia :7th edition;* )ank +anagement & 2inancial !ervices* +c@raw 1ill /nternational.. 3. 6il & @as 8egulatory #uthority. 6rdinance 0o. <=// of 2>>2 A. 0ational %lectric ,ower 8egulatory #uthority* 0%,8# #-T :#-T 0o. <B of 1445; 9. +onopolies & 8estrictive Trade ,ractices :68(/0#0-%* 145>; ..... 68(/0#0-% 06. = 62 145> :27th 2ebruary* 145>; 7. 8egulatory institutionsF web site 1. http' 2. http' 3. http' A. http'