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greenPower Technology Efcient, ecological, economical

Efcient, ecological, economical Economy, supply guarantee, environmental sustainability and energy efciency. These are the challenges Alfred Kuhse GmbH is meeting regarding to climate compatible and economically reasonable energy supply. As a leading provider of control equipment for power generation, Kuhse decides on efcient cogeneration solution (CHP), including compilations of system solutions and individual concepts for heat, cooling and steam production. Combined heat and power plants, with an energy efciency

of close to 90%, are denitely more effective, economical and environmentally compatible compared to traditional power plants with an energy efciency of max. 40%. Thus greenPower CHPs save an extensive quantity of CO2 compared to conventional power generation. Development and application of state of the art technologies Constant development of technologies, optimising of efciency, a sophisticated system for remote control and the focussing of energy efciency of control equipment guarantee the protability, reliability and availability of KUHSE CHP systems.

KUHSE offers highly efcient plants for cogeneration, to be operated either with natural gas, biogas, landll gas, sewage gas or vegetable oil. Gas cogeneration plants (CHP) are subject to governmental aid by means of CHP bonus, which reimburses power feed-in to public grid and also, if applicable, biomass power plants which are subject to Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) incl. bonus for renewable

primary products (NaWaRoBonus). Economical operation of the plants combined with the various options of government aid enable competitive prices per kWh. Providing the basic energy demand by a greenPower CHPP, business accomplishes higher margins for other investments.

Innovative CHP-Technology by KUHSE Multifunctional, individual, exible

Multifunctional, individual, exible If supplying heat, cooling energy or steam for business or provision of basic energy demand for large needs of process heat, cooling energy or steam - KUHSE satises with individual and multifunctional system solutions for efcient, economical and ecological energy supply. Integration of modules in existing systems as well as stationary solutions as container design can be provided. Flexibility of application is extended by mains parallel or island operation. KUHSE offers substantial and individual analysis for existing or planed situations and framework requirement to ascertain the most favourable solution

regarding to technique and economy. Comprehensive offer with competent partners KUHSE, as a part of a reliable network, develops individual solutions for integration to existing systems, nancing, insurance, contracting, supply of oil, tanks and nally for maintenance. KUHSE provides delivery of technique, technical project planning, implementation as well as commissioning of the plant. Maintenance is done by experienced and exible KUHSE service. Using greenPower technology companies may plan their future on a rm basis with a reliable partner. Protable and predictable conditions do grant full concentration on main business.


greenPower CHPP Technical Data and References

Technical Data Typ Electric capacity Thermal capacity Efciency factor (cos=1) Fuel consumption CHP coefcient Design

Vegetable Oil-CHPP gP 400 400 kW 396 kW 2) 81.7% gP 250 240 kW 241 kW 2) 82.2%
gP 150

Gas-CHPP gP 30 30 kW 40 kW 2) 76.4% gP 340MG gP 200MG 340 kW 481 kW 3) 87.9% 200 kW 290 kW 3) 87.5% gP 50MG 48 kW 80 kW 3) 87.7% gP 35MG 35 kW 55 kW 3) 80.4%

150 kW 150 kW 2) 78.5%

237g/kWhel1) 237g/kWhel1) 249g/kWhel1) 296g/kWhel1) 2,70kW/kWel4) 2,80kW/kWel4) 2,96kW/kWel4) 2,85kW/kWel4)




0,75 compact module





Container- or modular design

modular design

5% at 37MJ/kg, 2) 8%, 3) 5%, 4) with a caloric value of 10,0 kWh/Nm3 and methane value of >80

Excerpt of our reference list Institution Furniture design Power authority Swimming pool Municipal utility Power authority University Hotel Application Heating Heating Heating Heating Hospital Location Bad Mnder Aschendorf Springe Weilburg
Type gP 400 C

Design Container Container Module Module Module Module Module

Capacityel Capacityth 400 kW 240 kW 400 kW 400 kW 240 kW 30 kW 30 kW 396 kW 241 kW 396 kW 396 kW 241 kW 40 kW 40 kW

Engine MAN 2842 LE MAN 2876 MAN 2842 LE MAN 2842 LE MAN 2876

Year 2007 2007 2007 2007 2007

gP 250 C gP 400 M gP 400 M gP 250 M gP 30 gP 30

District heating Laatzen Research Heating Kassel Alimonti, Italy

KUBOTA V3300-T 2007 KUBOTA V3300-T 2007


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