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This is the application of ASSURE model in one of my Year 1 English lessons:

Subject: Class: Date Time: Duration: Enrolment: Theme: Topic: Proficiency level: Content Standard:

English 3 Orkid 20/8/2013 10.30am 11.30am 60 Minutes (Double Period) 30 Pupils (15 boys and 15 girls) World of Knowledge People around me Intermediate

By the end of 6-year primary schooling, pupils will able to: 1.1 pronounce words and speak confidently with the correct stress, rhythm, and intonation 1.2 listen and respond appropriately in formal and informal situations for a variety of purposes. 1.3 understand and respond to oral texts in a variety of context Learning Standard: 1.1.4 Able to talk about a stimulus with guidance. 1.2.1 Able to participate in daily conversation. 1.3.1 Able to listen to and demonstrate understanding of oral texts by: (a) asking simple Wh-question (b) answering simple Wh-question

Steps A - Analyze learners

Learning & Teaching Activities

General characteristics of students: Target Audience : Year 3 Bagus 30 Pupils (15 boys & 15 girls) 11 years old. Mostly from low and middle income family background. They are at-risk, and have low-self esteem. Pupils performance levels are average.

Pupils background knowledge: Pupils in 3 Dahlia are able to: - List occupation they already know - Write sentences with correct grammar and spelling with guidance. Pupils learning style: Prerequisites: They have been exposed to world of self My cousin, My Neighbour before this. The majority of the pupils are kinesthetic tactile learners. They prefer projects, group assignments, and class presentations. 40% pupils are kinesthetic learner 40% pupils are visual learner 20% pupils are audio learner S State objectives At the end of the lesson, learners will be able to: a) name at least 3 of 5 the occupation based on pictures

shown correctly b) state simple characteristic of the occupation.

S - Select instructional methods, media, and materials

Method used: Method: Explaining, Questioning, Group work and Presenting. Teacher used explaining method to introduce the topic so that its easier for the pupils to understand. Besides that, teacher also used questioning method to evaluate pupils understanding of the topic while group work and presenting method is used as it is pupils centered and it is most effective. Media used: Media: Laptop, LCD projector. Laptop and LCD projector are used together to show video to the pupils. LCD is used because it can show bigger picture so that everyone can see the video clearly. Video is used in presentation stage around 4-7 minutes. Song is used in closure stage before teacher conclude and recaps the lesson. Material used: Materials: Flash card, mask. Flash card used is big enough so that even pupils at the back can see the picture clearly. It is used in set induction stage. Mask is used in group work activity where the pupils are asked to do a role play about occupation.

U - Utilize media and materials Review the material before being use in class: Teacher has to test all materials that will be used in the

classroom to make sure that it can be used smoothly. The material used must be suitable with the pupils level. Media like video and song should be pre-watch and prelisten first to avoid undesirable things from occurs.

Preparation of materials

The laptop and LCD projector will be used to display the video of occupation, and song that the pupils will sing together. The video are used to give input about occupation to the pupils. The video used are clear and interesting so that pupils can understand it easily and will not feel bored. The videos length is 4minutes. The song is fascinating to make it more enjoyable.

The flash cards used are big enough to be seen by all pupils. It is used in set induction to introduce the topic.

Mask used are clear enough to show the occupation. It is used in group presentation.

Prepared learning experiences for pupils The use of flash card in the set induction stage, video in presentation stage, mask in production stage, and song in closure stage are very suitable to create and prepared interesting learning experiences for the pupils.

R - Require learner participation

Teaching Steps: 1. Set induction (5 minutes): Teacher shows picture of people with their formal

uniform. Teacher then will asks question to activate students prior knowledge about the occupation. 2. Presentation (15 minutes): Teacher will shows video about occupation and asks the pupils to watch carefully. Teacher asks 5 simple questions based on the video. Student will brainstorm the main idea about the video. Teacher plays again the video and asks the pupils to listen carefully and answer. After that teacher gives the correct answer. Teacher explains the meaning of unfamiliar words. 3. Practice (10 minutes): Teacher will distribute worksheet containing exercise about occupation. After the student finish answering teacher will discuss the answer. Production (20 minutes): Teacher will divide students into few groups and ask them to do a role-play. Each pupils in the group will wear mask to represent their occupation. Pupils will present in front of the classroom 5. Closure (10 minutes): Teacher will play a simple song while the students listen carefully. After that the student will sing together. E - Evaluate and revise Pupils performance: Teacher can evaluate pupils performance through the worksheet given. Pupils will also shows their curiosity through the role-play activity. Medias advantages: The use of clear and interesting video is very helpful in giving input to the pupils about the topic The use of song will make the pupils feel happier. Learning style:


Does the learning process running smoothly? Can the objective be achieve?